Shake It Up! s02e29 Episode Script

Made In Japan

We're made in Japan.
Made in Japan.
Our competition is beating us in the teen market.
We are the only multimedia company in Japan that does not have a dance video game project! I want a great idea or everyone is fired.
What about Shake It Up? What about speaking up? Is there a mouse in here? Who said that? Not me.
Okay, me.
I've been watching the American dance show, Shake It Up.
The teen dancers, they would make wonderful avatars.
We could even have a big competition between all the Shake It Up, shows the across the US and the winner will be in the game.
It will sell big here and America, too.
I see I've spoken too much.
I'll shut up now.
Wait, I'm still talking.
Okay, I am done.
Shake It Up, eh? Miss Ishizuka, do you have any children? No.
Well, you do now Because this is your baby.
Do you hear the crowd? The crowd? I thought that was the sound of my heart clawing its way up my throat.
Just concentrate on what it'll be like to actually get to go to Japan! Japan! We'd see the five-storied pagoda, visit the Sensoji temple, climb Mount Fuji.
And be discovered and become pop stars! What Japan are you going to? Rocky, Japan loves American singers.
Plus, the road to super-stardom is much simpler there.
One minute, you're singing on a street corner, the next, you have huge concerts, movies, an anime cartoon and your own line of singing toothbrushes! Excuse me, but if I go to Japan, it's going to be a learning experience.
Oh, yeah.
For me, too.
I'm going to learn to be a pop star/movie star/ anime cartoon/ singing toothbrush! Okay, CeCe, do you honestly believe that any of that could actually happen? Well, if it's gonna happen to someone Why can't it be us? Man, I can't believe Rocky and CeCe might get to go to Japan.
I want to go.
Dude, the trip is only for people who work on Shake It Up, Chicago! And their brothers who chaperone them.
Welcome back, America.
Only three crews still remain.
Will it be Shake It Up, Miami, Shake It Up, New York, or Shake It Up, Chicago? Our final epic dance battle starts now! Whoa-oh.
Where's the party? 'Cause I can't get enough.
Live it up, live it up.
Where's the party? 'Cause I can't get enough.
Live it up, live it up.
Where's the party? Come on, fill my cup.
Crank it up, crank it up.
The weekend.
The weekend.
Don't push me.
And if you're gonna go in front like that.
I'm gonna tell you take two steps back.
Don't push me.
Yeah, don't push me.
Yeah! Don't push me.
I said don't push me.
'Cause I am gonna get up off the ground.
And you are gonna turn yourself around.
Don't push me.
Yeah, don't push me.
Don't push me.
I said don't push me.
I'm a show ya how to do.
I'm a show ya how to do.
I'm a show ya how to do.
How to just do you.
I'm a show ya how to do.
I'm a show ya how to do.
I'm a show ya how to do.
How to just do you.
Forget what you've been told before.
That you cannot be anymore.
Ignore 'em.
Okay, okay.
Ignore 'em.
Louder, baby! And if they try to write your story.
Tell 'em you can't write it for me.
Ignore 'em.
Oh, yeah.
Ignore 'em.
I'm a sho-ow.
I'm a sho-ow.
I'm a sho-ow.
Whatcha gonna show now? Show you what to do.
Show you how to do you.
I'm a show ya how to do.
I'm a show ya how to do.
I'm a show ya how to do.
How to just do you.
I'm a show ya how to do.
I'm a show ya how to do.
I'm a show ya how to do.
How to just do you.
And now, here to tell us the name of our winning crew, who will fly, with their host, to Japan.
And star in our first Shake It Up dance video game.
Representing Watanabe Global, please welcome Keiko Ishizuka.
Hello, America! And the winner of our first ever Shake It Up dance smack down is Shake It Up, Chicago! Bring the lights up, bust the doors down.
Dust yourself off Shake It Up, Shake It Up.
DJ set it off, take it up a notch.
All together now, Shake It Up, Shake It Up.
Congratulations, you dancing machines! Okay, the Watanabe private jet takes off Saturday morning.
Private jet? You mean we're not traveling on a much safer, normal-sized, of the sky commercial plane? What's wrong? You haven't looked this scared since we had to watch that, "your body is about to change" video in health class.
It's nothing really.
It's just a little something I like to keep to myself.
I'm deathly afraid of flying! Since when? Since you made me dance on the wing of that airplane.
Oh, yeah.
I thought we were going to die up there.
Probably not what you needed to hear right now.
Hello! I'm Shelly Goldfeder.
And what are we doing today? Insomnia? Work stress? Animal hoarding? Um, fear of flying.
That makes more sense.
Uh, wait, uh you're the hypnotist? The one who's supposed to put me in a hypnotic state with your soothing voice? It's what I do! Okay.
Now, let your mind go blank You're floating.
Clouds are drifting.
- Okay.
I'm sorry.
I'm - That's okay.
Just relax.
You're getting sleepy Okay.
Sweetie, you're only laughing as a defense mechanism, because you're afraid to confront your fears.
That must be it.
Can you picture yourself on the flight now, Rocky? Yes.
And the higher the plane goes The more relaxed I feel.
Pack your bags and say sayonara, because she's good to go.
Thank you so much.
Now I just hope she'll be able to enjoy herself a little.
What do you mean? Well, she's my best friend and I love her to death, but Sometimes she has this tendency to be Not so excited about fun things.
I don't really know what the technical term for that is.
A wet blanket.
And I just want her to dry that blanket off for this trip.
Hey, I've got an idea.
Why not? She's still under.
Rocky, one more thing.
You're gonna have the most fun you've ever had on this trip to Japan.
In fact, any time CeCe strokes your arm and says, "get on board," you'll follow her lead.
I don't know about this.
Trust me.
It's fine.
Well, if it'll help her.
Rocky, when I snap my fingers, you'll feel awake and refreshed, and ready to fly to Japan.
How do you feel? Awake and refreshed, and ready to fly to Japan! Yay! First stop, the Tokyo shopping scene on the Ginza strip.
Oh, my first stop is going to be the Imperial Palace.
Stroke her arm! Um Get on board, Rocky.
Doesn't shopping sound fun? Yeah, but I want to go to I want to go to I forgot what I was going to say.
Did it involve shopping? Yeah! On the Ginza strip! Thanks again for inviting me.
Actually, dude, you invited yourself.
Welcome aboard, everyone.
I am Mr.
Itou from Watanabe Global.
I'm your dedicated, full-time concierge.
What exactly is a dedicated, full-time concierge? Basically, I can arrange for anything you need.
So, what I'm hearing is, you're our Butler? No.
I'm a dedicated, full-time concierge.
But isn't that just a fancy way of saying you're a Butler? No, because I am a dedicated, full-time concierge.
Now, is there anything I can do for you? Well, you can admit you're a Butler.
Fine I'm a Butler.
Hello, Rocky.
I'm Mr.
Barf Bag.
Your friend CeCe's worried about you.
Are you okay? CeCe, I'm fine.
I feel like the higher the plane goes, the more relaxed I feel.
I guess that hypnotist really did work.
Thanks, CeCe.
Hey, what are best friends for? A week in Japan.
That's enough time to meet at least 20 Japanese cuties.
So sad.
When are you just gonna settle down with one girl already? Dude, I'm not you.
I don't want to settle down with one girl.
Really? You're already talking to Deuce? Co-dependent! Look, I felt bad he couldn't come, so I figured this is the next best thing.
Oh, Gunther, this is so exciting! Japan is the only place as fashion-forward as we are.
I'm not sure we packed enough clothes.
We have enough for six color-coordinated changes a day.
But wait, we're still wearing our get-on-the-plane outfits.
Shouldn't we be in our sitting-on-the-plane outfits? We're behind schedule! Go, Gunther, go.
Anyway, Michi was my Japanese pen pal in middle school.
We lost touch, but wouldn't it be amazing if I found him? Things could get romantic? Sorry, noise-canceling headphones.
Oh, but they're not on.
They are now.
Hey, guys.
Wait till you see what's in my carry-on luggage.
You brought a man-doll? Couldn't you just bring a neck pillow like a normal person? He's not a doll.
He's an android.
His name is Andy.
And I've been working on him for the past year.
Andy the Android.
I'm guessing most of that year was spent coming up with that snazzy name.
Sarcasm detected and appreciated.
You were right, Henry, Flynn is a cut up.
I want to present him at the Akihabara Android Exposition.
So, on your vacation from science, you're doing science.
I should exhibit you at the Tokyo Nerd Convention.
Ooh, roast on toast.
Ha, ha, ha Andy! Suspending laughter mode.
Look what I brought for the trip.
All the pages are blank.
This is my kind of book.
It is a memory book.
I'm gonna fill it with all the mementos and pictures from all the places I go.
Oh, whoa! Hey, here's something for your book.
It's the lyrics to our first hit song.
Made in Japan.
Made in Japan.
It's called made in Japan.
So, what do you think? It sounds like a song you were singing last week at lunch.
I like to eat ham.
It's a first draft.
It needs help.
No, CeCe, you need help.
All right, we have two days of work and five days to do whatever we want, and I want to make sure I cram as much Japanese culture into those five days as possible.
So I have a color-coded itinerary.
Here are the points of interest.
Anytime you stroke Rocky's arm and say "Get on board".
She will follow your lead.
Trust me, it's fine.
I don't think it is fine.
What's not fine? What? Nothing.
Um, you know what? We'll just work on the song when you're done.
For now, I'll just take a nap.
Oh, tell me more about your itinerary.
That'll help me fall asleep.
Welcome to Tokyo! No pressure, but my entire future at Watanabe Global depends on this project, so please, don't make me look bad.
I can do that on my own.
Now, we have a tight schedule, so please get your bags and I will meet you at the limousines.
- Ooh.
- Yay.
It could be a long drive to the hotel.
Is there a bathroom around here? You do realize you're not actually here, right? Oh, oh, right.
Uh-oh! Wait, where's our luggage? Gunther? Gunther, where is it? It isn't here? No, no, no, no, no, no, no! Please tell me this is not happening! Many bags look alike.
Could this be yours? Our suitcases are silver, covered in sequins, and they glow.
We would be able to find them even in the event of a water landing.
Made in Japan.
Welcome to the five-bedroom presidential suite.
Make yourselves at home.
Dibs on the big room! Dibs on the bathroom.
Unbelievable! I mean, you can see the Imperial Palace, the Rainbow Bridge, the Tokyo Tower! And you were afraid we wouldn't be able to see everything.
Well, let's unpack.
Yes, you have clothes! Rub it in our noses, why don't you? Oh! Hey, Henry, check it out.
This toilet actually talks! Hello, toilet.
Hello, young male American guest.
Number one? Or number two? I think I've died and gone to toilet heaven.
I'm interested to see how it works.
I'm interested to see how it works, too, Henry.
A little privacy, please? My deepest apologies for your lost luggage.
Please accept the Watanabe corporate credit card for the purchase of some new clothes.
No limit.
Oh, please, our clothes are like family.
If you lost your family, would you want a credit card to buy new ones? I wish.
Please, have a seat.
And behold.
The hottest fashion trends in all of Japan.
Here we go no-no-no-no-n-no-n-no-now.
Yo, yo, look at me.
Walkin' down the runway like a VIP.
Just doing my thing, with my girl Z.
Yeah, b-b-b-best believe me.
Hey B, I'm doing my thing.
And when I say what lemme hear you sing.
We got the moves.
We talk the talk.
And now we're gonna show 'em we can walk the walk.
When we up in the club.
It's easy to see.
That we got style in our veins.
'Cause fashion's what we breathe.
When we up on the runway we doing it right, right.
Fashion is my Kryptonite! Fashion is my Kryptonite! Fashion is my Kryptonite! Fashion is my Kryptonite! Fashion is my Kryptonite! Fashion is my Kryptonite! So, what do you think? Do you honestly think that this could possibly make up for the loss of our beloved clothes? Because if you do, you are absolutely right! This ninja restaurant rules.
I'm not impressed.
The disappearing bridge was done with dry ice and rudimentary mechanical engineering.
I'm starting to see why your parents never take you with them on vacation.
Ooh! Mr.
Itou, our full-time dedicated concierge, just sent me Michi's phone number.
I'm going to text him right now.
This is going to be the biggest surprise ever! Excuse me, Mister Ninja Guy, can I please have a fork? Good thing I didn't ask for a knife.
Hello, everyone! Sorry we are late.
We had trouble figuring out the front of our outfits from the back.
I'm not convinced you did figure it out.
Everyone, I am pleased to announce the arrival of your host for this trip, the benevolent, handsome, Mr.
You want to bring it down a few notches, Keiko? No one likes a butt kisser.
Welcome, everyone from the Shake It Up dance video game project to Tokyo.
My grandchildren Hideko and Ichiro.
Oh, nice to meet you, Heidi and Itchy.
Actually, it's Ichiro, and my sister's name is Hideko.
Hideko means "super nerd" in Japanese.
No, my name means "child of excellence".
Ichiro actually does translate to, literally, "itchy".
Hey, there's a really cool group doing a show at your hotel tonight! How would y'all like to check it out with us? - Oh! - Yeah.
Yeah, that sounds great! Uh, could you give us a sec? Rock Chan and I need momentito.
CeCe, they seem cool.
Don't you want to hang out with them? No, I totes appreesh the 'tunity, but here's the ish Uh, CeCe, you do realize you're not speaking English or Japanese, right? Please use full words.
Okay, seeing a show would be great, but I'm concerned.
We've been in Tokyo almost eight hours, and still haven't been discovered yet.
We need to prioritize.
CeCe, get real.
We're not going to out-of-the-blue meet some music mogul who has the power to magically transform us into international superstars.
And just in case I'm not being clear enough, let me just rephrase that.
Never going to happen.
Are you saying I'm being totes ridic? Well, fine.
Excuse me for having a dream.
So, Hideko, it must be pretty cool to have a grandfather that makes video games.
Oh, he's not just successful in the game industry, Watanabe Global is a multi-media empire.
What she means is, if G-dad digs you, one minute you're singing on a street corner, the next, you got concerts, movies, an anime cartoon, and your own line of singing toothbrushes.
Singing toothbrushes.
Suddenly, I feel totes ridic.
Itchy and Heidi are waiting.
You'd think a private elevator would be faster? CeCe, it's not just for our suite, okay? There's a Galaxy Suite above us.
So, it's reserved for aliens from other galaxies? Sure, CeCe, that's exactly what it's For.
I had to fly halfway across the world to be right, but it was so worth it! Greetings, blue aliens.
Going down? Top, two, ready, go.
Hey! What took you guys so long? Oh! Slow elevator.
Ladies and gentlemen, Blue Man Group! Dude, hey, I can't see! Hey, those are the guys from the elevator! See! I told you people in Japan can become stars overnight.
It is time now to create the ultimate dance party.
To take things over the top, you'll need to start shaking your rear end, or as some people call it your hindquarters, your backside, your buttocks, your hiney, your keister, your tush, your buns, your gluteus tote bag, your bubble pop, your medicine ball, your Sonic Boom, your sick biscuit, your posterior, your sub woofer, your horn section, your monster truck, your mag wheels, your life's work, the outback, your cousin's apartment.
Ladies and gentlemen, please stand up and release the mounds.
It's a sugar, sugar muffin.
The place where all the burritos go.
Tweedledee and Tweedledum.
Dance to the beat that the DJ cuts.
Dance and raise your hands.
Just butts.
Let's get it going.
Keep it going don't stop.
Let's get it going.
Keep it going don't stop.
Let's get it going.
Keep it going don't stop.
Use your bum to stir that soup.
And shake it all around like Blue Man Group.
Shake it to the beat.
Shake it to the beat.
Shake it 'till you make it.
Shake it! Shake it! Shake it! Your dance captain, under the thunder, gigantor, the stabilizer.
Shake your carry-on luggage, the Bobbsey Twins, your growing personal following.
Shake your Boomwhacker, your report at large, in this case, very large.
Shake the flounder that's rounder than a giant quarter-pounder.
Shake it 'till you make it.
Shake it 'till you make it.
Shake it! Shake it! Shake it! Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake that thang.
- Flynn, your mother is looking for you.
- Oh, thanks.
Who is that tall, dark and handsome droid? Uh, Toilet, meet Andy.
Andy, meet Toilet.
Pleased to meet you.
May I call you Toi Toi? Of course, it would be my pleasure.
The pleasure is all mine.
And might I say, your blue water really brings out the sparkle in your bowl.
Oh, this old tank? You're going to make me flush.
Mom! The toilet's in love with Andy! So, Keiko, how exactly does this motion capture stuff work? It's very simple, actually.
The sensors on their body suits transmit their dance movements into the computer where they're rendered into digital images.
You can see the rough version up on the screen, and it'll eventually be used to create their avatars in the dance video game.
Can you make me look taller than Rocky? Gary, we use state-of-the-art equipment, yet there is only so much it can do.
Glitz, glamor fool.
Going out of control.
Glitz, glitz, glamor fool.
Going out of control.
Come on.
We're giving everybody total access.
Come on.
Ya gonna see where the magic happens.
Come on.
Then everybody here is gonna party after.
Come on.
Hit up the after party.
Hit up the after party.
Total access.
Total access.
Total access.
Hit up the after party.
Hit up the after.
Hit up the after.
Total access.
Total access.
Total access.
Hit up the after party.
Hit up the after party.
Great job! We've got everything we need.
I hope.
So, on behalf of Watanabe Global, thank you and enjoy the rest of your week in Tokyo.
Oh! My turn! My turn! Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep.
My opportunity-o-meter just went off! Beep, beep, beep, beep.
Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! Sorry.
Your opportunity-o-meter set off my annoying-o-meter.
But this could be the perfect time to audition for Mr.
We have discussed this already.
Keep quiet and learn! But, G-dad, if you listen, you'll be zowwed By our swaggaliscious app.
I have no idea what you just said.
Nor do I want to! We've created an app to help market your new dance video game to the youth of Japan.
It'll have Rocky and CeCe's avatars and they'll dance to whatever music you play.
People are gonna be all, "Konichiwa- what?" It'll create buzz before the game comes out, G-dad.
How many times do I have to tell you? We have an entire marketing team.
They deal with promotion.
And don't call me G-dad! Yes, grandfather.
Hey, guys.
Look, I'm sorry you got shot down.
I thought your app was really cool.
My brother is embarrassing, but he does have some great ideas.
And my sister's a snooze-fest, but she does have mad computer skills.
You know, you should really talk to him about this stuff when he's in a good mood.
When exactly is your G-dad in a g-mood? He loves the karaoke club in Roppongi.
Hey, he'll be there tonight.
Listening to people sing.
Good to know.
Yes, maybe we should try to talk to him then.
Or, why don't you just put the app online? Then when it's a big success, he'll have no choice but to be proud of you.
Great idea, playa! You in, H-dog? My apologies.
His love of western pop-culture has made him speak like an idiot.
That said.
Yes, I'm in, playa.
Did you hear what they said? That they're going to put the app online like I suggested? No, the important part.
Watanabe's going to be at the karaoke club tonight.
We can go sing for him! Oh! He'll love us, I know it.
Oh CeCe tonight, I was gonna go see a traditional Japanese dance performance at the Noh theater.
But but this could be our best chance to make this happen! CeCe, I'm going to do what I want to do, and you can't change my mind.
Trust me, it's fine.
Yeah, I guess it is fine.
Get on board, Rocky.
Doesn't karaoke sound fun tonight? No, CeCe, the only place I'm going is The only place I'm going is, uh - Karaoke? - Yeah, karaoke! We have to sing for Mr.
Watanabe! Well, okay, have it your way.
If you're only dreaming.
Why I hear you screaming.
Tonight all the monsters gonna dance.
Coming to get ya.
Woo! Whoa! What are you two doing here? Well, um We won a dance battle and got flown to Japan to do a video game.
I mean, come on, Keiko, you were there for most of it.
Actually, we're here to sing for Mr.
Watanabe and blow his socks off.
Watanabe does not have his business socks on tonight.
And the last thing he needs is two girls, with dreams of pop stardom kissing his butt.
Especially when one girl with dreams of corporate stardom, is already kissing his butt.
If you don't like it, tough Tofu.
What crawled up her kimono and died? Who cares? I'm going to ask that DJ if he'll let us go on next.
CeCe, he's not going to let you cut in front of everybody else.
We'll see.
And cue humiliating rejection in five, four, three, two Hi! One should never underestimate my best friend CeCe Jones.
I'm CeC san.
And that tall girl over there is my main samurai in crime Rocky- Chan.
Um What she means to say is um, I'm Rocky and she's CeCe.
And we're going to be singing Same Heart which is about two best friends.
And if it weren't for my best friend, I probably wouldn't even be in Japan right now.
Aw, bring it in.
Are you two going to sing or what? Ooh Yeah Standing on the top of the world.
Everything is magic.
You know that we have it.
Even though we're two different girls.
You know it's okay.
It's time to celebrate, yeah.
It's the greatest moment of our lives.
You are you and I am I.
I wanna rule the world.
You wanna wake it up.
But we're here for each other no matter what.
What, what, what.
Like fire to the flame.
Keiko, aren't they from our dance game? Ah, yes, nobody 1 and nobody 2.
There is something about them that I like.
They have such spirit.
Oh, those girls! Yes, I love them.
Like blue to the sky.
You and I will stick it up for each other.
It's our time.
Our time.
Nothing's gonna break us apart.
Break us apart.
We're always gonna shine in the dark.
Wherever we go.
Wherever we are.
We'll always be like two halves of the same Heart Same Heart Shine in the dark Ah! Ah! Ah! Woo! Rocky, CeCe, girlfriends Besties.
I'm very, very impressed with you girls.
I see great potential and I would like to work with both of you.
Keiko, draw up a talent deal.
Did you hear that, Rocky? We are going to be Singing toothbrushes! Michi! Ooh! Michi? George? Oh.
Actually, it's Georgia, and I'm starting to believe that Michi is not Japanese for "Mitch".
I take it we both thought that we are going on a date.
Well, it was really great to meet you.
Yes, you, too.
And if there's anything you should ever need, just ask.
Oh, right back at ya.
Well, see you soon, Mitch.
Yes, see you soon, George.
Yeah, right.
Congratulations to the newest members of the Watanabe family.
Now that you're part of the family, how about using a Watanabe camera? Can we get one for free? We're not that close a family.
We will not let you down, Mr.
We promise we'll work really hard.
But now, we don't talk about business, we enjoy our meal.
Excuse me, I need to run to the little geisha's room.
Just to clarify, you are paying for dinner? We're not going splitsies? You know what would be really awesome right now? Something else we could celebrate.
Right, Hideko? Okay.
Grandfather, Ichiro and I have great news about our app.
It's already got thousands of downloads.
I don't want to hear about that nonsense.
The only apps I'm interested in right now are these dumplings.
But, Mr.
Watanabe, they are really talented.
You should take a look at what they came up with.
It's awesome.
He said he wasn't interested, Rocky.
But the app is perfect to promote the new video game.
And it features two of the newest members of the family.
My grandchildren should be concentrating on their studies.
And if they want to learn about my business, they should quietly observe.
And not waste time with their silly pursuits.
Oh, you don't understand.
It's not silly.
Uh, excuse me? I do not understand? Uh-oh.
I understood enough to build an international, multimedia empire.
No, no, no, you're confused.
You see, what I meant was They know the youth market because they are young, and you're Old? I'm old and confused? Change the subject, Rocky.
Get on board, get on board Uh, uh Nice tie you got there.
No, no, no, you're not old.
You're just a little Stuck in your ways.
Rocky, get on board.
You're going to ruin everything.
CeCe, I don't care.
He's wrong.
He should at least look at what they came up with.
He's being completely unreasonable.
That's it! I have heard enough! No, please, Mr.
This is just a big misunderstanding.
Rocky didn't mean to offend you.
She was just trying to express herself.
I thank you, CeCe.
I see everything clearly now.
I will not work with either of you.
And the Shake It Up dance video game project is canceled.
But that is my project.
Good point.
You're fired, too.
Hideko, Ichiro.
Watanabe! Please, wait! Uh Sorry that took so long.
I was having a conversation with the talking toilet.
Turns out, it was the lady in the stall next to me.
So, what'd I miss? Okay.
I changed his mind.
He's going to continue with the Shake It Up video game.
Oh, thank goodness.
Unfortunately, you won't be in it.
His one condition was that I fire you from Shake It Up, Chicago! - What? - No.
I'm sorry, girls.
I don't have a choice.
This is a nightmare.
Could this possibly get any worse? Everyone gather! I have an important message from Mister Watanabe.
- He changed his mind? - No, that's not it.
- We're not fired? - Oh, yes, that's it! Wait, no, it's not.
Pack your things, you're being kicked out.
Does that mean that you're not going to be our dedicated, full-time concierge anymore? Oh, who are you kidding? I was your Butler.
So I'm guessing our private jet is just Grounded.
You need to find your own way home.
Toi Toi! My Toi Toi! Oh, get over it! We're homeless in Japan! We're homeless in Japan! Pull yourself together, man! This is a disaster, first we're kicked off Shake It Up, Chicago.
And now we have nowhere to stay.
I'm starting to wish Shake It Up, Miami, would've won that dance battle.
Don't worry, I'll figure it out.
And as far as where to stay, I think I have an idea.
- Georgia? - Michi, hi! Hey, remember when you said if there was anything I ever needed Well, I need a place to stay, but I promise, it's just for one night.
Yeah, technically, I was just following Japanese custom and being polite.
I didn't really mean it.
Oh, that's okay.
I didn't really mean it when I said it would just be for one night.
Come on, kids, come on.
Come on, let's go.
All right, keep on moving.
My CeCe-has-a-bad-idea-meter is going off.
CeCe, do you honestly think that Mr.
Watanabe is going to talk to us, after what happened last night? Well, we have to try to change his mind.
I mean, even if he doesn't want to make us pop stars, he at least could let us back on Shake It Up, Chicago! I know, but listen, even if he doesn't It's all right.
It won't be the end of the world.
It'd be the end of my world! I'm not you, Rocky.
I'm not some genius who can be anything I want to if I set my mind to it.
I'm a dancer.
That is all I have.
Don't sell yourself short, all right? You could be a lot of things.
Okay, a few things.
Okay when we get back home, we're scheduling you an appointment with the guidance counselor.
This isn't a joke, Rocky.
I need to dance, the same way I need to eat and I need to breathe.
It's everything to me.
And I thought it was to you, too.
- CeCe, I was just - You know what? I'm just going to go talk to him alone.
Hey, CeCe's phone.
Hello? CeCe Jones? This is Shelly Goldfeder.
No, I said, "CeCe's phone".
That's what I said, CeCe Jones.
This is a very expensive call, dear, so stop saying your name.
I'm just checking to see how Rocky handled her fear of flying.
Oh, I'm good.
I mean, she's good.
And how about that "having fun" thing? What are you talking about? You know, the hypnotic suggestion I gave her.
You stroke her arm, say "Get on board".
"Get on board"? Yeah! Is she going along with whatever you want when you do that? Not anymore, she's not! Mr.
Watanabe refused to see me! Have you ever been so upset you just don't even know what to say? Yeah, I think I can relate.
CeCe, we need to have a very serious discussion.
Rocky, I'm really not in the mood for one of your, "it's never going to happen" lectures.
Because the more I think about it, it's kind of funny how the person who kept saying "It's never going to happen".
Somehow found a way to make sure that it didn't happen! What? We were this close, Rocky.
This close.
But, no, you had to go and insult Mister Watanabe.
Because you always have to be right, and this time, it cost us everything! Oh, really? So, it's all my fault? If only I would've been able to get on board.
Excuse me? You heard me.
Don't you want me to "Get on board"? I have no idea what you're talking about.
Oh, really? Shelly called.
Hmm don't think I know a Shelly.
Because you were in the room with her when she hypnotized me.
Oh, that Shelly.
I cannot believe you.
You are so selfish and manipulative, that you won't even let me have my own thoughts anymore! Okay, I crossed a line, but it was her idea.
And I only used it one time.
I could've done it way more than that.
Really? That's your excuse? That you only messed with my mind one time? Okay, fine.
I admit it.
I was wrong.
But I did it for us! I did it for our dream! Our dream? Don't you mean your dream? Let's just take a look at this memory book.
A napkin from the karaoke club, a picture of you at the rehearsal studio, a receipt for your "signing a talent deal" dress! This was supposed to be my book! And there's nothing in here that is important to me.
Well, what about what's important to us? We're supposed to be partners.
And a partner is supposed to push you to do your best, not constantly tell you that you're wasting your time.
Well, maybe we just shouldn't be partners.
Oh, so, we're in a fight and you're, what? You're just going to quit dancing? No, I'm gonna keep dancing.
I just won't be doing it with you anymore.
What are you talking about? Let me just put this in a way that you might understand.
I've become a supporting character in the CeCe Show.
Instead of starring in the Rocky Show.
And I am done! Hey, it's you.
You're dancing on my phone right now.
So, where is your dancing friend? Yeah, I don't think she's my friend anymore.
Honey, can I talk to you? Rocky, can I talk to you? I mean, how long are you two gonna stay mad at each other? Don't you think it's time to end this? You think being miserable and alone is better? It's not.
I know.
Toi Toi! You know you're going to make up.
You always make up.
So get to it.
I mean, come on, you're CeCe and Rocky.
Come on, you're Rocky and CeCe.
I charted a graph depicting your fight.
CeCe is the red line, Rocky is the blue line.
Perhaps a pie chart would be better You know you're at the end of the road if they send me in.
Look, all this mopey girly stuff isn't getting you anywhere.
My suggestion? You two share a nice frosty glass of "Get over it"! So, what do you say? Forgive and forget? - Never gonna happen! - Never gonna happen! You know, I was so upset when we lost our clothes, but this has been a true growth experience.
Oh, I agree.
Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes In even more sensational garb, we are reborn.
Hey, those are our outfits.
Who are you? - I am Genta! - And I am Tomoka! - And we are - The thieves who stole our clothes! Cough up the cloth, sister! Uh-oh.
I got your text.
Tinka's been arrested? What's she doing here? You texted CeCe? I would have texted the others, but they were all too cheap to pay for the international calling plan.
Wait, wait, wait.
We have to pay extra here? I am Gunther.
But where is Tinka? She's on her way to the airport now.
She's being deported to some country with 16 consonants.
Deported to the old country? But Tinka has a green card which says she's allowed to stay in the US as long as she doesn't get Arrested.
Oh, no.
Okay, we need to find the quickest route to the airport.
I'm on it.
Wait, does this cost extra, too? CeCe! There she is! Tinka! Gunther! Don't do this.
Please, I'll do anything.
Sentence me to one drab color for all eternity, but do not take me from my brother.
I'm sorry, but you can not break them up.
If any two people belong together, it's them.
They're a team.
And you can't split up a team.
They're so much better and stronger And happier when they're together.
And, sure, one of them may have made a mistake, but she's so sorry.
And she's so forgiven.
Because she's not the only one that made mistakes.
Uh, hello? People being deported here.
Yeah! What about us? Okay, we're putting both of you on a plane back to the U.
Right now! - Thank you.
- Thank you so much.
Sayonara, babies.
I'm so sorry, Rocky.
- You're my best friend - Yeah, yeah, yeah, I love you, too.
But right now, we need to go get our jobs back.
Okay, so here's the plan.
We'll go home then move to Florida and then audition for Shake It Up, Miami! Or we can just go find Mister Watanabe again and beg him to change his mind.
And that's why you're the smart one.
Oh, Georgia, one of your 600 kids broke my computer.
It's completely frozen! And it happened right after I downloaded that stupid dancing app! Well, that must be a coincidence.
Because I downloaded that app to my phone and it's perfectly Frozen, too.
I think Rocky and CeCe gave us a virus.
He mean's Rocky and CeCe are a virus! Yes.
Your stay here just gets better and better.
Hideko said her grandfather would be here tonight.
There he is! And there he goes.
Well, now what? We don't have tickets, we can't get in.
Well, we can't apologize to him and get our jobs back from out here.
Performers entrance, huh? Well, we are performers, so let's start entering! Whoa! Excuse me, performers.
Performers coming through.
- Thank you, ma'am.
Thank you.
- Yep, that's what we are.
Uh, mother, are you happy with the seats? They are the best.
Just like you deserve.
"Let's just use the performers entrance".
How did I know that they were gonna shove us into hair and makeup, and push us on stage? This apology is not off to a great start.
Well, if we're going down, might as well do it in flames.
I'm with you.
Ready? Five, six, seven, eight.
I will deal with this.
Mama! At first, I was going to have you thrown out.
But then, my mother smiled.
I have not seen that since she met Justin Timberlake.
But, clearly, my instincts about you two were correct.
- Thank you.
- Ah.
I am giving you a second chance.
The music festival my company sponsors, Watanabalooza, is tomorrow night, and you two will perform.
Five thousand people will be in attendance.
It is the perfect way to gauge how a real audience will respond to you.
This is incredible! But, unfortunately, we have other plans.
Hmm? We do? What could be more important than this? Wait.
Are we opening up for Katy Perry and nobody bothered to tell me? No.
Your memory book.
It's not too late to start filling it up with the things that are important to you.
It's time for me to start being the supporting character in the Rocky Show.
Thank you.
That's so sweet.
And so stupid! Five thousand people! When am I ever gonna be able to put that in my memory book again? Uh so, we're good.
Not so fast! You'll also put us back on Shake It Up, Chicago? Yes, of course.
Oh, and get us back on the video game? Why not? And put us back in our hotel suite? Consider it done.
Oh, and Rehire Keiko? Yes, fine.
And throw in a free shopping spree just for the heck of it? Don't push your luck, Red.
I cannot believe this, Rocky! Pretty soon, everybody in Japan is gonna know who we are! Watashi ga demasu, mom! Bad news, peeps.
We have made a horrific mistake.
Our app contained a virus that is causing every electronic device in Tokyo to shut down.
And unless it can be stopped, this could go Global.
The whole world could catch The Rocky and CeCe Virus.
"The Rocky and CeCe Virus"? Yeah, are we married to that name? Because I think you two really deserve the credit.
So, what I'm hearing is This will be great publicity for our concert! Concert Oh, no, CeCe, I'm pretty sure that the light and sound system at the concert are run by computers! We're not gonna be able to perform tonight.
Well, don't just sit there, do something! Did you use open source code to save time, and the virus was hidden in it? Maybe.
Rookie mistake.
Ooh, G-dad's gonna kill us.
Look, we have the code to fix it, but our computers are down.
Can you help us, please? Absoloo-da-lee, too-da-lee.
Help! Help! My toilet can no longer talk.
The virus ruined her.
My life without Toi Toi is empty and meaningless.
Wait, if the virus is shutting everything down, then why is Andy still okay? Because, unlike the rest of this country, we had no interest in downloading a Rocky and CeCe app.
Talk about empty and meaningless.
Oh, shoot, I can't get past the firewall from here.
We're going to have to access the Watanabe mainframe, and manually insert the flash drive.
Whatever it takes, we have to stop the Hideko and Ichiro virus! Just trying it out.
It's catchy right? Huh? Huh? No? Okay.
The virus has shut down all the electronic doors, and the only way to access the mainframe and plug in this flash drive is through this vent.
It's our only hope.
Any volunteers? Well, that'll be a really tight fit, but I know you can do it, Rocky.
Really? The tallest girl in Japan? Is that really our best choice? We need someone who can actually fit in there.
Well, there's got to be someone.
There's got to be someone.
Flynn! Fine! I'll do it! Okay.
I'll talk you through it.
Good luck, Flynn.
You can do it, yo! Here we go.
Got him? Okay.
Be very careful in there.
Why? Are there creepy rats and spiders in here? No, don't be ridiculous.
But there are lasers.
Lasers? Just kidding.
I thought a little frivolity would help lighten the mood.
I believe in you, Flynn! You can do it! But if you don't make it, it's cool to turn your room into a walk-in closet, right? Okay, you should be close to a fork in the vent.
Turn left.
Copy that.
Turning left.
Now, you should be close to a grate that looks into a room.
Copy that, I'm at that grate.
Okay, there should be a vending machine in the Southwest corner.
Copy that.
I see the vending machine.
Do they sell anything chocolaty? I'm in the mood for a snack.
Henry! Sorry, man.
Just go another 15 feet and that should take you to the room where the mainframe is.
Copy that.
All right.
Now, all you have to do is just reach through that incredibly sharp, fast-rotating, industrial fan and plug in the flash drive.
I don't copy that.
Sorry guys, I'm not losing my arm over this! You got two of them, just do it! What? You wanted to turn his room into a walk-in closet, and I'm the bad guy? Wait a minute.
Flynn may not be able to get his arm through there, but I think I know who can.
Must save Toi Toi! Must save Toi Toi! Yes, that's right, do it for love! Giving yourself up means your toilet will live on forever! Wow, this is so not what I thought Japan would be like.
Andy's down! He's lost all power.
Don't panic! I'm sure he's fine.
Or not.
We lost Andy and it was all for nothing.
My phone's working again! He did it.
He fixed the virus! - Yay yeah! - Pound it! This is great! Now we have nothing to worry about.
Your computer project has brought shame to my business and our family.
Now he wants to talk about the app.
Watanabe Instead of focusing on what they did, maybe you should focus on why they did it.
Um, CeCe, maybe we should just stay out of this before he fires us again? Watanabalooza.
Rocky, you know I don't speak Japanese.
Besides, I don't care.
He's wrong.
Heidi and Itchy could be the next techy superstars.
And they were just trying to impress you and get your approval.
Just like you were trying to get your mother's approval at the theater.
I mean, sure, they almost destroyed the computer infrastructure of the entire world, but who hasn't been there, done that? You never know when to shut up, do you, Red? You get used to it.
- We are sorry, grandfather.
- Very, very sorry.
I'm still angry with you.
But I am even angrier with myself.
The young ladies are right.
I should have paid more attention to your ideas.
If I had, we could have avoided the entire Rocky and CeCe virus.
Or Hideko and Ichiro virus.
Just putting that back out there.
Hurry up, Henry.
Toilet has been crying for, like, an hour.
She's already overflowed twice! And I am not getting the mop again.
Well, pardon me if it's taken a few extra minutes to turn the remains of a highly intelligent, state-of-the-art, self-aware android into a Ta-da! Faucet! Toi Toi, I'm back, my love! Andy! Darling! It's you! Well, you couldn't get him in the Android Expo, but maybe next year you can get him in the Plumbing Expo.
Ever heard the expression "Four's a crowd"? Have you seen that crowd? I can't believe that 5,000 people are going to watch me throw up.
Well, if you want, we can call Shelly and then she can give you a hypnoti You know what? You'll be fine.
Just breathe.
Rocky, CeCe, what are you doing here? You're not in the show.
Not in the show.
Now that, that's hilarious.
No, really, you are not performing.
What? But why? I mean, we're ready, we can do this.
Unfortunately, you are too closely associated with the virus.
You are the number one most hated girls in Japan.
So, what I'm hearing is, we're number one? I'm sorry, girls.
There is nothing more to be said.
So that's it.
It's just not going to happen.
The dream's dead.
Really? After everything we've been through? We're this close, and you're giving up now? Well, what else can we do? Push someone off stage and take their place? Now that sounds like the CeCe I know and love.
We don't have our music.
Leave all that to me.
Just get ready.
But, Keiko, you heard what Mister Watanabe said.
I was rude and dismissive to you, but still, you stood up for me and got me re-hired.
You had my back and now I have yours.
Go! Get ready! I'm so proud of my little girl! And such great seats! Finally, something good has come from your visit.
And now, put your hands together for the hottest boy band in all of Tokyo! But first, please welcome, in their debut performance, Rocky and CeCe! So sorry, Mr.
Watanabe, so sorry! They hate us, Rocky.
They think of us as a virus.
We shouldn't be doing this.
CeCe, come on, at least we're getting booed in another country.
It's not like we're going to run into any of these people at Crusty's.
Come on, CeCe, get on board.
Every Avenue in Tokyo is saying that I'm gonna make it.
It's offering the two of us a chance.
And knows, oh, we're gonna take it.
All they need to do is lead us to the floor.
It'll detonate us.
We'll show 'em what the beat is for, to the core.
Girl, they'll celebrate us.
Made in Japan.
Ooh-oh, oh, ooh-ooh.
Oh, we're made in Japan.
Ooh-oh, oh, ooh-ooh.
Made in Japan.
Ooh-oh, oh, ooh-ooh.
Oh, we're made in Japan.
Ooh-oh, oh, ooh-ooh.
Made in Japan.
Ooh-oh, oh, ooh-ooh.
Oh, we're made in Japan.
Ooh-oh, oh, ooh-ooh.
Made in Japan.
Ooh-oh, oh, ooh-ooh.
Oh, we're made in Japan.
Ooh-oh, oh, ooh-ooh.
Woke up in another world.
Now we're on as Sama girls.
Getting our kimono on.
Singing karaoke songs.
Eating Sushi, drinking tea.
In the shade of maple trees.
Lotus flowers everywhere.
Breathing in exotic air.
The Manga artists take a bow.
Anime's a total wow.
My imagination sparks, when I'm in Yoyogi Park.
Could it be this distant land's.
Scrambled, crossing up our plans? Loving cos play, gotta say.
Sayonara, U.
Made in Japan.
Ooh-oh, oh, ooh-ooh.
Oh, we're made in Japan.
Ooh-oh, oh, ooh-ooh.
Made in Japan.
Ooh-oh, oh, ooh-ooh.
Oh, we're made in Japan.
Ooh-oh, oh, ooh-ooh.
Come on, come on, come on.
Made in Japan.
Made in Japan.
Made in Japan.
Made in Japan.
Made in Japan.
Made in Japan.
Made in Japan.
Made in Japan.
Hey, guys, so, you know, if you were wondering, what I was doing while you guys were in Japan You know, just doing my thing.
You know, holding down the fort if you will.
Uh, Gina's fine.
You know Hello? Hello, hello Ty? CeCe? Rocky? Anybody? Ty? I'm still here.