Shameless US s04e05 Episode Script

There's the Rub

- This is what you missed last week on Shameless - Come on, Lip, I'm going home.
You let some dude finger you last night on the El? You make it sound so filthy.
And he's not just any dude.
No, he's your boyfriend's brother! Yo, Robbie, it's me.
To Kevin Ball, I leave my beloved - "Alibi Room.
" - What? Why don't you send me $500 a month - for two years.
- Okay.
No one's getting laid till they get paid.
Look, I got the labor force already.
All I need is the clientele and a location.
- You've got both.
- I want to enlist.
- Phillip.
- It's Lip.
It's just Gallagher now.
Get on.
I want you to break my leg.
I need the insurance money.
It's the only way I'll be able to pay for the transplant.
Aah! My own daughter isn't even a match! - Daughter? - Oh, fuck it.
Get out! You know, I'm getting pretty damn tired of everybody telling me where I should be and what I should be doing.
Well, then, stop making them have to! Grow the fuck up! I need a-a beer for my daughter here.
think of all the luck you got know that it's not for naught you were beaming once before but it's not like that anymore what is this downside that you speak of? what is this feeling you're so sure of? round up the friends you got know that they're not for naught you were willing once before but it's not like that anymore what is this downside that you speak of? what is this feeling you're so sure of? You're wondering why I picked this corner? - I'm really not.
- Well, it's 'cause-- You call me when I'm with Mike.
Text me when I'm with Mike.
How about we just cut out the middleman, which is me, and you can fuck your brother? I'm bringing you there.
You're going on with your life, I'm-- Oh, this motel? It's classy.
Rooms by the hour.
That's why it's fun.
You know how last time when I told you to stop texting me and it turned into sex? This isn't that.
I don't know why it took me this long to start hating myself, but I got there.
It's a shitty feeling.
I'm not punishing you or blaming you.
I just really need this to end.
_ _ Phillip Gallagher? Yeah, who's asking? Fort Dearborn Military Police.
Can you step out of the stall please? You know, I'm gonna be busy for a while, but you can join me if you want to wipe my ass.
Wait, what the fuck, man? - Hey, hey! - Sergeant, wait! You're Phillip Gallagher? Jesus, what the hell's going on? Or do you get off on watching guys taking a dump? Is that your social security number? Blow me.
Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Do you know this man? No, I've never seen him before in my life.
Any idea how he got a hold of your name and social security number? No, but it's pretty scary, you know? I'm feeling pretty fucking violated over here.
What's he, uh, what's he wanted for? For impersonating you, apparently.
Also for attempted theft of government property and being away without leave.
Wow, no shit.
What did he try and steal? Helicopter.
Surface-to-air missile.
- Army issue boxer bris.
- Sergeant! Mr.
Gallagher, we may need you to testify.
We'll be in touch.
Well, at ease, gentlemen.
I've always wanted to say that.
So this is it.
This is where my dad lives.
In all its grandeur.
No one's home? Thought I might meet my brothers and sisters.
Yeah, well, they're pretty busy.
Anyway, we should hit the road.
Time to find out what this foot is worth to the damn insurance company.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
- For your toes! - Ah.
Come on, sit down.
Hopefully, they won't break our hearts again this season.
So, um, there's something I have to say.
You and me, we have a connection.
I mean, last week I was trying to get you into the sack.
It's understandable under the circumstances.
I thought, "The sex is gonna be amazing," and then I found out you were my dad, so that was, like an adjustment.
My whole life, I've been looking for a daddy.
The old men who'd get lucky with me at last call, the bass player who got herpes in Manila, and now, at last, I have you.
Only-- What? You didn't come find me because you need another daughter.
You just need a liver, right? And I'm gonna help you find one, but if that's all this is - No, no.
- Then I-- No.
I mean, yes, initially I sort of looked at you as an organ farm, but when you figured out we were family, you didn't treat me like the rest of my kids-- rats leaving a sinking ship.
And, hell, I wouldn't have blamed you.
But you stuck around.
You gave me hope.
I'm sorry.
I hate to cry.
I'd be crying too if I wasn't so high.
Come on, daddy.
Let's go get you some money, huh? Mm.
_ _ Hey, you wanna guess.
Guess what? What we're doing for your birthday.
Going dancing? - Mm-mm.
- I mean, skydiving? - Mm.
- Sex club? I knew it.
Sex club.
- I'll wear my crotchless teddy.
- Uh, cocktail attire.
Wear something warm in case we want to hang outside.
Ah, I've never been to an outdoor sex club.
Oh, yeah, you know what? Speaking of romantic, intimate getaways-- my mom.
She wanted us to come grill tonight.
- She did? - Mm-hmm.
- That's so nice.
- Yeah.
So it's just us.
And Robbie.
And my parents.
Is that okay? Perfect.
I own the Alibi Room! It's a bar, which you may not know, because your fucking scaffolding is covering the sign! Uh-huh.
Your guy said that-- Your-- your-- Excuse me! Can you please stop jackhammering for one minute? Thank you! Your guys said the scaffolding is to check the building - for loose bricks or something.
- Correct.
Yeah, then why are you digging up the sidewalk? New sewer line.
I depend on walk-in business, all right? Customers see the sign, they go, "Hey, that's a nice bar.
I want a drink there.
" Here's the important part.
They need the sidewalk to walk into my bar! How long? What? How long is it gonna be torn up? A day or two? More like six or seven.
Seven days? Weeks.
Fuck! Hey.
- No way.
- Lip! - You're home! - Hey.
Thought it was time I stopped by, check in.
- How are the coeds? - Oh, it varies by coed.
- What's this? - Creepy art she's making - 'cause her boyfriend dumped her.
- A boyfriend? I'm expressing myself creatively.
You're counting underarm hair with a mirror.
Check it out, four new ones.
Get off of me! Phillip! How nice! No one told me you'd be home! Sheila, wha-- what are you doing here? Good question.
Well, Fiona's at work, and then she has a barbecue at Mike's house, and I said I'd be happy to watch the kids.
Nice, and you and Liam here having a candle-lit dinner? Well Fiona said it was okay if I had my date over.
It's actually our fourth date.
He's such an interesting man.
What's the music? "Tribal Twilight, Recorded Songs Of The Menominee Indian Tribe.
" That would be my succotash.
Hold on.
There you go.
Hey, um, you guys heard anything from Ian? Not for weeks.
And Fiona doesn't even care.
What about the US army.
You hear anything from them? We're looking for Phillip Gallagher.
He's at college.
- No.
- Why the army? - 'Cause Ian joined up.
- Cool.
Is he old enough? No, he used my name and social when he signed up, and then he tried to steal a helicopter and a bunch of other shit.
Went AWOL.
Helicopter? Awesome.
- Does Fiona know? - No, not yet.
You know when she's gonna be back? She doesn't always come home.
- Lots of Sheila babysitting.
- You could call her.
No, it's not the kind of news you want to deliver on the phone.
Hey, is that your boyfriend with the toothpicks in his head? It's sort of abstract.
I'm calling it "True Love.
" Super creepy.
Collectors will pay millions for it one day.
An early work from Debbie Gallagher's collage phase.
- I'll see you guys later, okay? - Where you going? I'm gonna go ask around about Ian.
See if anyone's heard from him.
- Okay.
- Bye.
Like you know anything about art.
All right, turn to the left.
And raise the leg.
Yeah, now make a sad face.
What, do I look happy? Oh, man.
Totally thought you were gonna wuss out on me on this, come back with a hairline fracture, but this? This is a masterpiece.
I mean, this is like a aerial photo of ground zero.
You should be very proud.
Just tell me we can get 100 grand.
Oh, I'd say 100Gs, easy.
That's wonderful.
I am just going to get my hands on the forms.
She signs as a witness, right? We file the claim, and then you get a check in 16 months.
What-- 16 months? No, that's too long.
My liver is failing now.
Well, I can push for a quick settlement.
- How quick.
- A year? Hey, Frank, they're not gonna just hand you the cash, okay? Suck it up and survive.
Stay with me tonight.
I'll take care of you.
I'm gonna need more meds.
Mandy ain't here.
That's good, 'cause I came to talk to you.
The fuck you want? You heard anything from Ian? No.
It's important.
So you think I give a shit 'cause I worked with the guy? You're gonna make me spell it out? What the fuck you getting at? Nothing, I'm just worried about him.
That's all.
Well, I haven't seen him.
How hard was that? He in trouble? What kind of trouble? I'll tell you when I find out.
Robbie, tell them what you were saying about the turkey.
- Yeah? - Turkey? When I was at Ted's in Oregon, he wanted me to try his famous deep-fried turkey.
So we put this hot oil pressure - cooker thing in the yard - Right.
And put the turkey in, and it exploded.
Set the entire side of his house on fire.
- No way.
- Fire trucks, all that.
They put the fire out, and the house was more or less okay.
But then we saw the turkey by the swimming pool.
This is really good.
- Oh, you've heard this? - Pull a drumstick off and try it and it was really, really good! Can you believe it? - Wow.
- That's funny.
- Mm.
- Yeah.
Did dad tell you how I want to move to Portland? - No.
- Oh, that's interesting.
'Cause he said he spoke to you and you were the one who talked him out of writing the check to cover my move.
No, he didn't mention that you were moving to Oregon.
- Hmm.
- Can we not do this - with a guest here? - What, Fiona? She's practically family, mom.
Look, Robbie, I haven't told dad anything that I haven't said to you, all right, and I think it's a smart idea for-- - I don't tell you what to do.
And so if you want to sell cups for the rest of your life with dad, go for it, all right? Sit behind a fake wood desk all day and make payments on your duplex and your cool Dodge Challenger.
What, are you chasing your dreams, is that it? How's that working out, Robbie? Fiona can you give me a hand with the skewers? - I'd love to.
- Thanks.
I don't have anything against-- That lakeboat looks gorgeous at night, all lit up.
What? What lakeboat? - Mike said for your birthday-- - Uh, Bill! It was a surprise.
- I thought it was-- - Oh, he made it perfectly clear.
Oh, shit, I'm sorry.
I'll pretend I'm surprised.
And now that you mention it, it does sound fun.
It's wonderful.
I took Nancy there a few years ago.
Aw, it was so romantic.
Got a table by the window.
There's seating on the outside, but it gets pretty cold out there.
Just bring a warm coat.
There's a lit dance floor and, I guess, a DJ or a live band, depending.
We just sat at our table, got-- God damn it! - What? - Stop it, you two-- Stop! Stop it, stop! - Oh, my God.
- Fuck off! Stop it! - What happened? - Stop it.
What did you say? Everything okay? I'll wait inside.
No, you should go.
Mike, I don't know what he sa-- Please, just go.
Actually, my deceased ex-husband had very strong Christian beliefs, and I would go to church with him, but I've got to admit, it's been a while.
- I'm not a Christian.
- What? But the-- the website was christian-mingle.
Good way to meet nice white women.
Oh, well, I'll take that as a compliment.
- My eyes enjoy you.
- Oh! Don't let me interrupt.
I stashed some THC edibles in the freezer.
I gotta-- What was your name again? Climbing Weed? - Running Tree.
- Oh.
You're Indian? The feather, not the dot? He's a Menominee Indian, Frank.
We both are, actually.
My great-grandmother was raped by a Menominee warrior, and I'm learning all about the culture.
- Isn't this a great country? - Yeah.
Just one, big, rapey melting pot.
Frank, we're just-- we're having dinner.
No, I'm fine.
Can I ask you a delicate question? Thanks.
On the Indian reservation, you people drink yourselves unconscious, but I never hear of an Indian getting a liver transplant.
- Why is that? - Government won't pay for it.
- So we use a sweat lodge.
- Yeah? It's a ceremony.
It cleans your liver, your spleen.
Opens your soul to the great spirit.
And it's a real high.
Releases the toxins in your fat cells.
It's like snorting oxy, man.
It's beautiful.
Do-- do you think it would work for my liver? - This baby's on its last legs.
- No question.
But I live in a condo.
No place to build a lodge.
Well, you could use my yard.
That would be all right with you? Oh, I think it would be just wonderful.
It's been a while.
But, hell yes.
Let's do it.
- Fuck Western medicine.
- To sweatin' it out.
To sweating it out.
To sweatin' it out! What is that? I'm gonna put this sign outside so people know to come in the back.
_ You realize that's not how you spell "Come," right? - Shit.
- Baby, he saw you.
How are you, my friend? What can I get you? Well, let's see.
I'll start with two legally-mandated monthly payments of $500 each.
And I'd love to give them to you, but this bar is a financial black hole.
And now the city has blocked our front door, so people think we are closed.
The minute we turn it around you'll get paid, I promise.
Well, you're keeping up with my father's legacy.
- We're trying.
- Violating my trust and screwing me over! Even dead, he fucks me! $1,000, tomorrow.
Understand? Was he threatening us? Yeah, he's gonna beat us to death with his limp wrist.
Though he did inherit his father's gun collection.
And his daddy was a loan shark.
He might have learned a few tricks of the trade.
So far, this day has sucked ass.
What kind of clues are we looking for? Uh, a friend of Ian we don't know about, an address.
Anything, really.
He really stole a helicopter? Doesn't sound like Ian.
You're worried? Yeah.
Yeah, you know, it would be nice to find him before the army does.
I can help look for him after school tomorrow.
It would be great if you could talk to Mandy.
You don't want to? She's mad at you, isn't she? Yeah, we reconnected, and things got complicated.
- Did you have sex? - What? You don't have to tell me.
Yeah, but you know, it was no big deal.
If it wasn't sex, then what was the problem? Everything else.
Tell me what you told Mike! The truth! He needed to know.
Oh! Oh, that was for his sake? How generous.
I did you a favor, okay? Fuck you.
You don't want to be with him.
You don't know shit about me.
- Oh! - Shit! You've got to be kidding me.
- Ah! - Uh-- 'scuse-- Hey, you mind not swinging that shit around? You're gonna fuckin' hurt someone.
- This is your fault! - Mine? I'm practically tripping over these bitches.
I want them gone, now! I was gone ten fucking minutes! Yo, it's Mickey.
In or out? I told you, I'm in.
I'm just not looking forward to discussing it with my wife.
I'll call you back.
Baby? - Yeah? - You know how we were talking about using Stan's apartment to generate some income? Rent it out.
Or, we could open up another business.
Since this one is going so well.
You know how expensive it is to get a business license? Unless we don't need one.
Svetlana and her girls are out of work-- Wait.
Wait a minute.
Do you want to open a whorehouse? No, of course not! Just a rub and tug.
It's a massage with a happy ending.
I know what a rub and tug is.
Those girls are trained professionals.
And compared to this place, it's pure profit.
Baby, look, we are victims of a society that squeezes the lower middle class, screws up our businesses because of jackhammers and taxes and regulations and unnecessary paperwork, basically forces us to do illegal shit.
Now I'm having four kids! And if that means I've got to turn out some Russian whores to feed my family and pursue the American dream, that's how it's gotta be! I was gonna say I think it's a great idea.
- Really? - Yeah.
Let's get those bitches tuggin'.
There you go.
It means a lot, you looking after me like this.
I am a lucky public-- oh, Jesus Chr-- ow! Chuckey, be careful! No, no, it's fine.
It's fine.
- He didn't mean to.
- No.
Did you, Chuckles? Funny kid.
- It's nice to be with family.
- It sure is.
Morning, Debs.
Oh, probably not a good time - to tell Fiona about Ian.
- And why is that? Her and Mike broke up.
Heard her talking to V.
And after a breakup, a woman's not in the mood for bad news.
Hi, Mike.
Sorry for the 15 stalker voicemails.
I'm assuming you don't want to see my face in the office, but maybe I should come get my stuff.
I'm not really sure how to handle it, so, uh, call me if, uh Yeah.
Doesn't sound like a fun night.
Every time I close my eyes, I see Mike.
- The way he looked at me.
- Mm.
Last night, after a 16-hour work day at the Alibi, Kev and I heated Tater Tots for dinner.
And when I picked up those little brown lumps out of the microwave, Kev made this face.
That's how you look when you talk about Mike.
- What? - Mike's a nice guy, but you were never that into him.
I have never made that face.
Mike is a Tater Tot.
There's no way that he doesn't fire me.
Not to mention, his dad owns the company, - and he was there last night.
- Ouch.
I was getting so used to a steady paycheck.
Groceries without coupons, and wine in a bottle instead of a box.
You think they'll pay me for last week, or just stiff me? Oh, health insurance.
I mean, we have to get to the dentist before they cancel it.
Told you.
Holy shit! When did you get home? Last night.
- So good to see you.
- Yeah, you too.
Unless you failed out of school.
Why are you here? It's your birthday.
My birthday.
She wasn't planning on celebrating with us, but now we can have our party here.
Kev will bring cheap booze.
Like, really cheap.
I can pick up a cake from the supermarket.
- I know this is hard.
- Thanks, Debs.
Hope those aren't for us.
Back to bag lunches, I'm afraid.
Bologna and cheese.
You can't just start giving us lunch money and then cut us off.
I know.
I'm sorry.
If Mike wants to fire you, make him act like your boss and write that shit on a human resource form.
"I terminated this employee because I was screwing her, and then she started screwing my brother.
" - You what? - Really? My bad.
But seriously, this shit is the definition of sexual harassment.
So I'm just gonna go into the office like nothing happened, with everyone staring at me and hatin' me? Do you need the paycheck or not? Where are the massage tables? Hey, you know how much those things cost? Look at this, Salvation Army, All we gotta do is hang some sheets, divide the space up.
Yeah, but what about the cleanup? What about it? Isn't there gonna be jizz all over the floor? You're over-thinking this, man.
Look, we've got everything we need.
Lube, Clorox, all in bulk.
- How much we charge? - 50 bucks, girls get 17.
Same as Sasha? At least over there, we have walls.
- We have tables.
- Yeah, and we learned a valuable lesson-- anyone can jerk a cock.
I jerk mine, he jerks his.
Learn a unique skill or shut the fuck up.
No one knows what the fuck you're saying.
Hey, Fiona.
Good morning.
Can you come with me? I need to speak with you.
- Everything okay? - Better if we speak privately.
happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday, dear Fiona happy birthday to you Make a wish! Oh attagirl! Yeah! Get some plates and napkins.
Come on, we're hungry.
Got some cake to eat! - Do you like chocolate? - Yes! I want to help, but if Ian wanted me to share where he was, - you'd already know.
- He called you? I didn't say that.
What do you know about Ian's sex life? Well, he's gay.
There's an old boyfriend of Ian's.
- From how long ago? - No, I mean like "Old" old.
Like, over 40.
I don't know his name, but if you find him, ask him about Ian.
Anything? Yeah, said we should ask Ian's old boyfriend? Someone with gray hair? Jimmy's dad.
He crawled into my bed once, poked me with a full chub.
- Wait, you mean Ned? - Yeah, Ned.
Wait, so Jimmy's dad was Ian's boyfriend? I'm not sure they ever made it to boyfriend status, but, yeah, that's who Mandy's talking about.
Yeah, Dr.
Ned Lishman.
Come on in! Running Tree, this is Frank's daughter, Sammi, and her son, Chuck.
Sorry I'm late, Sheila.
I couldn't find anyone to watch the kids.
Oh, that's no-- What kids? Oh.
Brought the whole tribe, did ya? Y-you didn't tell me that you had kids.
- You never mentioned it.
- My sister's.
She ran off a few months ago with her junkie boyfriend.
Well, hello, and welcome to all of you.
- What are your names? - This is Dale, Ben, Sarah, Denise, and Gary.
Hello, Gary.
What's your Indian name? Gary.
Well, I'm Sheila.
Just Sheila.
We're gonna need some help building this lodge.
These kids are useless.
- What do you need? - Well, we need a dozen fist-sized basaltic rocks, kindling, a couple of shovels, a pail of water, and all the tarps, quilts, and buffalo skins we can find.
Come in.
I assume this is professional in nature? It's not, but it won't take long.
Can I shut the door? I'd prefer you left it open.
I owe you an explanation, because what I did was crazy.
And I keep asking myself why I did it.
The only answer that I can come up with is that I think I was trying to prove something.
Not to you, but to myself.
Prove that I didn't deserve you or this job, your parents, your friends all these nice, normal, functional people.
I really didn't think I deserved any of it.
And in the end, I was right.
That it? Yeah.
Are you firing me? No.
I am transferring you to Account Management.
I'd prefer you didn't work for me directly.
Thank you.
I'm the one who's sorry, by the way.
Why? That I'm not more interesting.
You are.
I'm really not.
I hold down a job, I look after my family, care about telling the truth.
I'm sorry those aren't selling points.
Um, if you, uh If it's all right, I'd like you to leave now.
You're not delivering my sushi, are you? Uh, no, afraid not.
Do I know you? Yeah, I'm Lip.
Ian's brother.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah! - Yeah.
- How can I help you? I'm afraid Jimmy hasn't been in touch for a while.
We're looking for Ian.
Hello! Why don't you both come inside? Sure, yeah.
Know what pisses me off? That Chris won't just say-- Hello.
You really got a type, huh? What does that mean? Um, these are Ian's siblings.
- Oh.
- Great, so you both know him.
Where can we find him? Um I'll let you know when the food comes.
I let Ian crash here for a while.
- When? - A few weeks ago.
Then I came home and he was hosting a group of-- well, in my opinion-- unsavory characters.
They smashed my glass tabletop with a bottle of Jagermeister.
When things settled down, I asked Ian to leave.
Where did he go? Well, he's with your mother.
Monica? Great, so they're under a bridge somewhere.
Oh, it was a house.
I still have the address.
You want it? - Yeah, please.
- Ah.
Hey, Debs, why don't you, uh, why don't you go home, yeah? Why? Just 'cause every time we find Monica, you know, we wish we hadn't.
She might not know where she is, who she is, who we are.
I'm not a little kid.
There's no way I'm shelling out 50 bucks for a handjob.
- 30, maybe.
- Okay, I'll tell you what.
For 30 bucks, you can go jerk yourself off.
We've got overhead, Tommy.
The laundry alone is killing-- Hey, I pay 30 at the Thai place, and they wash towels too.
Damn Thai sex workers, stealing jobs from decent Americans.
Our girls are Russian.
They eat with forks, not with sticks, right? Baby, you hit up everyone who's come in here, all three of 'em.
What if we advertise? Put an ad in Craigslist or one of those free local business things? Hey, yeah, we can get some meth heads to hand out flyers and shit.
- And pay them how? - We don't.
We just tell them we'll pay 'em, and if they complain about it, we'll beat the shit out of them.
Carl! Carl! Carl, hey.
I got a job for you, son.
I'm busy.
No, this is-- this is better.
We're gonna build a sweat lodge.
Great big rocks, heated by a big fire, and a teepee-- - Big fire? - Yeah.
Oh, this is Sammi, your big sister.
- It's time you met.
- Hi! Hi.
I already got two sisters.
Yeah, well, here's another one.
This is your nephew.
Chucky, baby, this is your uncle, Carl.
Wow, they even look alike.
Oh, shit.
This is an emotional situation.
Can I talk to you for a second? - Excuse us, would you? - Sure.
- She's freaking me out.
- I get it.
Look, how about I take Sammi to the Alibi for reinforcements? You and Chuck gather saplings.
You can initiate him into the Gallagher way.
Wait, what's a sapling? So what happened with this, uh, boyfriend? Ex-boyfriend.
His name's Matt.
He's nice, but he said we couldn't be together because I'm a virgin, so I tried it with someone else-- Wait, tried? Sex.
With who? Seth Esparelli, in the arcade bathroom.
Jesus, Debs.
Only, it didn't work, and I think we broke up? I mean, I guess.
I haven't really called him to, like-- - Confirm? - No-- yeah.
So stressful.
What the hell? I warned you not to test me.
- Who are these guys? - My intramural tennis team.
And trust me, they do not mess around.
Do you have my cash? - Wait, are you all gay? - No.
I'm not trying to be insulting, I just want to know if you want a handjob.
Ned said this is the place.
Doesn't look like anyone lives here.
Wait, Lip, don't go in there.
I have to, right? Stay behind me.
- Let's go home.
- It's okay, Debs.
Someone's got the heat on.
This is Ian's.
Yo, Ian! Someone's coming.
Aah! - Sorry! - I have got a gun, you motherfuckers! I will shoot you full of holes! No, please don't do that! We're just looking for our brother! Looking for who? Ian Gallagher? Or-- or Monica? She live here? Who are you? - Do you really have a gun? - Yeah! And Monica don't live here no more.
Okay, look, this is our brother's stuff, okay? So he lives here, right? Look, we're just trying to find him.
He's at work.
And where's that? The White Swallow.
Wait, the what? The White Swallow, in Boystown.
All right, thank you.
Thank you.
Go, Debs, go.
Go, go, go, go, go.
yow! Come on, hurry up! come on, honey, you know what you do, yeah nobody does it like she does nobody does it like she does nobody does it like she does Here you go, here's your change, and Veronica will take care of you.
- Nice.
- Excuse me? No, not her.
Forget it.
- Mickey! - Yeah? Got a customer to take upstairs.
Right this way, McEnroe.
- It's me.
- Hey! I was just about to call you.
We're gonna be a couple of minutes late 'cause we have customers at the bar for the first time in days.
Yeah, I was calling to say I'm not really much in the mood for a party.
Well, that's too damn bad, 'cause Kev and I are coming over with a gallon of "Ivan The Terrible" vodka and a bucket of Cool Ranch Doritos.
If you don't want to partake, you can watch.
Door's open! I don't have a choice? Bye, bitch.
Are you kiddin' me? Happy birthday.
What the fuck are you doing here? Well, I thought we could celebrate together.
Or I could stab myself in the eye with a pencil.
By way of apologizing.
- Now it's a party.
- Coke? Fresh out of rehab, and you have coke? Well, booze is the problem.
I can do coke, a little weed.
But as far as booze goes, I'm clean.
You sound like Frank.
Who's Frank? Oh, you got a mirror? Oh, yeah, right here.
Oh, wait, it's a baseball bat.
Hey! Whoa, easy, easy.
Whoa, whoa.
Okay, okay.
All right.
Happy birthday.
Does he know it's us? Yeah, I think so.
Yo! What's up? Hey, man.
Debbie! Oh, my gosh.
- You look great! - Thank you.
You do too.
This is my brother and sister.
This is family! Hey.
Hey, how long you been working here, huh? - A couple weeks.
- Yeah? This place, it's awesome.
It's-- it's super convenient.
You guys want drinks? They're on the house.
- No, I'm good, I'm good.
- Appletini, Appletin-- - No.
- Two Appletinis.
Hey, Ian, is there anyplace we could talk? Oh, I love this song! Yeah, look, some army MPs came by looking for you.
They want to arrest you for going AWOL, - stealing government property.
- This is top-shelf.
No, hey, did-- did you hear me? They say you stole a helicopter.
That's hilarious.
Is it? Yeah, yeah, I mean, I didn't steal anything, I just started the rotors.
Hey, can you guys hang around for a while? My shift gets off at 2:00, but I always go out after, or hit the local gym, depending on how pumped I am.
But seeing you guys, I-I just-- I feel great, you know? Okay, you know what, hey, let's go outside so we can hear each other, huh? - Try your drink.
- No, outside.
Come on, come here.
- Hey, get your hand off him.
- No, it's fine, it's okay.
We're brothers, all right? We're just talking.
Yo, Ian! And I definitely need some ID.
- Come on, Ian! - Let's go! She's not drinking, man.
Ian! Yo! Why was he acting like that? It's late.
We should go.
Is there something wrong with him? At least we know where he is now, okay? I'll come back and check on him.
Let's get you home, though, all right? Come on.
This is gonna make you feel right at home.
I've got succotash, quinoa, and frybread made from acorn powder, indigenous to our people.
What was your name again? One-Eyed Snake.
And this is Stinking Wind.
Stinking Wind.
That's unusual.
Got any burgers? Buffalo burgers.
I've got buffalo burgers.
Would you like that? Let me get that for you.
Hold on a second.
Hold on, hold on, missy, hold on.
Dumb shit, why are you giving her fake names? - 'Cause she's crazy.
- At least she made us dinner.
Tie it tight.
Nice and tight.
- Yeah, good, good.
- Yeah, we made it! - Holy shit.
- Okay! Dad, dad, dad, dad, dad.
Look what we built.
We took it from a whole pile of trees from the PVC, and then we got-- - Sammi was amazing! She rallied the bar by telling them the lodge would cure impotence, and then she led the charge to steal blankets from the bums on skid row.
Is she a chip off the old block or what? All for a good cause.
Jesus, they reek.
Yeah, well, they'll keep the heat in.
Come on, guys, let's go.
Yay! All right, Alan, here's $350.
I'll give you the rest in a couple of days.
You know, Kevin, the idea of men upstairs, jizzing all over dad's apartment works for me.
Tell your friends, okay? All right, babe, let Tito here take over.
- We got to get to Fiona's.
- All right, just one more shot.
Here's to good old fashioned American capitalism.
You can keep a man down.
But you can never keep him from getting it up.
- Yes, sir! - Mm.
- Ow! Let's go, let's go! - Yeah.
Chief says cover all the holes, come on.
Dad, when Sammi was little, did you ever think about her? Of course I did.
Well, no, I didn't, but that had more to do with her mother.
She was a real pain in the ass.
How come? She wanted me to get a job, support them, yada, yada, yada.
How old are you now, ten? - 12.
- Well, soon you'll knock up your first ghetto girl and ditch her.
But, you get to my age, you get perspective.
You learn to embrace the responsibilities that come with parenthood.
Sammi's my last chance to get it right.
What do you mean, "Get it right"? Huh? I gotta go.
Now? You're gonna miss the ceremony.
See ya.
Soon as I carry these hot rocks into the lodge, we're ready.
You okay? My son just took off.
Huh, look at my sister's kids.
We're out here building a traditional fucking sweat lodge, they're in there watching TV.
Fuck 'em.
- Move that arm! - Oh! Move that arm! Move that arm, move that arm! Liam's breaking it down! Oh! Hi! you'll get high once you want to I don't care if I can't drink or take your drugs! I got Doritos! Doritos are like crack! I might even snort 'em.
you can't have any warning Oh! Well, at least Robbie got one thing right, the prick.
Fiona, get your ass in here! I'm gonna show you how to break it down! Unh, unh.
- Coming.
- Oh! you've got gum stuck in your hair Oh, whoo! Okay, go on.
Hey, Debs.
Thanks for coming with me today.
Yeah, thanks for letting me.
Hey! - Hey! - Look at Lip now! - Cake, cake, cake, cake! - Oh, oh! Where you been? Oh, we just on a little adventure.
I'll tell you all about it later.
Well, looks like somebody's gonna get to keep their job! - Oh, no shit, that's great.
- Mm-hmm.
Fiona! - Oh, my God.
- What? - Oh, shit.
- What's on his face? Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God.
- Step back, step back.
- Oh, my God.
- Step back.
- He's not breathing! - Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God, oh, my God.
- Liam? Liam? Liam? - Oh, my God, call! - Liam? Liam? Step back, give him some room.
Liam? - Oh, my God.
- Liam? Copy that.
Coming inbound with one child.
BP is 200 over 120.
Heart rate's 130.
What'd he take? Coke! He got into my coke.
- How much? - A half gram, maybe more.
I don't know.
- Coming through.
- He gonna be okay? He's gonna be okay, though, right? Yeah, clear the way, please.
Coming through! Three-year-old male, cocaine ingestion.
BP's 200 over 120.
HR is 130.
- He's gonna be okay, right? - Started 2 milligrams of Ativan, 12 minutes out.
He's gonna be okay, right? are you still I'll get the truck.
Thank you, Great Spirit, for this blessing, for the good earth, plants, and trees.
The universal lifeblood of our sweat intermingles with the waters of the world, carried to the four quarters of the planet.
We know you, healing spirit, when you are with us.
Your voice is the voice of all things.
You call to us-- Frank Gallagher! - Aah! - Jesus Christ! Wow, it's hot.
Hey, is Frank in here? It's about his son, Liam.
Dad? Beat 5533, I need an ambulance.
They won't let me back there.
I was watching him at the party.
I thought he was in the living room.
Excuse me, Liam? Liam Gallagher? Have a seat.
Someone will be out with you in a minute.
What was that? Who's Fiona? That's me.
Put your hands behind your back.
What? Fiona Gallagher, you have the right to remain silent.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, what's going on? Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford one, one will be appointed to you.
Do you understand your rights as I've read them to you?
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