Shake It Up! s02e15 Episode Script

Egg It Up

Everybody, everybody,get out on the floor It can get a little crazy when the kick hits the floor Make a scene, make a scene, nobody can ignore Don't knock it.
We can't take it no more Bring the lights up,bust the doors down Dust yourself off Shake it up, shake it up DJ set it off,take it up a notch All together now,shake it up, shake it up Sh-sh-sh-shake it up.
You got to change it up And when you've had enough.
Sh-sh-sh-shake it up Bring the lights up,bust the doors down All together now,shake it up, shake it up Shake it up Shake It Up! S02E15 Judge It Up What a lousy day.
First a surprise Spanish test and now here come the Hessenheffers.
If you think about it there is actually a lot to like about Gunther and Tinka There is? Like what? Well, like They owe us money! I believe you have something for us.
Disrespect? Disdain? This feeling in my throat to yak up a yak? No.
We're talking about the money you owe us for performing at your cousin's party yesterday Yes.
And this time we want cash not sequins.
, You don't deserve to be paid.
You were late, though that's not unusual, poorly dressed, though that's not unusual, and your dancing was terrible.
Even more so than usual.
Plus, you made our poor little Klaus cry and ruined his birthday cake That's not true! And even if it was, you still have to pay us.
We have a verbal contract.
So sue us! You know what? We will sue you! On what grounds? This cheesy bread is both my wildest dream and my darkest nightmare¡£ Hello, my poorly mannered friend, who clearly hasn't mastered the fine art of using utensils.
Yeah, hi, Henry.
Would you make yourself useful and please cut the cheese? "Cut the cheese.
" So, my parents just got me a new bicycle as a gift for winning the MacArthur Genius Grant for my work on the molecular physiology I won a nerd prize.
Oh, cool.
So, let's go celebrate by propelling our pedal driven recreational vehicles together.
Go bike riding.
Sorry, I can't.
I, uh, pulled a tenderloin yesterday and I shouldrest it? Yeah.
Flynn, spill it.
I don't know how to ride a bike.
You don't know how to ride a bike? I don't know what else to say other than I can do a kid thing you can't! I can do a kid thing you can't! You know what? I don't care, Henry.
Because I have no interest in bike riding.
See, my plan is to go straight from skateboarding to driving a car.
But learning to ride a bike is like a rite of passage.
Like getting your first mechanical pencil, or discovering your first subatomic particle, or wearing big boy pants.
Congratulations, Henry.
You've made me want to learn how to ride a bike - even less.
- aww.
And you no longer have to cut the cheese.
I just did it myself.
So I called the courthouse about suing Gunther and Tinka, and they said it's going to take months to get a court date.
Rocky, everyone knows that when you want justice you do not go to the government.
You go to the one place where everyone gets a fair chance Television! CeCe, there's so much wrong with what you just said, that I don't even know where to start.
Start by clearing your schedule next Saturday, because I got us on Teen Court.
Awesome, right? Awesome, not at all.
CeCe, this is about getting our day in court, not about getting on TV.
Besides, all those shows are fake, made-up cases with actors following scripts.
Oh, really? All cases on Teen Court are real and unscripted.
Participants are not actors and agree that all decisions reached by Judge Marsha Sanders are final and binding in accordance with Judicial Code Article 7, subsection 23,paragraph 2-J.
Really? You can remember all of that, but you can't remember what year "Columbus sailed the ocean blue"? I knew it rhymed, I just thought it was 1982.
I'll get it, Mom! What super hero are you? The Incredible Nerd This might be the endorphins talking, but stuff it, Flynn! I just had the bike ride of my life.
I started on Cherry Lane, pedaled all the way up Drexel Boulevard and then headed down Madison.
So, you went around the block? And you know what that block tasted like? Freedom! Because with a bicycle, I can go wherever I want, whenever I want.
As long as you don't cross any streets and get your dad's permission first? Obviously.
Save it, Henry.
I really don't want to learn to ride a bike.
It just seems like an unnecessary skill to me.
Ice cream man! We'll never catch him! Hmm.
If only there was a way for kids to get places faster than walking or running.
Oh, wait, there is.
Welcome to Teen Court.
Today's case: The Birthday Boogie Blow-Up Bonanza.
These are the Plaintiffs, CeCe Jones and Rocky Blue.
They claim they enteredt with the defendants to perform a super awesome dance.
They say after going above and beyond fabulous, they were never compensated.
They're suing for $80 for services performed, plus one million dollars for emotional distress.
These are the Defendants.
He is Gunther.
She is Tinka.
And they are the Hessenheffers.
They claim that instead of putting on a super awesome dance, the plaintiffs stunk the place up with their super lame moves.
Since the plaintiffs didn't fulfill their contracts, they shouldn't be paid.
Now, all rise for the Honorable and, dare I say, very attractive, Judge Marsha Sanders.
Ooh! Judge Marsha! You're the coolest judge on TV.
I'll be the judge of that! Rocky and CeCe, first off, you can't sue for a million dollars.
This is small claims court, the maximum is ten thousand.
Besides, you can't fill a pitcher with lemonade, if you've only got one lime.
What is that supposed to mean? It means, I'm the only one getting the big bucks on this show.
Okay, now on to the case at hand.
Tell me how this all got started.
Well It all started when we met in ballet class Not that far back, Ms.
I've got two more cases after you and tickets to Twelve Angry Men on Iceat 5:00.
I've got no time for nonsense.
I'll be the judge of that.
That's my catch phrase, Blondie.
Get your own.
Sorry, baby.
Now move on.
Okay, well, here's how it all started.
Well, if it isn't Stinky and the Brain.
Okay, losers, we need you and your four left feet to dance at our cousin's birthday party this Saturday.
We can't do it because we are too busy hosting.
And being delusional egomaniacs.
We'd be happy to help, as we are kind people who care about others more than ourselves, but, sorry, we're rescuing blind puppies that day.
And then we're going to donate blood to needy, bloodless people.
Well, too bad! You're going to need your blood, sweat and tears for all the dancing you're going to be doing.
We'll pay you $80.
You'll do it, and you'll like it! Your Honor, if we knew this was "Liar's Court" we would have started by telling CeCe how cute her bangs are.
Aww, thanks, Tinka.
Hey! Here's how it really happened.
I do not believe the dancers for Klaus's party cannot make it.
Wait! We were just eavesdropping like always since there's nothing interesting ever happening in our own lives, we heard you need dancers? Yes, but on such short notice we won't be able to find replacements.
Let us dance at the party! I mean, we know we're not as good as you guys.
In fact, we're the worst dancers on Shake It Up, Chicago! She means all of Chicago.
But the practice would do us some good.
Please? Please? Please? Oh.
But only because, as everyone knows, we are generous, good-hearted people.
Puh-lease! The only thing you said that was true was that it happened at school! And that my bangs are cute.
This is what happens when you put a kitten and canary in the same paper bag and tell them to bake a pie.
Which means what exactly? It means I had coffee and a bran muffin and something is brewing.
I call recess.
Judge Marsha is off the throne and back on the bench, as we return to the case of the Birthday Boogie Blow-Up Bonanza.
Teen Court is back in session.
I'll be the judge of that! It never gets old.
Let's hope not, baby.
Now, let's move on to the events of the party.
I'll take this one, CeCe.
All right.
We were at Crusty's about to take the stage and, Klaus, for your special day, we hired the best entertainment in the city.
But they canceled on us at the last moment.
So let's give a small smattering of patronizing applause for CeCe and Rocky.
What was that? We asked for dancing, not a vicious assault on our eyes set to music! WhatWhat are you talking about? We worked really hard on that.
Klaus loved it.
She's right.
I think they are awesome.
Oh, what do you know, Klaus? You are only a child.
Here, have some cake.
My party is ruined! My party is ruined! Interesting story, girls, but just because you hand me ice skates, doesn't mean we're having snow cones for dessert.
I don't know what that means.
It means, there's another side to the story, and I want to hear it.
Why just hear about it when I can recreate it through interpretive dance? Can it, Sparkles.
You're up, Hair Bun! Well, we were all set for a lovely party until they arrived And now, dear cousin Klaus, the surprise that is the cornerstone to your party.
It will make your already joyful experience a true wonder for all to behold.
All right.
Well, this is an unexpected development.
Okay, Let's dance for these ugly little pinheads.
All right, pay us.
Well, that was abrupt.
It wasn't your greatest dance but you tried your best.
It's true.
We see the best in people and would never criticize anyone.
Let alone you two lovely ladies.
Cake! Out of our way, you monsters.
My party is ruined! My party is ruined! Who cares? I hate kids and the America Judicial System! Cake! How dare you! Your Honor, I object! I would never hurt a child! And I love the American Judicial System.
Don't come into my house and tell me that the sewer is in the attic.
Yeah, I don't follow your meaning.
It means I've heard enough and I'm going to my chamber to think it over.
Come on, Flynn.
Everyone has to learn at some point.
You have no reason to be embarrassed.
Really, Henry? No reason? None at all? Okay, I can tell you're a little nervous.
So, let's talk about your fears.
Well, I've done a lot of soul searching, Henry, and basically I've realized I don't want to tip over! See, I have these things in my body that I really like.
Yeah, they're called bones.
I'll just throw on some training wheels and we'll get started.
Training wheels? Oh, no, no, no, no.
I'm Flynn Jones.
Flynn Jones did not use sippy cups.
Flynn Jones did not use bumpers for bowling.
Flynn Jones never had a potty seat, he went straight to the toi-toi! And Flynn Jones will not be using training wheels.
Now step aside, Professor.
Don't just stand there, get the training wheels.
In all my years on the bench, I have never heard such totally different versions of the same story.
After a lot of reflection, and a foot rub from my boo, I rule in favor of Your Honor, wait! There's still one more super-secret surprise witness! Me! Order in the court! What is the meaning of this? Well, to be honest, I thought we were losing, so I called Deuce and asked him to bring the surveillance footage from that day.
And this sweaty young man is Deuce Martinez, Your Honor, and for the record I throw myself on the mercy of the court! You're out of order! You can't handle the truth! I'm sorry.
My mom's right, I watch way too much TV.
Anyhoo, I work at Crusty's, where the alleged party took place, and I think this will clear everything up.
I'll be the judge of that! Now, don't put a Maypole up in my living room and tell me it's spring break.
What the heck does that mean? Isn't it obvious? She wants me to play the footage.
Finally, someone around here understands me.
I like you, Eyebrow.
Right back at you, Judge.
You did really good with the training wheels, but now it's time for the real thing.
- You've got me, right? - I've got you.
You're not going to let go, right? I won't let go.
- Hey, Flynn? - Yeah? I let go.
You're doing it all on your own! You lied to me? What kind of friend are you? Hey, wait a minute.
I'm riding on my own? This is so awesome! And way easier than I thought.
Thanks for teaching me, Henry.
You're the best.
Your kind words are appreciated, Flynn.
But if you really want to thank me, - say it with a gift card.
- All right.
Hey! Did you rig the bike so I wouldn't fall? Was it all a lie? Hey, we can stand here all day and argue about this - or we can run.
- What do you mean? The bike! It's heading toward us! Run! I've never seen you look more beautiful than you do right now.
Nobody saw that.
Nobody saw tt.
Fast forward, fast forward! See, our costumes look nice.
Well, maybe I got that part wrong.
Okay, I guess we could have rehearsed a little more.
Where were the flips and tricks? I knew we shouldn't have hired them.
Is it cake time? Not now, Klaus! What? You never said anything about flips and tricks.
I knew we shouldn't have taken this job.
Please, don't argue.
Can't we eat cake? Not now, Klaus! My party is ruined! My party is ruined! Sorry, guys, it was our fault.
No, it was obviously all our fault.
Yes, like the hairdresser who cuts your bangs, we must take the blame.
No, it was our fault! No, it was our fault! All right! I'll be the judge of that! It's your fault.
And your fault.
In fact, it's all your fault! Case dismissed! Not so fast, Your Honor! This is Klaus Hessenheffer.
He claims his party was ruined.
His party was ruined.
He's suing for one million dollars and a new cake.
It was their fault! No, it was their fault! Case dismissed.
Hey, where's Deuce? Oh, he's home sick.
Apparently that mop had been seeing the bathroom floor behind his back.
I know the judge dismissed your case, but Gunther and I talked about it and we feel really bad about everything that happened.
It's okay.
No hard feelings.
Yes, well anyway, we hired you and feel you deserve to be paid.
Wow, that's really nice, Tinka.
Thank you.
Gunther! I think it's about right, but you probably want to counter it.
We don't want a lawsuit.