Sexy Beast (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Trouble Is Real

Has Gal mentioned anything about Larry?
Why, are you into him?
The truth is they took off.
What happened?
He said if I move in
with you, I'm dead to him.
Does he even know we
hang out all the time?
What would they do if you
just showed up at the house,
showed up for Sunday dinner?
- You're late.
- Nah, five minutes.
Oi, you better listen to him,
or that mutt is gonna
kick your ass next week.
You wish, cuz.
When it's not a maybe,
come find me.
The Eye of Bombay.
After that business with the coin
and the little Laotian statue,
one more push, and Eaton
will move that diamond.
Now, the only question is,
can you do it?
The place is heavily guarded 24/7.
Armed guards stationed
at security booths
up and down the road,
cameras everywhere.
Now, there's embassies
dotted up and down the street.
So Eaton's house is called Fort Chapel,
and it is a fortress.
I can see why he's so comfortable there.
They've got servants and
deliveries up the ass,
which means there's a constant flow
of people going in and out.
- We should get to one of them.
- Nah, can't.
They've been with 'em for years.
They're like family.
But for the most part,
all of these homes are iceberg homes
expanded underground.
They just keep going down forever.
Eaton's in-laws added
an extra 10,000 square
feet underground.
Wine cellar
bowling alley

Safe room.

The neighbors have
iceberged their house too,
and the security's lighter.
Their basement butts
up next to Eaton's
right next to the safe room.
Blasting through one basement
to another sounds noisy.
Yeah, so we'll do it on
the fifth of November,
Bonfire Night.
Diversions far as the eye can see.

Smart boy.

Don, get us a whiskey, would you?
Gal, I thought you'd want to know,
your dad is in to Torchy
for a lot of money.
Well, how much?
And the vig's running.
He was gonna send some
heavies around to collect.
But I talked him down.
Can't hold him off forever.

So do you think you can get in?
'Cause you better.
I'm hoping.
Now, I know someone who
might be able to help,
so gonna see him soon.
See him today.

[RUFUS THOMAS' "6-3-8"]

So whatcha making?
I am practicing my cauliflower cheese.
What's the occasion?
I think I might go see
my parents this Sunday.
After all this time?

Sooner or later, I
have to go back there.
If I keep running, it's like I'm hiding.
Where is that coming from?
I don't know.
Not really sure.
Maybe they'll surprise me.
When was the last time
someone surprised you?
Well, I guess we'll find
out for sure on Sunday.
I've got an idea.
Why don't you join me
on this little mini tour the band's got?
Berlin, Lisbon, Madrid,
eight weeks out on
the road, loving life.
You'll be so busy.
You could do with a break from here.
Yeah, I really could.

Let me take some time,
deal with my family stuff first.
- Yeah?
- [SOFTLY] Yeah.

That street was robbed 107 times.
Only three of them have been successful.
I like those odds.
- Yeah?
Yeah, well, got a hundred different ways
to get trapped up in there.
You think of 20, and you're a genius.
And as much as I love
you, you ain't no genius.
- Ah!
All right, I'm no genius.
But you are.
- [LAUGHS] I ain't doin' it.
- [SIGHS] Come on, mate.
Come on, I need you.
I need you. Pete's out.
I just I can't
I can't do it on me own.
Oh, fuck off, Gal.
What are you scared of?
I'm scared of too much these days.
You get caught and I get caught,
it's two different things.
I've done my time.
And you ain't.
- Do the job.
- What?
Do the job.

I'll tell you what, Lovey-Dove,
you beat me, and I'll do the job.

First floor will hold
twice the weight
first floor will hold twice the weight
of the machines and customers.
These pre-war buildings
are something else.
- Which is when they start to listen again.
- These pre-war buildings are something else.
A change in clientele
demands a change in amenities.
How about being more specific?
We, uh
We want to open a
high-level gaming area.
Tables, poker, blackjack,
just like the big boys
up in Leicester Square.
Permits like that aren't readily
accessible in this part of town.
I understand.
But we have to think of
the East End as the future.
Now come on, Jeff.
I'm all for growing the community.
This is my home patch.
My brother and I have always
seen this as a family business.
And with him moving up on
the, uh, management ladder,
well, we'll have continuity for decades.
I know you might have to
use your, uh, imagination,
but my plan is for this
to be our Executive Lounge.
High rollers, rope cordoning it off.
- Bar over there.
- A bar?
There's a horse of a different color.
I know, but we need to
bring the money crowd.
The drug dealers?

They never told me you were so funny.
I'm full of surprises.
Like the new BMW, congratulations.
You've done your homework.
Preparation, Jeff.

What about the, uh,
structure of the building?
Can it handle the new additions?
We did all the calculations,
got an architect to and all.
First floor will hold twice the weight
of the machines and customers.
These pre-war buildings
are something else.
We're very confident.
I think I really got
that color she wanted.
I mixed a little of
the blue number nine.
I wouldn't have thought of that.
- Yeah.
- She was really happy.
I can fuckin' do this
with my eyes closed.
[LAUGHS] Don't think the
customers would like that,
scissor in the eye.
We got customers waiting.
So what do you want?
I mean, your hair is
really short already.
I know. Why don't you surprise me.
I think it could look
good with a parting,
like, three-quarters across.
And then I could,
like, feather the sides.
Love it.
I heard a lot about this place.
Oh, yeah? What'd you hear?
Good cuts.
You know, we were told
to ask for Ann Marie.
- Who told you that?
- Our brother.
Who's your brother?
Larry Taylor.
Have you seen him, Ann Marie?

What are you thinking about?
Up north.
You'd like it there.
Gal would hunt me
down and bring me back.
I don't think he likes me.
I'm not sure he likes me.
He's pretty amazing, Gal
Planning this job.
He's one smart fuck, I'll give him that.
Well, if he's so smart,
how come he don't know about us then?
we've been smarter.

- What happened?
- Oh, my God.
Oh, nothing. I got I got
hit by a truck named Mace.
You better not have a broken
nose or a black eye at the wedding.
I'm fine.
Honestly, I'm fine.
Stop fussing.
Had some customers
from Manchester today.
We had some mutual acquaintances.
Oh, yeah? Who's that?
Doesn't matter.
They're not here anymore.
Moved to Ireland.
At least, that's what I've been told.
So, Gal, how was your trip to Spain?
When'd you go to Spain?
Oh, no, it was just
it was a quick trip.
I had to help my mate
Don with something.
- Help him with what?
- Go on, shoot!
- Ugh!
- What's wrong with you,
you berk?
- Nearly wet meself.
- Ugh, I need another goal here, love.

All right, then?
We need to talk about
meals, Gal, options.
Spain seems like a really
long way to go for one day.
It weren't too bad.
Babe, I can't think about
this stuff right now, all right?
Well, when can you talk about it?
- 'Cause I've hardly seen you lately.
- I
I don't think I'm ever
gonna wanna talk about meals.
It seems like Gal's got a lot of talking
to do these days, Marjorie.
Lots of secrets, stories,
What's she talking about?
Nothing. Nothing, all right?
You know what she's like.
Come on, let's talk about this.
Right, chicken.
Yeah, so I was thinking that
we would do chicken and fish.
He said no?
That skiver says the permits will exceed
my usable square footage.
What the fuck is that?
Well, the thing is,
Gal said the arcade is
maybe not the answer.
- Property's worth a lot.
- Gal said? Gal said?
And the construction
company Marjorie's dad owns,
they could build something on it,
like houses
or a donut place.
A donut place?
This is our family business.
Gal should worry about his own problems
- if the stuff you say is true.
- It's just an idea.
Maybe it's best 'bout the arcade.
I think all the sounds of them
machines are fucking with my hearing.
I swear,
I hear them when I'm
not even in the arcade.
Sort of just noise.
Other times it's like
Binging, then, like, this
this whirring sound.
Do you know why I got you into
business with Teddy and Stan?
- Make money.
- To raise you
out of your miserable fucking life!
That's why!

He said no.
For some reason,
he said no.
I'm not sure I wanna work
in that arcade forever.
Well, after this job, you won't have to.
All right, here comes our
ticket into the neighbor's.
It's clear.
Should stop at the next driveway.
Remember, stay close to the curb.
You go any further, you're
out of the blind spot.
- All right?
- Yeah.
Right, we'll get inside,
take a look around.

We came across the west sea ♪
We didn't have much idea ♪
Of the kind of climate waiting ♪

We used our hands for guidance ♪
Like the children of a preacher ♪
Like a dry tree seeking water ♪
Piece of piss.
Jump over those three walls,
we're in.
- Hands up!
Does it, does it, does it every time ♪
Now, this is very serious, gentlemen.
- Listen, we did nothing wrong
- I'm not sure if you're aware,
but the Israeli consulate
is located on this street.
And we are a constant target.
Trespassing, it is punishable
[FADING OUT] By up to 12 years in jail
and a fine of up to £50,000
[MUFFLED] Look, there was no intent
- That's for the authorities
- to distinguish.
- We weren't aware
- You're right, sir.
- This is very serious.
- Yes.
- These grounds are protected
- Look
before you start,
I want to say something.
You ever been to an arcade?
- Don
- An arcade.
Gambling, money, put some coins in,
game of chance.
That's where I work
- Don
- With my sister. We're gonna be expanding.
- Mr. Logan
- Running well, jogging,
it helps with the binging, the noise.
It's a distraction. I love running.
So does my friend here.
We was having a little race.
I tried to beat the fat
blob, take a shortcut.
I'd have finally beat
him if your people,
especially the one with the ginger hair,
hadn't stopped us.
- But what I'm saying
- Now outside of that
they put us in custody,
one of your men

Touched my back bottom.
It's very regrettable.
Well, it's it's
Now I'd rather not kick up a fuss,
press charges, contact
the British authorities.
I'd rather not pursue these channels.
It's not my style. I'm
not that sort of bloke.

Let him know he's been rumbled.
It's the one with the ginger hair.
- Right, I've said that.
- Yeah, yeah, ginger hair.

We'll need to make copies of these.
Excuse me for a moment.
Course. Course.
I've got nothing against the Israelis.
I love sand.
Nice and sleazy, nice and sleazy ♪
Does it, does it, does it every time ♪

20-meter perimeter.
We've gotta find a way in that house.
- Gotta find it.
- Does it every time ♪
Ricky, Ricky, Ricky.
When we invested in your company,
we were quite excited.
All that promise.
We wanted to help,
with the best of intentions, of course.
And I know that, Dominic,
- and I appreciate everything you
- But what is it they say?
The road to hell is paved
with the best of intentions?
Is is that it?
Yeah. Yeah, that's it.
Um, look,
Dominic, Dom,
I've tried to get her back to work.
I've called. I've been there.
She just doesn't listen, that's all.
I mean, you scared her
with that Tony fella, but
Maybe you're the wrong messenger.
Well, I assure you,
I'm the only one she'll speak to.
You know, Ric, I'm not just
some common street thug.
You know, I do understand
the whims of artists,
if you wanna call what
you people do "art."
There are orders to be filled.
And if it's true she has
the value she thinks she has,
then she has leverage,
which is no good for me,
especially in the financial,
although temporary,
situation I find myself in.
Don't hurt her, please.
There are varying ways of hurting people
- without actually hurting them.
- I'll talk to her again. I
And then there's
actually hurting someone
in the physical, painful way

To send a message.

Baby ♪
ALL: My heart is full of love ♪
And it's all for you ♪
Hi, Dad.
What do you want?
Can I come in?
Who is it?
Hi, Mum.
Happy birthday.
I made your favorite,
cauliflower cheese.

When did you guys add
the porch on the side?
It looks great.
A while ago.

So, Linda, have you
found any nice flats?
I don't know if Linda's said,
but she's really excited
about getting her own place.
I think it'd be great for her.
How would you know that?
She told me.
- You've been talking?
Not really.
I was in Prague recently, Mum.
I saw the cathedral.
Remember you always wanted to go there.
You said your great-grandmother
got married in it.
That's nice.
I brought some pictures.
Would you like to see?
Don't know why I expected it
to be any different with them.
I really hope you listen to
me about getting out, Lin.
You really shouldn't have come,
said we were talking.
know she was coming?
Course I didn't know she was coming.
Course you knew she was coming.
- You've been seeing her.
- No, I have not.
Why did you let her in?
It's my birthday.
Don't leave me this way ♪
I can't survive ♪
I can't stay alive ♪
Ah, baby ♪
My heart is full of
love and desire for you ♪
So come on down and
do what you got to do ♪


[GASPS] Ow! Ow!
Did you really think
I wouldn't find out?
I'd rather you'd have murdered me!
Stabbed a fuckin' knife in my heart!
No! [SOBS]
You're a fuckin' disgrace!
Get inside!
I'll stop. I'll stop.
I won't make any more, I promise.
I don't care what you do!
Just don't ever come back.
I think it's time for you to go.
I remember how you used to wait
outside my ballet classes
every Saturday morning.
You stayed in the car so
you wouldn't embarrass me,
like the other parents did.
That's how I'll remember you.
That's why I'll always love you.

I don't like it.
Somebody taking the piss out of you?
Are they? Taking liberties?
He insulting you?
Says no.
What's he said to you?
Just like that.
[HUFFS] That lump of shit said that?

Expects you to take that? Swallow that?
What, does he think you're a cunt?
I'll sort him out for
you. It's not a problem.

I can't have that.
No, no, no, can't have that.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no!


This place is nice, I'll give it to you.
Looks like something out of Belgravia.
I can get you something
else if you'd like.
Marty does a wonderful Cuesta.
You like the spices, I recall,
from that long-lost summer.
I don't know what you're saying, Stan.
Maybe my lips are moving too fast.
Not fast enough if I remember rightly.
What my boys have been doing,
that's been working out.
That weren't a question.
It was a statement.
On the whole, they've been tickety-boo.
Don't use that ponce
talk with me, Teddy.
I knew you way back when,
when you weren't so
fancy, when you was
well, you know.
How have you not been killed yet?
'Cause I can see cunts
coming a mile off.
Now speaking of that ponce
talk you've so perfected,
I know that solid
gold tongue of yours
no offense, Stan
can spin a yarn with your connections
with the good people down at Council.
This cunt Leighton has rejected my bid
to expand my place of business.
Well, I'm sure that's
something you can deal with.
Yeah, I probably could, but you owe me.
You both do.
Speaking of which

Your brother
he's been a bit of a
Bit of a what?
I suppose I just don't
need him around long-term,
gumming up the machinery.

Do what you need to do.
But have that councilman come
'round to my way of thinking.
Well, I'd best be off.
Look into it for me, fellas.
I'd hate to pull my boys away
from ya when you're so close to
well, whatever it is you're going for.
Is it Roger Riley? Eaton?
Statue, all that stuff in Spain,
in Kensington.
[LAUGHING] I got all
that stuff in my head.
I can't keep it all straight.
You're not thinking about
taking Don out, are you?
No, no, I was just testing her.
She is a mean cunt.
Do as she asks.
And then when this is all over,
I will remind her why she
can't soft-pedal blackmail me.

Come on, come on.
Come on, have a go, for fuck's sake.
Have a go! Come on!
Oh, Jesus Christ, I could
do fucking better than that.
Come on, pass the ball!
Go on, give give
the ball back to him.
Oh, come on, ref.
No way is that foul. No way.
No! No!
What are you doing?
Your dad is in to Torchy
for a lot of money.
Can't hold him off forever.

The fuck?
How'd you get in here?
Need to get better locks, my friend.
I want a rematch.
If I win,
you're in.
Israeli consulate?
You're a stupid, stupid fucking man.
They have got your name,
your ID.
And that means the Met has it too.

Now get that fuckin' job
out of that thick fuckin' head.
Or you can go kiss your mum,
you kiss Marjorie,
and you kiss everyone
else you care about
goodbye for fuckin' good.
Do you hear me?
Do you hear me?

I can't
Can't turn back now.
So what, the the perimeter's a no go?
- Completely?
- It's new technology.
Each house has got silent motion alarms.
Can we get in from the
electric poles above?
God, last month we was
robbing a couple of arcades.
All right, there's no
direct route into the house,
so we go back tonight,
and we look around
Yes, yes.
We'll figure it out.
You'll figure it out.
M-maybe we just cut bait now, eh?
- We'll tell him it's
- Aitch.
Yeah. Okay, okay.
I'll be right back.
Hey, Gal, listen, I need a favor.
Look, look, I want a job, a proper one.
I got you that apprentice job.
What happened, hmm?
I know what happened.
You been busting electric boxes again.
Yeah, because it's shit.
I'm getting paid pence. Pence, Gal.
Look, listen, I want pounds.
Look, if you give me
summat with you boys,
I won't let you down.
I'll do whatever it takes.
- I will stab a geezer for you.
- Tommy.
Tommy, why don't you try
keeping two quid together,
then you can move to
Notting fucking Hill,
wherever you want.
You know, Ann Marie's
right about you, Gal.
You are an asshole.
Where do you want me to put this one?
You got fucking 40 sheets
on the fucking ledger.
Give me the fucking
money, for fuck's sake.
I'll put it on.
- You got a minute?
Got a nice parlay at Kempton Park, Gal.
No, thanks, but I need you
to do me a bit of a favor.
What, you need a little something
to get you over the rough spots?
What, 2K, two points?
I need you to lay off my dad.
Don't let him bet no more.
He's a big boy.
I'd appreciate it.
Now, there's enough
in there to cover him,
plus a little something
extra for helping me out.
[CHUCKLES] Your father.
Must be one of the dumbest
punters I've ever had.
Put over 400 on the
Man City V Tottenham.
Must have fucking shit for brains.
I hope it skipped a generation, son.
Oh, shit.
Where you going?
You looked busy.
You remembered the Golden Eagle.
I did.
What happened to your face?
Ah, it's
I got into the ring with the wrong guy.
Long story. How you been?
I went to my parents' house.
I had a suspicion.
It was my sister.
She told them.
You know, maybe I knew all along,
I just didn't want to believe it.
I'm sorry.
And as bad as my dad is,
I think my mum's worse.
She could've called me or
came to see me all these years,
but she never did, even today.
You know, I-I'm glad I went.
And you're right.
At least now I know how they'd treat me.
Don't have to wonder anymore.
Your mum's probably scared.
I'm scared all the time.

Me too.
Excuse me. Is Don here?
Well, do you know where he is?
Is he coming back anytime soon?
- Maybe.
- Oh, you don't know anything, do ya?
Ann Marie Dove.
I ain't seen you in
here since I caught you
nipping from the tip jar on Boxing Day.
Hope your cheek's healed.
- I'm looking for Don.
What's a pretty girl like you
want with a lummox like that?
I need to talk to him, all right?
Come here. Have a sit down.
I'll get you a drink. You seem upset.
And we were gonna go up north.
He's from Manchester.
I see, young love.
I remember them warm nights.
Do you think Don knows anything?
He's smarter than you think, that boy.
People think he's dumb, but he ain't.
In this fucked-up world,
people so easily play the roles
others want them to be.
That never changes, I suppose.
Do you know what happened to Larry?
Well, of course I do.
Do you want me to tell ya?
Ah, young girls like you
shouldn't know such things.
Tell me.

The truth is
Larry's dead.
He's long gone.
Yes, dear, I'm sorry.
Someone blew a big fuckin'
hole in his head, dear.
[CHUCKLES] Well, for your own good,
you don't wanna know.
Gal told me he went to
Ireland with some girl.
What you should know
about Gal is, he's a liar.
There's a lot more
he's lying about to you.
Not just to you, to everyone,
including that tight-assed,
perky-titted fiancée of his,
though I don't much care for her.
Have you heard about this
girl from the nudie movies?
Deary, what a stain on his life.
I know, love.
It's a hard way to find
out that trouble is real.
I had to learn that a lot
younger than you have.
These men
They'll choke the life out of us
if we let 'em.
[WHISPERING] Don't ever let 'em.
I'll kill one of 'em if I have to.
That's exactly how you survive.


Decisions you make in life
that lead you where you are.
- 0,5ver think about that?
But lately I have, yeah.
And how the course of
your life can change
on a whim, a lark.
Like for me with my
parents and everything.
But so if it's just a lark,
then why do you still do it?
You know, why do you make the films?
[SIGHS] No, that's
Do you think I should stop?
- No, no
- Then why would you ask me that?
just a question, right?
I'm sorry. I'm not judging
- Yes, you are.
- No, I'm not.
You might think you're not, but you are.
And I've never judged you.
Do people ask you why
you don't stop thieving?
Just that's not fair.
- How is it different?
- It is different.
Well, tell me, how is it different?
Well, it's different
be you know what I mean!
I don't know what you mean, Gal.
- Tell me.
- It's different
because I love ya.
I love you.
Don't say that.
I'm saying it.
Right, I'm saying it again. I love ya.
You don't know me.
Yes, I do.
I have to go.
- Where?
- Sorry.
Is it 'cause I said what
I said about the films?
It's because of a lot of things.
- This is never gonna work!
- Why?
You do not wanna get involved
with me, Gal, trust me.
- Yes, I do.
- No, you fucking don't, Gal!


No-no, no ♪
No-no, no-no-no-no ♪
No, no-no, no, no ♪
No-no, no-no, no-no ♪
No-no-no-no, no-no, no, no-no, no ♪
Nobody can do the ♪
- Shing-a-ling!
- Like I do ♪
- Fuck!
- Nobody can do the ♪
- Skate!
Like I do ♪
Nobody can do ♪
- Boogaloo!
Like I do, nobody can do ♪
- Philly!
- Like I do ♪
All right, Lovey-Dovey?
You want a game, son? 50 quid.
I'll stick it on your dad's tab, yeah?
What's that, son, your to-go bag?
Or are you building up your cock size?
Let me tell you, nobody, nobody ♪
Nobody, nobody ♪
Get him off! Fuck!
Nobody, nobody


Hey, you're all right.
Maybe I will find something for you.

No-no, no-no-no-no ♪
No, no-no, no, no,
no-no, no-no, no-no ♪
Sleep tight.
No-no-no-no, no-no, no, no-no, no ♪
Nobody can do the ♪
Where the fuck can Larry be?
Who's that friend of his?
The one who's good with all the guns?

His mate.

Where the fuck have you been?
So what's the plan?
I've got nothing, mate.
What do you mean,
nothing? What's nothing?
I'm saying we're fucked.

- Alan.
- Yeah?
Tell me more about this tour.
Getting fucked is not
a fucking option, Gal.
Fucked is not an op
You still looking for a way in?
What are you doing here? I lost twice.
Yeah, well,
you get caught, it's
on my conscience, innit?
You don't strike me as the guilty type.
What you don't know
about me could fill up
1,000 square meters of
iceberged real estate.
Heh. Do you got a way in?
Yeah. I have.
You're standing on it.


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