Shades of Blue (2016) s03e03 Episode Script

That Way Madness Lies

1 Previously on "Shades of Blue" Part of you is still trapped in that cabin.
You're seeing things that aren't there.
- You're not gonna shoot me.
- [GRUNTS] I shot an innocent man because I can't stop seeing Stahl.
Quince took my mom.
[SCREAMING] There's the two murders your dad covered up.
You really don't know your dad, do you? I still have the photo of you and Donnie on the boat.
- Are you gay? - She's an escort.
- What's your name? - Harlee.
Agent Stahl had very clear instructions.
You were his fantasy.
Do you really - wanna hear all this? - Until he's caught.
- I saw him again.
- Stahl? I swear that he was real.
You can't act as if it never happened.
No! No.
[SOBBING] The guy who did it Cesar Molina - is an apparent suicide.
- Unless you look closer.
- And if you decide not to? - I still want Quince.
Not the terms you agreed on? Nava's dead and his killer probably wears a badge.
The Intelligence Unit is more dangerous than you realize.
I'm glad you got your revenge, Woz.
I hope that it cures everything that you need.
[POP MUSIC] It's gonna be a long one, dear Ain't no time for healing here These'll be some lonely days Numbing all the pain away You said that you'd be here for me Now those words just haunt my memory It's gonna be a long one, dear Oh, dear Oh, am I the forgotten one? Got her all the things that I dreamed of T12.
Send that vertebrae some good thoughts.
It's your new best friend.
Isn't the 11 gonna get jealous? The bullet is lodged here, right up against the bone.
You need me to remind you what happens if it moves? I feel a tickle? Try not feeling anything.
From the waist down, anyway.
Judging by the position of the bullet, I'd say the epidural veins are at risk.
- Stop me if you've heard this.
- I've heard this.
You need to consider the surgery.
It's a high-risk procedure, but it's not as high a risk as walking around with a sharp piece of metal playing footsies - with your spinal cord.
- It's not my first foray into high-risk behavior, Doc.
Four months ago, I gave you a prescription.
Two weeks worth of pain killers.
You haven't refilled it.
I don't like to wait in line.
Why are you doing this? You lookin' to suffer? All those nerve clusters in the vicinity honestly, how are you walking right now? Like this.
Well, it's a good thing you can pull off a suit 'cause we might be making a late entrance.
I don't think Nava's gonna mind.
I'm doing a piece on his murder but things aren't quite adding up with Cesar Molina.
- The dead suspect.
- Strange.
You were always good in math.
Cesar's father doesn't think he killed Nava, Dad.
Or that dock worker.
Doesn't believe he was even anywhere near that neighborhood when it happened.
He's playing you.
He's reaching out to you so you'll reach out to me, once the investigation reopened.
- I reached out to him.
- Fathers will do or say anything to protect their boys.
Even in death.
Life is a precious gift.
Delicate and fleeting.
When it's gone, we wish for just one more moment of it, like waking up from a beautiful dream.
When that dream is taken from us, we ache for one more chance to say the things we wanted to say to the person who deserved to hear it most.
James Nava awakened something in me that I had forgotten how to feel.
It's a rare thing - to have someone who - [DOOR OPENS] Someone who James made me a better person.
He made me laugh.
He made me wanna build a world as he saw it.
Through his jobs, James saw humanity at its absolute worst and still believed in our infinite good.
James couldn't help it.
He didn't try to be noble.
He just was.
I will miss him every day.
Scripture tells us, "Come, you who are blessed by my father.
"Says the Lord, - "inherit the kingdom - [CELL PHONE RINGS] "Prepared for you from the foundation of the world.
"For I was hungry and you gave me food.
Listen to me, I need you to stand tall right now.
- Can you do that? - [DOOR OPENS] All right, good man.
I'm on my way.
Hey, new friends, Woz? I thought everyone you cared about was inside Well, some people appreciate my help more than others.
Oh, man.
She'll come around.
She's just busy being strong as hell right now.
Do you still take orders from me? Till I'm in one of those boxes.
[CHUCKLES] Keep an eye on her.
All right.
[GATE BUZZES] Let's look at the bright side.
You got me out of a funeral.
You know I have your back.
That's not why I called.
What, you want me to smuggle you out in my trunk? It's my mom.
I think something's wrong.
Hasn't she been by to see you? She visits on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
But she missed Saturday and when I called her back, she sounded like she wanted to get off the phone.
Well, I'm gonna stop by and check on her.
You don't have to worry.
Quince is not a problem for either you or your mom ever again.
They left me alone because they thought I worked for him.
- But now that he's gone - Look you took down one badass cop.
You keep your chin up, your shoulders back and I'm gonna come and visit you in a couple of days.
Okay? - Ah! - You even look in this kid's direction again, the next time this past head is shaved, I'm gonna be holding the razor.
And I'm very twitchy.
It wasn't me.
I didn't even touch him.
You make sure nobody does.
[BELL TOLLING] She did good in there.
I couldn't imagine.
- I'll go pull the car up.
- Thanks.
Your dad sure knows how to make an exit.
Lots of practice.
Easy, easy.
Criminals don't work around holidays or funerals.
- Terrible thing to happen.
- Mm-hmm.
Hey, you need a ride to the cemetery? Hey, you know the guy that killed him? Cesar Molina? His dad talked about how Cesar found God in prison.
Did you guys run a profile on him? You know, Nate, I'm not sure this is the right time now.
Yeah, but do I have the right cop? To comment on an ex-con's father peddling a story? If there is a story, shouldn't someone be willing to listen? I cannot wait to see my own bed.
Maybe you should stay home tomorrow.
Take another day.
So I don't beat up another cashmere troll? [CHUCKLES] I will if you will.
It's a deal.
So did you see Uncle Woz leave the funeral early? Yeah, he probably got called away on a case.
You guys aren't fighting? You barely looked at him.
It doesn't take a genius.
Honey, I'm gonna need you to go inside, okay? What? Why? Who is that? Work stuff, okay? I'll be right in.
You should've called.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know where to go.
I need some cash.
I need to leave town tonight.
Okay, slow down.
Just tell me what happened.
I was walking home the night before I went inside.
I saw him.
Saw who? Stahl.
I saw Stahl, too.
Don't make me go to the car and get my ram.
Come on, open up.
- [LOCKS UNLATCHING] - [GUN COCKS] Look, I appreciate you visiting my son.
But out here, police visits that don't end in handcuffs end in body bags, man.
You missed your visit on Saturday.
Adrian is worried about you.
I had a double shift packing produce.
Your son shot me in the gut, but I can still hear.
I heard you cock the gun that you're holding.
Look, I'm just trying to make it to next Saturday - so I can see my baby.
- Yeah.
That's it.
Hazard of the drug trade? No.
I made a promise to Adrian and to myself.
I see promises broken all day long.
You really think I'ma go back to that life after what they did to my boy? Then put the gun away and open the door.
[LOCK UNLATCHING] You always this hospitable? It's precautions.
- My roommate is missing.
- [BABY CRYING] She left you to babysit? No, it was supposed to be an overnight supply run.
Shauna's been gone three days now.
Your son is alone and scared and has seen more than any nine-year-old should ever see.
You don't think I know that? He shouldn't have to worry if his mom's gonna show because she's out slinging dope.
Yo, I told you.
I don't run for them no more.
Well then, why all the precautions? Because they wanted me for the transport job.
But I passed.
Shauna jumped on the fast cash so I made an introduction.
Who we talking about? Eddy Dixon.
- Quince's old crew.
- Yeah.
And if she misses delivery, I'm on the hook.
Agent Stahl didn't say anything to you? He might've called out my name.
You wouldn't recognize his voice? By then I was already running.
You've been meeting with her once a week.
Repeated interviews increase detail recollection.
And you pay her for these sessions.
Doesn't make her information any less valuable.
It might.
Either consciously or subconsciously.
She wants to please you.
Lying to the FBI is a felony.
I doubt she wants to please me that much.
Did you share with her your belief that Agent Stahl - is back in the city? - [SIGHS] You now have independent corroboration.
Fear can have a powerful influence on how we see things.
And eyewitnesses should have a powerful influence on the zip codes of your investigation.
I understand you are under a lot of stress.
Letting this woman stay in your home last night I have to keep her here.
Right? Stahl is in New York.
Right now.
I promise you, we're taking this investigation seriously.
Yeah, so where's the MTA footage of the night I saw Stahl on the subway? I told you, the IT Department is retrieving the data.
The video files were corrupted.
I've been a detective for over a decade.
I know when I'm being hustled.
You're being hustled.
Just not by the Bureau.
[CLASSIC ROCK PLAYING ON STEREO] Thanks for the ride and the coffee.
Hey, if your job's half as boring as mine, you're gonna need it.
- [CHUCKLES] - Gotta say, I'm not loving these seat assignments.
Sorry, little brother.
I swore I'd never end up back there again.
You rather I make you walk home after falling asleep - on my couch? - Wallace, don't apologize.
I like him right where he is.
He can't monopolize the radio.
Anything to be of service to the 64.
- [LAUGHS] - Well, make sure you get to your parole officer meeting ten minutes early.
Tess, roll my window down.
They notice stuff like that.
Officer, could you please ask your suspect if I can go to my actual job? Don't worry, I got him.
Get out of here.
- You didn't think I saw that? - What? Off limits, Tess.
All right, now let me out.
- [MUSIC GETS LOUDER] - Unlock the door, Tess.
- Unlock the door, Tess.
- Did you say something? - Come on, Tess.
- Huh? So we have zero connects to Quince's old crew.
Four months is an eternity on the streets.
Well, while I'm fighting for my life, you let Brooklyn turn into "Lord of the Flies.
" I had to give you a reason to come back.
Or not.
I'll, uh, I'll pull the phone records on this missing woman.
Loman, call around hospitals.
See if they admitted a Shauna Davis or any Jane Doe, black, mid-20s.
Shauna Davis, got it.
Listen, you got a sec? When you find my missing person.
After the funeral, Nate started asking questions about Nava's murder.
Yeah, Nate's a reporter.
Unfortunately, a pretty good one.
He's kicking the tires on the dead suspect, Cesar Molina.
Nate's sole source is one of 1,000 fathers who think that their ex-con son is innocent.
Well, this one is, Woz.
And it's not only Nava who was killed.
If he starts looking into Orlando, that thread could unravel Harlee's bad shoot - at the Sunrise.
- And that leads to you.
Do you want the Intelligence Unit thinking you fed information to your son? - So did you lie to him? - Well, yeah.
Assured him that there's no story.
Assured is a strong word.
- On a scale of one to ten.
- On what? Nate's questioned multiple police officers.
What are the chances that he leaves this alone? - A six? - Eh, make it a four.
So you know what to do.
Go to the source.
Well, you're not gonna break my son's kneecaps.
Yeah, okay.
Maybe I should trade my cello for a nine millimeter.
Slow down, 007.
We're just taking precautions.
You remember how to load it? You act like it's my first time.
So, um, how long is Gina staying? One more night.
She's in some trouble.
So Gina's in trouble and we're at a gun range.
No connection there, I'm sure.
Look, the man who killed your father and then told you he was a private investigator is back in town.
I thought you said he would be stupid to come back to New York.
Look, I can't guess what he's thinking.
But if you see him, you don't hesitate.
Just shoot.
Feels heavier now, doesn't it.
A bit.
But it's nice to know what's going on.
One more time.
And remember, let each shot surprise you between breaths.
- Empty the clip? - Until he goes down.
[GUNSHOTS] [TENSE MUSIC] But soon, I'm gonna heal you.
So what's so important about this drug mule? She's been missing for 72 hours.
Tufo said you ran with Quince's crew in prison.
You keep up with Eddy Dixon? Associating with known felons would be a violation of my parole, officer.
That's only if it makes the paperwork.
Dixon's been in and out of prison the last decade.
We know y'all did time together.
He recruited me on the inside.
He got out last month.
Real hustler.
Always wanted to be number one.
You know where he conducts business? I could find out.
Dixon always said holler if I needed anything.
Wallace, these grinders don't work themselves.
This ain't China.
Wallace is still on break.
I could find that location,.
Look, if you get a bad vibe, you clam up, you walk away.
Your gut is your best warning system.
Right about now, it's saying don't tell my brother.
Well, arrangements like this are strictly confidential.
I'll hit you up when I know something.
It's a bad idea.
Tufo's playing helicopter mom to keep Wallace out of that life.
Wallace wants to help find this young mother.
Who am I to deny purpose? His brother's boss.
Come on.
I've dealt with a lot of messed up johns.
Some weird stuff.
I've never met anyone with such - Darkness? - Scariest part was how he could hide it with that boy scout look.
[DOORBELL BUZZES] Not anymore.
[TENSE MUSIC] Harlee Santos? Well, look who's big time now, - calling for a patrol car.
- Don't get used to it.
- We work for the taxpayers.
- Yeah? Good thing I pay my taxes.
Need some privacy to question a witness.
Thomas Molina? Who's askin'? Did you contact a Nate Wozniak, reporter for the "New York Ledger"? Hey, register's open! Just take whatever you want! We don't want your money.
Or my wine, apparently.
Grand theft auto, grand larceny, armed robbery.
You, my friend, need a better getaway driver.
Your son, too.
[BOTTLE SMASHES] I paid my debt.
And my son paid with his life.
He had just been released from prison.
- Right? - [EXHALES] - Mr.
Molina? - I-I couldn't recognize him in a good way.
He changed when he was inside.
He found a higher power that he could respect.
This is his Oh This was his.
He was already leading a Bible study for parolees.
My boy didn't kill those men.
And he sure as hell didn't kill himself.
I get it.
You wanna protect your son's memory.
I mean, any father in your position would wanna do the same.
And with a rap sheet like yours, well, assault on a police officer could land you - back in prison.
- [CHUCKLES] Well, with the week that I've just had, it's still tempting.
- [SLAMS COUNTER] - Don't contact Nate Wozniak.
If he calls you, don't answer.
If he won't let it go, change your story.
Damn, man.
You really channeled Michael Corleone in there.
I didn't know you had it in you.
[EXHALES] Yes, you did.
- Y'all made sure of it.
- Oh, Loman, I know it sucks.
But you just protected us all.
Especially Harlee.
You should be proud of yourself.
I just bullied a grieving father, Tess.
I'm not proud of anything.
Nothing intercepted from DEA or Homeland.
No arrests under the name Shauna Davis.
You think she took the money and ran? What? With a baby waiting at home? It's possible.
I really don't remember.
But this could be him.
You know how many customers I see a week? That pay in cash and didn't give a name.
- More common than you think.
- [KNOCKING ON GLASS] Excuse me.
- What? - What are you working a case? No.
Following a lead.
Is that how you take a personal day? Somebody sent me flowers.
No card, paid cash.
A flower stand in Bed-Stuy with no video security.
Oh, well, why didn't you say so? I'll hold down the florist, you grab a phonebook.
I'd settle for no interruptions.
- You worried it's Stahl? - Don't say that like I'm crazy.
I think a little crazy is normal.
This is how Stahl operates.
All right? He feeds off your fears and then he holds on like a vulture.
I sent the flowers.
I didn't know what to say on the card.
Your name might've helped.
Is it possible that maybe you're using Stahl as a distraction? What, a distraction from the fact that I stood by while the Intelligence Unit killed the only decent man that I ever loved? Or that you helped cover their tracks? See? Hard to put on a card.
We cleared it up.
You're free to go.
You're not crazy, you're just overwhelmed.
And now I'm on my way to Jersey to comb through a hooker's apartment in search of a psychopath.
Harlee, listen, you know deep down what I did for you, you'd do the same thing for Cristina.
The same way that you know that to be free of Stahl, you have to stop chasing his ghost.
It's up to you how much more you wanna sacrifice.
What kinda flowers? What? What kinda flowers did you send? I let them choose.
At what point do we call backup? What'd you leave your balls in the precinct? We're picking up a girl.
Damn, y'all got here quick.
You said you had timely information.
You see that beauty salon across the street? That's where Dixon takes his drug mules.
Normal supply chain got cut off or something, so he started improvising.
Take a look around? It's shut down today for a reason.
I overheard Dixon on a call.
Something went wrong.
- Shauna? - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
And he sounded pissed when he mentioned this place.
Wallace, are you high? Come on, man! What the hell is wrong with you? You over here partying while some girl's life is in danger.
With Dixon.
I had to gain his trust.
You think he was gonna slip up about his drug operation sober? What went wrong with the girl? He didn't say.
You asked for a location.
There it is.
Open up.
We're closed for the day.
Uh! Open the gate.
We're not here for a facial.
Who else is in here? No one, I promise.
Step aside.
It's all clear here, boss.
Ahh! - [COCKS GUN] - Where's the girl? Room four.
If I let go, she'll bleed out.
She swallowed all of these? She was impacted.
I told them I couldn't safely extract the drugs, but one of the bags ruptured.
She was ODing.
- Mom? - It's just me.
Your mom's not home yet.
- Are those my clothes? - Yeah.
I saw you had some laundry in the dryer.
I figured I'd help out wherever I can.
While you're at it, do you wanna clean my room? [LAUGHS] Yeah, careful.
I didn't clean my room as a teenager, and look where that got me.
Yeah? Where's that? Hotel hospitality.
How do you know my mom again? [SIGHS] We, um, share a common admirer.
Yeah, he's so unpredictable.
It's a good thing you're here.
Well, that butcher did something right.
He gave her Narcan to counter the effect of the ruptured bag of heroin in her stomach.
Well, you'd expect a drug smuggler's doctor to have plenty of that on hand.
Blood pressure's dropping.
She's going into shock.
We gotta roll.
Street value of a quarter million.
There's no way Quince's old muscle's bankrolling a smuggling operation like this on their own.
Ooh, one of us has gotta give Wallace a ride home.
Look, I'll drive.
You tell Tufo.
Ah, there's nothing to tell.
We found a mystery supplier, Wallace saved the girl's life Two more hours and she wouldn't have made it.
Then you go tell Tufo his brother's a hero.
Hey, Wallace.
Your car service is here.
I forgot my PO meeting today.
I'll handle it.
You go home, make sure your brother doesn't see you until you come down.
Come on.
Let's go, Rick James.
[LAUGHS] Hey, Wallace.
You did a good job.
Is it here? The Bureau sent a secure link.
You need to log into the FBI mainframe for the MTA security footage.
Can you take this to the lab for me? Tell them to cross check for Robert Stahl.
He's in the system.
You got a fingerprint? Yeah, off of a reformed prostitute's intercom button.
- We'll see.
- Agent Myers' assistant also told me to tell you she's sorry.
Any reason why the FBI's apologizing to us? Okay.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] It's not him.
You were kidnapped? Kidnapped.
Held hostage in the woods.
That's an important detail, don't you think? I told you we set up a sting.
- Do you remember that? - You didn't tell me that he drugged you and tied you up.
I said he got the upper hand.
You know, I thought we were making progress, that you were being honest with me.
But you started lying to me while you were still in the hospital, Mom.
I didn't lie.
Okay, I just I didn't share details - that you didn't need to know.
- Let me guess, you were protecting me, right? As a matter of fact, yes.
That's your answer for everything, Mom.
- And my job.
- No! Your job is to be honest with me.
I'm not your girlfriend, Cristina.
Okay, you're my daughter.
And one day, when you're lucky enough to have a child, you'll realize that part of being a mother is not burdening them with your problems.
Our problems.
- [SIGHS] - They're our problems, Mom.
But instead of being straight with me so I can support you, I had to find out from a stranger.
What do you wanna hear, Cristina? You wanna hear how this psycho is obsessed with me? How he stalked me? How he stalked my teenage daughter? He invaded my life.
Tied me and gagged me and dressed me up.
You wanna hear how he was gonna rape and kill me out in those woods if I hadn't slit my own wrists? Is that what you wanna hear? [TENSE MUSIC] [CRYING] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Help me! Help me! Somebody! Nate.
What are you doing? Changing a tire.
- Take it down.
- It's Mom's orders.
- She would've asked me.
- She did.
Two weeks ago.
She decided she was ready to move on from that eyesore, Dad.
It's a reminder.
Of what? The mess that seems to follow you around? Of why I do what I do.
Forgive me if it gets old, standing in the path of the hurricane, Dad.
The dead suspect's father retracted his statement.
Yeah, my follow up calls are going straight to voicemail.
Funny how you're not surprised about that, though.
Not everyone enjoys talking to a reporter, Nate.
Even a good one.
I know you did this.
- [SIGHS] - God forbid, the NYPD should wanna take a second look at something.
Second looks are for people who don't do it right the first time.
Yeah, you think you're doing everything right.
You won't even really admit who you are.
Put my tools back where you found them.
There was a story here, Dad.
I just wish you woulda helped me tell it.
There'll be another story tomorrow.
At least you got your whole crew toeing the line this time, huh? You corrupt everybody that comes this close to you? You know why I keep these bullet holes untouched? Because it reminds me of how close I came to losing you.
I look at it every day.
And I make the same promise that I made when I first held you in my arms.
To keep you safe.
I failed at a few promises.
But that one I intend to keep.
From the highest shelf there is, Chicken Little.
Take a breath, man.
No, top shelf is a waste of money.
- I'm angry drinking.
- Ooh! What's her name? Wallace.
My brother missed his parole meeting today.
- Rescheduled.
- Mm-mm.
Same difference.
To a PO, it's strike one.
Whoa, whoa, you think he's dipping a toe in his past life? I don't know.
But I won't let him go down that road again.
Maybe the train was delayed.
It's Brooklyn.
No, I should've driven him myself.
Complements of the brunette in the corner booth.
- Mm.
- Mm-hmm.
Now'd be a good time to explain.
Pull up a chair.
I have a seat already, thanks.
Now wouldn't you prefer diners to bars? We felt you deserved a thank you for tying up loose ends.
Your bill's been taken care of.
- Loose ends? - Tomas Molina.
The liquor store owner.
That's effective intimidation.
Wozniak made a deal with your boss.
You can stop following me.
I respect a man who doesn't need to brag.
You're talented.
The way you snapped into action and covered up that shooting - at the Sunrise.
- Face it, Michael.
You're a natural.
- We like naturals.
- You're smart.
You deserve more.
I'm good where I'm at.
Thanks for the drinks, though.
Don't fight your ambition, detective.
It'll give you headaches.
Making new friends? - I handled it.
- Oh, you handled it.
Is that what you do now? Woz, come on.
We need backup.
Start without me.
I got something I need to handle.
I'm gonna ask you a question and I want a straight answer.
Why did my son come to you? - What? - At the funeral.
Why you, Loman? Why did my son come to you? - Woz, you had left.
- He'd already talked to me.
You were there, surrounded by all the people who've known him since he was a little kid.
And yet he came to you.
What made him think he could get secrets out of you? I was straight with him last time.
Last fall, when he was writing that piece on Julia Ayers.
And you shared what with him, exactly? Finer points of police work? How I run my crew? Your son knows who you are.
It's no secret.
What's no secret? - You know.
- No, I don't know.
You tell me.
That you can be a hard-nosed son of a bitch when it comes to getting results.
Did you tell him anything about Donnie Pomp? I told him I got grilled by an Internal Affairs officer that you didn't tell me was your friend.
I don't remember you asking.
I told him that I killed him in your kitchen.
And that you protected me by burning the body.
Why would you tell him that? Because not all of us can carry around this madness like you can, all right? Sometimes the truth just crawls out.
Next time you feel like confessing, you find a priest.
From the moment that we started But somehow I didn't care I kept you from danger Held you like no other A beautiful stranger Do you send my body fire Your cards on the table A freak undercover 'Cause she was my angel - And she's a bad woman - [DOOR OPENS] [TENSE MUSIC] What are you doing in here? I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to.
What? Go through my stuff, try on my clothes? I I didn't bring any clothes.
I should've asked before borrowing anything.
Maybe you should go back to your place.
No, please, I [SIGHS] I'm sorry, I just After pretending to be you for so long, and and seeing how obsessed Stahl was with you, I guess I I was curious or or jealous.
I don't know, I just I needed to know what it was like.
You need to go.
Harlee, please.
I promise, it won't happen again.
I know, because you're gonna get out of my house right now.
He'll come after me.
You know that.
[CLUB MUSIC PLAYING] Dark days, dark days, d-dark days Dark days, dark days, d-d-d-dark, d-d-dark days Dark days, d-dark days What's your drink? You got any Drano back there? Close enough.
You're not drinking that for the taste.
A friendly ear beats 80-proof Drano.
Don't get too close to me.
Anybody who gets too close gets hurt.
They get hurt, I end up here, trying to forget.
I know a better way to forget.
[SIREN WAILING IN DISTANCE] All business tonight, huh? - Don't talk.
- Relax.
I won't bite.
What's your problem? Why would I wanna be touched by some - Williamsburg hipster fairy? - Let me go! [GRUNTS] You son of a bitch.
You're dead.
[DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] You should've run.
You don't know me very well.
[GRUNTING] Ahh! Ohh! Ah! Ohh! I'm not gonna steal anything.
Did you ever really see him? I wouldn't lie to you.
But you're not sure.
I thought I was.
No more.