Shake It Up! s03e11 Episode Script

Clean It Up

I can't believe it.
My wedding is less than a week away and I have nothing to wear.
Except my fabulous wedding dress! [Both exclaiming] It's so pretty.
[Ecstatically] I know, I know, I know! Isn't it gorgeous? - Step away from the dress! - Okay, sorry, sorry! Ah! It's the prettiest wedding dress I've ever seen.
Not only is it pretty, it also has sentimental value.
It was my mother's second wedding dress.
Fingers crossed you won't have to wear her third wedding dress.
That was a bikini.
Nana got married in Hawaii on a bet.
Long story.
[Exhales] Are you practicing your dancing for the wedding? Because, if so, [Chuckles] Keep practicing.
No, I'm just, stressed out from the wedding and exercise relaxes me.
Well, then you better keep your sneakers on, because your wedding program's arrived.
Oh, good! "Welcome to the wedding of Jeremy and George".
[Screams] "George"? Okay, I'm stressing out, I'm stressing out.
Mom, just relax.
Call the printers.
No, you know what? I'm going to jog to the printers.
Maybe it'll relax me enough so I won't kill them when I get there.
Good thing your mom's wedding is next week.
[Humming] Otherwise, she might actually Why are you humming Here Comes the Bride? Dum, dum, du-dum Really dumb, dumb, dumb-dumb.
CeCe, what are you doing? Are you insane? I know.
I just can't wait until my second wedding! What do you think? I think you've been using self-tanning lotion.
Oh, can you tell? I thought I'd do a test before the wedding.
There's nothing worse than an uneven self-tan, honey.
[Chuckles] Oh, I think there's something worse.
[Screaming] [Screaming] Oh, no! Don't worry! I'll save you! Yeah, I'm not gonna be able to save you from that.
Everybody, everybody, get out on the floor.
It can get a little crazy when the kick hits the 4.
Make a scene, make a scene, nobody can ignore.
Don't knock it.
'Til you rock it.
We can't take it no more.
Bring the lights up, bust the doors down.
All together now.
Shake It Up, Shake It Up.
Shake It Up.
Right, we can do this! We can fix this! All right.
All right.
This site says, "rub the stain with salt".
Don't just sit there! Rub the stain with salt! Nothing's happening! [Screams] Nothing's happening! Okay, okay, forget that, um Blot it gently with baking soda.
Blot! Blot! Blot! Blot! I'm blotting! I'm blotting! Not helping! Not helping! All right, forget that.
Uh, this site says use soda water.
CeCe, no! Not soda and water! [Whispering] Soda water.
You really need to be more clear with your instructions! I'll keep that in mind next time you decide to ruin someone's wedding dress! I see mom.
She's headed this way! Oh.
It's okay, she's chasing a hot dog vendor.
Oh! Flynn: She caught him! She's eating a hot dog Man, she ate that fast! Uh-oh! She's running this way again! Hide the dress! Hide the dress! Uh uh, put it in the oven! Oh, good idea.
She'll never find it in here.
Wait, CeCe, don't wrinkle it! Really? Not our biggest problem right now! [Panting] Okay! I spoke to the printers.
Everything's sorted out.
So, now I would like to show you how good I look in my wedding dress.
No! No! [Laughing] What? What's wrong? Nothing.
But You know, it's bad luck to see the bride in her wedding dress before the wedding.
Yeah, unless you are the bride.
Well, you didn't wash your hands and you just ate that hot dog.
Oh, yeah how do you know that? Hot dog breath? Mom, not to stress you out, but I checked the weather on your wedding day, there's a 90% chance of rain.
- Oh.
- Wet, wet rain.
Rain? Are you kidding me? Rain? Oh, Flynn, thank you so much for helping me.
Oh, I'm not helping you, I'm helping me.
If mom sees her dress like that, she's gonna go to jail for killing you and I'll have to move in with grandma.
And who wants to see nana walking around in her wedding bikini? [Knocking on door] Ugh! Whoever it is, get rid of them! Ugh! Logan.
Please go sell your subscriptions to Annoying Boy Quarterly somewhere else.
We're not interested.
Always a pleasure to see you, too.
Sorry, Logan.
What she means is, now really isn't a good time.
Yeah, for me, either.
You not gonna believe this.
I just found out there's going to be dancing at this wedding.
Dancing? At a wedding? Who would have seen that coming? Don't tell me there's going to be a bride and groom there, too? What magazine are you selling? Whiny, Sarcastic Chick Illustrated? Yeah, and I'm the cover story.
Now what do you want? I just found out that there's going to be a slow song where you dance with my dad, and I dance with your mom, and I don't know how to dance like that.
So I'm asking you nicely to put aside your petty grudge, stop being an obnoxious, lazy little brat and please teach me how to dance.
You call that asking nicely? I said "please".
Come on, I just need you to show me a few steps.
Right, left, right, left, goodbye! Okay.
CeCe, don't you think that was a little harsh? You're right, Rocky.
Next time, I'll be a lot harsh.
I feel bad for the guy.
He just needs a little help.
Not as much as I do! Big picture, Rocky! What are we going to do about my mom's wedding dress? I may have found the answer to your problem.
Two Brothers Dry Cleaners.
They're just around the corner, and their slogan is, "we can absolutely, positively, no matter what, get out any stain".
We cannot get out this stain, my friend.
But your slogan says that you can absolutely, positively, no matter what, get out any stain.
Yes, my friend, because slogan which says, "we can absolutely, positively, no matter what, get out any stain so long as it's not too bad".
Was surprisingly bad for business.
Well, I hope you can get out tear stains, because that's what I'm bringing in next! Tear stains easy, my friend! Ready in one hour for you, my friend.
You're the worst friend ever! Psst! Psst! Hey! Psst! Igor can solve problem.
Igor can get out stain.
Igor invented special, top-secret cleaning formula.
Great! Now all we have to do is find Igor! CeCe, this is Igor.
Oh, hi! Nice to meet you! Heard good things.
You leave dress, come back in one hour, this will be clean as new.
Okay, so I'll come back in an hour.
In the meantime, you better go shopping for a cute black dress.
Why? [Chuckles] In case the stain doesn't come out.
I want you to look good at my funeral.
Thanks for meeting me here.
Well, your text read, "meet me at Crusty's.
Tell no one".
That kind of spy talk's usually worth finding out about.
It's about CeCe.
And I'm no longer interested.
No! Logan, wait.
All right? I just wanted to apologize for the way she behaved before.
That's nice, but I think CeCe's apology would sound a little more sincere coming from, oh, I don't know, CeCe? Logan, look, she's under a lot of stress, okay? Plus you guys are gonna be family, and I just think you got off on the wrong foot.
- Plus, she hates my guts.
- Yeah, there's that.
Face it, Rocky, CeCe and I are never going to be friends.
It was dumb of me to even ask for her help.
Okay, Logan, wait.
[Sighs] I'll make you a deal.
All right? If you promise to keep an open mind about CeCe, I'll teach you to dance.
Are you serious? Wow! That's really nice of you.
[Chuckles] Yeah.
But if CeCe finds out, I will rip out your intestines and strangle you with them.
Um, hi.
Where's Igor? You just missed him.
He will be back in five.
Oh, okay.
Well, I can wait five minutes.
Not five minutes.
Five years.
Well, three with good behavior.
But knowing Igor, not likely.
What? Wait, wait, Igor's been arrested? Why? He was running secret turtle-fighting ring.
It was very lucrative, although very slow.
And as it turns out, very, very illegal.
Well, then, can I just get my wedding dress back? I did not take your wedding dress.
And if you ask me, you're a little young to be getting married, my friend.
It's my mom's, and I gave it to Igor.
Then I suggest you take bus to penitentiary and discuss with Igor.
Now get out! [Stammering] But my dress is back there somewhere! - Did Igor give you ticket? - No.
No ticket, no dress.
- But - No ticket, no dress, my friend! You know, you've got a lot to learn about friendship! Flynn, is Rocky here? Yeah, she's right here next to me.
Oh, no.
Don't tell me you can't see her.
Rocky, something's wrong with CeCe! Stop it! I'm in trouble.
I didn't get a ticket, and now the dry cleaner refuses to give me back the dress.
What am I going to do? I have to face mom eventually.
Eventually just jogged through the door.
Hey! [Laughs] I didn't expect to see you here.
Feeling's mutual! Well, I just finished my jog, I thought I'd grab a salad, and then it's back to the apartment to try on my dress to show you how good I look.
You should know that I just got an update on the weather.
Yeah? Apparently it's not just going to rain on your wedding day, it's turning into a storm.
Right, CeCe? Oh, yeah, it's going to be a full-blown hurricane! Hurricane? Uh, yeah.
Apparently, the first one ever in Chicago.
Sounds crazy stressful, huh, mom? Okay.
I'll be back before nightfall.
Hurricane? From now on, when I say, "right, CeCe?" You just say, "yes".
- Right, CeCe? - Got it.
I mean, yes! We don't have much time.
Eventually, mom's going to figure out that Chicago doesn't have a coastline.
So what are we gonna do about the dress? Uh, we'll try Rocky again.
She'll know what to do.
[Cell phone vibrating] Wow, this studio is cool.
You sure it's okay for us to be here? Yeah, one of the perks of being the new host is I can do whatever I want.
By the way, if Security shows up, I don't know you, you don't know me.
Hey, it feels like I'm actually back in Paris.
Except I don't usually tower over the Eiffel Tower.
[Chuckles] I do.
- So, you've been to Paris? - Yeah.
That's so cool, I've always wanted to go.
Say something in French.
[Speaking French] Mmm, nice! What did that mean? "Where's the library? I need to use the bathroom".
Because you have to oui-oui? [Both chuckling] Well, looks like it's getting late.
Let's start that dance lesson.
Okay, ready? Arms here.
- One, two ow! - Sorry! - One, two ow! - My bad.
- One, two ow! - That one was on me.
Yeah, actually they're all on you.
- I told you, I'm horrible.
- No, it's okay, right? You just need to shake it off.
Okay? Just loosen up.
[Laughs] - Too loose? - Little bit.
All right, from the top.
Ready? [Clears throat] [Slow music playing] One, two, three.
Two Are you sure this is going to work? Well, you could go with Rocky's plan.
Of course, you don't know what it is because she won't answer her phone! Trust me.
You sneak back there and look for the dress while I distract him.
But how are you going to distract him? Leave that to me.
[In Russian accent] Hey! Cousin Sergei! Is me, Cousin Schmoolie! Who? Cousin Schmoolie! You know, Aunt Natasha's uncle's cousin's daughter's brother's son! But Sergei does not have relative named Schmoolie.
Let Schmoolie show Sergei family tree.
Then Sergei will see how Schmoolie and Sergei are related.
By the way, would it kill Schmoolie and Sergei's family to start using pronouns? Sergei, please! Pay attention to the family tree! Sorry, Schmoolie.
Now, I am cousin on Sergei's mother's side.
See? Sergei: Not really.
Flynn: Okay, you know your cousin Ivan? His brother Alexei and his sister, uh other Russian name.
What about her? - Well, her youngest nephew - Oleg? Yes, Oleg.
- He got married to - Ilya? Yes, Ilya! - And she gave birth to - Oksana.
Yes, Oksana! And Oksana is Schmoolie's cousin.
But Oksana is on my papa's side, not my mama's.
Well, then I better start over.
Really hope this doesn't [Shouting] take all day! Uh, Cousin Sergei? Yes, Cousin Schmoolie? Where does that conveyer belt lead to? Automated, non-toxic, organic dry-cleaning machine.
That's what Cousin Schmoolie was afraid of.
[Slow music playing] Good job.
Now you're getting the hang of it.
Don't be afraid to get closer.
- Uh, closer? - Yes, closer.
Ready! One, two, three.
Two, two [Whimpering] Zam! If I'd known dancing was this much fun, I would've have taken lessons years ago.
I'm so sorry, I don't know what I was thinking, in fact, I wasn't thinking.
Because if I was thinking, I would've never just done that.
Never? Okay, that's an ego booster.
[Stutters] No, no, I mean, you're fine.
You know, not "fine" fine, but you're fine.
[Chuckles nervously] [Stammers] You see, I have no interest in And even if I did, I can't, because of the CeCe of it all, so You know what? How about we just forget this all never happened? I don't know what you're talking about.
Pretend what never happened? This! - Stop that! - Me? What did I do? You didn't stop me.
[Laughs] Oh! That's because I'm a guy.
And that is how great-great-great-great-grandma Ludmilla.
Met great-great-great-great-grandpa Boris.
Slapping dirty clothes over same rock in stream.
Thus, a family and a cleaning business were born.
Cousin Schmoolie This all sounds very legitimate.
You are family! Yes! Flynn, I found mom's wedding dress! And the stain is gone! Why is annoying girl hanging from my machine? And why is she calling you Flynn? [No accent] Oh, look at the time! We got to go, right, CeCe? Yep, there's a hurricane coming.
Just say "yes"! CeCe? What are you doing up there? Just Hanging out? Okay, we both know that was a huge mistake, right? And it can absolutely, positively never happen again, right? Agreed.
And absolutely no one can know about it.
Deal? - Deal! - Okay.
What? [Grunts] I thought we had a deal! We didn't shake on it.
Hey! What do you think you're doing with my little sister? When I said you could practice your moves here, I meant your dance moves.
Not those kind of moves! What? You didn't see anything! Oh, no, I did see something, but I wish I didn't! Okay, okay, you can't tell anyone about this, especially CeCe.
Ha! I'm not even gonna tell my diary about this.
I mean I mean, my man journal.
Where I write all my manly thoughts about sports and war.
Too late, dude, you already said "diary".
Okay! Let's get back to that dance lesson.
- Okay.
- Oh, no.
This lesson is over.
Let's go.
[Mouthing] Hey, hey, hey! [Chuckles] [Angrily] "Hey, hey, hey"? That's all you have to say, say, say? I've been calling and texting you all afternoon.
Where were you? - Where was I? - Mmm-hmm.
I'll tell you where I was, okay? I was Was at that place where, you know, you don't get good phone reception.
And yep, that's where I was.
And people saw me there.
Yeah, they can verify that.
Why are you acting so weird? What? [Scoffs] I'm not acting weird! What about you, with the crazy hair and the millions of questions? What are you, some kind of clown detective? [Sighs] I was at the dry cleaner and got busted by my mom, so I came clean.
But Igor got the stain out, so she's trying it on right now.
Georgia: Wait until you see this! Dum, dum, du-dum.
- Ooh! So pretty! - Dum, dum, du-dum Mom, you look gorgeous.
[Scatting excitedly] Isn't it beautiful? What do you think? I think you've been using self-tanning lotion.
Ah! Oh! Oh! - It's okay! It's okay, mom.
Mom, mom - [Sobbing] Oh, no! Don't stress.
I know someone who can get the stain out for you.
In three to five years.
Come on, jog, jog.
Yeah, come on! Woo! Jump! All right! Let's go.
Welcome back to Shake It Up, Chicago! Or should I say Swing It Up, Chicago, because it's time to swing, baby! Swing! [Swing music playing] Go big daddy! Go big daddy! Hey! Go! Woo.
Go big daddy! Go big daddy! Yeah! Go!