Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators (2018) s03e07 Episode Script

Best Beware My Sting

1 Friends, we're only on this planet for a short while before we shuffle off this mortal coil.
The Earth doesn't belong to us.
We belong to the Earth and we're just visitors here - visitors with a sacred duty.
A duty to take action against the poisoners and the plunderers before it's too late! You all know the plan.
There are two security guards, but they hardly ever do patrols.
Even so, let's try to be in and out in under ten minutes.
- Yeah? ALL: - Yeah.
- Let's go! - Yeah! - Woo! Good luck, everyone.
Go, go, go, go, go.
Oi! What are you doing? - Go, go, go! - Everybody run! Come on.
Stop 'em! Stop em! - Get in, Tony, get in.
- Over there, over there, that one! Kate! Stop, we have to go back! We can't just leave her! Call Mr Minola.
Oi! Let me out! Let me out! You can't keep me locked in here! Oi, you pigs, I've got rights! Let me out! Unlock it.
Hello, Dad.
My oldest daughter, Kate.
I don't trust her.
She's fallen in with a group of "environmentalists" calling themselves Mortal Coil.
Ha! Good name.
No, it's not.
It's a stupid name for stupid people.
When the press found out that my own daughter was involved in the break-in, they started dredging up ancient history.
Suddenly, Minola Energy is everyone's favourite bogeyman.
I may lose a vital fracking contract that I'm in the process of bidding for.
Oh, we're sorry to hear that - - I think.
- Thank you.
Kate's refused to give the names of her accomplices, so I've refused to let her leave our home until she does it.
Is that strictly legal? Well she's free to go, of course! Just as I'm free to prosecute the minute she tries.
In the meantime, she's being watched by bodyguards round the clock.
No access to phones or computers.
- Mr Minola - Please, call me Gordon.
Gordon whilst we appreciate your predicament I'm not exactly sure why you came to us.
- Because of the threats.
- Threats? - Threats? The gull was nailed over our front door a few days ago.
I questioned the staff.
They saw nothing suspicious.
Then the fish appeared on my breakfast tray this morning, this time with a note in its jaws.
"You will suffer a great loss if you continue to plunder the Earth.
" And you think your daughter Kate is behind all this? Oh, she's denying it, of course.
But I wouldn't put it past her, or her friends, to pull another stunt.
- You contact the police? - Yes.
They said to call back if anyone tries to harm me or the family.
I won't wait for that.
My youngest daughter, Bianca, she's getting married tomorrow and I want that to go off without incident.
So you want us to find out if Mortal Coil are planning something? Yes.
And I need to know if Kate's still in cahoots with them, even if that means sending her to jail.
How much to retain your services? Mr Min Gordon.
You really don't need us.
All you need to do is sit your daughter down, you just need to have Five grand plus expenses - same again at the end.
Mr Hathaway.
Some place you've got here.
It's something, isn't it? Who says I don't love nature? Bianca's big day tomorrow.
I'd like to keep our arrangement between us.
I haven't told her about the threats - she'd only worry.
No problem.
Lu's coming later, so we don't look like we're acquainted.
Oh, well, your timing couldn't be better for stepping in as a bodyguard.
My latest man quit.
- Hit in the eye with a flying shoe.
- Oh.
Of course, I'm sure you'll fare better.
Just keep your eye on Kate at all times.
Apart from the bathroom, obviously! And don't worry - all the rooms have been checked for hidden phones.
Well, listen, I'll do another quick check, just to be sure.
And if I find anything, I'll leave in place.
We're not trying to stop any contact with Mortal Coil.
We want to see if and how she's collaborating with them.
Ah! Get stuffed! This is Frank, your new bodyguard.
You're to do as he says.
And I don't want any more rudeness or general shenanigans from you, understood? Oh, of course, Daddy.
I live to please you.
This is my room.
Get out! I'll be happy to, just as soon as I've done a quick security check.
I said, "Get out"! No need for that! Just doing me job.
Your job? Snooping in a young girl's bedroom? Cushions, really? That's enough.
Threats Threats have been received.
I'm here to keep you safe.
You're here to spy on me.
Right, that's it.
New rule.
Whatever is thrown at me will not be returned.
- Give it back.
- It's mine now.
I said, "Give it back"! No! - Please, just give it me back now! - No.
- No.
- Just give it me back! No! Look, I won't throw anything else, I promise.
I promise! I told you my room is off limits.
Frank! Frank ly, that looked like it hurt! It did.
You want to put some ice on that, just a little bit.
Hello, Kate.
I'm Luella.
I'm your wedding stylist.
Is it safe to come in? I'm going to come in.
Ta-da! The salon comes to you.
We need to choose your unique look, and I'm thinking maybe natural with a hint of '60s retro cos I've heard you're a bit of a flower power girl.
Do you know what I like to do before a makeover? I like to have a nice, long soak in the bath.
We should have a bath.
Not together, have a bath.
You should have a bath.
I should pamper you.
Think I saw the bathroom.
Is it just through here? Yes! Ugh! Bianca! Bianca, let me in! Let me in! Bianca! Bianca! Let me in! Bianca! You need some help? That's my ex, Rufus.
He's not happy about me getting married tomorrow.
I can't deal with him.
Leave it to me.
Thank you! Go away! - Who are you? - Can't hear you.
- Who are you? - No, nothing.
- Nothing.
- Don't do that.
- Who are you? - Go away, I said! I'm not going anywhere, not until I see Bianca.
Bianca doesn't want to say you.
I've got a suggestion for you.
Get in your big, flash car, go and find a little lay-by somewhere, and have a jolly good cry.
I'm not! You Fine.
But you can tell her this.
She can marry that twerp if she wants, but she's not heard the last from me, OK? That's a promise! Going well, then, yeah? Just found a little bit that's missing No? OK.
Oh! Right, ready, everyone? One, two, three! Thank you.
Shall I go and look for them again? They might just be lost.
Bianca knows her way from the church - she's done it 1,000 times.
Yeah, the guests are getting a bit restless.
- Oh, they're here.
- Oh.
There's no driver.
Bianca? Lucas? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! "We have Bianca and Lucas.
"No police, no publicity, no funny business, "or they both die.
" We found your coachmen, Brian, tied up in the stables.
- What? - Don't worry, he's fine.
Your cook gave him some sweet tea.
He was jumped from behind when he was getting ready to go to the church.
You didn't happen to see who was actually driving, did you? I I was looking at Bianca! - We need to call the police.
- No.
She'll be killed if you do.
And Lucas.
Thank you, Kate.
Don't think I don't know that you and your friends are behind this.
If anyone hurts her, you'll all pay.
Make no mistake! You think I? Wow.
You've been keeping me prisoner here, remember? So how exactly was I supposed to come up with the evil plan? You're devious, that's how.
You've always been jealous of your sister.
That was really unfair.
We put a listening device in her room.
There was no proof that Kate had any contact with Mortal Coil.
You don't know what she's capable of! That girl's never had any loyalty to this family.
Keep watching her.
Find out whoever's behind this.
I want Bianca back! - What do I tell the guests? - You could tell them that they were so excited they've gone to the airport already to start their honeymoon.
They're actually quite drunk - you could tell them anything.
I'm going to go check on Kate.
Ask around, see if you can get a description of the fake coachman.
I'll try the wedding photographer, he might have got a shot of him.
No, that was all a big fat waste of time.
And all the guests drew a blank.
I mean, how could nobody notice what the coach driver looked like? Did you? - I was working.
- Is that what you call it? Yes.
Anyway, I'm going to track down Bianca's ex because apparently he had a bit of an axe to grind.
And what you want me to do? Well Yeah, I just took the train up.
Thought I'd come to the fracking front lines, know what I mean? So you all live here? Pretty much.
I've got a room out back, but most of us sleep in here.
Not always comfortable, but it's ethical and affordable.
And, uh, what's that noise? Oh, that's the adult tap class upstairs.
You get used to it.
Everybody, this is Basil.
- He's going to be staying for a while.
- I'm sorry, what? I take it you need a place to crash.
Erm yeah.
Thanks, that'd be lush.
I told you to stay out of here.
- I just wanted to see if you were all right.
- Well, I'm not.
This spoiled brat routine isn't fooling anyone, you know? Did you or your mates have anything to do with your sister being taken? - No! - What about the threats? No! I don't know who sent them.
Give me one good reason why I should believe you.
Because it's the truth.
- It's not good enough.
- Well, it's all I have.
The truth is, I could never stand Bianca.
She's such a daddy's girl.
She makes me sick.
But I have never been more scared in my life that I'm never going to see her again.
Come on.
There, there.
Oh I've got some tissues somewhere.
I think I'll just go and have a look for some.
Excuse me.
Hi, this is Curtis.
Leave a message.
Curtis, it's me.
We need to talk.
I'll try to get out of here but they're watching me.
Don't try to call me back, just be careful.
That's all I can say right now.
- Miss Shakespeare, is it? - Yes, hello, I'm Luella.
I'm a private investigator.
I was hired by your boss, Mr Minola.
So, he tells me that you're head of marketing and communications.
Gosh! You're very young for a job like that.
I'm extremely clever and busy, so what's this about? OK.
This is not really for public knowledge, but Bianca and her new husband they've been kidnapped.
They've what? They were taken after the wedding and a ransom note was left.
I can't believe this.
Wait, so why are you here? It's slightly awkward, actually, but I was told that you were at the house yesterday and you were shouting threats - and a bit more.
- Right, so So you think I've got something to do with their disappearance? Well, I am merely trying to build a picture of Bianca's life.
So how long were you together? We went out for 18 months.
Everyone assumed we'd get married, including myself.
Then, all of a sudden, she breaks it off, decides to marry Lucas De Boulay, of all people, a stuttering toff who's fawned over her for years.
I mean, come on.
Of course I was angry.
Sounds like you still are a bit.
I didn't kidnap them.
I mean why would I? Well What are you doing? If Kate sees us, you'll blow our cover.
- That's fine.
Gordon locks her in her room at night.
- What? - That is terrible.
- No, it's not.
That girl should be in a maximum security prison, on an island, surrounded by shark-infested waters.
Anyway, Rufus says that Bianca only married Lucas for his inheritance.
Apparently, their parents left him an absolute fortune.
Well, it's definitely sour grapes, then.
And Kate's still in contact with Mortal Coil.
She rang someone called Curtis today, warning him to be careful.
Whoa! What are you two doing together? What are you doing out your room? I thought the gate would be open when you left - thought I'd take my chances.
How many times you tried this little stunt, then? None, if you must know.
And don't change the subject.
You two are spying for my father, aren't you? Yeah, sorry, we are.
We're private investigators.
Oh, well, that's just great.
I can't trust anyone now.
Well, you can trust us not to tell your dad about your big escape plan - if you go back to your room right now.
- Fine.
- Frank.
- What? - Frank, she's gone.
- Where'd she go? - She's gone that way.
Shall I drive? Shall I? You could have helped me get her inside.
I've got bruises - all down me shins now.
- I'm sorry! I thought you had it all under control.
On the upside, I don't have to be a chaperone any more.
I do feel a little bit guilty, though.
If you're talking about me, so you should.
I'm exhausted.
Fire alarm went off at three o'clock this morning, not that I could sleep a wink anyway, surrounded by a bunch of snoring people who need a wash - as do I, by the way.
They also need a cure for lentil-induced flatulence and I think one of them stole my hat.
Oh, no.
Oh, never mind about your hat.
What did you find out? Well, Mortal Coil have really got it in for Minola Energy.
Apparently, there was an oil spill a few years ago that killed a lot of marine life, so they're re-publicising that to stop Gordon getting his fracking license.
It's working so far.
Any suspicious? Any suspicious behaviour? No heiresses tied up in the corner, if that's what you mean.
But there was a lot of whispering.
They stopped whenever I got near them.
Well, you need to gain their trust.
Erm You don't expect me to go back? - Did you not hear what I said about the lentils? - Listen you are our eyes and ears until we say otherwise.
Gordon, hello.
Yeah, we'll be right there.
This came in the morning post.
It's a ransom demand.
Postmarked Kidderminster.
That's not far from here.
"We want £2 million in cash in exchange for Bianca and Lucas.
"You have 24 hours to get it.
"Wait for us to call you with the time and location of the drop-off.
"When we do, you need to come alone.
" They're still threatening to kill them both if I call the police.
- I still think it's the safest option.
- Not risking it.
I think that's a mistake, but then it's your call, obviously.
- At least let us put a tracker in with the money.
- No.
No funny business.
We do exactly what they say.
Understood? I need to phone me bank.
Look for anything that proves a recent trip to Kidderminster.
I don't know, Sebastian, I'm sure you'll think of something.
Forgive me for not coming until now.
I've been holding down the fort at work in your absence.
I was told about Bianca.
Is there anything I can do? Not really, but I appreciate it.
We're still waiting for the call.
Well, you seem to be holding up well, considering.
Your resilience is inspirational.
This is cosy, isn't it? I shouldn't say it.
I'm sorry Bianca didn't marry you - no doubt you would've protected her better.
I should have protected her myself.
No, no, it's all my fault.
I should've never let her go.
Beautiful Bianca.
Stop! Please stop! - Please help me! - You all right? - Please stop! - What's wrong? - Gordon Minola.
- Daddy! Where are you? Bianca! Doctor's on her way.
- Did she say anything? - Very little.
Just that she escaped and she wasn't interfered with.
Nothing about Lucas? - We need to call the police - they'll start a proper search.
- No, not yet.
I'm still willing to pay the ransom for Lucas.
They just need to call.
I'm guessing Bianca's escape kind of scuppered those arrangements.
I said, "Not yet.
" She's in no fit state for a police interrogation.
We'll talk to her first ourselves.
Look, Bianca, we know you've been through a lot, but we need to know what's happened to Lucas.
Why don't you start with when you left the church? We hadn't noticed we were going the wrong way until the coach stopped and the coachman threatened us with a knife.
He made me tie up Lucas.
Then I was tied up.
We were gagged and blindfolded, too.
He led us to a car made us get into the boot.
I was so scared.
He only took the blindfolds off once he got us into a barn.
He kept us tied up, though, and gagged - except for when he fed us.
Did he talk to you? Did he say anything about himself? He didn't say much.
There were others, though.
We could hear them talking.
They called him Curtis.
Bianca, you must have misheard.
He's from your group, isn't he? Strong Scottish accent.
Oh, sis, I'm sorry.
Curtis told me that it wasn't anything personal.
He said they were doing this to save the Earth.
How did you escape? I managed to loosen the ropes enough to untie us both.
Lucas said to pretend that we were still tied up and wait for him to bring us our lunch.
When he did, Lucas knocked the tray out of his hand.
But as he tried to overpower him, Curtis pulled a knife.
There was a bit of a scuffle and and that's when it happened.
But there was nothing I could do, so I just turned and ran.
I got outside.
There were others there, all dressed like hippies.
They started chasing me through the woods, so I hid under some leaves and branches and waited until they were gone.
Poor Lucas.
He saved me.
And I don't even know if he's alive or dead.
This barn, any idea where it might be? I saw a sign.
Come on, Lou.
- Wait, wait, wait.
- Not now, Kate.
Bianca must be confused.
Curtis wouldn't do this.
You'd be surprised what people can do.
Frank, Shrewscroft.
It's less than two miles from where Bianca was found.
Get your dad to send the police and an ambulance now! Hello? Still warm.
Looks like they left in a hurry.
Oh, Frank.
The pathologist reckons Lucas has been dead for two hours.
So he was killed about midday.
I hope you are pleased with yourself, Frank.
If we'd been called earlier, that man might still be alive.
This is not our fault.
Our client wanted to pay the ransom.
- Yeah? You tell that to him! - Sir! I found this.
It's a leaflet from Mortal Coil.
This is the police! Get down on the ground! - Police! - Everybody stay where you are! - Curtis Price.
- Yes? Hello.
Sorry, don't mind me.
I'll just be on my way.
Not so fast, Sebastian.
Caution and arrest them all in connection with the murder of Lucas De Boulay.
And I mean all of them.
What is that noise? Think it's Ah! My daughter has suffered a terrifying ordeal and I ask the press and the public to show respect by allowing me and my family our privacy at this trying time.
And I offer my sincere thanks to the police bringing these violent eco-terrorists to justice.
Allegedly, surely.
Dad, turn it off, please.
Of course, darling.
I'm sorry.
I know I gave credit to the police, but I owe the biggest thanks of all to you two.
Well, if that thanks comes in the form of a cheque, I heartily accept.
You can't just leave.
I think my dad might be behind this.
All he ever wanted was to get Mortal Coil off his back.
Sorry, Kate.
The case is closed.
Then I'll hire you! I have some money in savings.
I'll pay you to prove Curtis is innocent.
You'd rather believe your own father's a murderer than see the obvious? Curtis wanted the ransom money.
When it all went wrong, he was willing to kill for it.
Time to grow up.
No-one seems to even care Lucas is dead and now the police have arrested the wrong people.
Someone needs to tell them to keep looking.
Look, I understand.
It must be difficult to find out that your friends just aren't the people that you thought they were, but please, please don't stop fighting for what's right.
Still got a planet to save, haven't we? Come here.
See, Frank? That's how you do it.
- It's called empathy.
- Really? I think you'll find it's called theft.
She took the keys to my car! She took the keys to my car! A whole night in the cells just to be questioned for two minutes.
Thanks a lot.
My kingdom for a shower.
At least you got to leave, unlike the rest of them.
- Excuse me, I'm Kate Minola.
- Oh, hello.
- Do I know you? - No, but I work for them.
Keys, please! - Thank you! - The police need to know Curtis wouldn't kill anyone.
- He's a vegan.
- As a vegan myself, I'd have to agree.
And I have to say, he really didn't strike me as the stabby type.
Oh, he is the type, all right.
We're charging Curtis with murder and the others with assisting an offender.
- Did he confess? - To everything except the killing.
But his prints are all over the knife.
The others are playing dumb but their DNA's everywhere.
- What a bunch of amateurs.
Something you lot have in common.
- Amateurs? He's right, though, isn't he? Why didn't they dispose of the body or the knife? Why leave a leaflet in the barn? The belongings, clothes, everything - - it doesn't add up.
- Wait.
Did you find a beret? Two-parts Che Guevara, one-part Brigitte Bardot? - Yes.
- That was mine.
I told you it was stolen.
And everyone in the commune was complaining about all their stuff going missing.
So if they planted stuff in the barn to frame Mortal Coil, who took it from the commune? And how? The place was filled with activists 24/7 - it was never empty.
What about fire alarm that happened the first night you stayed there, about 3.
00am? Did everybody leave the building? All of us did, including Curtis.
That's terrible news.
It means she might actually be right.
Come on.
So, Frank, now that I'm your boss, can I have my book back? Huh, fat chance.
The contents of Curtis' bin.
You're welcome.
I'm going to need some gloves.
Just get on with it, will you? So, if Curtis is guilty of kidnapping but not murder, how did the prints get on the knife? Bianca said he threatened them with it when they were in the carriage.
So someone could have set him up from the start.
But who? My father.
Well, he could have got Bianca to go along with the kidnapping.
Are you saying you think your sister's involved, too? I don't know.
She'd do pretty much anything for my dad and men would do pretty much anything for her.
She could have got Curtis to go along with the whole plan.
Your father didn't kill Lucas - he was with us the whole time.
And we can pretty much rule out Bianca - there wasn't a speck of blood on her wedding dress.
She said they were thrown into the boot of a car, but whose car? - Maybe Curtis'? - No way.
- Well, he'd never own a car.
- But he could hire one.
So, Mr McTreehugger drove after all.
How long did he take it out for? He left the deposit the morning of the wedding, returned it the next day at 11.
Almost the exact same time that Lucas was killed.
I mean, I know time of death's an approximation, but, still, that's Curtis's signature.
Proves he was in town.
So that means Bianca lied about Curtis killing Lucas.
- And if she lied about that - Then what else did she lie about? The car's the key.
We know someone snuck into Mortal Coil the night Bianca stayed in the barn and Curtis was at the commune.
And the rental car wasn't returned until the next day, so Bianca did have access to it.
But how are we going to prove she drove there? Witnesses are going to be thin on the ground at three o'clock in the morning.
There's a row of shops across the road - perhaps one of them has CCTV.
If that's Bianca, she would have just been doing what my dad told her to do.
- Kill her husband? - We don't know she did.
- Maybe my dad hired a hit man.
- Huh! OK, fine.
But you said yourself there was no blood on the dress.
There was no blood on the dress.
She was wearing something else.
She had a change of clothes.
Well, that's not all she had cos this is a receipt from Curtis' shopping the day before the kidnapping.
There's, like, bread and cereal and blah, blah, blah, red wine, sirloin steak.
- Fancy that for a vegan.
- Exactly.
Toothbrushes, toothpaste and a kitbag.
So he was, like, getting stuff together for Bianca's stay in the barn.
So while she was enjoying a nice juicy steak, poor old Lucas was trussed up on his own.
When it came time to kill him, she used Curtis' knife, bagged up the bloody clothes, put the wedding dress back on.
- And played the victim for the whole world to see.
- No! She'd only just married Lucas - why would she want him dead? Frame Mortal Coil.
Help your father's business.
She stood to inherit Lucas's fortune.
What, and Curtis was helping Bianca just for the ransom money? Well, and love, presumably.
It was never about the ransom for Bianca.
She just wanted Curtis to send the note so she could implicate him.
Then, when it was in the morning post, she could stage her big escape.
I'm sorry, Kate.
If we're right, how do we prove it? The kitbag - police never found it.
Where could she have put it? - I dunno.
Threw in a stream? - That's too risky.
- Burnt it? - No, no, cos she would have smelled of smoke and she didn't.
But her dress was just covered in dirt, wasn't it? She said that she had to hide under some leaves, so maybe she dug a hole.
- Maybe she buried it.
- Which is bad news for us.
That means it could be anywhere in the woods.
- To Minola Energy.
- Minola Energy.
What are we celebrating? Daddy got his fracking license.
Wonderful, isn't it? Yes, it is.
Congratulations, Dad.
I know I've not exactly been easy to be around lately, but I've learnt how important family is and I'm sorry it took nearly losing my sister to see it.
Can I have some of that? Frank says they've almost got enough evidence to put Curtis away for life.
- Almost? - The police think he may have buried something.
Doing another search of the woods tomorrow.
- To justice being done.
- Justice.
- Justice being done.
- To business.
- Yes.
- Do you even know where it is? - Of course I do.
Look, it's right there.
Babe, these are suede shoes.
Do it for me.
You're lucky I adore you.
- Put your back into it.
- It's filthy.
That's it! Give it to me! I think we'll be having that.
Yeah, I think the police will be interested in the contents.
- You set me up.
- What, like you did to Curtis? - Rufus made me do it.
- What?! He's been controlling me for years.
- He hurts me if I don't do as he says.
- I've never touched her! - I only found out about this tonight.
- Come on, Bianca.
- Nobody believes your little victim act.
- None of this was to do with me.
It's time to come clean.
- I swear it.
- Bianca, there's nowhere else to go.
Was the kidnapping Dad's idea? Please.
I love him dearly, but he's not that clever.
No, it was all me.
Mortal Coil was set to ruin the business and I couldn't have that.
How did you get Curtis to go along with your plan? How do you think? Men are pathetic.
Sorry, Rufus, but it's true.
I told Curtis we'd let Lucas go once the ransom was paid.
I'd point the finger at some fictitious criminal gang, and him and his stupid group of do-gooders would get the money to save the world.
I'm not sorry.
Curtis got what was coming to him.
And, as for Lucas I know I shouldn't laugh, but you should have seen his face.
You don't care about a single living thing, do you? What, like you? Crying every time an ant gets stepped on.
You have to take what you want in this life.
Well, unfortunately, you're not going to have much of a life now, are you, rotting in prison? DS Keeler, please.
Oh, he scores! - Hard at work as usual.
- Oh.
Oh, hello.
What brings you here? We thought you might like to know Curtis has just been released on bail, - thanks to Dad's lawyers.
- The least I could do after Bianca's trial date's been set.
- We've all been called to testify.
- Yes, sorry.
Don't be.
Perhaps if I taught my daughter to value life more she wouldn't have wasted hers - - or poor Lucas'.
- It's not your fault, Dad.
I'll wait in the car for you.
A pleasure to see you all.
He is getting better and he's agreed to let me help him at work.
You're working for Minola Energy? Now he's decided to go green.
He's even employed Mortal Coil to help advise him - on the condition that we all wear suitable corporate attire, of course.
- Now that I would like to see.
- Mm.
Suppose you'll be wanting this back.
Thank you - all of you.
Especially you, Frank, for putting up with my fiery temper.
Well, you were a worthy adversary.
Not the face! Relax.
I'm giving you a hug.

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