Shake It Up! s02e26 Episode Script

Slumber It Up

What is the password? The password is "dance".
This beat is sick.
It's feeling like the flu.
Turn up the kick.
And then call Dr.
Because I'm dancing into space.
Just like Captain Kirk.
While I'm cranking up Katy Perry's Firework.
Put your hands in the air! Put your hands in the air! Put your hands, put your hands Put your hands up now! Whoa oh, where's the party? Because I can't get enough.
Live it up, live it up.
Whoa oh, where's the party? Come on, fill my cup.
Crank it up, crank it up.
W-we can dance our cares away.
From T T Tokyo to L.
W-we can dance our cares away.
Because the weekend, the weekend.
The weekend was made to play.
Whoa oh, where's the party? Because I can't get enough.
Live it up, live it up.
Whoa oh, where's the party? Come on, fill my cup.
Crank it up, crank it up.
Whoa oh, where's the party? Because I can't get enough.
Live it up, live it up.
Whoa oh, where's the party? Come on, fill my cup.
Crank it up, crank it up.
Whoa oh! Everybody, everybody, get out on the floor.
It can get a little crazy when the kick hits the 4.
Make a scene, make a scene, nobody can ignore.
Don't knock it.
'Til you rock it.
We can't take it no more.
Bring the lights up, bust the doors down.
Dust yourself off.
Shake It Up, Shake It Up.
DJ set it off, take it up a notch.
All together now, Shake It Up, Shake It Up.
Sh-sh-sh-Shake It Up.
You got to change it up.
And when you've had enough.
Sh-sh-sh-Shake It Up.
Bring the lights up, bust the doors down.
All together now, Shake It Up, Shake It Up.
Shake It Up.
So, I got some super cute pajamas for my slumber party tonight.
Why do they call it a "slumber party"? Shouldn't it be called a "stay up all night and be exhausted the next day" party? Ooh A slumber party! Playing with balls of yarn and building potato sculptures.
I'm starting to think you've never actually been to a slumber party.
Oh! What? Me? Never been to a slumber party? Oh, that's rich.
Does spending the night in a refugee camp count? If that'll end this conversation, then yes.
All righty then.
Have fun at your little slumber party.
Tinka? - I'd love to.
- Oh.
Hey, is that today's special? One order of deep dish garbage? Nah.
I just got stuck cleaning the basement.
Maybe this'll be like one of those reality shows where people find junk that's worth millions.
Like, is it a worthless old scrap of paper or a map to secret treasure? This is just an old Wait a second this is a map.
It says that Al Capone's secret vault is at the basement of this building.
- Al Capone? - Yeah.
- Al Capone!? - Yeah.
The Al Capone.
Wait, who's Al Capone? Only the biggest, richest gangster from the 1920s.
They never found his secret vault.
It's supposed to contain millions in cash and jewels.
So, what say, you, me and a couple of sledgehammers meet up tonight and get rich? Huh? Huh? You got it, Mack.
And after we find the dough-re-mi, we'll get a couple of broads and paint this town red.
Yeah, it's only cute when I do it.
I'm so excited.
This is going to be the best slumber party ever.
We're going to watch chick flicks, do makeovers, talk about boys, and conjugate irregular verbs in Spanish.
What are you up to? Nothing.
You're right.
That is not slumber party fun.
Oh! Let's talk about ancient Egypt.
Or even better, everyone should write a paragraph about it.
CeCe CeCe, did you throw this slumber party, because you've fallen behind in homework? Don't be ridiculous.
Now, if you could make that look exactly like my handwriting, I'd really appreciate it.
Ooh! Yay, Tinka's here.
CeCe, I still don't understand why you insisted on inviting her.
Come on, Rocky, she's never been to a slumber party before.
Plus, she's really good at science.
- I am Gunther.
- And I am Tinka.
And we are here to slumber, babies.
Sorry, Gunther.
Girls only.
Yes, girls only and Gunther.
You didn't really think you were invited, did you? Of course not.
I was just dropping off Tinka, and um Taking my brand new sleeping bag to get dry cleaned.
Hello, slumber party friends.
So, where do I put my sleeping bag? Is that sleeping bag for you or your glitter? It's a little small, isn't it? One, two, three.
The way I see it, the hardest part will be lugging out all that cash.
So, here's a bag for your take, and here's a bag for mine.
Hey, why is your bag bigger than mine? Is it? Did not notice.
Let's get rich, boys.
I'm ready to find some serious treasure.
Good job, big mouth.
What's he doing here? It's a big job, all right? I figured we needed some muscle.
Again, what's he doing here? Hey! I did not agree to any more partners.
Okay, but we're still splitting the cash three ways.
We can call it, "I won't let your mother know you were out of the house" "planning on breaking into a secret vault after dark" money.
Welcome, partner.
Okay, but after Ty, we are not cutting anyone else in on this deal.
Yes, I was just wondering, is your refrigerator running? It is? Well, you better go catch it, then! Ha, ha.
We have bamboozled you and you don't know who I am.
Yes, Principal Rabinoff, it is Tinka Hessenheffer.
I don't see what's fun about this.
Okay, phony phone call.
All right.
Next, let's talk about boys.
Yeah, I'm not really in the mood to talk about boys.
Rocky, what's going on? I texted Bryan Huddleston.
But he hasn't texted me back yet.
Been what, 15 minutes? Half an hour? Seven hours, 13 minutes, and 11 seconds.
Rocky, there's probably a simple reason.
Like he was in wood shop, and his hand got caught in the band saw and he's in the hospital getting it reattached.
Oh, you think so? Sure.
Why not? Could be.
- Really? - No.
There it is, boys, behind that wall is our destiny, and a whole lot of cash.
All you got to do is move that storage unit.
Us? What are you gonna do? Listen, you knuckleheads.
In this operation, you're the muscle, I'm the brains.
So stop yakking and get whacking.
Capisce? You're right, it is cute when you do it.
Okay fellas, on three.
One Two Three.
Do it! Ah.
Whew! That took a lot out of me.
Time for a little breaky.
Yeah! Don't worry.
The real muscle will take care of this.
So, if he's the muscle and you're the brains, what does that make me? The stooge we're blaming this on if we get caught.
I'm not really into makeovers.
Dina, would you relax? I'm not gonna overdo it, I know your style.
This is what I like to call your day look.
What day is it? Halloween? Oh, this homemade mask is drying much faster than I remember Uh-oh.
Uh-oh? Uh-oh? What uh-oh? Uh, I may have mixed the facial mask recipe with the recipe for quick-dry cement.
You you what? You did this on purpose, didn't you? So help me, Tinka, I will Ooh, I got a text.
What's it say? "Tell Dina you like her make-up like this" "and don't tell her I said to tell her.
Xoxo, CeCe".
I think she did a wonderful job.
Oh, yeah.
Dina, you look great.
But me, on the other hand, have a block of cement attached to my face! Oh, calm down.
I know an easy way to remove it.
Now, don't scream, it makes my hand shake.
Gonna get rich.
Gonna have a ball.
Gonna take the money and go down to the Mall.
Hey, M.
Super Whack, on your way to the Mall, stop by the store and pick up some rapping lessons.
It is funny because you are bad.
Get back to work! Okay.
One, two, three! Oh! I don't believe it.
It's another wall.
I just don't understand.
This map says the loot is supposed to be right here.
Oh, wait a second.
I think I had the map upside down.
Yeah, my bad.
The wall we should be tearing down is over there.
Nail file Sandpaper.
Well, that's all I can do.
Now we're just going to have to wait.
Ah! What about the rest? I'm sure it will fall off Way before Bryan returns that text.
Oh, that is it! I've had it with you! Uh, Rocky, I know you have some pent-up anger toward Tinka, but you can't take it out on her bed.
I suggest you write your feelings down in this journal.
And if possible, try to use these 25 vocab words.
Oh, I'm thinking of a few words, but I'm pretty sure they're not on your vocab list.
Okay guys.
I'm gonna hit the hay and go sleep in CeCe's room.
Uh, wait, you can't do that.
Um My room's not exactly fit for company.
You see, I brought a yogurt in there a few weeks ago, and now I can smell it, I just can't find it.
Look, there's something I haven't told you.
When I begged my mom to sleep over here, she agreed Only if I promised to wear my headgear.
You begged your mom to come over here? She thinks you're a bad influence.
Dina, just put your headgear on.
There's no way it can be more embarrassing than how Rocky looks.
And even more so now that she has that mask on.
You're right.
I have no reason to be embarrassed in front of my friends.
Guys, please, you can never tell Deuce about my head gear.
Promise? We promise we will never, ever tell Deuce.
Sh sh sh! Am I crazy or did I just hear my name? Sounded like the girls.
That vent must lead to CeCe's apartment.
We're probably hearing their slumber party.
Oh, what do you think they're saying? I got this.
Relax, Dina.
Deuce will never find out.
CeCe told Dina, Deuce will never find out.
Find out? Find out about what? How long has this been going on? It's been a year now.
I see my orthodontist once a week.
She said she met him a year ago and sees him at the opera once a week.
What? Dina's been seeing another guy behind my back? I'll kill him! Dude, dude, she's doing you a favor.
How? By cheating on me? No.
By not making you go to the opera.
Watch a girlie road trip movie.
Yes, those pants really knew how to travel.
Speaking of traveling if those pants were on a train, traveling east at 80 miles per hour CeCe, just give it up and go to summer school.
You know what? I'm guessing by your kicky, fun mood that Bryan still hasn't texted back yet.
Not a word.
Not even an emoticon.
I mean, how long does it take to type a smiley face? Two seconds.
That's how long.
Oh, no.
I just sent Bryan a smiley face.
What's he gonna think? He doesn't text me back, and I text him a smiley face? He must think I'm insane! I know what'll get your mind off of Bryan.
There's a freezer full of ice cream at Crusty's, and I have the key Wait, why do you have the key? Deucie gave it to me in case he loses his.
Not that I'd need it.
I can pick a lock in under 20 seconds with a paperclip and tweezers.
Yeah, and I'm the bad influence.
For a guy to take Dina to the opera every week, he's gotta be pretty rich, huh, Ty? Yeah.
I bet he takes her there in a limo.
And you know what limos have? Privacy glass.
Somebody's angry! Yeah! Yeah, now that's what I call team work.
All right.
There it is, boys.
The vault.
Now all that stands between us and Al Capone's treasure is a metal wall.
Yeah, that sounded better in my head.
Ladies, I present 37 flavors And four spoons.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Let's go.
Wait, what if I bring my phone into the freezer and Bryan texts me back but I don't have reception? We have a saying in my country, "if you pull on a goat's udder and no milk comes out," "there ain't gonna be yogurt for breakfast".
What the heck does that mean? It means give me that phone, get in there and drown your sorrows in ice cream.
Hey, don't let the door Close.
We're locked in.
Oh, no.
We're all gonna die.
And I did all that homework for nothing.
I'm sorry, guys.
I'm supposed to be the brains, but I don't know how we're gonna get through this metal wall.
Have no fear your metal expert is here.
What do you know about metal? Please.
All of my clothes are metallic.
My motto is, "if it's shiny, wear it on your heiny".
Well, can your heiny cut through that wall? No, but my high power, self-rotating laser cutter can.
Let us burn some steel.
So good.
Does anyone else find it weird that we're locked in a freezer, freezing our butts off, and eating freezing cold ice cream? Speaking of ice cream - Switch.
- Switch.
You know.
I wonder what Bryan's favorite ice cream flavor is.
Well, judging from his lack of texting, we can rule out "Rocky" road.
You know, Tinka um, if we have to resort to eating people, you're first on my list.
It's a text.
I think it says "Bryan".
Does anybody have any binoculars? Who carries binoculars? Who carries a humungous be-twinkled drill? Speaking of which, where is it now that we need it? Oh! Ow.
Rocky, your skin really does look great.
Oh! And now I have something to hand in for my art project.
You are beautiful, Rocky.
And if Bryan Huddleston doesn't know what a catch you are It's his loss.
You know what? That means a lot, Tinka.
I'm actually glad you came to this party.
I'm sorry I stabbed your bed.
Tinka's being sweet? Oh, no.
We must already be dead.
All done.
I'll take my portion of the loot in small non-sequential bills, thank you.
Wait a second, you're not getting anything unless you actually get us through the I got this.
We're saved.
Out of my way, I have a text to read.
What? Rocky! Looks like I made it to the slumber party after all.
Wait a second.
You guys aren't Al Capone's treasure.
Flynn, what are you doing? I thought you were in bed.
Then why'd you leave me in the apartment alone? You know what? I didn't see you, you didn't see me.
- All right.
- Ooh! Ooh! Ah! Yeah, that's right.
You can't show your face! Cheater, cheater, opera seer.
I know you've been sneaking off to the opera every week With him.
No, I sneak off to the orthodontist every week.
With my ma.
What do you know? I guess I heard wrong.
Oh! I just didn't want you to see me wearing this horrible contraption.
I barely noticed it.
You're perfect just how you are.
Although a little heavy on the makeup.
Thank you.
You're the best, Deucie.
Hey little man, I hope you're not too upset that we didn't find the treasure.
Dude, there's at least 50 tubs of ice cream in here, as far as I'm concerned, I did find treasure.
- Yeah.
- I know.
Bryan texted me back.
His battery died.
Which is exactly what I thought had happened the entire time.
Of course you did.
So, Tinka, how'd you like your first slumber party? Frankly, I had more fun at the refugee camp.
Guys, guys, guys, guys! Oh, there's a hole in the wall.
There now no one will ever know.
And you won't get fired.
I just don't understand, it says the vault is supposed to be here somewhere.
Dude, you totally wasted our time with your stupid little treasure hunt.
Just let it go.
This doesn't make any sense! Ah!