Shake It Up! s03e10 Episode Script

My Fair Librarian It Up

Hey, hi.
I'm sorry, but do you Dance on Shake It Up, Chicago? Used to, but not anymore.
But am I upset about it? No.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
Really, no.
Um, I was just going to ask if there were any nuts around, but, um I think I figured it out on my own.
Can you believe Carly Rae Jepsen is singing on the show! Carly Rae Jepsen? That's so cool.
Where is she, I want to meet her.
You were just talking to her.
That was her? Oh, I feel like such an idiot.
You get used to it.
Welcome back to Shake It Up, Chicago! And now for our very special guest, singing her latest hit Make some noise for Carly Rae Jepsen! (Audience cheering) We were both headed different ways.
Both in a rush, trying to get away.
I ran into you-ou-ou.
Like a crash of thunder.
Out in the rain waiting for the bus.
We started talking about different stuff.
And it's true-ue-ue.
There's an eight world wonder.
And from now on.
You're not as lonely as you think you are.
I'm trying to tell you.
Anything you want, boy.
I can make it happen.
We could fall in love and I could be your Sweetie.
Any time of day, boy.
I'll be your distraction.
We can make it happen.
I could be your Sweetie, Sweetie.
You're not as lonely as you think you are.
I'm trying to tell you.
Anything you want, boy.
I can make it happen.
We could fall in love and I could be your Sweetie.
Anything you want, boy.
Anything you need.
Anything you want, boy.
Anything you need.
Anything you want, boy.
I can make it happen.
We could fall in love and I could be your Sweetie.
Any time of day, boy.
I'll be your distraction.
We can make it happen.
I could be your Sweetie, Sweetie.
You're not as lonely as you think you are.
I'm trying to tell you.
Anything you want, boy.
I can make it happen.
We could fall in love.
And I could be your Sweetie, Sweetie Yeah.
(Audience cheering) Everybody, everybody, get out on the floor.
It can get a little crazy when the kick hits the 4.
Make a scene, make a scene, nobody can ignore.
Don't knock it.
'Til you rock it.
We can't take it no more.
Bring the lights up, bust the doors down.
All together now.
Shake It Up, Shake It Up.
Shake It Up.
Hey, you tricked me! This isn't the school's new fashion museum! It's the library.
CeCe, I need to find a research book, okay? We're only going to be here for a little bit, I promise You won't learn anything.
(Sighs) Okay, tell me again how writing some dumb essay is better than dancing on Shake It Up, Chicago? This essay is for the Kurland Award, a prestigious, national scholarship competition, which is way better.
Rocky, De Nile is not just a river in Poughkeepsie.
Now, we need a plan to get you back on the show.
Actually, what we need to do is get you to pay attention in Geography class.
Rocky, you can say a million times you don't want to be on the show, it doesn't make it true.
It's like the year I didn't win Homecoming Queen and said it was an honor just to be nominated.
Actually, what you said was "This is a rip-off! This was rigged, I demand a recount!" And then, when they did the recount, you actually lost by more votes, and that's when you started saying, "it was an honor just to be nominated".
Oh, all these books are in the wrong places.
Miss Burke is not going to be happy.
(Sobbing) You're right, she's not happy.
Miss Burke.
You don't really seem like yourself.
Yeah, and your makeup is all actually, better than it usually is.
- What's bothering you, Miss Burke? - I don't want to burden you.
Okay, good, because I need to find this book Oh, you dragged it out of me.
I am in love with Mr.
The poetry teacher? (Sobs) Aw, how romantic! We've never actually spoken.
Aw, how creepy-town.
I'm just too shy to talk to him.
This may sound silly, but, uh, how do you know you love him? I know all about him from his library records.
He enjoys true crime novels, he learned to build birdhouses.
And he once had a mysterious skin condition that he diagnosed and cured himself using medical journals.
(Sobs) Uh, sk skin condition? I didn't realize we were at the too-much-information desk.
He used to come to the library all the time.
But now he has an e-reader.
Technology's ruined everything.
Especially my love life.
Looks like you'll never find that book now, so there's no reason we can't concentrate on getting you back on the show.
Miss Burke, we're going to help you win over Mr.
Zigfeld, okay? And we won't stop until you're sending us postcards from your honeymoon.
You know what? Wait a minute.
Do you think that I'm absolutely so pathetic that I would take relationship advice from two teenage girls? Who am I kidding? When do we start? (Whistles) Gentlemen, it's that time again.
The annual Lincoln Park soap box derby.
Year after year, we come And plan and build and Fail! This time, losing is not an option.
This is the year Team Flynn takes the gold! That's right.
All: One, two, three, Team Flynn! Yeah.
Okay, I have some solid ideas about construction this year.
First of all, we don't let Deuce buy the nails.
Look, you said you wanted them cheap.
You didn't say you wanted them to hold pieces of wood together.
I also never told you to flush, but it's kind of a given.
(Knocking on door) - Hey, Logan! - What up, Flynn? Give me some.
- Oh! Hey! - Oh, oh! Both: Zam! Deuce, Ty, you know my soon-to-be step-brother, Logan? - How's it going, man? - What's up, man? Wow.
Good grip.
- Hey, Logan, nice to meet you.
- What's up, man? Uh, but we're a little busy building a little car for the little man.
Oh, yeah, that's why I'm here.
Flynn asked me to help out.
I'm a three-time Lincoln Park soap box derby champion.
You're Logan Hunter? That's what it says on my underwear.
Oh, so you're here to help out? Oh, yeah.
That's cool.
You know, you can never have too much help.
(Laughs) The more the merrier! (Laughs) Flynn, can I talk to you? Look, um, just so you know, if you're planning on working with us, you need to figure out how you fit in to the group dynamic.
For instance, I'm the quirky one.
That's my thing.
Oh, thanks for clarifying.
I thought you were the clammy-handshake guy.
That's one of my many quirks.
Hey, uh, I thought you wanted to do this soap box derby with me, uh, Ty Blue, your main man, your all-around hero.
Oh, Ty.
Are you so easily threatened you think our friendship will suffer just because someone new is coming in? It's not like I'm continually ranking you guys on who I like best.
(Laughs) Oh, good.
Oh, by the way, not crazy about that shirt.
(Clicks tongue) Okay, we're going to work on your social skills with the help of "Mr.
Bones" from the biology lab.
Now, just pretend that this is Mr.
Zigfeld and have a casual conversation.
Why, hello, Miss Burke.
Ooh, you look nice today.
(Humming provocatively) Thank you, Mr.
Zigfeld, shh.
I'm so flattered, shh.
Oh, my, you look like you've lost a lot of weight.
(Giggles) Shh! Hold up.
What's up with all the shushing? You sound like a leaky tire.
Oh, that.
You see, it's taken me years to actually gather up the courage to shush people in the library.
Shh, and now it's what I do when I'm, shh Nervous.
Well, shushing is not the way to a man's heart.
So shush the shushing and just say, "hello, Mr.
Hello, Mr.
Zigfeld, shh.
Maybe you just need to distract yourself, all right? Say it while you hop on one foot.
Hello, Mr.
Zigfeld, shh.
Say it southern! (In southern accent) Howdy, Mr.
Zigfeld, shh.
Try singing it.
(Singing) hello, Mr.
Zigfeld! Shh.
I'm sorry.
Okay, there is no way that I can't say "hello, Mr.
Zigfeld" without doing that! And there's no way that I will ever stop! You just did! I did what? You you said, "hello, Mr.
Zigfeld," and you didn't shush.
(Gasps) - Say it again! - Hello, Mr.
(Gasps) Again! Tell it to the skeleton, honey.
Hello, Mr.
Zigfeld! Hello, Mr.
Zigfeld! Oh! I'm doing it! I'm talking to a man.
Well, it's a dead man, but it's still a man! Woo-hoo! Baby, look at me! Check it out! I'm talking to a skeleton! Ooh, a beautiful skeleton.
I'm all that and a bag of carrot sticks! I got it going on! Miss Burke? Yeah.
Both: Shh! Hey, uh, Ty, is this the paint you were going to use? Yeah.
You like it? It's an interesting shade of green.
Reminds me of the soup I threw up last year when I had the flu.
(Laughs) Good one, Logan! But, you know, if you use a glossy finish, it'll decrease overall wind drag.
And excessive drag, it can lose a race.
Well, I know someone who's being an excessive drag.
Come on, boys! I hear a lot of gums flapping, but not a lot of hammers tapping.
Put your backs into it! Hard work wins races.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get some cocoa and get in the zone.
Shouldn't you be helping us work on the car? Logan, buddy, you're new here.
So let me explain something to you No, I won't be helping.
By the way, Ty, the last thing you want is a bulbous nose.
Hey, my nose is cute as a button! A bulbous nose on the car.
See, it's more aerodynamic to use an acute incline.
It also makes the car a-cuter.
That's rich! I like it.
I like it.
Looks just like my bed I mean, a race car.
By the way, did I mention really digging your kicks, man? They're totally Zam! Now, what is wrong with you? What are you kissing his butt for? Sorry, man, he's just so cool, you know? Cool? Oh, no, no.
That's my thing! Oh, well, there's your problem.
You know you should've told him you have dibs on being "the cool one".
All right, guys.
I've changed up the plans a little bit.
What do you think? Look Logan, is it? Yeah.
We've built soap box racers for the Lincoln Park derby for years.
This is how we always do it.
And how many times have you won? Uh, well, you know It's not about winning.
See, it's more about teamwork and the spirit of competition.
Can I see your Teamwork and Spirit of Competition trophies? (Laughs) (Coughs) Listen, guys, I'll do whatever.
I'm just here to help out my little bro.
Well, I'm just here to help out my little man, which is what Flynn prefers to be called.
But, of course, you don't know that, because you showed up out of nowhere.
Also, he hates strawberries.
Or does he? You don't know.
There he is! I'm so nervous! I think I need another practice session with Mr.
Bones! Okay, there's no time! All right, you can do it! - I can do it.
- You can do it! I can do it! Both: You can do it.
I can do it! Hello, Miss Burke.
(Whimpers) Shh! Both: Yeah.
She couldn't do it.
How's it going, Miss Burke? Burke: I'm having trouble getting this shape-wear over the dress.
It goes under the dress.
Under the dress.
Burke: Oh, that explains it.
Okay, CeCe, this makeover better work, okay? The deadline for the Kurland Award is coming up, and I need to finish my dance.
Finish your dance? Excuse me? You just said "finish my dance".
No, I didn't.
I said "finish my essay".
No, you didn't.
You said "finish my dance".
That doesn't even make sense.
It does make sense if you secretly miss being on Shake It Up, Chicago, and you don't even realize it.
It's called a Floridian slip.
Okay, first of all, I'm impressed that you almost got that right.
And second, it's a Freudian slip.
Okay, a Floridian slip's what happened to your grandma when she fell and broke her hip in Miami.
And after her Floridian slip, she really missed dancing.
And so do you.
Now who's wrong? Still you, CeCe.
Still you.
What are you wearing? I know.
Zam, right? May I remind you, you're the quirky one! And dressing exactly the same as someone else isn't quirky? Quirk.
Hey, I thought this was a pit crew, not a sewing circle.
Snap to it! Hey, Ty, can you pass me a cotter pin? Why don't you get it yourself? You've already taken charge of everything else.
Uh, hey, dude, just because you mumble it, doesn't mean I can't hear it.
Hey, Ty, could you grab those racing decals? - They're in my room.
- Absolutely.
And I just want to point out, he asked me, his long-term buddy.
Not you, the new guy no one likes as much as they like me.
- I like you, Logan.
- Dude! Is it just me or is there some kind of unsaid, but wildly obvious, tension between us? Here's the deal.
Ty's feeling threatened.
Sorry, man.
Maybe it would help if I talked to Ty.
Hey, uh, I didn't find those decals.
Yeah, I just said that to get you out of the room.
Oh, by the way.
Logan wants to talk to you.
Hey, Ty, I need your help, man.
It's obvious that Flynn totally looks up to you and thinks you're the coolest guy on the planet Well, I wouldn't say I was the coolest guy on the planet.
But that does sound like something Flynn would say.
The thing is, I just want to be a good big brother, and you set the bar way up here.
More like here.
Come on, man.
I need your help.
I'll take any advice you can give me.
First off You're never going to live up to this.
But you're a cool dude.
So just be yourself, and if you need any help You can always come to your buddy, Ty.
Thanks, man.
(Laughs) Yeah.
Ha! Aw! Everyone's friends now.
Looks like everything's coming together Except my car! Wow! Are you kidding? Super-wow! Wow, I've never been a "wow" before.
You are ready to call Mr.
Zigfeld and ask him out, right now.
- But, but, but - Don't worry about your butt.
That's what the shape-wear is for.
I'm dialing.
I don't know what to do.
(Stammering) I don't know what to say! It's ringing! It's ringing! But what do I say Ooh! Honey! Hello, fineness.
Hello, Steve's voice-mail.
This is Christy Burke.
I'm just calling to see if you'd want to get together for a little Antipasto and caprese.
Call me.
How was that? - Did I do okay? - You were so good! - I did? - Oh, my gosh, I think she's got it.
- I got it? - Yay! (All squealing) Hi, guys.
Hope to see you at the book fair! - Hey, hey! Where you guys going? - All: To the library! Okay, remember, you're confident, you're sophisticated, you're charming.
And if you get confused, you're just the opposite of who you really are.
- I hope I just don't pass out.
- Why? Are you really nervous? Oh, no, this shape-wear is just cutting off my circulation.
Well, now that Miss Burke and Mr.
Zigfeld are going to live happily ever after, you have no more excuses.
It is time to get you back on Shake It Up, Chicago.
No, I have to stop Mr.
Zigfeld from walking away from Miss Burke.
Please, Rocky.
How many ridiculous excuses are you going to make up before you have to deal with - Oh, wow, he really is leaving.
- Mr.
Zigfeld! Wait! Don't leave! You and Miss Burke belong together! I used to think so, but she's totally changed, and She's scaring me.
Why am I telling you this? Who are you? I'm in your class.
Third period.
Oh! CeCe Jones.
These are the girls that made me over.
But what did you do with the Miss Burke I know and love? You know and what? Look, I was always attracted to you, Miss Burke.
Exactly the way you were, the baggy cardigans, and the Old-lady blouses, the pencils in your hair, but I was always afraid to approach you, because I thought you were out of my league.
(Stammering) I'm confused.
So, you liked me then, and not now? Look, I'm sorry, but the glamorous model type just doesn't inspire me like the real you does.
Listen to this poem I wrote for you.
"My dear librarian, into your eyes I wish I were stareyin'".
And he's the poetry teacher? Well, you know what they say those who can't do, teach.
- So you really liked me for me? - Yes.
Well, what do you know, girls? You know, I really appreciate everything that you tried to do.
But next time that you feel like giving someone advice, take my advice and Shh! Shh! Shh! I love it when you do that.
Shh! All righty.
Well, now that that's taken care of, can we please come up with a plan to get you back on the show? Okay, CeCe.
How many times do I have to tell you? Enough, all right! I've moved on.
I have no interest in dancing or being on Shake It Up, Chicago.
All right? All I care about right now is writing my essay on the history of dance.
And winning that scholarship.
The history of, uh, what? The history of The history of dance.
(Sighs) What are you doing? Taking a selfie.
You're not right all that often.
I thought you might want proof.
So how are we going to get me back on the show? (Sighs) I have no idea.
But we'll figure it out together.
(All cheering) I have to admit, I thought we'd never finish, but then I took a three-hour nap.
And when I woke up, here it was! The Eliminator! (All cheering) Yeah! Look at that.
Logan, it was a great idea to add that spoiler.
Oh, well, I was inspired by your rockin' faux muffler, Ty.
Ah! (Laughs) I put in the cup holders! Okay.
Enough of this mutual admiration society, we've got a race to win! - Come on.
It's race time! - Here we go! - All right.
- Yeah! - One more time.
- Come on, come on.
- Yeah! - Woo! Uh, spoiler alert! The car's too big because of the spoiler.
Get it.
Oh, Logan.
I expected more from you.
(Clicks tongue)