Shades of Blue (2016) s03e08 Episode Script

Cry Havoc

1 Previously on "Shades of Blue" - Your only witness retracted her story.
Gina! - A debt needs to be paid.
- Agent Myers, is this an official interrogation? - Stahl created an extensive profile on you.
- Harlee Santos is smart.
You can never let your guard down.
- I'm sorry, Loman, for deciding what kind of cop you were gonna be before you had the chance to.
Intelligence is in bed with the Riohacha cartel.
- Move along.
- Enrique Ortiz is so important that a federal task force came and swooped him from our custody.
- My men made it explicitly clear to leave him alone.
- Theo Bennett, you're under arrest for the murder of James Nava.
I can prove this! - Then do it.
- Tell me where Vanessa is.
And establish a racketeering link between Bennett and the cartel.
- Ramsey has a rat in Internal Affairs, you know it.
- I'm cutting our losses and releasing Bennett right now.
- Ramsey will know you got tipped, and it could only be Bennett or me.
Loyalty under fire.
This would certainly do the trick.
- This might hurt a little.
- Relax.
It's over.
What do you think? Will the scars work for me? - It's not the scars that do it.
It's the story behind it.
- Yeah, that's one for the grandkids.
- I'm starting to think you enjoy this.
- Quick, hit me in the back of the head.
- I got to take cover.
- I need a wound.
One I couldn't do on my own.
- On three? - Surprise me.
- You're a brave man.
- Cole? Where are they? - Gone.
It's just me.
You have things to tell me.
- Wozniak.
- He did this? - Yes.
And didn't hear what he wanted.
- Is that so? - Did he try this? Huh? - And then he moved past the threats.
You sure you don't want to stab me in the back with that? After everything I just went through for you? - All right.
Let's walk the timeline.
Where did you go after your wrong turn at the Six Four? - My dad's smoke alarm went off.
I had Phelps drop me at my apartment so I could grab the keys.
- Show me the keys.
- They got to me before I had them.
- What did they want to know? - Anything that could link you to the Riohacha cartel.
- And you told them? - The truth.
That you were need-to-know and I didn't need to know.
- I take it they didn't believe you.
- It wasn't pleasant.
- You gave them nothing? - Enough to stay alive.
Nothing that could hurt us.
I know the dance.
- There's no shame in breaking, kid.
Not if you tell me now.
We can make a plan, make a play.
If they trust you, we have the advantage.
But I need to trust you first.
- I followed you into battle with my eyes closed.
If you can't trust me by now, you never knew me at all.
- What I know is pain.
How to inflict it, how to tolerate it.
I've been where you are.
You didn't tell them how to find Enrique's girl? - Yeah, I let it slip over breakfast.
And they tortured me over dinner.
- And they just gave up? Reactivated your phone for me to find you? - If the cartel gets spooked, they're coming after me too.
- The cartel is already spooked.
Enrique's federal incarceration is a problem that needs to be undone.
- So you want to break him out of custody? - What I want is to trust my people.
- When have I ever given you reason to doubt? - Parker.
- You tried to stop me from killing him.
- I tried to stop you from killing him in a diner.
And it's too bad I didn't.
We wouldn't have Matt Wozniak and his crew tearing us apart.
- All right, all right.
- The second burn tells the story.
If you didn't talk after the first, odds are, you kept your secrets.
And if you kept your secrets, that means someone let his slip.
Bennett is the only other soul with that intel.
Show me you're with me, son.
- It's a mystery you have so much energy left.
How'd you log on to the FBI server? Reflection in the picture frame.
No, I just, um You forgot to log off, I went to get a drink of water, and-- - And then you just had to sit down and leer at photos of Harlee.
- I wasn't leering.
I was studying her.
I feel like I missed something.
- You close your eyes now, during.
You never used to.
- I'm just, like, um, trying I got to block the thoughts.
It helps me shut off my brain.
- For as long as I've known you, shutting off your brain was never an option.
- Well, I've never had to clear my name before.
I've never had to face losing my entire life before.
All I think about is how to make things right again.
And, uh, I don't even care.
I don't care about the job anymore.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to push.
- This is just--look.
I felt like I needed a reminder of who it is we're dealing with here.
Just because she brought in that knife, that doesn't mean she didn't kill that prostitute.
- Why bring the knife in if you could get rid of it? - You can never let up with her, not for one second, because I have never met a more skilled liar than Harlee Santos.
- Trust me, she's not gonna lie her way out of this one.
- You're my lifeline.
You know that? If it wasn't for you, I'd be lost out there somewhere.
- Technically, you're still missing.
- Katie Thank you.
- Well, don't forget, you saved my life first.
When I can't sleep, it's because of that-- remembering.
- Now we've saved each other.
- You're lucky you avoided a concussion.
- You see my wife's face? I'm not feeling very lucky.
- Did he mention there's a bullet in his back? - I read the chart.
Any obstruction in that area can cause serious complications.
- Like falling on your head? - I hit my head on a 2x4 in the garage.
- You must think you're talking to a 2x4 if you expect me to believe that.
- Keep the wound dry for three days.
Stitches come out in seven to ten.
- Thank you, Doctor.
- Why don't you just tell her I'm circumcised too? - Why are you lying? - I'm not lying.
- I saw the blood on the kitchen floor.
You passed out.
- You know how to read a crime scene? You're pushing yourself too hard.
What are you-- - Hey.
- I know Ramsey's next move.
He's breaking Enrique out of custody.
- Is this before or after he turns water into wine? - You're doubting after what we've seen him do? - Then we'll just get him first.
- And Bennett's dead.
- What? - Right in front of me.
Ramsey made someone answer for the leak.
- Good.
- Means he's satisfied.
- No, I mean good, I hope that brings you peace.
You know, for Nava.
- Someone up there is looking out for you.
- We're back together.
- Mm-hmm.
- Guess all those cupcakes I baked paid off.
- Man, you ain't ever baked in your life.
- Oh! - You think Woz got us back together? - Mm, maybe he's finally feeling guilty about leaving us in these blues.
- Well, he got Adrian out of juvie.
He wants us to swing by and do a wellness check.
Hopefully, we're next on the list.
- You notice this car's been following us since the river? - What made you so sure they were Internal Affairs? - They introduced themselves as Internal Affairs.
Kind of tipped me off.
- What did they want? - To ruin my breakfast.
I have a whole ritual.
- I'm meeting Cole in 30 minutes.
- Hey, keep your eye out for a tail.
's been shadowing Tess and Tufo, and this morning, they ruined his ritual.
- It's not a good time.
I get the sense that this thing is going down today.
- What thing? - Intelligence might bust their cartel client out of federal custody.
- Does your guy have the details? After last night, I don't think Cole would risk a meet if he didn't.
- Is that him? - No.
Agent Myers, FBI.
- Wait, before you answer it, there's something that I need to tell you.
- No, it might be a lead on Stahl.
- I don't know if this psycho is in New York, but-- - What, you believe I'm not crazy? - I never sent you flowers.
- Santos.
- Congrats, little man.
Fresh from the joint.
Now, you didn't get any tattoos when you were in there, did you? - No.
- Yeah, you're too smart for that.
- Aww.
Here you go, buddy.
It's from Woz.
Comes with the promise of more games in the future.
- Whoa, whoa! What do you say, baby? - Thank you.
He seems older.
Like he didn't even get a chance to be a kid, man.
That place took it from him.
- No, he'll remember.
Time heals more than you think.
- Yeah, well, time can't heal this block.
See that dude on the corner? - He giving you trouble? - No, not me.
He's a scout.
So as soon as you leave, he'll give the all clear.
- What, you join the neighborhood watch? - Nah, I'm just trying to get Adrian up out of here.
But with rent, deposit, security, that's money I don't have, you know what I'm saying? Meantime, I don't want the trade anywhere near us.
- Consider it done.
- Pull up a stool.
- Where's Harlee? - What's the matter? I'm not curvy enough for you? Murph hides the good stuff.
Still hasn't figured out that I know where.
There, drink up.
You're gonna need it.
You have a fight with a curling iron? - Your girl knows her way around an enhanced interrogation.
- She had a good teacher.
- So where is she? - She had a pressing matter.
You understand.
- Actually, after what I went through last night, I can't say that I do.
- She might be easier on the eyes, but you have to have known, when you spoke to her, you spoke to me.
- Do you think that getting your hands on Enrique is gonna end this? - It's a start.
I came to tell her that it it can't be done.
- That's not an option.
- Enrique is gonna be moved under the pretense that Homeland Security wants to have a chat off-site.
The location won't be revealed until after he's on the move.
- Easy.
When you take custody, you then hand him over to us.
- And while I'm doing that, you can dig the grave that Ramsey will put me in.
- Is that a request or a condition? - It can't be done without burning me.
- Just walk me through it.
I'll let you know if it can't be done.
- Hope you haven't been waiting long.
- You know I have.
- The blood on the knife in your car is a perfect match to the victims.
- I told you it would be.
What's this about? - This is about you.
- Well, then it's already a waste of time.
Because I didn't kill Gina.
Stahl did.
- Are you a good person, Detective? - You called me down here to ask me if I was a good person? - Did you consider disposing of the knife you found in your car? - Yes.
- Why? - Because putting my trust in the FBI has never worked out well for me.
- Ever make a choice you regret? - You should be going after Stahl.
All right? Not me.
- Ever make a choice you regret? - Indulging this.
Look, if I could find Stahl, I would.
Until then, I live every moment thinking it might be the one where he finds me.
Because eventually, he will.
- "She wants to do the right thing.
"But she's been surrounded by darkness for so long "that she can't help but be touched by it.
She's aching to make a different choice.
" From one of Agent Stahl's field reports.
- He's not an agent anymore.
- Would you say it's accurate? - I'd say consider the source.
- If your daughter grew up to be just like you, would you be proud of her? - This isn't therapy.
- No, Detective, it's not.
- Ask her again.
If her daughter grew up to be just like her - If your daughter grew up to-- - I heard the question.
Whatever my daughter chose to do, I would be proud of her.
- Even if she killed somebody and buried his body? - Even if she killed someone and buried the body? For instance.
- Excuse me? - Who we truly are becomes clear - Who we truly are becomes clear in the moments we think nobody's watching.
- And her daughter watches her.
- Your daughter watches you.
- Every day.
- Every day.
- Even when you think you've hidden everything so well.
- Can we leave my daughter out of this? - Do you really think you can be surrounded by corruption for so long and not be touched by it? Ask her.
Do you really think a person can be surrounded by corruption for so long-- - A witness puts you on the scene around the estimated time of death.
- No, a witness puts me at her door.
I knocked.
No one answered.
- Ask her if she's ever killed anyone.
Make her lie to you.
- We'll be looking into it.
- No, you ask her.
- Thanks for coming, Detective.
- Ask her! - You're like an empress Bring the lion out Bring the lion out Bring the lion out Bring the lion out Bring the lion out - That's our guy? - Yeah, we need to relocate him permanently.
Karen wants to keep little man out of trouble.
- How you wanna play it? - Send a message, like old times.
- I wouldn't go anywhere, fellas.
- What y'all doing? - Nothing, waiting on a friend.
- Who's that on the phone? - It's your mother.
You want me to give her a message? - Yeah, write this down.
- Hey! - Hey, man, what the hell is this? - We haven't decided yet.
- Cristina! - Can't talk right now.
- Just listen.
You were right.
It's happening today.
Cole's gonna give us the go when the transport leaves the detention building.
It's best if we grab him before the Willis Bridge.
- Why? - Only one person on his team knows the final destination.
- Cole.
- Who'd rather stay alive.
- Mom, what happened to the car? - Who's that? - Cristina.
She had a half day at school.
- For the tuition you pay, that girl's never in school.
- Internal Affairs is following me.
- It's for your safety.
- Nice of you to worry, but I've never been concerned about that.
- Lieutenant, we both know Intelligence has a mole in my department.
But given your standing, if Ramsey makes a move against you, IAD may be the only cops who do something.
- You're following us for appearances? - Don't go mugging any old ladies.
- I don't need a babysitter.
- Until I get a handle on this situation, we must make Intelligence believe that I am actively investigating your crew.
- You don't like me.
I don't like you.
- You don't like me? - But we both know that I work better without oversight.
- Sorry, Lieutenant.
This is much bigger than just you.
What did you do that for? - For appearances.
Suspend me.
- What? - Suspend me.
Active immediately.
Make me the sole focus of your investigation.
- Lieutenant, as unpopular as you are now, you still have room to fall.
- At least my people will feel protected.
- Without that badge, you're gonna feel light.
There's a reason they call it a shield.
- And Ramsey will feel safe.
Which is exactly how I need him to feel.
- Looks like I'm gonna have to find a new spot for my hide-a-key.
- Our rearview has been clear all afternoon.
- Mine too, ever since your meeting with Verco.
- Good.
Mission accomplished.
- Enrique's transport will move up First Avenue, cross into the Bronx via the Willis Avenue Bridge.
- For security, the driver's not gonna know what his destination is until he crosses that bridge.
- The driver doesn't know where he's going? - Not until dispatch tells him.
- Do we know where he's going? - Yeah.
But we have to intercept before the bridge, or we burn Cole.
- Do we care about burning Cole? - Not at the risk of our own necks.
- Well, he's been there for us so far.
- Maybe that's the plan.
This could be another frame job.
- Ramsey wouldn't risk the feds discovering his connection to the cartel.
My gut says it's legit.
- Yeah, after I check minimum sentencing guidelines for jailbreaks by police officers.
I mean, there's got to be another option.
- There's two.
You let Ramsey win, or we do something about it.
Make no mistake, this is war.
There may be casualties.
But inaction screws us, only slower.
- And kidnapping the son of a drug lord wins that war? - Ramsey can't afford for the cartel to come after him.
He needs Enrique more than we do.
So we nab him, and then we leverage a one-sided peace settlement.
- I hate to mention this, but the last time we tried to heist something on four wheels, I ended up receiving Civil War surgery.
- You're right.
It's a risk.
And I didn't give you guys a choice when I went after them.
I was ready to stand alone.
And I still am.
- That's not how we do things in this unit.
Not anymore.
- So how do we convince the driver to let us into the transport? - Ask nicely.
- And how about Enrique himself? Is he gonna be a problem? - Oh, we'll be taking him out of federal custody, so he should be happy to see us.
- He ain't gonna be happy to see you.
- Espada, you and I, we're gonna handle Enrique.
The bigger problem is gonna be-- - The follow car.
- Yeah.
Federal protocol.
They tail the van from point A to point B to make sure nobody does exactly what we're about to do.
- We need to divert it.
- How about a decoy? - Well, I can get us a transport.
Still holding a pack of IOUs for a guy who does maintenance on them.
It's a quick paint job.
- Then I'll drive the decoy behind the target.
I'll lead the follow car off route.
Clear you up to intercept.
- Me and Tufo can use the cruiser and block them here.
The rush-hour traffic should give us a hand.
- Everyone make sure your loved ones are safe.
Espada, make sure you feed your cat.
- Okay.
- And their transport is scheduled to leave in 90 minutes, which means we're off radio, in our cars in an hour.
Got some battle wounds on you, huh? - A few dents.
Nothing that can't be put back the way it was.
- Nothing will ever be the way it was.
- Bennett's dead, and I don't feel any different.
- We could do this job with five.
I don't want to put you in a position where you have to make a choice that you're not prepared to make.
- I'll make it.
I'm the one who got us here.
Right? - You got us here by answering the call.
Like a good cop.
- I'm the cop you made me.
We all are.
Family's back together.
- Don't say that if you don't mean it.
- I'm solid.
I'm with you, Woz.
- Look who it is, talk of the block.
Yo, you did a good thing today.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- It's what I get paid for.
Yo, I can't stick around.
Just wanted to check in.
Make sure things have calmed down.
- For now, you know.
Got no bearing on tomorrow.
- You did the right thing, telling us.
- Let's hope.
You know, my son should be in chess class right now.
- Where is he? - Self-defense.
- Things will get better, all right? - All right.
- All right, cool.
Are you working right now? - Working? What the hell you talking about? - Tell me you ain't scouting.
- What? - Tell me.
- Man, get your ass out of here.
- Talking about - Yo, yo, yo, yo.
You had us arrest that guy because you wanted his job? - It's not like that.
- Then what's it like, Karen? - Yo, what am I doing that's so bad? Hmm? I'm sitting here, minding my own, nodding my head a few times.
I'm controlling what my boy sees and what he don't see.
When he's home, street's closed.
- So you back in the game.
- What other options you got for me, bruh? I have a record.
Work ain't easy for me like it is for your plaid-shirt-wearing self.
- You made a promise to your son.
- And I'm keeping it.
I protect my own.
He's gonna have a better life than I had if it kills me.
- And if it does kill you, huh? Then what? - Yo, run on back to Neverland, Lost Boy.
No place for you here in Brooklyn.
- It's time we talked.
- It's like Christmas morning, finding you in a prison transport van.
Hell, if I remember correctly, they make these things signal- and soundproof.
You can try your phone if you want.
No calling for help inside one of these metal boxes.
So what was the plan with this thing? Doesn't really seem like a "greater good" kind of day, Harlee.
Harlee? Is this a fantasy of yours? Being arrested, being sentenced? Atonement? - No.
But this is.
- Whoa! It's never that easy, Harlee.
And you know what? I don't think you want it to be.
- You have never known anything about what I want.
- I know that you want to walk out of here unharmed and as lovely as you ever were.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I would never intentionally harm you or Cristina.
We've lost touch.
It's time to catch up.
- We're all set here.
Tess, you ready? - Ready, I guess.
- Ever notice that we always get the wrong end of the stick on these things? - Loman, you with us? - Just landed.
No movement yet.
- Harlee? Harlee, you ready? - You've been - playing the victim, Harlee.
It's not becoming.
- Open the door.
I'll show you a victim.
- What were you planning on doing with that syringe? Drug me, kill me, and then what? Stuff my body in a barrel next to Miguel's? - I hadn't made it past step one.
- Do you remember how the day ended? Hmm? Or have you forgotten that already? I saved you.
- You saved yourself.
That's all you've ever done.
You can call it whatever you want.
It's all self-preservation.
But it's only temporary.
- Any of you hear anything from Harlee? - Whole lot of silence.
- Right to voice mail.
- Did Tufo drop off the van? - Yeah, over an hour ago.
- Harlee, are you in position? - You've changed.
You have.
I've been watching you.
- You only think you know me, but you don't.
- Well, I know that you're doing things differently.
How's that feel? Probably feels pretty good, huh? I thought that we could walk that path together.
But, Harlee, you cannot change.
If you're still spreading corruption like it's some kind of sickness, contaminating everybody that gets close to you, you can't change unless you are willing to go all the way.
- Still not picking up.
Maybe her radio's out.
- And her cell? Do me a favor.
Stop saying whatever pops into your head.
- What's the call, Woz? Are we going or not? - They just passed us.
They're heading to you now.
What do you want to do, Woz? They're almost at the bridge.
- Okay, we're live.
Cutting off the follow car now.
- Stand down.
Let him go.
Without the decoy, we'll have to reposition and get ahead of them in the Bronx.
- Something must have happened.
There's no way she'd leave us like this.
- Why'd Tufo drop off this prison van for you? Hmm? Hey, look at you.
You're already back to doing dirt.
You're sliding backwards.
I can help you stop.
- Like you helped Gina? - We all have things that we regret.
Like you.
I bet Miguel Zepeda is a regret for you, isn't it? How you handled him.
- I have bigger ones.
- Well, how are you gonna forge a new path when you're constantly lying to your own daughter about what happened to Daddy? - That evidence doesn't point to me.
- You tried to frame me.
When Gina wouldn't help you, you murdered her.
- Don't you see how far gone you are? - I can set you free.
I can.
I can free you.
I can free you from this carnage that you're leaving in your wake.
- Don't bother.
I can free myself.
- Harlee, stop.
You're just gonna hurt yourself.
Harlee, stop! - NYPD.
I need your vehicle.
- Whoa, whoa.
- We've got ten blocks to get ahead of them.
Loman, are you close? - I'm a couple back.
The transport van is gonna take Bruckner, and then turn on 141st Street.
- Once you're ahead of them, you set up on the other side of the El platform.
It'll give us some cover.
You copy that, Loman? - But if we get ahead of them, Intelligence will know we knew the drop-off.
Just to be clear, this burns Cole.
- I'm not losing any sleep.
Just to be clear.
Tess, you hearing this? - Copy, I'll take position half a mile before your extraction point and intercept the follow car.
- You're gonna need to do more than delay them this time.
It all changes without Harlee.
- Come on.
- Harlee, where the hell are you? - Did you get Enrique? - Not yet.
Woz called an audible when you didn't show.
We're grabbing him right before he gets to Cole.
- Ramsey's gonna know that Cole's our source.
It's like we're putting the gun to his head.
- He thinks it's our only shot.
- Text me the address.
I'm on my way.
- Copy.
Tess, Tufo, you're up.
- 26-19, dispatch, be advised.
In pursuit of a possible robbery suspect.
Jeans, grey hoodie, headed east on 139th Street.
- Wait, wait, my side's taking the impact? - Mm-hmm.
- Son of a-- - Don't be a hero.
Eyes forward.
Unlock the back door.
- - - Keep your hands on the wheel! - They call him "boss.
" - Don't you move! - Go! Go! Go! Drive! - You're all dead, just don't know it.
- Yo, Harlee! - He saw them, Loman! - Hey, you are not outrunning anyone today, so don't try.
- I didn't see anything.
- Then you wouldn't be saying that.
- Please, I just want to get home.
- Listen very carefully.
Whatever you think you saw, there's another side to it, okay? - Who are you? - Listen to me.
You say one word about this and I will come after you.
You won't see me until I'm this close.
- Okay, okay, please.
- You have a lot of life ahead of you, and I would hate to have to take it.
- I won't talk, I swear.
- Good.
'Cause God so help me, I will use the other end of this gun.
You got it? You tripped and fell on your way home.
I'll drive.
- Any word? - Nothing.
Package is still en route.
- Come on, Cole, pick up.
- Maybe he got himself out of there, huh? Safer ground? - That's the problem.
He doesn't know we burned him.
He thinks he is safe.
- Is that Ramsey? - If it was, I would answer.
- This is Detective Anthony Cole with the NYPD-- - From now on, every light is green.
- I thought we were avoiding attention.
- That was five minutes ago.
Now we're just trying to avoid Ramsey killing him.
- Ramsey.
- Take it in the hall.
Bad service in here.
- Hey, boss.
Where we at? Huh? Hey, Cole.
Yo, Cole, you locked the door.
Cole, let me in, man.
- There.
Kill the siren.
- Are you okay? - How does Ramsey know about me? - We had to improvise.
- Is he in there? - He was two minutes ago.
You got a battering ram? - Circle around outside.
- I don't get it.
What happened to the pickup? - You made a bad decision, Lieutenant.
- Force of habit.
Try not to compound it with one of your own.
- Where are you taking me? - I think I have something you want.
- A cartel leader's firstborn? Do you have any idea what's coming for you? - First rule of parenting: always blame the babysitter.
That's you, chief.
Quiet, I'm on the phone! If I run with Enrique here, a world of hurt lands at your doorstep.
- You hear that? Sounds pretty scary.
- What are your terms? - Peace in the trenches.
Undo that warehouse frame job and the NYPD smear campaign against my crew.
We do us, you do you.
No one takes a bullet in the back.
- You already have a bullet in your back.
- I think we can find a deal that works for everyone.
- I just told it to you.
Call me when you have an answer.
- The plan was simple.
You grab Enrique before the bridge.
That was the deal.
- I was detained, all right? The plan went sideways because I wasn't where I was supposed to be.
- You miss the window and you abort! - It wasn't our call.
- I trusted you.
- Go ahead, let yourselves in.
I checked the levels on the good stuff.
- Go check around the corner, make sure we weren't followed.
- What are you not telling me? - I don't like these windows.
Come on, let's get you in the back.
- Harlee-- - We got company, all right.
- Look at that, Harlee.
We're finally on the same page.
- Woz, I-- - We can't stay long.
Ramsey knows we're at the bar.
- Worse than that, it's almost happy hour.
- You gave the go-ahead with a key part of your plan missing.
Why? - The better question is, why was a key part of my plan missing at all? - Woz, I tried to get there-- - Ah, no, no, my turn to talk.
I want to believe that I still know you better than anyone else.
And the girl that I know would never leave her crew hanging in the wind without a good reason.
- In the transport van.
I couldn't get out.
I was-- I thought I'd never get out.
- Shh.
You're here now.
- I'm gonna fix this, Woz.
And I won't quit you until we're all clear.
Then I'm going after him.
- I can't say that anyone truly knows Ramsey, but I know him better than most.
He doesn't make deals.
- I'm making it, and he's accepting it.
- Should we get him a jacket? - You're not listening to me.
- Well, that's part of his charm.
- Ramsey needs Enrique.
He doesn't need to come after us.
- In his mind, you came after him.
- He seems cold is all.
- We stick to the plan until we can't.
- Ramsey knows your plan.
But now he has one of his own.
- This feel right to you? - Ending this tonight? Absolutely.
- Woz, you there? - Yeah, you got something? - Two cars pulling up to the building at your ten.
- Bad timing, as usual.
- Lieutenant, this is the best timing you're ever gonna get from me.
- I'm listening.
- Call it a hunch, but if there's anything going on right now involving you/your crew, I'd drop it.
- You know something that I don't? - Long list, but at the top of it is the fact that the deputy commissioner of Internal Affairs is heading up an operation that includes your picture.
- Is that the girl I never called back in college? - No, she's Ramsey's mole.
- Woz, I think we got a problem.
This isn't who we were expecting.
- IAB.
This is a setup.
Let's go.
- Get clear.
Keep your heads down.
- Ramsey doesn't like to lose.
A deal is a loss.
- Then this is gonna be a tough day for him, because I always win.
- Attention, all units, Department of Homeland Security advising that NYPD Lieutenant Matt Wozniak is wanted in connection to a terrorist cell.
Suspect should be considered armed and dangerous.
Detain on sight.