Shades of Blue (2016) s03e04 Episode Script

A Walking Shadow

1 Previously on "Shades of Blue" Responding to shots fired at the Sunrise Cafe.
I shot an innocent man.
You were on foot pursuit, he turned - and aimed his gun at you.
- Loman! Are you sure he chased a cop? A cop who ran away from a massacre.
I'm not starting a war with the secret police.
You're not crazy.
It's all connected.
If you really love me, save me.
[SHOUTS] Why would you do this to yourself? [SHRIEKING] Somebody! She's an escort.
Stahl calls her Harley.
- Tell me what happened.
- I saw him.
- Saw who? - Stahl.
Last contact was north of the Mexican border.
And that's where you think he is? Mexico? Is it possible you're using Stahl as a distraction? Distraction from the fact the intelligence unit killed the only decent man that I ever loved, or that you helped cover their tracks? You know, Nate started asking questions about Nava's murder.
That thread could unravel Harlee's bad shoot at the Sunrise.
Molina? Don't contact Nate Wozniak.
Why would I want to be touched by some hipster fairy? - Let me go! - [GRUNTS] - You're dead.
- [GRUNTS, SHOUTS] Did you ever really see Stahl? - I wouldn't lie to you.
- But you're not sure.
Thought I was.
What's your emergency? - A woman.
She's bleeding.
She cut her wrist wide open.
Can you tell me where you are? 872 Deerfield Road.
Hurry up.
She's losing a lot of blood.
Oh, Mama, I'm in fear for my life From the long arm of the law [BOOM, GLASS BREAKING] Lawman has put an end to my running - Ah ah! - And I'm so far From my home [GRUNTS, RETCHES] Oh, Mama, I can hear you crying You're so scared and all alone Hangman is coming down from the gallows And I don't have very long Oh, Mama, I've been years on the lam And had a high price on my head Lawman said get him dead or alive Now it's for sure he'll see me dead Dear Mama, I can hear you crying You're so scared and all alone Hangman is coming down from the gallows And I don't have very long The jig is up, the news is out They've finally found me The renegade who had it made Retrieved for a bounty - [SIRENS BLARING] - Nevermore to go astray This'll be the end today Of the wanted man [REVVING ENGINE] Of the wanted man [DRAMATIC MUSIC] The wanted man Oh The wanted man The wanted man People.
Well, people fascinate me.
I used to observe human behavior for a living, and I can tell you just about everyone walking around out there doesn't have the first damn clue as to what motivates them.
And, you know, I used to feel sorry for the poor bastards.
They'd hit rock bottom without seeing 100 different things they could have done differently, or if they could, they were simply unable to control the impulses that sunk them greed, ego, pride love a woman.
That was my downfall.
But like all tales of that sweet sickness, there are two sides of the story, aren't there? [COUPLE ARGUING IN SPANISH, HORN HONKING CONTINUOUSLY] There's a "she said" and a "he said.
" Robert I need to call in that favor.
I knew better.
I knew being with her was impractical.
It was dangerous, even.
Maybe that was part of it.
But once I was hooked once this siren lured me into the rocky shore she went in for the kill.
She blamed me for things I had nothing to do with.
[CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] She cast me in a light that had my closest friends doubting me.
It was a mistake.
He wasn't supposed to be part of it.
How would you know that unless you were there? I wasn't.
I swear.
Who killed Nava? Worse, I I let her in my head into my wiring.
And once you do that you give up control.
The part of you that knows better is screaming at you to walk away, but the other part - just can't let it go.
- [LINE TRILLING] Hello? Hello? It's like, uh gravity.
The pull is too strong.
[LINE TRILLING] Hello? Is there something I can do for you? Some days I feel my sanity slowly slipping away stolen from me.
- No more.
- And yet, every time I see her, I feel the same rush.
that same mixture of nausea and joy.
[CHUCKLES] I dated a guy like that once.
Always judging me.
Such a trap.
How can you be happy if you can't just be yourself? Exactly, exact see? Now you get it.
But she's underestimated me.
She thought I'd just give up.
Yeah, you don't really seem like the kind of person that lets someone walk all over you.
I almost was, but then that's why I came back to show her that I'm a man to be respected.
Prove to her that I'm not the man she thinks.
[IMAGINE DRAGONS' "WHATEVER IT TAKES" PLAYING] - Whatever it takes - This one's on the house.
'Cause I love the adrenaline in my veins From a fellow member of the broken hearts club.
- Thanks, doll.
- Yep.
- Hey.
- The usual? Yeah.
Thanks, Alissa.
I'm ready for whatever it takes 'Cause I love the adrenaline in my veins - [SIGHS] - I do what it takes [GROANING] [SPITTING] [GROANS] [EXHALES] [LOW, DRAMATIC MUSIC] Annie? Dad, what did you do to yourself? [PANTING] Woz.
Are you with me? You haven't figured that out by now? Where's your gun? Under the dumpster.
Easier to fight back if you don't disarm yourself.
Ow oh That wasn't the point, was it? I didn't think of an exit strategy.
Come on.
Let's go.
Yep, yep, "The Economist.
" It's a thinker's read.
Speaks to a man who makes his own future.
- Yeah.
- Or I just like - to stay informed.
- [CHUCKLES] Oh, wait a minute, I remember hey, I saw you at Gracie's Tavern the other night, didn't I? I didn't see you.
No offense.
None taken.
Thought a cop that works the Intelligence Unit might be a little more attentive, but Can I help you with something, friend? Well, if there's anything you do want to share, it'll stay between you and Internal Affairs.
You want dirt dig elsewhere.
Preferably about six feet down, then jump in.
I'll do the rest.
[CHUCKLES] Hey, look.
If I wanted dirt, I'd just drop by the sixth floor.
The detectives there love to play in the mud, staining anybody nearby.
Now's not the time to make new friends.
You forgot this.
I don't have physics today.
Don't you have lab on Tuesdays? It's next quarter.
You know that.
If you wanted another hug, you just had to ask.
I'm so sorry, baby.
I shouldn't have put all that on you.
Mom, you've apologized like a million times.
But you shouldn't have had to see me like that.
Look, I want you to know I'm putting Stahl and that whole nightmare in the past, where it belongs.
Trust me, I'm fine returning to my bubble.
It's much less stressful.
I mean it.
I won't let Stahl in my head again.
I'm gonna be late.
I love you.
I love you too, sweetie.
My house? Seriously? Late for your Internal Affairs meeting? I passed last week.
Standard procedure for lethal use of force.
Did you tell them anything about me? You think I survived ten years by blabbing to IA? Well, I just got warned off talking to you by an IAB officer.
And he got you so rattled you came running to me? My boss has friends in Internal Affairs! Which has friends everywhere.
He's probably fishing, or sending you a message.
Do you want me to check for a leak? I want you to tell me if they know we've exchanged information.
One or both of us may be under surveillance, but I haven't been talking to IAB.
My partner Parker told me the same thing right before my unit killed him for it.
If you think that you're next, then do something about it.
Expose what Parker knew.
Why was he talking to Internal Affairs? You need to forget you know me, and if you have any kind of survival instinct don't make any more moves.
It's three shots.
That's excessive for a robbery.
Yeah, and more precise pattern than your average liquor-store gunslinger.
I recognize the signature.
You think he went to a reporter different than Nate to prove his son's innocence in Nava's murder? I thought I was pretty persuasive.
Someone finish your homework, Loman? Jeez, Woz.
What, did Linda get sick of you leaving the toilet seat up? Domestic abuse funny to you, Tess? I thought you silenced him.
Not as permanently as intelligence would have preferred.
Is that what you were discussing last night on your date with Carrot Top? He thanked me for taking care of his loose ends.
Probably already knew he was coming here in the morning.
Did this intelligence officer ask you how you knew that their patsy's father was talking? He didn't know about Nate.
But they seem to know just about everything else.
You think we led them here? You find your ginger boyfriend and his pal, and you sit on them, and you don't let them get near Nate.
Both of you, keep eyes on my son.
- Yo, Woz, where you going? - To prevent World War III.
Blatant vandalism and consumer theft.
Wait until Internal Affairs hears about this.
I'll cop to the vandalism, but it's not theft if you've already paid for it twice.
Guess the real issue is if Internal Affairs already knows about it, who else does? My mom would probably get a call.
I heard a rumor that your department has a leak.
I love rumors.
They always allow me to learn things about myself that I never knew.
Sunrise massacre? A dead NYPD Intelligence Officer? That's not sufficient confirmation that you guys need a plumber? You're suggesting that Detective Parker set a rendezvous with IA, and that's what got him murdered? He wasn't killed in the line of duty by a suspect that you yourself put down? Isn't that the kind of urban legend that keeps you guys in business? Not if it runs into actual evidence.
So you guys were not talking to Parker? Cop gets killed, I'm forced to entertain malfeasance by other cops.
What makes you go there? - Just working a hypothetical.
- Mm.
Well, unfortunately, we're beyond that stage.
You know, ballistics confirmed that every bullet in the Sunrise Cafe not discharged by Officer Parker, including the one in his skull, were fired by the suspect that you put down.
So all the slugs in the diner matched the ones in the parking lot where I shot Morris.
Inconsistent with your story.
That surprise you, Detective? [EDGY MUSIC] - What's this? - Said you were starving.
Is this your way of calling me fat? Everybody knows the first rule of a stakeout is get the food before you start.
Do you recognize this 9 mil? What's so special about this that you tracked me down on a stakeout? It just morphed into the drop gun that you planted on Morris outside the Sunrise Cafe.
- What? - It also matches every victim and slug in that diner, including the one in the dead Intelligence officer.
That's not the gun I planted.
I have never seen this weapon before.
Well, now it's tagged in evidence and present in every single crime scene photo.
You know, I knew Intelligence had reach, but how many departments would a swap like that involve? Maybe Woz is right.
They are untouchable.
They're still covering up their tracks.
What if I told you the cover-up went beyond Nava's murder suspect, Cesar Molina? I thought Woz put you on a stakeout.
- He did.
- Woz has you tailing Intelligence? Turns out I led them straight to another loose end.
- Just one minute uh - He's expecting me.
I would have brought wine, but the liquor store's closed for a shooting.
Seems we frequent the same establishments.
The old man had given up defending his son's legacy.
I appreciate Detective Loman's effort, but as a rule, I'm not a fan of half measures.
Yeah, well, that's one thing that you and I have in common.
I like security and a good night's sleep which is why I'm glad you're here.
What's this, an essay on the correlation between God complexes and erectile dysfunction? Close.
It's an article being written by an intrepid young reporter named Nate Wozniak.
I assume you counseled your son on the hazards of fronting a story about repentant felons.
Ignore the typos.
It's a first draft.
- How did you get this? - If it's written on a computer with a Wi-Fi connection, it's available.
Not without a warrant, it's not.
It's all zeroes and ones.
I could listen to your dinner conversation using a refrigerator if I were so inclined.
All that matters is access, and I have it.
Was it you that said "God complex," or was that me? [CHUCKLES] The money's better down here.
Remember what happened to God's son? Rough day.
Tough on Dad, too.
"Father, why have you forsaken me?" [EDGY MUSIC] You could probably have the Pope fired if you wanted to but if you threaten my son again, the wall behind you is getting a new paint job.
Our dead suspect's father gave Nate a second source.
It's quoted on page two.
Anonymous for now.
But it gives our man an alibi in James Nava's murder.
Not anonymous to you.
You got the source out of the old man before you shot him.
I can send one of my men, but as you always seem to trip over them, perhaps you'd like a chance to remedy this development.
No more half measures.
I need to know we're all rowing in the same direction.
I'll take care of it.
Then it's over.
A warrant, one witness interview, and now lunch? For a couple of "elite" Intelligence detectives, they sure have a lot of free time on their hands.
When do you think it happened for them? Ramsey strikes me as the kind of guy who cherry picks his own crew.
Think they joined the force as cadets to murder lawyers and liquor store owners? Harlee, I'm sorry.
We thought spiking Nate's story was the best way to protect him and our bad shoot at the Sunrise.
Yeah, that's been my go-to too.
Got to protect our own, right? No one could have predicted that they'd go as far as to kill an ADA.
You think anyone could have predicted how far you or I would go? It doesn't feel like you have any options when you're in it.
It's not too late for your moment.
You just have to reach back to that part of yourself that chose to wear the shield in the first place.
- Their day just got exciting.
- How do you figure that? Those are $5 shakes they just tossed.
[DRAMATIC PERCUSSIVE MUSIC] [OMINOUS STRING MUSIC] I'd have thought you preferred wine.
It's Mexican brandy.
I I acquired a taste for it.
Thought we could celebrate our reunion.
I, um I Robert, I don't have the wig anymore.
I've actually liberated myself from that particular proclivity.
Is there, um anything else you'd like? Not that kind of visit, Gina.
Try the brandy.
[DARK MUSIC] Savor it.
See, you have to appreciate life's little pleasures while you can.
The sources of our joy, our relationships achievements that define us can all be ripped away from us at any minute.
You've been spending time with Harlee.
- But - It's a good thing, Gina potentially.
I only told her what she already knew.
I am more interested in what she's told you.
She's been coming over almost every week.
That is a lot of girl talk.
I just listen.
To her lies? That's okay.
I mean, that is what she does to good people.
Makes you need her, and she extracts what she wants and tosses you away.
She can't stop thinking about you why you let her live.
She listens to the recording of your 911 call of that day over and over.
You need to be really careful here.
Trust me.
I speak from experience.
Harlee Santos is a narcissistic psychopath and a murderer.
And yet, she had me obsessed with her and you feeling sorry for her.
And that's her power.
But I think that together, you and me can use that manipulation against her can get into her head like she climbed into ours, have her doubting her own sanity.
And then we can both be free.
You want to be free, don't you? Yes.
[WHISPERS] That's my girl.
[CHUCKLES] [SINISTER MUSIC] Well, Nate came down Yofor a cigarette break about 40 minutes ago.
Other than that, he's been tucked away in his office safe and sound.
Cigarette? Since when does he smoke? - Oops.
- What, did everything turn to crap while I was gone? You're asking the two in the patrol car? That reminds me.
We got to roll back to the precinct.
I set up a meeting with the new captain so you can kiss his ring so you can get out of these blues.
About damn time.
I mean, thank you, Woz.
When? When is it? Y-you're already late.
[CELL PHONE RINGS] I'll handle it from here.
Still quiet.
Our friends have taken to backing up patrol calls.
All right, stand down.
I'll handle the situation.
Stand down? Have you talked to Ramsey yet? Woz.
Hello? [DIAL TONE] We're leaving? Says he has a handle on the situation.
You think he's bailing Ramsey out again? Dispatch, Tango-9303 arriving on scene at the Embassy Hotel, 200 block of Prospect.
Please confirm the nature of the call.
Roger, Tango-9303.
That's a 911 involving a 10-18.
A domestic disturbance? Copy that.
These guys are really having a slow day.
You going in? Time to play offense.
You know, you could have come inside.
Newsroom could use a little discipline.
Thought you could use a cigarette break.
Yeah? And what are the chances I get a straight answer about the status of your face? Cesar Molina's father is dead.
The liquor store owner who won't return your calls? [CHUCKLES] Let me guess: attempted robbery? These are dangerous people, Nate.
They won't make exceptions for the First Amendment.
Define "these people.
" Nobody you can write about.
- Off the record, Dad.
- Off the record? It's nobody that you can write about.
It's not just his father's words.
Cesar's priest from when he was in prison the night Nava got killed they finally had that beer and movie they've been talking about.
Now I know you know the concept, Dad.
It's called an alibi, all right? Take my word on this.
Okay? Stay away from the Molina case.
You recognize either one of them? Somebody important we should know? I don't see paparazzi.
Look how she flinches every time he gestures.
Why would they keep the victim and the abuser together? Detective Santos and Loman from the six four.
This is our 10-18? You're the second pair of shields on-site.
He's got to be somebody to someone.
[TENSE MUSIC] Miss, can I talk to you alone for a minute? There's no need for privacy.
This was a misunderstanding.
And we're just trying to clear it up.
- What's your name? - Vanessa.
Back off, okay? Let her answer herself.
I was only getting her primed for you, officer.
You don't have to say anything.
Just nod, and I can make it go away.
I used to be good at hiding it too.
Okay? I know all the tricks.
Interviewing a material witness, big guy.
Thought you'd have learned to duck by now.
That he didn't have any power over me.
You're making this worse.
- Then help me make it better.
- Thank you, Detective.
We have her statement.
Why don't you two go check the parking meters? From liquor store robberies to domestic violence.
You guys are really moving up in the world.
Community relations, honey.
Go ahead and uncuff him.
What, so he can work her over better? I don't need a windup to make an impression.
You too, Detectives.
Move along.
We've got it from here.
- Who is this clown to you two? - Diplomatic courtesy.
And how much is that costing him? Don't you have a pawn shop to shake down or something? Right now something else is catching my interest.
Our advice: on this one, get uninterested.
I'd listen to them, bonita.
Ah, date with the new captain? Whatever gets me out of this uniform and back to a decent pay bracket.
You get out of that uniform, the raise will follow solve all your problems.
I warmed him up for you.
- Hey, you the fluffer? - Why? You need a tip? Officer Nazario? You're up.
- What's up? - It's Wallace.
- Hey, what's up, man? You looking for your brother? He's right here.
No, Wozniack.
Do you know where he is? Yo, is that Wallace? I'm sorry, my bad.
Who who is this? Wallace.
Wozniak was supposed to meet me at my job 20 minutes ago.
- Is that my brother? - Liquor store witness.
When was all this arranged? This morning.
After you seized his product yesterday, Dixon came to me looking for extra muscle to meet with his supplier.
And this was sanctioned by us? Never mind.
Wozniak just showed.
Wait, wait, wait.
What was that all about? Some witness said he was supposed to meet up with Wozniak.
Then why did you say, "Are you looking for your brother?" 'Cause he sounded like Wallace for a second.
And why aren't you looking at me? Did you see that look on her face? The one that says she knows what's coming later? "To protect and to serve" unless we get in someone's way.
They're not untouchable.
Not forever.
Ever bully, from wife beaters to gangsters to dictators They can seem invincible for a while, until, almost always, they're not.
Maybe after enough people hurl themselves - in front of a tank.
- That's the question, though, isn't it? Knowing that tank will probably flatten you.
- Turn the car around.
- Harlee, you sure? Turn the car around now, Loman.
[SIRING WAILING] Ever since Woz has been sidelined with a bullet in his back, the neighborhood's been slipping away.
And nature abhors a void.
So you fill it with my brother? He made a bigger difference with one undercover than we had in two months.
You don't get to make that call.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] How about turning off the mood lighting? Y'all trading baseball cards? Hey, little brother, you got to know I got to know nothing from you.
- [SIGHS] - Start talking, Lieutenant.
Looks like somebody else already started talking.
What's in the bag, Woz? If your brother's gonna be muscle for a drug dealer, he's got to be strapped.
You're giving a gun to a parolee? I wasn't gonna let him keep it.
But you're gonna let him dive headfirst into a world that put him in prison for eight years? Didn't seem to bother you when he was fixing problems - for you and Tess.
- So now he's on the payroll? He volunteered for a noble cause.
He doesn't get to volunteer.
I'm responsible for him.
Well, welcome to my world! I'm responsible for all you ingrates.
Responsible for when you want to follow your own mind, no matter how obvious it is to me that you're making a mistake.
Drugs on the street are never won or lost, Woz.
No sense in putting family at risk to push a damn rock up a hill.
Every minute he stays in that life, it'll take twice as long to get him out.
Try to remember who's made what sacrifices.
[TENSE MUSIC] Wallace you're gonna sit this one out.
Give your little brother here the time and place.
- That suit you? - Huh.
Do we move now? After he pulls away.
You got demoted to traffic cop? More like garbage duty.
Ma'am, can you step out of the vehicle, please? She's not the one driving.
I'm not talking to you.
I'm fine, Officer.
See? She's fine.
- Here you go.
- What's that? Why you pulled me over.
You wanted your taste, no? Okay, you can both step out of the car.
You saw what happened back at the hotel.
I have friends with you, remember? You're gonna want to consider the next five seconds very carefully.
I said step out the car now.
Got to say, Wallace this is one of those choices I just do not get.
Yeah, I know my track record ain't free of those, but this is different.
Why, because you're running with the cops instead of away from them? Because this feels right.
Do you remember Laurel Lake in the summer? You were trying to impress a girl.
Tried to swim your ass under that low bridge.
Those girls were impressed as hell.
Well, I remember standing on that bridge must have been six or seven, watching you go under, running to the other side, and just waiting.
Took about two seconds for the panic to start the helplessness.
My brother was in trouble and I couldn't get to him.
I felt that way when you were on the inside too.
I can't feel that again.
I made it under that bridge, didn't I? You're not a trained cop.
Don't forget I survived the streets and the joint all that time.
You know, it's been a long while since I've felt like I have purpose on my own.
And doing this? For the first time since Laurel Lake I'm feeling like Superman.
Get in the car.
Gina, I'm here with Director Baker.
Can you repeat what you just told me? I couldn't tell you this before because Harlee was there, but Harlee was as obsessed with Agent Stahl as she said that he was with her.
She told me she watches videos of Stahl of his bedroom from the camera that she hid there.
Video of, uh of him with me.
When I was pretending to be her.
She told me the day in the cabin with Stahl, she called him to her apartment first.
She tried to drug him, to get him off her back, but she knew that Stahl would never just give up.
She said that she knew the only way to stop Stahl would be to kill him.
She's dangerous.
I'm really scared of her.
What are you doing? You trying to get us - both killed? - I'm not the one - ordering the hits.
- You arrested someone who's - under our protection.
- Attempted bribery - of a police officer.
- You need to let this go.
Like you let your partner's death go? Does that look familiar? It's Bennett's plant gun, and now the murder weapon used by the man you shot at the Sunrise.
- You knew? - Yes, I knew.
I could do something about it or I could stay alive.
When was the last time you actually felt like a cop? Your unit's not exactly collecting integrity medals.
- Or dead bodies, at your pace.
- You sure about that? An entire gang could be wiped out tonight because of your raid on that beauty salon.
- What beauty salon? - Your boss disrupted a drug mule outfit in Midwood with zero concern for the fallout.
More friends of yours? Seriously, what is your plan? To expose your own bad shoot? To keep pushing Ramsey till he comes after you? To be waiting for him when he does.
Well, don't shoot to kill.
I'll be the one he sends.
Hey, Father.
Never seen wind this violent.
When it kicks up like this, it always makes me think a judgment is coming.
That why you're here? No, I know where I stand.
Most people who walk through those doors do so in search of something.
My son is in danger unless I do something unforgivable.
These men I counsel in prison came to see that nothing's unforgivable if you ask for forgiveness.
Did Cesar Molina ask for forgiveness? Did he find peace before that noose tightened around his neck? Before he returned to His embrace Cesar had found salvation.
Well, w-what about for you? What's heaven like? Each of us has a vision of what heaven might be.
Yeah, but for you.
What's your vision? Close your eyes, and I want you to tell me the the first thing that happens.
For me, it's music.
As it rises it's as if every song and every note exists at once in harmony without chaos.
- Go on.
- Then the light comes.
It's warm and full of comfort.
I'm lifted off my feet by the power of it, and I know without reservation that I'm held in His arms an eternity of peace and illumination in His grace.
Sometimes I envy your faith.
Now if you're not in a hurry to see that peaceful light I'd stop defending Cesar Molina and volunteer for some missionary work out of state.
What do you see? Darkness.
All right.
If you two fellas worked out which one of you got more of Mommy's nipple, Let's keep this simple.
All right, Wallace, answer it.
- What, no wire? - No, you never want to have to explain a wire.
I'll mute my end.
Just keep it in your pocket with the line on.
- All right.
- Remember faces if you can, but what's most important is to get a name.
- Name, got it.
- All right.
Keep your eyes open.
Feel good to type his arrest report? [CHUCKLES] Yeah.
It'll have to be just the bribery.
Couldn't get a statement out of the girl.
[SIGHS] I'll swing back by the hotel try to get her to talk on my way home.
- "John Johnson"? - Don't hate.
He thunk hard on that alias.
- Prints in the system? - No, but he can rot over there till he gives us a name or calls a lawyer.
He's banking on his intelligence unit sponsors to bail him out.
Paycheck's kind of heavy this week, Loman.
- Logging that OT? - [LAUGHS] What, are you being hazed or something? Penance.
I owe Tufo a favor, so I decided to pick it up for him.
- Penance? What did you do? - Ask him.
I ain't saying nothing to anybody anymore.
You can't snitch to family, bro.
Yeah, you can, when the family be keeping mad secrets from each other, bro.
Cue the snitch in three, two Wallace helped us ID a beauty salon that was cutting up drug mules like lab rats, so now Woz has him posing as muscle for a dealer who's patching things up with his supplier.
Today? That meeting's today? Yeah, right now.
Why? Cole told me that entire gang could be wiped out.
They're not patching things up.
You want to know a secret about the bridge stunt? I was trying to impress you.
Yo, who picked this place? Asked for something natural.
Something wrong with a park? You don't have to chat them up.
Think it's an ambush? If Intelligence is as dialed-in as they want us to think they are.
[PHONE RINGING] Everyone stay chill and let me do the talking.
Are you sure this is a trap? God, I hope not.