Shake It Up! s02e16 Episode Script

Judge It Up

Oh, I am so into this book, Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.
You have to read it.
No, thank you.
I don't have to read some book to know prejudice is wrong.
It's not about prejudice.
It's about romance in the early 19th century.
They wrote the most poetic letters to express their feelings back then.
Now you're lucky if you get a text that says, "You're hot.
Smiley face.
" You got a text that says, "You're hot.
Smiley face.
" From who? Ooh! My dad is calling on usFace.
Hi, Daddy! Hey, Pumpkin! I figured out usFace! You did! That's so great! I can't hear you.
Pumpkin? Maybe I didn't figure out usFace.
Dad, turn up the volume.
Yeah, I can see your lips move, but I can't hear Oh, hold on, I'm getting a text.
Oh, it's from you.
"Turn up the volume.
" Oh! Oh! Hey, Pumpkin! Hi, Daddy! Rocky's here.
Rocky, say, "Hi" to Daddy.
Hi, Daddy.
I got a surprise for you, CeCe.
Is it something I can wear? Better.
Hang on.
I gotta get the door.
Oh, hey, Dad.
Dad, I gotta go.
You're here.
Everybody, everybody,get out on the floor It can get a little crazy when the kick hits the 4 Make a scene, make a scene, nobody can ignore Don't knock it We can't take it no more Bring the lights up, bust the doors down Dust yourself off Shake it up, shake it up DJ set it off,take it up a notch All together now,shake it up, shake it up Sh-sh-sh-shake it up You got to change it up And when you've had enough Sh-sh-sh-shake it up Shake it up Shake It Up! S02E16 Parent Trap It Up And when you guys come to Florida to visit for Spring Break, we're going to Coaster Kingdom.
I love Coaster Kingdom.
A roller coaster actually takes from the parking lot to the roller coasters! They just added a new coaster, called "The Vomit Comet.
" There's a loop-de-loop Whoa! Whoa! and an 80-story drop into a corkscrew! The handles actually have built-in barf bag dispensers.
Oh, I can't wait! And I can't wait to wait in the gift shop! "Crusty's Pizza and Italian Food.
" Ooh, I wonder if they have wonton soup.
They don't.
I've asked.
Wow, I love when we're all together.
It makes me feel so smart.
- Mmm.
What do you mean? - What do you mean? I'll explain it later.
So I guess today was the day the romance died.
Sorry, I'm just a little nervous, you know.
Ty really likes this girl and I really want this double date to go well.
Like I don't? I'd love someone I can have girl-talk with while you and Ty talk about whatever it is I pretend to listen to but I'm actually ignoring while playing Cranky Chickens on my phone.
Hey, guys! I want you to meet Gina DiPasquale? Hey, that's right.
Good guess! Hello, Dina.
You two know each other? Yeah, we were in Rainbow Girls together when we were nine.
But enough of my bad childhood memories.
You know, that's funny.
My sister Rocky was a Rainbow Poor Dina finished second in cookie sales and didn't win the bicycle.
Who won again? Oh, yeah, me.
And who cried about it like a little baby? Oh, yeah.
Well, I would've won if your father hadn't bought all the cookies and let you eat them yourself.
Come on, girls.
Chill out.
Yeah, we're supposed to be hanging out, having a good time.
I'm sorry.
You're right.
I say enough with this competition stuff.
Now we're talking.
So, what do you say we order something to eat? I'm so hungry.
I could eat a whole pizza by myself! I could eat two! What? No, no, no, no, no, J.
I think we all know that CeCe got her dancing talent from me.
Mmm-mmm! Oh, yeah? Well, what do you call this? Embarrassing? Yeah, that was bad, wasn't it? Hey, remember this one? Wow, you still have some moves.
I'm hoping one of them is getting me back up.
Thanks for coffee.
It was great to see you.
Good to see you.
Goodbye, you two.
CeCe, I'll see you tomorrow after school.
- Good night, Dad.
- Good night, Dad.
Yes? Your parents.
They were getting all PG-13.
You're crazy.
Come on, you've got to admit, they got along really well, considering that they're divorced.
Actually, they get along really well because they're divorced.
I don't know.
It just seemed like there was a spark there.
The way they were dancing and laughing.
It was just like the book.
A smoldering ember that time apart cannot extinguish.
See? This is why I don't read.
It just messes with your grasp of reality.
That's why you don't read.
I'm just saying, how romantic would it be if the two of them actually got back together? Okay, I think you need a little reality check.
Flynn! Why don't you get in here! Rocky thinks Mom and Dad should get back together.
Would you mind? Have a seat, Rocky.
Mom and Dad do love each other, and they love us.
They just don't love living together.
And it's better to have two happy houses than one house that's not so happy.
Plus, Dad lives in Florida, home to many, many, many, many, many theme parks.
Did I mention he also gets a little competitive with Mom when it comes to birthday presents? It's all good.
So, you feel any better, Rocky? You know what? I totally get it now.
You two don't understand a thing about romance.
Oh! Look at that.
There's two doves out here.
They mate for life you know! They also poop in public.
What's your point? - Dude.
- Dude.
- I mean I know, Gina was all - And Dina was all like - No doubt.
So, I guess I don't see any other way.
- All right then.
- Cool.
Wait, wait.
We just agreed not to double date again, right? Oh, good.
I thought we weren't going to be friends anymore.
This is better.
I like this.
What? Oh, no! Lydia and Mr.
Wickham have run away together.
So, that's airfare for two and hotel in Hawaii for that price? Oh, she is going to love this.
She's always wanted to go to Hawaii.
Hold on.
Let me write this down.
What did I do with my You know what? I don't have a pen.
Just tell me.
I'll remember.
Did you hear that? Airfare for two to Hawaii? Don't you get it? Oh, my gondola! My dad's taking me to Hawaii and Flynn doesn't get to go! Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
What, what, what? Or I was right, and your dad still have feelings for your mom, and he's here to whisk her off on a romantic getaway.
He is wooing her.
Just like when Fitzwilliam Darcy wooed Elizabeth.
And I'm just like Charlotte, Elizabeth's pragmatic friend, sensible and always right! This is exactly like the book.
No, you're exactly like the book.
I win again! If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were letting me win.
If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were cheating.
You know what we do to cheaters around these parts.
Help! Mom! Police! Sorry, kiddo.
Even the law can't help you now.
But I'm innocent! Innocent, I tell you! Oh, how did those get in there? Look at that.
One big happy family.
What's that expression? Oh, yes.
"A family that plays together stays together.
" Oh, I know another expression.
"You're delusional.
" Okay, bedtime.
- But Mom - No.
Not you, me.
I'm exhausted.
But now that you mention it, you too.
I've got to go anyway, buddy.
All right.
Night, Dad.
Good night.
Good night, buddy.
Good night, Rocky.
I'll see you tomorrow, Pumpkin.
Good night, Daddy.
Oh! My dad left his jacket.
Rocky, you were wrong.
My dad is not here to woo back my mom.
He's here to propose to her! Oh, my gondola! Wow! I can't believe my dad is going to propose to my mom.
Why, Mr.
Darcy, this is so sudden, but Yes, I will marry you! CeCe, it's me.
I forgot my jacket.
- Rocky! Take it off! - I can't! It's stuck! Who is it? Still me.
Um, be right with you! We're just in the middle of dance rehearsal.
And a five, six, seven, eight! Ow! Ow! Go, go.
Hide! Go, go.
Daddy, you're back! Yeah, I forgot my jacket.
Dad, as long as you're here, I want to hang out with you.
I just want to spend every minute with you.
- Well, I guess I could stay for a while.
- Got it! I'm tired.
You should go.
Keep it real, Mr.
I bet your mom will let us be bridesmaids! Isn't this the most exciting, amazing thing ever? Shh! I don't know.
I never really thought they'd get back together.
It doesn't even really matter to me.
Doesn't matter? Doesn't matter! Girls, be quiet.
This is a library.
People don't come here to talk.
They come here to take naps and avoid the Vice Principal.
Sorry, Miss Burke.
I just got a little excited.
CeCe's dad is going to propose to her mom.
Propose? Is there a ring? Yeah, we found it last night.
Oh! I've always wanted to get engaged.
Sometimes when I'm bored, look, I draw a ring on my finger.
This one is princess cut, and this one is emerald cut.
And I can't decide which one I like best.
- Emerald cut.
- Emerald cut.
I always go back to emerald cut, too! Shh! Don't you shush me! We're talking about love! Your mom must be so excited.
Actually, I don't even know if she wants to get married again.
Oh, no.
What if your dad asks her and she says no? I'd feel terrible for him.
We just have to get her in the right frame of mind.
We need a plan.
- We? - We? Yeah, we.
You think I'm going to leave something as important as this up to the two of you? Now, what did they do on their first date? I think they went out for Indian food.
Bollywood! Shh! Can it! Bollywood is all about colorful saris, and spicy food, and exotic music and dancing.
Recreate that, and I guarantee your mom will say, "Yes.
Yes! "Yes.
" You know, Miss Burke, you are a true romantic.
You know, I bet, if you took off those glasses and lost the pencils in your hair, and did your makeup Well, um, not like that, you, you would look just like a model.
A model? Stop, you.
Shh! - Oh, hey, Ty.
- Hey, Gina.
Oh, no.
We should go.
What is it with you two? Well, we just thought it would be best to keep a little distance between you.
Yeah, like Lake Michigan.
Oh, that's just silly.
We can get through one night.
I mean, I know I can.
I don't know about Gina.
I can get along with you better than you can get along with me.
Would you two stop it? Yeah, enough is enough.
Okay, we'll stop competing with each other.
That guy's good.
I bet Ty could stay on that mechanical bull a lot longer than your lox a boyfriend.
You're on.
Ty's got legs like a flamingo.
Did you see Deuce's thighs? He could crush a watermelon with those.
Oh, I'm so glad we've worked it all out.
CeCe? -CeCe? -CeCe? Hey, what are you doing here? What are you doing here? What am I doing here? Oh, CeCe told me to pick her up.
No, CeCe told me to pick her up.
No, no, no.
She told me to pick her up.
No No! She told both of you to pick her up.
Oh, that's CeCe, so playful, like the monkey god of the Ganges River.
Flynn, what is going on? I'm not Flynn.
I'm Samir, from India.
Let me show you to your table.
Anywho, welcome to the Taj Mahal Restaurant, where our food is the eighth wonder of the world.
You will wonder where it came from, because there is no kitchen here.
I love Indian food.
Ooh! I wonder if they serve wonton soup.
What? Allow me to tell you our specials.
Actually, I'd prefer an explanation for what's going on.
Oh, I'm sorry,we are fresh out of explanations.
But we do have a very nice chicken tikka masala.
Dina, baby, uh, about me and the mechanical bull Yeah, I can't.
Sure you can.
No, no, no.
I can't.
When I was five, my mom put me on one of those coin-operated pony rides, and I cried for a week.
Oh, baby, I had no idea you suffered through a horrible childhood trauma like that.
Now, buck up! Yeah, that's right! Check me out! Yeah! Ooh! Yeah! Yeah! Top that, Dina! Oh, don't worry.
I will! Deuce, get up there.
It won't be so bad.
- Now ride.
- Okay.
I'm doing it! I'm doing it! Yeah! We win! Did we? Look at me, Dina! I've got no pants! You two.
I mean, you Ugh! Deuce, buddy, I got your pants.
Deuce can get so emotional sometimes.
Tell me about it.
The other day, Ty cried at a greeting card commercial.
Want to get some frozen yogurt? Love to.
My treat.
No, my treat.
No, my treat.
Huh? He's right, this chicken is great.
And hot! That's exactly what you did the first time we had Indian food.
Oh, wait.
Now I get it.
They're trying to recreate our first date.
What? No.
Our first date was pizza.
If our first date was pizza, we never would've had a second date.
Flynn? Flynn! Samir! Yes, ma'am? Is everything to your liking? Actually, what I would like is for your sister to come out here.
I'm sure she'd love to, but the floor show is about to start! Let's hear it for the hottest dancers in town! Hotter than the curry, no? No.
Girls, that was lovely.
And very entertaining.
But one little question.
Why? Ooh, I love the way they finish each other's sentences.
CeCe? Well, if I told you, I would ruin Dad's surprise.
So, go ahead, Dad.
Wait! Wait! Wait! Let me get out my camera.
Okay, go ahead, Mr.
I mean, Mr.
My surprise? Yes, my surprise.
My surprise is Must be a really big surprise, because I don't even know what it is.
We found the ring! Dad is going to propose! Ah! Whoo! What? Oh, that's ridiculous.
He is not.
Actually, I am going to propose.
But not to you, Georgia.
To Cathy.
Oh, thank heaven! I mean, congratulations.
So who would have thought that Dad proposing to Mom was insane? Oh, that's right.
Wait! No, no, no, no.
This is not how the book ends! And who the heck is Cathy? Cathy is Dad's girlfriend in Florida.
I didn't know you guys were so serious.
She's really great, Rocky.
She likes baseball, chili-burgers and 3-D alien movies.
If Dad wasn't marrying her, I think I might have to.
Just one second.
Really? You couldn't have mentioned he had a girlfriend? Yeah, because this is all my fault.
Look, I'm really sorry, CeCe.
I was wrong about this whole thing.
I just hope you're not too disappointed.
No, not at all.
I'm totally fine with this.
I just don't know how we're going to break it to the librarian.
Well, chances are, you'll never be in the library again, so it shouldn't be a problem.
Now, remember, sweetie, it's all about facing your fears.
You can do this.
I'm doing it! I'm doing it! all by myself and with no glue Yes, you are, baby! again, again, again, again!