Shades of Blue (2016) s03e07 Episode Script

Straight Through the Heart

Previously on "Shades of Blue" The bullet is lodged right up against the bone.
You need me to remind you what happens if it moves? Did you share with her your belief that Agent Stahl is back in the city? You now have independent corroboration.
I couldn't tell you this before because Harlee was there, but Harlee was as obsessed with Agent Stahl as she said he was with her.
Your only witness retracted her story.
Gina! And now, a debt needs to be paid.
Intelligence is in bed with the Riohacha Cartel, who's also protecting Enrique Ortiz.
You too, detectives.
Move along.
We have her statement.
Was Bennett ordered to kill James Nava? Improvised.
Cops investigating cops is dangerous business.
Going against that blue wall is a lonely path.
Theo Bennett, you're under arrest for the murder of James Nava.
Prepare to be unpopular.
It's a purchase agreement for a property in Red Hook, a bonded warehouse.
I'll find out.
Ramsey's bringing in another shipment.
Let's go make a scene.
What is it? Requesting immediate backup! Cover's here! Wait, wait, wait, they're turning back! The blue wall once you cross it, you're alone! Turn around, or I swear to God, I'll shoot you right here! 42-12, roll a code three, 10-13 to 67 West Street.
Responding to officers in distress.
You'd think sirens would scare these guys away.
Not if they're cops themselves! Backup's on the way.
They all turned around.
Six black and whites aborted.
I am here by myself.
- Call it again! - Copy.
All units, roll a code three at 67 West Street.
- Patrol car! One came back! - Just one? 34,000 cops in the city, only two still like us? It's a start! Shots are subsiding.
So we take the door? Tess, no! Tess, pull back! The sole responder? It's Tess? - Yeah, kamikaze style! - She's alone? And crazier than we thought! Sometimes crazy is good! - Ah! - Woz! Ow! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Easy there! Easy there, sheriff! Did anybody get hurt? - No.
- You're our only backup.
Someone had to come save your asses! Did you see anyone? I didn't wait for an introduction.
They sprayed cover fire and took off.
Look at this.
Not one bruise.
Cocaine? Beats Granny Smith.
So our intel was solid.
Ramsey is using this warehouse to move shipments for the Cartel.
One sample that they didn't get to move out.
If we can link these drugs to Intelligence, we have our charge to hold Bennett.
Here we go.
The cavalry.
These brave sons of bitches.
Blue wall had a change of heart.
Little late to answer the bell now.
27 years I've worn a badge.
27 years I banked on one certainty: That if I made a distress call, a brotherhood would be there at my aid.
When we expose the Intelligence unit, we'll get them back.
27 years! Woz, once people know the truth How many times did I tell you this would happen if you arrested a cop? A member of the Intelligence unit.
Look, we still have a few more hours to charge Bennett and turn this whole PR war around.
This isn't about PR.
This isn't about you! We were all left to die! We're all alone, Harlee! We tried it your way, and now we're not part of the tribe anymore.
Save your ammo.
You missed the action! We heard the code three! Where are the responding officers? Minutes away.
Nobody showed, huh? - You did.
- Is that a thank you? Did you hear me say thank you? Guess I don't have to say you're welcome, then.
What were you doing in an offline bonded warehouse? Nothing much.
Just intercepting a meeting between an international Cartel and their fixer in Brooklyn.
- No arrests, huh? - We might have, if backup had shown up.
Can't say I didn't warn you.
Detective Wilson from the 8-5.
Do you know a Gina Romero? A little, why? We found your card in her place.
Were you investigating a vice crime? She's a witness in a fugitive case.
Not anymore.
It's not a museum for morbid curiosity.
Detective Santos.
You called me.
You didn't have to come.
FBI confirmed an active investigation.
- Who found her? - Neighbor.
You like any other names for it? In her line of work? I'd say the phone book.
Murder weapon on site? Mm-mm.
Weren't you on Matt Wozniak's unit? Last I checked.
I'm gonna need access to all forensics.
Oh, that part of the six-four.
Excuse us, Detective, but we can't have you polluting the scene.
This could be my suspect, all right? He's a he's a client turned stalker.
If we need you, we'll call you.
He threatened her, all right? He is dangerous, and he won't stop! Well, at least he stabs his victims in the front.
Straight through the heart.
I just decided it was finally time you paid for all the things you've done, Harlee.
It's a long list of desperate acts.
You must be in a bad way to make that offer.
Remember your scenario training, Harlee.
You forget how well I know you.
I need you to do something for me, Harlee.
I said we'd be.
I accept your surrender.
Soon, I'm gonna heal you.
- Hi, Mom.
- Hi, where are you? At Michaela's, cramming for History.
I'll be right there.
Is everything okay? You know the man who took me? - He attacked someone.
- Someone we know? It's not for sure it was him, but there's a chance it is, and I'm being extra cautious.
Maybe you should ask Michaela's parents if you can spend the night.
What are you gonna do? Uncle Woz needs me.
We have a very bad man locked up at the precinct, and time's ticking.
I'm gonna take a wild guess and say it didn't go well.
I'm the only cop out there willing to do their job, and I'm the one being called in on the carpet? No freaking way.
I'm gonna find out if our new little captain is still in the building, and tell him I am sick of quietly taking this beating.
Tess, that is not a good idea.
What, so I should thank Sergeant Asshat for keeping me riding with that rat? Stone wrote you up? Yeah, and I'm supposed to play nice.
Well, maybe don't point a gun at him for the next few days.
Oh, wait, you think this is on me? No, but you're a model of restraint, Tess.
I have given this department over a decade of my life.
I have followed Woz and Harlee into war.
Sacrificed my marriage.
All the nights I've missed with my kids, and what do I get? You're a loyal soldier, Tess everybody knows that.
No, I got a demotion, and now the threat of a suspension! Like it wasn't hard enough to stay afloat No, no, I can't let you go in there! - Not in this state! - What state? The the captain's ego, your mouth, it's a pink slip waiting to happen.
Get out of my way, Tufo.
I mean it.
No, I do too.
Let go of me, Tufo, let go of me! That's the thing! I can't! We do not let go of each other.
If you go in there, I go too.
Woz is looking for you.
He's in with Verco.
Any luck on something to charge Bennett? Well, remember when he and Cole made that domestic assault call at the Embassy Hotel go away? Cartel guy, Enrique Ortiz.
The room was being held in his battered girlfriend's name.
Vanessa Ruiz.
According to DHS, she never left the country.
We find her, she testifies that Bennett shows up, and the son of a Cartel kingpin got a free pass.
Not exactly a smoking gun.
It suggests the Cartel has him on payroll.
It's a simple question, Lieutenant.
Should I be more insulted at the accusation, or that you think that I'd be stupid enough to call the cops to my own stash house? Maybe you knew they wouldn't show up.
Wait, how did it become our stash? The incorporation titles are all listed under Lieutenant Wozniak's name.
To Ramsey's bonded warehouse? To everything related to a shell corporation named Magnolia since its inception in 2007.
Since sundown.
Another gift from Intelligence.
Not according to the County Clerk's office, it's not.
Do you actually believe that Ramsey's not capable of switching ownership documents? I'm running out of reasons to stick my neck out for you.
No one's asking for a favor! - Just do your job! - Lieutenant, doing my job would mean putting cuffs on you right now.
Then put me in cuffs! Put 'em on! If the warehouse isn't yours, how did you know to look there? Bennett.
Okay, you're telling me that a member of the Intelligence Unit caved under your questioning? You know that something is not right here.
That's why you let us hold Bennett.
Just run out the clock, and your bargain may pay off.
It's your bargain, and, in less than 16 hours, Cinderella gets out of here a free man.
He hung us! Ramsey's panicked.
We're getting close that's why he's trying to lay off culpability.
It was inevitable.
You begged me to take on Ramsey, and now we're getting our asses handed to us just like I said we would.
And then you disappear on me! The 8-5 called me to the site of a The 8-5? What, were you switching precincts? They didn't show up either nobody showed up! I will find out how the warehouse deed got switched.
Loman, right now, is working on a lead to charge Bennett with racketeering.
Then we can use him to get Ramsey.
Skip the stutter step and just beat it out of the son of a bitch.
Bennett's never gonna talk! Can we just stick with Cole? Cole Cole, who led us to the ambush.
I know better now.
Surprised to see me alive? Better come inside if you want to keep it that way.
So you can shoot me at closer range? If we'd been shooting to kill, no one would've walked out.
You were there? - I tried to warn you.
- So what was that? An ambush? A setup? Both? Ramsey got nervous, he cancelled his meeting with the Cartel, he sent us to move product he was storing for them at the warehouse, only you were already raiding the place.
And the bullets flying at our head, what was that? Just a precaution? We only meant to pin you down so we could get what we came for.
Always so helpful.
Only it's never really clear who you're helping.
I still have to answer to Ramsey, but I made sure everyone walked out alive! Go ahead, take a bite.
Said the snake to the righteous.
You're the righteous one, huh? You've already sinned, what do you care? The burden of proof.
How inconvenient.
Did you know Pabst never won a blue ribbon for his beer? It's not my label.
History is whatever story sticks.
The information wasn't wrong.
There were Cartel drugs at the warehouse.
That mysteriously switched owners within hours.
Ramsey leads an intelligence force, you don't think he could leverage a computer hacker to switch a name? Was it his idea to use me, or yours? We tracked down your lead to your boss' warehouse.
Magnolia Inc.
Never heard of it, and never gave you a lead.
Tell that to Ramsey when he joins you in general population.
He lost a lot of cash when we intercepted his shipment.
Didn't know apples were that valuable.
So you're saying that he does ship them? I'm exercising my right to silence.
Really? From Colombia, I believe.
Riohacha Cartel.
Huh? - I'm on your side.
- Then prove it! Tell me where Vanessa is.
- Who's Vanessa? - A loose end.
Enrique's battered girlfriend.
If she's still in New York, she can establish a racketeering link between Bennett and the Cartel.
And me.
So now it's your turn to trust.
Ramsey always has a contingency plan.
What do you think it is for snitches? I'd be more concerned about his plan for you.
Ooh, who's he gonna get to go after me? I'll volunteer.
Like you volunteered to kill Parker in that diner after he went to IA? How'd you convince yourself that betrayal was loyalty? Parker also thought that he could outsmart Ramsey.
Didn't count on him having eyes and ears everywhere.
Ah, so he has people in IA.
Thanks for the information.
Cole thinks Ramsey changed the warehouse data electronically he deals with hackers all the time.
Yeah, no one could've guessed that.
Text me this hacker's name and address.
Woz, it's 5:00 a.
And you can't exactly ask Ramsey.
But he is getting us a location on the Cartel girlfriend.
Your Cole's got a PhD in half answers.
He admitted to being at the warehouse.
So he sent us into an ambush, and then shot at us.
That's a reliable source.
We'll see if he delivers on Vanessa.
The Cartel link.
I'm not sitting on my hands waiting for information to fall into my lap.
I'll flush out this hacker myself.
Looking for a good listener? I know the victim.
I was hoping to get some information on her murder.
I haven't seen anything like it in a while.
She had ligature marks on her wrists, but no evidence of intercourse.
Single stab wound, directly into her heart, severing the ascending aorta.
Probably dead before her brain even registered the pain.
Hey! Black, black with milk? Thanks, I'm already three cups in.
I tried calling you.
Yeah, I watched it ring all through my staff meeting.
There's a call back feature that reduces the risk of embarrassing visits from your father.
Dad, I'm swamped.
What do you need? Do you remember the computer hackers that we used for that thing with Julia? "That thing?" You sound like a mobster, Dad.
This is important to me.
Can you get in touch with them? I need them to lead me to a particular hacker.
Well, it's not exactly like we trade Christmas cards.
But you can reach them? See this reporter over here? The one that looks like a professor.
He's breaking a piece on cops and drug trafficking.
And he just asked me in front of a room full of people whether you and I were related.
Oh, yeah, and what'd you tell him? That it's complicated.
Do you believe everything you read in the paper? No, it's not just in the papers, Dad.
It is everywhere.
There are links between you and a South American drug kingpin Secret protection, hidden real estate.
Do you know how to verify a story? And when you got close to being busted by the NYPD's Intelligence Unit, you arrested one of their men to deflect attention.
And you believe it? Does it matter? To me, yeah.
It matters.
I wish I could say my father would never do that.
Monarch Hotel, seven blocks up to the right.
How did you find her? Do I have to share every secret? When you shoot at me, yeah.
Don't worry if anyone knows how you found this woman, the bullets will be aimed at me.
As soon as Vanessa IDs Bennett, I'll drive her back and file her statement under an alias.
It'll be like she was out for an afternoon shopping.
No one in my crew besides Bennett and Ramsey even knows who she is, let alone where to find her Hey, you parked in my spot! Is there a sign, or did you urinate? I'll give you a pass in exchange for a favor.
That's not really a pass.
File a 61 saying that you're following a lead to the computer hacker who altered the deed to yesterday's drug warehouse.
Why don't you just give me the lead? I don't have it yet, hence the favor.
You're all out of favors with me, Lieutenant.
But feel free to call me if you come up with any actual evidence.
Ramsey has a rat in your department.
Last I checked, Internal Affairs embeds informants in other departments, not the other way around.
You've had your suspicions.
You know it, you're too good of a cop not to.
A compliment? Wow.
You really are desperate, huh? Bennett confirmed it! "Eyes and ears," his exact words.
Intelligence officers are trained to spread misinformation.
So am I.
Just file the report.
The mole tells Ramsey, Ramsey covers his tracks, he leads me to the hacker.
How do you know that there is a hacker? The deed was changed in less than two hours! I love nothing more than being owed favors by corrupt cops, but Class C felony charges for submitting a false report not so much.
It's a snapshot of your understanding at the time.
If you ever teach a corrupt cop seminar, you sign me up.
You have a leak, Tom, and, in your gut, you know it! I do not know it, and I'm not breaking the law for you.
But seeing as we've had this breakthrough, I'm gonna forget you asked.
Good luck, Matt, good luck.
It's not the most subtle frame job I've seen.
He's taunting me.
The rogue FBI agent who abducted you? I do my research.
Quite thoroughly, that case file is sealed.
The subject matters to me.
Hey, hey, hey.
Do you think that he would really risk killing a woman just to mess with your head? He hired her to play out his obsessive sexual fantasies.
He pretended she was me.
Called her by my name.
And now, he's murdered her.
He still has two conflicting impulses.
To possess me and to kill me.
That day in the woods, I took the choice away from him.
In his twisted reality, he thinks he's the one who can save me.
You want me to get rid of it for you? You just help Detective Loman bring Vanessa in.
I'll dispose of the knife.
That's it, gentlemen.
Okay, I'm off to interrogate narco guys who use dope as cologne.
This one genius, he files five separate arrest reports using the pseudonyms Bird, Parish, McHale, Maxwell, Johnson.
Tom, hold back a second, will you? Shut the door.
You've been holding a member of the Intelligence Unit - for almost 48 hours.
- Theo Bennett.
Two anti-crime detectives who work the 6-4 arrested him.
Oh, I'm familiar.
The same detectives you investigated last year.
They made a persuasive case.
Before or after they were implicated in a scheme involving a Cartel warehouse? I'm looking into that.
Well, in the meantime, I'm cutting our losses and releasing Bennett right now.
You bet on the wrong horse, Tom.
Yes, ma'am.
Deputy Commissioner, I have a lead on a computer hacker that may have interfered with the deed of ownership of that bonded warehouse.
Enrique's locked up.
He can no longer hurt you.
He doesn't need to do it himself.
Look, all we need you to do is point out one of the police officers who showed up at the other hotel the other day.
Where's your partner? The lady? All right, what's the play here? I set the bait.
You two pull in a spot, and wait for Ramsey or his guys to lead us to this hacker.
So another Hail Mary black op? Certain things you have to do yourself.
What's this one gonna cost me, Woz? I'm working on the detective shields.
I just need to get out from under all this.
Patience doesn't pay the bills.
My salary's been decimated, you got no extracurriculars, I've been using my credit cards to stay afloat, but this ship is sinking.
How much are you under? I think we're past that point.
No, come on, let me help you.
No, I can't always go crying to Daddy.
Just give me a number.
Set aside an advance, work out a loan.
What? $157,412.
- Where's Harlee? - She's supposed to meet us here.
Is the lineup ready? Yeah, we're assembling volunteers, just waiting on Verco to observe.
I filed it under an unrelated case.
Good idea.
Listen, there's gonna be a one-way glass, all right? All you gotta do is point out the police officer that intervened on Enrique's behalf at the hotel.
What the hell you guys doing walking through here? He's a witness! Ten to one the blood on that knife matches Gina Romero.
Am I gonna find any prints on it? Well, I don't think Stahl is that stupid but he is a lunatic anything's possible.
And what do you believe he's trying to accomplish? He's trying to destroy my life.
Undermine my credibility.
When was the last time you saw Ms.
Romero? Right before she called to change her story, I think.
When I told you that she recanted, did you try to contact her? Agent Myers, is this an official interrogation? No physical evidence linking Stahl to the victim.
No witnesses that put him on site.
But you were seen at her apartment both before and after the murder.
You think I killed the only other person in New York City who had seen Stahl? And forgot the murder weapon? Went back to retrieve it under the nose of about a dozen NYPD officers, only to then walk it over to the FBI? Well, there's one inconsistency.
Only one? Stahl created an extensive profile on you.
Thorough, detailed, designed to draw reliable behavioral forecasts.
And what would those be? You would've gotten rid of the knife.
Fore! I'll have to switch to a club with a more exclusive door policy.
For a second there, I mistook you for an Intelligence agent.
First sign of danger, you're supposed to switch up your routine.
Only with serious threats.
You're gonna have to recalibrate your risk assessment to survive in prison, so you'll get plenty of free sex.
Even your threats are getting soft, Matt.
The sudden death is overrated.
I prefer a life sentence, this way I can watch the life drain from your eyes over the next 30 years.
You don't get to where I am without staying two strokes ahead.
Your man, Bennett, he sure can sing.
Is that supposed to trick me into giving you a fighting chance? You'll find out in court, when the hacker testifies.
The hacker? Didn't you hear? The man suffered a fatal car accident.
Tragedy, really.
Talent like that is hard to come by.
Come back and visit any time.
I can teach you a couple moves.
Your victim is a 22-year-old MIT drop-out.
He was investigated back in October for some online scam, but no charges were filed.
Let me guess.
Intelligence? Officer Phelps is listed on the case file.
I doubt we're gonna find anything back at his apartment.
Told you, there's a mole! A car accident proves that? It was timed perfectly! You promised me that you had a plan.
For a trap to work, I have to know it's set.
You never mentioned a man's life was in danger.
What did you think Ramsey was gonna do? - Send him an e-mail? - Congratulations, Lieutenant.
It only took one dead stranger to confirm Ramsey's reach in Internal Affairs.
No wonder you're so popular in the department.
What the hell happened? Where's Vanessa? She got spooked when she saw Bennett.
Loman went looking for her.
What were those two even doing in the same room together? Stairwell.
Nobody knew she was coming, Bennett was being escorted to Captain Pine's office to have his confiscated service weapon returned.
Returned? Standard protocol when a police officer is released from custody.
We have a witness linking Bennett to the son of a Cartel kingpin.
And we had a deadline.
Three hours from now! Look, I held him as long as I could; I was overruled.
Bennett was discharged before I got back here.
- We were waiting for you! - Yeah, where were you? My advice, stop making enemies of the NYPD.
And stay out of the way until Bennett's crew comes to pick him up.
Wait, Bennett's still in the building? - What's up? - Where are you? Not right now.
I'm in Brooklyn.
With your team on your way to my precinct for a pickup? Must be the smoke alarm.
Dad's been having some trouble with it.
How far out are you? I'm sure he'll be right back.
Find a way to peel off.
Was there, uh Was there any smoke? Bennett saw Enrique's girl at the precinct.
The moment he reveals that, Ramsey knows he has a leak.
Um yeah, go ahead.
We can drive Bennett to 1 Police Plaza, paint him as a snitch.
Where are you picking him up? Try the back door.
Woz, the motor pool.
Try to find an excuse not to go back to headquarters.
That's, uh it's it was worth a shot, I'll tell him.
House on fire? No, it's a faulty alarm.
My dad's neighbor needed permission to get inside.
What you just missed the left! Oh, God.
Is this a one way? I hate Brooklyn.
Miss me already? We didn't have time to debrief.
Well, I'm sure there will be a reunion.
Has it occurred to you nobody's come to pick you up yet? We're heading to Manhattan, we can give him a lift, can't we, Woz? I don't know 48 hours in a holding cell.
He's kind of ripe.
Last time I got into a car with you, didn't turn out too well for anyone.
- Shut up.
- Aw, come on, don't say that.
We got to know each other, didn't we? We found Ramsey's warehouse.
We found Enrique's girl.
Word travels fast.
Best bet is for you to switch teams.
I'm a free man.
There's no reason for Ramsey to believe that I'd work with you.
Well, you worked with us, and now you're a free man.
Do you know what happened to captured Soviet spies during the Cold War, once they were returned to Moscow? - Bullet between the eyes? - What do you think, Harlee? Ramsey's nervous.
If he thinks he has a snitch, we all know how that ends.
Why don't we pull the trigger ourselves? Save Ramsey the trouble.
Unless you give us a good reason to keep you alive.
I'll keep the car running.
Make sure you cut the zip ties when you're done.
Coin flip? Yeah heads, one bullet.
Tails, two.
I'm not following the play here.
I'm not playing.
What, you want to kill him? I want you to choose, Harlee.
Right now! We deliver Bennett to Ramsey, and regroup.
That's not surrender.
There's no nailing this guy straight up! You want justice for Nava? It's gotta be done at the dirty end of the field! But an execution? Making this right and doing what's right aren't the same thing.
No, no, more death isn't gonna fix anything! Stahl killed Gina! A stab through the heart meant for me! We continue down this road, and I will never escape him! Kill him or don't kill him.
I don't care.
I just want you home.
Filthy! Look at these, though! We used to always listen to this one before bedtime.
It will be a miracle if that is not scratched useless! Hey.
Oh, you're home early.
Checking out the latest moth population? Yeah, Jay bought a record player for the house.
So, I figured since these were just collecting dust Well, these should do for now, want me to take the rest back upstairs? Why, I thought you were staying for dinner.
Yeah, I don't want to leave Jay to eat by himself.
He's more than welcome, you know that.
It's okay.
I'll call you tomorrow, okay? Leave it, I'll take it.
Matt, why don't you let him take care of it Nah, he obviously is in a hurry and in no mood to help.
- I'll take care of it.
- Mom's right.
With your back and everything Now you got my back, huh? Slightly different than breaking the law, Dad.
That someone suffered a fatal car accident because you didn't trust me enough to help.
- Are you sure that's on me? - I'm positive.
'Cause in my experience, people tend to get hurt around you an awful lot, Dad.
What is he talking about, Matt? Nothing I shouldn't have brought it up.
Oh, no, nothing! You're under investigation for drug charges and the entire NYPD hates your guts.
Are you really this blind? His job, his everything.
Time for you to go.
Don't you think she has the right to know? Nate, that's enough.
Wait, wait, wait.
You're seriously defending him? After all the lies, this man, everything he has done to you? You guys sure deserve each other.
Thank you.
I did not raise my son to speak to his father like that.
He always was strong willed.
I wasn't taking your side.
I know.
Always been a wall between us.
I used to think that I put it up, but maybe he did.
Maybe he knows he's safer that way.
Better off without me.
Maybe they all are.
They? Who's they? You know.
I do know.
Ow! You know, I think I know what you need.
Release some tension.
I think I sense a indecent proposal on the horizon.
Oh, no, not for me.
No, I mean, you're definitely like You know what I'm saying.
Aren't visiting hours almost over? Yeah, well, I'll walk you to the subway? You kidding me? Joe's got the kids.
I just spent six bucks on this drink.
I ain't going nowhere.
All right, well, get home safe.
Be safe tomorrow.
You know, Tess, um I thought I would hate being back in that patrol car.
But two days without you, now I know I do.
Some of us are just slow learners.
Alone at the bar that how they treat heroes in your unit? You say that like it's a bad thing.
It doesn't scream self-satisfaction.
Well, shows how much you know.
I know it's not just the demotion.
Or the divorce.
Or the loan default.
Or the four maxed-out credit cards.
Nah, what I think it comes down to is dignity.
You've been taking the hit for so long for Wozniak.
For what? Look, if you came to humiliate me, why don't you just get in line? Ramsey rewards loyalty.
Especially the fierce kind you demonstrated.
He takes care of his own.
Oh, yeah? How much is a soul going for these days? $157,412.
I'm not that kind of girl.
You might surprise yourself.
Or your left temple with my right hook.
Measure of good faith.
You'll be back on patrol with that good looking partner of yours by tomorrow morning.
Oh, yeah? Maybe I should set the two of you up.
That man has eyes for you.
You're gonna kill me if you keep doing that.
I can't exactly drop by the office.
That's funny.
Whose fault is that? Technically, it's Harlee Santos.
You're right.
She's good.
I got a decent Argentinean Malbec, if that works.
Well, I remember when two buck chuck was enough for you.
You're becoming quite refined.
It's the city.
I'm adaptable, I guess.
So are you.
Survival of the fittest.
Harlee made a surprising adaptation today.
Well, that's one of her strengths.
Makes you wonder if she had anything to do with the prostitute's murder.
Which is exactly why she did it.
Listen to me.
Harlee Santos is smart, she's manipulative, and she's ruthless.
You can never let your guard down with her.
Thank you for the warning.
I'm sorry, Bennett was never supposed to see Vanessa.
Yeah, but when you play with fire Did Bennett tell Ramsey about her? Ramsey called me for a meeting.
Here? No.
I turned my phone off as soon as I got the text.
But he can still track you! A dead battery is easy to explain, pulling my SIM card out, not so much.
You can't start acting guilty.
You know, it's possible that we found her on our own.
Under a fake name at a hotel across town? Ramsey will know you got tipped.
And it could only be Bennett or me! The longer you stay off the grid, the more suspicious you look.
I need to get my go bag and any cash you can get your hands on.
You leave now, and you can never come back.
All right, there's gotta be another way out of this.
Last time Ramsey was feeling jumpy and betrayed, we had a diner full of dead bodies! Can you get ahead of it? Say that we followed you! I had no reason to set foot in that new hotel! Wozniak's great in the box.
He got it out of Bennett.
Our job is keeping secrets.
Unless he revealed information under duress.
Or I kept my mouth shut Loyalty under fire.
What? I mean it's no picnic, but it's better than the alternative.
What how are you gonna pull that off? Torture.
The kind that leaves a mark.
It explains my absence, it gives me credibility, maybe even buys me some sympathy.
Ramsey's still gonna want to eliminate the leak.
As long as I can exonerate myself, he'll look elsewhere.
This would certainly do the trick.
It's searing flesh, Harlee.
I'm not gonna be able to do it to myself.
No, all right? I can't do that I won't do it! Well, then I'm a dead man! Thank you.
Don't hold back.
You have to make it look believable.
Do we have a safe word? Kind of defeats the purpose, don't you think? Glad you told me to make it look believable.
You don't stop until you're finished.
This might hurt a little.