Shake It Up! s02e17 Episode Script

Parent Trap It Up

Hey, did you hear why Jenn and Eileen weren't on the show today? They booked a commercial for Terry's Tacos.
Ew, that place with the grody food and the irritating commercials? Why didn't we get that part? Probably because we weren't asked to audition.
But by that crazy look in your eye, I'm guessing you have another opinion.
-They stole our part! - And there it is.
We dance just as well as they do, and nobody loves tacos more than us.
- Actually, I hate tacos.
- Quiet.
You love them.
You know what we need to do? Forget this nonsense? Absolutely! We should kick it up a notch and take our careers to the next level This has been another great episode of CeCe Goes Bonkers, tune in next week when she accuses random pedestrians of "stealing her look!" That girl had the same exact bangs as me! I mean, coincidence?I don't think so.
Everybody, everybody,get out on the floor It can get a little crazy when the kick hits the floor Make a scene, make a scene,nobody can ignore Don't knock it We can't take it no more Bring the lights up,bust the doors down Dust yourself off.
Shake it up, shake it up DJ set it off,take it up a notch All together now,shake it up, shake it up Sh-sh-sh-shake it up You got to change it up And when you've had enough Sh-sh-sh-shake it up Bring the lights up,bust the doors down All together now,shake it up, shake it up Shake it up Shake It Up! S02E17 Weird It Up! Hey, hey, hey.
You left your historybook at my place.
Oh, thanks.
I feel like to do something.
Your history homework? Oh, yeah But, no.
Anyway, remember how you were talking about Well, I thought about it and you have a point.
We need an agent! We don't need an agent.
No, we don't.
We need a shark! Which is why I booked us an appointment with Ira Frumkin, Agent to the Stars! And I have an appointment with reality.
Bye-bye! Glad we're on the same page! Coming! Thanks for the escort, Carl.
Where were you? You were supposed to pick me up from school an hour ago! Now I missed my Coyote Ranger meeting, which means I can't go on the camping trip.
What do you have to say for yourself? You're welcome.
¡°You're welcome"?Excuese me? What? I just saved you from a weekend in the forest getting eaten by mosquitoes.
Don't you mean,"I'm sorry"? Fine.
I'm sorry you're overreacting.
That's not an apology! An apology is when you look into someone's eyes and sincerely say,"I'm sorry.
" Apology accepted, Flynn.
SPEAKING SPANISH Dude, you just asked her if she wanted to eat a car with you.
A car! Who is that girl? Man, that's Gloria De Leon.
She's a foreign exchange student and only speaks Spanish.
Hey, do me a favor and ask her out.
Umm, Ty, I think my girlfriend would have a big problem with that.
I meant ask her out for me.
Of course.
I knew that.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
I want you to goon the date with me.
Umm, Ty, that's very flattering, but, again, I think Dina would have a problem with that.
- As the translator! - That makes much more sense.
Rocky! CeCe! I'd know those faces anywhere.
You've got star power.
You've got "it"! Mr.
Frumkin,we're Rocky and CeCe.
Rocky! CeCe! I'd know those faces anywhere.
You've got star power.
You've got "it"! Thank you, Ira.
See,The reason we called is because we think we havea ton of potential, but our careers have plateaued.
Let me tell you what I see.
Two girls with a ton of potential whose careers have plateaued.
Wow, you totally get us.
We could be doing so much more.
Ah, you didn't let me finish! You two could be doing so much more.
You're just repeating what she says.
I feel like I'm just repeating what she says.
Pump your breaks, Frumkin.
I think we've heard enough.
CeCe, let's go.
So, you don't want to hear about the TV series I have lined up for you? We're listening.
It's called "Let's Get Weird".
And it's gonna make you huge stars.
It's based on a popular Japanese game show, and your dancing and energy and good looks are exactly what they're looking for.
And you thought we didn't need an agent.
Thanks, Carl.
Sorry you missed your yoga-lates class.
Where have you been? You're late getting home from school.
Because I was waiting for you to pick me up! How could you forget me again? Hey, I have a lot on my mind.
Between "Shake It Up, Chicago! ' and my burgeoning Japanese game show dancer career, there's a lot going on in CeCe Land.
Oh, is CeCe Land still open? Because I heard it's been vacant for years.
You know what,forget it.
Just tell me that you picked up the gherkins and gummy worms for Crazy Cookie Day like you said you would.
You're putting those in a cookie? I don't know.
Sounds crazy.
That's the point of Crazy Cookie Day! Well, now it's Store-bought Cookie Day.
I forgot to get your ingredients.
How could youI'm so Grr! You owe me a huge apology.
I'm sorryThat I'm so busy.
Not good enough.
And I'm not leaving this room until I get a real apology.
Grr! Would you like more iced tea? (TRANSLATING IN SPANISH) Si.
Do you like the pizza? (TRANSLATING) Si.
Riveting conversation.
I'm starting to see why your relationships don't last.
My relationships don't last because I blow off girls when they get too clingy.
(TRANSLATING) Don't translate that! Just ask her if she'd like to go dancing.
(TRANSLATING) What'd she say? She said she really likes memeeting you.
Meeting you.
She said she likes meeting you.
Sorry, I've been talking Spanish so much,my English is a little rusty.
You know?I got you.
Hey, this is kind of awesome, right? Hey, we're Rocky and CeCe.
And you are the host of the show? Yeah, that's what they tell me, but I've been lied to before.
"Oh, Hank,you're so talented.
"Oh, Hank,you're so good looking.
"Oh, Hank, you're going to be bigger than Tom Cruise.
" Well, I think you're a little taller.
Not when he standson his pile of fame and money.
Anyway, if you need me, I'll be the guy with the dead look in his eyes.
Here's where you stand.
Hello, everyone!I'm Hank O'Hara, and welcome to"Let's get weird!" The show where the weirder things get, the more fun we have! Say "Hi" to the Weirdettes! Okay, let's get started.
The rules are simple.
If the contestant gets a question right,we hear and he wins $10.
But if he gets the question wrong,we hear and the Weirdettes must spin the "Wheel of Super Bad Punishment Time" and face whatever it lands on! Wow.
I feel bad for whoever the Weirdettes are.
CeCe, we're the Weirdettes.
Why would you think we're the Weirdettes? Well, because we're the only ones on stage, we're standing nextto the big Wheel of Super Bad Punishment Time, and they made us sign that ten page waiver and give them our blood type.
Let's meet our contestant,from Chicago, Illinois, please welcome Flynn Jones! Hi, everybody! We'll be back with Round One after this! Flynn, what are you doing here? I believe the expression is "Getting even.
" Hey, look at that.
Things really did just get weird.
Flynn How did youget on this show? Oh, my new agent booked me.
Your new agent? When did this happen? Well, I was at home when Ira called for you and surprise, surprise,you weren't around to answer.
So, we got to talking and he said I have a little something called star power.
Let me guess,he also said you have "it"? You got that right.
Come on, guys,back to your places.
It's time for me to continue my soul-crushing descent into obscurity.
Welcome back! Are we having the time of our lives or what? Woo-hoo! All right, let's continue.
Question one: Flynn,what is the capital of Illinois? Easy one.
Spring field.
See, Rocky? It's going to be fine.
Name the first President of the United States.
HmmThat one's tricky.
I should know this one since we're studying the Presidents in school and I've been spending a lot of extra time there lately, haven't I, CeCe? Oh, wait,now I remember.
The first President was Santa Claus.
Sorry, no, the answer is George Washington.
Aw Weirdettes,spin that "Wheel of Super Bad Punishment Time"! Get ready for Sparkly Clean Mouth Joy! Toothpaste? We have to brush our teeth? Yay, good spin! Nothing more important than a little oral hygiene.
But, um, where are the toothbrushes? Good question! Audience? Let's Get Weird! Ew, it's wet, it's wet, it's wet.
Brush! Brush! Brush! I don't want to do this.
Ew! I don't know about everybody else,but I love this show.
Japan rules! Ask Gloria whather favorite movie is.
(PRAISING TY IN SPANISH) - Well? - Avatar.
Really? You were talking for,like, five minutes and that's all she said? Dude.
Personal space.
I'm going to get some more pizza.
I'll be right back.
I like too.
You know,for some reason, I feel like Flynn is purposely getting these questions wrong.
- What makes you say that? - Oh, I don't know.
Maybe because he's over there rubbing his hands together like a cartoon villain and saying "You're going down!" Oh, yeah.
He's mad at me,because I won't apologize to him.
Can I make a little suggestion as a friend? Apologize! We're back! Woo-hoo!All right! In this round,you get 20 dollers for every right answer.
But get it wrong and the Weirdettes get dumped in the Garbage Pit of Stinky Doom.
- Ready? - Let's get weird, Hank! That's what I like to hear, Flynn! What was last year's highest selling video game? Oh, he definitely knows this one.
All he does is play video games.
I believe the answer is checkers? Sorry! The answer was .
Aw, that was my next guess.
Rocky, I'm sitting on an old pile of Shrimp Chow Fun.
And it's not fun.
I have a used tissue in my mouth! You know what? Gloria's perfect for me.
She's not like any girl I've ever gone out with.
Or is she? You know,she's really into you.
Like, long term,super-exclusive relationship into you.
Clingy, huh? No.
I feel the same way.
Then I guess it would take a lot more for you to lose interest.
Well, then here's some more.
She wants you to meet her entire family, and she expects a promise ring.
A promise what now? Anything you'd like me to translate for you? No, thanks.
I got this one.
Yes! Well, that worked pretty good.
What? Uh-oh.
Welcome back! It's time for the lightning round where each correct answer is worth $50, but every question you get wrong brings the "Ultra Box Smelly No Good" closer to the faces of the Weirdettes.
Five wrong and they get a face full of smelly no good! Oh, godfather,it's feet! You can smell them from here.
Question one: Which is bigger,the earth or the moon? -Moon.
How many inches in a foot? -A thousand.
Apologizeto Flynn already! No! I will not let him win! Flynn, she said she's sorry! No, I didn't! What is the capital of the United States? -Fifty.
How many states are there in the United States? - Washington D.
- Wrong.
- Apologize! - Never! How many units in a baker's dozen? - Thirteen.
- That's right! - hundred.
- That's wrong! Hey, CeCe, you want some crackers to go with that toe cheese? Can this get any weirder? Find out after the break,on ! Oh, I have a piece of toast under my hair.
CeCe, we've used sweaty toothbrushes, we've been dunked in garbage, and we just got toe jam jammed in our faces.
Now, I don't know what you did, but you better go apologize right now or you'll have to deal with my Wheel of Super Bad Punishment Time.
Fine! Flynn, I'm sorry I didn't pick you up from school twice.
I'm sorry I made you miss your scout meeting, and I'm sorry for forgetting about Crazy Cookie Day.
Great, you apologized for everything except for the thing that I'm really mad about.
What? That you don't really care about me.
Come on, Flynn,don't say that.
You're my brother,of course I care about you.
Much like the"Diaper of Doom" over there,your apology stinks.
You weren't there when I needed you.
come on, Flynn.
When have you ever needed anyone? When you were three you installed Wi-Fi in the apartment.
And when you were six you helped Mom get a refund on her taxes.
You're more capable than anyone I know.
I guess sometimes I forget that you're still a kid and that you need your big sister.
And for that I'm so sorry.
Well, in that caseNo biggie! We're cool.
All right, then let's get out of here! Okay.
And, we're back! And now,one question is worth $1,000.
Flynn, in Alexandre Dumas'classic tale about musketeers, how many musketeers were there? No, no, no, no.
No more questions! Okay.
Everything's fine now.
They made up! I don't know what you're talking about,and I don't care! Don't worry, Rocky.
I got this one.
There were three musketeers, Hank.
Wrong! There were four musketeers! Four Musketeers! That's right! But your answers don't count! Time for "Baby Birds Make Chow-Chow"! Oh, I love baby birds! They're just so cute! Those aren't baby birds.
CeCe, I think we're the baby birds.
Open wide,it's lunch time! no! Okay, the game show turned out to be a little different than we expected But let me make it up to you How? Is there a new game show Or maybe you gotta see geek dancing on a nuclear reactor Come on , girls .
One more chance Save it, Frumkin.
We're not interested in being represented by you any more fine ,but you still own me 10% of your earning from the game show Are you sure? Absolutely Ok then ,you got it .
You know what ,You've got star power.
You got it.