Shake It Up! s03e02 Episode Script

Funk It Up

Mom! You cooked Jeremy dinner? When you said you wanted to land this guy, I didn't think you meant in the hospital! You know what, can we just go with it? And try to make me look good.
How do I make burnt green beans look good? They're not burnt.
They're blackened.
(Whispering) Yes! Hey, Jeremy.
Those flowers are really pretty.
I didn't know daisies came in gray.
Oh, my last call was a fire at a flower shop.
I got most of the ash off, just don't sniff too hard.
Here we go! (Giggles nervously) Ooh, blackened flowers, meet blackened chicken.
Look at you, cooking your kids a healthy meal every night.
Well, what's the alternative? Take-out? Not on my watch.
Hey, hey, hey! It's Chinese take-out night at the Jones's.
Where's my Mu Shu Tofu? I don't know what you mean, Rocky.
My mom is serving a nice homemade dinner.
Oh! Whose home did she order it from? (Chuckling) Did you bump your head on the window coming in, dear? (Chuckling) I made this meal.
Oh! Of course you did! You know what? I just realized I can't stay for dinner because My mom wants me to live till breakfast.
Everybody, everybody, get out on the floor.
It can get a little crazy when the kick hits the 4.
Make a scene, make a scene, nobody can ignore.
Don't knock it.
'Til you rock it.
We can't take it no more.
Bring the lights up, bust the doors down.
All together now.
Shake It Up, Shake It Up.
Shake It Up.
Hey, hey, hey! Ty fell asleep during our video production class.
Wait till you see what I did! (Whooping) (Chuckles confidently) Woo! Yo, man, I am really rocking it today.
Everyone is looking at me, thinking "What does Ty Blue have, and how do I get some?" What the You fell asleep next to a marker, man.
You were asking for it.
Don't be mad, Ty, okay? You'll finally have a chance to use that razor you bought three years ago.
Yeah, yeah! I am gonna use that razor! On Deuce's head! Oh, boy.
CeCe, you missed it.
Okay, Deuce drew this funny mustache on Ty's face.
It was hilarious.
I remember when I used to laugh.
Those were the good old days.
We were all so innocent then.
Okay, I know I'm going to be sorry I asked this, but What's wrong? I'm in a funk.
And not the blend of Soul meets Jazz and R&B kind.
Again, I know I'm going to be sorry I asked this, but What does that mean? Ever since Shake It Up, Chicago! Burned down, I feel like I don't even know who I am anymore.
My life used to be full.
And now, I'm just sad, bored, and unpopular.
You left out "ridiculous".
Okay? Since when are you unpopular? I wasn't invited to Amber's party.
If I was still on the show, she would have been all (British accent) "Oh, CeCe, you must come to my party.
It'd be delightful!" And I would've been all (British accent) "Oh, of course, my darling!" "I wouldn't miss it for the world!" When was this party? Nineteenth-century England? You, my friend, are going somewhere this Saturday night, because I booked us a gig at a Bar Mitzvah.
You did? Really? That's amazing! (Sing-songing) We're gonna dance at a Bar Mitzvah! We're gonna dance at a Bar Mitzvah! They're gonna be all, (British accent) "Oh, you danced loverly at our Bar Mitzvah.
" And I'm gonna be all, (British accent) "Oh, jolly good, pip-pip and all that.
" CeCe, it's a Bar Mitzvah.
He's turning (Laughing) - Hey, guys.
- Oh, hey, honey.
So, I know how busy you are, but next week is career day at my school and I was wondering if you could you come to my class Oh! Say no more, Flynnie! I would love to come and speak to your class.
Wow, mom.
That's great.
Thank you.
But I was talking to Jeremy.
- Me? - Him? Hey, thanks, kid.
I'd love to.
You know what? Maybe I'll bring the ladder truck.
People are always thrilled when I show up in that baby.
Of course, they need me to rescue them, so they're kind of an easy audience.
That would be awesome.
And if there's any way you could set something on fire but then quickly put it out, that would really help my grade.
(Laughing) Wait, wait, wait.
Isn't career day supposed to be when kids bring their parents? The teacher didn't mention that.
Well, you know, but it's kind of implied.
No, not really.
They said just to bring someone with a really cool job.
Rabbi: And now, to celebrate Jason's Bar Mitzvah, put your hands together for the dancers from Shake It Up, Chicago! (Upbeat music playing) (All cheering) (Guests cheering) (All cheering) - Wasn't that awesome? - Yeah, it was.
(Sighs) But now it's over, and my funk is back, Rocky! I'm Funkerella! I'm a Funkasaurus Rex! I got funk in my trunk.
You're the Queen of Funk City, and this is your Funky Kingdom? What is that supposed to mean? Sorry, I don't know how to play the game! Hi.
I'm Howie.
As in, "Howie you doing?" Do me a favor, feel this jacket for me.
You know what that is? Boyfriend material.
You know what this is? (Giggles) Personal space.
Rabbi: Hey, sports fans, let's welcome to the stage your Bar Mitzvah boy, Jason! (Guests applauding) Thank you, Rabbi Benson.
Holla for some challah! As you all know, baseball is my passion.
But when I began to study for my Bar Mitzvah It became clear that I wouldn't have time for everything.
So, I had to give up baseball for the season.
When I put on my jersey, I felt confident, I knew who I was.
Without it, I was just another kid studying Hebrew.
I was in a funk.
- Can I have your digits? - Sure.
Jason: What's wrong with what's here? Yes, I know that.
But the truth is "5-5-5-0-1, I'll tell you the rest "When you turn 16"? Playing hard to get, huh? Let the games begin! But after time, I began to learn that I'm more than just the jersey on my back.
I began to explore my spiritual side, and it's made all the difference in my life.
So I hope you'll all think about taking off the uniform that you think represents you.
And find out who you really are.
Deep down inside.
(Guests applauding) "Find out who you really are.
" You know what? He's right.
I'm gonna take off my uniform right now! Okay, but if I were you, I wouldn't do it in front of that Howie kid.
Dude, I'm going to kill you.
I've tried everything to get this off, and nothing works.
And it's school picture day tomorrow.
All right, come here, man.
Sit down.
Look, if you're gonna try that grandma thing where you lick your fingers and rub spit on my face, it doesn't work.
I just left my grandma's.
No, man.
Look, take this and draw over the mustache.
The new ink loosens up the old ink.
Are you playing with me? No! I saw it on Mythcrushers.
All right? But you have to stay in the lines.
All right.
(Exhales) Okay.
Now what? Put this on, then Hold this up and smile.
Yeah! All right.
You feeling okay? (Laughing) Bro, you look just like him, man! (Knocking) (Shouting) I got it, mom! Why does a fireman wear red suspenders? Because they're awesome! Looking good, Jeremy! Let's get down to the school so I can rub you in Jimmy Cullen's face.
"My dad's a Senator.
" Big whoop! (Coughing) Oh, no! You sound sick! I guess I better go in your place.
No, no, no, no, I'm fine.
Let's go, Flynn.
(Scoffs) Hey! Hey! Guys! At least let me drive you there in the squad car.
I mean, he's not the only one with sirens and flashing lights.
No, thanks, mom.
Fire trucks are way cooler than squad cars.
(Mockingly) "Fire trucks are way cooler than squad cars!" (Cell phone ringing) Hello? Eight, nine.
Excuse me? The last two digits of your phone number.
There were only 100 possible combinations.
You obviously made it easy so I would call you.
Is this the boy from the Bar Mitzvah? (Scoffs indignantly) Boy? My Bar Mitzvah was last month, honey.
I'm officially a man.
You see, my mom won't let me date men.
Maybe when I'm older! Ah! Hello, Raquel.
You are looking particularly one with the Universe today.
Why are you talking like that? And why are you in your pajamas? Are you sleepwalking? I was sleepwalking, through life.
But now, I am on a spiritual journey toward inner peace.
Since I've taken off that uniform that I thought represented me.
And what was underneath, a potato sack? Make your jokes, but for the first time, I feel like my mind is finally clear.
Like there's nothing up here but empty space.
Lots and lots Of empty space.
If you're looking for an argument, you're not gonna get one from me! (Chuckles) Wow! CeCe, I've never seen you so Un-blinged.
So? What's going on with you? Jason's speech the other night really opened my eyes.
I realized that I was so wrapped up in being a dancer, that I neglected my inner CeCe.
And now, I am on a path toward being enlightened.
And I must say, without all my makeup, my backpack has been enlightened, too.
Okay, so let me just get this straight.
The extent of your spiritual enlightenment consists of Not shampooing and wearing beige? No, that would be silly.
I've also put a motivational poster in my locker.
I'm finally in touch with my higher power.
And it's a cat hanging from a tree.
Oh, Rocky, Rocky, Rocky.
I do not expect you to understand.
You're just not a spiritual person like I am.
CeCe, look, I think it's great that you want to be more enlightened but, not showering and wearing plastic shoes isn't the answer.
All right? This isn't you.
This is the most me I've ever been.
And if you know me, then you'll know this me, is much more me than the old me.
Trust me.
Okay, because that made absolutely no sense at all - Mmm-hmm.
- I know you're still in there somewhere.
Now, you do know that it's picture day, right? Yes, sister.
And you know how important that day is, right? Yes, sister.
And you remember what the goal was, right? - Yes - Stop it! CeCe, you vowed after sixth grade's home perm disaster.
That you would never take a bad photo again.
So, as your Bff, I insist that you get a brush, and some makeup and hit the mirror.
I believe that I will take the most beautiful picture of my life.
I have gone beyond the surface.
It's not about here.
It's about here.
Really? Because it sounds like it's coming from here.
Hey, give it up for Jimmy's dad, Senator Cullen.
Wow! Who here didn't get a tingle when he explained the quorum call vote? But now, it's time to turn up the heat in here! All the way from ladder 54, please welcome Captain Jeremy Hunter! (Fire engine horn blaring) Hey, kids! Okay, who's ready to learn about life at the firehouse? Kids: Ooh! Ooh! All right, everyone remain calm! I've got the situation under control.
Um, mom? What are you doing? I am here to protect and serve.
Boys, girls, you have the right to remain impressed.
(Acting badly) Um, but I'm not a bad guy.
Whoa! Looks like I have a 7-20 on my hands.
That's secret police language for someone resisting arrest.
Oh! (Kids shrieking) Mice! Mice! Mice! Mice! Mice! Uh, well, that concludes today's presentation with Captain Jeremy, and some insane lady who walked in off the street.
Flowers for Rocky Blue.
Hop you like them! (Excited) Aw! They're gorgeous! I can't believe they're from (Dejected) Howie, that pint-sized playa from the Bar Mitzvah.
Step back, I've got a tail to tell.
(Beatboxing) (Rapping) Stick with me and we'll go to Maui.
I'll wife you up, make you Mrs.
(Beatboxing) (Beatboxing hesitantly) Look, Howie, here's the thing.
Maybe if you were a couple of years older, or I was a couple of years younger It would still never happen! All right? Now hop on out of here.
Man, it's picture day and I still have this stupid mustache on my face.
You feel bad about that? (Stifling laughter) Yeah.
Okay, good.
Because if I have to take a picture looking like an idiot, so do you.
(Laughs) (Clears throat casually) (Laughing humorlessly) (Laughs mockingly) I am ready to have my aura captured.
You sure you don't want to drag a comb through that aura? Snap the picture! Thank you for finding my truth.
Um, CeCe? You think you might want to take a quick look at the picture? No, I'm fine.
But if it will give you peace, I'll look at the Yowza.
Um, here's an idea.
Uh, maybe we could try a teeny, itsy-bitsy little bit of lip gloss? Would the Universe be okay with that? I'm not sure.
I'll check.
Universe, if you do not want me to wear lip gloss, please give me a sign.
Didn't hear a no! Perfect.
This is good.
This is good.
Ooh! "Heavenly blue.
" If that is not a sign telling me to wear this eye shadow, I don't know what is.
You got any mascara, or (Cooing) Oh! (Sighs happily) That's the CeCe I know and love.
I'm glad you're back to your old self.
I am back to my old self.
But, Rocky, I don't want to be back to my old self.
My old self was lost and in a funk.
I thought that I was enlightened, but it turns out I'm en-nothing-ed.
I'm not a dancer, and I'm not spiritual.
I'm not anything! Hang in there, baby? - Hi, mom.
- Hey, Flynn.
So what happened after you got sent to the Principal's office? Did he call your mom? I'm a grown-up.
Don't be ridiculous.
Save it! I already talked to grandma, and she said no TV tonight.
Man! No fair! Flynn, I'm sorry.
I guess I was a little jealous because you asked Jeremy to speak to your class instead of me.
I only asked him because I know you like him, and I thought this would make you happy.
Oh, sweetheart, it does.
Oh! It does make me happy.
And I am really sorry that I made such a mess and I embarrassed you today.
Oh! How can I ever repay you? Don't worry about me, it's the school you have to repay.
Here's the bill for the damages you caused.
Okay, I guess I'll be working nights, too.
Look, I'm sorry.
I know this spiritual thing was important to you, and all I did was give you a hard time.
I wasn't being a very supportive friend.
No, it's okay.
I know I went a little too far.
But I'm still interested in finding my spiritual path, and when I do, I will not be walking down it in this horrible outfit and these stupid plastic shoes! CeCe, everyone questions who they are, and sometimes the answers don't come so fast.
I know! I feel like I don't even know who I am right now.
And that's why I brought a few friends to help remind you.
CeCe, when you walk into a room, you light it up.
You're funny and beautiful, and that's a cool combination.
I'm really happy we're friends.
(Sighs) Look, CeCe, you come up with some of the craziest ideas, but when you explain them, they kind of make sense.
I know that, no matter what, you would never draw a mustache on someone who fell asleep in class! I said I was sorry! It was Senior picture, man! All right, my turn.
You're loud and annoying.
But you got me through more than one or two thunderstorms.
Also, I love you.
But don't tell anyone, because I will deny it.
CeCe, you're gutsy, and you push me to take chances and sometimes I fall.
Because you pushed me, but you're always there to catch me.
You are the most loyal friend that a girl could ask for.
So I kind of hope we reminded you of who you are.
You have.
I totally know who I am now.
I'm the girl with the greatest best friends in the world.
You! So you put this whole thing together? Yes, sister.
And, uh, you do forgive me for being all cray-cray? Yes, sister.
Was it really that annoying when I did that? Yes, sister.
Are you sure this is gonna work? Trust me! Hey, there.
You must be Rocky.
(Deepening voice) I'm Howie's older brother.
(Scoffs) Okay, Howie's older brother, sit down.
I'll share one pizza with you.
All right, now you're talking.
So, I'm thinking, uh, meat lover's delight? Oh! Actually, I'm a vegetarian.
Vegetarian? Yeah, uh Sorry, honey, this isn't gonna work.