Shake It Up! s03e19 Episode Script

Psych It Up

So what did you and James do on your date yesterday? Oh, we went to the history museum.
I mean, really.
How many times does he expect me to go there? It's not like there's anything new to see.
It's the history museum.
I just feel like James and I aren't working out.
Like this relationship just isn't going anywhere.
Well, if you're bored with it, imagine how I feel.
Hey, Rocky.
CeCe, can I talk to you for a sec? Hey, what is it? I just don't think you and I are really working out.
Oh, well then, maybe we could go to the gym together.
I mean, it would be a nice change from all those museums.
No, no, CeCe, I just feel like this relationship isn't going anywhere.
We're not really a match.
If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were breaking up with me.
I am.
Wow! I never thought I'd even get a girlfriend, let alone be the one to break up with her.
Well, guess I'll see you around.
See ya.
So, what was that all about? James just broke up with me! So there is a new exhibit at the history museum Your relationship! High five! Low five? No five? CeCe, What's the big deal? I thought you weren't even into him? I'm not, but I was going to break up with him.
But instead - He broke up with me! - Okay.
Everybody, everybody, get out on the floor.
It can get a little crazy when the kick hits the 4.
Make a scene, make a scene, nobody can ignore.
Don't knock it.
'Til you rock it.
We can't take it no more.
Bring the lights up, bust the doors down.
All together now.
Shake It Up, Shake It Up.
Shake It Up.
He broke up with me! It's not right.
CeCe Jones does not get broken up with! She is the dumper, not the dumpee! And you know this from all your past experience of never having a boyfriend? No.
From this magazine! I just took the "are you girlfriend material?" quiz, and I so am! Well, here's the good news.
You passed a quiz! Look, CeCe, let it go already.
You weren't into him.
I know, but this was the year I said I was going to have a boyfriend, it was my new year's resolution.
I thought your new year's resolution was to grow your bangs out.
That was my birthday wish! Pay attention, Rocky.
No, CeCe, you pay attention.
Listen, for the last time, James was not the right guy for you.
And you know how I know? You told me.
You're right.
I am going to do the mature thing.
I am going to woo him back, and as soon as he's into me again, I am going to break up with him.
Ah! I like it.
Let's call that Plan Z and we'll come up with 25 other better ideas later.
Oh, excuse me.
Oh! Excuse me, do you need some help? Yes, I'm looking for the corporate offices.
I'm a psychic, and I'm here to discuss my new show with the network.
Wow! That's so cool.
I've always wanted to talk to a - A psychic? - Oh! Whoa! I was just going to say that! - Ooh, uh, could I have your - Card? Oh! I was going to say that too! Yes! She scores! I mean, Madame Tiffany knows all.
Except where she's going.
Madame Tiffany! - Hmm? - Other way.
I knew that! Okay, everyone, it's time to walk like an Egyptian.
Because this next dance is one of the seven wonders of the dance world! Fresh off the flight with my brand new shoes on.
They ain't even out yet.
Let me introduce 'em.
I do my two step.
Hey, right in front of you.
Meet me at the door.
It's kinda crazy because I'm popular.
Holla at the DJ and tell him turn it up! Holla at the DJ and tell him turn it up! You see me turn it up.
And make it super size.
We about to burn it up.
Just call me firefly.
Yeah, turn the music up for me! DJ, are you listening? Let the beat drown us out.
Oh, oh, oh, oh.
Holla at the DJ and tell him turn it up! Holla at the DJ and tell him turn it up! Holla at the DJ and tell him turn it up! Holla at the DJ and tell him turn it up! Land in my spaceship.
We didn't come to play.
Take over your area.
We do this everyday.
Call yourself a martian.
Well, I'm from Jupiter.
Spin around you so fast! You can never catch me up.
Holla at the DJ and tell him turn it up! Holla at the DJ and tell him turn it up! 'Cause I like when the beat drop.
Play that record for me.
Clap my hands.
Make me dance! Rockin' on the floor.
So what, so what.
Talk about it.
You want, you want! Yeah, they wanna know about it.
They want, they want! They wanna see about it.
They wanna stand around the club all night and think about it.
I've never been to a psychic before.
I also happen to be a medium.
- Oh, really? - Hmm.
Sometimes I'm a medium, then other times I'm a small.
You never know with European sizes.
Am I right? I'm sensing that school is sometimes a struggle for you.
Oh, wow! You are good.
Okay, now.
Oh, my goodness! I can't believe it! - What? What is it? - Your nails.
They're faboo! Madame Tiffany, isn't your job to tell me something I don't know? Okay, let's get started.
Okay, is there anything you can tell me about my love life? Because I just went through a painful break-up.
Painful because you were so in love? No, because he broke up with me.
Oh, I hate when that happens, I mean not to me, but to other people you know? Obviously I would know what was going to happen because I'm a psychic.
Okay, this palm is not going to read itself.
Hmm, this is interesting.
Someone's about to meet the love of their life.
- Really? The love of my life? - Mmm hmm.
You two will meet for the first time this Wednesday on the corner of Michigan and Monroe at noon, sharp! That is so exciting! Is there anything else you can tell me? Uh, I see a boy, and he is not happy.
Why? Did I do something to him? Yeah, you kept me waiting outside for 20 minutes! And I got a cold.
Flynn, I'm in the middle of a reading.
Well, sound it out and let's go, sister.
Not that kind of reading.
Hmm! I'm getting a real strong feeling from you.
You've been on this Earth before.
You are a very, very, very old soul.
Save it.
This old soul wasn't born yesterday.
More like the early 1700s.
Tell me, do you believe in reincarnation? Sure, I believe in reincarnation.
Like the salami I ate for lunch is about to get reincarnated.
Yep, there it is.
Anyway My psychic, Madame Tiffany, told me that we are going to meet this Wednesday at 12:00 noon on the corner of Monroe and Michigan.
Well, did she also tell you that you're gonna be in summer school? Because that'll happen if you cut class.
Rocky, that'll happen no matter what.
At least this time I get a boyfriend out of it.
Look, CeCe, psychics Are fake.
Not this one.
She knew everything about me.
Look, psychics just ask you a whole bunch of leading questions and then let you fill in the answers.
Anyone can do it.
Watch and learn.
Uh, you're not really familiar with the concept of personal space, are you, Rocky? No, I'm I'm just sensing that you're upset about something, Margie.
You know, now that you mention it, a little, I guess.
- Does it have something to do with school? - Math class.
- Afraid of failing, huh? - Exactly! Is it because you're not concentrating enough in class? Yes! You know, I'm always worrying about my boyfriend, Brad.
Although, who knows how long that's going to last.
Because you're afraid he's interested in someone else? Wow, you are really psychic, Rocky.
I'm thinking Suzie.
Oh, oh, wait.
I knew he was into Michelle.
But now it's Suzie, too? Hey, Suzie! Oh, yeah! Back off.
Brad is mine! Yeah.
Did your reading go a little something like that? Wow, I gave Madame Tiffany 20 bucks When I could've just come to you! Rocky, I had no idea you're psychic! - Hey, Madame Tiffany.
- Ooh! I'm getting a strong feeling you and I have met before.
Maybe in a previous life? I was in yesterday.
Oh! That was my next guess.
She scores again! Almost.
But sometimes almost is close enough.
I came in fourth place on a game show once, I didn't win the grand prize, but I did win a pontoon boat.
By the way, do you know anybody who wants to buy a pontoon boat? Anywho, not that I believe in any of this made up, psycho mumbo-jumbo liar junk.
You can't stop thinking about what I said? Yes! I am an old soul.
I like tapioca pudding, I eat dinner at 5:00, and my knee tells me when it's going to rain.
Oh, I know.
You need to hold my hand in order to reconnect with my old spirit.
No, I need to see some money or the connection has a weak signal.
Oh, yes, I was right.
You have been on this Earth before.
I see you very clearly, in colonial times.
Oh, come on! Me? Colonial times? Hmm! You were very famous.
Very important to the founding of our country! Yes, I see it! You are the reincarnation of, uh Washington! I always knew I came from greatness.
Oh! Oh! Oh thank you, Rocky! Thank you! Okay, yeah! You're welcome, Margie.
Yeah, for sure.
What did I do? I mean, you were totally right about everything you said in your psychic reading yesterday.
I broke up with my sorry-butted boyfriend.
- And then I got an "A" on my math quiz! - All right! Okay, now, I have something else to tell you.
All right? And it's really important.
- Oh yes, what is it? - I'm not psychic! Girl, don't be so modest, okay? You are the best, Madame Rockella.
She is.
Now you're Madame Rockella? No, I don't even know where that came from.
Here she is, folks.
Teen psychic Madame Rockella.
Behold and believe.
Deuce, what do you think you're doing? Well, ever since you predicted Margie's future, word of your gift has spread.
Fine, all right? I put flyers up around the school.
But I'm not psychic! Look, okay? You know that and I know that.
But does everyone with $10 really have to know that? All right, guys, if you want Madame Rockella to predict your future, get out your cash and form a line.
Ooh, Rocky, can you lend me 10 bucks? Okay, this ends now.
All right.
Gather round, suckers, for a group reading.
Don't bother studying for any of tomorrow's tests, because There's going to be a freak ice storm and they're going to close the school, even though certified meteorologists predict warm, sunny skies.
But who needs science when you have Madame Rockella? Now get out of here, because I'm getting a strong vision That the bell is about to ring.
Well, if you're not psychic, then how did you know the bell was about to ring? Because it rings every 50 minutes to tell us that class is starting.
Oh, that's what that bell means! All right, I'm meeting the love of my life today.
How do I look? Sad and desperate.
Sorry, but I cannot tell a lie.
Since when? Since Madame Tiffany told me I was George Washington in a previous life.
Oh, come on.
Laugh if you want, but the whole democracy thing? This guy's idea.
Let freedom ring, baby.
Let freedom ring.
Coming, freedom! Hey, dude, why didn't you just come in through the window? Because of this.
By golly, I haven't seen that much snow since Valley Forge.
A freak blizzard! Just like you predicted.
You are a psychic! I predicted an ice storm.
And we got a snow storm.
Don't be so hard on yourself, Rocky.
You're new at this.
The important thing is, it's a snow day, so school's closed, and I can go meet my Mr.
Thank you, Madame Rockella.
Wait a minute.
I couldn't really be psychic, could I? Let's flip a coin and see how many times you get it right.
Okay, uh, call it.
Me or tails? Hurry up, love of my life.
I'm freezing my butt off out here.
Right here.
Yep! On the corner of Monroe and Michigan.
Just like Madame Tiffany said.
Hi, love of my life, I've been waiting for you! Keep on walking, gramps! Keep on walking! Ugh! And that's why I think I might be psychic, but how do I know for sure? Oh, well, it's a gift you're born with.
You feel it in here.
Oh! There's my biscotti! Bullet dodged! I get a little "ugh" if I don't eat every two hours.
I'm like a baby.
A big psychic baby.
What were we talking about again? - Whether or not I'm psychic.
- Hmm.
Well, the brain is a mysterious and amazing thing.
Most people only use a small percentage of it, but psychics use a little bit more.
Do you ever feel that you have more brain power than those around you? Yes! Every minute of every day.
Hmm! I knew that.
I do have a test to see if you have the gift.
- I love tests.
- I knew that.
Okay, I'm thinking of a number between one and 1,000.
- Okay, come on.
Believe in your gift.
- All right.
Use that big brain of yours.
What's the number? - 328.
- Ooh! That's right! Oh! But just to be sure, let's try it again.
- All right.
- This time between one and 10,000.
- Uh, 17.
- Oh! That's right again! Oh, you do have the gift! I don't think I've ever seen such raw talent! - Did you feel it? Did you feel it? - I did.
I think I felt something.
And I knew that.
I feel it, too! It's just oozing out of you! I mean, don't even look at me.
Your power is so strong! Okay.
Well, wha what do I do now? You have to learn how to control it.
How to harness the power.
Um, you know, I happen to have a psychic training program.
I didn't know that.
Well, if you were in the program you would.
Oh, no, no, no.
I'm not I don't I'm just waiting for the love of my life! Who apparently never met Madame Tiffany and has no idea he's supposed to be here right now.
Hi! Who are you, Sweetie pie? No tags.
Poor little guy, you're probably freezing your tail off.
Yeah, well, that makes two of us.
Oh! Aw! Hey, you just are in love with me, aren't you? Wait, that's it! You are the love of my life! I met the love of my life! Isn't my resemblance to George Washington uncanny? You know, it's like he's come back from the grave and is standing here right in front of me.
Really? If it'll stop you from talking about how much you look like George Washington, then absolutely.
Dude, what's so cool about George Washington anyway? Hello! He was the Father of our country.
Besides, he's on money.
When you're on money, it's money! What a coincidence.
That phony psychic has all your money! Yes.
I'm feeling it, I'm feeling it! All right.
Don't bother going to basketball practice tonight because, I see you making the winning shot at tonight's game.
Slam dunk! What? Madame Rockella, psychic-in-training, is sure of it.
No, no, no, no, no! Money is not necessary.
Sharing my gift is payment enough.
Hello, Madame Rockella.
Margie, I had a vision that you were going to come see me today.
And I also texted you.
I knew that, I knew that.
All right.
So, you want to hear more about your relationships? Oh, no, I decided to take some "me time," relationship-wise.
I knew that.
I knew that.
I just wanted to know if I should audition for the school play, because, you know, I've always wanted to be in Annie, but I don't know You don't have to know, all right? Madame Rockella knows all and tells all.
Yes! I'm getting a very strong, strong sensation.
The sun will come out tomorrow.
And that sun is you.
You're not going to be in Annie.
You're going to be Annie! You're getting the lead in the school play! Standing, "oh, what!" - Oh, my God! I am? - You are! - Are you feeling it? - I'm feeling it! Oh, thank you, so much! Ooh, I got to go call my grandma and tell her to book a flight from Florida! I'm going to be a star! Yeah, you are.
Shine on, my child, shine on! Rocky, it happened! I was on the corner of Monroe and Michigan, and I met the love of my life! Ooh! Is he tall, dark and handsome? No.
He's short, fuzzy and pees all over the place.
Wow, you really are on the rebound, aren't you? Aw! That's the love of your life? Yeah, I mean, it wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but love is love.
- We're still getting to know each other.
- Okay.
If this relationship is going to work out, you can't be growling at me in front of my friends.
Whoa! Hello, phony-baloney Madame Crock-ella! Uh, hi, Margie, I'm sensing I'm sensing you're a little upset.
I took your advice and I auditioned for Annie and they laughed me off the stage! Oh! Not only am I not getting the part, but this is not a wig! I'd love to stay and chat, but conditions aren't really favorable for quality readings.
So, you're just gonna have to catch me later.
Or just catch me.
Everyone at school hates me.
Every prediction I made was completely wrong.
Of all people, you really should've seen that coming.
No, I shouldn't have, all right? Because I'm not psychic! In fact, I'm starting to believe that Madame Tiffany isn't either.
I don't know.
Madam Tiffany predicted I would meet the love of my life.
Ow! Dumb, stupid Yeah.
True love.
I give up.
He may have been on the corner of Monroe and Michigan, but he's not the love of my life.
Madame Tiffany was just telling me what I wanted to hear and It's just that I'm so ready for a real boyfriend.
And, sure, the puppy isn't perfect, but at least he didn't want to take me to a museum.
CeCe, look, all right? The right guy will come along.
Probably doesn't exist either.
Someone at Crusty's told me you found a lost dog? Taco! Great, now the dog's breaking up with me, too.
Taco, I found you! Well, hello.
Hi, I'm CeCe.
I'm Monroe.
Monroe? - Yeah, I'm visiting from - Michigan? Wow, you must be psychic.
Hey, do you want to go grab a pizza? I had a feeling you were going to say that.
Just give me one sec.
Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! So, here's the thing My friend's don't actually believe I was Washington in a previous life.
I need some proof.
So I was wondering if you could reconnect me with some of my old buddies.
You know Ben Franklin, John Adams, Betsy Ross.
She always did have a thing for me.
Absolutely, if you can connect me with my old friend Andrew Jackson.
Okay, do your stuff.
George Washington is ready.
Oh, I believe there was a little misunderstanding.
When I said you were Washington in a previous life, I didn't mean George.
I meant Martha.
Wait, so I wasn't the first President? No, but you were the first lady.
Of course for a few more Andrew Jackson's I can keep this between the two of us.
Are you sure? Because I know I don't have to tell you this because you're psychic But my mom is a cop.
Oh wow, lookie there, I see a refund in your future.