Seven Orifices (2024) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

In 1522.
Erhard Brenz, who was a favorite
of his Uncle Nikola,
started living in Wittenberg
as a Latin teacher.
This is Erhard.
He's very talented.
Nikola offered to take care of Erhard
in all aspects of his life
and introduced him to everything.
One day, as Erhard was walking
along a road,
he discovered a hole floating in the air.
What is this?
Uncle Nikola!
What's wrong?
Right away,
Erhard told his uncle about
the floating hole and took him there.
However, he was unable
to find the hole again.
I swear there was a hole here.
The change in environment
must be making you tired.
Let me know if there's
anything you want me to do.
That night, Erhard wrote
a letter and left.
I will find out what
that mysterious hole was.
When I figure it out,
I want to let everyone know the details
through letterpress printing.
Since this event is not recorded
in any official documents
and due to the lack of a clear source,
it is not widely known.
Ms. Iguchi and Mr. Okamoto are
the only ones left now.
Do you know anyone
who entered the orifices
without telling anyone they were going to?
The people I knew mostly even
held their own farewell parties.
I don't know anyone
who entered the orifices.
Some people might've
just contacted a select few.
Some might've entered without me knowing.
Yes, maybe.
Can I go get some more food?
Or are you starting already?
-Go ahead.
Can I make some soup too?
Could you bring me some too?
Should we make soup for everyone?
Who wants soup?
-I'll have some.
-Me too.
-Okay, let's make soup for everyone.
-Sounds good.
When I was in elementary school,
I used to challenge myself
with all sorts of things.
That's putting it positively.
How would you put it negatively?
I was acting without thinking.
-I see.
Everyone has moments like that.
At times, I've even thought to myself
that it might not be good.
There was a somewhat notorious lady
living on the lower floors
of the same apartment building as me.
She would shout out apartment numbers
from the first floor.
And Ms. Umemoto was this girl
who lived in the same apartment building
and was one year younger than me.
She and I would reply to that lady,
who would then chase after us.
Ms. Umemoto's parents were
good friends with my parents.
When Ms. Umemoto
entered elementary school,
her parents asked me
to walk to school with her.
I would tell her to move away
when a car came from behind,
and would act like an older sibling.
Once, I suggested a shortcut home and
we got lost in unfamiliar narrow streets.
Apartment number 813!
Apartment number 813!
Apartment number 813!
Don't you look down on me!
Did you hear that?
You wait there!
Stay there! I'm coming up!
Don't move!
I'm taking the elevator!
I said don't move!
Don't move!
It's that lady.
Just ignore her.
What's the matter?
Can you take out my trash?
What do you mean?
I have a bag of trash,
so can you take it out?
The trash disposal is on the first floor.
I want you to take it.
Your room is closer
to the trash disposal, Ms. Kobuchi.
Why don't you throw it away
on the way back to your room?
Don't answer the door when you're alone.
From that day on,
Ms. Kobuchi started coming every day
to ask us to take out her trash.
Iguchi hadn't forgotten the promise
she'd made to her parents.
It was just that she was drawn
to the person standing in front of her.
My phone's not working,
so I want you to take a look.
Can you take a look at it?
If you hadn't answered your door,
I would have set fire
to that kerosene heater.
This here isn't working.
Who do you want to call?
What do you care?
Why are you always shouting out
apartment numbers?
I'm not interested in your curiosity.
I wonder why your phone isn't working.
If you don't know what's wrong, go home.
She was quiet today, wasn't she?
Although she knew she would get scolded,
Iguchi told her parents
about what had happened that day.
Why won't you listen to what I tell you?
I hope you didn't take
Ms. Umemoto with you.
A few days later,
the lady jumped from the building.
At first, my parents
didn't tell me about it.
I don't remember who told me
but I found out,
and I went with Ms. Umemoto
to see the place where she was found.
The place had indeed been cleaned.
Ms. Umemoto found
something resembling a stain.
We couldn't tell
if it was the lady's blood, though.
This was the first time I regretted it.
It was hard to forget, to say the least.
Was the stain clearly a bloodstain?
It wasn't exactly clear
but it was distinct.
It was blurred, though.
Because it was smudged.
That's why from then on,
I decided to not meddle in strange things.
Most people wouldn't want
to see the location it happened.
We'd never seen a dead body before,
so we just wanted to see one at that time.
Ms. Umemoto and I,
we wanted to see the corpse so badly.
Looking for body parts and stuff?
Want to go to karaoke?
When Iguchi was
in her second year of high school,
there was a group she hung out with
almost every day.
They were a close-knit group.
At times, they dated within the group,
and at times, they dated people
outside the group.
Iguchi was no exception.
Where's Miki? Did you come alone?
Hm? Yeah
Today, I will start by explaining
what "isolationism" is.
First, take a look at the kanji.
"Closed country"
Did he reply?
Nope. Nothing.
From this day on,
Miki stopped coming to school.
A week passed,
and a rumor began spreading
among the students.
The rumor was that Miki had gone missing.
I don't know who started the rumor.
But my texts to him
didn't show any read receipts.
Ms. Iguchi
Is your son there?
We don't know where he is either.
Did he really disappear?
We don't know.
It wasn't like he'd moved away.
But I got the vibe
that I shouldn't ask any further.
From then on,
my group of friends expressed
feelings of sadness for a while.
But with time, we started to forget.
It took a year.
Since we'd been dating,
his disappearance did make me sad.
Sometimes, we remembered him
and shared the sadness together.
We wondered aloud what he was doing
and if he was well.
But I
I just assumed that he hadn't gone missing
and that he actually was at home.
The mind.
-Oh, the mind.
What I'm saying is,
I made up my mind.
Will you go out with me?
I've thought it over,
considering the situation and all.
Don't you think it's pointless
to wait for him?
He doesn't get back to you,
he's not at his house
I think it'd be better for you to forget
and move on to the next relationship.
But we haven't talked yet
about breaking up or anything.
The current situation
doesn't really seem like
you're in a relationship, don't you think?
It's about the two of us,
so I can't just decide on my own
that we've broken up, right?
What are your feelings towards me?
It was neither a yes nor a no.
Right away, Iguchi confided in Umemoto,
who was a year younger than her.
I think you should wait for Miki.
Umemoto had grown into someone
who could provide incredibly calm advice
in situations like these.
But if we go on like this without meeting,
I'm just going to be
in a one-sided relationship forever.
Want me to find out
if he has a student job?
She could say things like this too.
Leave it all to me.
Thank you, that would be great.
But if it turns out
that he considers us broken up,
maybe I should say "yes" to Yamashita.
You said you weren't that into him.
However, time passed by
without Iguchi and Umemoto
being able to gather any information.
There was only so much we could do.
What is it?
Oh, nothing.
I thought I'd booked a shift
at my student job today.
Turns out it wasn't the case.
Where are we going to celebrate?
How about karaoke, bowling,
then all-you-can-eat?
-Sounds good.
Karaoke first.
What? Karaoke first?
Miki texted me
asking if we could meet
for the first time in a while.
Since I had been putting off
giving Yamashita an answer
Hey, Iguchi.
I replied to Miki with the location
of my favorite café.
She made a note of the things she wanted
to ask Miki, so she wouldn't forget.
Where had he been all this time?
What had he been doing?
Iguchi and Miki stayed in touch
until the day they were going to meet.
Although Miki stopped responding at times.
In the end,
he never showed up
no matter how many hours I waited.
Five hours after the time we'd set,
Miki sent me one text message.
"It sucks that you had
your friend look into me."
That's what his text said.
It turned out he got involved
in some shady work
and ended up doing some time
in a juvenile detention center.
When he found out that Ms. Umemoto
and I had been looking into him,
he thought we'd found out
about his shady part-time job.
We had no idea, though.
I guess he wanted to know
if I'd mentioned it to our other friends.
Of course, I haven't seen Miki since.
That's it.
How should I write that?
I'll write it later.
I realized you can't be
with the person you love forever.
I never thought I'd get dumped like that.
Well, as long as you have
the wish to see a corpse
Oh, that wish is already gone.
Now it's your turn, Mr. Okamoto.
Iguchi knew from Umemoto
that Miki had entered the orifices
but there was no record of it.
However, it was recorded
that Umemoto followed suit
after Iguchi entered the orifices.
Subtitle translation by:
Mariko Yasuoka-Sator
I still remember a dream I had
when I was in elementary school.
Ever since that dream,
I've been living with
a feeling of constant mental fog.
You're not entering
the orifices, Mr. Ozawa?
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