Shameless US s04e06 Episode Script

Iron City

This is what you missed last week on Shameless.
It was a great episode.
Oh, Debbie.
Debbie, stop.
- Don't you want to? - Someday.
- Well, why not now? - 'Cause you're 13.
It turns out I'm 1/32 Menominee Indian.
You're even foxier in person.
You didn't tell me that you had kids.
This is Dale, Ben, Sarah, Denise, and Gary.
I studied my ass off for this test.
I'm sorry.
I have this liver condition.
Pretty much kicked.
They say I need a new one.
I never hear of an Indian getting a liver transplant.
We use a sweat lodge.
Cleans your liver, your spleen, and it's a real high.
Frank? How'd you guys start getting it on? I got him drunk and almost fucked him in a tent.
I can get a little wild.
I'm not telling him.
This did not happen.
You got off on it as much as I do.
God damn it! - What? - Mike, I don't know what he-- Please, just go.
What the fuck are you doing here? My way of apologizing.
Now it's a party.
Oh! Fiona! He's not breathing! - Oh, my God! - Oh, my God! - What's on his face? - Oh, my God.
- He got into my coke.
- Who's Fiona? - That's me.
- Fiona Gallagher you have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
think of all the luck you got know that it's not for naught you were beaming once before but it's not like that anymore what is this downside that you speak of? what is this feeling you're so sure of? round up the friends you got know that they're not for naught you were willing once before but it's not like that anymore what is this downside that you speak of? what is this feeling you're so sure of? Look at the camera.
They probably took her to District 6 for booking.
That's where they usually take you before they transfer you to County.
She's gonna need a lawyer.
You got anybody you want us to call? - Lip? - Yeah? Is there a lawyer you want us to use? I used a guy on Calumet a couple years ago for that DUI thing I had, you know? He smells like dirty dish towels, but if you breathe through your mouth, it's bearable.
- Fiona Gallagher? - Philip Gallagher.
- Is Fiona here? - No.
- Will she be back? - No, not soon.
I'm-- I'm Liam's brother.
Is there another parent or legal guardian available? No.
Is Liam gonna be okay? I'm sorry.
I really need a responsible adult present-- Look, my mom's a bipolar drug addict who split years ago, and my dad's a drunk, and the cops just hauled Fiona off to jail, okay? Look, I'm the only thing that passes for a responsible adult that you're gonna find.
Now, how is Liam? Your brother came in with acute cocaine toxicity-- disoriented, hallucinating, and with a dangerously elevated heart rate.
He's on Naloxone for his altered mental status and benzodiazepine to control his seizures.
Seizures? We're monitoring his temperature, his heart rate, and his glucose levels, but he has started to settle down.
Can we see him? I'm sorry.
Only immediate family members over 18 are allowed in the PICU.
We'll stay here with Carl and Debs.
You can touch him.
Why is he, uh, tied down? He was agitated and hurting himself.
It's not unusual in cocaine overdoses.
Is he gonna be okay? Well, it's early yet, but cocaine overdoses aren't usually fatal.
He did have several seizures, and that can lead to intellectual decline.
Brain damage? Learning and language problems, emotional and behavioral disorders.
The developing brain is delicate.
You're gonna need to consult with a pediatric neurologist to monitor any possible long-term deficits.
Look, your little brother is a-- he's a tough guy.
He's strong.
If I was a betting woman, my money would be on a full recovery.
It's okay.
Here we go.
Transport van is here.
Where are we going? Division 4 for processing.
- Put your hands up.
- My brother's in the hospital.
I-I need to make a call and find out how he's doing.
You'll have access to a phone after intake at Division 4.
Set? Let's go.
Come on.
Anything new? We got Deb and Carl into bed.
V is gonna stay with them.
And I got a hold of the cops.
They're moving Fiona to Women's County.
We can catch up to her over there for her arraignment.
What's that? It's admissions paperwork.
"Insurance"? None.
"Employer"? None.
"Credit card number"? None.
Maybe they'll let us wash dishes in the cafeteria.
No, fuck that.
They got to treat him.
They're not gonna kick a sick toddler to the curb 'cause doesn't have a gold card.
That doesn't mean they're not gonna send a collection agency our way.
What, you're worried they're gonna fuck up your credit rating? Fiona's bail hearing is around noon sometime.
I left a message with that lawyer.
- No.
- No, what? Uh, lawyer work for free? V and I can front you some cash.
What, front us some cash? Like we're ever gonna be able to pay you back? - She needs a lawyer.
- And she'll get one.
The PD's office will handle it.
Are you fucking kidding me? An overworked public defender straight out of law school with a couple hundred cases? Works for me.
It was an accident, Lip.
If you say so.
This is some heavy shit, kid.
Illegal drugs, a three-year-old? She might end up doing some serious time.
She's family.
It's almost 5:00.
I've got a quantum physics quiz in three hours.
Guess I'm gonna miss it, huh? You look like your mother.
What? She was a real looker.
Oh, my God.
We almost lost you.
She still a knockout? My mom? Not so much.
Life hasn't been kind.
Diabetes-- lost a foot.
Breast cancer before that-- double mastectomy.
Both of 'em, huh? Mm.
They rebuilt them.
Did a good job too.
She was always complaining bout how she was a little small up there, so she had the doc add a couple bra sizes.
Small? I don't remember that.
Couldn't rebuild the nipples, though, so she had them tattooed on.
Did a pretty good job too-- - even up close.
- Hey! - Look who's conscious.
- He just woke up.
This is Dr.
He saved your life.
Well, temporarily at best.
How you feeling, Frank? Shitty.
Do I know you? Sure.
We're old friends.
According to your extensive medical history, this is your 56th visit to our hallowed hall of healing.
You're a legend around here, Frank.
Two more visits, you'll pass Sterno Stan as our most decorated frequent flyer.
I remember you.
You fucked up my best high ever.
Silly me.
I should have skipped the Narcan, let you OD.
I suspect our Billing Department would have sent me on a carnival cruise if I just let you choke to death on your own vomit.
No, I was fine.
I've done five speedballs before, no problem-o.
Now, according to your daughter here, you passed out in a sweat lodge? Beyond the obvious question of where you found a sweat lodge in the city of Chicago in the middle of winter, what in God's name were you thinking? Liver's giving out, no time to get a new one.
Indians sweat the alcohol out and live forever.
I realize western medicine isn't offering you many alternatives, Frank, but all that holistic crap will kill you faster.
How long you been a drinker? Started when I was 12.
Never breathed a sober breath since, till this damn liver quit doing its job.
What job is that? Processing the copious amounts of alcohol I send its way daily.
If there were an anti-AA, I'd have a 40-year drunk chip rattling around in my pocket.
Given your four decades of stumble-down, hammered-in-the-gutter commitment to pro-level alcoholism Thank you.
I think you owe your liver a condo in Boca and some shuffleboard.
You know you're dying, right? We're all dying, Doc.
Soon? Nope.
Not ready to punch my ticket yet.
I got a good ten years left.
Just got to give this old liver a couple of months to rejuvenate, get its mojo back.
- How soon? - Very soon.
"Order the flowers and decide between an urn or a casket" soon.
Not gonna happen, Doc.
You don't know us Gallaghers.
We're resilient.
You have cirrhosis-- the result of chronic progressive liver disease.
You're losing excretory function.
You've developed ascites, variceal hemorrhages, hepatic encephalopathy, and renal impairment.
Time's up, Frank.
Is there anything else we can do? Make him comfortable.
Hospice is an excellent option.
I assume cost is an issue.
There are several nice ones around that accept the indigent-- run by religious orders, but well worth a couple choruses of Amazing Grace to have your last days be someplace nice.
Pleasure knowing you, Frank.
Good luck.
Back at you, Doc.
Fiona Gallagher? Yes? Any medical issues? No.
Diabetes? Tuberculosis? HIV? Food allergies? You hooked on anything-- drug dependencies we should know about? What about medications? You taking any prescription meds? No.
- Personal items, please.
- What? Watch, rings, bracelets, earrings, wallet, money.
Keys, any other piercings, everything in your pockets.
My brother's in the hospital.
Uh, I need to make a call, find out how he's doing.
- Arm, please.
- Please, can I make a call and find out how my brother's doing? That you? Sign here to acknowledge these are the possessions you gave me.
Down the hall to the right and strip.
Let's go.
In there.
Clothes in the bag.
Underwear too.
Arms up.
Open your mouth.
Flip up the top lip.
Flip the bottom.
Lift up your tongue.
Soles of your feet.
The other one.
Bend over for me, please.
Put on the uniform.
Can I get my call now, please? Get in your uniform.
Let's go.
They still sleeping? Yeah.
Liam? Same.
Lip stayed.
He's gonna call if anything changes.
You want some coffee? Should we be getting them ready for school? They didn't get to bed till 2:00.
I don't even remember seeing Liam, do you? Was he down here the whole time, and I just didn't notice him? I-I don't know.
It was a Gallagher pop-up party.
Booze was flowing.
Noise was noisy.
There was a lot of shit going on.
I should've noticed him, kept an eye on him.
It's not our kid.
It's not our job to watch him.
It is our job.
With Lip off at college and Ian running away, Fiona can't keep track of these kids all by herself.
Look, I'm not saying it's her fault.
I'm just saying that it's not ours either.
It's nobody's.
Shit happens.
What's gonna happen with our babies? They're gonna be fine.
We're gonna keep 'em safe.
They're gonna grow up happy and smart and play for the Bulls.
One of 'em's gonna be elected president.
- Of the United States? - Hell, yeah.
Why not? We already elected a skinny half-black Muslim dude named after a towel-head dictator.
Good morning, Mr.
It's a sweat lodge.
It's great for getting rid of toxins.
Yeah, bring your mom by later.
We'll heat it up.
I'm sure it'll help her emphysema.
Okay, have a good day, Mr.
Stinking Wind! One-Eyed Snake! Runs With Poo! Breakfast! You know that's not their real names, right? It's the names they gave me.
How are you feeling this morning? A little sore.
Violated, but in a good way.
Nothing I haven't felt after spending a day on the saddle.
Ooh, how do you say, um, "Hello, everyone" in Menominee? Posoh mawanew weyak.
Posoh mawanew weyak! I hope you're hungry! I've got, um, nokake pancakes and molasses syrup! So we're gonna have to be heading back to the reservation today, sad to say.
What? Already? Their education beckons.
How far is it? Menominee? About 90 minutes, depending on the traffic.
Got any Mrs.
Butterworth's? Eat and say thank you.
It should only be a couple weeks while I track down my sister.
She's probably out in Reno again.
Log Cabin Maple? Eat it! I have some homemade huckleberry jam if you'd prefer.
They're good.
They're eating.
I was-- I was thinking, well maybe I could come visit you on the reservation.
I've never been.
Why not? You can stay with us.
We have plenty of room.
Do you have a lot of land for farming and agriculture? We live in a double-wide behind the casino.
Oh, that sounds nice.
Casino has a pool with a slide.
And a go-cart track.
Less talking, more eating, please.
There you go.
Want some help with that? Yeah.
You have a collect call from the Cook County Jail from Fiona Gallagher.
To accept this call, press pound.
To accept this call, press pound, or press zero for more options.
Please be aware that all calls from this facility are recorded and monitored by law enforcement authorities.
Hello? Lip? Yeah.
How is he? Liam? Yes, Liam.
Jesus! Lip? He's alive.
He's in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.
But he's gonna be okay? Sure.
Yeah, he's strapped down, 'cause he was hurting himself.
He's on a ton of drugs and an IV and could have permanent brain damage, but he's gonna live.
Are you still there? Yeah, I'm here.
Please, please - Mr.
Gallagher? - Please, tell him that-- Got to go.
Please tell him that I love him, okay? And I'm so, so sorry.
Please? Please? Lip? Lip! So his heart rate and his blood pressure have returned to normal, and his glucose levels have stabilized.
That means we're gonna move him downstairs to a bed in the general pediatrics ward as soon as one becomes available.
Okay? He should be ready to be discharged then in, like, I don't know, a day or two.
- Good.
That's good.
- Yeah.
Uh, Philip, this is Ms.
She's from Social Services.
- Anne.
- Hi.
Your sister is your brother's legal guardian? Along with my father, yeah.
Was your father at home when the incident with Liam occurred? Uh, no, no, he wasn't there.
Do you know where your father is? No idea.
He doesn't live in the home? No, I've been away at college, so I-I don't know.
Do you know where we can find him? No.
And your sister is in police custody? Yeah.
You're gonna need to find your father before Liam is ready to be released, or we're gonna have to place him into foster care.
Can I take responsibility for him? I'm-- I'm an adult, 18.
You're away at college, right? Uh, yeah, but I'll-- I'll quit.
You know, I can take him.
You can petition the court, but that takes time.
Your father is the quicker solution if you want to keep your brother out of foster care, even temporarily.
Would you like to see him? - Yes.
- Okay.
Hey, buddy.
- Hey, hey.
- Look who I brought.
Hey, how you doing? Hi! Hi, monkey man! Hi! You're okay.
You're okay.
You should at least take a look.
No, thank you.
Could be nice.
A bunch of cancer patients screaming for morphine as tumors slowly break their bones, some nun sprinkling the poor fuckers with holy water? One of them was the Methodists.
- I don't think they have nuns.
- Not interested.
Why haven't you asked me about my mom before? - What? - You never asked me about her.
That was a long time ago.
You want to meet her? - Did you tell her about me? - Not yet.
Probably just as well.
We didn't exactly part on good terms.
How come? She told me she was pregnant, I told her to lose my number.
Why? Why what? Why didn't you want to be my dad? We were young.
It was complicated.
Complicated how? She wanted to keep you.
Y-you wanted her to get an abortion? Well, now I'm glad that she didn't, but at the time, hell, yes.
We barely knew each other.
She told me you two were in love! Well, it wasn't quite that romantic.
We met at a party, did too much peyote, and I bent her over a dryer in Johnny Walsh's basement.
A dryer? I remember there was a tennis shoe or something in there-- kept thumping.
I banged your mom to the rhythm of the thing.
Okay, Sammi, wait! Wai-- Loo-- Oh.
Hey! It wasn't candles and Barry White on the stereo.
Who cares? Something incredibly beautiful and special came out of it you.
Will you at least take a look? At what? The hospice places! Oh, for Christ's sake, why? Please.
Okay! Okay.
I'll go.
"Small-breasted," you said? Yep.
I could have sworn the girl I bent over the dryer had a nice set.
Maybe your mom was the chick in the porta-potty at the Rod Stewart concert.
Gallagher! Here to your left.
Fiona Gallagher? - Yeah.
- Maria Vidal.
I'll be your Public Defender for today's arraignment.
Please, welcome to my office.
- You been through this before? - No.
All right, it's gonna take all of about 90 seconds.
The judge is gonna read the charges.
He's gonna ask you how you plea.
You say, "Not guilty.
" Then he's gonna set a bail amount.
Then he'll give us a preliminary hearing date.
You post the bond, and you get the hell out of here.
It was an accident.
I had no idea that my brother was still downstair-- Fiona.
Fiona, right? That's a conversation for later.
Right now we have to get you in front of the judge.
Are you ready? Good.
Gallagher, I'll see you inside.
Hi, Pete.
How you doing? Straight ahead.
Fiona Gallagher.
Case S6-974356.
- Is counsel present? - Yes, Your Honor.
Read the charges.
Possession of a controlled substance, a Class 4 felony under 720 Illinois Criminal Statute 570.
1, and child endangerment, a violation of the Reckless Conduct Code a Class 3 felony.
How does the defendant plead? Miss Gallagher? Not guilty, Your Honor.
Defense requests the accused be released on her own recognizance.
Cocaine overdose in a toddler? The child is still in intensive care.
Bail is set at $100,000.
Check with the clerk to get a preliminary hearing date.
- What? - Next.
Jackson, S4-264296.
All right, straight down.
- Excuse me! - Yes! We're Fiona Gallagher's family.
- Okay.
- $100,000? She didn't carve some dude up and stuff his parts in the freezer! You don't have to put up $100,000.
County only requires 10% for the bond.
They accept collateral of equal value-- a house, a car.
I can try to get it reduced at her preliminary hearing.
If the victim recovers - Liam.
- Liam recovers, that could influence the judge to lower her bail.
Got to go.
- $10,000? - Forget it.
We don't have it.
We can't just leave her in jail.
- We don't have the money, Debs.
- We can raise it.
- We can sell stuff-- - No! Christ! Just drop it! Fuck, Debs! Debbie! Debbie! Smooth, asshole.
Look, we got to find Frank, or they're gonna put Liam into foster care.
- Shit.
- Yeah.
Carl, I want you to go back to the hospital, all right? Stay with Liam, keep us updated on how he's doing.
Look, I already tried the house.
He wasn't there.
All right, you up for another round - of "Where the fuck's Frank?" - Yeah, sure.
Could be in Sheila's sweat lodge.
Her what? Or over at that chick's trailer by the Save-A-Lot.
She hopped a bus before I could catch her.
She's upset.
She'll just go home.
Wonder why.
What? Me yelling at her? You think that's the most traumatic thing that's happened to her in the last 18 hours? Let's just go see if we can find whatever gutter our responsible adult of a father has crawled into this time.
Hospice is a philosophy of care for those faced with a life-limiting illness.
We emphasize quality of life.
And we neither hasten nor postpone death while still supporting the emotional, physical, spiritual, and practical needs of our guests.
It is so nice.
Isn't it nice, dad? Yeah.
Follow me.
We have medical social workers.
We have physical therapists, music and massage therapists, bereavement specialists, nurses, and, of course, there's a priest on duty at all times for the final hours.
Everyone has their own room.
And you're welcome to bring personal items from home to make you feel more comfortable.
We feel that touch is a very important part of our end-of-life therapies.
Hi, Gertrude, Mr.
End-stage pancreatic cancer.
Came on fast.
Six weeks ago, he was swimming laps at the Y.
Oh! Sounds like Melanie's with Mrs.
McCormick! amazing grace how Doesn't she have a marvelous voice? Oh, yeah.
Traveled the world singing lead for "Up With People.
" - Wow.
- Brain tumor.
McCormick's been comatose for weeks, but the music seems to soothe her.
How can you tell? She doesn't moan so much.
Oh, Father, thanks for coming so quickly.
Jobar, end of the hall.
Please hurry.
He doesn't have much time.
The hospital said you take people with limited means.
Oh, yes, we work with Medicare, Medicaid, the indigent.
Oh, that's great.
Isn't that great, dad? Dad? Dad? Where are you going? I can't be in that house of horrors! - Oh, dad, please! - Merchants of death.
She might as well be wearing a black cloak and carrying a scythe.
That's silly! They seem nice.
They murder people in their sleep, cash their Medicaid checks for years! Dad, come on! You're being ridiculous! I can't be in that place! I can't-- I can't-- I ca-- I can't! - Okay? - Okay.
I can't! I-I just want to go home.
Okay, okay, okay.
I'll take you home.
Liam's in the hospital.
He almost died, and Fiona's in jail.
Frank! Frank, you in there? Are you sure we got the right one? Yeah, Carl said she was in this one.
Frank! Shit.
At the Alibi? He hasn't been around since he stopped drinking.
Okay, so parks, under bridges, alleys, the-- the missions, the morgue.
Look, Lip, it wasn't Fiona's fault.
We were all there.
Nobody saw Liam.
You know that, right? How you holding up? Okay.
You don't look good.
You look strung out.
They got a rehab program in here-- methadone, whatever.
I'm not a drug addict.
No? - No.
- Cocaine? That-- that's not a regular thing.
Yesterday was my birthday.
Happy birthday.
I got a copy of the police report.
You told the paramedics it was your coke? Can you call the hospital, please, and find out how my brother's doing? Liam.
Liam Gallagher.
I already did before coming over here.
They said he's doing better.
- Sorry.
- It's okay.
It's okay.
You're all right.
You prepared to tell the cops who sold you the coke? What? If you give 'em a name, sentencing conference will go much easier.
What does that mean? The DA's office is not gonna want to bring this to trial if they don't have to.
They'll be much more open to negotiating probation if you cooperate.
Gives us a little bargaining chip to work with.
Where'd you get the cocaine from? If you bought it on a street corner, don't just make up a guy.
They will burn you for wasting their time.
I didn't buy it on a street corner.
Okay, so are you willing to provide them with a name? I can't do that.
Are you sure? Yes.
Time to hit the concrete trail.
Oh, wait! Hold on! I've got-- I got snacks for the road in case you get hungry.
Roger, that's for you.
And, Stinking Wind, that's for you.
And One-Eyed Snake.
And Runs With Poo.
And, of course, Sarah.
That one has something special in it.
Very kind of you.
What do you say, kids? - Thanks.
- Thank you.
Don't worry.
It's peanut butter and banana sandwiches and Cheetos and some Snickers bars.
Okay, then, here we go.
Okay, good-bye! Good-bye! Bye! Good-bye! - Good-bye! - Bye.
Hey, do you know how to do an Eskimo kiss? Like this.
And do you know how to do a butterfly kiss? Like that.
See you in a couple weeks, wildcat.
Okay, don't forget to buckle your seat belts! Don't take any wooden nickels! - Hey, baby.
- Hey, babe.
- Any luck? - No.
- Frank never showed up here? - Nope.
- Where's Lip? - Had me drop him off.
He's gonna meet us at the house later.
What's all this? I was trying to figure where we were cash- and asset-wise.
I was hoping we could scrape together 10 grand - to get Fiona out.
- And? Not even close.
I called Ronnie over at the bank to see if we could borrow against the bar.
She said it'll take weeks.
Maybe we could sell the truck.
Yeah, I checked the blue book.
- It's only worth 4 grand.
- What? I paid 15,000.
Yeah, eight years ago.
Then it should be a classic.
Christ, I am tired of being poor.
God damn it! Fucking candy-assed motherfucking pussies! Get these goddamn cuffs off! I'll kick your fucking ass! You and your goddamn faggoty boyfriend! You pecker-neck bastards! You rotten motherfuckers! Pig-ass pieces of shit! God damn you! What, did he stab somebody again? Broke parole, failed another piss test.
Shit, why do they even bother to letting him out? He's got to be 50 or 60 swings past three strikes, right? It's overcrowding, I guess.
You just passing by? Uh, Liam's in the hospital.
Um Fiona left her coke out.
He almost died.
Is he okay? I don't know.
The doctors say "Maybe," so Fiona must be a wreck.
They arrested her-- um, possession and child endangerment.
Ian's back.
You-- you knew that, right? Think you could find him and tell him what happened? Sure.
Yo, Mandy.
- I got to go.
- Yeah.
Uh, Mandy.
Thank you.
Is Frank here? Is your mom here? Is anybody else? Just got him to sleep.
Took four oxys, two Valium-- lots of pain.
- Lip's out looking for you.
- Shh.
Four oxys and two Vs? Better check if he's still breathing.
Did the sweat lodge help? Death trap-- almost killed him.
He spent the night in the ER.
Someone has to tear that thing down before it can try to claim another life.
Dad almost died? I don't know what that crazy Indian thought he was doing building that thing, but it almost took our father from us.
I need a shower.
Be a dear, see if Chuckie's still hungry.
I bought him some McDonald's, but if he wants more, he can eat my Big Mac.
It's on the kitchen counter.
Carl! Yo, Carl! Shit.
Hey, I thought you were supposed to be at the hospital? The nurses told me to go home.
Frank's upstairs, knocked out on oxy.
Who's on the sofa watching porn? - Nephew.
- A what? Nurses said Liam was "Resting comfortably.
" Wh-- no, the-- the nephew.
Oh, Frank says he is, but he could just be lying to get a liver.
We also got a new sister upstairs.
She's in the shower.
Hey, buddy, why didn't you call me before you left the hospital? No phone-- Fiona confiscated it when I got busted for stealing Slim Jims from the Koreans.
You got the money? For what? Get Fiona out of jail.
Oh, um no.
So we're just gonna leave her there? No choice.
Why is the world so fucked up? I don't know.
Everybody's family this fucked up? Well, not everybody's, but a lot of them, yeah.
Of course, we're that extra-special Gallagher kind of fucked up.
So, I'm gonna go back to the hospital.
Uh, school, tomorrow, okay? That means Debbie too.
She's not here.
- Wait.
Debbie didn't come home? - Nope.
Hey, don't let Frank out of your sight, all right? We need him to get Liam out of the hospital.
Fuck, why isn't she picking up? Damn it, where the hell is she? yeah, hey Hey.
Hey, man.
Oh, thanks for bringing this stuff.
Yeah, man, no problem.
How's your brother? Oh, he's better.
Yeah, good.
They think he can come home tomorrow, so Good, man.
That's good.
- Yeah.
- I brought you some ramen too.
- Oh, great.
- Yeah.
I'm out of cajun chicken, so I brought you smoked ham.
Oh, thanks.
Really, man.
Well, I should get going.
Amanda's double-parked out front, and she gets kind of postal if you leave her alone too long.
Right, yeah.
Oh, but Moss handed back our Kant essays.
I picked yours up for you and stuck it in there.
Oh, cool.
Thank you, man.
_ Gallagher you made bail.
You bailed me out? - Carl called me.
- My brother Carl? Said he didn't know any other rich people.
He probably doesn't.
Thank you.
You all right? Been better.
You're gonna show up to the trial, though, right? - Yes.
- Good I kind of like my condo.
I'm hoping to keep it for a while.
No worries.
Get in.
I'll give you a ride home.
And I'll pay you back whatever they charge you for the bond.
Just let me know how much.
Yeah, just mail me the check, okay? I don't really want to see you again.
I'm just gonna keep my bag with me.
I'm going to the Menominee Reservation, please.
You know the Golden Tomahawk Casino? Hey.
Good morning.
Uh, hi.
Your-- your phone has been just going nuts.
You got a call from some lady named Sheila.
Uh, she sounded a bit loopy - Yeah.
- but she wants to pay you to water her plants while she's gone.
Okay, yeah.
She's very nice.
Uh, and Lip called six times.
I did-- I didn't answer, but he then sent a text, said, "Liam's getting out of the hospital.
Please come.
" Is he gonna be okay? - Too many downers.
- Still no Liam? - Not yet, honey.
- Where were you last night? - Matt's.
- Who's Matt? Oh, you're Matt? "The" Matt? How fucking old are you? Who's this? Our new big sister and nephew.
Debbie, hi.
- Oh.
- Mr.
Gallagher? Liam! - Hey, hey, hey! - Look at you! - Hey, buddy! - Hi, Liam! Oh, my gosh, I missed you so much! - Oh, my gosh.
- Hey! Liam is black? - He's all right.
- Good! - Hi, baby.
- There he goes.
- What are you doing? - Look at you.
- You're such a big boy now.
- Good boy.
- That's the father? - I'm afraid so.
This family's home visit needs to get scheduled soon very soon.
Hello? Anybody home? Carl? Debbie? Anybody?
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