Shake It Up! s02e04 Episode Script

Shake It Up, Up and Away (2)

Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh I think I just ate a bug.
How did we let this happen? We!? Ah! Ah! Everyone who's participating in the "Shake It Up Cares" trip to Alabama, to clean up the wetlands the bus leaves here tomorrow morning at seven.
Seven? If Shake It Up really cared, they'd let us sleep in and pick us up at ten.
Tinka and I will be there Gary! We can't wait to turn Alabama in to Ala-Glamor.
The least we can do for the planet, is put on our sequined hip boots and go bobbing for fabulous trash and prizes.
We're on in thirty seconds people.
How cool are we? Cleaning the environment, making a difference.
Hey, I'm psyched too.
This is the sort of stuff you can use to apply to collage, instead of good grades right? Whoa, that's the first time I've ever heard you use the the word apply, when you weren't talking about make-up.
Ooh! Breaking dance news.
They're holding open auditions this weekend for a new reality show called "Really, you call that dancing?" Hey! We should totally audition for that.
Yes! Thank you! I'm so happy I didn't have to trick or manipulate you in to doing this.
So, while our parents think we're in Alabama we'll just sneak off to LA.
- It's in LA? - Did I not mention that? No, but how cool I mean we can go surfing on Venice Beach, check out the stars homes go shopping on Rodeo Drive.
- Really!? - No.
We are not sneaking off to LA.
Welcome back to Shake It Up Chicago, where we're about to "glow" your mind! Oh oh oh oh oh oh! Bring the fire tonight.
Oh oh oh oh oh oh! Bring the fire tonight.
Let's sneak in the back, getting in for free.
Heart attack cause I'm too afraid to do this, yeah! Deep breath, I'm a wreck.
But I came to dance! Dance! I'm weak, f-feeling lost.
Weak, don't miss your shot.
Weak, show what I got.
What what what I got.
Do it up, do it up.
Do it up on the floor.
Aye ah, aye ah, and bring the fire tonight.
Do it up, do it up.
Can ya gimme some more? Aye ah, aye ah, and bring the fire tonight.
DJ spin the hotness.
Nothing's gonna stop us.
Do it up, do it up.
Do it up on the floor.
Aye aye, yeah yeah! Everybody, everybody, get out on the floor.
It can get a little crazy when the kick hits the 4.
Make a scene, make a scene, nobody can ignore.
Don't knock it.
'Til you rock it.
We can't take it no more.
Bring the lights up, bust the doors down.
Dust yourself off.
Shake It Up, Shake It Up.
DJ set it off, take it up a notch.
All together now, shake it up, Shake It Up.
Sh-sh-sh-Shake It Up.
You got to change it up.
And when you've had enough.
Sh-sh-sh-Shake It Up.
Bring the lights up, bust the doors down.
All together now, shake it up, Shake It Up.
Shake It Up.
Welcome, to Crusty's.
Home of Chicago's deepest deep dish pizza! And to prove it, we're going for the world record! - Oh! - Woo! I can't believe the best pizza in Chicago opened right on our block.
Yeah, with any luck my mom will never cook again.
Oh, who am I kidding? Microwave again.
This pizza's great, well you know his secret is just Hey, hey, hey! Deuce you were not about to give away my secret ingredient were you? This isn't your mom telling us all about your little battle with back-acne.
This is private! Everyone's met my uncle Frank, right? - Thanks so much for coming.
- Good pizza.
Thank you, welcome.
Any friend of Deuce's gets a family discount, okay, zero percent off.
I'm kidding.
Ya, but I'm not.
What's wrong little man? I'm in a rut, my life's a snooze.
I go to school, come home, play, and then the cycle starts all over again.
I feel like my best years are behind me.
You're eight, wasn't that long ago when you couldn't even talk.
Yeah, the good old days.
You know what Flynn? Life is what you make of it.
So you need to go out there and find some excitement.
Have an adventure! Easy for you to say, you're allowed to cross the street by yourself.
Oh, this is fun! It's just like being at a big Hollywood premier party.
We're not going to LA.
We're going to Alabama.
Come on, we should totally be auditioning for "Really, you call that dancing?" You know I'd love to but I'm already on a reality show called "My best friend has lost her mind".
Alright that's it, you're fired.
You lazy no good bum! Hey! Looks like there's an opening, I'm saving up for a car.
You're his nephew, tell him to give me that job.
I wouldn't count on that, that woman he just fired His mom.
Besides, I've been thinking about hitting him up for a job.
Back-acne cream does not come cheap.
All right, fair is fair.
Neither one of us go for it.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- I want that job! - I want that job! Okay, okay.
First one to jump in that giant pizza over there gets it.
I was only kidding.
Ow! Hot cheese! Hot cheese! I just gotta Flynn! Are you still bored with your life? Yeah, why? Because I I really need you to sit on my suitcase.
I'm not that bored.
Wait Yes I am.
Keep pushing.
Thank you.
Not gonna ah! It's not working.
What am I going to do? Let's see, we can wave a magic wand over the suitcase to make it bigger Or Or Take out some stuff!? Wow, even yelling at you has lost its luster.
Wait a minute, you're going to cleanup a swamp, and you're bringing dresses and high heels? Hey, you gotta look good to do good.
Why do I think you're up to something? Don't be silly.
Now hypothetically, if you were the Judge of a reality dance show Would you prefer the gold lamé or the black ruffles? And bored again.
Gary, what time will we get to Alabama? Well, the whole trip should take about seventeen hours.
- What time is it now? - It's quarter past Time to sing.
That's the fifth time I've fallen for that.
Here's one everyone knows.
Who stole the Gufhenhugen from the Gufhenhugen jar? Gary stole the Gufhenhugen from the Gufhenhugen jar.
No, Gary didn't.
Okay then CeCe stole the Gufhenhugen from the Gufhenhugen jar.
Gunter, if you don't stop singing, that jar is getting stuffed in your Gufhenhugen! Okay everybody ten minute bathroom break, go in pairs and stay together.
Rocky? Rocky? Rock Rocky? What? Are we in Alabama yet? Mm, no bathroom break, come with me.
I don't want to go to the bathroom with you.
I want to sleep.
Rocky stole the Gufhenhugen from the Gufhenhugen jar.
- Who me? - Yes you! - Couldn't be! - Then who? On second thought my Gufhenhugen is a little full, let's go.
Okay, I've got one job and two of you.
So whoever gets more customers to come in with their coupon gets it.
Alright come on out Deuce, you're not the only one that looks like an idiot.
I stand corrected.
You are the only one that looks like an idiot.
Okay, how come he gets to look cool, and I'm in this costume that's doing no favors for my self esteem? Yeah, yeah, stop complaining, and go put on that pizza face mask.
I'm wearing it and you know it.
I'm teasing.
I tease because I love.
Could you love me a little less? Okay boys, show me what you're going to do to attract customers.
- Deuce you're up first.
- Okay.
Coupons! Get your pizza coupons! Wow, I'll never get that jingle out of my head now.
Ah, okay what have you got Ty? Yo! Let me throw down a beat-za to sell you a pizza.
Don't know what to order? Then I'll teach ya.
Take your coupons, take two or three.
You're gonna want more when you taste our p-i-z-z-a! Hey! We're serving it up all day, we've got the Parmesan if you're feeling cheesy.
You know our food is bomb, there's nothing like Crusty's.
So come on in and make you tummy happy.
Wow! Whoa that was Well, it looks like it's going to be a tight race.
Right!? I mean wink, wink! Good morning sleepyhead.
Good morning wait, shouldn't we have been in Alabama hours ago? Why are we still on the bus? There um there was a lot of traffic.
In the middle of the night? Where is everybody else from Shake It Up Chicago? What are you talking about there right here.
Hey, Gunther and Tinka.
You tricked me, in to getting on to the wrong bus last night when I was half asleep! And now, we're on our way to Los Angels to audition for a reality show.
Aren't we? Well, I feel like you want me to say "no".
- Uh huh.
- But I can not believe you did this.
Okay, you're a little miffed but You will be thanking me when we're crowned the winners of "Really, you call that dancing?" Really, you call that an excuse? Oh come on just go with it, one day you'll look back on this and laugh.
He There you go, see I was right.
I'm not laughing.
He Well, I'm not laughing.
He-he And if I'm not laughing and you're not laughing, who's laughing? He He-he Oh! - Oh.
- Okay let's just stick it Mm! Oh All right.
Flynn! What do you think you're doing? Having an adventure! You are eight years old, you can't just pick up and take a trip on your own! Yeah, apparently you have to be thirteen to do it.
By the way, kudos on the LA switch-a-roo.
I did not see that coming.
Mom must be freaking out.
Relax as far as she knows I'm on a Coyote Ranger camping trip.
You know for a police officer, your mom does not do much investigating.
Good one Rocky, you're a lot funnier when we're on adventures together.
This is not an adventure, I've been hijacked, and you're a stowaway.
That happens to be the plot of the new pirates movie.
Which I don't need to remind everyone is an adventure! - I love those movies! - Me too! Hey, maybe when we're in LA we can go to one of those movie studio tour things What am I saying? We are way too young to be traveling across the country by ourselves.
We can get in a lot of trouble.
Shh! Oh chill out Gunther and Tinka.
We'll be fine, as long as we all stay together.
Lighten up, have a few laughs.
I can jump out of the suitcase again, that was pretty funny, huh, huh? Ah! I just realized something.
That you owe me a huge apology? No.
If Flynn was in my suitcase then Where are all my clothes!? Arr! There wasn't enough room for me and the clothes, so I made them walk the plank! Arr! Don't worry CeCe you can borrow some of my clothes.
You forgot my suitcase on the other bus, didn't you? Arr! So peaceful and quiet, so unlike the city.
No bad smells, no loud irritating noises.
Mm, that reminds me Where are Rocky and CeCe? I haven't seen them since we got off the bus.
Gary! Where are the annoying ones? I'm looking at them.
You mean CeCe and Rocky Rocky wasn't feeling well at the last bus stop.
Fortunately CeCe's aunt happens to work at the ticket booth, and was planning a hot air balloon trip to Chicago anyways.
What a highly unlikely coincidence.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking? That we should have gone with the silver sparkly hip boots, instead of the gold sparkly ones? No! Obviously the girls snuck away.
If we can catch them we can get them in trouble.
Get them kicked off Shake It Up Chicago, which means more air time for us.
How are we going to sneak away the trip? Gary! Gunther isn't feeling well and our uncle's submarine just pulled up.
Oh, come on he's never going to Safe trip! Hey, hey, hey! Look at that! You guys brought in The same exact number of new customers.
It's a tie.
Yay! I didn't think I did that well.
You didn't my pile is way bigger.
Ah! Yup, it looks like we're gonna need a tie-breaker.
Now, half of my business, is in delivery.
The key is in getting there Fast.
Now whatever you do, don't loose the pie.
However there are are some obstacles along the way Deuce! Look out for that truck! It's a a rabid dog Deuce, a rabid dog! It's a pack of rabid dog's.
With with long fangs.
Ah! Oh! Look out Deuce, look out! Let me guess, I'm behind a fruit truck? Yes, that's right, and it just crashed into a vegetable stand! Wait a minute! Wait a minute! What about Ty!? - Doesn't he get any obstacles? - Yeah, of course he does uh Slow down, red light.
Green light.
Great job.
- Oh, here let me get that - Are you kidding me!? Ah, feels good to get off that bus, huh? Um so, we got about ten minutes, what do you want to do? Stretch your legs? Or, continue ignoring me like you have been? For the past couple hours! Finally, a bathroom break I was about to explode.
Nah-uh-uh, not by yourself.
You can come in to the lady's room with me.
You know what? I can hold it.
Till we're back in Chicago if necessary.
Hey CeCe, check it out.
"Pepe, Texas" "Home of the world's smallest ball of twine".
Flynn, what do I care about a stupid Wow, that is tiny.
Whoa! Oh! Ah! The miracle of life.
So what are you going to do about Rocky? She's really mad at you.
Oh please, Rocky's my best friend in the whole world.
She could never stay mad at me, right Rock? - Uh huh.
- Whoa! Thank you Rocky, I will take a seat.
I can't believe it, we have another tie.
- A tie!? - Mm hum.
A tie? - Yeah.
- How was that a tie? The only rule was, "don't drop the pizza" And in case you didn't notice, "he dropped the pizza".
Four times! Wow, I had no idea you were so competitive.
Can you believe this guy uncle Frank? He's not your uncle, he's my uncle.
And I don't understand why you're always mean and picking on me.
Hey, hey, hey, that's no way to talk to your boss.
My my my what? - You mean you're giving me the job? - Of course I am.
I was always going to give you the job, you're my nephew, you half baked Calzone.
Wait a sec, that's nepotism.
If uh nepotism means that I'm afraid of his mother? Then yes, it's nepotism.
If you were going to give him the job all along, why'd you put me through all that? You're right, you're both hired.
- Mm hum.
- Go ahead and get started, it's a big job.
On second thought He won fair and square.
Okay Deuce, get to work, and take off that stupid pizza mask.
I took it off and you know it.
Rocky? - Are you still mad at me? - Not at all.
- Oh good.
- Hey, do you have any change? Um, yeah sure.
Here you go.
Feel better? No, but I will as soon as I call my mom on the payphone and tell her everything.
What? Why would you do that? Because I'm not getting bars on my cell.
No, I meant why would you tell your mom? Because, this trip was supposed to be about helping people.
And you made it all about you, and calling my mom is the right thing to do.
And you're not going to convince me that it's not.
You're right.
I had no right dragging you into this.
It was a stupid idea.
Not working.
Fine! I'm really sorry Rocky.
I guess I spend so much time dreaming of us being amazing dancers, who bring joy to people, and I thought going on "Really, you call that dancing?" Would speed things up.
I guess I'm in just too big of a rush to make it all happen.
But I wasn't being selfish, I did this for us.
Still not working.
No, I meant it.
I wasn't trying to talk you out of calling your mom.
No the phone, it's not working.
Next bus stop, we'll call your mom and go home.
Thank you.
Oh yes! We could so get on that show.
Okay fine.
- Yes! Yes! Yes! - Our mom's our going to kill us anyway, it might as well wait until we get back home from Los Angels.
- Really? - Yeah.
With any luck we'll win, there'll be a tour afterwards and we'll never have to home.
I had a feeling you guy's would work it out, and we'd wind up going to LA.
Hey Norville, thanks for letting me use your boombox.
I think we just missed the bus.
What now? Uh um no, no, no it's fine, it's fine, we'll just Uh, hang out here and then catch the next bus to LA.
Which is in Three days.
I don't understand why there wouldn't be another bus for three days.
If you were a bus driver would you be in a rush to come back here? So that's it, were just stuck here? No, Rocky don't worry.
We can still get to LA in plenty of time to audition for "Really, you call that dancing?" Really, you call that thinking? How can we still go to LA? The next bus is in three days.
It takes two days to get to LA and four days to get home.
How many days is that CeCe? Uh Hey.
I don't do math unless I'm in class.
And even then it's fifty-fifty.
Which means only half the time.
Look, if we're not home by the end of the week, we're going to get in huge trouble.
All right.
Okay, there's a bus to Chicago tomorrow morning, and we have to be on it.
I'm really sorry CeCe.
No! No, we can't just give up that easy.
We're in Texas, we can discover oil.
Oh, make a billion dollars, buy an airplane, fly to LA, and still be home on time.
All right fine, it's over.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, that's it? We're just going to hop on a bus and go home? We don't have any choice Flynn.
Great! You totally wrecked my adventure.
Oh, come on! This is not my day! Oh! Thanks stranger, I'm Flynn from Chicago.
- Names Bo.
- Isn't that a boys name? Ever heard of Little Bo Peep? My bad.
So Bo, what do you guys do around here for fun? Nothing much, mainly like to do this Stop that! Sorry, I was just messing with you.
Hey, look up there Aw, city boy's so scared he wet his pants.
No I didn't! Yeah, you did.
That's right you better run, Flynn Jones is coming for you! Just as soon as I go to the bathroom, and sit on the hand dryer.
Now we will find out, did dopy and dopier come home Or go somewhere else? Once we have the evidence we'll bust them And they'll be off Shake It Up Chicago forever.
Are you sure there's no one home? Yes I checked, Flynn is on a camping trip, and the mother works eight to six every other day this week.
Yeah, unless she takes a personal day.
Correct, unless she takes a ut-oh Deuce, ah, my friend uh, Remo is um He's getting paroled, and you know I promised to speak at his hearing and Oh, who am I kidding? You're family.
He's breaking out and someone's gotta go pick him up.
So, keep an eye the place all right? No problem uncle Frank.
All right! Listen up! The big man has put the little man in charge.
That's right the little man is now the big man making him the The um the the The little big man! As long as you all do your jobs We should get along just fine.
Hey! If you got time to lean, you got time to clean.
Um CeCe, we can't just waltz in to this party.
Why not? It's a town dance, and we're in town, so start waltzing.
But, people will know that we don't belong.
How? Population sixty-eight.
Oh, we'll blend in, just follow my lead.
So, you think the rain will hurt the crops this year? Me neither.
Come on.
Hello beautiful, you're a little boney, but I like that in a rib.
Whoa, Texas is an adventure.
A culinary adventure.
That looks like my old friend Bo's hat.
I'll be right the maw I just gotta get my hat.
You want some biscuit's to sop up that gravy? That's so not cool! Relax, you got me, I got you, now we're even.
Technically I win because I went last, but I'll over look that for now.
So let's just jump to the part of the movie where we shake hands, and become best friends for life, fist bump.
You messed with my hat, around here a man never messes with another mans hat.
You will be sorry.
Mom, he messed with my hat.
Mm! Cute boys! Cute boys! Say something! Howdy, guys.
I'm Rocky, and the is my pardner CeCe.
I'm Ethan and this is Aaron.
They like us, they can't stop staring.
You've got your food all over your face.
You too.
- Oh no! - Oh yes.
Y'all wanna dance? Bet your sweet tea we do.
Really, you call that dancing? Who does she think she is getting off that bus? Oh great, voice mail.
Call me! Ah-ha! Now's the time to use that tracking device I put on her phone.
Why would you have that? Because when she turned eleven, people looked at me funny when I put her on a leash.
So this is the next best thing, if she's ever lost I can find her.
Why would you want to do that? Tinka, now is not the time for your hilarious wit.
A mother is worried about her child, and she wants to find her so she can punish her by taking her off Shake It Up Chicago.
Just a starting point, feel free to expand from there.
Ah-ha! Texas! She's in Texas? What is she doing in pee-pee, Texas? I believe it's pronounced pay-pay.
Yeah? Well I'm going after her And when she sees me she's going to pay-pay her pants.
- Uh, we're going with you.
- We are? You don't sit through the boring Fourth of July symphony, and not stay for the fireworks.
On my watch laziness will not be tolerated.
On my watch things will be done the right way.
The Deuce way.
And if you don't like it There's the door.
Deuce listen you gotta relax.
You're taking this boss thing way too far.
Ty, employees want a boss who's in charge and in command.
Well boss you're in trouble.
Because everybody just left.
Wait stop, no, no, no! Cousin Pedro, cousin Brenda, cousin Fritzie, come on back you guys! Oh boy, this is gonna make Thanksgiving really awkward.
- Yeah! - He-haw! Woo! Hey, hey! Can you play this? When I thank you.
What ya waiting for? Always running up the wall.
The whole wide world is your stage.
Go on now, superstar! I got the beat on lock.
Gonna give it all we got.
You will find your way, if you just bring your heart.
Keep your eyes open wide, you might just be surprised.
Feel free to join the joy ride, it is a state of mind.
Come on, let's make it happen! It'll be more than you imagined.
When words turn into action, we'll be ready to go, go! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Up up and away! Whoa! Whoa! Get you up and away.
Up up and away! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Up up and away! Whoa! Whoa! Get you up and away.
Excuse me girls, I'm Mayor Bartlett, and can I just say I've never seen such fine dancing.
You can say that all day long your highness.
CeCe, he's a Mayor it's your honor.
I'm so sorry, it's my honor your highness.
Okay, I'm Rocky and this is CeCe.
Well it's my pleasure, you two are very professional.
Oh, thank you, we dance on a show called Shake It Up Chicago.
Don't believe I've ever heard of it.
Oh, um, it's a pretty big city in Illinois.
Wow, she can dance, and she's funny.
Listen girls, tomorrow's our big air show We're expecting over a thousand people and our two dancers, dropped out.
We're having a heck of a time replacing them is there any way that you - We'd love to.
- We cant.
- But but - No no - But - No Okay time out.
See I just thought since we never got to audition for that reality show, dancing in front of all these people would make up for it.
You're not the only one who didn't get what they wanted this week.
I wanted to help people, that didn't happen either, deal with it.
Look, we have to be on a bus first thing in the morning.
Ah, well Looks like we're going to have to refund the ticket sales and There goes our school arts program.
If the school doesn't have an arts program then, students get bored drop out, crime rates rise, stores close, jobs disappear, family's move away, and before you know it Pepe is flushed away like it never existed in the first place.
I'm gonna save a town! And I'm gonna dance in front of a thousand people.
And I'm gonna get re-elected.
Uh guys, I'm not sure about this.
- Not now Flynn.
- But you don't know what you're Flynn, this is the first time CeCe and I have been on the same page this whole trip.
Exactly, and we're dancing in that show tomorrow.
Come on Rocky, let's go work out our choreography.
Or you can just wing it.
CeCe, it's you're mother.
Message one hundred and twenty three.
I hope you're enjoying these voice mails, because they're the last ones you'll ever get.
CeCe hi it's mom again, in case I wasn't clear in that last message I'm taking away your phone! - I am Gunther! - And I am Tinka! - And we are - Getting back in the car! I know you're angry but save some of it for CeCe.
Save lots of it for CeCe.
Now! I can't believe it.
A deep fried pig in a blanket with bacon maple dipping sauce! I love Texas! Howdy there Flynn.
Hey Bo.
Look Flynn, I've been thinking about what you said before, and I'd really like it if we could be friends.
Wow, it takes a big man to say that.
Shake on it then? Uh, got something kinda warm and squishy in your hand.
Did your mom make fudge? No, Bessie did.
Is Bessie your sister? No she's my cow.
Ha! You just got cow pied! Cowgirl two, city boy one.
Oh, this is not over yet.
There they are, there's our stars.
Oh, I wouldn't say we're stars.
Rocky, the man's a Mayor, this is his town, go with the flow.
Tell you what, this is the best turn out we've ever had.
Why I haven't seen folks this excited since we cut the ribbon for the new speed bump.
So uh, where's the stage? Right over there.
Oh um, I can't see the stage, that rickety old plane is in the way.
That rickety old plane is the stage.
You'll be dancing on the wings.
Um Why would we do that? Because it's an air show.
You you mean the plane will be flying? - You bet ya.
- In the air? You bet ya.
So when you said the other dancers dropped out You bet ya.
Hey man thanks for helping me out.
I'm not helping you, you're paying me.
You've got one employee, you really wanna tick me off? Fine just put this on.
Yeah, not gonna happen.
Ya have to wear a hairnet.
Health code regulations? No, it's for my own amusement.
Uh All right uh, so we have to set the tables.
Uh, fill the cheese shakers, and make dough.
I'll get the silverware.
Alright uh, water's in.
Uh, then add flour.
That's enough.
Uh Next, yeast.
Uh, I got it! Okay, it's dough time.
Uh, flour's in.
Water's in.
Next Is yeast.
That doesn't look like enough.
Hey Ty, your cell phone's ringing.
All right now where was I? Oh right, the yeast.
That doesn't look like enough.
Hello? Oh hey, uncle Frank.
How's your friend Remo? Don't yell at me, I didn't know the phone's could be tapped.
Yes, it's fine you don't have to check up on me, I'm not an idiot.
Uh, Rocky why are we going through with this? The arts program remember? Plus it's Karma we did drop out of Shake It Up Cares.
And now we have to drop out of the sky to make up for it!? Don't you worry about a thing darling we got us a great pilot.
Wave to the dancer's Stan.
You have got to be kidding me.
Oh, nobody knows this plane better than Stan he flew it.
In world war one.
World war one, how old does that make him? Just be thankful you're not good at math.
Or history.
Rocky, I don't think I can go through with this.
Oh, sure you can, okay we just won't look down and We'll pretend like we're on stage and it will be over before you know it.
That's what I'm afraid of.
Look, I know we didn't plan this but here we are so let's just go for it.
Come on, life is about finding some excitement, having an adventure! Please, that's just the advice you gave Flynn.
No, that's what I learned from being friends with you.
On second thought this is crazy, let's get out of here! Back out? I don't think so.
What are what are you doing!? Having an adventure! Last time I ever give that kid advice.
Okay there is nothing in the world that anyone can say or do, that is going to keep us on this plane.
Hey CeCe isn't that your mom's car coming towards us? Floor it grandpa! Go! Go! Go! I think my uncle's going to be pretty impressed with the job we did.
Hey, how come I'm the only one wearing a hairnet? Hey, I don't make the rules, I just enforce them.
Stop making a big deal, you can hardly tell you're wearing it.
Man, how much peperoni did you eat? I can hear your stomach growling.
Um, that's not my stomach.
Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! How cool is this? Ah! Ah! Ah! Ut-oh! What, what, what-oh? What's going on? Nothing, our pilot just fell asleep.
Or or he died.
Wait no his chest is moving he's just sleeping.
Oh! Flynn! Do something! Whoa! Okay! Oh! Who says video games are a waste of time? Ty! Ty, where are you man!? I need your help! Stop! Dude, where's your hairnet? Really? That's what you're worried about? Because if you haven't noticed I'm in the middle of a blob.
- Where's the phone? - In here.
- Hey, that's not the phone! - I'm sorry! Crusty's Pizza? Delivery? Sure hang on a second let me get a pen.
Can I get a pen? Thanks.
Okay, so that's one large meat eater.
- Aren't you forgetting something? - Oh yeah thanks man.
Anything to drink with that? - Rocky? - Yeah? I'm so sorry I switched buses on us.
We should have just gone to Alabama with Shake It Up because you were right.
Thank you.
Oh no! The only reason why you're apologizing is because you think we're about to die.
Hey, start dancing before we run out of fuel.
Less yippee yap, more tippy tap.
Here goes! Get you up and away.
Whoa! Whoa! Get you up and away.
Up up and away.
Whoa! Whoa! Get you up and away.
Up up and away.
CeCe? CeCe? CeCe, where are you? Where I don't get it! It says shes right here! No wait, now shes over there.
How's she move so fast? Whoa! Whoa! Get you up and away.
Why don't you come up with snazzy ideas like, dancing on an airplane wing! Not only do I have fashion sense, but I also have common sense.
Ow! You stepped on my boot.
You two are funny looking.
Gunther look it's a little cowboy stereotype.
If we had the worlds smallest ball of twine, we could lasso her.
Whoa! Get you up and away.
Up up and away.
Whoa! Whoa! Get you up and away.
Up up and away.
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Get you up and away.
Oh my gosh! Look at us we did it! I know, and it was actually kind of fun.
Let's ask if we can do it next year.
Don't push it! I don't get it.
I do not get it I think this stupid thing is broken because it says she's right here.
Actually, she's right there! Okay Bo, you have this coming.
Here comes some Bessie lemonade.
Ah! I stand corrected, it is pee-pee Texas.
For starters You're grounded forever I'm shaving your head and I'm giving away all your clothes.
Except the purple velour sweat shirt and track pants, your grandma gave you for Christmas.
That's a good start, but tell them they're off Shake It Up Chicago.
Yeah! I would except keeping her on the show is your punishment.
You should have called me as soon as you realized they were missing.
Yeah, keep laughing Flynn.
You I can still put on a leash.
I told you mommy it's not my fault.
CeCe made me go with her.
All right, it was worth a shot.
I'm so sorry Mrs.
Jones, I've already written an essay about Oh can it Rocky! I'm still ratting you out to your mom.
Okay, now what Highway does that map say we should take? - Highway sixty toward Amarillo.
- Okay, lets go.
Wait, are you sure about those directions, because Highway sixty will take us to We're going to LA, aren't we? Well, she's already shaving my head.
What else do I have to lose?