Sex Education (2019) s04e05 Episode Script

Season 4, Episode 5

Come on.
- [changing speeds]
- Oh.
[switches off]
["Rub It In" by Jack Jersey playing]
Lie beside me on the sand ♪
Put some lotion in your hand ♪
Come on and make me feel nice ♪
- And kiss me once or twice ♪
- Okay.
Say you love me again ♪
And rub it in, rub it in ♪
- Oh! There it is.
- Rub it in, rub it in ♪
Oh no.
- Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
- I feel the fire begin ♪
- Oh fuck! [groans]
- You're gettin' under my skin ♪
- Oh, good God!
- Rub it in, rub it in ♪
Oh! The burning!
Fucking hell.
- Mum, what's wrong?
- [Celia] Go away!
- Why are you here?
- What were you doing with my chili oil?
Rub it in, rub it in ♪
- Fuck! Oh, it's still burning!
- Put it on my back ♪
- On my sacroiliac ♪
- Fuck.
- And a dab on my chinny-chin-chin ♪
- Oh fuck.
Rub it in, rub it in ♪
Rub it in, rub it in ♪
["Tell Me When" by The Applejacks playing]
Tell me when ♪
You feel a little blue ♪
[Aimee] Pepper!
Tell me, then ♪
- [Otis] Whoosh!
- I'll see what I can do ♪
Just say the word and I'll be there ♪
- Ketchup?
- Anywhere ♪
[music ends]
Guys, eggs are chicken period,
aren't they?
[Anna] Morning.
I'm taking Elsie to school.
Are you guys going to college?
It's been three days.
So unless your parents tell me it's okay,
I think you need to go.
Yeah, my mum's been asking,
but rock 'n' roll.
- I don't care. I'm not scared.
- I can take another day. It'll be fine.
- Yeah.
- No, no, no.
I'm gonna go to the funeral home
with Sean today,
so you two should go back to college.
Okay, I am actually really scared.
- I'll go get ready.
- Okay.
Thanks for brekkie.
Do you wanna do something later?
Like, go out. You and me.
Okay, just to clarify,
because I've got this wrong in the past
do you mean a date?
Yeah, I mean a date.
Are you sure?
Just with what's goin' on at the moment?
Yeah, I'm sure.
I think it would really help
to take my mind off things.
- You know?
- Yeah. No. Let's let's go on a date.
It'll be fun.
Okay, great. Yes. Yeah.
[phone chimes]
[mysterious music playing]
Thanks for letting me walk you to college.
Oh, and, um good luck with the test.
[upbeat music playing]
- Walkin' to college together already?
- [groans]
- It's gettin' serious!
- [chuckles] Shut up.
- But I know, right?
- Mmm!
- He's taking me to Martha Street Cinema.
- Oh!
They're playing
all the old movies this week.
[Jackson laughs]
How are you feeling?
I was worried about you.
Oh, I'm okay. Been trying not to think
about it too much, to be honest.
And I've decided, yeah?
I wanna find my sperm donor.
- [girl 1] So grim. I heard that about him.
- [girl 2] I know. Everyone
Um wow! That's kind of a big deal.
[Jackson] Well, yeah.
My parents don't talk about donor stuff,
you know, like, ever.
They made me this book when I was a kid.
That was the end of the conversation.
But I wanna know, you know,
like where I come from.
Are you gonna try and tell your parents
that you're doing this?
Yeah, I will at some point.
Jackson, you have to tell them.
Yeah, I will.
So, I have had an idea,
and you can totally say no.
Try me.
Okay, well, you know the other day
at the soup kitchen?
- Yeah.
- I wasn't supposed to go, obviously.
But I feel like I was led there.
- And this is silly. This is silly. This
- No, don't worry. I do get it. Go on.
Okay, well, I then found out
that its funding has been cut,
and it just all felt like
it was supposed to be or something.
And I was wondering whether
we could use the fundraiser for that.
- Roman might take a bit of persuading.
- Yeah.
But queer people holding out
an olive branch to the church?
I feel it's givin' "We are gay Jesus."
- We are We totally are gay Jesus.
- We're gay Jesus.
- In the name of the Father, the Son
- Girl!
- Ah!
- No, I love it. Let's do it.
- Yeah? Oh my God. Oh!
- Yeah. 100%. That'll be so good for us.
Thank you, Abbi. Thank you.
I feel like it'll mean so much to my mum
I'll leave you guys to catch up.
I'll see you in a bit.
[suspenseful music playing]
[girl] Yeah, it was so funny
[Eric] Hey, Otis.
Um, hey.
I have been wanting to say sorry
about the club night
because it was awkward and not nice,
and I feel terrible.
- Yeah It's fine.
- And it was awk
It's fine. Honestly. Like
It probably wasn't even my thing.
But I need to tell you something.
It happened that night, and I'm feeling
really weird about it. Basically
me and Ruby fell asleep together.
Nothing happened.
But we were hangin' out all night,
and we woke up in the same bed.
Oh gosh.
- Have you told Maeve?
- Mm, no.
We weren't really speaking
when it happened.
And I know it didn't mean anything,
but I need to tell her.
But her fuckin' mum's just died.
So, I don't know.
- It's, like, the wrong time.
- Mmm mmm
Well, the longer you leave that,
the more of a secret it's gonna feel.
- Yep.
- Yeah.
How was the club?
It was amazing!
I got with the hottest guy ever.
- From my church.
- She was on it one time!
Oh! Otis! You're back!
I was worried I'd have no one to debate.
I loved chattin' to your mum, by the way.
She told me so much about you.
[suspenseful music playing]
I forgot about the debate.
Oh shit.
Okay, um I gotta go.
Nice chattin'.
That was a nice chat about my life.
Ruby, hey.
So, O is calling herself
the "Star of Sexology," which is a lie.
- Is that even allowed?
- No, it's called "spin," Otis.
So, I haven't really had any time
to prepare anything for the debate.
You don't have any notes for me, do you?
No. Why would I have that?
Because you're my campaign manager.
I was your campaign manager.
Then you stopped responding to my texts
and disappeared for three days.
So you're on your own.
Uh, you're right, and I should've
I'm sorry.
Wait, please. I should have texted you.
It's just Maeve's mum just died,
and I've been a bit all over the place.
And I'm rubbish
at this whole election thing without you.
- Please?
- [sighs]
I'm sorry about Maeve's mum.
Okay. You don't have
a lot of time to prepare.
You want to deliver your mission statement
in a concise way. Don't ramble.
- I don't ramble.
- You do. You ramble, Otis.
- [O] Sexology!
- [shutter clicking]
- [group] Sexology!
- Did you get any dirt on her?
No, everyone at this college is so sweet
and good-natured. It's disgusting, really.
- [school bell rings]
- I'll find you later.
- [O] Vote O!
- Ruby.
[O] Oh, that is good.
We have some information for you.
- It's about O.
- Oh?
Work, you big metal fuck!
It's broken again, mate.
I've called an engineer.
Great. When are they getting here?
Tomorrow, hopefully,
but it took three days last time.
So, how am I supposed to get
to my class now, then?
[cleaner sighs]
I'm not sure.
That's a tricky one.
Maybe I could carry you.
Could you? Really?
Me, my chair, up two flights of stairs.
I've broken my neck once.
I'd rather not do it again, but thank you.
I could set up a classroom
down here for you.
[mysterious music playing]
[phone chimes]
Can I take Isaac's stuff down to him?
He says the lift's broken again.
Yeah, of course.
This fucking college.
- Hey, there.
- Hiya.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- How's Maeve doing?
- Oh my God. I'm so worried about her.
- It's awful.
- Yeah.
Her mum was complicated, but
Yeah, I really liked her.
Hey, how are your photos going?
- Good, I think.
- Yeah?
- Yeah!
- Good.
- How do I get them out of this?
- Ah. We need to use a darkroom.
Which, luckily for you,
is on the ground floor.
- [Sean] What do you think?
- [Maeve] They're hideous.
[Sean] Right.
Which means Mum would have liked them.
How much do you think they cost?
- Boo! [laughs]
- Fuck's sake. That's not funny.
You've gotta try it before you buy it.
This one's good. Very comfy.
- Grow up.
- [man clears throat]
I'm very sorry for your loss.
Thank you. Sean, get out of the box.
- Hi. Nice to meet you, mate.
- So, how can I help?
We've never done this before.
Um ahem. How does it work?
Did your mother leave behind
any instructions?
- [snorts]
- No, she wasn't much of a planner.
Do you know if she wanted
a burial or a cremation?
- [Sean] Burial.
- Cremation. Cremation.
She told me she didn't want
her exes visiting her grave.
Don't like the idea of her gettin' burned.
I don't like the idea of her being stuck
underground. She was claustrophobic.
- You can think about it. Please.
- [Sean] All right.
So, how many people will you be expecting?
Absolutely no one.
Mum didn't have friends.
- People didn't like her. [laughs]
- That's not really true. She had friends.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
- Name one friend.
- Sh um
Exactly. Anyway, it's good news for us.
It doesn't matter if it's a shit funeral
if no one's there.
- [laughs]
- Fuck's sake, Sean.
An intimate funeral, then.
Yeah, an intimate funeral.
God, you're a good salesman.
I'll give you a moment alone to discuss,
but here are all our packages.
- Right.
- Thank you.
- [gasps]
- Fuckin' hell.
Well, I guess it's a cremation,
then, isn't it?
- [phone rings]
- Right. [laughs]
I have to take this. Sorry.
- Sean.
- Two seconds. Two seconds.
- Hey. Yeah. Yeah, mate.
- [door opens]
[door closes]
She cries a lot.
I find it hard to settle her.
[Joy fussing]
And and she makes these grunting sounds
after she's feeding.
And she does these
unbelievable projectile poos.
I was wondering if it had to do
with her being premature.
[doctor] No, I don't think so.
Joy is a very healthy baby. Yeah.
- Really?
- There we are.
Such a relief.
I didn't realize
how anxious I was about today.
And how is Mum's mood?
Oh, I'm fine. Just I'm a bit tired.
[laughs] Your mood is not okay.
She cries all of the time.
She's stressed and forgetful
and touchy as fuck.
You're not right. Sorry.
Can I speak to Jean alone for a moment?
- Oh, I'm her sister. It's fine.
- [whispers] Jo!
- Okay.
- [door closes]
A bit of blueness is normal after a baby.
But feeling constantly anxious
and low isn't.
I can see from your notes that you've had
a previous period of depression.
Yes. Well, that was ten years ago.
I mention this because birthing parents
who've previously struggled
with mental health
are more susceptible
to postnatal depression.
Would you consider trying some medication?
No. Thank you. But, um [chuckles]
[sighs] I know that my hormones
are all over the place
and that it's normal.
And when I was depressed before,
I got through it without medication,
and I'd like to try that again.
Well, we'll keep an eye on things.
[somber music playing]
Thank you.
[phone chimes]
[door opens]
Thanks a lot.
She tried to prescribe me medication.
Well, that's good.
I think you might need some.
Why are you being so weird about it?
Because you embarrassed me, that's why.
Because I know my own brain.
I'm fine.
Anyway, I have to go to the studio.
Can you take her?
No, I I can't take her. And you don't get
to snap my head off whenever you want.
You said you weren't doing anything.
My plans changed. I've got a second date,
and I need to get my hoo-hoo waxed.
When did you go on a first date?
And it's not a hoo-hoo! It's a vulva!
[PA chimes]
[boy] Any students wishing to attend
the student counselor debate,
please make your way to the atrium.
Otis! I have got some information
that looks very, very bad for O. [gasps]
- I feel like a wizard in this bit.
- [both giggle]
[Aimee] Abracadabra!
- Hey, I think it's quite good.
- Yeah, that's great.
What made you wanna
paint your foster homes?
[Isaac] Um
- So I lived with nine different families.
- Wow.
Every time we'd get settled,
they'd just move us on to the next one.
There was one family that did actually
want to, uh adopt my brother and me,
but, uh that fell through.
The whole system is just broken,
and it makes me angry.
So I paint about it.
[timer ticking]
I still don't know
what I wanna say with my photos.
- Aimee.
- Yeah?
- You literally never stop talking.
- What?
So you've definitely got plenty to say.
Stop underestimating yourself.
That's all I'd say.
Thank you.
Aimee, I, um
Please stop talking, 'cause I think I know
what you're gonna say.
I think I like you.
[whispers] I think I like you too.
[whimsical music playing]
- Shit. This is really terrible.
- What do we do?
I need to talk to Maeve.
- [engine revving]
- [Sean] Right. Is that me?
See you there.
Hey, Frog. You ready?
Yeah, who was that?
- Wanted a lighter. I said no.
- Did he?
Yeah. What the fuck are you doing?
- Get off that fucking bag!
- No. Let go. I'm not doing anything
- Have you started dealing again?
- No. No, I haven't.
- Are you using?
- No, of course I'm not using.
- Fucking lying to me!
- Fuck off. I said I'm not.
- Show me your arm.
- Fuck, Maeve!
All right! Calm down.
Maybe I have started using a little bit.
It's not a big deal. I'm gonna stop soon.
You're a fucking idiot, Sean.
Fucking idiot!
- Oh, get off your high horse, Maeve!
- Fuck you, Sean!
You might be smarter than me,
but we came from
exactly the same shithole!
[suspenseful music playing]
- [music plays]
- [O] All right, Cavendish.
What's up?
It's O here.
Now, listen up
It's not long till you gotta decide ♪
You need a counselor
It's election time ♪
There's no shame
There's no blame, there's no games ♪
All you've gotta do is tick a box
Beside my name ♪
- [cheering]
- I'll offer you free, discreet advice ♪
Diggin' deep in your mind
And helpin' you work out ♪
Why is your ex
Still controlling your life? ♪
And why is your sex life
Still somewhat dry? ♪
[Principal Lakhani]
Can we keep this snappy?
I've got gardening book club to get to,
so, uh, opening statements?
- [Otis] Thanks, Principal Lak
- Hi, everyone. I am O.
Vote for me,
and I promise that I will continue doin'
what I have already been doin',
serving you all
with openness and integrity.
- Thank you.
- Thank you. Um Ahem.
Well, I am Otis Milburn,
and you should vote for me
because I came up with this original idea
to set up a therapy clinic on campus.
It's because I believe all students
should have access to unbiased information
and counseling on sex and their bodies.
Oh, I suppose I'd better ask a question.
I've got a question for Otis.
Who is this man?
- That's my dad. And
- Correct.
- This is Otis's father, Remi Milburn.
- Oh my God.
Now, his writing is quite popular
amongst certain men's rights groups.
And, if you don't mind,
I'd like to read you
an extract from his latest book.
- Is this allowed?
- [O] It is.
- Here we are.
- Yeah, it's fine.
[O] "In order to attract a woman,
- the modern man finds himself"
- It's fine.
"unable to assert his natural authority."
- I don't see how this is relevant
- Thank you, Otis.
If you don't mind,
I'd like to finish. Thank you.
"Forced into a submissive role,
which not only emasculates him,
but creates a society
disinterested in harmony."
Wow. Thank you, Remi Milburn.
Otis Milburn,
would you agree that men
have a natural authority over women?
No. Of course I don't.
Look, my dad just writes that stuff
to sell books.
I'm not him, and I don't agree
with anything he says.
- That's interesting.
- Is it?
It is. Because I would argue
that the way you have behaved,
particularly towards me,
has been pretty sexist.
That is ridiculous.
And I think it's inappropriate that
you're even bringing my family into this.
I disagree. People need to know
what kind of person
they're getting advice from.
I agree with that.
- So, O, I have a question for you.
- No, I'm not ready to move on.
- I have a few more points to make.
- I thought this was a debate.
Please continue, Otis.
Thank you, sir. [clears throat]
O, what advice would you give to someone
who's recently been ghosted?
Well, I would need a little bit more
information than that, Otis.
PK, it's true, isn't it,
that O ghosted you last term?
Yeah. Yeah, that's true.
And you're not the only one
who's been strung along and tossed aside.
- There are others.
- [girl] You did it to me too.
I tried to talk to you about it,
but you ignored me.
- [O] Well, I
- I felt like shit.
- You stamped on my heart.
- [students gasping]
- [sobbing]
- [O] I
- [Otis] Can someone go and check on her?
- [door closes]
[student] He's so right!
I'm not sure I would want to be counseled
by someone who clearly cares so little
about people's feelings.
Uh, we Um
Okay um
Um [clears throat]
I deserve to be called out
on my past behavior.
I have withdrawn
from several relationships
without proper communication,
and that is not something that I condone.
I think that leaving people
without closure just isn't right.
And I am an absolute arsehole
for doin' that, and I am owning that.
However, this hasn't just happened
in a vacuum.
I have actually been
on my own personal journey recently.
And well, it's not something
that I was going to talk about
until I felt ready to,
but I guess you have kind of
forced my hand there, Otis.
So uh
Oh God! Um
I am asexual.
[students gasp]
And I really enjoyed the friendships of
the people that I ghosted. I really did.
But when it started to move into
somethin' more intimate,
I I felt really overwhelmed
and uncomfortable.
I didn't know how to deal with
the feelings.
I didn't have the words
to articulate that.
So I did the cowardly thing,
and I just ran away,
and that is something
that I really regret.
But unlike some people,
I can accept criticism when it is valid.
And I really hope you all believe me
when I say
that I am working hard on doing better.
I am working on accepting myself
and and feeling proud of my identity.
Thank you.
That was bad, man.
What just happened?
Well, I think she's won,
and you've been canceled.
[knock at door]
- Come in.
- Sorry. I had to bring Joy again.
No worries. Would you like a cuppa?
Oh no. I did not wet myself. Ice pack.
I rubbed some of my son's
home-brewed chili oil on my vulva.
- Oh.
- I might have burned my clitoris.
- Oh boy.
- I figured you're a therapist.
- Don't mind me sharing personal stuff?
- No problem.
- Tea.
- Yes.
- Thanks.
- Great.
- I'll wash my hands.
- Good.
There you go.
- [sighs]
- Is that the, uh chili sauce?
Ha ha! You're funny.
Yeah, peri-peri
for the peri-perimenopause.
How long have you been perimenopausal?
Oh, couple of years, I guess.
I haven't had an official diagnosis.
It's just the hot flashes
and desert-like vagina
are a bit of a giveaway.
Well, you know, you don't have to suffer.
There are plenty of treatments on offer
if you call your GP.
I'm very busy. I work a lot.
I'm a workaholic.
That's what my ex-wife reckons, but mostly
I'm in here just playing with dinosaurs.
But I think I'm fine.
Yeah, it's not like I'm sick, you know.
Just uncomfortable.
Especially today.
So, you otherwise feel good in yourself?
No mood changes?
What the fuck do you mean by that?
- Oh. Well, some
- Oh. That is a joke. I'm sorry.
- Too soon.
- Fine.
I mean, my sons keep telling me
I'm a bit more emotional than normal, but
Sometimes our loved ones can see us
much more clearly than we see ourselves.
[sighs] I think I'm embarrassed.
You know, so many women don't seek help,
but it's because the subject of
yeah, menopause is still
so stigmatized in society.
It's fucking ridiculous.
But even if you don't go
for any of the treatments,
I think even just calling
might help you feel more empowered,
and there is no reason to feel shame.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
There's the Jean I hired.
Hello again! Like, more of that on air.
Yes, well, I I did feel better
after the last show, I have to say.
- Yeah, about that.
- Mmm.
Listen, Terry wants me to hire O on
as your permanent cohost.
He thinks the idea
of having two sex therapists,
you know, one young and one old-er,
is the hook that we've been looking for.
How do you feel about that?
Do I have a choice?
Nah. No.
I love my sister, I really do,
but she is so tightly wound.
- [ripping]
- [winces]
She's been like that since she was a kid.
She has to control everything in her life,
and she doesn't know how to have any fun.
- [ripping]
- [exhales]
My husband Greg's exactly the same.
He's such a downer. I'll be eating dinner
with him and thinking,
"Christ, Greg, you're depressing."
"Everything you do makes me sad,
even the way you eat chicken."
- Ow! Fuck! Shit!
- [sighs]
Remember that I'm not Greg!
Sorry, love, but brace yourself.
There's more where that came from.
- [grunts] Ah!
- Oh! What the fuck?
- [sighs]
- [Joanna yelps]
Don't itch it.
Um Oh, sorry, it's been declined.
Have you got another card?
No. [laughs]
Just give me a second. [clears throat]
[ringing tone]
[phone ringing]
Oh [sighs]
Turtle, hi.
My, um my card has been declined.
I think they put a block on it.
Could you pay for a wax over the phone?
- Didn't they block it the other day?
- Yeah, I'll pay you back.
Okay. Can you just speak to the lady?
Thank you. She's gonna
[therapist] Hello. Yeah, well,
full bush, front and back.
- [birdsong]
- [cows mooing]
[Midnight snorts]
You all right, mate?
Just gettin' to know each other a bit,
aren't we? Yeah?
Sorry. I, uh I was cleaning, and
I wasn't Yeah.
So, how come you left school?
Uh just I wasn't very good at it.
Yeah, me either.
I'm dyslexic, so that didn't help.
I was lucky, my
my dad let me come and work here.
I think he realized
there was no point pushing me.
I've seen your dad
picking you up for driving lessons.
He must be supportive too?
Not really. I've always been
a bit of an embarrassment to him.
What do you mean?
Well, he was the headmaster at my school.
And I just couldn't get it.
More I tried, the worse I got.
He used to yell at me a lot.
Sounds like a bully.
Yeah, it's a little bit scary.
But now he seems to be trying to, I dunno
trying to be a normal dad,
I suppose, or something.
[Midnight whickers]
[sighs] Can I show you something?
Okay, don't think it's weird, but, um
Yeah, put that down.
I think that horses
can help heal anything.
- So, if you just trust me
- Yep.
[Jem] Just relax.
Put your hand on his belly.
- Then put a hand here.
- Uh-huh.
[Jem] Yeah, and, yep.
- Do the thing.
- [Adam] Okay.
[Jem laughs]
Feel his heartbeat.
- [Midnight blows]
- [heartbeat]
[Jem] Feeling it?
Okay, tell me that that doesn't make
everything else feel calm.
Feels a bit weird
to be huggin' a horse, but
yeah, it does.
[gentle music playing]
[woman] Yeah, great
- [Midnight snorts]
- [Jem] Oh shit. I've got a class to teach.
Okay, I'll see ya.
- You should come and shadow me.
- [Midnight snorts]
- Hi, guys.
- [kids] Hi, Jem.
- [Jem] You ready to go?
- [kids] Yes.
[phone chimes]
Oh, Michael, I feel awful. I feel like
we're doing this behind Adam's back.
I think we should get back together.
[sighs] We can't.
Adam would be devastated.
But I've changed.
You've taken him on a few driving lessons.
It's gonna take time to earn his trust.
by Link Wray and the Wraymen playing]
[belt buckle jangles]
Okay. Here we go.
[Jean] Oh. Hello, darling. You're back.
Yep. I'm goin' out.
Wh where are you going?
I I haven't seen you in three days.
I'm going to see Maeve.
Why are you being cold?
Because, Mum, you decided to bring
my main competition onto your radio show.
What? Who?
O? What?
I didn't even know that you knew her.
I told you about
the other therapist on campus. That's her.
Oh, wh
And now she's walkin' around
saying she's the star of Sexology.
Well, she sort of is the star of Sexology.
they've hired her as my cohost.
Wh Otis, you can't just
come and go as you please.
You're still living under my roof,
and I would like to continue
this conversation, please.
- Why're you suddenly acting like a parent?
- What?
You've paid zero notice of me
since Joy arrived. Like, at all.
And I know it's been hard,
and I know having a baby is a huge deal,
but you you're treatin' me like an adult,
and I still need a mum.
[Joy fussing]
I'm gonna be late.
[Joy crying]
[tender music playing]
[crying continues]
[breathing shakily]
[ringing tone]
[Joy wailing]
- [woman] Hello, surgery.
- Yes, um
I'd like to book back in
to see Dr. Miller, please.
[knock at door]
Come in.
[door opens]
- [Aimee] Hello.
- Hi.
Ooh! Where are you going?
I'm going on a date with Otis.
It's our first one.
- Oh, you look amazing.
- [chuckles]
- How was today?
- Um
Not great.
Kind of realized we don't have anyone
to invite to the funeral.
I still want Mum to have a proper goodbye,
so I need to figure it out.
Anyway, it's fine. How was your day?
Yeah, it was fine.
- Could you sit for two seconds? Sorry.
- Yeah.
So, you know how you thought
me and Isaac would get along?
Well, we've been doing art class together,
and we've kind of become friends.
- I knew it.
- Yeah.
- This is really hard to say.
- What? Aimes?
[sighs shakily]
I think we might like each other
more than that.
[snickers] Sorry.
- So
- Wait. Why are you laughing?
Oh I'm not. I was
- It's been a weird day.
- I'm so sorry.
I wasn't expecting you to say that.
Sorry, do you actually like Isaac now?
Yeah. I mean, he's grumpy.
- He's a bit rude. But he gets me.
- Yeah.
Hanging out with him has made me realize
that I'm actually quite smart.
Aimes, you are smart.
- I thought you wanted to be single.
- I know.
It's shit. I'm a shit person,
and I'm a shit friend.
- You're not shit. Aimee, you're not shit.
- No, I am.
How do you feel about it?
Um I can't really deal with this now.
I'm sorry.
- Absolutely. I'm gonna go.
- We can talk another time.
Of course. Complete wrong moment.
- Um
- I'm really sorry.
It's okay. I I'll see you.
- Enjoy your date.
- Thanks.
- I love you.
- Love you.
[somber music playing]
[sighs shakily]
- Don't tell me.
- [Roz] I'm far too busy for that.
- [Jackson] More than you though.
- Yes. Busted.
How was school?
- Yeah, fine.
- [Sofia] Hmm.
I'm gonna say something,
and I need you both to not get defensive.
- Okay?
- Hmm.
I wanna find out who my sperm donor is.
Wh why now?
- [Roz] Ahem.
- Well, I've always had questions.
Right, well, um What kind of questions?
Lots of things. Like, who am I?
[laughs] Well, you know
who you are, Jackson.
- I said don't get defensive.
- [Sofia] Right.
- What else?
- Like, does cancer run in their family?
And their heritage.
I'm so anxious, yeah?
And I feel like I was born with it.
- And it didn't come from either of you.
- Well, your mum and I will think about it.
- Uh
- What?
I don't think it's your decision, Mum.
[Roz] You have a lot going on,
and you've got to get
your test results back from the doctor.
- Exactly.
- And your A-levels are coming up, so
This is not the time.
I knew there was no point
talking to you about this.
[tense music playing]
[Sofia] I said
this would eventually happen.
I am not
- [phone ringing]
- [man] Um
- [woman 1] Yeah.
- [man] Uh
[woman 2] What can I get you?
Can I get that bag of sweets there?
Top left, the white one.
[woman 2] Sure.
- [woman 1] The white one.
- [woman 2] Here you go.
[woman 1] Thank you. Can I just tap that?
[mysterious music playing]
Eric, it's good to see you again.
[both laugh]
My college is doing
their annual fundraiser,
and I was wondering whether I could
donate the money to the soup kitchen.
I enjoyed workin' there the other night
and bein' a part of the community.
And I just think it would be sad
if it didn't continue.
That is very kind.
Thank you.
Uh Great!
I will tell my friends.
Thank you, Pastor Samuel.
You haven't been
coming to baptism classes.
[chuckles] Um
I'm not sure
I want to be baptized anymore.
I understand. But you are welcome
to come back at any time.
I'll think about it.
- Hello.
- [both laugh]
- Hi.
- Hi. Uh [chuckles]
I didn't know
you were part of church choir.
Yeah. Um, you should stay and listen.
We've been workin' on a new song, so
- I'm gonna get warmed up.
- Okay.
See you in a bit. Stay.
Mmm mmm.
Yeah ♪
- Ooh, ooh-ooh ♪
- Hey.
We gonna lay down our burdens ♪
- Yeah ♪
- Down by the riverside ♪
Said we gon' lay ♪
- Down by the riverside ♪
- Yeah ♪
Said we gon' lay ♪
- Down by the riverside ♪
- Yeah ♪
- And we gon' throw 'way ♪
- Hey ♪
- Throw 'way, throw 'way ♪
- Hey! Hey! ♪
- Throw 'way all our burdens ♪
- Down by the riverside ♪
- We no gon' fight ♪
- We no gon' fight ♪
- We no gon' fight, we no gon' fight ♪
- We no gon' fight ♪
No more, no more ♪
- Won't carry no ♪
- Hey ♪
- [laughing]
- Come on! ♪
Hey ♪
Won't carry no ♪
Hey ♪
- Ra-pa-pa, ra-pa-pa ♪
- Hey ♪
- Come on, lay ♪
- Hey! ♪
["I Found a Reason"
by The Velvet Underground playing]
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Wow. [laughs]
- Ta-da!
I got you flowers. Um
I didn't really know if this was too much.
- Maybe it is, but I kept changing my mind.
- Thanks.
Oh, and the reason ♪
- Dear, is you ♪
- Uh
Are you okay? [chuckles]
- Um Hey, I wanted to tell you something.
- I found a reason ♪
- To keep singin' ♪
- Okay. Is it gonna be a buzzkill?
'Cause I've had a really terrible day,
and I really want us to have some fun.
- No. It's I mean, I just
- And the reason ♪
- Dear, is you ♪
- I think you look really nice.
Oh, I do believe ♪
If you don't like things, you leave ♪
For someplace you've never ♪
- Shall we go in?
- Yeah.
Gone before ♪
[Maeve] Uh, no, I printed them out,
- [sighs]
- [mellow music playing over speakers]
Jo! Hey.
- Hi.
- [Otis] Are you seeing something tonight?
Yeah, um I was supposed to be,
but I was stood up. Yeah.
Apparently, he has had
a motorbike accident.
[Otis] Oh.
- Bet he says that to everyone.
- This is Maeve.
- Uh This is my Auntie Jo.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Hi, Jo.
Oh my God, she is a goddess.
- [Maeve laughs]
- Look at her. You two are adorable.
- Okay, stop.
- [Joanna laughs]
- Okay, um we should get the tickets.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- It's gonna start.
- But I'll see you.
- Nice to meet you.
Could you, um shout me a ticket?
- Yeah. Yeah. That's fine.
- [laughs]
- You don't mind, do you?
- No.
I know you don't wanna be friends anymore,
but you don't need to be a dick about it.
- What?
- It's okay. I won't bother you anymore.
- Wait, Cal.
- No.
Sorry, I'm late. Shall we go get popcorn?
- Um, yeah. Yeah.
- Okay.
- [Beau chuckles]
- [Viv] Hey!
- [Jackson] Viv.
- [Viv] Hey.
[Jackson] Hey, sorry.
Had a big fight with my parents.
I didn't know where else to go.
Come watch the film with us.
That's fine, right, Beau?
- Yeah. I'll get another ticket.
- Cool. Thanks, man.
I can't believe
that that twat stood me up.
I mean, he told me
he wanted to get married and have kids.
Talk about red fucking flag.
- Where are we?
- Hi. Um
- These ones.
- [Joanna] Mmm.
- But if Uh, we were
- [Joanna sighs]
It's humiliating.
Do you want a drink?
Yes, I want a drink.
- Tequila? Yes, my friend.
- [Maeve] Mmm.
[Joanna] I really like her.
Ah! Oh, that's strong.
- [Jackson] Here we are.
- [Joanna] What a fucking pig.
[Viv] So, what happened, then?
So I told them, and they freaked out.
All right, lads?
They said, yeah,
I'm not allowed to look for him.
But I'm 18 now, so they can't stop me.
Do you think it's a good idea
to go behind your parents' backs?
- What's behind their back?
- Oh, nothing.
- [music plays]
- Thanks.
Film's starting.
[Joanna] Is this a fucking
black-and-white film?
"You pay the balance at once," he says,
"or I'll hand you over to the police."
- You ought to have seen the chap's face.
- [Joanna] So sad. Oh my God.
Changed his tune
Oh shit.
- I can go ask.
- Oh, no, no, no.
- You don't have to do that. Let's watch.
- You can't expect much spirit from a man
- with only one lung
- [Joanna] Cheers, everyone!
I thought something must be wrong
when you didn't come.
I'd have popped in to explain,
but I had a date.
- Oh, good morning.
- How's the eye?
- [mimicking] "How's the eye"?
- "Very fine, actually. Thanks for asking."
- [Jackson] "Feels like it's clearing up."
- [Viv] "Yes, looks very good."
- And I to the grocer's.
- What exciting lives
- [Jackson] "An exciting life we lead."
- I'm gonna go.
I'd been to the Palladium, as usual,
but it was a terribly long film.
- I was afraid I'd be late.
- Okay, I'm gonna see if he's okay.
- As I came up onto the platform
- All men are arseholes.
- [both laugh]
- I mean, not you, Otis.
You're actually quite sweet,
but most men are big, fucking,
gaping, prolapsed arseholes.
- [giggling]
- Sh!
You, sh!
- Look
- [Joanna] Sh
Relax, Otis. Have some tequila.
Beau. Beau! Wait. What's wrong?
Why is he talking to you
about this private stuff?
And and crashing our date.
He's obviously into you, Viv.
I've told you it's not like that.
We're just mates.
Okay. If you say so.
But I don't think you know
how great you are.
And we've got mock exams comin' up,
so don't let him distract you, all right?
I'm sorry I got upset. I just
I I think I'm falling for you.
- You don't have to say anything.
- I think I'm falling for you too.
[romantic music playing]
[phone vibrates]
[Joanna laughing] Bitch!
- [giggling loudly]
- [woman] Sh.
[Joanna whispering] Hey, Maeve,
give me another sip.
Give me another sip.
[movie chattering indistinctly]
[Joanna laughing]
Just one more.
Sorry. I'm sorry.
[woman] Please stop throwing popcorn.
- They'll kick us out.
- Sorry. Okay, I won't.
- [woman] I'm going to get the usher.
- Okay.
Good. Can you tell him
to change the film as well?
'Cause this one is slow.
- Tell you what a good film is.
- Jo, please
- What's that one with Lady Gaga?
- Just be quiet.
- They're gonna kick us out.
- And that guy, and he pisses himself.
And he's really sad.
Now that's a good That is a good film.
[usher] Excuse me, madam.
- Oh!
- You need to leave.
- I'm
- We're going. Stand up. Stand up!
- [laughing] I am standing up!
- Just take this.
- [Otis] I'm sorry.
- I am so sorry.
- I might be a bit sick.
- Maeve, please help.
- I'll be sick if I don't eat
- Just wait till you're
- You're so lovely.
- home. Oh, Jo
- Oh, thank you.
- I like you so much.
- [Otis] In the car. Hey, mate. You okay?
- [driver] Don't be sick on the seat.
[Otis] Belt on. There's your bag.
Hey, mate. You know where you're going?
Just up the hill. Here's 20.
- [driver] All right, mate.
- Okay. Cheers.
- Maeve!
- Bye.
Where you going?
We've got a table booked for dinner.
- We can do it another day. Come on.
- But
Oh, yeah
[Maeve sighs]
- [Otis] Aww!
- [Maeve] There she is.
[both giggle]
[chain and gate rattling]
You're not gonna get in.
Uh, really?
Yeah, why?
You scared?
Follow me.
[Joanna] Okay. Oop!
So many fucking steps. Oh God!
[whimsical music playing]
Fucking bush.
I'll fucking take you up.
Sh Okay.
Okay We're down now.
Oh fuck. Oh my God. Jesus.
- [Jean sighs]
- [Joanna] Fucking gibberish.
Jean, I
Are you drunk?
I know that you're upset
about the doctor's,
but you're the best sister I've ever had.
I'm your only sister.
You're so kind to me.
You're such a a kind, kind woman,
and I'm a mess.
- Mm-hmm.
- No wonder no one loves me.
- Well, I love you, Jo.
- [whimpers] I know you do.
And that's why you're gonna be so angry
when I tell you about the debt.
What debt?
[sobs] I owe a lot of money.
How much is a lot?
A lot. A lot.
[Jean sighs]
- [Cal] Can I ask you a silly question?
- [Aisha] Yes.
Why did you stop me when I was gonna
ask them about the captions?
Oh, I don't like making a fuss.
Why not?
What do you mean?
I mean, if it would have made
your experience better,
I feel you should have asked.
If I make it a thing
every time something like that happens,
I will spend my life
having awkward arguments
with non-disabled people.
I feel that.
I'm like that sometimes with my mom.
She doesn't understand my identity.
I love her, but I get tired of
explaining everything to her all the time,
so I've just kind of
stopped talking altogether.
But you have a right
to ask for things when you need them.
It's a shame it's cloudy because
I would love to show you the stars.
Are you seriously trying
to talk about stars?
It's my signature move.
Thank you very much.
You could also kiss me.
[Maeve gasps]
- Oh my God.
- [Otis] What?
- [Maeve gasps]
- [clattering]
- [Otis] Sh.
- [snorts]
- [Otis] Shut up!
- [giggles]
[Maeve] Come on.
- Ah!
- [both laugh]
- [Otis] Ooh!
- Oh!
[Otis] Okay!
- [Maeve] Come on.
- We definitely shouldn't be here.
[both chuckling]
[Maeve sighs]
- Hey.
- Hey.
We should have sex.
Well, you've just had a bit to drink.
- I don't know
- I'm fine. I'm not drunk.
- Yes, you are.
- I wanna have sex with you.
- Take your jacket off.
- Yeah.
- Okay. This feels a bit weird.
- Why? It's fine.
- Stop worrying about everything.
- Okay. [giggles]
[muffled, echoing sounds]
[high-pitched ringing]
Sorry, I can't. Stop.
Sorry. Um I spent the night with Ruby.
I just Uh, I had to tell you.
It's when you were in America.
We were fighting, and
[sighs] And we just We slept together.
No, as in, we didn't have sex.
Like, nothing happened. We just
We just stayed in the same bed. Sorry.
Well, fuck you.
- [door opens]
- [man] Did you hear that?
- Yeah, it's usually
- [Maeve] Shit. Someone's here.
There's someone down there. Go, go, go.
My jacket. I can't get arrested.
- [guard] Oi!
- [Otis] I'm too young.
[guard] What do you think you're doin'?
- [Maeve] Fuck!
- [Otis] Oh, my neck.
[guard] Stop playin' around.
["Sittin' Pretty" by The Datsuns playing]
Mum, this is Maeve.
Hello, Maeve.
[music intensifies]
We're sittin' pretty, have you heard? ♪
I gotta tell you
That's a little absurd ♪
Are things too fast
For me to fight ♪
I'll jump the cliff
And hit the other side ♪
Oh, these hazy days ♪
On my mind ♪
Hazy days ♪
On my mind ♪
Sittin' pretty, have you heard? ♪
I thought I'd tell you
That's a little absurd ♪
Open lies, you gotta smile ♪
When you dine with the man
Holdin' dollar signs ♪
Oh, these lazy days ♪
On my mind ♪
Lazy days ♪
On my mind ♪
Whoo-aaah! ♪
[music fades]
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