Sexy Beast (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Won't Soon Forget This

Find my coin, McGraw.
The perpetrators will
be dealt with severely.
She's 19 years old.
She feels the whole world's against her.
I've not seen her for two days.
What are you really doing here, Gal?
What, do you think I'm
going grass you up to filth,
tell them all the shit I
know Larry's been telling me?
I'm the one that should be mad at you
for scheming behind my back with him.
- What was that for?
- Felt like it.
What the fuck is going on here?
Rick, I got an offer I can't resist.
These blokes, they don't
care about contracts.
- Tell me about Freddie McGraw.
- Bit of a hothead.
What are you looking at, cunt?
The back of your head.
It's a hard world ♪
To get a break in ♪
All the good things ♪
Have been taken ♪
But, girl, there are ways
to make certain things pay ♪
Though I'm dressed in these rags ♪
I'll wear sable someday ♪
Hear what I say ♪
Hello, Trish.
Gal Dove.
Treated me like a cunt
Holding on to this thing.
It's clear he's trying
to find out what it is.
I knew I'd seen it somewhere before.
This is the Laotian fighter statue.
Laos. It's near Vietnam.
- Is it valuable, one of these?
- Yes.
It's very, very valuable.
Does he know?
He knows its history.
I don't think he knows
who it belongs to.
It's a national treasure in Laos.
It was stolen from the royal family.
27 people were killed in
the palace during the raid.
Maybe we miscalculated with these boys.
If anything, I think
we underestimated them.
This thing has a messy history, Gal.
Watch yourself.
Can't say I'd be doing
anything different
if I was in his shoes.
We could take them all out
Start again.
Roger wouldn't like that, Ted.
I got a better idea.
Please. Please. I don't know anything.
What are we paying you for, Inspector?
I brought him here.
I think I'll make you
my driver next week.
I've always wanted a police escort.
[GRUNTS] Ah, Jesus Christ, Mr. McGraw.
I swear to God, I don't know anything.
- Who is he?
- Give us a name, Dave.
I swear, all I heard, that
nothing was taken but a coin.
- What do you reckon?
- Dave don't have much heart.
If he knew, he'd tell you.
Isn't that right, Dave?
How's your heart, George?
Because you're going to find
yourself right under the same shoe.
I'm on it, Dominic.
As God is my witness, I'll
turn over every fucking stone.
Quiet down, Dave.

You been drinking?
Our business with Eaton
Our future's tied to
him for the time being.
Yeah, I get it, Dad, okay? I get it.
I need you to take a
personal interest, Freddie,
son or no son.
There's room for three under this shoe.
No, wait.

I thought you gave him it already.
No. And I'm glad I didn't.
The more I find out about
it, the more I start to worry.
People have been looking for
this thing for three decades.
It's some serious shit.
- Oh, fuck.
- So what are you saying?
I'm saying that we're
not giving it to Ted,
not until we find out
what it's all about.
- You're losing your mind, Gal.
- Oh, maybe.
How long do you think
that's going to work
- Not giving it to him?
- We're giving it to him.
We're giving it to him right now.
He ain't going to stand for
it. Neither will my sister.
No, we're not.
Help me out here, Aitch.
You sure you know
what you're doing, Gal?
Look, people have been killed over this.
This is bigger than we
think, much, much bigger.
We got hired to do a job.
We decided to do it. We did it.
We didn't actually all decide.
- Shut up!
- Oh, he's right.
Let's just give it to him and move on.
Let's just think it
through for a moment, okay?
We rob a secure van for just a coin.
Then we do the second job,
and there's nothing there
By the statue, a foreign statue.
If we want to move up, if we
want to be in the big-time,
then we've got to stop letting
them treat us like baggage handlers.
If we're doing a job, we
need to know everything.
What do I tell Cecilia?
Tell her nothing.
And what if you're wrong, Gal?
What then?
I guess I wind up like Larry.
They beat Tony to within
an inch of his life, okay?
He'll never walk again. It was horrible.
They're animals, these McGraws.
How could you have got
into business with them?
It's not like I had a lot of choice.
It was the only way
we could keep us going,
plus their connections with the police.
I mean, fuck.
Are they watching me? Following me?
Look, I'm sorry, honey. I just
I'm scared.
Fuck, fuck, fuck.

So what now? What does this mean?
It means they want you to
keep making movies for them.

It's Jesus, Ricky.
Oi. Oi, Sidney, what you fucking doing?
I won. It's not paying out.
- Everything okay?
- Mm.
What are you doing?

Someone's been stealing from us,
jamming our machines
with these fake maggies.

We have to discourage
this kind of behavior
in every way possible.
- Right.
- You know what we're trying to do here?
- Mmm.
- We plan to expand.
This just for you, even more me.
Are we still doing that?
- Yes, we are still doing that.
- Right, right.
But, uh, I thought you
wanted to slow down.
Just find out who's responsible.

And you was always the clever one, Gal.
And I thought I was the funny one.
What, holding on to it? Are you nuts?
Don's right. You can't hold it forever.
- Yeah, but Gal's right and all.
- Huh?
You got to know what the
fuck you're getting into.
Never take a job till
you know all the details.
Look, no one else
Well, as far as I hear
Is looking for it.
No police reports filed,
nothing from the insurance.
Someone is going to be
looking for this, all right?
It ain't that lawyer
from Levison Financial.
So, if we could just at least find out
who we've stolen from.
All right, I'll keep looking.
And you'd better and
all, because before long,
Teddy is going to come collecting.
And he's going to take
a few organs with him.
I'll be right back.
Can you take a quick
look at this for me?
- Don, we ain't got time for this.
- He can take a look.
Someone's been jamming
up the machines with them.
That looks like the
work of Eddie Bartlett.
Where can I find this cunt?
Thing is, it can't be Eddie.
He's doing three to five in Parkhurst.
- Parkhurst?
- Yeah.
So, with Eddie out the way
There's only one person who
I know would be this good.
- How long is this going to take?
- Just sit tight.
But don't forget, you owe me a favor.
Are you sure you know what you're doing
- with this statue thing?
- Yeah.
Um, right now we've
got all the leverage.
Once we let them have it, they're
not going to have to answer anything.
All right, all right. [SIGHS]
- Mrs. Bartlett.
- Who the fuck are you two?
- Well, deary
My name's Don Logan.
- Does that ring a bell?
- No. Should it?
It very well should.
I've had my fair share of bitch boys
suck the milk out of me,
and he's more my type than you are.
- So give me a hint.
- All right.
This jog your memory?
Is this is what you earn on Fleet
Street, giving reach-arounds?
- Can you believe this muncher?
I don't know what the fuck you two want,
but I would get out of here
before my husband comes home
and bends you over the kitchen table.
[LAUGHS] What a mouth on this one.
Ah, fuck!
Fucking hit me!
Oh, he's a clever one.
Just just relax.
You think we're going to
let you get away with this?
- Get the fuck off!
- Don, stop.
I know your minger husband's away.
You've taken over his work,
haven't you, Mrs. Bartlett?
Okay, okay! I'm sorry!
- Don!
Don, I think she gets it. Enough!
- My fucking eye!
- He's left me with nothing!
- I should kill you.
- Right, but she gets it, Don.
Right, you get it, right? You're
not going to do it again, are you?
- I'm never going to do it again.
- She's never going to do it again, right?
She's been warned. Now move.
Fucking muncher.
- You all right?
- Yeah.
He took me to a takeaway
place for a sit-down meal.
We were standing in line half the night,
- waiting for fish and chips.
I've had it with dating.
Though, Dad says he has a nice young man
in the accounts department
that would be a suitable match for me.
- Kill me now.
oh, I've got to get my own place.
You all right?
Yeah, of course. Just, um
Some work stuff on my mind.
- I like the Orient.
- Only seats 100.
A more intimate, classy affair
is always better than
a runaway drunken fest.
Next thing you know, Gal and Marjorie
will be doing the YMCA
for their first dance.
Oh, Kath, no.
Don't go getting all posh on me.
Well, whatever we pick,
I just hope the groom
- goes through with it.
- Mum, stop. Dad.
I'm paying for this
thing. I've done enough.
Sorry, Maddie. It's
just been a long wait.
So has he mentioned me at all
We don't really talk that much, though.
I only really see him at
the mandatory Sunday dinner.
- Still doing that?
- Mm-hmm.

Hey, why don't you move in with me?
- What?
- Alan's away a lot.
Plus, he's got his own place, anyway.
I've got a room.
I'd like the company.
- And no crazy rules.
- Well, how much is it?
- Nothing.
Stay for as long as
you want, rent-free.
It'll be like the old days.
Gal, there's a foreman's
position opening up in Wapping.
There's two new buildings going up.
It's a big responsibility.
It's a big salary.
- You can afford a house in no time.
- Thanks, Keith.
Really, really, thanks, but
I'm really busy right now.
There's a big future in this company.
And I need someone to run it after me.
Well, that's food for thought.
- Thanks, yeah.
- Sleep on it.
Look, I know we haven't
always seen eye to eye.
I want you to be one of my bridesmaids.
Do I have to wear one
of them purple dresses
like Tammy Boison's bridesmaids?
Oh, Christ, what was
that crazy bitch thinking?
You know, if you ever want, you
can talk to me about what's going on.
I won't say anything to Gal.
Has Gal mentioned anything about Larry?
[CHUCKLES] What? No.
Wait. You and him?
- [GASPS] No.
- Just forget it.
Well, I guess Larry
left town with some slag.
I don't know. Gal wouldn't say.
Well, maybe he doesn't know.
Does Gal know you're this stupid?
He he should know
before he marries you.

It was Eddie Bartlett's wife.
Took over while he's up in Parkhurst.
Put a good scare in her.
She won't be around here again.
- A scare?
- Mm.
Oh, please don't tell me she's still got
all her fucking teeth.
It ain't right to hit a woman.
Who the fuck told you that?
You took your girlfriend,
Gal, with you, didn't you?
Yeah, yeah, but I was thinking

Thinking, thinking,
think Always thinking.
I don't want her scared, Don.
I want her hurting, hurting bad,
hurting like she's been
fucked by a freight train,
or every fucking mug
this side of the Thames
will have their hands in our pockets,
thinking they can get
one over on a woman.
Right. Go on upstairs.
I left you a pie.

Put a shirt on, Gal.
You're giving me an hard-on.
What's wrong with you?
Look like you seen a ghost.
- Wake up wet, did you?
- I think I know why you're here.
[CHUCKLES] Everyone's
a thinker these days.
All the thinking you boys are doing,
be hard to convince
anyone that none of you
went to school after the age of 13.
Is this about Evelyn Bartlett?
It's about a lot of things, Gal.
It's about family.
It's about not interfering with kin.
What I came to say is,
I'd appreciate it if you
stopped trying to tame Don.
When I tell him to do
something, I want him to do it.
I want to do it exactly the way I asked.
You can't have him going
about beating up women.
It's not right.
Some women deserve it.
You don't mind, do you?
It still don't make it right.
I just want Don to follow instructions.
You used to take guidance
well, if I recall.
Remember how good you was
at following my instructions
that day under the
circus pier in Clacton?
Thanks to you, I still get
a little damp every time hear
"Entry of the Gladiators."
Oh, I'd like for Johnny
boy to find out about that,
all perky tits in there.
Stan tells me you still haven't
fulfilled your end of the bargain.
So you've known about that all along.
You think this is the Wheel of Fortune?
You think you can just
take the dough and fuck off?
- It ain't like that.
- Like what?
We're the ones out there, me and Don.
It's our asses on the line.
I'm the one who vouched
for you, you cunt,
so my ass is on the line.
And so is hers, too,
and everyone we know.

What about your brother, hmm?
You're not concerned?
I have another somewhere.
I'd rather Don be fed
to a pack of wild pigs
than soil my reputation.
You follow?
You and I both might be
better off without him.
But I'm guessing you know that already.
behave, do as you're told.
Give Teddy what you're supposed to.
And remember what I done for you.
Oh, and, um
What you done to me.

What do you want, Dowd?
I haven't done anything!
Someone is taking things
that don't belong to them.

I ain't got nothing for you.
No, no, no, nothing, mate.
Come on. Leave me alone.
Back the fuck up, sweetheart!
What the fuck is this about?
A couple of robberies
going down in the city,
- on the Thames.
Ring any bells?
All I heard was the driver
was a magician at the wheel.
That's all. That's all.
You stupid fucking Paddy.

[CHUCKLES] You gonna keep
them shoes on forever?
Oh, forever. I'm never taking these off.
Thanks for buying them for me.
So my dad said he, uh, put a job to you.
Okay, well, any thoughts?
Not really.
Is that what you want me
do for the rest of me life?
I mean, it's a lot of money,
and we can start looking
at houses right away.
Right. Let's just get
through the wedding.
- Get through?
- There's No, come on.
No, I didn't mean it like that.
Are you sure you want to do this?
Of course.
Would I have booked that
honeymoon in Bora Bora if I weren't?
- Okay, you're right.
- Yeah?
- You're right.
- Mm.
Where's your, um, mate Larry been?
- Larry?
- Yeah.
I just haven't seen him around in a bit.
Well, he ain't my mate. He's Aitch's.
- Why?
- No reason.
I've just been working on a guest list.
Well, he ain't invited.
Oh, I-I want to go
look at those dresses.
- Can I?
- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, get whatever you want.
I'd like to go somewhere
far away, do some dancing.
I used to do a lot more.
Now I only pirouette in
the confines of Soho Square.

- Ready?
- Yeah.
Hey, mate. See them
two birds over there?
They're heading west. Asked us to join.
- Ahh. Uh
- Gal?
- Mm?
What's on your mind?
You're still on about
that bird, are you?
I know. I'm crazy. I'm crazy, Aitch.
- You are.
- Right, tell me I'm crazy.
I think maybe you should
slow down a bit, mate.
No more than one or two
more for him, all right?
Ted's outside, Gal.
Of course. [CLEARS THROAT]
I hope you work out what's
going on in that head of yours,
because without you, I
really have no use for Don.
Not sure anybody does.
But I could find a use for your sister.

Now get the fuck out of my car.

- Hi.
I, uh I came back a
day early to see you.
I feel really bad about what
happened the other night.
I love you.
I love you.
We're talking about it.
It would just be for a few months.
- I think it's a great idea.
- You do?
I hate you being here
alone when I'm on the road.
Yeah, I could use the company.
You guys are always having
a laugh when she's here.
She's got to get out of the house.
And she should have a bit
of fun before it's too late.
I'm happy for you.
When I was in Leeds, I was, um
Working out what we're
doing, business-wise.
Please keep an open mind.
We make our own movies
You and me, right here or wherever.
Cutting-edge, independent
The two of us, us and a camera.
You want to be in them?
We've got great chemistry, baby.
I mean, it's not as simple as that.
It looks a lot easier than it is.
You hate it.
- No. No.
It's a great idea.
Just maybe
Oh, just let me think about it, yeah?
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Tell me you love me ♪
Stop driving me mad ♪
'Cause I need your love so bad ♪
Bye, Aitch.
Let's do it again.
Whenever you girls are ready
for round two, I'll be here.
Forget your knickers?
What can I do for you, Inspector Dowd?
Let me think.
Quicker there, quicker,
quicker, quicken it.
Better. One more again. Go on.
Okay, left now.

You need something?
That depends.
Dowd, this ain't necessary.
I'm on the up-and-up.
I hear there was some fancy
driving along the embankment
a few weeks back.
Now, not many people can make that turn.
Oh, yeah, yeah, I-I
heard about that robbery.
I was in Brighton with a lady friend.
No one goes to Brighton anymore.
She has a friend who has this boat.
- A boat?
- Mm.
- What kind of boat?
- I believe it was a schooner.
Word on the cobbles is,
you've been asking
about a missing statue.
Yeah, well, there's a lot of stuff
floating around on the cobbles.
Some good, some not so good. [SNIFFS]
But you'd be surprised with
the quality of information
that's forthcoming
when it's pulled out
with a pair of pliers.

I'm going to go for a little drive.
You want to come?
I'm not sure you have a choice.
- Dowd, you cunt!
Don't you need that arm to drive?
You fucking ass.
So you going to tell me,
or shall we take a
drive around the block?
Fuck you, Dowd!
Now, I hear that East End boxers
They're good out of the gate,
but they start to fade in later rounds.
That's funny.

I hear the same about
public-school boys.

Your boy
He'd be about what, 12 now?
I wonder how he'd do
in a detention center.
Maybe I should go for his pockets
and find a little something.
Of course, the courts
They're all backed up at
the minute with the IRA
and all the problems in Peckham, so
He might be sat up there a while.
You motherless cunt.
I'm listening.
- Yeah?
- I've got a name for you.
Meet you in Bermondsey.

To be continued.

Oh, Gal.
[STAMMERS] Are you
sure it was the McGraws?
Mate, as sure as I know,
you're in way over your head.

All right. [CLEARS THROAT]
Right, love you, mate.

- Dee.
- Mm-hmm?
- There's someone here to see you.
- Who is it?
It's your sister.
- What happened?
- It's it's Dad.
What did he do?
He won't let me, Dee.
Won't let you what?
He said if I move in with
you, I'm dead to him, forever.
He said that?
I'm sorry.
He's never going to forgive.
- You don't have to listen to him, Lin.
- I know.
I knew you'd say that.
I just need some time.
You've got to get out of there.
- I know, I know. I will.
- If not now, when?
I have to go.
Does he even know we
hang out all the time?
I'll call you.
That's it, Sandy. Give it the face.
A person to talk to,
someone you care to love ♪
Dad's just using her.
He's trying to control Linda
because he can't control me.
Like you're enjoying it,
like it's the best fuck you've ever had.
She's like a prisoner in that house.
Come on! Give it to me.
- Jesus Christ!
- Fuck this.
Go for it, you whore. Go for it.
- Harder, for fuck's sake!
- Deedee. Deedee.
- Push it.
- Don't do this.
Be a whore.
Go for it, you whore. Come on.
They'll hurt me bad,
they do it all the time ♪
Yeah, yeah ♪
Yeah, they do it all the time ♪
- Yeah, yeah ♪
- They do it all the time ♪
- Do it all the time ♪
- They do it all the time ♪
Do it all the time ♪
Tell the McGraws I'm out.
I'm the motherfucking star,
and don't you ever forget it.
Look at you in your fucking leathers.
Well, I have to give you credit, Dowd.
Here I was, all along,
thinking you as useful
as a cock-flavored lollipop.
Clearly, I was wrong.
I don't feel comfortable
not going to your dad.
- Well
Hopefully this
Will relieve that guilt.
Enlighten me.
I'm not sure this name is
going to mean anything to you.
Well, I'm listening.
It's Teddy Bass.
What the fuck are you doing in here?
Doesn't ring a bell.
There's not much on him.
I hear he likes the boys
as much as the girls.
He's got Stan Higgins
running things for him.

At least that's what I hear.
- But you know Stan.
- Hmm.
- He's cagey.
- Yeah.
Yeah, cagey, yeah.

Tell your dad, yeah?
Well, you've earned
yourself a cup of tea, Dowd.
- Hmm.
- Hmm.
I won't soon forget this.
You fuck.
Cecilia's upstairs looking for you.
You looking for me?
W-what's this?
- Look who's returned
Mrs. Bartlett.
No, I ain't got no choice.
It's the only way I can
survive with Eddie away.

This is what happens when you
listen to that cunt Gal instead of me.
I told you to take care of this.

This is how we handle
people thieving from us.

Which hand do you like the best, Evelyn?
No, no, no, no, no!
No, please let me make it
up to you, please, please.
Which hand do you pleasure yourself with
now your husband's banged up?
Which hand do you diddle yourself with?
Oh, no, please. Please!
Which hand? Or both?
He left me with nothing, nothing.
Tell me which hand,
or they're both going.
You'll be forced to fuck
yourself with an hook.
Which one? Which one?
Right or left?
- Right or left or both?
- No, no.
- Which hand?
- No.
Which one, you thieving, lying cunt?
Answer me!
You you saw how I was living.
I ain't dining out at the Ritz.
- Please.
- Right, that's it. Do 'em both.
No, okay, all right!
- The right, the right!
- Do it.
- Now.
- Again!
- Again!
Hello, Gal.
Expecting guests?
A few, yeah.
- The McGraws among them?
I knew you were the smart one.
Tell me what the fuck's going on.
What's really going on?
It's not about robberies.
It can't be just about the McGraws.
It sure ain't about Cecilia.
Who we really working for?

Pack a suitcase.
Tomorrow you will have all your answers.


What took you so long?
I've never known a
girl like you before ♪

Yeah, so our catchphrase,
"there's no bail."
Ready money, right?
Here's another catchphrase.
Oh, that's a frog.
Is that a frog? Yeah, that's a frog.
Oh, without a doubt.
Frog in the hole?
T-toad, toad in the hole.
Yeah, yum, yum, yum.

This old town's changed so much ♪
Don't feel that I belong ♪
Too many protest singers ♪
Not enough protest songs,
and now you've come along ♪
Yes, you've come along ♪
And I never met a
girl like you before ♪
It's all right ♪
It's all right, yeah, it's all right ♪
Yeah, it's all right,
yeah, it's all right ♪
Yeah, it's all right,
yeah, it's all right ♪
Yeah, it's all right,
yeah, it's all right ♪
Yeah, it's all right,
yeah, it's all right ♪
Yeah, it's all right,
yeah, it's all right ♪
Yeah, it's all right,
yeah, it's all right ♪
Yeah, it's all right,
yeah, it's all right ♪
Yeah, it's all right,
yeah, it's all right ♪
Yeah, it's all right,
yeah, it's all right ♪
Yeah, it's all right,
yeah, it's all right ♪
Yeah, it's all right,
yeah, it's all right ♪
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