Shades of Blue (2016) s03e05 Episode Script

The Blue Wall

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Somebody! Stahl is back.
I'm not crazy! Harlee Santos is a psychopath.
We can have her question her own sanity, and then we can both be free.
My daughter died from a drug overdose when she was 19.
I've stood by while the Intelligence Unit killed the only decent man that I ever loved.
No, no, no, no! You don't take down fellow cops.
The entire department will turn against us.
Who killed Nava? I can only tell you who ordered it, and he tends to outsource.
Your brother's gonna be muscle for a dealer.
You're gonna let him dive head first into a world that put him in prison.
He volunteered for a noble cause.
Who is this guy to you? Move along.
We got it from here.
You wanted your taste, no? Step out the car, now.
Because you arrested someone who's under our protection, an entire gang could be wiped out tonight.
- Think it's an ambush? - God, I hope not.
10 o'clock.
That van's from Wallace's work.
- Someone left in a hurry.
- Damn it, we're too late.
Dispatch, tango 306 requesting immediate backup at abandoned warehouse silos on Oakwood and Hunt's Point.
Possible officers down.
Should we pursue? No, we find Woz and Tufo.
Guard the exits.
Make sure there's no latecomers.
Scene is still hot.
Don't become a target.
NYPD, hands in the air! Get an ambulance.
Help is already on the way.
- Who ordered this hit? - Stay with me, Wallace.
Does the name Ramsey mean anything to you? If you want to get in that ambulance, you tell me! Woz, a dead perp doesn't help us.
He beat Wallace to a pulp! Who are you working for? Woz! It was an ambush.
The Intelligence Unit? I'm not saying they're behind it.
- Only that they knew.
- Look, by the time I found out that Wallace was involved, you weren't answering your phone.
Did they know that we had a man inside? Unclear.
Well, make it clear.
They're the NYPD Intelligence Unit.
They traffic in information.
Why were you using Tufo's brother? Why were you talking to the Intelligence Unit? Loman and I arrested a domestic abuser under their protection.
On purpose? Harlee.
No, it wasn't retribution, okay? It wasn't that kind of warning.
I don't even think Cole meant to blurt it out.
You said it yourself.
They're the Intelligence Unit.
They don't blurt things out.
Looking back, I think he felt guilty.
LOC, altered mental status.
27 year old male assault victim.
Multiple fractures.
Head trauma.
He was responding in the rig, then his GCS dropped to a 7.
Check the responders at the scene.
Make sure we get the evidence first.
I already told the sergeant on site.
Pupils are sluggish.
Stay with me, Wallace.
You hear me? You're Superman, remember? You're Superman.
- Where'd you find him? - He's one of ours.
NYPD family.
- BP is falling BP 84 over 53.
- Let's open up his fluids.
Make sure we got trauma units on hand.
Is he gonna recover? I need you all to stay out there.
- No, that's my brother.
- I understand that, but we need room to evaluate and treat him.
- I'm a cop.
- I know, but they're doctors.
Let them do their job.
We're just gonna be a distraction here.
Give them room, give them room.
On three, two, one.
Versed 2 milligrams IV push.
Hang on.
We're gonna give you something that'll make this easier.
- It's okay, you're at - A hospital now.
I'm sorry, did I miss your med school graduation? He's got his brother's stubborn genes.
- He's gonna survive.
- He's stubborn all right.
Always trying to save me, impress me.
Whatever he thought he was doing.
We're gonna get the bastards who did this, and no one's gonna be able to save them.
No problem, they're right here you did this.
Espada did this.
I did this.
How could anybody know? My brother got beaten halfway to death with a baseball bat.
Don't you get that? But you're right.
We're beyond saving, Woz.
- Tufo, wait.
- Let him be, Harlee.
Look, what we got to do first is we got to we got to figure out who the dead suspect is.
A car was leaving when we pulled up.
Did you get a model or the make or license plate? No, all we saw was the tail lights.
Harlee? Harlee? Her pressure is bottoming out.
She's in hemorrhagic shock.
Another round of fresh packed red cells and 3 CCs of epinephrine.
- We're losing her.
- Come on, Harlee.
Stay with us.
Not afraid of needles? No, I love them.
I love everything about this scenario.
Constriction, needles.
Are you sure a clown can't pop out and make this nightmare complete? I should have brought my red nose.
I thought you left.
I'm a sucker for a free bag of cookies.
So clowns, huh? How'd you end up down here, Woz? A couple of wrong turns on your way to the greater good? More than a couple, my friend.
More than a couple.
Well, this one's on decisions made behind my back, and now my brother is breathing through tubes.
We won't even know how bad it is until the swelling in his brain subsides, and all because I wasn't strong enough to say no to something you started.
You gave Wallace what he was asking for.
A chance to make a difference.
How much longer here? Why do you think he never asked you to come visit him in prison? Why do you think he walks to work every morning with his head down? We all need a purpose, Tufo.
Without it, we're just blood and bone.
This is Detective Anthony Cole with the NYPD Intelligence Division.
Leave a message.
We really need to discuss your curfew.
Perks of being the parent.
I'd tell you to take a day off, but I know you'd do the opposite.
What are you doing up so early? Chemistry cram.
Picking up Denise for a mobile study group.
I don't appreciate competition, Gina.
Traffic cam shows four vehicles in the area of those silos within a minute of my distress call, all registered to owners with no criminal records.
Any of them reported stolen? No, but the plates on the Chrysler 300 returned DMV registered to a green Ford Taurus.
So someone lifts and switches plates.
Sounds like forethought of douchebaggery.
What about the dead douchebag found on site? No ID, but I asked the medical examiner to put a rush on his prints.
Good chance he's in the system.
Speaking of which, did Homeland Security get a name for our Latin lover? Unless it's a terrorist threat, they'll take over a week.
Can we pretend it is? The night desk did give him his one phone call, so I'm guessing someone will claim him soon.
All right, ladies, let's stay focused on the dead suspect who jacked up Tufo's brother.
If we tighten the screws on Ramsey's client over there, and then we could trade what he gives us for intel on the Wallace front.
What about your source in Ramsey's unit? I think he dried up.
Okay, if you want to work a domestic abuser over, fine, but right now we got to focus on justice for Tufo.
We got to find the supplier before he goes underground.
What, are you scrapbooking now? Time to play bad cop, worse cop.
If you wanted alone time, you just had to ask nicely.
We could lose your paperwork.
Nobody'll ever know you were here.
Uncuff me, and I might forget I was.
You like it don't you? The feeling of striking someone who can't defend herself.
Or is it other shortcomings that make you so insecure? If you're so curious, you can check it out for yourself.
A lot of guys in lockup would be more than happy to take you up on that.
You're gonna need a second career when you realize who I am.
I know exactly who you are.
No work ethic.
No intellect.
Thinking you can charm your way through life, but in those moments when you realize how small a man you really are, you bully your way out, desperately trying to prove that you are not worthless.
If you know everything, why put on a show? What hooks do you have in Captain Ramsey, the head of the NYPD Intelligence Unit? Don't worry your pretty little head, bonita.
This will all be over soon.
Yeah, I think we're free Drink, this one's on me To the rhythm Good afternoon, I'm Officer Phelps.
Hi, sorry, was I speeding? Katy Perry has that effect on people.
Where are you rushing to? A caffeine run for a study group.
- What subject? - Oh, pre-calculus.
There's a big exam I stayed up really late studying.
I loved school, especially math.
Breaking complexities down to the base level to pinpoint a solution, so fun.
It's fascinating really.
- Yeah, it's required.
- License and registration.
So do you usually write up tickets? No, but my partner noticed you were drifting into the other lane.
Really? That's weird.
I didn't feel my car drifting at all.
Have you consumed any alcohol today? No.
I'm 16.
You know, my mom works for the six-four.
Detective Harlee Santos.
Would you mind stepping out of the vehicle? If I look in your car am I gonna find any alcohol or any narcotics? No, no way.
Hey, excuse me, on what grounds are you going through my stuff? Miss, can we step over here? Hands on the car.
You have a prescription for this? Those aren't mine.
I hope you're ready for your test, because you're gonna be missing your study group.
What would you do? Woz tells you to keep something on the DL, you do it, right? Come on, man, it's his brother.
As soon as Wallace is up on his own two feet, Tufo is gonna realize he would have done the exact same thing you did.
What are you, the Tufo whisperer? What do you want me to say? That now that Woz is back that everything will be fixed by the end of the week? Fixed? All I see him do is pouring gasoline.
Espada, we don't write parking tickets.
We let the neighborhood slide while Woz was out, now we're seeing the consequences.
Of the neighborhood or Woz coming back? Espada, come on, don't beat yourself up too much.
That's our job.
You think he meant that? Time for that Tufo whispering.
You guys work together? Sorry, I don't mean to pry, I just hate the awkward silence in these places.
What are you in for? Moral support.
My friend's brother's in the ICU.
Oh, wow.
You guys must be close.
You? I know my way around a waiting room.
My mom, she has macular degeneration.
Did the whole circuit and flew up for the surgery, so.
I guess hospitals are like jail.
No one's here voluntarily.
Except doctors.
And nurses, I suppose.
She took your snack.
- Nothing gets past you, huh? - I'm just nosey.
Yeah, so what do you do besides people watch in depressing settings? Well, I spend a lot of time apologizing to doctors for my mother.
You? - Oh, I'm a cop.
- Oh, explains the jail comment.
Yeah, and why my career as a stand-up comic never went anywhere.
Well, that's one less mystery you have to solve then.
- Michael.
- Diana.
Cristina Santos? You can make a phone call.
To the Brooklyn six-four, I assume? Hi, this is the assistant to Captain Pines at the six-four.
Yeah, do you have a twenty on Detective Cole of the Intelligence Unit? Can't help you.
That unit rarely discloses their location.
Okay, thank you.
Hey there, does your crew just stumble into violence or do you actually place want ads? Front lines catch the most blood spatter.
Is that why you're diversifying to domestic violence and attempted police bribery cases? What can I say? You inspire me.
Look, it may not be me, but something around here is having an effect.
A few months ago I'd be taking a statement about you having actually used that phone book on that suspect.
About time for you to book a vacation.
Just curious why is this case so compelling? If he was so ready to buy one cop, he must have others in his pocket.
Cops investigating cops is dangerous business.
If you have a tip, I'm all ears.
When I'm ready to turn rat, you'll be my first call.
Going against that blue wall is a lonely path.
Not one I intend to take.
You better find a different entry point, because your guy just got transferred.
Wait a minute! That's my collar.
Not anymore.
- Who says? - A higher power.
What are you charging him with? The suspect is being transferred to federal custody.
No longer NYPD's jurisdiction.
You got a problem with that, file a complaint.
Who is this guy? I only know him as case 26955.
Nos vemos por ahí, guapa.
Sin duda.
I'll have my handcuffs ready.
- Hey, what are you doing? - They took him.
- Who? - Ramsey.
He got his guy transferred.
Probably back to that 5-star hotel.
Intelligence took him? Well, I'm not buying the federal custody cover.
Well, he was a long shot anyway.
Look, how are you feeling about stepping back into the hospital? - Honestly? - Wallace is awake and talking.
I need you to show him the gang book to see if he can ID some assailants.
Where are you going? I got to set some ground rules.
- What, a new street player? - A stubborn one.
Looking for something? When are you guys gonna get to my place? I called like three days ago.
- What's your address? - I'm at 670 I'm right up the street here, man.
You guys have been parked here all day.
I mean, what's taking so long? What are we doing? I don't do residential.
Call customer service.
Customer service.
Yeah, I'm gonna call customer service, and I'm gonna switch providers.
How about that? - Good luck with that.
- Yeah.
Number's on your bill.
Woz, I'm so glad to see you.
I'll always come when you call me.
I couldn't tell Mom, not like this.
She's gonna kill me.
Just tell me this one thing.
Did these people do anything in any way to hurt you? Hurt me? No, no, I just I did what they asked, and they brought me here.
Give me one minute, and I'll get you out of here.
If I didn't think it would make Thanksgiving awkward, I'd take that letter opener and stick it in your neck.
Thank God for the Native Americans and the Pilgrims.
The stapler would do some damage too.
I honestly didn't expect her to call you.
Second surprise of the day.
I was hoping for a private word with Detective Santos.
It takes a village.
Does that mean you approved of her little poke in the eye? She's been known to have initiative.
The foreign national sitting in your holding cell my men made it explicitly clear to leave him alone.
Let me guess, United Nations? Let's just call him part of an ongoing operation.
- He's an asset of yours.
- For the moment.
Hundreds of man hours in.
You can't blame me for being territorial.
Family is off limits.
I'm territorial too.
Transfer my asset, you can take her for ice cream.
We've been giving you way too much credit.
He's no longer at the six-four.
Federal custody, we thought they were your people.
We all get surprised now and then.
You're buying the ice cream.
We didn't plant the drugs, Lieutenant.
They were in her car already.
You might want to get a handle on that.
Girls her age OD all the time.
I'm gonna get you of them twisty straws you like.
A super hero sippy cup? You want me to kick his ass for you, Wallace? According to the doctors, in three or four more days, he is welcome to try.
Keep provoking him, I bet it's two.
First time his hard head served him well.
I got a lead on who set them up.
Wallace, okay if I show you some pictures? - Does it have to be now? - The sooner we get an ID, the sooner we can stop these guys.
Did you get the known associates of the dead dealer? Does this guy look familiar to you? Take your time.
Yeah, he was there.
- You sure? - All right, that's enough for now.
Just two more.
The doctor told him he has to take it easy, so.
I just want to have these guys locked up by the time he's kicking your ass, that's all.
Find another way.
He didn't see anything.
He just put Intelligence at the scene.
He's hopped on pain killers, Harlee.
He's the only surviving witness.
Six people at the Sunrise, a cop, two dock workers, an ex-cop, a liquor store salesman, your ADA.
- You're only making my point.
- Tell me, Harlee, what do all those people have in common? Look, I'm not trying to put him in front of a grand jury.
I just need to know who was there.
What if Wallace wants to testify? What if he raises his hand and says, "Put me in, Coach.
I'm not afraid.
" Then I'll protect him.
That's my job, and I'm not gonna fail him again.
Tufo, you didn't send him in there.
Yes, I did, and now I'm giving him water through a straw.
Retreating is letting them win.
If you're too scared to do anything, you think they're gonna stop? The only way to beat a bully is to stand up to it.
How'd that work out for you? Look, I know you don't believe me, but it really wasn't mine.
It was my friend Denise's.
- You were holding them for her? - Yes.
She left them in my car when I gave her a ride home.
I'm a cop, Cristina.
So is your mom.
This your first time in the city? Well, I've seen most Woody Allen movies.
Does that count? No, you can't smell the garbage and broken dreams in those, so.
Nice view.
I can see now why my mom loves it.
She used to live here? No, but she's been a lot.
She never brought you? It was before I was born.
She was a stewardess, when they called them stewardesses.
She traveled everywhere.
You know, I've never been out of the country.
- I should get a passport.
- You should.
She always tells me, "You should drink from life's cup as much and as often as you can.
" Ooh, ooh I love You couldn't hear your phone ring at your pool party? You didn't come prepared.
I'm more than willing to listen.
I have to know that yours are the only pair of ears listening.
Okay, just us.
Why'd you tell me about the ambush? I didn't realize you had a man on the inside.
But you warned me anyway.
Did you want me to stop it? I don't know.
Maybe on some level.
Because Bennett was there? Yes.
Were you? I didn't sign up for murder.
After 9/11, I quit school.
Joined the NYPD.
Four years later, I'm working SWAT, and I busted this human trafficking ring.
The leader walked on a technicality, so that day I got drunk and tracked him down.
Worked out my rage with my fists.
The next morning, the suspect was found with a brick of coke in his apartment.
Ramsey? Yeah, he appreciated my initiative, but not my follow through.
It was my first taste of taking the law into my own hands.
Hard to admit it felt good.
It made a difference when the rules wouldn't allow it.
The greater good.
I know it well.
Somewhere along the line, I'm not even sure where, frame jobs turned to executions.
Protecting the city turned into a full-on criminal enterprise.
And the deeper you're in, the harder it is to tell where you are.
Where are you now? I'm lost.
There's a business partner Ramsey's trying to impress, and whatever they're promising, it's pushing Ramsey further into the dark side.
- Killing one of his own men? - I don't know, but I haven't seen him like this before.
I think he's actually intimidated by this associate.
And you? I can't follow him blindly.
Not anymore.
We heard you were into some kinky stuff, so we brought some toys.
What can I say? I like it rough.
Don't take it personally, Michael.
It was magic.
The view, the company.
Sorry work got in the way.
I could think of a couple of ways to keep the magic alive.
Whatever turns you on, gorgeous.
I'm dead already.
Why, because you didn't finish the job? We can protect you if you tell us who you're working for.
Buy me a plane ticket, and we can discuss it on the way to the airport.
Send you off without verification? In my line of business, you pay up front.
Well, we're at an impasse because I won't torture a woman.
But she will.
Did Jordan Ramsey send you for us? - I have trouble with names.
- Oh, yeah? That tickle your memory? This woman can go all night.
I might get bored, but you won't.
I never heard of a what was his name? - Ramsey.
- Ramsey.
Maybe you have more enemies than you thought.
They don't last long, so tell me who's next on my naughty list.
Just tell us, Diana.
You make any interesting arrests lately? The Juan Doe from the hotel? Who? The domestic abuser Intelligence is protecting.
Who is he? In my country, cops know better than to arrest cartel associates, much less cartel family.
Guess we know what he did with his one phone call.
All right, pack it up.
Meet us downstairs.
Make the call.
You tell them you're still on assignment.
How did chemistry go? Have you talked to Woz? About a million times.
No, I mean, like, in the last couple hours? No.
Why, is something wrong? Look, just hear me out before you freak out, okay? You remember how I told you that Mr.
Greenberg is, like, a total tyrant? And with everything that happened and you in the hospital I flunked my final last term.
But the principal gave me a pass with the promise that I'd get my grades back up this term.
And you were afraid to tell me that? I I wanted to fix it first, so I I started going to these study groups with Denise, and and one day this girl, she was passing around a bowl of "study buddies.
" Pills.
Well, I wasn't gonna try, but I was pulling all-nighters, and nothing was working, and I figured, "What's the big deal?" It's just a pill that makes you super focused and and really productive, and everyone's doing it anyway, so.
"Study buddies.
" We're talking about Adderall here, right? Are you snorting it too? No, no, it's just the pills.
And how long has this been going on? Like, a few months.
Since you were at the hospital.
Mom, if I stop taking them now, my grades are gonna go back down, and this semester is so important for college apps.
Okay, okay.
Look, we're not gonna worry about that now, all right? You're the most important thing.
We'll figure the rest out.
I'm sorry.
Look, you coming to me, owning up like this, it takes courage.
Look, baby, I want you to know that you can always come to me for anything, no matter what.
If you're drowning, I will throw you a lifejacket.
I will jump in the water with you because that's my job, okay? There's more.
Is it worse than what you just told me? I got pulled over today, and they searched the car and found the pills.
Ugh, apparently so.
And you called Woz instead of me.
Please don't be mad at him, okay? All he did was pick me up from Manhattan and bring me back home.
- What you were in Manhattan? - No I mean, yes.
I mean, they pulled me over in Bushwick, and they brought me into the city.
I don't know why, but Uncle Woz fixed it.
He seemed to know the captain.
I just asked him for a chance to tell you first.
Did you get the name of the officers that pulled you over? Calling to apologize? Cristina wanted the chance to come clean herself.
Did Ramsey want to come clean too? I expressed my displeasure.
Why did they pick her up? Do they know that Wallace put Bennett at the scene? Well, they were looking to make a trade, and I couldn't have you retaliating until I figured out why they wanted Enrique so badly.
- Who's Enrique? - The name of the prick you and Loman arrested.
- Enrique Ortiz, ring a bell? - Should it? He's the son of Sebastian Ortiz, the head of the Riohacha Cartel.
Loman and I arrested the son of a kingpin? And the Feds really do have him, not Intelligence.
So Papa Ortiz got mad and sent a sicario after the two of you.
- He ordered a hit.
- I took care of her.
If Enrique was under Intelligence's protection, that means Intelligence is in bed with the Riohacha Cartel.
It explains why they were at the Wallace meet.
There's no mystery supplier.
It's a cartel power-grabbing territory.
All under Ramsey's protection.
He provides a secure passage of product, and then he helps them take out the street-level dealers that don't comply.
And you thought you were a dirty cop.
Go big or go home, but with Enrique with the Feds Ramsey has a problem.
Which is gonna make him unpredictable.
I'm gonna be in late.
I need to verify something.
Harlee? Har? You roommates with a serial killer or just an accomplice? I'm here for the same reason as you.
I'm looking for answers.
I'm sorry about your daughter.
I had no idea Ramsey was gonna strike that low.
I told you, he's spiraling.
That's what happens when you screw up with the Riohacha Cartel.
- The shipping container? - What? Was that the secret that got Parker killed? We're all just armed muscle for a cartel? Ramsey's intimidating client, are you saying you didn't have some idea about that? I told you we were vigilante criminals.
Why would I leave that out? You knew.
Deep down, you knew.
Willful ignorance is not evidence.
I have to ask you a question, and I don't need willful ignorance.
And I don't need half-truths.
I don't need breadcrumbs or a cagey dodge.
I need the truth.
Was Bennett ordered to kill James Nava? I think he improvised.
Who knew that's what it took to get Loman laid? You should have seen her.
That should have been his first clue.
Immigration's processing her now.
I guess we can FaceTime.
Well, DEA confirmed her story.
Enrique Ortiz is in their custody.
Hey, Espada, are there restrictions on bench warrants for members of the department? What, are you hiding something? Harlee asked me to file a search and seizure for Theo Bennett's residence.
What did she way was the probable cause? She said there's evidence linking him to Nava's murder, but we should make something up instead.
Give me a twenty on Bennett.
Text it to me.
Wrong side of the river, Detective.
You killed him.
You killed a good man to cover up your murders.
Who's that, sweetheart? And then you go after my daughter? She made it easy.
We didn't even need to plant anything.
We were just doing our job.
Yeah, and I'm about to do mine.
Harlee, Harlee, take a breath, take a breath.
I'm just getting started.
Listen to your lieutenant, sweetheart.
You want to feel the handle of my gun against your ear? Look around, detectives, this is a decorated Intelligence Officer you're trying to intimidate.
You know who you're up against? Yeah, a bunch of pimps for drug dealers who hide behind their badges.
The accusation of a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown.
All right, Harlee, now's not the time.
He's right.
You've got the entire NYPD watching you.
You really want to cross that line? Just walk away.
We will meet again.
Smart girl.
He gave up too.
Cried like a bitch.
Theo Bennett, you're under arrest for the murder of James Nava.
We won't even make it to your car.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
You have the right to an attorney.
Teach 'em all a lesson If you can't afford an attorney, one will be provided to you.
Do you understand your situation?