Shake It Up! s03e14 Episode Script

Switch It Up

Rocky, you're late! Uh, sorry.
On the way here, I saw this little baby bird that fell out of its nest.
So, fortunately, I had some trail mix, which I chewed up and spit into its mouth.
Wait, why am I explaining myself to you? Because Phil put me in charge.
Phil put you Oh, sorry, you're serious.
Wait, why would Phil do that? I wouldn't even put you in charge of yelling, "charge!" After Well, he did it because he knows how competent and hardworking I am.
Phil also said I get to decide who's going to be the three featured dancers in the opening number.
Focus, people! Come on.
The boss is talking.
Respect! Thank you.
Okay, the three featured dancers are CeCe Ooh! - Tinka - Yes! And, of course, me! Hey! Um, Ty, a little clarification.
Um, when you say "me," don't you really mean me? No, you're my sister.
I don't want people thinking I'm playing favorites.
Well, don't punish me for being your sister, okay? Being your sister's punishment enough.
You haven't quite mastered this whole "kissing the boss's butt" thing, have you? Ooh, you want me to kiss your butt? Fine.
You know what? You just talked yourself out of the number altogether! This isn't over, okay? I know where you live.
Yeah, Ty! This isn't over! Because I'll be back in a second and we can start rehearsing.
- Ow! - Oh! Oh! Uh, CeCe, are you okay? - How many fingers am I holding up? - Oh, Ty, please.
Ask her something she might've been able to answer before she hit her head.
Everybody, everybody, get out on the floor.
It can get a little crazy when the kick hits the 4.
Make a scene, make a scene, nobody can ignore.
Don't knock it.
'Til you rock it.
We can't take it no more.
Bring the lights up, bust the doors down.
All together now.
Shake It Up, Shake It Up.
Shake It Up.
Okay, I've been thinking.
Choreography would to fall back on one day If I ever get out of jail for killing my little brother! Flynn, what do you think you are doing? Trying to blow up this giant brass balloon.
What does it look like I'm doing? I'm practicing my tuba.
Yeah, well, it sounds a bad case of gas.
Yeah, I got that, too.
But mostly I'm playing the tuba.
Well, cut it out because we need to rehearse.
So do I! Auditions for the marching band are this week! I'm going up against this annoying girl Jordan, who I can't stand.
And I'm under a lot of pressure here! Oh, you want to talk about pressure? Yeah, well, I'm in high school - Which means lots of classes - Which you sleep through.
- Tons of homework - Which you don't do.
- Not to mention dating.
- Which no one's asked you to do.
Plus, I dance on TV every week.
Please! How hard is it to do this? Oh, yeah? And like it's so hard to play video games all day? - Okay, you think it's easy to be me? - And you think it's easy to be me? Okay! I think it would be horrible to be either one of you! You know, when we were young and my brother and I used to fight like this, my grandmamma would always say What just happened? Why am I shorter? Forget that! Why am I a girl? Okay.
- I have your face! - I have your gas! This is freaky! Flynn, if I didn't know any better, I'd say we just switched brains.
I really got the short end of that stick.
Apparently, I accidentally used a curse that makes two people switch places.
Flynn is now in CeCe's body, CeCe is now in Flynn's body, and I am now in the uncomfortable position of having to tell you I have no idea how to undo it.
Ooh, I'll call Rocky.
Maybe she'll know what to do.
Oh, no, no, no! The one thing I do know is that if you mention this to anyone, you will stay like this forever! It's sort of like a sub-curse to the main curse.
Okay, now I'm totally lost and I have no idea what's going on.
Wow, we really have switched brains.
Hey, Ty! What's up, my brother from the same mother? My sib from the same crib.
Can I call you "Razor"? Because you're looking sharp! Save it.
Look, listen, and listen good.
You're not in the dance.
No, you listen, and you listen better With those satellite dishes you call ears.
You're putting me in that dance.
Over my dead body.
I was gonna go with blackmail, but, uh your idea works, too.
Hey, CeCe.
Hey, Deuce.
No, I wa I was talking to CeCe.
Oh, I mean, right.
Uh, you guys want to order? Yeah, I'll have a Meat Lover's Pizza with, uh, cheesy fries, and an extra-large chocolate milkshake.
Uh, can I have a garden salad with dressing on the side, please? So, you'll have her usual and you'll have his usual.
Well, this is unusual.
Oh! Grandmamma finally returned my text.
The cave she hides in during the day gets spotty reception.
But you know how that goes.
Did she tell you how to reverse the curse or not? About that apparently, the curse is intended to teach you a lesson.
It will be lifted once you've learned it.
Or in 24 hours, whichever comes first.
Twenty-four hours? That's practically a whole day! Die, zombie, die! Flynn, uh, go get ready.
We're going to be late for school.
I am ready.
Ready? What did you do to my hair? Nothing.
I just woke up and it was like this.
Sweet, huh? Not sweet.
You can't go to school like that.
Well, you can't go to school like that.
I'm in fifth grade, not a boy band! Well, you have to change.
You look like you got dressed in the dark.
Probably because I did.
There are still some things that should remain a mystery.
Oh, great.
Just my luck, a pop quiz.
Hey! I actually know this stuff.
I'm a fifth grade genius! Ow! What is your problem? This is what you get for going head-to-head with me for the only tuba spot in the band.
Really? You also want to be a tuba player? Man, what is wrong with this generation? Let me give you a word of advice, honey.
Playing the tuba is not exactly "date bait".
Let me give you a word of advice.
You're ugly.
Well, that's not really advice.
You're right.
What I meant to say was Ow! What is your deal? Oh, I know what your deal is.
You have a crush on Flynn! I mean, me.
Ewe! No, I don't.
You can't fool me, sister.
I used to act the same way when I had a crush on Randy Himmelfarb when I was a little girl.
Ah, Randy Himmelfarb.
Deuce, Ty.
What up, my bros? I just came from health class, and can I just say, who knew? CeCe, are you feeling all right? Yeah, man.
I'm just hungry.
Can't wait till lunch.
It's Taco Tuesday, and I hope they're serving beans! Uh, there's something different about you today, CeCe.
And I like it.
Um, CeCe, why are you breaking into Randy Himmelfarb's locker? I thought you were kind of over him.
Oh! Uh, I guess I just got confused.
You wouldn't happen to know which locker is mine, would you? Oh! I knew that.
You wouldn't happen to know the combination, would you? It's 0-0-0.
You changed it from 1-1-1 because you thought it was easier to remember.
Remember? Sounds like something she would do.
I mean, I would do.
So, me and my mom went shopping last night and we got these super cute new bras.
I got this little lacy one with I don't want to hear that! Because I'm so jealous of your great new Undergarments.
Oh! CeCe, don't look now, but I think Drew Manking is making googly eyes at you.
Well, make him stop! Why? I thought you liked him! Go on, do something.
And you wonder why you don't have a boyfriend.
Hey, Ty.
By any chance, have you seen a mysterious, swarthy man with a samurai sword? No.
Well, I guess the element of surprise is part of their bag of tricks.
Oh, okay, see I know what you're doing.
You're trying to psych me out, but it's not gonna work.
Look, you would never hurt me.
I'm your brother.
But, uh, no hard feelings, okay? Yeah, no hard feelings.
Just a little nagging bitterness.
Oh, by the way, I brought you something to drink.
Oh, thanks.
- What are you doing, man? - I'm saving your life.
I saw Rocky put something in your drink.
And then she did this.
Do you really think my own sister would try and poison me? Dude, you have one overactive imagination.
Do I? Oh, no.
"Oh, no" is right.
Okay, let's run this thing! Five, six, seven Woo, woo! Uh-huh! Stop! Stop the music! What? Did did someone mess up? Come on, dude! Get it together! CeCe, no offense, but, uh, I've seen Flynn, what were you doing out there? You're embarrassing me.
Yeah, I'm guessing that street goes both ways, sister.
How did my day go? Please, fifth grade is a breeze.
I got a B-Minus on your pop quiz.
, I told Jordan you were in love with her, and now she's your girlfriend.
Oh! Well, I guess we're even.
Because you know that guy Drew you like? Yeah, I told him that you were never gonna date him in a million years.
Oh, and then to seal the deal, I gave him the pick, lick, and flick.
Okay, it's officially time.
Your nightmare is about to come to an end! Join hands for the big switch-back.
That's strange.
- Oh! We forgot the most important part.
- Oh! Tinka, you said the curse would reverse itself in 24 hours.
Uh, let me check grand mamma's messages.
"Deezles"? Twenty-four "deezles," not "heezles"? Oh! English, Tinka! It appears I mistranslated.
It's not 24 hours, it's 24 days.
Oh! Okay, okay, okay.
Let's just calm down.
We don't have to wait 24 days to switch back bodies.
We just have to figure out what lesson we're supposed to learn.
Uh, I hope that lesson doesn't involve algebra.
Or finding your way out of a paper bag.
We've spent an entire day in each other's shoes, we must have learned something.
Okay, we got this.
I learned that boys and girls are different.
I learned that boys and girls are the same? I learned that you didn't brush my teeth for me today! We have to figure this out.
You're gonna blow my band audition.
And you're going to humiliate me on Shake It Up, Chicago! Okay, CeCe, we're stuck like this, but we don't have to ruin both of our lives.
What if I learn to dance and you learn to play the tuba? But who's going to teach you to dance and me to play the tuba? Oh! Oh! We can teach Each other.
Just 10 seconds.
A new record for realizing the obvious.
Wake up! I did it! Woo! Wow, you were great! You totally deserve that tuba spot.
And I'm not just saying that because you're my Boyfriend.
About that.
Uh, we're good for now, but if I were you, I wouldn't make any plans for our - Hey, Ty! - Ah! Dude, if you're so afraid of Rocky, just let her be in the stupid dance! And lose all respect at work? Ty, Ty, Ty.
You never had any respect to lose.
Ah! Ha-ah! Boy, do I feel stupid.
This is a blow dart gun, not a giant kazoo.
You almost killed me! What? Stop being so paranoid, okay? I would never kill you.
I'm your sister.
I love you! To death.
I'm not afraid of you! Ah! Okay, I'm a little afraid of you.
Attention! Jump up to the music.
Keep the party going.
Get them feet in the air.
Keep the party jumpin'.
Freaky freekend.
Freaky, freaky, freaky freekend.
Freaky freekend.
Let's dance! It's a freaky freekend.
An enchanted weekend.
We live it up.
And party hard.
The night is young.
The world is ours.
So it's no surprise that we keep it live.
I'm feeling out of body, I'm not myself.
Wanna stop my hands but they clap, clap, clap.
My feet won't stop, they move it to the rhythm.
My body won't stop rockin' to the music.
Party party! The beat runs you over.
Knock you down, bulldozer.
If you came to party.
Move your body.
Everybody! Sky rock it! Freaky freekend.
We like to party.
Freaky freekend.
Keep the party jumpin'.
Freaky freekend.
Hey, we like to party party! Freaky freekend.
Freaky freekend.
Freaky freekend! Freaky freekend.
We like to party party.
Freaky freekend! Keep the party jumpin'.
Freaky freekend.
We like to party party! Freaky freekend.
Freaky freekend! You are Shake It Up dancers.
Yes! Woo! You were awesome! You did it! I did? It was like an out-of-body experience.
Which, at this point, is kind of redundant.
But I think I had fun! Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it, because you'll be doing it every week until we switch back.
Oh, please, no! I had no idea how much work you put into doing this show! Well, your life is no cakewalk either.
My lips are so swollen from playing the tuba, I look like I should be on one of those rich housewives reunion shows.
But the good news is, you got the tuba spot.
Really? Oh! I'm me! I I'm me again.
Yes! No weird undergarments! - Ty, Ty! The craziest thing just happened! - Speaking of crazy, have you seen Rocky? Looking for me? That's funny, because I've been looking for you.
Not funny "ha-ha," but more like funny "mwa-ha-ha"! Hey, sis! You know, the more that I think about it, we really missed you in the dance this week.
I mean, as far as I'm concerned, you should be in every single dance for as long as I live.
I'm gonna live a long time, right? Tell you what.
Pick a number between one and no.
- One? - No.
- No! - Oh! CeCe, are you okay? CeCe? CeCe? CeCe? CeCe? CeCe? - She hit her head pretty hard.
- CeCe, are you okay? Maybe she knocked some sense into herself.
Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
Wait, do I look like a boy to you? Hmm.
No more than usual.
Are you still trying to bump off Ty? Why would she do that? Besides, I'm adorable.
So does that mean Flynn and I switched brains back, and I'm really CeCe again? Hmm.
She seems a little dazed and confused.
So I'd say she's fine.
Okay, let me see.
CeCe, when is it okay to wear socks with sandals? - Never! - Yeah, she's good.
Oh, my gosh! It wasn't a dream.
I knew it! Jordan, you're probably here because you still think I'm your boyfriend.
I'm sorry.
You see, there was this curse and I was stuck in Flynn's body.
And then I led you on.
I admit that now.
So, you're probably here for a date, and I hate to be the one to break it to you, but, you see, Flynn just doesn't like you like that, honey.
Um, I don't know what you're talking about.
I'm just here to sell Rainbow Girl cookies.
Sure you are.
I used that same trick on Randy Himmelfarb.
Ah, Randy Himmelfarb.