Shake It Up! s02e25 Episode Script

Boot It Up

Our summer vacation starts now! Hello, Major Dance Boot Camp! I cannot believe we've been waiting all year for this! Wait.
We've been waiting all year for this? I thought it would look a little nicer.
CeCe, who cares? It's all about the dancing.
I'm CeCe and this is Rocky.
We're from Chicago.
Hey I Kansas My mom I just don't want to be here! All I heard out of that was, "Kansas".
Why was she crying? I don't know.
Maybe she's just homesick.
Ten-hut! Ten, huh? I never heard of that dance move.
Get in the line! - Oh! Okay.
- Rude.
I am Major Dance.
How cool! You're a major of dance? I want to go to that college.
I am a Major, my last name is Dance.
And this is my boot camp.
CeCe You didn't sign us up for dance boot camp.
You signed us up for Major Dance's Boot Camp.
Well, there was no apostrophe on the brochure.
Were there pictures? Or words? For the next seven days, there is only one way.
And that is my way.
You will surrender all your street clothes.
Because everything you need will be found inside your footlocker.
Um, excuse me, Major Dance.
But your brochure said there was a spa? You're standing in the S.
This is the Survival Preparedness Area.
This is where you will train, where you will eat.
And where you will collapse from exhaustion.
And beg to go home to your mommies! Does everybody hear me? - Yes, Major, Sir! - I can't hear you! Yes, Major, Sir! I'm starting to see why Kansas is crying.
Everybody, everybody, get out on the floor.
It can get a little crazy when the kick hits the 4.
Make a scene, make a scene, nobody can ignore.
Don't knock it.
'Til you rock it.
We can't take it no more.
Bring the lights up, bust the doors down.
Dust yourself off.
Shake It Up, Shake It Up.
DJ set it off, take it up a notch.
All together now, Shake It Up, Shake It Up.
Sh-sh-sh-Shake It Up.
You got to change it up.
And when you've had enough.
Sh-sh-sh-Shake It Up.
Bring the lights up, bust the doors down.
All together now, Shake It Up, Shake It Up.
Shake It Up.
You know, this is the worst summer vacation ever.
Flynn, I have news than you've been in a week.
Happier than it would be a great idea to ride our bikes down the stairs? And by the way, thanks for letting me go first.
Any time, man.
So, I'm sorry you can't go to Coyote Ranger Camp.
I was going to earn the last badge I needed to move up to Bronze Coyote.
But instead, I'm stuck here with you.
I know what you're feeling, I'm stuck with me all the time.
Look, I never told this to anyone.
But I wanted to be a Coyote Ranger in the worst way, I just couldn't do it.
Because of your bizarre fear of wearing shorts in public? I have bony knees, and I don't want to talk about it.
Anyway, since you can't go to camp, I'm bringing Coyote Camp to you.
Really? That's awesome! But who's gonna be my Coyote Master? Ah wooooo, everyone! Wait a second.
You're not a Coyote Ranger.
I see someone has their observation badge.
I'm a rainbow girl.
Practically the same thing.
And I talked to the leaders of the Coyote/ Rainbow Coalition, and I am authorized to award you badges.
Now everyone change into your shorts.
Oh, no.
Rocky, we have got to get out of here.
I just went to the Latrine.
And the toilet paper is only one-ply! Wait till they start rationing it.
Don't worry, you'll eventually learn to poop less.
And love it! Yeah! Okay.
We need to call our moms.
Now! Hello? Mom? You have got to come get us! There's been a horrible mistake.
This isn't dance camp.
It's all about hard work, discipline and hello? Hello, mom, hello? That is so weird.
She started laughing then hung up.
What did your mom say? She said that as long as we can get our money back she'll come pick us up.
Ten-hut! Hey.
Excuse me, Major? You see, funny story.
Okay, prepare to laugh! Um, you see, we thought this was a dance camp, and we're dancers, so we're going to need a little refund! Yeah, we're going to need a refund.
There are no refunds.
Now start shining those boots! We can shine them all day long, but they're never going to be - Bootiful.
- Mm-hm.
To earn the campsite badge, the coyote must put up a tent within the two-minute limit.
Ready? Go! Done.
What? One minute, 50 seconds to go Uh, I'll be fine! A minute and a half! Dude, it's a tent, not a cocoon.
How long till he turns into a butterfly? I don't know.
Don't the furry caterpillars always turn into moths? Took you long enough to get back, campers.
Would have been back sooner, but this one thought the compass was a compact.
It's got one of those flippy lids.
Hey, where's Murphy? Oh, she's walking back.
She had this blister that popped, it was really gross.
You left a man behind? You did not see that, Sir.
That liquid was not clear.
That is no excuse.
You never leave a man behind! File in for chow! Oh, breakfast! I'm so hungry.
Hi, I'd like an egg-white omelet with spinach, chopped peppers and camembert cheese, please.
You heard the lady, give her her "omelet".
- Enjoy.
- Not likely.
Um, excuse me, does this have meat in it? Well, I should hope so.
I killed a lot of flies around it earlier.
Flies? I thought those were raisins.
You know what? Enough's enough.
We're not animals.
Well, most of us aren't animals.
She can't treat us like this.
You know what? I'm taking a stand! Major, I need to talk to you.
Blue I've been watching you.
You are a natural-born leader.
In fact, if we were giving out grades here, I'd give you an A-Plus.
How'd you like to be my Sergeant? Sergeant? Wow.
That would look great on my college application.
Don't let me down, Blue.
My very own whistle? I promise I won't blow it, Sir! I meant the opportunity, not the whistle.
Now get your campers to hurry up with their chow.
Yes, Sir! So, Rocky, how'd it go? It's Sergeant Rocky.
Now, finish up that slop, Jones! I'm guessing not so good.
I don't know how much more of this I can take.
I can't believe Major Dance would make us paddle that canoe for four hours without a break.
Lights out, ladies.
I'm going to go check the perimeter and when I get back, Jones, you'd best be asleep! Kansas, I can hear your stomach growling from all the way over here.
It's not me, I promise! Guys, I think it's coming from across the lake.
There are, like, lights flashing and stuff.
Hand me the binoculars.
There's another camp over there! Yeah, that's Camp Fun Fun.
That's where all the weak kids go.
There's music, there's games, there's even have a whole day dedicated to nothing but shopping.
- Now what are you crying about, Kansas? - It's not me! Shopping? A whole day dedicated to shopping? Wait a minute, I see a sign.
It says, "Camp Dance This Friday Night!" That's it! We're busting out of here! I signed up for a dance camp, and I'm going to dance if it's the last thing I do.
Hey, back into beds! She's coming! Oh, yeah.
Like I'm real scared of Rocky? "Oh, I'm Sergeant Rocky.
I'm all tough now, because I've got a whistle".
Rocky's right behind me, isn't she? Worse.
Four-hundred and fifty-two, four-hundred and fifty-three Come on, ladies, keep up! See how I'm doing this.
Oh, yeah! Hey.
So, tonight, after lights out, we're gonna make a break for it.
If you don't want to go to the dance with us, at least don't turn us in.
Oh, I'm going.
What? I haven't danced since last year's cotillion.
That's right, I'm a debutante.
Deal with it.
If you're a debutante, that must make me a Shut your face-hole, Jones! This isn't a tea party! Get clipped in and get over that wall! Yes, Major, Sir! So, what were you whispering about, CeCe? Oh, now it's "CeCe"? I'm surprised you remembered my first name, Sarge.
Oh come on, CeCe, drop the "Sarge" stuff, okay? You can tell me what's going on.
Why? So you can go back and tell The Man? Um, if you haven't noticed, this is an all girls camp.
What man? The Man Uncle Sam, Captain Hook My point is doesn't matter what name you give him.
It's either you're with us, or you're against us.
The choice is yours.
Okay, so, we've got five minutes before Rocky gets back.
We need to be over the wall and on our way to the dance by then.
- I'm scared.
- Can it, Kansas! Save some of those tears for when no one asks you to dance.
Where do you think you're going? Going? We're not going anywhere.
Where'd you get that from? And if we were, it certainly wouldn't be to a dance across the lake.
Well, I'm here to tell you, you're not going anywhere! Oh, come on, Rocky.
I mean, you're not going anywhere without these! You got our clothes! Hey, can't go to the dance in our fatigues.
And you thought I chose The Man.
You da man.
You da man.
Shh! Ow! Over Okay, so, if we're going to get across the lake to the dance, we need to get over the fence! Catch.
Go! Tilt it this way Here you go.
Got it? Okay, our turn.
All right, let's go.
I just can't do it.
I can't, I can't, I can't.
I'm okay.
You guys go without me.
Okay, we gotta get out of here before we get caught! Dance one for me! I mean, she's right.
There's no point in all of us missing the dance.
Nuh-uh, we never, ever leave a man behind, Rocky.
Never! Even if that man is a sniveling little fourteen-year-old girl.
Kansas! You can't just sit there.
You have to climb us.
Ow! Hair! Ow! Hair! Did I forget to mention that this is the worst dance camp ever.
Okay, survival badge.
You're in the middle of nowhere and your pack gets stolen by wolves and you have to live off the land.
What do you do? What do you do? Collapse into the fetal position and cry like a baby? No! You forage for berries.
But not all of them are safe.
For example, the deadly Eveningshade Berry! After consuming even one Berry, the symptoms of poisoning come on quickly.
At first, you start to perspire.
Not a little, but a lot.
Then your tongue swells up.
And your lips go numb.
It says here that your arms start to tingle.
And then you lose your ability to control them.
Hi, Deucie.
I left a bowl of raspberries on the table for you.
And they were delicious.
Thank you.
Best camp dance ever.
That was awesome! Ow! I think we hit a tree.
Well, go around it.
Ow! Whoa.
That's a really big tree.
Major Dance! 'Sup? We were just uh Sleep-walking? In your party dresses? Sleep-partying? Sergeant Blue, I am surprised to see you here.
That's right.
I helped everyone escape to the party across the lake.
What can I say? Girls just want to have fun.
You all paddled over there by canoe? Yes, Sir.
How did you get Kansas over the wall? Pyramid formation, Sir! And how did you find this dance? We scouted it and used a compass, Sir! I don't know what to say Except I'm proud of you! For using all the skills that I've taught you here at this camp.
So, what I'm hearing is, we don't have to do that 10-mile run before breakfast, you know what I mean? No, you do not.
You have to do it right now! Run, maggots, run! Run! Run! Ow! Ow! Ow! Run proud.
Flynn Jones Having attained the required badges, I, Dina Maria Luisa Schwartz Garcia Am officially promoting you to the level of Bronze Coyote Ranger.
Mazel! And felicitaciones! Ah woooo! And Martin 'Deuce' Martinez After also attaining the required badges, I am pleased to welcome you as the newest member of - The Rainbow Girls! - Hmm? Ah rain-booow! Ah, what now? No, no, no! I'm supposed to be a Coyote Ranger! I'm supposed to "a-woooo" not "a-rain-booow"! Well, you never technically signed up, so I can only make you a rainbow girl.
You get half off all rainbow girl cookies.
I'm in.
Ah rain-booow! We gonna kick it, kick it! Like every single night.
Hit the beach, hit the pool.
Because it's summer time.
Come on, throw your hands up.
Make them touch the sky.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday everyday is Friday night.
Now stomp, and clap! No pop quizzes anymore.
Stomp and clap, come on.
We can do whatever we want.
Just let the sunshine, get you up.
I'm feeling alright.
I-I-I'm walking on cloud nine.
I'm gonna shout (Shout) Out (Loud) School's out, yeah yeah yeah! It's finally summer time.
We can do whatever we want.
Just let the sunshine, get you up.
I'm feeling alright.
I-I-I'm walking on cloud nine.
I'm gonna shout (Shout) Out (Loud) School's out!