Shades of Blue (2016) s03e06 Episode Script

The Reckoning

1 Previously on "Shades of Blue" Wozniak's convinced that Saperstein's the mole.
Whoa! Your secrets have poisoned you.
But soon I'm gonna heal you.
My daughter killed herself right after we had a fight.
Annie? And I've been trying to fill the hole ever since.
Does this guy look familiar to you? Yeah.
Wallace just put intelligence at the scene.
Harlee was obsessed with Agent Stahl.
She's dangerous.
You're gonna need a second career when you realize who I am.
What hooks do you have in Captain Ramsey? Enrique Ortiz is the son of the head of the Riohacha cartel.
He ordered a hit.
That means the Riohacha cartel is in bed with intelligence.
I can't follow him blindly.
Not anymore.
Cops investigating cops is dangerous business.
Going against their blue wall is a lonely path.
Was Bennett ordered to kill James Nava? I think he improvised.
You're gonna break the blue wall against the intelligence division.
Theo Bennett, you're under arrest for the murder of James Nava.
Do you understand your situation? Sarcasm isn't the way to go here, Lieutenant.
This isn't sarcasm.
It's contempt.
Arresting an intelligence officer outside my approval demonstrates a reckless disregard for every honest cop in this precinct.
No one's above the law.
Internal Affairs should have been your first call if you had concerns within the department.
They exist specifically to avoid Blue-on-Blue conflicts of interest.
I approached Detective Verco about my concerns.
Whoa, hold on, Detective.
You floated a few rumors, but you never objected to my closing the Sunrise file when the guy that you shot was confirmed by ballistics as the killer.
I didn't arrest Theo Bennett for the Sunrise.
He murdered an assistant District Attorney.
So you're avenging your boyfriend? Is that it? Is that a Jordan Ramsey talking point? Yes, Lieutenant.
I spoke to Captain Ramsey, the head of our Intelligence service.
He was curious if our little search party at his officer's apartment found even a trace of the evidence you suggested.
The evidence was there yesterday.
So you obviously conducted an illegal search.
I thought a warrant would tip them off.
And I was right.
I'm releasing this peace officer.
I see no evidence for his arrest, and frankly, you've pissed me off.
Don't expect me to shield you from the blowback.
You go rogue, you go alone.
- I can prove this.
- Then do it.
He's already been arrested.
Technically he's on a 24-hour hold until I run and clear the paperwork.
New evidence comes to light, internal affairs will look at it.
If IA wants him, he's all yours.
But he doesn't get booked in this precinct.
You're a real profile of courage, aren't you? Intelligence is also protecting Enrique Ortiz, so unimportant that a Federal task force came and swooped him from our custody.
They're not doing a very good job of protecting him, are they? So, what now, detectives? How do I help facilitate the wild irony of you two investigating a cop for being dirty? [LAUGHS] Why don't you prep Bennett for interrogation? As you wish.
Thank you.
Prepare to be unpopular, detectives.
It's not as much fun as I make it look.
We got 24 hours to charge this scarecrow.
You got a plan? Did you read his military record? Yeah, he doesn't talk much.
But maybe if we shake him up [SOLEMN MUSIC] Woz, thank you for sticking by me today.
I know you didn't wanna do it like this.
Even when you act alone, Harlee, you never act alone.
Matthews and Avery.
- Right here, Captain.
- Here.
Edgeworth and Schaefer.
It's gonna be tough today.
Yeah, price of Harlee starting a war.
Soldiers on the front lines get it the worst.
Yeah, except I don't remember volunteering.
Brewster and Capriccio.
- Here.
- Here.
Donnelly and Stone.
Alive and well, Drill Sergeant.
Okay, priorities.
The string of break-ins on Bedford last week is starting to look connected, so dig deep.
Tufo and Nazario.
You skipped us.
- Did I? - Uh-huh.
My mistake.
All right, let's get out there, people.
I want double digits in holding by noon.
Try to keep it to criminals today.
If they got a badge, stay clear.
Remind your curvy friend upstairs.
How about I remind you that she's upstairs for a reason? Oh, I got a few ideas as to what those reasons could be.
Ain't loyalty that got her to the top.
I think you wanna hush up now, Donnelly.
There's a whole city out there, Tufo.
You sure you wanna keep making enemies in here? Less traffic.
Less warning.
Okay, let's find an exit.
Come on.
What did I tell you? Harlee makes an impulsive decision, we all suffer the blow back.
What else is new? Right now, I just wanna keep my brother out of its way.
Loman, tell me this is good news.
[SIGHS] You still hear them, don't you? The voices that don't go quiet.
They've been chasing you for years.
Haven't they? Captains, Lieutenants, Sergeants.
I'm exercising my right to silence.
Have the nightmares stopped yet? [SOFT, TENSE MUSIC] It says here in your file that you were at Kamdesh in Afghanistan.
And then after that, your service record goes dark.
What were you doing? Jerking off in a tent? Did you lose any friends over there? Kill any civilians? I I am exercising my right to silence.
I get it.
I packed body bags too.
You made choices, and you survived.
Even if you lost what made you human.
I'm exercising my right to silence.
Do you ever think about them? The waitress who was trying to make it home for some rest before the breakfast rush.
Is she any different than the women and children from those torn down villages who were looking to you for help? Do you remember the moment they realized that you weren't there to help them? Like I said.
Have the nightmares stopped yet? - I'm exercising - I know.
I know your answer.
It's mine too.
Did you intercept James Nava that night with orders to kill him? They're keeping his transfer off the books.
Oh, yeah? Who'd you have to charm to get that deal? 50-year-old gentleman named Carl.
You should have sent me.
Uh, I'm not sure, actually.
All right, man.
Wallace, you good? Yeah, now that you're here.
- Oh, my man.
- Not you.
Easy, sailor.
Wouldn't want your heart rate to spike.
[LAUGHS] Yo, Loman.
You made sure the transfer order is under an alias, right? Yeah, I wrote it up as a discharge.
Different name, different hospital.
He's safe.
He can identify a cop in a mass murder.
We're taking chances just being outside.
[TIRES SQUEALING] Tess, Tess, close those doors! Get back inside! Sir, put your hands where I can see them.
[GUN COCKING] Don't do that, sir.
Hands! - It's a gun! - No, no, no, no! [GUN FIRES] It wasn't a gun, man! Chill! [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Yo, why didn't you listen to me, huh? You almost got yourself shot.
[CELL PHONE RINGS] Is he talking yet? More than he thinks he is.
You and detective Santos broke a cardinal rule.
I can list a few rules you're breaking.
I guess we all draw our own lines.
I was laboring under the misapprehension that we have an agreement.
There's breathing exercises for that.
Now that it's clear that we don't, I'm gonna make you famous.
[CAMERA SHUTTERS CLICKING] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] I'll endeavor to keep this short.
Hey, Lieutenant.
You're gonna want to see this.
The brave men and women of NYPD's intelligence unit have been working for four years to infiltrate and disarm this terrorist cell.
We have diffused undetonated explosive devices in three locations.
Detective Bennett himself located two pipe bombs near a subway station in Brooklyn.
Unfortunately due to a lack of the brotherhood and the solidarity that the NYPD is known for, Detective Bennett has now been falsely accused and wrongfully detained by detectives of the 64th precinct.
The reckless behavior they have demonstrated - has further compromised - [CLICKS] Seriously? The anti-terrorism card? Nobody fact checks the boogeyman.
You had to expect that they were gonna strike back.
We can't let them canonize this guy.
Well, if Bennett's not gonna talk, then we're gonna have to plant.
No, nothing dirty! With Ramsey, it's gotta be straight, or we don't do it.
Don't do it? We're already in it! You said that there was evidence.
Nava's notebook.
So we replace it with something else.
We call in a favor to Gail Baker.
Maybe she can get me access to Enrique.
The cartel is Ramsey's soft spot.
I think she holds the IOUs in our relationship.
We can take a stand.
Refuse to sink to their level.
Harlee, you just thanked me for standing with you when you made this arrest.
That I knew was gonna start a war.
The entire department could turn against us.
Don't tie my hands behind my back now.
Not now.
Woz, this is when our choices matter the most.
When what's wrong is easy This is not easy.
And what's right is full of danger, that's when we decide who we are.
I'm just trying to keep us alive.
I'm sorry if it's not righteous enough for you.
You know, maybe I should have just put a bullet in Bennett's head.
Ah, now that's a constructive suggestion! We got 22 hours.
The first 11, we'll do it your way.
After that, it's my way.
[EMERGENCY SIRENS WAILING] Paramedics said the guy had a fever of 103.
Never should have been driving.
Look, I'll type up the accidental weapon discharge report.
Last minute you saw it wasn't a gun, fired into the ground.
No injured civilians.
At the last minute, hmm? Look, man, I get it, all right? Intelligence, sicarios I'm nervous too.
But I know what it's like to shoot an unarmed man, and I wanted to spare you.
Yeah, you almost spared me my life, Loman.
Tufo, I knew he didn't have a gun.
I did not.
All we can do is make decisions based on the information that we have.
And I had more information than you.
Well, wouldn't that be nice? [SCOFFS] If we could always react to things exactly as they are? Why shouldn't we? Because in the real world, people shoot at you for no reason, Loman.
Because they're on meth.
Because you're wearing blue.
And we're not even safe in our own precinct anymore.
And if that guy back there pulled out a gun instead of a phone and we waited until we knew, it'd be too late.
Get a nice memorial service out of it, though.
I'd rather have a nice service for the right reasons than contribute to this problem.
Yeah, if everyone who ever threw a rock at a cop could wear this badge for one day, they'd understand it's a war out there.
And the enemies dress the same as civilians.
Oh, be honest, man.
The enemies dress like us, too.
And I'm not talking about the Intelligence Unit.
Well, you wanna know a secret? I'm still a black man under these clothes.
[LAUGHS] Yeah, but if I get gunned down, I'm just a dead cop.
It's the risk I signed up for.
Solutions gotta start somewhere.
Yeah, it does.
And today, I am grateful that you stopped me.
But tomorrow, we could be those guys lying dead in the street.
Or the ones throwing the rocks.
Or the ones throwing the rocks.
At least you don't have a conscience weighing you down.
You are unburdened by common sense.
What happened to Nava's notebook? It was there in the apartment when I left you.
But once the warrant was served You made the mistake of arresting Bennett.
That's what happened.
And that's after Ramsey had proceeded with the cartel and made them understand the foolishness in calling in hits on police officers.
What, am I supposed to be grateful? He did that to protect himself, not us.
Oddly on this, he has a code.
I need you to get me something to hold Bennett.
No evidence will stick.
Not if you keep destroying it.
Look, you got Bennett for one day.
But you are not going to take down Jordan Ramsey with the clock running.
He's playing a different game.
You wanted me to break the blue wall.
I bulldozed it.
Now I need your help.
I didn't tell you to do that.
You practically dared me.
Feeding me information, hoping that I use it.
Regretting how it all went wrong.
Wanting to look in the mirror again? Well, this is it.
We're here.
Ten minutes with the son of a kingpin.
That's all I'm asking.
Matt, the orders came down from up on high.
Nobody talks to Enrique Ortiz, not even me.
The DEA is taking the lead.
Enrique Ortiz sent an assassin against my crew.
I gotta chase this down! Matt, I wish I didn't occupy the rung of a very tall ladder, but I can't change that.
Not with that attitude, you can't.
Yeah, I wish I could tell you that Enrique Ortiz's only known contact in New York was a lawyer named Dustin Hayworth.
It's too bad you can't.
Like I said, I wish I could have helped.
Hey, there she is.
Well, it's official.
We've got a real life American hero in our interrogation room.
With no bust to play.
Doesn't matter.
I already got two officers wanting to shake Bennett's hand.
And when I take him down for multiple homicides, - they'll regret that.
- Yeah, you want my advice? Do I have an option? Work this case with your head down.
Do not try to fight this story.
They're already too far ahead.
- And the clock is ticking.
- They went after my kid, Verco.
The story's not over.
And the city loves a good twist.
You got fan mail? No leads sounds a little harsh.
You know this case? I mean, I've seen the file, yeah.
There are no leads, but still it sounds a little harsh.
This was on my block.
"Healed yet?" It must be a prank from the guys downstairs, right? "It was him or you.
" We thought Enrique Ortiz only sent one sicario.
Maybe it was two.
Sounds like somebody saved your life.
Any idea who that might be? Hey, Detective! It's him.
He didn't even bother to disguise his handwriting.
Detective Santos, this isn't a good time.
My apologies.
When would be the most convenient time for my psychotic stalker to show up again? Ideally when someone else is around to see him.
I tried to let it go.
Okay, I did.
And maybe it wasn't him all along, but I know that this is him.
He said he was gonna heal me.
I never told anybody that.
This happened on your block? Yesterday.
I didn't see anything, and they don't have any leads.
Okay, well, I'm gonna need for you to fill out a witness statement.
Can we just skip to the part where you start trusting me and send this to forensics? A lot of steps between here and there, Detective.
I've earned more than that.
There's been a development.
We are currently pursuing another avenue of investigation.
What development? Your only witness retracted her story.
Gina? She claims that she was coerced into giving a false statement.
[SIGHS] She knows better than anybody how obsessed he is how dangerous.
Apparently she feels that the obsession runs in the other direction.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] Is Dustin Hayward in? He is, but he's on a call.
- Can I take - Thanks.
Um, excuse me.
Dustin Hayward, NYPD.
I knew you'd come.
The times, they move so fast.
You taking a vacation? Plan A.
But, uh, we're past that now.
It's always hard to find a good hotel at the last minute.
Me, I'm happy in a sleeping bag.
My wife, she needs all the amenities.
What about you, Carlos? If I don't have a chocolate on my pillow, I'm out the door.
I can't say anything.
Please don't make me.
You don't even know what we're asking.
Look, I know what I did.
I know.
It was the money.
Things fell apart.
I needed cash.
All right, so tell us about Jordan Ramsey and Enrique Ortiz.
I can't.
They'll kill him.
Who? I can't say anything to you.
They'll know.
They? Are they coming here? Dustin, help me understand.
I never had a choice.
We can protect you.
Nothing can protect me now.
BOTH: No! [THUDS] - [CAR ALARM WAILS] - [SCREAMING] - Somebody help! - Call 911! Gina! It's me.
Open up.
Gina? [KNOCKING] Gina.
If you're in there, I just wanna talk.
[CRYING] Can we do that? [KNOCKING] Gina.
Look, I need your help.
Gina, are you there? [CELL PHONE RINGING] Yeah.
What? When? I'm on my way.
[BEEPING] [SIGHS] She's gone.
[CRYING] Harlee played her part.
Now we have ours.
The question is, are we strong enough to do what's necessary? [CRYING] The knot only gets tighter the more you struggle.
I told you that.
You don't listen.
I listened.
Hey, hey, listen to me.
I listened.
I tried to understand.
I told you where this was gonna lead.
And I told you that I didn't have a choice.
Because she took it away from me.
[CRYING] Now, debt needs to be paid.
[CRYING] I know, I know, I know.
I know you lost a lot.
You lost everything.
I know.
What? [CRYING] Cut her loose.
Tenth floor windows aren't easy to open.
Did you know that, Lieutenant? Sounds like a question for the architect.
Indulge me.
Being cute's not gonna change what happened.
Why were you up there to see Mr.
Hayward? His assistant said you barged in without an appointment.
I'm running an investigation.
Looks like somebody forgot his cape.
What am I looking at? He lost an argument with gravity.
Who started it? He did.
This poor bastard was a wreck the second we walked in the door.
How's our poor bastard holding up? Same as always.
No way to know.
You good, boss? Better than Mr.
Thought we were gonna wait eight hours till we tried it your way.
Look, did he say anything before he jumped? Anything about intelligence? Just talked about his family and how he wanted them safe.
Ramsey and the Riohacha cartel? Yeah, and that's what we have to prove.
We have to find out what pancake man here what he was doing for Ramsey.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] We gotta search that office.
I tried.
They got the whole floor sealed.
They won't let anybody up.
So we sneak in later? What, a Breaking and Entering? - [PHONE CHIRPS] - That's not cutting corners? What? I'm working a theory.
Jumping out a window.
That seems like a fitting end to the end of my tenure with this crew.
You'll go ride off into the sunset, Tess.
Are you kidding me? I've lost my marriage, I have been shot, then operated on by Espada Nightingale, I have been lied to, demoted, aced out of a payday and then, oh, I was called out of my first date in forever to torture a hit woman in a shower.
Taking a concrete plunge seems like the only logical next step for me, Tufo.
Yeah, let's work on that whole glass half full thing.
- Yeah? - [SIGHS] God, now we have to spend half our shifts doing drive by safety checks.
Everyone's circling the wagons to save Harlee's ass.
She made her choice.
And we can make a different one.
Yeah, the intelligence unit tried to kill my brother.
Any choice that involves taking them down, I'm all in.
Wait, you had a date? What, no collars, ladies? That ain't like the street crimes unit.
They're having trouble finding someone to rough up.
Frame another cop.
Stats are stats, right? Oh, I'm happy to find someone to rough up.
You're about to volunteer.
Hey, no, I understand.
Why put yourselves on the line? That's what brothers are for.
What was that? No, I think it's smart.
You send in that ex-con brother of yours, you get the paycheck, parolee gets a cracked skull.
Oh, no.
Tufo, Tufo.
Not worth it, man.
Wallace is twice the man you are! - Come on! - Get off! You son of a bitch! I may be a son of a bitch, but I'm no traitor! Hey, knock it off! You put a leash on that attack dog, Tess! Quiet! Is this what we want the public to see from the NYPD? Now what is this? It's a bit of a disagreement.
I say cops don't turn on other cops.
They do when the cop has committed multiple homicides.
All right, that's it.
The two of you go home and get right.
'Cause I'm filing conduct reports on both your asses.
[CALM MUSIC PLAYING] What are you drinking? Same as you.
Left my gun in my car.
I'm not carrying.
We're more evolved animals, I think.
No, we're cavemen.
We worship the shadows on the wall.
Long day? I've had longer.
He was my detective.
I know.
David Saperstein.
I read the report.
Four story fall.
I pushed him.
Funny what our hands are capable of, isn't it? You think that you know them.
I had to do it myself.
If it had to be done, it was gonna be me.
Noble sentiment.
But once you've led a platoon into an ambush and watched men cut down because of your decisions, you'd let it go.
Is that why you didn't kill Parker? I couldn't do it.
That make me a coward? I think you were probably a coward way before that.
[LAUGHS] So, what am I doing here, Lieutenant? Your man Bennett won't talk.
He may be a homicidal maniac, but he's loyal.
I could have told you that before you put him in cuffs.
I got a deal for you.
Give us a charge that we could hang on him.
He pleads out, my crew gets safe, and we make it out alive.
Are you asking me to leave a man behind? You'd never do that.
I have higher standards.
What you have Is 15 more hours.
I can't leave Bennett in custody.
He's a hero now.
[BLOWS AIR] A hero's a villain with a backstory.
That's true.
I've broken laws I had a hand in writing.
Neglected my second wife.
Haven't spoken to my kids in ten years.
But at least they're still breathing.
You? You're the angel of death.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] What are we doing here? Ramsey needs something in that office.
Something to keep Bennett in custody? All I know is it's important.
The crime scene's gonna be left unattended in ten minutes.
For your guys to make an appearance.
We have a narrow window.
Do you know why this guy jumped? Maybe when we get up there, we'll see the appeal.
[CAR ALARM CHIRPS] [TENSE MUSIC] Intel's good so far.
Thank you.
- Gloves? - Got my own.
How'd this guy get on your boss' radar? Did some legal work for Enrique Ortiz.
How'd he get on Ramsey's? I'd guess the same.
Cartel money is a road map right to him.
That's a sound theory.
Poor guy was more scared to talk than he was to die.
Cleaned out his desk pretty thoroughly.
Had time to prepare.
Doesn't sound like he had much of a choice.
What'd be going through your head If you knew it was coming? Well, I'd be wishing I hadn't wasted so much time matching my socks.
My wife.
What was that? If I were him If I had a wife, I'd be thinking about her.
My kids.
I'd want them to know why this happened.
I'd try to communicate something.
What what did he say to your friends? Just that they'd know if he talked.
That his family was in danger.
He gave Espada a photo of them.
This photo? Fed Prac Digest Volume Four.
Federal Practice.
It's a book.
[SCHOOL BELL RINGS] Circled this school three times in twenty minutes.
You feel like filling me in? That's information beyond your pay grade.
Pretty sure we're wearing the same uniform.
Even if one of us doesn't respect it.
You're about 30 seconds from getting kicked out of this car.
It's my car.
You're in it 'cause your crazy partner got his ass sent home.
Dragged my partner with him.
[SIGHS] Will food shut you up? Worth a shot.
Volume four.
Got it.
Treasure map? It's a formation document for an offshore LLC.
Magnolia Limited.
Good way to stay anonymous.
This isn't anonymous.
It's Ramsey.
Are you sure? Magnolia was his last operation overseas.
It it went badly.
He lost a lot of men.
He's he's never been able to let it go.
I thought you said he didn't confide in you.
I used to be the Golden Boy.
It's a purchase agreement for a property in Red Hook.
A bonded warehouse.
Bonded? They have lax custom requirements and sporadic oversight.
It opens onto the river.
[BELL DINGS] Come on.
Leave the paper.
Get the address.
Too late.
Over here.
Think this place is haunted yet? He didn't die until after he landed.
I'm not seeing anything labeled Ramsey or Magnolia.
It wouldn't be labeled.
All that matter is Matt Wozniak didn't come away with any leads.
Well, there's nothing here.
Hayward probably shredded them.
Maybe packed them away.
This book is upside down.
This is it.
Good effort, Mr.
Let's go.
Ramsey wants us there to chaperone tonight's operation.
Tonight's operation? I'll find out.
I thought I heard the door.
What are you doing home? I wanted to see you.
You talking to me or Jack Daniels? Both.
He's gonna have to keep you occupied, because I have a a fundraiser to go to.
Francis? [LAUGHS] Yeah, the one that you got out of by saying that you had to work? Yeah, I'm a slippery fish.
- See you later.
- Okay.
[DOOR CREAKS OPEN, CLOSES] It's barely a scratch.
I already told you I'd pay for it.
What'd you say? I don't want you hanging out with that crowd! You're better than them! I'm not a little girl anymore.
Let me live my life.
Fine, fine.
You live your life.
You see where you end up.
What do you care? You're never here.
I could be drowning, and you'd call me from your office yelling at me to learn to swim.
And you know what would happen? You'd sink! Right to the bottom! [DOOR OPENS] Sorry, Beauty.
I'm sorry that I let you drown.
[DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES] Boss, 14 hours left on Bennett.
Why aren't you answering your phone? I didn't hear it ringing.
Your jumper left us a lead.
On the pavement? Ramsey's bringing in another shipment.
A shipment of what? Something he doesn't want customs to see.
I'll brief you on the way.
Just how you wanna be spending your day off, huh? Avenging my brother's assault beats cereal on the couch.
Ah, come on.
Just admit it.
You missed us.
So Harlee, how sure are we that your man inside isn't Ramsey's man inside? That's what the vests are for.
Whatever it is is gonna lead us back to Intelligence? Ramsey owns this warehouse.
Anything we seize is potential evidence.
Okay, but but before we go any further, don't you think we should maybe, like, I don't know, take a vote or something? - A vote? - Yeah.
I don't remember deciding to start a war with the Intelligence Unit and alienate the entire police force.
The war didn't wait for you to decide.
It's here.
We gotta stop it now.
I'm just saying, maybe if we had taken a vote, none of this would have happened.
Fine, every detective gets one vote.
Lieutenant gets five.
The ayes have it.
Tufo, James Madison, myself, we're gonna go around the side.
Look, I don't know about anyone else, but I'm feeling backup on this.
No, we need to keep this off the grid.
Intelligence knows your Google history.
You two go in the back.
We're gonna make enough an impression that whoever's back there will never notice you.
- Loman.
- Yeah.
Let's go make a scene.
[GUN COCKS] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] The party doesn't seem to be very well attended.
I'm not loving this feeling.
All right, let's find the water.
Harlee said six.
This isn't right.
These guys are precise.
Well, we're here.
Maybe this is precisely what they wanted.
Not promising.
Harlee, you there? Go ahead.
We found the dock.
No sign of a shipment.
How solid are you on this intel? No sign of anything? Yo, let's get the hell out of here.
This doesn't feel right.
Woz says we need to go.
No! We only have Bennett for a few more hours.
This is our shot.
[DISTANT CREAKING] Harlee, I heard something.
[PHONE VIBRATES] What is it? We gotta move.
[GUNFIRE] Harlee! Harlee, you there? [GUNFIRE] We'll find them.
Stay low.
[GUNFIRE] [SHOUTS] [GUNFIRE] Dispatch, Tango Nine Zero Three.
I've got a 13.
Shots fired.
Tango Nine Zero Three, what's your location? 67 West Street.
[GUNFIRE] Taking rounds! Requesting immediate backup.
Don't flinch.
So, did you miss this? Patrol.
I mean, you spent thousands of hours earning that detective badge, but this? This is simple right and wrong.
You certainly got that simple part down.
Just making conversation.
Attention all units, all units respond.
67 West Street.
Shots fired.
Officers on scene.
That's Dockside.
It's about eight blocks away.
[SIRENS WAILING] So, what's the plan? How long you think we can hold them until backup arrives? We hold on till we can't.
I didn't see any new shipment come in, Harlee.
This is the last time we trust this source of yours.
It's the last time we do anything.
You mind if we get out of here before you start bitching? Hey, hey, cavalry's here.
[SIRENS WAILING] We've gotta hunker down.
Dispatch, can you confirm the call sign of the officers on scene? Officer ID, Tango Nine Zero Three.
That's Harlee's number.
What? You sure? [SIRENS WAILING] What's he doing? Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, they're turning back.
What is this? [SIREN CLICKS OFF] No, no, no, Stone! Turn this car around right now, you son of a bitch! No, they can't leave us! Yo, somebody radio dispatch! It's the Blue Wall.
Once you cross it, you're alone.
[GUNFIRE] Don't do this.
These are good people! And they serve the same city as you.
Stone, come on.
Turn around, or I swear to God, I'll shoot you right here.
- You lost it.
- You bet your ass.
Stop this car and get out.
[SIREN WAILING] Hang on, guys.