Shake It Up! s03e13 Episode Script

Forward and Back It Up

Okay, let's run it again.
Five, six, seven, eight! (Dance music playing) Ty, there's Phil.
Oh! Oh! Ah! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! (Music stops) I know I'm new to producing a dance show, but that was the worst train wreck I've ever seen.
And I used to produce the show Amazing Train Wrecks.
Hey, CeCe, I got your text.
What's so important? Oh, thank goodness you're here, Rocky.
We can't figure out this incredibly difficult dance move without you.
Yes, it's true.
Rocky is the best dancer out of all of us.
Oh, that was hard to say.
I know what's going on here, and your little theatrics are as bad as that last dance.
Which is why we need Rocky.
We are worthless without her.
Oh, it's like a knife in the gut! Okay, guys, stop.
Look, Phil, I was not a part of this ill-conceived plan, because if I had been, it would have been a lot better-conceived.
Good, because you're not getting back on the show.
Well, did you hear me ask to be back on the show? Because I don't want to be back on the show.
- Fine.
- Fine.
- Fine.
- Fine! - Fine! - Fine! Well, don't just stand there.
Help me figure out a way to get back on the show! Everybody, everybody, get out on the floor.
It can get a little crazy when the kick hits the 4.
Make a scene, make a scene, nobody can ignore.
Don't knock it.
'Til you rock it.
We can't take it no more.
Bring the lights up, bust the doors down.
All together now.
Shake It Up, Shake It Up.
Shake It Up.
All right.
So, that's $29.
95, minus a buy one, get one free coupon And a $5 off coupon And your senior citizen discount card.
Plus we match our competitor's coupon, which makes it a grand total of Three dollars and eighty five cents that we owe you.
Cool! I'm only four pizzas away from being able to afford a new skateboard.
But don't worry, didn't forget about the tip.
Uh, sorry, folks, if you're um Looking for the Great Chicago Fire (Whooshing) Museum It's on West DeKoven Street.
West, where the sun Sets.
I don't know what language those tourists speak, but I'm pretty sure they can tell that was insulting.
So what was that about? Ah! Some German tour book had a typo, so now when tourists want to see where the Great Chicago Fire started, they keep coming here by mistake.
Wow, usually people don't know coming here is a mistake until after they've eaten.
It's a total pain.
I get German tourists coming in here every day and I hate sending them away unhappy.
Well, it seems like a shame to disappoint them.
Flynn, why do I feel like you're plotting something? Oh, because this is my "plotting something" face.
Okay, look.
It was very sweet of you guys to try to help, but from now on, can you please just let me in on your little secret plans? I just assumed Big Mouth over here would've spilled the beans.
Thank goodness CeCe never worked at Old Country Fried Chicken, she would've given away the secret, to Colonel Poofenclucker's 11 herbs and spices.
Okay, guys, we need a new plan to get Rocky back on Shake It Up, Chicago! Ugh, I hate that Phil's hanging out in our place.
Ugh, I know.
I can't stand that guy.
He's so full of himself.
Hi, Phil! Looking good! What? A girl's got to eat.
One meatball sub, on the house.
Nothing's too good for the new producer of Shake It Up, Chicago! - Rocky's not getting back on the show.
- In that case, it's $11.
95 plus tax.
I've got coupons.
(Sighs) I'll be back with your money.
I tried.
Hey, Tinka, could you do us all a favor and put one of your old country curses on him.
(Choking) Tinka, I was joking! Oh, don't be ridiculous.
I can't actually put a curse on him That quickly and without a lock of his hair.
Phil, are you okay? Guys, I think he's choking.
Or he's playing charades.
Is it a book, a movie, or a song? Don't worry! I know the Heimlich maneuver.
(Groans) (Coughing) Really? You couldn't have chewed a little? You saved my life.
- Thank you.
- Oh, it's no biggie.
I just got an "A" in my first aid class.
I also know how to perform CPR.
And I know how to make a tourniquet out of Popsicle sticks and a pair of underwear.
Tinka! Just in case.
And over here, damen und herren Is the exact spot where Mrs.
O'Leary's beloved cow Bessie was stabled when she kicked over the lantern that started the Great Chicago Fire.
Flynn! Who are all these people? (Chuckles) My school's kickball team.
Okay, my heart really went out to all those poor tourists who had to run all over town for nothing.
Fine, I thought I could make a fast buck.
Flynn, this is wrong.
You can't go around telling people that the Great Chicago Fire started here! Really? But look how much I made already.
Let me get that for you.
- Everybody say, "moo!" - Don't you mean, "moolah"? (Laughs) (Knocking on door) Hey, CeCe.
I'm looking for Rocky, and her mom told me she was here.
Uh, yeah.
Come in.
CeCe, is this another one of your little secret plans? Yeah, in fact, it's so secret, even I didn't know about it.
You know, Rocky, in some cultures, it's customary to thank someone for saving your life by becoming their servant.
But I thought I'd say it with summer sausage.
Thank you.
I'm actually a Vegetarian.
And I would give this back, but you've already proven you're not good at chewing meat.
Well, anyway, because of you I'm a changed man.
I know what you're thinking.
"What was wrong with Phil before?" Well, to be honest, not much.
But I was a little serious and cranky all the time.
But look at me now! You changed the part in your hair? No! I changed the part of my life that was mean.
Plus, I am wearing a humorous novelty tie of a cat's face.
See? (Meows) Ties shouldn't have to be so serious.
And neither should Phils.
(Laughs) Anyway, as a reward for saving my life, I want to invite you back to Shake It Up, Chicago! - Yes, yes! - No! No! - No? No? - Yes, yes.
- Why? Why? - That's annoying, annoying.
Um, excuse me, Rocky, what's the problem? Okay, look.
I want to be back on Shake It Up, Chicago! More than anything but not like this.
I want to be back on because I'm a great dancer, not because I saved his dumb life.
Dumb? You're calling me dumb? Who do you think you are, calling me You're a changed man.
You're a changed man.
Okay, just hold on a second, the both of you.
I think I have a solution.
What if Phil lets you do a proper audition? And you will just prepare your very, very best dance moves and show him what you've got.
And Phil will only let you back on the show if he believes that you really, really deserve it.
CeCe, there's a mirror right there.
I can see everything you're doing.
Well, whatever.
It's still a good idea.
So, what do you guys say? I think I'm okay with that.
Me, too.
I'm really glad this all worked out, because I bought tickets to a museum tour.
Hey, did you know that the Great Chicago Fire started in Crusty's? Hey, Phil.
How you doing? How do you like my new tie, Ty? I'm fishing for a compliment.
Ha! Good one, Phil! Hey, Rocky's here and ready to audition.
Oh, great.
This could be her golden oppor-tuna-ty.
All right, I just talked to Phil and he's in a really good mood.
Or his ugly fish tie is cutting off the circulation to his brain.
Either way, it works to your advantage.
Don't worry about me.
I am ready to do this.
You're going to be great.
Just go out there and dance your little heart out.
Yes, and remember, this is your one and only shot.
Like my grand mama said to me before we left our homeland You only get one shot to limbo under the barbed wire, babe.
Make it count.
Why do I feel like one day, we're going to find out that you're just from New Jersey.
Okay, let's do this.
All: Team Rocky! Woo! Okay, Rocky, let's see what you got.
(Music playing) Okay, Rocky's starting off with the Cat Daddy.
Left, right Ty: Roll, roll nailed it! Nice footwork! And excellent use of collar popping.
She's the best I've ever seen.
Ugh, if I was a puppet, my nose would be this long.
Oh, here comes her new move, the Tornado Slide! (Yelps) All: Ooh! Looks like that tornado slid under the barbed wire, and didn't make it out the other side.
Well, Rocky, I have to say that dance Hooked me! Fabulous! Perfection! Welcome back to Shake It Up, Chicago! Yes! - What? No.
- No? - By "no," she means "yes".
- No, by "no," I mean "no".
I have standards.
I have principles.
I have an enormous bruise on my rear end from where I just fell down! Look, I'm not going to have an argument with you.
You're either here tomorrow at 4:00 for rehearsal, or you're off the show forever! I still have the lock of his hair if you want to go that way.
You know, I don't understand you.
Phil lets you back on the show and you throw it away.
And then, he lets you back on the show again, and you throw it away again.
For someone who heads the school recycling club, you're throwing an awful lot away! - Okay CeCe, I - Oh, no, no, no! I am not through giving you a piece of my mind.
And before you say anything, I have plenty to give away.
Rocky, this is all your fault, because you're stubborn.
- Admit it.
- No, I won't.
Because if I was stubborn, which I'm not, I would absolutely admit it.
But I won't, because I'm not.
CeCe, look, I don't want to get back because of some pity handout.
Hey, don't you knock pity handouts.
I might still be in third grade if it weren't for the, "oh, let's just round it up to a d-minus.
I really don't want her again next year".
Rocky, please, just show up tomorrow at 4:00 for rehearsal.
- You know you want to.
- No.
- Do it for me? - No.
- Fine! Then just don't come back at all.
- I won't.
- Fine! - Fine! - Fine! - Fine! - Fine! - Fine! By the way, that thing that just happened right there, yeah, that's called being stubborn! And that completes our tour.
Now, before we say auf Wiedersehen, I have a special, extra treat for you.
Please allow me to introduce Mrs.
O'Leary's only living descendant Deuce O'Leary! (With Irish accent) Aye, faith and begorrah, that's me.
And now, I'll perform my interpretive dance of the night Chicago burned down.
Excuse me, come over here.
Hey, we didn't say anything about an interpretive dance.
Really? Because it says there's one right here in the brochure.
- Brochure? I didn't authorize this.
- I don't need your permission.
Which one of us is the only living descendant here? Uh neither of us! (Guitar playing) Eh, di di di.
Eh, di di dire.
Look out for that lantern.
Oops, it's a fire.
Uh, what's German for no refunds? Where is Rocky? It's almost time for rehearsal.
She has two more minutes, before she's off the show forever.
Yes, CeCe, you already mentioned that.
Except, before, it was, "three more minutes, or she's off the show forever".
And before that, it was, "four more minutes, or she's off the show forever".
You are like a cuckoo clock with extra cuckoo.
(Sighs) Oh, no, there's Phil.
Okay, it's time for Plan B.
You butter up Phil.
I'll go get Ty.
Hey there, Phil.
Can I say, you look mighty handsome today.
Save it.
When you're as good looking as me, compliments on appearance have no effect.
And besides, I'm hungry, I'm tired, and if you haven't noticed yet, my career has stalled! Hey, what happened to the new, nice Phil? Oh.
Old, cranky Phil ate him.
Now where's Rocky? She's Oh, hello, CeCe and chisel-jawed producer, Phil.
Look who I found! Rocky! What's with the hat? Uh, Rocky doesn't like to get too much sun.
It's bad for the skin.
- (High-pitched voice) Mmm-hmm.
- Um Any who, Rocky, are you ready to tell Phil that you accept his kind and generous offer no matter why he's doing it? Mmm-hmm.
- Done! See you at rehearsal! - Hold on.
Rocky, I'm wondering if you have any ideas that would improve the show.
Oh, she has tons of ideas! She'll put them in essay form and give them to you tomorrow.
- Done! See you at rehearsal! - Hold on! I'd like to hear them now.
Um Hmm-hmm-hmm.
More Ty! Done! See you at rehearsal.
Gotcha! What exactly is going on here? Well, if you haven't figured it out already, let me clear that up for you.
- Hello, Ty.
- (High-pitched voice) Hi, Phil.
(Normal voice) I mean, hi, Phil.
You really think I'd fall for this? We were hoping.
Look, you're stubborn.
But I knew you would change your mind, I just I didn't know when.
You're right, I am stubborn.
That's why I came here to say that I'm sorry, Phil.
And I mean, I know I'm a good dancer.
You don't have to say it.
Oh, he doesn't have to say it? I had to choke back my own vomit, trying to get those words out, but he doesn't have to say it? But I will.
I watched old footage of the show, and you're one of the best dancers.
I didn't want to admit that I made a mistake.
Would you come back? Yes! Woo! Thought you'd never ask.
Thank you, Phil.
Now, if we're done exploring our emotions and playing dress-up Get back to work, people! My career hasn't just stalled, the engine fell out.
Hey! Can you believe it, you're back on the show? I know.
And I can't believe that Ty looks better in my jeans than I do.
Hey, I gotta change.
These skinny jeans are skinny in all the wrong places.
(Choking) Oh! That guy has got to learn to chew.
Oh, step back, ladies.
I too know the Heimlich maneuver, and I'm about to get a solo number.
Well, I hope you all enjoyed the tour.
Don't forget to pick up a souvenir Mrs.
O'Leary T-shirt, or as Mrs.
O'Leary's friends called her, "Crusty".
But wait, there's more.
- There is? Since when? - Yes, faith and begorrah! For only $5 more, you can have your picture taken with The only living descendent of Mrs.
O'Leary's cow! Uh, Deuce, don't you think the cow is a little bit much? I know, but we gotta up the sizzle if we want to hit the big time.
Big time? We're running a fake museum in a pizza parlor! Leave the scheming to me.
I know how to milk a cash cow.
No offense.
Why do you always get to make the decisions? I'm tired of you running the show all the time.
I'm the one who actually works at Crusty's, so I'm in charge.
- And the cow stays.
- Excuse me.
Oh, hello.
The next tour is in 10 minutes.
Actually, I'm not a tourist.
I'm a city health Inspector.
Well, in that case, you're going to want to speak to Deuce.
He's in charge.
Oh, shamrocks and shillelaghs.
I'll go find this Deuce fellow for you.
(Audience cheering) Ladies And gentlemen! Welcome to the main event.
And trust me, it's gonna be a knockout! In this corner, Rocky "The Comeback Kid" Blue and the Shake It Up, Chicago! Dancers.
(Audience cheering) (I'm back playing) Oh.
Yo, it's like my world premier.
Every step I take it's never been so clear.
Every move I make you feel the whole Earth quake.
And I'm a shake it, shake it, shake it, make no mistake.
You got to get up, get up, get up to get down.
Like get up get up, get up to get down.
Get up, get up, get up to get down.
Like get up, get up, get up to get down.
I'm back and I'm rocking the club.
Everybody looking at me better show me some love.
I'm back feeling better, the best.
With them million new moves because the beat is so fresh.
I'm back how you like me now? Feeling like I'm sitting on a hundred thou.
I'm back at the top of my game.
Dance for my life and that ain't gonna change.
Oh! That's a wrap.
Woo! Hey guys? Great news! Rocky's back on Shake It Up Chicago! - That's amazing! - Awesome! I know, I have to go email everyone we know.
Wait a minute Flynn! You are so busted! What is wrong with you? Mom is going to freak out if she sees this! You have to use a coaster!