Sex Education (2019) s04e06 Episode Script

Season 4, Episode 6

Beat that face ♪
Cinch that waist ♪
Turn up the bass ♪
Now glue that lace and make 'em faint ♪
Paint that face and make them wait ♪
Just be fashionably late
But lookin' like a bad bitch ♪
- Then say, "What?" ♪
- What? It's just a little ChapStick ♪
- ChapStick ♪
- ChapStick ♪
- [through earphones] Just a little ♪
- [whirring]
ChapStick, what? ♪
- Come on.
- It's just a little ChapStick ♪
- Hey, I know you.
- Can you give me a hand?
[mysterious music playing]
- Yeah.
- Grab it there.
- Here? Gosh. Yeah.
- Can you feel that? Keep pulling.
- Oh wow. Yeah.
- Got it? It's a big one!
- Yep.
- Oh my.
- [both laughing]
- Oh!
- [Eric] Oh!
- Whoo!
- [laughing]
- Oh! Wha
- Hello, beautiful.
- I don't think that's a river fish.
I think you should
probably throw that back, no?
- Don't touch my fish.
- It needs to go back.
- I said don't.
- [yelps]
Oh my
Please don't tell me
you were expecting an old white guy.
Now, we need to have a little talk.
Am I in trouble?
Why are you turning your back
on your church?
Look, I I don't want to, but I [groans]
I don't think I can be baptized.
- It's too hard.
- Life is hard!
And sacrifices must be made.
But your church needs you.
I need you.
I sin all the time.
I had a wank this morning.
And you know I wear my pants
two days in a row.
- And I
- [snorting]
Eric Effiong! You are my precious child.
You are brave and bold
and absolutely "effervocious."
- I don't think that's a word.
- Are you arguing with God?
No, I I just
Maybe you're trying to say effervescent?
- Which is very kind of you
- Sh, sh, sh.
[whispers] Stop and listen.
- Cal?
- [echoing] Would you like some bread?
What the fuck?
Yes, I gotta have faith ♪
Ooh, I gotta have faith ♪
Because I gotta have faith
F-faith, f-faith ♪
I gotta have faith, f-faith, f-faith ♪
Oh ♪
Oh, I'll just have to wait ♪
Because I gotta have faith ♪
- I gotta have faith ♪
- [phone chimes]
Oh, I've got to, got to
Got to have faith ♪
Before this river becomes an ocean ♪
Before you throw my heart
Back on the floor ♪
- Just got to have faith ♪
- Oh, baby ♪
I reconsider my foolish notion ♪
Well, I need someone to hold me ♪
But I'll wait for somethin' more ♪
[on radio] Because I gotta have faith ♪
- Ooh, I gotta ♪
- [knock at door]
- Oh, fuck!
- [Jean] Jo, can you get that?
Faith, f-faith, f-faith ♪
- [Jean] Otis?
- I gotta have faith, f-faith, f-faith ♪
Good mornin', sunshine.
- Uh Uh, no. No, excuse me.
- Oh!
What what are you doing in my house?
I, uh popped by to see your mum.
- Okay.
- I've got a free period, so
Oh, um you've you've just got
a few crumbs in your neck brace.
- What happened, by the way?
- None of your business.
Look, Otis,
you don't have to be like that.
I know that things got a little bit tense
at the debate,
but it's a competition.
Tense? You lied about me
in front of the entire college.
I didn't lie. And you outed me
in front of the entire college.
- [door opens]
- Dr. Milburn! [chuckles]
Hi. Um,
I hope you don't mind me poppin' by.
I just wanted to run through a few things
before our show tonight.
Yeah, sure.
- Do you wanna pop into my office?
- I'll leave you guys to it.
I'll be there in just a minute. Otis!
- [whispers] I didn't know she was coming.
- Whatever. Mum, I've gotta go.
Wait, wait.
Look, I know Maeve is going through
a vulnerable time right now.
I just I think that maybe
you should pay attention
to your own instincts on things.
Mum, it was both of us the other night.
Okay? Maeve didn't make me do anything.
Okay. Just it's my job to worry about you.
You weren't worried about me
when you hired my nemesis
to be your cohost, were you?
Enjoy your prep meeting.
[door slams]
[pensive music playing]
Oh, hi. Please, take a wee seat.
This is a safe space.
[Jean] O?
[O] Hi, hi. Hello.
[Jean] Hi.
Ruby! Hey.
- Ooh.
- [brakes squeal]
What are you doing here? What is that?
Oh, uh it's nothing. Um A crick.
I wanted to speak with you about
the whole next steps
for the election thing.
Otis, people think you're a meninist
who outs people.
No, I know, but I'm not.
And, well, you're so good at PR.
I think you can get the truth out there
and counteract this whole spin from O.
Yes, okay. I'll get onto that today.
- Thanks.
- Where are you going?
Ah, well, it's Maeve's mum's funeral.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
Which, uh reminds me, actually. Um
I wanna say, like, if if you bump
into Maeve for whatever reason,
and she asks you about that night,
you know, when I stayed over,
I told her we were
working on the campaign,
and we accidentally fell asleep.
That is what happened.
No, I know.
But, like, you know, that wasn't great.
And I just don't want her to think
that we're more than friends.
That's why you came here.
To do damage control on your relationship?
I mean, a little bit, but no.
I wanted to speak with you
about the campaign.
Maeve doesn't need to worry.
We're not more than friends.
- We're not friends at all.
- Ruby.
[gentle music playing]
- It isn't very you.
- Hmm.
Yeah, but it is a proper funeral dress,
which means Mum would have loved it.
[Maeve sighs]
- Does my eye look really bad?
- No.
What happened?
Otis and I tried to have sex.
It was a disaster.
[under breath] Ooh.
Yeah, we're not really speaking.
It's a bit of a long story.
I was gonna text you about it, but
- [clears throat]
- Yeah.
Well, I know we're not
in a very good place right now. I get it.
Aimes, I think the Isaac thing
makes me uncomfortable.
- D-do you reckon you two could be friends?
- Yes. Absolutely.
I should never have brought it up,
seriously. I mean
Nothin' happened,
and nothin' ever will happen. I promise.
[phone ringing]
And I cannot believe you're going
to a funeral with a sex injury.
[both giggle]
She'd be proud.
- Stop. Stop.
- [knock at door]
[Anna] Maeve, there's someone
from Wallace on the phone.
Uh What did they say?
They're asking if you're going back
to finish the course.
Well, tell them I'm busy.
I'll call them back.
Cremating my mother today.
[phone rings]
- Hello?
- [woman] Jackson Marchetti?
- Yeah.
- Your test results have come in.
The doctor would like to see you
at four p.m. today.
Uh, okay, I'll I'll see you then.
- See you later on.
- [beeping]
[breathing shakily]
[phone chimes]
What the fuck?
[O] As you know, I am passionate about
debunking sex myths on my video channel.
So I was wonderin', is there a sex myth
that you would like to debunk?
Uh let's see. Off the top of my head
I guess there's an enduring myth about
women who engage in a lot of sex
having loose vulvas.
- Right, um Okay, so Ahem.
- [switches recorder off]
Maybe we try it again,
just a little pithier.
So I ask about the sex myth,
and then you come straight in
with saggy vaginas.
So, has Celia asked you
to help me with my delivery?
No, no, no. Um
I think she just wants the show
to have a bit more of a pace.
This is so humiliating.
I'm being trained by a 17-year-old.
Shit. Sorry, I I don't mean
to tread on your toes.
No. That's all right. It's not your fault.
I mean,
being live on air is very different
than sitting face-to-face
to someone in private.
So, maybe you're feelin'
a wee bit exposed?
In truth, I, um
came back to work too soon.
- And Well, anyway, it doesn't matter.
- No, no, no. It it does. It does matter.
If you would like to share,
I'd like to listen.
You know, there's still a feeling that
if a woman gets off
the career roller coaster,
that she won't be let back on again.
And it took me quite a while
to get on in the first place, so
Really? I kind of just assumed
that you'd been doing this forever.
Well, sure. Um
When I was still married,
my career was on track, and
And then, when my husband left, it
all just got very difficult.
There was the grief.
And getting used to being
a single parent was really hard.
[young Otis] Mum?
Anyway, I eventually got stronger.
And I knew that the most important thing
was that I was there for Otis.
And so I decided that, well,
running my clinic would be enough.
But I've always wanted more.
And so when this radio job came up,
I didn't I didn't want it to pass me by.
Yeah. That all makes perfect sense.
But it also sounds quite overwhelming.
Gosh. How did you get me
to talk about all of that?
I think that tonight is gonna go great.
I think you just need to trust yourself.
[door opens]
[heartfelt music playing]
[Maeve sighs]
Hi, team. I'm Samantha, your celebrant.
- Wow.
- Ooh.
- Hostess with the mostest.
- Hi.
I will be guiding you
through your goodbyes.
Ooh. What's happened to your eye?
- She had a se
- Oh, little accident.
[Samantha] Mmm.
Oh. What a lovely picture of Elaine.
Er Erin.
My mum was called Erin.
Yeah. Apologies.
Okay, quick checklist.
Photo, tick.
- Do you have your own floral tributes?
- Yes, my brother's sorting that out.
- Tick.
- [Maeve clears throat]
- [Samantha] Order of service?
- Oh, that was my job.
[Maeve] Hmm.
Do you have a track you'd like playing
for Erin's entrance?
Yeah. I do.
Oof, I like saying tick.
What a great word.
Trippingly on the tongue.
Tickety tick. Tick.
Ai Aimes.
- Sorry.
- [chuckles]
Shall I proceed?
- [clears throat]
- Yeah.
[mysterious music playing]
[sheep bleating]
Nice suit.
- Thanks for lettin' me leave early.
- It's fine.
Hey, you're doing really well in classes.
The kids are really listening to you.
Maybe you could, uh
teach a class on your own?
Okay, yeah. Sure.
Oh, um can I just Your tie's all
- Oh.
- Sorry. Mm
I mean, I I couldn't do it.
My hands shake when I'm nervous.
Well, why are you nervous?
Uh might might see my ex today.
She your your first love?
Sh Yeah.
- Somethin' somethin' like that.
- Oh.
It's been a while, but it still hurts.
Well, I don't think it ever gets easier,
but you look great, so
- [chuckles]
- She's missing out.
[car pulling up]
- Oh, my me dad's here. Better go.
- Oh, all right. Cool. See you.
- Adam. Adam!
- Yeah?
You can drive.
Um we don't normally allow food
during the service.
I mean, they look delicious.
- May I?
- Mmm!
So good.
- [ringing tone]
- [Samantha] Mm!
Mmm! Oh, that's so good.
- Fuck's sake.
- [Samantha giggles]
- Sean's not picking up.
- I can go get some flowers.
No. I don't really care about the flowers.
- Oh.
- Honestly no need for all this.
No one's coming. I told you.
- [Eric] How's the neck?
- [Otis] Better, I think.
- And how's the old penis?
- I don't know what's wrong with it.
I was I was feeling guilty
about staying at Ruby's house,
and couldn't stop thinkin' about it.
Do you think you were
trying to make Maeve a little jealous?
- No.
- No? Not even a little bit?
I wouldn't have had to stay there if
you didn't dump me for your new friends.
- Ah! Wh Hang on. Are you blaming me?
- [phone ringing]
Otis, you literally said
you were fine with it!
It's Maeve. Wait.
Sean was to be here at 12:00.
He's not picking up his phone.
- I'm sure he'll be there soon.
- What is it?
I really need him to be here, Otis.
Uh we'll find him. Don't worry.
Uh, where's he staying?
His mate's.
Dodgy Mo.
Text me the address?
I'll send it now.
Okay, yeah. Don't worry.
- Okay.
- Bye-bye.
- Bye.
- [beeping]
Where are we going?
To find someone called Dodgy Mo.
- Oh my God, Turtle!
- [Joy cooing]
She just smiled.
Not a gassy one. Like, an actual smile.
- Has she ever done that before?
- No. Hello.
Go on, smile for Mummy. Smile for Mummy.
Oh fuck. Sorry.
I shouldn't have said anything.
- It's okay.
- Come on, darling. Smile for Mummy.
- I think she's hungry.
- Oh, okay.
It's okay. I just, um
I've got such a bad headache.
They said this would happen
when I started taking the antidepressants.
Do you have any pain meds, Jo?
No, I don't.
Yes. I've been thinking about
this childcare.
- I mean, maybe I could open a nursery.
- [sighs]
You know, like like
one of those fancy ones with baby yoga.
Would you do that
before or after you cleared your debt?
Yeah, I, um I wanted to, uh,
talk to you about that, actually, um
About you maybe loaning me the money.
I mean, I I would pay it all back.
- Obviously.
- Um
That's a lot of money.
But can we talk about this another time?
I mean, I promise I'll think about it.
I just I have to go to the pharmacy.
Shit. Can you
can you grab me a Mooncup?
And also, some of those fiber powder
things. I haven't pooed for days.
- Actually, I'll just come with you.
- Great. Okay
[pensive music playing]
[music fades]
[Otis] Why are you being so quiet?
It's hypocritical of you
to take the queer night so personally.
- You dump me for Maeve all the time.
- Look, Eric!
- Her mum
- It's not the first time, is it?
No. I hardly ever see you anymore, Eric.
- [doorbell rings]
- You're always with Abbi and those guys.
[gasps] Oh!
[door opens]
[Otis] Hello.
Oh, uh hi. Hi!
Uh, we are looking for Dodgy Mo.
- Not his actual name.
- It's his street name.
Dodgy Mo. Yeah, yeah, that's me.
Is Sean staying here?
No. Sean didn't come back last night.
Well, if you see him, could you ask him
to call his sister Maeve?
- It's urgent.
- [Eric] Yes.
- Yeah?
- Yeah?
Okay. Thank you. Thank you, Dodgy Mo.
[chuckles] Hang on a sec.
Uh Yeah
These got delivered for Sean. [sneezes]
- Uh
- [Mo] Sorry.
I can't have them in the house
'cause of me allergies, so
- [Otis] Oh.
- If you take 'em?
You'll probably see him before me, so
- Of course. Mm-hmm.
- [Otis] Of course.
- Thanks.
- Mmm. Uh Yeah.
[Otis groans]
[Eric] So, I don't get it.
- You don't want me to have other friends?
- No!
- Or what?
- I dunno.
I just sometimes feel like
you'd rather hang out with the cool kids.
I'm getting left behind.
I wouldn't rather hang out
with those other guys, Oatcake.
But sometimes we have more in common.
Can you tell me one thing
that's been goin' on in my life?
Uh You going back to church?
No, I'm not, actually!
I'm having an existential crisis about it,
but you wouldn't know that.
- You don't care if it's not about you.
- What? [scoffs]
That's Uh No! That's that is so unfair.
How is it unfair?
- Go on.
- Uh
- Whoa. Wow. Wow!
- Whoa!
- Oh my gosh!
- Whoa! [yelps]
I can't stop. I can't stop! Eric, help!
- [yells]
- Oatcake! Oh my gosh!
- [screams] Ah!
- [Otis groans] Ow!
- Ow! Oh Ow!
- Oatcake!
- Oh my gosh. Are you okay?
- Aah! I'll just
- Give me your hand.
- There's pine in my eye.
- Give me your hand!
- Oh, yeah
- Here!
- [Otis groaning]
- Oh my gosh.
- Ow! There's something in my eye.
- Are you okay? Let me see your eye. Let
- I'm fine.
Fucking neck brace!
The flowers! Oh!
- They're gonna be okay.
- What are we gonna do?
- It's going to be okay. Yes.
- Eric, put them back in the holes.
No. No, Oatcake.
Carnations on the outside.
Roses on the inside.
Follow the color code.
We have stuff in common as well, right?
Of course we do.
I'm just trying to say that there's
there's parts of my life
- that you don't really understand.
- Like what?
Well, like the fact that I'm a Christian.
Or the fact that my family doesn't have
as much money as yours.
Or we don't talk about race, for example.
Look, I'm just I guess I'm just trying
to say that we're very different,
and we don't talk about it.
- Okay. Why are you blaming me for that?
- I'm not blaming you.
I'm just trying to say how I feel.
Okay. Well, um we're gonna be late.
- We should just get this sorted and
- [groans]
[Eric] Great.
Famous for his landscapes,
mainly of the Suffolk countryside,
which sounds boring, but in his hands,
these luscious landscapes
pulsate with drama.
Festering riverbanks,
crumbling brickwork, slimy bridges,
living, breathing, moving trees.
- He loved willows.
- [chime]
He was drawn to their sloping frames,
their branches plunging
deep into undulating water.
- You feel the moist air of the mornings.
- Yeah.
He painted another form for feeling.
May I use the bathroom?
Yes. Sorry. Of course you can.
Where was I? Oh, yes.
Constable's unrecognized genius.
This visceral living, moving
["Tell You" by Loose Joints playing]
Can I touch you?
[both moaning]
I'm sorry. I'm on T,
so I thought I wouldn't get my period.
Don't worry. I don't mind.
Are you all right?
I think I just, uh
I think I need a second.
[tense music playing]
- [line ringing]
- Pick up. Pick up the phone, you dick.
- Fuck's sake.
- [Otis groans]
- Oh my God.
- Hey.
- Oh
- We couldn't find him.
The flowers, they sort of broke
in the middle a little bit. Sorry.
[vehicle pulls up]
Are you okay?
Yeah. Just wish
Sean would pick up the fucking phone.
It's almost time to start.
Are you waiting on some people?
Uh, no, this is this is everyone.
Shall we just get it over with?
- Yeah.
- [Aimee] Well, actually
[Eric] Wait. Wait, wait. A flower.
[car doors closing]
What what are they doing here?
[Aimee] You worried about
your mum being alone, so I invited them.
I hope I didn't do the wrong thing.
It's a really nice thing to do.
Thanks, Aimes.
Oh, good. I wondered
who was gonna carry the coffin.
Come on.
[gasps] Oh, yeah.
[Samantha] Come on.
- Hi.
- Thanks for coming.
[crow cawing]
[gentle piano music playing]
[Eric inhales]
[door opens]
[clears throat]
["With or Without You" by U2 playing]
It was my mum's favorite.
I love this song.
Okay, uh to me.
- Uh, yeah. Yeah.
- Pivot. Pivot.
Okay. Okay.
Please be upstanding, for those who can.
That means you.
See the stone set in your eyes ♪
See the thorn twist in your side ♪
[skipping] I for ♪
- [music stops]
- Oh.
Sorry, the the Wi-Fi is
Shall shall we go back?
- Shall we shall we start again?
- No, keep going.
- Uh, back it up a bit?
- [Colin] Adam.
- [Maeve] Otis, keep going.
- Adam, wh
- [groans] Ah!
- Sorry.
- Sh.
- [Maeve] Come
- [Jackson] Just go. Just go.
- My toe.
[Otis] Come on.
- [Eric] Whoa!
- [Adam] Oh!
- [Otis] Jesus. Jackson!
- [Eric] Oh my gosh.
- Shit. Sorry, sorry.
- [Eric] Steady. Steady.
[Otis] Okay, slowly.
- [Eric] Just squeeze round
- [Adam] Going round, are we? Okay. Right.
- [Eric] Easy. Straighten her up.
- [Otis] Guys, it's wonky. Straighten.
- Fingers. Hold on.
- [Jackson] There.
[Samantha clears throat]
[Eric clears throat]
Welcome, everyone, and apologies
for that little musical hiccup,
but I'm sure Erin's
singing her favorite song wherever she is.
Hopefully. [clears throat]
My name is Samantha.
I'm your celebrant today.
And we are gathered here
so that Erin Willy can continue
Wiley. Erin Erin Wiley.
- Wiley?
- Yep.
It reads like Willy on the page.
[Maeve] It quite clearly reads like Wiley.
[Eric] Mm-mm.
so that Erin Wiley
can continue to live on in our memories.
Erin was born in Moordale,
and she is survived by two children.
Three children.
- [door opens]
- Maeve, Sean, and Elsie
[clears throat]who were
the light of her life.
- Being a single mum had its challenges.
- [floorboard creaks]
But she was the kind of woman
who rose to the occasion
with energy and enthusiasm.
What are you doing?
Sorry I'm late.
[Samantha] Welcome.
- Ahem. Erin had a vibrant spirit
- [Sean coughs]
- Who are these people?
- I've been calling you for hours.
She enjoyed listening to music,
talking to friends.
And, you know,
I think we can all take comfort
in the idea
that there is a particularly bright
new star in the sky tonight.
[slow clapping]
This is great.
This is fab. It really
- I mean I mean, it's complete crap.
- Shut up.
But it is beautifully
beautifully crafted.
- Thank you.
- Stop it.
- I actually think I might add to it.
- No. No, no, no. Sean.
- If you don't mind if I say a few words
- [feedback squeals]
- Thank you.
- Please don't.
- About my mother. [clears throat]
- Sean.
- [thumps lectern]
- [Maeve clears throat]
My darling mummy
died doing what she loved.
Oh, come on. We weren't all buying that
"she's a bright star in the sky" stuff.
Were we? [laughs]
No, I think it would actually be
much more appropriate
if I, as her son,
shared a few stories of Erin
from our childhood.
Should I tell them about the games
we used to play?
Shall I? Number one.
Ahem. Football in the dark.
This was a good one, where Mum would
kick us out of our caravan
in the middle of the night,
so that she could get high
and then screw some guy called Greg.
Then, there was, of course,
"ciggie hunting" or "hunt the cigarette,"
which is when we used to go to the park
and had to get on our hands and knees
and search in the mud for cigarette butts
that were just long enough for Mum
to smoke 'cause we had run out of money.
And then I've got loads of these.
I can keep going.
- There was my favorite
- Stop it, Sean. That's enough.
You're humiliating yourself.
Come off it, sis.
[suspenseful music playing]
As if a fancy dress and a nice photo
is gonna convince anyone in this room
that our mum was nothing
but a dirty junkie.
[sighs] Get out.
Get out!
Fine. With pleasure.
[sniffs and coughs]
Bye, Mum.
I think we shall just take a little break.
[Maeve] Sean.
Sean, stop running away from me.
- Why do you have to be so selfish?
- Because I can't be fake like you.
- I'm trying to give her a nice send-off.
- It's not fair.
- What's not fair?
- You're gonna get out of this place.
But I'm gonna die alone, just like Mum.
You can get yourself clean, Sean.
Well, it doesn't really matter anyway
because you're gonna go back
to your fancy little life in America
and forget I exist.
I'm leaving.
Sean, don't do this.
We're saying goodbye to Mum.
She didn't care about
saying goodbye to us, did she?
[sighs] Oh
Customer announcement.
All tropical fish now half price.
[shop bell rings]
- [Jean sighs]
- This koala thing is so great.
Look, she's already asleep.
- [Jean] Hmm.
- [Joanna chuckles]
Oh shit.
- What are you doing?
- I'm hiding.
- From who?
- From him.
Oh my God, that's Dan! Shit.
He must've really
had a motorbike accident.
- How do you know Dan?
- What are you doing?
How do you know Dan?
That's the guy that I've been seeing.
[Dan] Fuck! Agh!
Fucking hell.
- [sighs]
- What?
[whispers] That's Joy's dad.
- What, so you and Dan?
- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
Well, how sure are you
about the whole dad thing?
- Well, 95% sure.
- For fuck's sake!
- You haven't slept with him, have you?
- No.
I actually really quite like him.
[both sigh]
You know you can't see him anymore, right?
Yes. Course.
- Shit.
- Fucking typical.
[woman clears throat loudly]
[gentle music playing]
[knocking at door]
[door opens]
[Cal's mum] Oh. You're home early.
You okay?
I don't really wanna
talk about it right now.
If that's all right.
[sighs shakily]
- Mmm.
- [organ music playing]
Can we have some cake?
- Do you think she's okay?
- Hope so.
- Hey, kids.
- [Aimee] Hi.
Um, just so you know,
um, I have another funeral this afternoon.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
[Samantha] Mm-hmm.
- I'm gonna look for her.
- Okay.
- It's all right.
- [door opens]
[door closes]
- How have you been?
- Good.
working with horses now.
Are you?
[laughs] Mmm.
Did you, um
did you ever tell your parents?
Yeah, uh I have.
They were pretty good about it.
That's amazing, Adam.
That's that's huge. [laughs]
I'm so proud of you, genuinely.
I'm still findin' it really hard
- [Eric] Mmm?
- Uh to be
- To be fully out.
- Mmm.
When did you stop feeling ashamed?
[groans] Oh it's a it's a long road.
But, Adam, you you have to believe
that you deserve good things.
And, Adam, you have to love yourself.
I know that we weren't right together.
But I do really miss you.
You're completely "effercrescent."
Uh Did you
Sorry, um do you mean effervescent?
- Uh yes, I did.
- [Eric] Yeah.
Yes, I did.
Colin Colin, no.
- [door opens]
- What?
I can't find her.
What should we do?
Should we tell everyone to go home?
No. She'll be back. I think.
She keeps tappin' her watch at me.
[door opens]
[crow cawing]
[gentle rainfall]
Found you.
Do you think if I die of embarrassment,
I might get a discount?
I can check the brochure, but I doubt it.
I didn't need an audience in there.
Aimee was just trying to help, you know.
Your brother's in pain.
She wasn't all bad.
Of course she wasn't. No one's all bad.
Look, this is fucking awful.
And most people here won't understand
this dysfunctional family shit.
But even though it's hard,
you wanted to honor Erin,
and that's something
to be incredibly proud of.
So get back in there
and tell them about your mum.
[door opens]
- All right?
- Yeah.
Um Okay, folks, the break's over.
We now have the eulogy, which is going
to be read by Erin's daughter, Maeve.
[paper rustling]
[Maeve] Okay.
[clears throat]
All that stuff my brother said is true.
My mum was an addict.
She also helped set up my first business
when I was eight years old,
washing people's cars.
She taught me how
to pick out returning customers
and how to make good tips.
She loved to sing,
even though she sang terribly
and could never get the lyrics right.
[clears throat] And
we never went hungry,
which was no mean feat.
[chuckles] Even when she was high,
she would make these, um
stupid pancakes for us,
with chocolate smiley faces.
Pretty good.
And, yeah, I think
[clears throat] Sorry.
[Maeve breathing shakily]
[sobs] Uh
I think what I'm trying to say is that
a mother can be
a pretty shit parent sometimes,
and you can still love them
and want them to get better.
And someone can be an addict
and still be generous and kind.
Mmm, I really hate her
for everything she put me through, but
I also miss her
with every cell of my being.
[Samantha] So as our ceremony
comes to a close,
and we all go back to our daily lives,
I hope you've gained some comfort
from us all being together today.
[whispers] Thank you.
Do you know it?
Do you think you
- I think.
- Mmm.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Who's that?
[plays "With or Without You"]
See the stone set in your eyes ♪
See the thorn twist in your side ♪
I'll wait for you ♪
Sleight of hand and twist of fate ♪
On a bed of nails, she makes me wait ♪
And I'll wait without you ♪
With or without you ♪
With or without you ♪
With or without you ♪
With or without you ♪
Come on!
[joining in]
And you give yourself away ♪
And you give yourself away ♪
And you give, and you give ♪
And you give yourself away ♪
With or without you ♪
With or without you, oh ♪
I can't live ♪
With or without you ♪
All of you! Here we go!
Oh ♪
Oh ♪
Oh ♪
Oh ♪
With or without you ♪
- [voice distorting] With or with ♪
- [hyperventilating]
- [monitor beeping]
- [squelching]
[continuous beep]
♪without you, oh-oh ♪
I'm gonna see if he's okay.
- Yeah.
- I can't live ♪
With or without you ♪
[ethereal music playing]
- [breathing heavily]
- [door opens]
What's going on?
[door opens]
I just had
Just wanted to check
everything was all right.
Yeah, everything's fine.
Um I'll be there in a minute. Thank you.
Yeah. Sure.
[door closes]
- What?
- [sighs]
I don't know, man.
- I just think he's a bit weird.
- What, Beau?
What are you sayin'?
He's super intense, no?
- Why you gettin' jealous?
- [laughs] I'm not being jealous.
I'm just worried that it's movin' so fast.
- Okay. Well, Jackson, he's my boyfriend.
- Yeah.
And I know you're going through
a tough time at the moment, but I'm happy.
- All right. If you're sure.
- We good?
- Yeah.
- Right, see you in there.
[organ music playing]
- It was good to see you, man.
- You too.
Take care, yeah?
[woman] I'll have one after, yeah.
- Hey.
- Hey.
[both] Aww.
You all right, mate?
Uh, yeah. Yeah.
Was just, um
just getting Viv's stuff for her.
[Jackson] Hmm.
'Scuse me.
Hi, Jeffrey. Thanks for coming.
Cynthia's sorry she's not here.
Funerals remind her of Jonathan.
Ah. Oh, of course, yeah.
Your mum could be a bit of an arse,
but it's sad she died.
And what you said up there was
was was lovely.
[Jeffrey gasps]
Thanks, Jeffrey.
Hi. Thanks for coming.
Maeve, I'm so sorry.
[door closes]
How are you both?
- Yeah, good. Um
- Good, yeah.
I'm still teaching,
and Emily's gone back to university.
- Wow.
- Yeah,
[chuckles] I I'm doing, um
a master's in literature.
Yeah. Uh You actually inspired me.
- [laughs] Really?
- Getting to study at Wallace.
- It must be amazing.
- Yeah, hotshot.
- [Emily] Yeah.
- It's pretty incredible.
I bet you're doing so well.
Top of your class in everything?
Anyway, uh
I am just so unbelievably proud of you.
Teaching you and watching you thrive
when you've had
so much working against you
has been one of
the greatest privileges of my career.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- Get home safe. Enjoy the cupcakes.
- Yeah. Oh, we will.
- Sorry he took two.
- Aimee Gibbs special.
- [Colin chuckles]
- [laughs]
[door opens]
- Okay.
- [door closes]
Bye, Maeve.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
Thanks. Enjoy the cupcakes.
Thank you. Thanks for coming.
[Otis] Hey.
Are we okay?
Because I don't feel like
we need to fight. Can we just move on?
Yeah, I don't know.
I don't know.
I just I don't feel like
you really heard what I've said.
Well, I I don't feel like
you've heard what I've said.
Okay. Uh
Maybe we need
some time apart from each other.
Yeah, maybe.
Cool. Cool.
I'll see you around.
How are you doing?
I know I fucked up.
- [sighs]
- Okay, I'm I am really sorry.
I think I was just missing you a lot,
and I wanted to feel important,
which is pathetic,
and I'd hate for this to be the reason
that things didn't work out with us, so
Nothing happened?
I promise.
[clears throat] Do you wanna walk me home?
["The Gnome" by Pink Floyd playing]
Bike's this way.
- [jackhammering]
- I want to tell you a story ♪
- 'Bout a little man ♪
- [tires screech]
If I can ♪
- A gnome named Grimble Grumble ♪
- What is this land?
And little gnomes ♪
Stay in their homes ♪
- Eating ♪
- [horn honks]
- Oh!
- Sleeping ♪
Drinking their wine ♪
He wore a scarlet tunic ♪
A blue-green hood ♪
- It looked quite good ♪
- [camera clicks]
- Oh my God. She looks just like my nana.
- He had a big adventure ♪
Amidst the grass ♪
- Fresh air at last ♪
- What's she doing?
- Oi, oi!
- Wining ♪
- Give us a smile, then.
- Dining ♪
- Cheer up, darlin'. Things aren't so bad.
- Biding his time ♪
[men chuckling]
Oh! [laughing]
Watch out. Here she comes.
I'm not smiling because
I've just been to a fucking funeral!
I'm also not smiling
because you're fucking talking to me!
You fucking fucks!
Sorry for your loss.
- Adam.
- Hey, Dad.
That funeral made me feel a bit weird,
and I was thinking that
maybe we could hang out.
Ye yeah, sure.
Your shirt's on a bit odd. [chuckles]
- Um
- Oh. Oh. [chuckles]
Are are you with that lady?
Sorry. Leave you to it.
What's Mum's coat doin' here?
Mum? Mum?
- Mum, are you in there?
- No, no, she's not.
Adam. Um I I was just
- I I just dropped by to get something.
- Uh Yeah.
Adam. Adam. Please, Adam
[Jean] How can we help you today, Nicky?
[Cal's mum] My, um
my teenager is non-binary,
and, uh, when they turned 18,
they went to a private doctor and
and started taking testosterone.
And and now,
I think they want top surgery.
And I want to understand,
so I can support them,
but they just won't talk to me.
Have you had an open dialogue
with your child in the past?
Yeah, I I didn't react so well
when they first came out.
- I felt out of control.
- Ah.
Well, it sounds like there's been
a breakdown in the trust between you.
And that can take time to rebuild.
[Jean] As a parent, I know it can be hard
to feel like you're being shut out.
But if you educate yourself
about what's going on for your child,
then that could be hugely helpful.
I think you need to show
that you're serious
about going on this journey with them
and that they don't need
to keep explaining themselves to you.
It's really important.
Letting them know
that you love them for who they are.
And look, teenagers are always gonna have
stuff that they don't tell their parents.
But it's important
to create an environment
where they feel safe enough
to bring things to you if they need to.
If you just try and stay open
and curious and compassionate,
then I don't think you can go far wrong.
[Nicky] Thanks. That that helps a lot.
- [doctor] Your results are just loading.
- [typing]
[phone ringing outside]
[clears throat]
The tests are clear, Mr. Marchetti.
Your lump is not cancerous.
- [Roz] Ah!
- Oh!
Thank fuck for that!
- Mum!
- Sorry, sorry, sorry.
I'm just very very happy. Sorry.
- Oh!
- Thank you.
Thank you.
[hopeful music playing]
This is the wrong time, next time ♪
Next time, never ♪
The wrong time, next time ♪
Next time off ♪
This is the one time, next time ♪
Next time, never ♪
The wrong time, next time ♪
Next time, never ♪
[Jean] Our final call this evening
is Ruby.
Hello, Ruby. What can we do for you today?
[Ruby] I have a question for O.
I just wanted to know what it feels like
to pretend to be so nice and kind
and compassionate and helpful
when really you're just a bully.
I am so sorry, Ruby.
I have absolutely no idea
what you're referring to.
Yes, you do.
And so will everyone else after they see
the video I've just tagged you in.
No. No. Next next next caller.
Uh, sorry about that, everyone.
So, we've got, um Right. Okay.
Um, next call is from Rob.
Hello, Rob. What can I do to you for you?
[girls laughing] Bed wetter!
[chanting] Bed wetter! Bed wetter!
Bed wetter! Bed wetter! Bed wetter!
Bed wetter!
Bed wetter! Bed wetter!
[phone chimes]
Who was that?
She's asking when I'm back.
When are you going back?
I don't know.
I actually think I might stay here.
[owl hooting]
What about your course?
I just think I need some stability.
- You said you loved being at Wallace.
- Yeah, but I missed you.
- [sighs]
- I missed you too.
You might not get
another chance like that.
I wanna make sure
you're doing the right thing.
Yeah, I know what I'm doing.
I just wanna be here with you.
[whispers] Shall we try again?
[romantic music playing]
[young Otis] Mum?
Mum, are you okay?
[Jean sobbing]
[young Otis] I made you some toast.
[rapid heartbeat]
[Maeve] Otis. Otis. Otis?
- Otis, are you okay?
- [gasping]
- Otis.
- Okay, stop. [yelps]
[groans] I don't know
what's wrong with me.
I keep thinking about my mum.
- You keep thinking about your mum?
- Yeah No.
I mean, not
not in a sort of weird, creepy sexy way.
- Why are you thinking about your mum?
- I don't know.
I I used to have
these problems with sex, and [sighs]
[sighs] I thought I was over them and
Now I'm just really embarrassed,
and I wanna die, and
I don't wanna die. Your mum just died.
I keep talking about mums.
Okay. Okay. Shush, please. It's fine.
We don't have to do anything.
Just lie down. Come on.
["Strawberry Letter 23"
by Shuggie Otis playing]
It's been a weird day.
Weird day.
Hello, my love
I heard a kiss from you ♪
Red magic satin playing near too ♪
All through the morning rain I gaze ♪
The sun doesn't shine ♪
Rainbows and waterfalls
Run through my mind ♪
In the garden, I see ♪
West purple shower bells and tea ♪
Orange birds and river cousins
Dressed in green ♪
Pretty music, I hear ♪
So happy and loud ♪
Blue flower echo
From a cherry cloud ♪
Feel sunshine sparkle pink and blue ♪
Playgrounds will laugh ♪
If you try to ask ♪
Is it cool? ♪
If you arrive and don't see me ♪
I'm going to be with my baby ♪
I am free, flying in her arms ♪
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