Sharp Objects (2018) s01e03 Episode Script


He's a strange one.
The brother John, he seems to be GIRL: not your typical Wind Gap fare.
I don't know how this family will ever get over it.
FRANK CURRY: She could be a great writer, maybe even have a life, but she needs to deal with her issues.
(SINISTER MUSIC PLAYS) (PIANO NOTE PLAYS) [THEME MUSIC PLAYING] [THUNDER RUMBLING] [PIG SQUEALING] - [TEENAGERS CHEERING] - BOY: Here, little piggy! - Come on! Get back here! - [PIG SQUEALING] - [TEENAGERS GROAN] - Get up, you little AMMA: Hey, John! Gonna bring me some bacon? [GIRL CHUCKLES] GIRL: Oh, what's the matter, John? You break your ankle? AMMA: Snatch it! Pretend it's a little girl.
]: Well, isn't this a shit-ton of stupid.
Go on, now, party's over.
- [DOOR OPENS] AMMA [SLURRED]: Don't tell Mama.
[AMMA GIGGLING] - She loves her roses so much.
- CAMILLE: Shh! - [AMMA, INDISTINCT] - Come on.
- Oh! What are we drinkin'? - No.
We are definitely not drinkin'.
- AMMA: Ohh.
- CAMILLE: Mm-hm.
- There is never anything to do here.
- No? So what were you up to? Hangin' with my friends.
They love me.
They do, ya know? Love me.
They'd do anything for me.
I just ask, and - They're my besties.
- Here, take this.
Why are you being sweet to me? Why shouldn't I be? 'Cause I'm not nice.
I wasn't nice either when I was your age.
Well, I'm nearly a woman.
That's what Adora says.
Adora doesn't know about you.
But I do.
I can tell.
You hate this place like me but you love dead girls.
Couldn't stay away.
I'm here for the paper, that's all.
You weren't curious? - About Wind Gap? - About me.
Drink this.
Do you have a boyfriend? Nope.
- Don't you want one? - Sometimes.
Kids? Don't you want a little baby? Babies are so cute.
Well, I wouldn't know the first thing to do with a baby.
You take care of them.
You can practice on me, if you want.
You seem to be doing a pretty good job taking care of yourself.
I've never had a sister.
I just want to know you.
My long-lost sister.
[RAIN PATTERING] WOMAN: We checkin' in? CAMILLE: We are.
Let me see.
Come on.
Press hard.
Sign on the third page and we'll get that patched up.
You have insurance? Yeah.
Time's up.
I have an intake.
Well, find somebody.
- Come, on, five more minutes.
- No, I can't.
Go on.
Am I the only one workin' in this goddamn place? Yes! [WHISPERS]: Go.
Yes, let me talk to him.
You're kidding me.
Alice, Camille.
Camille, Alice.
Good night, girls.
Don't talk to me.
CURRY: Did I wake ya up? No, I just got back from spin class.
[LAUGHS] Your piece wasn't bad.
It'll be on the website later, paper tomorrow.
When can I come home? Mm-mm.
You know what I want.
Are parents taking precautions? Are people letting kids out of their sight? And don't be afraid to get a little personal.
Like, how does it feel to be home? Easy.
Every day is a gift.
[CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYING] AMMA: Last night, I threw up three times.
- ADORA: I don't like it.
- ALAN: It's just chills, dear.
ADORA: Give Dr.
Manning a call.
Just in case.
[WATER SLOSHING] ADORA: I love you, love you, love you.
AMMA: Where's Camille, Mama? Have a nice day.
Whaddya know, Joe? - [SIGHS] - RICHARD: A mysterious trucker who murdered two girls ten months apart.
Half the workers over there are fuckin' Mexicans.
Whole villages move up from wherever.
Bring their families, their habits who knows what else.
Fuckin' bullshit.
RICHARD: So you're looking at a trucker or a Mexican or anyone that doesn't actually live in or about the town of Wind Gap.
VICKERY: You don't know the people RICHARD: I know this is a crime of passion.
Nobody touched those girls.
Passion doesn't always have to equal sex.
This type of thing can scratch a different kind of itch.
Now you're just makin' shit up.
I was asked down here because this is what I do.
I went through your incident reports, and most Saturday nights you got a few rowdy teens and the same drunk stealing the same car and leaving it in the same cow pasture as last Saturday night.
His name is Earl.
And it was his car before he lost it in a bet.
Right, you know these people.
And 9 out of 10 murder victims, they knew their killer.
The teeth, the strangling Someone had a particular problem with those particular girls.
Anyone fit that profile? Any specific fuckin' Mexican, Bill? That'd be great for you, wouldn't it? - Killer with a grudge.
- What does that mean? A serial? I betcha that pops a career into high gear quicker than shit through a goose.
I gotta think of the bottom line.
All the small town sit-on-your-ass jobs are taken.
[LAUGHS] You best remember my town, my case.
My asshole.
[DOOR OPENS] It was someone they knew.
VICKERY: Or it wasn't.
She wouldn't talk to you, huh? Well she had a few choice words for me.
She's not doing so well.
- Hmm.
- We learned about that in health class.
You learn about that just by living here.
[LAUGHS] I'm Ashley.
John's girlfriend.
- Camille Preaker.
- I know.
I know all about you.
My baby sister Jo, she's friends with Amma.
And my older sister Danielle, she was a freshman when you were a senior.
She said you were it back in the day.
Yeah, well, that was a long time ago.
No! Dani's married now.
Three kids.
She got fat.
Well, tell her I said hello.
And to diet and exercise.
[LAUGHS] I will.
You wanna talk to John, right? 'Cause I can make that happen.
He listens to me.
Yeah, I'd appreciate that.
It'd be good for him to talk to someone.
Everyone thinks he's guilty just 'cause he's sensitive.
I hate that.
I'll bet you're sensitive.
Writers are sensitive.
You could help everyone understand.
Uh should I just wait here? No.
Not now.
He's always agitated after he talks to his mother.
He's not even staying here anymore.
He's been staying with me ever since Natalie went missin'.
Just come by my house later.
1834 Tillman.
I'll have John ready for you.
[ALICE, INDISTINCT] ALICE: Fake piece of shit! ALICE: Fuck.
Are you trying to eat it? - [LAUGHS] - What I'm I'm not that good.
Well, yeah.
There you go.
CAMILLE: My mama always says lipstick makes you look like a lady, so there you go.
Rub 'em together.
Now you look like a lady.
- Thanks.
- Hmm.
You're lucky you can still wear skirts.
It's a pain.
Making sure they cover enough territory.
But I made a promise to myself.
Three inches above the knee.
Otherwise, well, you know.
I haven't worn a skirt since college.
How old are you? Older than you.
I always thought it was something you grow out of.
I've just never been very good at the adult thing, I guess.
Peter Pan of cutting.
[LAUGHS] Yeah.
I won't grow up, not me.
My mom hates everything I wear anyway, so What about you? Any visitors today? Um, my mom said she's comin', so She like your clothes? No.
- [LAUGHS] - God, no.
ALICE: What kind of stuff do you listen to? Oh, that's not really my thing, music.
Well, no wonder you're here, girl.
CAMILLE: Ah, you're here too, girl.
Yeah, but [KNOCKS ON DOOR] Want these? I can get the hell out of here whenever I want.
[SOFT ROCK SONG PLAYING] If the sun refused to shine I would still be loving you When the mountains crumble to the sea [MUSIC INTENSIFIES] Kind woman, I give you my all Kind woman, nothing more Little drop [MUSIC STOPS] [BELL RINGS] Hi.
You lookin' at him? John Keene? I got my eyes on everyone.
You talkin' about the case, or you just talkin' about me? - What, you're not gonna share anything? - Not with you.
Come on.
Theories? Suspects? You can either help me get it right, - or I can, um - Or what, you go to Vickery, give him that big-eyed flirt you throwin' my way? What can I say? I love my job.
Well, good luck with that.
He's a hamster on a wheel chasin' imaginary truckers.
Mexican hog workers.
You don't think he's right? No comment.
Come on.
The teeth, the bodies It sure doesn't feel random, does it? And that dirt that you pulled off of Bob Nash's tires You trying to tell me he's not a suspect? I'm not trying to tell you anything.
- OK, give me some insight.
- I read your sob story.
Wait till the rest of this place gets a hold of it.
They'll all be juicin' up their stories, angling for their 15 minutes.
And that bullshit from Natalie's room? There's no way her mom lets you in there.
The best thing for both of us stay out of my way.
'Cause I cannot beat the devil I'm taking on the deep deep blue Armed with this key on my piano That I play [MUSIC STOPS] You know, if I were paranoid, Chief, I'd think you were checkin' up on me.
I'm not the one writin' stories about our town.
You think about it, it's you checkin' up on us.
You really think that Ann and Natalie were murdered by some random trucker? That boy from Kansas City talks like a woman from Wind Gap.
[LAUGHS] Doesn't help anything, you talkin' to people, riling folks up.
You got two mutilated girls on your hands.
Someone else is doing the riling.
BOB NASH: Yeah, Ann was a talker, bossy sometimes, but she was smart.
Different smart from other kids.
She'd ask me things that were grown-up, you know? Stuff she thought was dumb, stuff she thought was funny.
Can't do that with my other kids.
Hell, I can't even do that with my wife.
She had never wanted kids.
That was all me.
Figured it would be different once she loves 'em.
[EXHALES] What kind of person does that? Hurt a child? Somebody with no feeling inside, is that it? Are you talking about your wife, or are you talking Ann.
The person who did that to Ann.
And the police, they haven't found a goddamn thing.
You don't think they're doing a good job? They're talkin' to me.
Like I'm the one.
Do you think that has anything to do with your DUls? Or, um, the assault? I did some checkin'.
What, you never had a few too many? I got into a fight once so that means I killed my daughter? - No, I'm not implying that.
- Yeah, but they are! That guy from Kansas City? He's been all over me and all over my family? You know what? [CLEARS THROAT] Do you still think that it's a man that killed Ann? 'Cause there's a little boy who said that he saw a woman grab Natalie.
- The Capisi kid? - Yeah.
It was a man.
I'd put money on it.
The women around here, they don't kill with their hands.
- They talk, and you're dead.
- That's true enough.
If I was pretty and that Keene boy lived on this side of town, it'd be a whole different story.
He's got no alibi.
- John Keene has no motive.
- What, and I do? That kid, he's all quiet, he keeps to himself like he's got something to hide? You know? Maybe urges, things he can't control? I seen him sometimes out by the plant - [KNOCK ON DOOR] - What? - Ms.
Crellin's here.
- I am so sorry, Bob.
I had no idea she would come here and pressure you.
- No - No, we're just in the middle of How dare you interrogate him? You are not the police, Camille.
You are not to harass good people.
Um, your mama, she tutored Ann.
- Ann was so fond of her.
- ADORA: Camille.
I think you should leave.
I'm here on a social visit.
Your presence here is inappropriate.
- We weren't done talkin' - Yes.
You are.
I appreciate what you did, and I apologize from my daughter's behavior.
Which one? What are you talkin' about? I caught Amma out after curfew with her friends.
- [YELLS] Amma! - Come on now, it's no need for that.
Gayla? Gayla.
- Yes, miss? - Would you fetch Amma for me, please? And get the Chief his usual.
The usual with coffee, or ice? VICKERY: Thank you, darlin'.
How did you know Camille was at Bob's? You're not having him watched, are you? We got eyes on him.
He's not the only one.
I refuse to believe he'd kill his own child.
Who would do such a thing? We're investigating all leads, Adora.
Well, I do hope you're getting somewhere.
- The detective - He's convinced it's one of ours.
- But you're not, are you? - I'm not sure.
Might have to start wrapping my head around the idea.
But you're broadening the search.
What about the slaughterhouse? That's a little obvious, don't you think? Those girls.
I was a part of their lives.
And with Marian, it feels personal.
Hey, we'll get there.
It's all right.
We'll get there, we'll get there.
We're checkin' everybody you got workin' for ya, all the people you let go.
AMMA: You wanted to see me, Mama? Chief Vickery told me something I find alarming.
- Come here.
- VICKERY: I've gotta get back to work.
I'll have this coffee another time.
What What are you wearing? I was, uh, just playing.
dress-ups with Kelsey and You are not to be outside this house after curfew.
- Never.
- I was safe.
That is not for you to decide.
- Well, you let Camille do it! - Excuse me? You think bad things didn't happen to little girls when she was my age? I know they did.
And you let Camille And look what happened to her.
You need to understand your sister does not see herself in a good light.
It's caused her difficulty.
You need to be careful with Camille.
- What difficulty? - She's not someone to be admired.
Look at me.
Look at me.
You are not safe around her.
Do you understand me? Do you understand? [DOORBELL RINGS] - Come in.
- Thanks.
We're in the carriage house, in the back.
Follow me.
[WIND CHIMES] Come on in.
CAMILLE: So, you've been staying with Ashley? Yeah.
Yeah, her parents have been very kind.
How does your mother feel about it? She understands.
It's, uh it's just not comfortable for me there right now.
Oh, I thought I thought school was out.
ASHLEY: Oh, it is.
Sometimes I just get to feelin' spirited.
Oh, can I get you one of those? No.
OK, John, uh, do you mind? Oh, no, we don't mind.
[RECORDER BEEPS] So what I would like to be able to do is just really describe Natalie to our readers.
ASHLEY: She was such a tomboy.
Always climbin' trees, and skinnin' her knee.
Well, Bob Nash has been talkin' to me about Ann and Natalie.
Why is Bob Nash talking about Natalie? It's not just Mr.
Other people are saying that you two had a very, um close relationship.
- And what's that supposed to mean? - Bob Nash is a drunk.
He doesn't even pretend to hide it.
Well, did you guys spend a lot of time together? Yeah, of course, she was my sister.
What did Bob Nash say about me? I'm more interested to know what you have to say.
I bet he told you all about his perfect little Ann, right? Sometimes I think if Natalie never met her That little girl is dead, too.
He has a lot of sorrow in his heart for her.
Um did the police speak with you? - About what? - Your alibi.
Where you were the night that Natalie went missin'.
I was out drivin' around.
I'm not sure that a grand jury will appreciate the romance of an open highway.
- I told ya.
- Ashley doesn't appreciate it, either.
I do.
It's just a It's a smaller town than I'm used to.
John is just being noble.
He was with me that night.
Ashley, no.
- No, listen - No.
Look, I'm not gonna have people thinkin' my boyfriend is a fuckin' baby killer, thank you very much.
JOHN: Hey.
How long have you lived here, John? A little over two years.
Since I was a sophomore.
You like it here? I miss I miss that in the city you can you can walk outside your front door and there's people all around you.
And they don't know a thing about you.
You could be anyone.
Natalie never cared what people thought.
Like this one time, she made up her own language with the alphabet and everything.
She was so excited she refused to speak English for a week.
[CHUCKLES] I shoulda learned it.
I hate it here.
If we'd never come here, Natalie'd still be alive.
No, you don't mean that.
If you'd never come, we wouldn't be together.
It's this town.
[SNIFFLES] It's this town.
And someone here killed my little sister.
[DOOR OPENS] I'm just gonna go get him.
- We can finish this another time.
- One sec.
[POP MUSIC PLAYING THROUGH EARBUDS] Mama? I suppose you spent your day chatting it up to anyone who would talk to you.
" I'm sorry.
I didn't understand how well you knew him.
I told you I did.
How dare you question me in my own home? How dare you take advantage of Bob? Did you see him when you left? That man was practically quivering.
He lost his daughter.
You have no idea what that's like.
- I didn't mean to - You never mean to do anything.
And yet you cause so much hurt.
Bob Amma - Amma? - She's a little girl, Camille.
She doesn't She doesn't understand what you are.
Look what you've done.
I didn't crash the cart into the rose bushes, Mama.
Nothing's ever your fault is it? ALICE: Camille? [SNIFFLES] Does it get better with your family? Maybe when I'm older, like you? No.
Not really.
So what do you do? You survive.
Thank you.
Let's get out of here.
the sun refuse to shine [BOTH LAUGH] I will still be loving you When mountains crumble to the sea [KNOCK ON DOOR] There will still be you and me [TURNS MUSIC OFF] ADORA: Do you think Amma's safe with Camille in the house? Why wouldn't she be? Coming and going at all hours, the drinking.
She sets a bad example.
Well, Camille's a grown woman.
Her choices don't reflect on us.
She makes me feel as if I've done something wrong.
As if I'm a bad mother.
You do everything you can for your children.
You're good to me, Alan.
Then perhaps I should stay with you tonight.
Just in case.
I'm sure that won't be necessary.
[WHISPERS] Good night.
Jodes told me you were over at the Wheeler'' - talkin' to John Keene.
- Yeah.
Did he confess? - Do you think he did it? - I don't know.
- You do.
You think he did it.
- Amma.
He's probably innocent.
I mean, he cries a lot, but he's OK.
Ashley is such a bitch.
I don't know what he sees in her.
- She's very pretty.
- At parties and stuff he's always lookin' over his shoulder at me.
It's me he likes.
I can tell.
He's a little old for you, don't you think? No.
I'm "almost a woman," remember? All the same, you should give him some space.
He's going through a lot.
He's not my type.
Too pretty.
- I'm goin' out.
Wanna come? - No, you are not.
Amma, you're the same age as Natalie and Ann.
[SIGHS] Would you have gone, if you were me? Yes.
But I was stupid, and you're not.
I'll be sure I'm safe.
- Like, you comin' with me - No.
C'mon, we'll party.
- You and me.
- No, I need to stay home.
When I finish my work, I'm gonna go to sleep.
Just like you need to stay home and go to sleep.
- I want you to be safe.
- Whatever.
Amma you promise me? Fine.
I promise.
Mama says I need to be careful around you.
Is that true? Are you dangerous? Thought you were the wild one.
I hung out in parking lots and I talked to boys.
Wild was different back then.
Sleep well, sister.
It's a peace offering.
I spoke with John Keene.
He says he feels like he has a bull's-eye on his back.
What do you think? Hmm.
Little sensitive.
Cries at the drop of a hat.
Besides, even if his family's messed up, he kills his beloved sister? - It doesn't make any sense.
- True.
She wasn't molested, though.
So, uh, have you eliminated him as a suspect, or is he still active? - Seriously? - Seriously.
- Seriously.
- I'm a pariah here.
Vickery, he thinks I'm a threat, the folks around here, they fuckin' hate me.
I don't know what I don't know.
That's 'cause you're not from here.
So enlighten me.
How do you suggest I do that, Officer? Show me around Wind Gap.
Give me some history.
Well, we don't have any toothless corpses in our past, - if that's your angle.
- That's not what I'm saying.
It could be some old crime that leads to a hidden motive, something's been festering.
What do I get out of it? Other than my charming company? I'll answer three questions for you.
BARTENDER: All right, boys, let's get out of here.
You done drinkin'? Back in high school this was the place.
This was party central.
It was like the Midwest Lord of the Flies, with bonfires and drinkin' and heavy petting.
I can picture you doing that.
Outdrinkin' the boys, leading 'em on.
So let me guess.
You were like a preacher's daughter? Looks, money, and brains? Well, looks and money will get you pretty far in this town.
- And brains? - That'll get you out of this town.
So why'd you leave? You're funny.
Let's dig deep here.
- OK.
Favorite color? Favorite ice cream? Favorite season? - Can you handle it? - Yeah, I can handle it.
Um, uh black.
And winter.
- No one likes winter.
- I like winter.
- It gets dark early.
I like that.
- Why? Because I like the night, all right? [LAUGHS] Leave me alone.
- You leave me alone.
- No.
Stop lookin' at me.
- Stop hittin' on me.
You're not my type.
- OK.
- I know.
- You're not.
How's it goin', Dickie boy? - Good.
How you doin'? - I'm good.
Ca-mille and Dick-ie Sit-tin' in a tree KELSEY: K-I-S-S JODES: F-U-C-K ALL: I-N-G! - [ALL LAUGH] - CAMILLE: That's cute.
Now, just stop.
All right? I thought you were stayin' in? Well, I guess you can't trust Adora's girls, now, can you? When you said you were going to bed, I didn't know it was with him.
When are you When are you gonna take us for a ride, huh? - I'd have to arrest you first.
- Ooh.
Handcuffs and all? Sexy.
- You girls know about the curfew - So are you guys dating now, or what? 'Cause I heard Camille's a real hot ticket.
Or she was.
You should hear the stories, Dick.
They're pretty hot.
- Amma.
- Ask her about the boys.
- Amma.
- All the boys.
All right, ladies, we gotta get goin'.
As always, it was a real pleasure.
Isn't he a gentleman? Can't solve a crime, but can help my sister to his crappy-ass car.
- [AMMA HUMMING] - Knock it off.
- Look, that's enough.
OK? - You gonna hit me? - Yeah, you want me to? Huh? - [AMMA LAUGHS] Be dangerous.
Be dangerous like Mama said.
[LAUGHING] You could kill me right here, and you know what? Dickie boy still couldn't figure it out.
Amma, go home.
- Go.
- All right, go home.
OK? - Have fun.
- [TIRES SCREECH] Have fun, Camille.
Nolan! NOLAN: Speed-racin' motherfuckers! Here, let me get that.
I got it.
I got it.
All right? Just I think I'm gonna walk, all right? - You sure? - Yeah.
[TEENS WHOOPING] NOLAN: Hey, pretty ladies! Come on, don't be so shy.