Shake It Up! s03e01 Episode Script

Fire It Up

I'm so excited to be back on Shake It Up, Chicago after summer break.
It's almost as fun as the first day of school.
(Giggles) I love the first day of school.
New clothes, new boys, new teachers, that don't know what my mother's signature looks like.
(Sighs) I'm just glad to be away from my mom.
She's been totally smothering me with attention lately.
Oh! That's horrible! Maybe one day you can go to a therapist about that.
(Mimics crying) "It was a terrible childhood.
" "My mother loved me too much.
" That's not funny.
Ever since we got back from Japan, she's been like a wool dress on tights totally clingy.
Maybe she just needs a distraction.
Ooh! What if we find her a boyfriend? Rocky, my mom's already embarrassing.
Could you imagine if she had a boyfriend? I'd rather not, I just had breakfast.
Why can't she just learn to knit? I mean, that would keep her busy, and I could get some super-cute new sweaters.
Ooh, hopefully she can make some blue ones.
Because, you know, blue really makes my eyes pop.
Although, green isn't bad either, because it's my signature color Okay, CeCe, could you stop making everything about you? Oh, please.
I do not make everything about me.
I never have and I never Hey, something about me is different in here.
CeCe, big picture! Shake It Up, Chicago has burned down! Yeah! Obviously I can see that now! Everybody, everybody, get out on the floor.
It can get a little crazy when the kick hits the 4.
Make a scene, make a scene, nobody can ignore.
Don't knock it.
'Til you rock it.
We can't take it no more.
Bring the lights up, bust the doors down.
All together now, Shake It Up, Shake It Up.
Shake It Up.
I just got off the phone with the network, and because of the fire, the show is on indefinite hiatus! What? Oh, no.
Relax, it's not the end of the world.
CeCe, do you know what "hiatus" means? Oh, come on, Rocky Of course I don't.
It means Shake It Up, Chicago is off the air.
We're off the air? We're off the air? What? No.
No, no, no, no! This cannot be happening.
We can do something about this.
We can we can We can shoot the show with our phones! Yes we can! All right, guys, take out your phones! Let's start dancing, people! Lights, camera, action! I mean, lights, phones, action! Action.
Action, action, action! There is no "action.
" There are no lights.
And in case you haven't noticed, there's no ceiling! CeCe, just calm down.
The show's not gone forever.
But for the time being, looks like we're all out of a job.
(Sobbing) It's horrible, Gunther, don't even come down here.
Your tears will smear your guy-liner and man-scara.
Oh, it's okay, girls.
They will find a way to rebuild, and your talent will be back on the air in no time.
Tinka, I can't believe you're being sweet, supportive, and, dare I say Human-ish.
Oh, dear, wonderfully kooky CeCe, it's nice to know we can count on you for a laugh at a tough time like this.
God bless you.
God bless us? What does that she-devil mean by that? How did this even happen? We'll probably never even know Oh, look, it's the charred remains of my curling iron.
Right here where I left it plugged in next to my bottle of hair spray before we left for Japan.
Oh, no.
CeCe you burnt down Shake It Up, Chicago.
What're we going to do? Hello, girls.
I'm Captain Jeremy Hunter.
And I will "hunt" down Whoever's responsible for this crime.
I'm like a dog with a bone.
No, I'm like a dog without a bone that wants a bone.
And is really good at finding bones.
Because well, I'm a dog.
My point is, I will find them and punish them to the full extent of the law.
Please! It wasn't my fault! It could've happened to anyone who has naturally limp straight hair, that requires heat to create volume and curls! I got one question, and I want an honest answer Where can I find a good sandwich place around here? Seriously, I'm starving.
My stomach is making those (Makes gurgling noise) Sounds.
Oh oh, we don't know any good places.
No, but you know who would? Ashley.
Yeah, we'll go get her.
She's probably in the back somewhere, cleaning candles with Oily rags, like always.
Deuce, give me another pie.
Gary, you've had two pies already.
I'm cutting you off, man.
It's enough.
I'll say when it's enough.
If the camera won't add 10 pounds to me, I'll add 10 pounds to me.
If he just wanted to add 10 pounds, he should've stopped three slices ago.
Man, I've never seen this guy so depressed.
You know what he needs? A bucket to throw up in? No.
A job.
You should hook him up.
Do you think Crusty's just hires anyone off the street? - They hired you.
- I see your point.
Hey, Gary.
Look, I know you're a little out of sorts ever since Shake It Up, Chicago burned down.
So, I was thinking you could work here in the afternoons.
Fine, but I'll need wardrobe, a dressing room, and a parking space.
You can have a hairnet, the broom closet, and there's a bike rack out front.
Mmm! Hey! How's the first week of school going? Oh! Come on! Fill me in.
Tell me everything.
(Gasps) What's going on with Becca and Kenny? Are they back together or not? Yes she didn't! Come on, let's catch up on school gossip.
Um mom, why don't you get started and I'll join you after Rocky leaves (Quietly) For college.
Don't you ever leave me! (Kisses) I'm telling you, she needs a boyfriend.
Rocky, we have bigger problems than my mother's love life.
I know.
I'm freaking out, too.
What if Shake It Up, Chicago never comes back? Where will we dance? I can't be a "has been" if I've barely been a "been!" I'm not talking about Shake It Up, Chicago! (Quietly) I'm talking about the fact that I could be (Loudly) Arrested.
(Quietly) Any second for causing that (Loudly) Fire.
I think you whispered the wrong parts.
I realize that now! CeCe, relax, all right? They can't pin anything on you if they have no proof.
Proof about what? (Suspiciously) Both: Nothing You two are up to something, I can feel it in my gut.
Flynn, you're being ludicrous.
Okay, you just used a three-syllable word.
Now I know you're up to something.
And I will not rest until I find out what it is! But first I'm going to take a little nap, because I'm tired.
Like I was saying there's nothing to worry about because They have no proof.
My curling iron? Rocky, you stole key evidence from a crime scene? I wouldn't say I stole it.
I'm just secretly borrowing it until the end of the investigation and then throwing it in the lake.
Well, I guess I'm totally in the clear now, thanks to you! Rocky Blue, I love you.
(Knocking) - Who is it? - Jeremy: Captain Jeremy Hunter.
(Gasps) The dog with the bone! - Hide the bone! - You hide the bone! - It's your bone! - You stole the bone! Hey! Just following up on my investigation.
Is there a responsible adult here? No, but my mother is.
Mom! Georgia: Coming! Look now, CeCe, witnesses tell me That you were the last person to leave the studio before vacation.
Let me out! Let me out! I can't take it anymore! (Whispering) I'm going crazy! Well, your witness is a liar, liar, pants on fire.
Maybe they did it.
You should be looking for a pair of flaming pants.
CeCe, Becca just updated her relationship status to "single"! Hello.
Well, hey there.
CeCe, you didn't tell me that you have a sister.
(Laughing) Captain Jeremy Hunter, allow me to introduce my available, charming, available, distractingly beautiful, available mother, Georgia.
Did I mention that she is available? (Laughing) Yep, hard to believe she's available.
Okay, so far Gary's been a terrible pizza maker and a horrible waiter.
Yeah, and don't forget awful bathroom cleaner-upper.
Seriously, he put actual cake in the urinal.
Well, this job he should be able to do.
I mean, who's better to be a host than a host? Next, coming to table two is a couple that has been waiting for five minutes.
But first, the spotlight pizza of the week! Put your hands together for Sausage and pepperoni! He he does realize that the microphone is actually a pepper grinder, right? He's asking people to applaud meat.
I don't think the dude cares.
Don't you two look stunning today! So, what's the haps, lady chums? Tinka, this is the third day in a row that you have been nice to us.
What are you, establishing an alibi before you finally take us out? What do you want? Okay, fine.
I would like you to Accept these handmade friendship bracelets, woven from my own hair.
Have a nice day, gal pals! I think these are kind of adorable.
- For reals? - No, I lied! What? You lied? Okay, look At first, I felt really bad about stealing the curling iron, but between you and me, it was kind of exciting.
I feel so dishonest! I haven't felt this kind of rush since I led the team to victory in the Academic Decathlon.
Actually, we came in second.
I lied again! (Laughs) Ugh, would you look at them.
I don't think I like where this is heading.
Would you rather be heading to jail? (Jeremy and Georgia speaking indistinctly) - Hey, Flynnie.
- Hey, Little Fire Hydrant! Jeremy, you're a good guy, but we're not at the nickname stage yet.
And if we do get there, it sure as heck won't be something that a poodle pees on.
You sound like a 35-year-old man trapped in a kid's body.
Don't worry, I'll save you.
(In a funny voice) "Hurry up, get me out of this kid!" "I've got to go diversify my portfolio.
" (Chuckles) If you're done mocking me, Chief, I'm about to pour some high-octane knowledge into your mind tank.
I found a discrepancy in your file.
In this photo, there's something suspicious on the makeup table.
But in the later photo, it's missing.
(Chuckles) Missing evidence.
You are just too cute! You know, maybe I should just make you my little assistant.
(Chuckles) Okay, I see it now.
Um Look, I've got to get down to the studio right away! Did you hear that? I can't go to prison! I do not look good in jumpsuits.
And I do not look good in orange.
And I really do not look good in orange jumpsuits! (Breathing heavily) CeCe, relax, all right? There's absolutely nothing to worry about.
Sorry, lying again.
Yeah, you're dead meat.
No, Jeremy, you hang up.
(Giggles) No, you hang up.
No, you hang up.
No, I'll hang up.
Hey, what's the matter with you? (Sighs) Well, thank you for finally asking.
I've been upset and pouty and acting weird all day and you haven't even noticed.
I just thought you were being a teenager.
Okay it's time for a mother-daughter talk.
I think I might have caused the fire at the Shake It Up studio.
Okay, time for a lawyer-daughter talk.
It was an accident, I think it might have been my curling iron that started the fire and I need to tell Jeremy.
But you don't know for sure that's what caused it.
So why mention it now? Now, let's just them finish their investigation, because nothing puts a damper on a new relationship than having to lock up your new girlfriend's daughter.
But mom, what if it's all my fault? But what if it's not? And besides, it's still an accident.
You shouldn't feel bad, accidents happen.
Really, CeCe? An accident at your age? Not that kind of accident.
So what are you two talking about? - Lip gloss.
- Reincarnation.
- Reincarnation.
- Lip gloss.
Reincarnated lip gloss.
Oh, I see you've roped mom into your little house of lies.
I'm used to this type of behavior from CeCe.
But I expect more from you, mother.
Oh, go ahead, Gunther, I'll meet you in the library.
I just want to hand out these whole grain, fruit juice sweetened cupcakes to the coolest kids in school! Oh, come on! Enough is enough.
Yeah, Tinka, you don't compliment people.
And you don't bake goodies.
And you don't do CeCe's homework for her.
All right, Rocky, let's not criticize everything she does.
Tinka, we want to know what's going on with you right now.
I will tell you.
You will notice there is no cupcake for Gunther because Gunther is gone-ter! What are you talking about? Gunther has gone back home to the old country.
To take care of Great-Great Grandma, help on the farm, and, hopefully, quell the revolution.
So you thought you'd bake us some cupcakes, and we'd just forget about all the mean, nasty, cruel things you've said and done to us over the years, and we'd all just be best friends? Exactly! So what are we thinking? Party of slumber tonight? Tinka, we cannot be manipulated that easily.
Our friendship cannot be bought, it needs to be earned.
Fine! CeCe this is just the break we need! We'll pin the whole fire on Gunther.
And they can't question him.
Nobody even knows how to pronounce the name of that country, let alone find it.
Whoa there, Pinocchio.
It's time I take responsibility for what I did.
Okay, CeCe, I can't let you do that.
How are you supposed to be my dance partner if you're rotting away in a prison cell? Well, maybe you can go to prison with me.
(Gasps) We can do those disturbingly accurate, Michael Jackson dance re-creations with all the other inmates.
(Dance music playing) Okay you're right, we need to be ready with the, Gunther cover story for when they come to get me! Okay.
Don't be so paranoid, okay? It's not like someone's gonna walk in here right now and "come and get you.
" (Panting) Flynn, what are you doing here? Captain Jeremy sent me to come and get you.
Gary, why aren't you seating anybody? Where are all the tables? You'll see.
Now, if you'll just hand me my pepper grinder, I have some hosting to do.
Welcome back, everybody! And now Put your hands together for Elektrolytes! (Cheering) (Dance music playing) (Rapping) Hold up, it's an emergency.
So much urgency and uncertainty.
Keeps running everywhere giving third degree.
Who did what, where, when, how? Right now, get (Chanting) Everybody, come on now.
Everybody, come on now.
Everybody, come on now.
Everybody, come on now.
Everybody, come on now.
Everybody, come on now.
Everybody, come on now.
Everybody, come on now.
Everybody, come on now (Cheering) Gary, you didn't ask my permission to have a dance performance.
I know, but they were already booked for Shake It Up, Chicago, and I didn't want to disappoint them.
(Mumbling) Ah Here's the deal, um This isn't working out.
- What do you mean? - You're not needed anymore.
- Not following.
- Crusty's is downsizing.
Still not getting your point.
Uh, Gary? You've been canceled.
Well! Then if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go clean out my dressing room.
It's a broom closet! People! May I have your attention, please? Thank you all for coming.
I have to admit, this is one of the toughest fire investigations I've ever done.
There were times when I thought I'd never figure out exactly what happened.
And I was right, I didn't.
But my buddy Jeremy here did.
That's right, Fire Alarm Flynn.
Jeremy, buddy, this whole nickname thing? It's just not happening.
And I will now reveal that the cause of the fire was Me! It was me.
It's all my fault.
I left my curling iron plugged in and the next thing you know, Shake It Up, Chicago is toast! Burnt toast! (Gasps) CeCe, how could you? And and why didn't you tell me this sooner? I would've come to you the minute I heard.
(Sighs) Okay, she's not the only one at fault! I lied! I stole evidence and hindered the investigation.
I'm a lying, stealing, hinderer.
No, I can't let you two do this.
They're covering for me.
I'm the one who left my curling iron plugged in, even though only a complete imbecile would do that.
It's all my fault! Take me away.
(All arguing) Girls! Girls, what are you talking about? The fire wasn't started by a curling iron.
It was started by a faulty tanning bed.
Faulty tanning bed? Wow! When I find out what narcissistic idiot was using a tanning bed at the studio They are going to be in a reasonable and forgivable amount of trouble.
Okay Well, now that the case is closed I was thinking maybe I could take us all out for a fancy dinner to celebrate? (Giggling) Sounds good to me, Inspector Smoke Detector.
You know, you're right.
This whole nickname thing? Let's let it go.
I can't believe you were willing to take the blame for all this.
Why would you do that? Well, now that Gunther is gone and there's no Shake It Up, Chicago I have nothing to do anyway.
Prison would be a welcome relief.
At least for a while.
Wouldn't be the first time I tunneled my way to freedom.
Yeah, I'm not buying it.
I think you did this because you know our friendship cannot be bought, it needs to be earned.
And Tinka - You earned it.
- Both: Aw! Okay, yeah, this whole friendship thing, it's not going to work.
No, seriously, get off of me.
Both: Aw! Okay, maybe just two more seconds But then I really must put an end to this.
I feel terrible about firing Gary.
Yo, man, don't sweat it.
I got him a new gig.
Listen to this Gary: (On pa) I'm your host, Gary Wilde, with today's announcements! Coming up for lunch, flank steak and corn nibbletts.
Can I get an, "oh yum?" (Mouthing) And now, a public service announcement.
Avoid eating at Crusty's, because Deuce Martinez Practices his kissing skills on the pizza dough! Well at least he's not holding a grudge.
He's also not writing his own material.
I gave him that that kissing line.