Sexy Beast (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

Always Wanted to See That Place

Go, go, go, go, go, go!
This is bigger than we think.
If we want to be in the big time,
then we've gotta stop
letting them treat us
like baggage handlers.
You seemed pretty happy
coming down the street then.

What was that for?
I felt like it.
Tell me what the fuck's going on.
Who are we really working for?
When Dominic McGraw
took over my operation,
it was Eton who shut me down.
The McGraws have guaranteed safety.


Pack a suitcase.
Tomorrow you will have all your answers.


Nah this one, me mother's
mother used to make.
East End delicacy.
It's one of the things
I miss about home.
It won't be too long.
There's a lot riding
on those two boys, Ted.
They've passed muster.
So far.

We have to be tight.

When the time comes,
McGraw's coming for us
with everything he's got.
The McGraws are quite
preoccupied at the moment.

He won't see it coming.
I never saw it coming.
Your boys better be up to it, Teddy.

I'm ready to go home.

There was a boy ♪
A very strange enchanted boy ♪
They say he wandered
very far, very far ♪
Over land and sea ♪
A little shy ♪
And sad of eye ♪
But very wise ♪
Was he ♪
Hey, what's going on with ya?
Just thinking.
There's a waterfall in the bathroom.
A waterfall.
I had me a piss in the waterfall.
[LAUGHS] You believe that?
You all right, Gal?
Of course.
You got that same look the whole flight.
You stared off into space.
I'm loving the sun, Don.
Ted didn't say nothing else?
- Nothing at all?
- I told you everything.
He promised he'd let us in on the plan.
There he is.
Bloody hell, that's him, all right.
Fuck me.
Gentlemen, let me introduce Roger Riley.
I know you must be wondering
what all this is about.
In fact, it's my understanding
that you've been demanding answers.
Well, I figured you'd
have done the same thing.
I might have handled
it a bit differently.
You got balls, though.
I'll give you that.
So listen, boys.
Me and Roger, we got some business.
Why don't you two go
and check out the town,
have a drink or two?
I'll see you back here half past six
dinner fit for a king.
All will be revealed.
This is your moment, boys.
The big time.
Don't fuck it up.
- ALL: Ooh!
- Papa loves mambo ♪

Mama loves mambo ♪

Look at him sway with it ♪
Getting so gay with it ♪
Shouting olé with it ♪
- Wow ♪
- ALL: Ooh!
Papa loves mambo ♪
ALL: Papa loves mambo ♪
Mama loves mambo ♪
ALL: Mama loves mambo ♪
Papa does great with it ♪
Swings like a gate with it ♪
He loses weight with it now ♪
He goes to ♪
She goes fro ♪
I've told you about Teddy.
- I've told ya.
- You were right.
You were right. How many
times I got to say it?
- You were right.
- Yeah, you happy now?
- You happy?
- I'm happy. I'm happy.
- Yeah. Cheers.
- [LAUGHS] Cheers.
Fuck's sake.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.
You know that they say Roger
murdered Clayton Meed in the '80s?
Hmm. Cut him in
half with a Samurai sword.
Yeah, and I've heard a lot worse.
You think he's gonna tell us what job?
Maybe like the Brink's-Mat
robbery or bigger
much, much bigger.
Well, whatever it is, you can
bet there'll be a lot of planning.
Preparation, preparation, preparation.
That's how we stay out of prison.

ALL: Papa loves mambo ♪
Papa loves mambo ♪
It's quite nice, isn't it?
What, her bum?
No, this, right?
This place.
Yeah, sure, I suppose, for what it is
- They speak funny.
- Well, I could get used to this.
I can see myself living here.
Oh, yeah, yeah, right, sure.
We can walk to town in our Speedos.
We'll get a flat with matching sinks
like a couple of poofs on holiday.
We'll hold hands.
Maybe we should share
a watermelon salad.
Fuck off.
Fuck's sake.
And she goes right ♪

ALL: Papa's looking for Mama ♪
Let's go have a look around.
ALL: But Mama is nowhere in sight ♪
Spanish fucking
Spanish this, Spanish that.
- Look at this place. It's amazing.
- Fucking music!
It's not like the East
End fucking place
grimy, gray, sooty.
- Where's this coming from?
- It's fa look at this guy.
Look at this guy. Right, mate.
Do you would you
could you play, uh
could you play "La Bamba"?
Play "La Bamba." You play that one?
Oh, I love this one.
Wait. Can I have it? El hato. El hato.
I oh.
Don't wear his fucking hat.
You don't know where he's been.
I feel sick.
Put it on, mate. Put it on. Put it on.
Fucking don't put it on me,
you cunt! Fucking stinks.
Oh, come on, cheer up.
It's too small for you.
It's just that's the
second time you said that.
- What?
- About leaving Britain.
You're not a fucking Spaniard.
You don't kid yourself.
- You look like a silly ponce.
- Mate, what? Come on.
- Hey!
- Give him it back.
That's his hat!
Disrespectful. Sorry, mate.
Sorry. Thank gracias.
Thank you.
What you think we're gonna do,
get our house in Rotherhithe,
build a garden together
together? That's you!
There's something going
on in that head of yours.
- Not this again, Don.
- Not what again?

Do you think that one night
can change your whole life?
Is this about the job?
- No.
- No?
Then what? What?
- Tell me.
- Nothing. Nothing. Calm down.
- I've been thinking about this.
- Mate, what?
If you had nothing to hide,
you'd just say, "Fuck off, Don."
- Okay, fuck off, Don.
- No, you didn't do that, no.
You just give me that stupid face
that you do, like the time
you and Aitch left me in Dover.
What are you talking about?
You're hiding something, and
you're hiding something now.
Me and Aitch just met some girls.
- Ah, no.
- There was two of them, mate.
Now the truth comes out. I knew it.
I knew it. I knew it!
- Stop it!
- Oi, watch.
- Just quiet down.
- I will not be quiet.
- You are driving me crazy.
- I'm driving you crazy?
No, you're driving me crazy, Gal.
No problemo. No problemo, señor.
No, there is a very big problem, Gal.
A ver don't fucking touch me.
Stop it. I'm putting it down.
If someone's driving someone crazy,
it's you driving me crazy,
not me driving you crazy.
- "Get a house, build a garden."
Fucking don't fucking touch me!
Everything's all right.
Everything's all right.
I bring you in on this thing,
- and you're not telling me something.
- I'm sorry.
Is it me? Is that the
change you want to make?
- What are you talking about?
We're supposed to be partners, Gal.
- Now's not the time for this.
- No, you treat me like a cunt
- a cunt!
- I'm not treating you like a cunt.
- I'm not doing anything.
- And I know Roger Riley.
They are with that asshole Riley!
Yeah, 'cause of me.
Fuck off!
Don't fucking touch me, cunt.
- What are you saying?
- He's gonna go nuts if you do it like that.
You like that?
Don! Don, come on!
- Fucking move.
- Which way?
Run! Right! Right! Yeah!

No, wait! Hey!
Hey, hey!
- Fucking stop it!
- Wait. Wait.
Come on.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
- Suppose this is all my fault.
- Oh, well, I dunno, maybe if you hadn't
started screaming at me in
the street for no reason,
then resisting arrest,
then shouting at that police officer,
head-butting him in the face,
maybe then we'd be
sitting by the pool, yeah.
Not to mention the fact you said
Roger Riley's name to that policeman!
Could be the stupidest
thing you've ever done.
Yeah, well, that wasn't right.
I shouldn't have done that.
Big mouth, Don, big mouth.
Well, at least I'm talking to you now.
I don't know what's going
on in that head of yours.
You're the one who
wanted to come down here,
demanding answers,
all about this statue.
I was happy just going on
about things, but not you.
No, you needed answers.
So we're here now,
and where's your head?
- Hi.
- Hi.

Looking to take a class?
Well, I was thinking about it.
Thought I'd look good in
one of them leopard-tards.
- Leotards.
- Oh, that that, too.
You're a little far from the East End.
Oh, I've been all over.
I went to Peckham once.
We never really went uptown much,
except for maybe maybe at Christmas,
like to see the lights,
drive by Harrods,
see the window display.
- Yeah, us, too.
- Yeah.
Yeah, but you went in.
Well, when my dad had
a good year at work,
yeah, sometimes.
You don't see 'em much.

Well, I see my family too much.
I'm not sure which is worse.
Let me take a stab at this.
You've got a lot of friends.
You pay your parents' bills.
You make your mum laugh.
Neighborhood smiles when you walk by.

Yeah, something like that.
Yeah, I was the favorite
too, at least for a while.
Now I don't think they ever
want me in their house again.

What would happen if you just showed up?
- What?
- What would they do if you just showed up
at the house, showed
up for Sunday dinner?

I dunno.
You should go.
You should go.
Well, why did you say that?
Because then you'll know
how they'll treat you,
you know, you won't have to wonder.

I just think that you
can only run for so long
before it becomes hiding.

And you don't know. You just don't know.
Maybe they'll surprise you.
What? Look, I'm sorry.
I should mind my own business.
No, I just didn't expect that.

Have you got some time?
I'd really like to show you something.
What what time's the
next bus back to town?
- What?
- Speak English, padre?
- No.
- No?
What time is the next bus back to town?
- Two two minutes?
Two hours?
Where you going?
For a pint.
Next bus ain't for
another fucking two hours.
We'll get a taxi then,
get the fuck back before dinner.

I've laid out some local flavors.


He says he's looking for two associates
of Mr. Riley, Englishmen.
What are they wanted for?
They attacked two police officers.
And they said they were staying here.

It's getting close to dinnertime.
Probably looking for us by now.
We'll get there.
Where is this taxi?
Should be getting back.
Teddy wants us there.
But the guy said 40 minutes.
- It's been like 20.
- It should be here.
If this was London,
it'd be here already.

I need to talk to you about something.
Oh, finally.
I'm all ears.
Your sister came to
see me the other night.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah. And she had a few things to say.
And you didn't tell me?
Well, I'm telling you now.
She wants us to do
well, what she wants.
That might not be what's best for us.
Let me ask you something, Gal.
What's your sister
ever done for us, hmm?
Nothing but maybe
start a lot of trouble.
Least my sister's done something.
- Don't be that way.
- What way? What way am I being?
- Right, then, well, I'm sorry I brought that up.
- Not as sorry as I am, Gal.
Not as sorry as I am.
Let me tell you something about my
- What the fuck?
Come on.
Let's play a little while we wait.
Come on. Here we go. Here.
Fucking oh. He's got me.
Come on. Where's the goal?
- Where's the goal?
- Don! Don!
- What?
- Fuck.
- Meet me at the church.
Yeah. Fucking hell.



Fuck off!

Fuck off!

Ahh! No!


Any word from our wayward travelers?
No, sir, but dinner
will be served very soon.
All right.


It's me.
I missed you.
You don't sound right.
I had a bit of a row.
Needed a taste of you.
I wish I was touching
you right now, my love.

What are you wearing?
My black lingerie set.
The one that you bought me.
Take your bra off.
As you wish.
Put your hand down your trousers.
Tell me what you feel.
Put my hand down my trousers?
Now you're being naughty.

Anything else, sir?

Stay awhile.


I'd like to go somewhere far away,
live a full life,
do some dancing, not
wind up like my parents.

Is this what you wanted
to show me, a fish?
Well, it's more than that.
Oh, yeah? What is it?
Well, it's an actual
shark floating in the air.

Something, isn't it?
Quite a lot to see outside
the East End, I guess.

I want to see the whole world.
Fucking conquer it.

Come on.

Mate! Hello, hello. Mate.
I am lost.
I'm lost.
I need to find a church, a white church.

Oh, right, you know it.
All right.

Gal, where are you?
Here we are.

Wait, no, mate. Church.


Mate, mate, what come on.
I'm I'm lost. I'm lost.
We go.
Fucking hell.

Fucking hell.
Fuck, that has got a kick to it.
That has got a kick to it.


I didn't like living with Uncle Ernie.
But Cecilia fixed that.
I still see Gal, my best mate.
You never met him, but he's all right.
There's something going
on with him at the moment,
but I ain't sure what.

My love must be a ♪
So I've shown you what I like.
Now it's your turn.
Didn't you say you're a good thief?
Yeah, well, I talk too much.
Ever think what you'd do
if you weren't in your line of work?
Not really.
Then you must be a very good thief then.
Sha-bop, sha-bop ♪
Prove it.
Sha-bop, sha-bop ♪
You know exactly what I'm talking about.
- Right, come on.
- Oh.
Sha-bop, sha-bop ♪
Thank you.
Sha-bop, sha-bop ♪
Are the stars out tonight ♪

Sha-bop, sha-bop v
I don't know if it's
cloudy or bright ♪

What if they come back?
Well, then, we'll be in a
lot of trouble, won't we?

This is fucking nuts.
Sha-bop, sha-bop ♪
- Fun, isn't it?
Sha-bop, sha-bop ♪
Be high ♪
Sha-bop, sha-bop ♪
But I can't see a thing in the sky ♪
I only have eyes ♪
Have a seat.
I won't be too long with this.
For you ♪


I don't know ♪
If we're in ♪
A garden ♪

Or upon the crowded ♪

Sha-bop, sha-bop v
You are very good.
Sha-bop, sha-bop ♪
And so am I ♪
Sha-bop, sha-bop ♪
Maybe millions of people ♪
Don't need it.
I only steal from bad people.
What's it feel like, cracking a safe?

It's the only time I feel alive.
Well, then, you're not living enough.
I only have eyes ♪
For you ♪
Sha-bop, sha-bop ♪
Sha-bop, sha-bop ♪
Sha-bop, sha-bop ♪

Sha-bop, sha-bop ♪

Sha-bop, sha-bop ♪

Sha-bop, sha-bop ♪
You know
I still got them shoes you used to wear.
Remember the blue ones?
Got 'em in a box under me bed.
You okay?
Middle of the night, and
it's still stifling hot.
And you want to live here?
- I like it.
- Ugh. I'm dry as a bone.
Trying to kill me? [COUGHS]
Oh, Christ.
What do you think Riley's gonna
say about us not showing up?
That we're a couple of idiots.
Should be getting back.
Sure, Don.
- How 'bout that Robbie Reed?
- Mm.
- Yeah, with the harelip.
- Right.
Shot himself with a double barrel.
Barrel, yeah. Outside Tesco's.
- Tesco's, yeah, that's right.
- Yeah.
His funeral was the only time
I was ever in a church till now.
Bought a rope once.
Cecilia found it.
Told me to do it.
Said it'd make her life easier.
Fuck her.
Fuck her.
[LAUGHS] Come on.
Let's go have some fun.
- Come on.
- Gal.
We have to get back.



Hey, hey, whoa, hey, hey.
I'll help. I'll help.
Come on.
Oh, he's drunk!

You and I want the same thing.


You had a good time
last night, didn't you?
Yeah. Well, I don't remember much.
That drink's something else, isn't it?
Tell me, what do you care about?
You care about me, Teddy?
Now Roger Riley?
Suppose that that's why
you weren't in a rush
to get back there you don't care.
Don't care about England.
Don't care about Marjorie.
What the fuck you on about now?
Of course I care about Marjorie.
Is that why you was on the beach
snogging that bird next to her husband?
You got some fucking nerve, ain't cha!
I've 'ad enough of this.
What was that shit you
said about my sister?
- What?
- My sister, before you said,
and I quote, "Fuck her."
Just trying to help ya.
That's not the kind of help I want.
Didn't ask for it. Don't need it.
But what I do need is for you to tell me
what the fuck is going on with you!
- Tell me. Tell me.
- Are you feeling what I'm feeling?
Tell me.
Yeah, I am

And I'll remember this
night for a long time.

It's a new day.
Mm-hmm, I guess.

Well, I've got the sneaking suspicion
that my life's never
gonna be the same again.

This was fun,
but our lives are on different paths.
Meaning what?

That things end here.

Just like that?
Afraid so.

Because I like you.
I can assure you, you're
not ready for the storm
that will come if you
get involved with me.
Maybe a storm is just what I need.

Well, you have to figure
that out for yourself.

When it's not a maybe
come find me.

What, the one from the nudie movies?
Her name's Deedee.
Fuck's sake.
I just I don't know, Don.
Just I've never felt like this.
Like what?
What are you gonna do,
leave us all behind?
What about me, Gal?
- What about you?
- Your friends, your family?
Are you gonna leave us
for some filthy whore?
You fucking cunt!
Fucking come here!
What you doing, you prick!
Just fucking Don. Argh, argh. Argh.
You cunnnrghhhh!
- You cunt!
- You little prick!
Fucking kill ya!
- Fuck off!
What I didn't say
was that she basically
told me to fuck off
and leave her alone.
Now I don't know what to do.
Listen to her.
She was doing you a favor.
You know, people are always asking me
why I'm friends with you.
Oh, yeah?
What you tell them?

Do you mind telling me what
the fuck is going on here?
We had a little trouble.
A little?
I'd say a lot.
What you fighting about?
We're just horsing around.
Like a couple of carefree kids,
running all over town,
fucking things up?
- Ted
- No.
You treating me like a cunt?
Do you think I'm a cunt?
- No, Ted.
- No, Ted. No.
Maybe the big time's too big for you.
If I can't trust you, what is the point
in us having a relationship?
Teddy, Teddy, Teddy

How do I know I can trust you?
Y-y-you you can trust us, Ted.
[WHISPERING] Teddy listen.
- Oh, yeah?
- I promise.

Abdulla Nazar, 14A Upper Peckham Road.
Okay. Right.
Look, we never killed
that security guard.
- You don't say.
- I know. But the truth is
The truth is
the truth is Gal wanted to kill him,
but I talked him out of it.
So if you're gonna point that
gun at someone, point it at me.

No, Ted! No, no, no.
- Is that right?
- Yes, that's right.

- Is that all?
- That's all.
- Don. Don.
- Gal.
That was a waste of fucking time,
because the cunt's dead anyway.

Well, I'm glad that we cleared the air.
Now all we have to worry about
is how offended Roger is
because you stood him up last night,
and you know that a slight is far worse
than a grievous bodily injury.
Clean yourselves up.

I do appreciate the
cooperation, my friend.
Do you have someone who
can take care of this?
Yes, they're both here right now.

And Comandante,
I do apologize for the inconvenience.
And I do understand that you have to do
whatever it is you need to do.

You boys heard the phrase,
"For the want of a shoe,
the horse was lost"?

I'm surprised, Don.
Heard you was a big "Catchphrase" fan.

It's a battle proverb.
If an horse loses a
shoe and takes a tumble,
the rider goes down with the horse
one less man in a fight.
The right fight needs every man.
King could lose his empire.

So what do you think it
means, then, that saying?

You've got to look out for
the small things, ain't ya?
Well done.
Come on.

You boys know Sir Stephen Eaton?
Eaton is a sadomasochistic
refined secretive cunt,
balls deep in half the Cabinet
and some choice Tory peers.
He made his name pilfering
from our sister nations.

The Eye of Bombay.

Bloody hell.
Is that a diamond?
This should be in a
museum in Johannesburg,
but Eaton absconded with it back in '85
after brokering an oil deal with him
using his blueblood connections.
They're the real fucking gangsters.
The other thing you
need to know about Eaton
is he's a man of habit.
Some of his habits are disgusting.
Others are rather more necessary.
For example, if he feels
like he's getting squeezed,
a security breach, a
call from the taxman,
Eaton scurries his prized possessions
back home to mother hen, or in his case,
to mother-in-law hen for safety,
which for Eaton is a private residence
in Kensington Palace Road.
They've been the motherfuckers
that have been fucking
this country up the ass
since the days of Shakespeare.
And I bet that after that
business with the coin
and the little Laotian
statue, one more push,
and Eaton will move that diamond there.
And that's where it will be.
There's guards everywhere.
The whole street's got
security up the ass
dogs, motion alarms, ground sensors.
Great Train Robbery's a piece
of piss compared to this.
The only question is

Can you do it?

Do one thing for me.
I'm listening.
Don't think small.
[SOFTLY] Don't think small.

- Right.
- The only way this plan works
is if everyone does their job correctly.
Whether you're the chef, the pool boy,
the kitchen assistant, the safecracker,
the foot soldier, or
an officer of the law
who's been given specific instructions,
everyone needs to do
their job correctly.

No turning back now, boys.


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