Shake It Up! s03e12 Episode Script

I Do It Up

- CeCe: Previously on Shake It Up - We are pretty great, aren't we? - Yeah.
- Your dad is - Sorry we're late.
I was waiting for a parking spot.
All you have to do is pretend like you like each other for one night.
- I can't stand you.
- I can't stand you more.
I'll teach you to dance.
One, two three.
Two, two [Whimpering] Hey! What do you think you're doing with my little sister? Wanna be my wife? I'll have to think about it.
Yes! [Chuckles] I can't believe it.
I can't believe the wedding is tomorrow! Is everything ready? Mom, I told you I would take care of all the last minute details.
Rocky, were all the last minute details taken care of? Flowers will arrive at 10:00, the DJ has the set list, the caterer has the final count and the waiters know not to let Cousin Irv hog all the shrimp.
See? Told you I would take care of everything.
Now, all you have to do is relax.
You have nothing to worry about.
[Telephone ringing] Got it.
Hello? Uh-huh.
Okay, I'll let her know.
Minister just canceled.
Now you have something to worry about.
I have no minister? I can't get married now! That's great news.
Okay, you're officially uninvited.
Maybe this is a sign.
Maybe I'm rushing into this.
Maybe we should just cancel the whole wedding.
Stop! I can perform the ceremony.
I got ordained over the Internet.
Sounds better than getting married at the drive-thru chapel in Vegas.
Okay, okay, let's go talk about the ceremony, I want to show you my dress! And, CeCe, don't forget to practice your speech.
No problem, mom! I am going to kill with that speech.
It's going to be the best speech ever! You haven't written it yet, have you? Not a word.
Look, I'm worried I'm going to mess it up.
I mean, I still remember first grade show-and-tell.
My mouth was so dry it felt like it was full of crackers.
CeCe, that's because for show-and-tell, you were showing how many crackers you could fit in your mouth.
Oh, yeah Everybody, everybody, get out on the floor.
It can get a little crazy when the kick hits the 4.
Make a scene, make a scene, nobody can ignore.
Don't knock it.
'Til you rock it.
We can't take it no more.
Bring the lights up, bust the doors down.
All together now.
Shake It Up, Shake It Up.
Shake It Up.
Read back what I got so far.
"Good evening, I'm CeCe".
Wow, that's good stuff.
Go on.
Yeah, that's all you have.
Oh, you also have "insert funny joke here, wait for laughter".
Yeah, I have a feeling we're going to be waiting awhile.
Oh, hey, Flynn.
Hey, nice haircut.
Don't mock me, CeCe.
It is a total disaster.
Come on, dude.
It looks the same as it always does.
Beg to differ.
Instead of shooting up this way, it's shooting up that way.
Relax, Flynn, no one can even tell.
My hair has never looked worse, including that trip to Jamaica, when you convinced me to get cornrows.
Which was also "not good, mon".
I'm going to have to wash, re-gel and pray.
Oh, you haven't finished your speech yet? I finished mine last week.
I'm calling it The Rainmaker, because there won't be a dry eye in the house.
Yeah? Well, I'm calling mine The Floor Mopper, because when I'm done, people are going to be laughing so hard They're gonna never mind, that's gross.
Anyways, my speech is going to be really, really, really funny.
Interesting, I didn't know "insert funny joke here" was such a crowd pleaser.
It's all in how you tell it.
- [Whispering] We need to talk.
- [Whispering] Not in front of CeCe.
- Duh.
Meet me at Crusty's.
- I don't know.
- Come on, please? - Okay.
Five minutes.
[Normal voice] All right.
I'm going to Crusty's.
Yep, that's where I'm going to be.
Yeah, and we'll be here not caring! We are not leaving this apartment until my speech is, finished and 10 times better than his! You got it! Got to go.
[Loudly] Oh, hello, Logan.
How completely unexpected to run into you here at Crusty's Where I had no pre-planned meeting set with you.
Rocky, take it down a notch.
We're not on a telenovela.
Although, if we were, I would be sporting one sweet 'stache.
Come on.
Sorry, I'm just a really bad actress.
In fact, for my first grade play I played a tree, and the reviews said I was wooden.
And should "leaf" the play.
So are we going to talk about the kiss or not? Don't even refer to it as that! Okay? CeCe cannot find out that it happened! So from now on, don't use the word "kiss".
Okay? Use the word "Puppy".
Okay, fine.
But don't forget, you're the one who gave me a puppy first! You gave me a puppy right back! Are you going to deny that you liked the puppy? Okay, new suggestion.
Let's not use the word puppy, let's not use any word.
In fact, let's never, ever, ever discuss this ever again.
Okay? Because there is nothing going on here.
What's going on here? Both: Nothing! Look who I randomly ran into here at Crusty's.
- Such a funny coinky-dink - Save it, bad actress.
Look, you two need to stop whatever this is.
Okay? Because you're putting me in an awkward position, and if CeCe finds out, you're in big trouble.
Oh, CeCe is not going to find out about anything, because there is nothing going on.
Oh, don't give me that.
You're on the same side of the booth.
- That doesn't mean - Not talking to you, long hair.
And don't tell me it doesn't mean anything! Because I invented same-side-of-the-booth.
[Sighs] Okay, I get it.
You've made your point.
[Knocking at door] - Hey.
- Hey.
Hey, Jeremy.
Uh you know your shirt's inside out, right? And if it's a fashion choice, it's not a good one.
I hadn't noticed.
I wouldn't worry about it, Jeremy.
The massive pit stains distract from the crazy way you're wearing your shirt.
Hey, there's my hubby-to-be! Hey.
[Laughing] Wow, you're a little moist.
Hard day of fighting fires? Actually, I had the day off.
I'm just a little nervous about the wedding.
You know, just because I want everything to be perfect.
Boy, are you marrying into the wrong family.
Relax, everything's going to be fine.
Knock on wood.
[Knock reverberates loudly] [Knock reverberates loudly again] Whoa.
- Hey-hey! - Hey! - Flynn: It's papa! - CeCe: Daddy! - JJ, this is my fiance, Jeremy.
- Jeremy, this is my ex-husband, JJ.
[Chuckles] And everyone, this is more awkward than I thought it would be.
Why? We're just one big happily divorced family.
Georgia and the kids wanted me to be here for Georgia's big day, so here I am.
Nothing weird about that.
[Both muttering awkwardly] - Okay, now it's a little weird.
- Yeah.
Hey, you want to hear weird? I'm getting married tomorrow.
I never thought I'd do that again.
[Laughs] But here we are! Not that I'm not thrilled.
You know what? I'm going to give you guys a little bit of family time, so - I'll see you in the morning.
- Okay.
- Bye.
- Okay - So, dad, where's Cathy? - Who? Your fiancee? Oh, right! Yeah, you know, I didn't really want to make a big deal out of it, but it didn't really work out.
See, I like action adventure movies, and she likes This other guy down the street.
So, who's in the mood for Chinese food? Oh, sorry, daddy.
I can't.
I have to write the speech for the wedding.
I mean, I have to write the Second draft of the speech Oh, who am I kidding? I got nothing.
Yeah, and I'm not going to be able to leave this house, until this "hair don't" grows back.
All right.
Well, I guess I'll just grab something at my hotel.
No, I still want my mu shu.
It's a tradition.
We had Chinese food the night before we got married.
That's right.
You know, I remember I was so nervous that night, it was like I had a mouth full of pot stickers.
That's because you were trying to impress me with how many pot stickers you could fit in your mouth.
Oh, yeah Hey, Tinka.
Got a second? I need some advice about kind of a delicate matter.
If this involves a rash, you should really see a doctor.
Okay, look, what if you saw something that you weren't supposed to see, that could really upset someone else? Would you tell them, or would you keep it to yourself? Well, when it comes to secrets, it's probably best to keep your mouth shut.
Unless it's the Secret Police, in which case, you should definitely keep your mouth shut.
Thanks for the advice, Tinka.
And do me a favor? Let's just keep this between [Whispering] the two of us.
So I shouldn't let anyone know that some person, who remains nameless, did some action that remains unknown? Yes, wouldn't want to let that cat out of the bag.
[Laughing] I know it's silly, but when you put chopsticks in your mouth and pretend to be a walrus, it gets me every time.
Every time? [Murmuring] [Giggling] I can't remember the last time I laughed this hard.
Same here.
Listen, I had a really good time with you tonight.
Good luck tomorrow.
Second time's a charm.
Fingers crossed.
Thanks for coming.
It meant a lot to the kids.
And to me.
[Inaudible] [Laughing nervously] Well, thanks for that "We're still good friends, and congrats on your wedding" kiss.
Yeah well, I was a little late getting to your registry and all the good gifts were taken.
If you don't like it, feel free to return it.
- I think I just did.
- Oh, right! Okay! - Okay.
Well, goodbye.
- Okay.
All right.
[Sighs] Hey, Ty.
Dude, aren't you a little overdressed? I thought it was formal attire.
I borrowed this suit from my Cousin, The Magnificent Manny.
He's a magician.
Well, maybe he can cast a spell so no one notices how ridiculous you look.
I guess maybe the hat is too much.
Let me guess, there's a bunny on my head.
He told me he emptied out the suit! Nice! [Yelps] Your hair! What maniac was allowed to do that to you? You can tell the difference? Yes! Instead of shooting up this way, it's shooting up that way.
It's a cut-tastrophe! Finally! I knew I wasn't crazy.
I can't make it perfect, but I can make it presentable.
Done! You're welcome.
Perfect! Hey, Tinka, can I ask you a question? If you saw something you weren't supposed to see, would you say something or keep it to yourself? Mm! I feel like I've had this same boring conversation before.
Say something, don't say something, who cares? I just showed up because I heard there were going to be macaroni and cheese balls.
I can't believe how nervous I am about this speech.
CeCe relax, okay? Everything's going to be fine.
You wrote it all down on index cards, right? Of course I did.
What am I, an idiot? "Don't forget to bring index cards".
Oh, zam! You look wow.
Thank you, Logan.
But I'm not really sure what to say.
I have a suggestion.
Goodbye! I think I'll go, um In the opposite direction? Good idea! Deuce, do you have a tissue? Get emotional during weddings? No.
I weep for anyone that marries into the Jones family.
I've got one right here.
Oh, I don't weep that much.
[Wedding song playing] [Upbeat pop music playing] I see a world for you and me.
I hear a perfect harmony.
Where you are is where I'm gonna be.
I'm gonna be.
Forever could never be enough.
Together is all I need for us.
When the rain is pouring down.
And there's no one else around.
I'll be your shelter now.
And I'll be the one you can run to.
I'll be the one who's meant to love you.
Now and always till our days are through.
You know I do.
You know I do.
Time to say the words.
Never been so sure.
Wanna spend my life with you.
I do.
Mm-mm-mmm, yeah.
[Guests cheering] There's a match for every heart.
And there's a light for every dark.
With you I found my counterpart.
My counterpart.
And I'll be the one you can run to.
I'll be the one who's meant to love you.
Now and always till our days are through.
You know I do.
You know I do.
Time to say the words never been so sure.
Wanna spend my life with you.
I do.
Woo! Are you okay? You're a little schvitzy.
If you don't think that No, no, no, no, it's just all the dancing.
Plus, it's really hot in here.
You'd think he'd be used to a little extra heat, considering he's a fireman.
Welcome, everyone.
We are gathered here today to join this fireman [whooping] And this policewoman [whooping] In holy matrimony.
As your fully-ordained-via-the-Internet minister, I am obligated to ask if anyone has any reason why these two should not be married.
Obviously, nobody would, because they're absolutely perfect for Stop! Stop the wedding! They cannot be married! - Why not? - Because of the kiss! Your mom can't get married because I kissed Logan? You kissed Logan? You kissed Logan? [Stammering] I can't believe you kissed Logan! And I can't believe you didn't tell me you kissed Logan! Ty, I thought you said you wouldn't say anything! You told Ty and you didn't tell me? - I didn't say anything.
- Well, then how does Flynn know? I wasn't talking about Rocky kissing Logan, I was talking about dad! - You kissed my dad? - You kissed her dad? You kissed her dad? Ewe! No, of course not! Mom kissed dad.
[All gasping] You kissed dad? - I did.
- You did? I did but it didn't mean anything.
It meant something to me.
[All gasping] - It did? - It did? - It did.
- It did.
It did? Really? Wow.
Now now I'm really confused.
I think it might have maybe kind of meant something to me too, but I'm not even sure what it meant.
[Sighs] But I am sure of one thing.
I'm sorry, but I can't marry you.
Phew! - Excuse me? - Oh! This is this is great news! We were rushing into this! I was trying to find a way to back out, I just Didn't know how to tell you.
You were going to back out of marrying my mom at the last minute? How dare you! Who do you think you are? CeCe, it's okay.
It's all kind of working itself out.
Oh, yeah, right.
Uh carry on.
So, you really think we should just call this whole thing off? I do.
Do you? I do.
Okay, I know this is my first time doing this, but I'm pretty sure the "I do's" come at the end, and they probably should mean that you do, not that you don't! Well, I know that we're doing the right thing, because I finally stopped sweating.
So Are we cool? We're cool.
Well, good news, Logan.
You're going to be the first kid in your class to go on a honeymoon.
[Mouthing] I can't believe you kissed my step-brother.
Well, good news! He's not going to be your step-brother.
You should have at least told me.
I know, okay? Look, I'm sorry.
Well, I guess we're even.
What? What are you talking about? Now's as good a time as any to tell you that you're not the only one.
I kissed your brother, too.
[Stammering] You kissed Ty? When? Right now.
I can't go through with it.
You don't see me complaining.
[Both gagging] [Chuckles] Yep.
I guess we're even.
I'm really sorry, everyone But it looks like there's not going to be a wedding after all.
Or is there? I mean We're all here I don't see any reason why you two can't, you know, re-tie the knot.
Neither do I! Looks like I'm going to be performing a ceremony after all! Okay, slow down.
I can think of plenty of reasons why we shouldn't get married.
So can I.
Are you doing this just to torture me? It was just one kiss.
That doesn't mean we should get back together.
Do you at least promise to keep an open mind? [Murmuring] Rocky, let it go already.
Okay, promise to never say never? - I do.
- I do.
I'll take what I can get! By the power vested in me by the Internet, I now pronounce you not husband and not wife! Okay, what do we do now? Well, if I'm not mistaken, there's still a big wedding cake out there that needs to be eaten! Sounds good to me! [Upbeat pop music playing] I see a world for you and me.
I hear a perfect harmony.
Where you are is where I'm gonna be.
I'm gonna be.
[Guests cheering] Forever could never be enough Mom when you first met no that one doesn't work anymore.
Blending a family is never easy no that one's out too.
Burning embers, love that can never be extinguished, eternal flame Ah! Here's a good one Insert funny joke here.
Really? Guys, this is where you applaud.
I think we can do better than that.
Come on family hug.
You too Rocky.
Yeah, just try not kiss anybody.