Shake It Up! s01e06 Episode Script

Age It Up

# It's all right # # You're my life like movin' me all the time # # So hot, so fine # # Hotter than the sun # # Badder than Frankenstein # # Everybody knows the prize # # I'm gonna make you mine, now I # Hey, this jam skating thing is so cool.
We should come up with a brand-new refreshing twist on dance.
What if we did it on ice skates? Yeah, that's called figure skating.
That's a great name.
We're totally using that.
# Everybody, we're goin' in # # It's all right # # We got it by our side # # It's all right # # Not gonna let it die # # We'll get those pulses beatin' # # Movin', breathin' tonight # # It's all right # - # [ends] # Give it up for jam skating group Break Sky! I'm Gary Wilde, and we'll see you next week on Shake It Up, Chicago.
All right.
Listen up.
I have a special announcement to make.
No one's ever given bigger news in Shake It Up, Chicago history.
Chicago history.
World history.
- You got new cowboy boots? - Yes, I did! Oh, also, next week, a special guest will be performing his latest single, and he's stopping by to check out the studio.
So, please, be totally professional when Justin Starr is here.
Justin Starr! Basically, just don't do what Rocky just did.
Well, have some self-respect.
He is just a multi-platinum recording artist superstar teen sensation that came out of nowhere when he posted his videos on the World Wide Web.
It's not as if Horace the Juggler is coming.
Whoo! It's true.
Horace is the real deal.
I once saw him juggle a baby, a bowling ball, and an olive.
It was made extra hard because the baby pooped.
I have the Justin Starr doll, I have the Justin Starr bedspread, and if all goes well, I'll have the Justin Starr! You're not going to meet anyone if you're locked in the ladies' room.
Justin Starr's coming! You have to calm down.
- Are you calm? - Mm-hmm.
Promise me you won't scream? Mm-hmm.
# [ Selena Gomez ] Everybody, everybody # # Get out on the floor # # It can get a little crazy # # When the kick hits the floor # # Make a scene, make a scene # # Nobody can ignore # # Don't knock it till you rock it # # We can't take it no more # # Bring the lights up # # Bust the doors down # # Dust yourself off # # Shake it up, shake it up # # DJ, set it off # # Take it up a notch # # All together now # # Shake it up, shake it up # # Sh-sh-sh-shake it up # # You gotta change it up # # And when you've had enough # # Sh-sh-sh-shake it up # # Bring the lights up # # Bust the doors down # # All together now # # Shake it up, shake it up # # Shake it up # He's coming! He's coming! I can't believe I'm going to meet Justin Starr.
Back off, Red.
He's mine.
I called dibs.
Dibs, schmibs.
It's not like we wrote it in stone.
I did.
Listen up, dancers.
This is Karen Thomas, Justin Starr's manager.
Cutthroat, ruthless.
Ice water runs through her veins.
- She's the best in the business.
- Gary, shut up.
You're annoying me.
I love that.
I need two dancers to perform with Justin on the show next week.
So anyone interested in having all their dreams come true, line up.
All right.
She has to pick us.
Dancing with Justin will be the first step to becoming rich and famous.
Dancing with Justin will be the first step to me becoming Mrs.
Justin Starr.
Unlike you two, Gunther and I are professionals.
We don't fawn over other professionals that enter the studio.
Hey, what's up, everybody? I'm Justin.
- Hi.
- Gunther, would you hold my handbag? - Of course.
- Oh, thank you.
Too short.
Hey, but you'll grow.
Absolutely not.
Too tall.
Oh, but great smiles.
- I'm Gunther.
- And I am Tinka.
And we are the Hessenheffers.
Too weird.
Can't argue with that one.
Oh, how about these two? They look totally cool.
Well, you're also young, which is good.
Justin is only 16, so he needs young dancers.
And And we can be even younger.
- Uh, I'll wear feetie pajamas.
- I'll drink from a bottle.
Let's use them.
Gary, walk with me.
Hey, what's up? I'm Justin.
Hi, I'm CeCe.
I think your music is hot and you're unbearably cute, but I can't do anything about it because she has dibs.
Hey, gotta respect the dibs.
Look, it's cool.
Just relax.
I'm not Justin Starr! Yes, you are! You are! No.
I'm not.
Hey, I'm just Justin Starr, a normal, regular 16-year-old.
Check out my zit.
Don't you have people to pop that for you? Ooh.
I'll do it.
No, no, no.
It's all cool.
I've got some supecool ideas about the dance.
Would your parents be okay bringing you by the hotel tomorrow to rehearse with me and my manager? Yeah, I'm sure it won't be a problem, Justin.
We look forward to collaborating with you, and, uh, we'll see you tomorrow.
See you then.
All right.
You sure have pulled it together.
Thank you.
Justin Starr's here! He's here, guys! He's really here.
Ah ha ha! He's here! He's here! He's here! He's here! He's here! He's here! Justin Starr! Justin Starr! Hello, bay-beee.
What do you want, Gunther? I wish to make your dreams of being Gunther's baby come true, bay-beee.
What time shall I pick you up, bay-beee? How about never, bay-beee? Whoa.
Somebody got shot down.
Why would Danielle not be digging on me? Dude, I'm gonna put this in the nicest way possible.
You're a freak.
Be specific.
Tell me, which of my ways is from the Land of Freak? Actually, it'd take less time to tell you what isn't.
I'm sure your socks are okay.
Huh? Huh? No.
My bad.
What's wrong with my socks? They match my underwear.
- # Shake it up, shake it up # Girls, come in.
Justin will be with you in a minute.
What kind of water would you like? Uh, the wet kind.
Sweetie, they're all wet.
Mom, just wait in the lobby.
We'll be down there when we're done.
No, I'm not asking Justin if he knows Barry Manilow.
Goodbye, Mother.
Okay, if these gift baskets are for Justin, then why are they addressed to "Dorian Gray"? Uh, that's my fake name.
Karen makes me use it so weirdoes don't track me down at the hotel.
A fake name? But your name is so perfect already.
I'll need a fake name for when I'm famous.
DeDe, BeBe Oh, wait.
I got it.
Crystal McHotness.
My favorite.
Ooh, grape's my favorite, too.
It's kind of crazy how much we have in common.
It's kind of like fate is trying to tell us something.
So, uh, Justin, what's it like to be the most famous teenager in the world? Aw, look, being a celebrity is totally awesome.
But I do miss hanging with my buds and going to the mall and the skate park like any other 16-year-old.
Man, it seems like you need to share this wonderful journey you're on with someone.
My mom says I'm too young to date.
Oh, our moms are gonna get along so well together! Uh, so, are you girls ready to rehearse? - Oh, we were born ready.
- Yeah, we're total professionals.
All right.
So, we're gonna go from the chorus.
I'm not Oh, uh, sorry.
I thought I saw a spider.
Got it.
Look, if you want to get Danielle, you gotta talk like a normal dude.
Come on.
Try it again.
"Hello, Ty.
What is up?" No, man.
"What's up?" "What's up?" This is what I said.
"What is up?" Just repeat after me.
"What's shakin', ladies? You doin' a'ight?" "What is with the shaking, ladies?" "Are you doing all righty?" No, man.
Pay attention.
"What's shakin', ladies?" "What's shaking, ladies?" Good.
"You doin' a'ight?" "You doing eight?" Not "eight," "a'ight.
" - "Eight.
" - "A'ight.
" "Eight.
" "'Ight.
" - Yes! Again! - "'Ight!" Good.
Now put it all together.
What's shaking, ladies? You doing a'ight? - I think he's got it.
- I got it! I speak like the dudes who enjoy coolness.
And he lost it.
All right, girls.
Big finish, okay? Eh, eh, eh Eh, eh, eh You girls were totally awesome.
Oh, you don't have to say that.
Just write a song about us.
Uh, so, you girls can show yourselves out, and I'll see you at the studio later for the show.
See you.
- Um, she said I could have hers, too, so - Uh, ow.
Bye, Justin! - What are you doing? - Shh! I am not leaving here until I get a picture of me wearing Justin Starr's hat.
Are you kidding me? That's crazy.
That's risky.
I am finally rubbing off on you.
Now fierce.
If his mom doesn't let him date, she's really not gonna like this.
# Shake it up # # Sh-sh-sh-shake it up # There's gotta be some explanation for this.
Oh, I know.
Maybe he lost his contact lens, and she was trying to help him look for it.
In his mouth? Or Oh! Uh, maybe he got bit in the lip by a poisonous snake, and she was sucking out the venom.
What? It could happen.
Or he is just kissing the lady who's definitely not 16.
It's not fair.
I called dibs! Okay, let me get a good look.
There is no good look.
Hey, I brought you something to wear.
Oh, goody I mean, hey, you know, whatever, man.
Where did you ever find these ugly, disgusting clothes? My closet.
- So where are the sparkles? - There aren't any sparkles.
Okay, so I add sparkles.
So glad I brought my Betwinkler.
- Dude, give me the Betwinkler.
- No.
- Give me the Betwinkler.
- I can't.
I love my Betwinkler.
- No! - No, man.
No twinkles.
No twinkles, no sparkles, no sequins, and no glitter.
But that only leaves feathers.
Look, perfect time to practice.
Remember what I taught you.
There you are, Gunther.
I thought we were going to meet at fabric store.
Sorry, T.
Had to bag.
A'ight? Gunther, why are you speaking with a ridiculous accent? Ty taught me how to be a dude so I can get Danielle.
Check out the new threads.
Pretty bang, huh? Bam! Well, I hope Danielle will like you in your dull, drab, and unassuming clothing.
Later, T.
Hand over the sparkly socks.
What is that? It's not my backup Betwinkler, I will tell you that.
No! No! No! And now, singing his next huge hit, "Not Too Young to Feel This Way," right here on the Shake It Up, Chicago stage, Justin Starr! I'm not too young to feel this way Eh, eh, eh Eh, eh, eh Girl, you g-g-g-got me busy with this feeling Out of every meeting Girl, you got me reeling Eh, eh, eh They can try to stop it Sweat me like the tropics You're my favorite topic Eh, eh, eh I'm sure they think I'm yours They think that I Can't be serious But I know Who I am You'll understand Girl, I'm too serious I'm not too young to feel this way Eh, eh, eh Eh, eh, eh Eh, eh, eh I'm not too young to feel this way Eh, eh, eh Eh, eh, eh [ends] Justin, we saw you kissing your manager.
And, frankly, you are too young to feel this way.
Give it up for Justin Starr! We'll be right back with more on Shake It Up, Chicago.
What were you guys saying? I can't hear anything with these earbuds in.
Justin, it's time for your photo shoot.
Not you, Gary.
Hey, dude, up top.
Come on.
Here we go.
Never mind.
- Hey, how's it going? - Mmm.
Dude, what's happening? How you doin'? Uh, hey, ooh.
Yo, Danielle.
You're with me now.
I'll pick you up after school, a'ight? Works for me.
That's right it does.
Hey, how'd it go? Dude, how do you think it went? You're talking to G.
That's my man.
You wanna go grab a slice and celebrate? Sorry, dude.
Now that I got a cheerleader, I can't be seen hanging around just anyone.
Man, that's messed up.
Look, G, just because you've become a cool dude doesn't mean you have to be a rude dude.
Come on.
Chillax, bro.
I'm not your bro.
I'm your sis.
But G calls everybody bro.
When did I become everybody? Oh, I know.
We can rescue Justin, and he can live under my bed until we escape to a deserted island, where we'll live happily ever after in my tree house castle.
I may not come up with great plans, but I hear that one's a stinker.
Okay, I'm just going to e- mail this picture to my mom and ask her what we should do.
Uh, CeCe, you made a mistake.
You sent it to me, not your mom.
No, I didn't.
I sent it to everyone on my contact list.
Seriously, do you ever come up with a good plan? No.
# Sh-sh-sh-shake it up # It's kind of weird that your sister's just sitting over there all alone like that.
Isn't it, G? Totally.
I'll ask h to hang with us, a'ight? No.
She's such a reject.
I mean, if she changed like you did, then maybe she can hang out with us.
What do you mean, "maybe she can hang out with us"? She's my sister.
She's one of a kind, like a goat with two heads.
She doesn't need to change.
She's perfect the way she is.
No one should tinker with the Tinka.
You're talking funny again, G.
My name is not G.
I am Gunther.
And I am Tinka.
And we are the Hessenheffers.
And we are not going out anymore.
Works for me, bay-beee.
Me, too, bay-beee.
Bye-bye, bay-beee.
- Gunther, I knitted you a coat.
- I love it.
I'll put it with the other ones.
Justin, we really need to talk to you.
It's kind of a long story.
Breaking news from Access Entertainment.
Teen sensation Justin Starr in a scandalous relationship with his manager, and we've got the picture to prove it.
Could this be the end of his career? Mmm.
Guess it wasn't that long of a story.
Look, we're really sorry.
We took the picture, and we accidentally e- mailed it to everyone we know.
And by "we," I mean Crystal McHotness over here.
So you leaked the picture first.
It was a mistake.
We feel horrible.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! You guys don't know how grateful I am, because Wait.
When did ruining somebody's career become a good thing? He's happy because we saved him from being with the wrong girl.
Now he can be with the right girl.
Rocky, get over it.
It's never going to happen! You're only 13.
Justin is 16.
Actually, I'm 24.
I think I need some water.
Karen thought if I pretended I was 16, I would appeal to more girls like you.
No way.
Yeah, it's true.
And the zit fake.
Hey, as long as we're divulging everything to a couple of 13-year-olds, I'm not just his manager I'm his wife.
One second, please.
Wife? Yes, my wife.
And, you know, now that the secret's out, I'm free to live a totally normal life, like any other young billionaire.
You're 24.
You're not that young.
I knew all along that there was something off about you.
It's one of the reasons why I never really was that big of a fan.
# Shake it up # Allright, see you later.
You *** I feel better *** you tried to help me.
You know what? Not *** your gift.
Now, repeat after me "Hello, bay-beee".
- I'm not saying that.
- Oh, come on.
"Hello bay-beee".
"Hey, babe" "Hello, bay-beee".
Hello, bay-beee.
- So I can *** your pants? - Yeah.
If you want *** Synch by Benfo.