Sharp Objects (2018) s01e04 Episode Script


1 (PIANO NOTES PLAYING) (GASPS) ADORA CRELLIN: Do you think Amma's safe with Camille in the house? AMMA CRELLIN: You could kill me right here and Dicky boy still couldn't figure it out.
You talkin' to people, rilin' folks up.
(METAL CLANGS) ADORA: Nothing's ever your fault.
- Is it? - (BABY CRYING) (TIRES SCREECHING) (PIANO NOTE PLAYS) Yeah, kitty Kitty curls Baby doll, yeah She got them cupcake kitty curls Kitty Kitty curls Yeah, cupcake kitty curls Baby doll, unh She got them cupcake kitty curls Lipstick is wicked And her castle is spiteful A wrong little freak girl Hey, mama A wrong little freak girl Kitty Kitty curls She got them cupcake kitty curls Kitty curls Baby doll got them cupcake kitty curls She's my nasty and favorite I'm unworthy of her wicked She can punish me with lipstick Unh, the favorite blossom Kitty, unh Yeah, kitty curls She got them cupcake kitty curls Baby doll got them kitty curls She got them cupcake kitty curls Hey, mama, cupcake kitty curls Yeah, cupcake kitty curls Cupcake kitty curls Cupcake kitty curls [CICADAS BUZZING] [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] In the evening [TRAIN TRACKS CLATTERING] [TRAIN WHISTLE BLOWS] Shit.
I'm still in Wind Gap.
You be safe today.
I wanna talk to you.
BOTH: Happy birthday to you Another time, okay? - [TOILET FLUSHES] - [WATER RUNNING] [OVERLAPPING CHATTER] - Yeah.
- So ugly.
[ALL LAUGHING] AMMA: Hey, sis! Please don't be mad.
I was just pissed at you for blowing me off last night.
I wasn't blowing you off.
I was doing my job.
With that hot cop.
I'd totally fuck him.
Shut up, Jodes.
My sister's boyfriend you're talkin' about.
That's not my boyfriend.
Not yet, but he likes you.
I can tell.
Please forgive me.
[WHISPERS] Sometimes when I show off in front of my friends, I get carried away.
I don't feel like fightin' with you.
JODES: Wanna see something funny? This kid at school, J.
, came up with a crazy meme.
[GIRLS ALL LAUGHING] Hilarious! Everybody thinks he did it, huh? - Want some? - CAMILLE: No.
Thank you.
Well, if you change your mind, we'll be out behind the stables.
- Camille.
- What? [WHISPERS] Don't tell Mama.
- Oh, my God! - [ALL LAUGH] ALAN: Is your hand getting any better, dear? ADORA: You know us Crellin women.
Slow healers.
Oh, could you slice those a tiny bit smaller, please? Why aren't you ready? I'm gonna have to ask you to give my regrets to Jackie.
This cut on my hand is giving me fits.
It's barely a scratch.
To you, maybe.
Well, I'm sure the ladies will be disappointed you're not there.
I'll be giving them the gift they so enjoy The opportunity to talk about me.
Luckily, I'll have you there to defend me.
Well, I'm certain that occasion will not arise.
ADORA: In Wind Gap, recyclables go out on Wednesday.
WOMAN ON RADIO: Give me give me, give me What I cry for You know you got the brand of kisses That I'd die for You know you made me Jesus Christ.
Make yourself at home, Detective.
I hope you don't mind.
The door was open.
- What do you want? - I need to know why you're following John Keene.
Who says I'm following John Keene? John Keene.
I bumped into him at the store.
He said, "Are you following me, too?" - That boy's paranoid.
- Come on.
There's only so many cop cars in town.
What are you gettin' at? We need to share information before another little girl in this town loses her teeth.
That's what I'm gettin' at.
And I'll go first, since I'm the visiting team here, okay? I'm meeting today with the reporter.
- Who, Preaker girl? - Yeah.
That woman knows something.
I don't know what it is.
Once she tells me, I tell you.
How do you know she'll tell you? Call it intuition.
Well, in Wind Gap we call that something else.
So, we have a deal? What do you got for me? MAN: Keene.
Keene! I'm letting you go.
I'm letting you go.
- What? - Take off.
Excuse me, what? You're done! Go home! Are you fuckin' serious? What did I do? This fuckin' town.
[OVERLAPPING CHATTER] Camille Preaker! - Hey, honey.
- Hi, honey.
She's here.
She's here.
Where is that mother of yours? Uh, she is tending to an injury, I'm afraid.
But she's fine.
She just cut her finger on some rose bushes.
But she really wanted to be here.
Well, that's a crock of shit.
DEEANNA: Adora'll be fine.
She's a fighter.
MELISSA: Calhoun Day is comin' up.
It always gets her spirits up.
Calhoun Day.
Is that a good idea? That's a crime reporter's mind at work right there.
Every suspect in town is roamin' around Adora's lawn with all that young, fresh meat.
Good Lord, Jackie, that is so morbid.
It's stupid is what it is.
Excuse me! Hello! Excuse me.
Can we get some menus over here, please? Thank you.
So, Camille, we're dyin' to know.
Who do you think did it? We want the inside scoop.
Well, I want to know what y'all think.
What is the matter with that girl? Well, I think Anne's daddy Bob Nash.
He did it.
Now, that man is a hot mess.
Every time I'm in the store, all he does is stare at my titties.
ANNIE: Well, everybody does that.
Maybe you should invest in a better bra.
Besides, Bob Nash has always had it in for the Keenes.
We all know why.
MELISSA: Now, that is just plain gossip.
John Keene and Julie Wheeler's little Miss Perfect cheerleading daughter, Ashley, doing Lord knows what in her own backyard.
Well, I want to make him my boy slave.
I'll bet that boy killed the Nash girl and then killed his own sister to cover up his tracks.
No, I don't No.
I don't think that John killed his sister.
He seems a little sweet.
Too sweet, if you ask me.
- JACKIE: Oh, hush.
- That is one strange family, and he is the strangest of them all.
[TRAIN TRACKS CLATTERING] [TRAIN CLATTER INTENSIFIES] [TV PLAYING] Glory, glory, hallelujah His truth is marching on His truth is marching on Zeke, you cannot go and fight those Yankees.
Who will defend our children? I know you're afraid, Miss Millie, evil is about to descend on Wind Gap.
What must be do, my brave husband? You must fight as I fight.
[SIGHS] I must go now, my love.
My men await me.
And so Millie Calhoun did what was unthinkable at the time.
She taught the women of Wind Gap to shoot.
And she formed the first female militia the world had ever seen.
Very imaginative.
Let's take a break.
[DRUM BEAT POUNDING] [LAUGHS] I don't think he liked it.
Shut up, Jodes.
What do you know? He's a freakin' weirdo anyway.
Takes one to know one.
Didn't you like our performance today? It was entertaining.
There was never an all-female militia in Wind Gap.
How do you know? You weren't around.
[SCOFFS] My mama says all of history was written by men, so of course they're gonna make themselves look good.
History is history, Amma.
You can't change it, you just learn from it.
That why you're always so sad? That because you can't change your history? [SCOFFS] Don't be sad, Mr.
Come on, Mama.
Let's get you showered, get some food in you.
All right? I got you.
Come on, I got you.
[SHOWER RUNNING] Dinner's ready.
Where the hell are you? CURRY: On the record? CAMILLE: Yeah.
What makes you so sure he's gonna do that? Because he's ambitious.
Cops like to see their name in print.
And I look good today.
Yeah, so do I.
Hey, uh, how is it being back home? What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
Unless it kills you.
I needed that.
And I need a new piece.
- You go get it.
- Yes, sir.
["DEAR MAMA" BY 2PAC PLAYS] You are appreciated When I was young me and my mama had beef Seventeen years old kicked out on the streets Though back at the time I never thought I'd see her face Ain't a woman alive That could take my mama's place Suspended from school and scared to go home I was a fool with the big boys Breaking all the rules I shed tears with my baby sister Over the years we was poorer Than the other little kids And even though we had Different daddies, the same drama When things went wrong we'd blame Mama I reminisce on the stress I caused It was hell hugging on my mama from a jail [MUSIC FADING] [FADING MUSIC DISTORTS] Not today, child.
Your mom isn't well.
Even though I act crazy - I gotta thank the Lord - [PHONE BUZZING] You know, most first dates are a dinner and a movie.
I get a tour of crime scenes.
What does that say about you that you think this is a date? Doesn't say much about my social life, I guess.
No, it doesn't.
We had a deal, remember? You are gonna answer a question on the record for every crime scene I show you.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, that's the deal.
That's the deal.
I get it.
CAMILLE: All right, so, crime scene number one.
Two teenage girls, madly in love, were found with their wrists slashed.
One of 'em left behind a child.
A baby, actually.
Oh, I went to school with that baby.
Her name was Faith Murray, but everybody called her "Fag" Murray, like it was hereditary or something.
- Kind of ironic, considering.
- What? Well, Faith had sex with a bunch of boys to prove that she wasn't a lesbian like her mother.
But no one ever found a knife, so murder-suicide.
- That's strange.
- Yeah.
What ever happened to your friend Faith? She paid for the sins of a mother that she had never met.
So, instead of being a lesbian, she became a slut.
See, in Wind Gap, every woman gets a nasty label if they don't conform to the rules of engagement.
- What's your label? - [LAUGHS] No, no.
Too many.
Too many to name.
- Oh, come on.
- No.
I can handle it.
That is so Wind Gap of you.
You know? You figure out someone's secrets to use it against 'em later.
No, that's not my style.
Okay, well, it's my turn now, okay? You have to answer one question on the record.
- So official.
- Thank you.
All right, why'd you become a cop? - Really? - I like to take my interviewees off-guard.
You like to suck up to your interviewees so you get more information out of 'em.
Gosh, you're so smart.
[CHUCKLES] When I was a kid, I wanted to be a vet, and I volunteered at this animal shelter.
I'd see the animals come in burned, tortured, mutilated.
I got less interested in treating the animals and more interested in catching the animals who did that to 'em.
You volunteered at an animal shelter.
Don't tell anyone.
I won't.
Your secret is safe with me.
Even in Wind Gap.
CAMILLE: So, for various reasons, this is what they call "the end zone.
" Double entendre intended.
This is where the football team would have their way with that week's lucky cheerleader.
- Ninth grade, you said.
- Yep.
Makes me sick.
- Were the police notified? - Of course not.
Some people would call that rape, you know.
Eh, some people would call that consensual, you know? Wait, who are you talking about? Were you one of the girls? If I say yes, you'll think less of me, or you'll feel sorry for me.
No, I'd think those guys took advantage of someone way too young to make an informed decision.
- Typical.
- What? Well, a boy has sex with five girls, they're gonna put up a statue in his honor.
- You know? Yeah.
- Yeah, double standards exist.
But having your way with somebody, that sounds criminal.
Even on game night.
But now that I know your feeling on the subject, have a sip.
Bless your heart.
Bless your heart very much.
What's your second question? That tire sample that you took off of Bob Nash's car, - Yeah? - Where was the tread? - Did it match? - That's two questions.
That's a two-part question.
Give me that.
You know it wasn't a match.
Well, that kind of blows up my Bob Nash-killed-Natalie Keene in-revenge-for-Anne theory.
You think there's two killers, and Bob Nash killed Natalie Keene? That's a two-part question.
Um, I mean, the teeth pulling matches, but that could be a cover-up.
They were killed differently, and one of the bodies was hidden, and the other was put on display for the whole town to see, like, "Fuck you, Wind Gap, look what I can do.
" Mm, that's an interesting theory, but Nash's alibi checks out so far.
Yeah, well, a lot of women think Nash is a pervert, and sometimes perverts like little girls.
That's where the teeth pulling comes in.
In our guy's mind, it's equivalent to rape.
It's about power for someone who feels powerless.
Hello, Amma.
Did you catch the killer yet? Is your mama home? You didn't? Shouldn't, uh, you be out there looking for him? Well, you're certainly your mama's daughter I'll give you that.
Is there a problem, Chief? Oh, I just came by to discuss something with Adora.
She's in bed, resting.
Mama, Chief Vickery's here.
Oh [CHUCKLES] ADORA: Is everything okay? Yes.
I was just hoping you and I could have a word.
Of course.
Give me a moment to put myself together.
Uh, Alan, please fix the Chief a drink.
Gayla? Well, I assume you'll have the usual.
Take a seat.
RICHARD: This place I already know about.
Ann and Natalie used to play here.
Creepy place for two young girls to hang out.
No? Yeah.
[SIGHS] The way these killings went down, it makes sense they knew their attacker, right? I'm certain of it.
Certain? Why? This guy's a hunter.
Hunters track their prey.
Where do they lead to? A clearing.
This shed.
It's no coincidence that the only two girls that were killed in this town used to play here.
He probably hid out there waiting for them, watching them.
Waiting for one to arrive before the other so they'd be alone, and then then he struck.
Well, I thought that Ann was taken from her bike.
That's what they said, but they never found it, so could've happened here.
Well, that's an interesting theory, but there's no proof of that.
No, but I'm getting close.
Someone in this town is hiding something.
What makes you say that? People are getting nervous.
Did something happen to you in that shed? Good instincts, KC.
You holding out on me? I might be.
And I was under the impression you were starting to like me.
- Oh, good.
The roses.
If you'll excuse me.
How's Jocelyn? Fine.
Sends her love.
Well, that's sweet.
Send it back, of course.
Of course.
Is there a break in the case? You'd be the first to know.
- However - Ah, the "however.
" Mm.
Calhoun Day, Adora.
It's not appropriate given the events.
- Mm-mm.
- [SCOFFS] I think the town needs a bit of frivolity, don't you think, given the events? [SIGHS] Possibly.
Then why would you have me cancel an event that's been a part of this town for half a century? Because I haven't caught the killer.
Well, you do have the power as chief, to do whatever's in the interest of public safety.
I do.
And some have the power in this town to remove you as chief.
[LAUGHING] [LAUGHTER CONTINUES] Oh, that's what I love about you, Adora.
You never pull your punches.
[BOTH LAUGH] That's the only thing? We need to talk about your daughters.
What about them? Well, one of them is dangerous, and the other one's in danger.
VICKERY: I'm working on some things.
ADORA: Any "some thing" you'd like to share? CAMILLE: The girls were dead when their teeth were pulled, right? RICHARD: Yeah, that's enough questions.
One more.
What about John Keene? He seems, maybe, too broken up over the whole thing Could be an act.
Well, his sister was murdered.
Yeah, but I'm a guy, and teenage boys, they would sooner die than cry in public.
Oh, look who's here.
Everything okay? VICKERY: Kansas City.
Miss Preaker.
No need for alarm.
Just a friendly house visit.
I'd like to hear all about your conversation later on.
And I yours.
Good night.
[CAR ENGINE STARTS] What was that all about? Small town cop, big time problems.
Now we kiss? I'm an unconventional girl.
That's what you like about me.
I'm sorry, Mama.
You just scared me.
I I couldn't sleep with everything that's going on around here.
Yeah, well You don't need to worry about me.
I'm okay.
How was La Mere? Um, it was good.
The ladies were disappointed that you didn't come.
You were always so willful.
Excuse me? Never sweet.
I-I remember when you were about six or seven.
I wanted to put your hair up in curlers for your school picture.
Instead, you cut it all off with my fabric shears.
No, no, no, Mama.
That wasn't me.
- I think you're - When I was expecting with you, I thought you'd save me.
I thought you'd love me, and then my my mother would love me.
Even from the beginning, you disobeyed.
You wouldn't Wouldn't eat, like like you were punishing me for being born.
[SCOFFS] You made me feel like a fool, like a like a child.
You were a child.
And now you come back here and all I can think is What? What, Mama? You smell ripe.
You gonna finish soon? Wait, what are you doing? I'm gonna go for a ride.
I'll let you put it inside me.
[SIGHS] [GASPS] [MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC VOLUME INCREASES] [KNOCKING ON DOOR] GAYLA: Can I get you anything else, Miss Camille? No, thank you.
Gayla, all these years We both know how Adora is.
Why did you stay? Not a lot of choice in Wind Gap.
You got domestic work.
You got the hog farm.
I don't like pigs.
Besides Miss Crellin's bark is worse than her bite.
They're both pretty bad if you ask me.
Good night, Miss Camille.
- Me, too.
- Yeah.
[SIGHS] I was just wondering if you needed me for anything else tonight.
[GROANS] I can't think of anything.
You know, I lost a daughter, too.
What are you saying? I don't think that you've ever stopped to consider that.
It's late.
Marian was taken from me, too, Adora, and I would just like to see some appreciation for how I have borne that.
What you're saying What do you want me to say? Thank you? Nobody asked you to suffer in silence.
How is it that you show more compassion for the local civil servants than for your own husband? How is that? If you are speaking about the Chief, I am I am done with this conversation.
Seemed to me you could talk to him all night.
[SIGHS] It's Camille, - isn't it? - Oh, come on, now.
She brings discord into this house.
Not everything is that girl's fault, and you know it.
Why are you trying to hurt me? Hurt? You have a very peculiar idea of the word, "hurt," dear.
Vickery, Jocelyn know that you're out calling on another woman late at night? Not if you don't tell her.
[JACKIE LAUGHS] I need you help.
What is Adora not telling me about the Preaker girl? [SIGHS] I don't know what you're talking about.
Thank you.
Oh, these are, uh, both mine, actually.
- Oh.
- I'm kidding.
I could totally two-fist it right now.
Bad day? Yeah, my mom is My mom is losing it.
And your mom had me fired from my job today.
My mom fired you.
It's okay.
It's not really a fun place to work.
Pigs are smart, you know? They know what's happening to them.
Or what's about to happen.
That's why they shit so much.
'Cause they're afraid.
Do you ever get over it? - Losing a job? - Losing a sister.
I wish I could tell you "yes", but that would be a lie.
People in this town actually believe that I killed her.
Yeah, I know.
If it means anything to you, I don't.
Natalie collected spiders.
Did you know that? No.
She got into some trouble back in Philly.
That's where we used to live.
What kind of trouble, if you don't mind me asking? She got mad at a girl for stealing her pencil.
So, she took it back from her and, uh she stuck it in her eye.
Please, do not put that in your story.
I've never told this to anyone before.
I won't.
Bob always thought Ann was on the The straight-and-narrow path before she met Natalie The "devil child.
" That's what he used to call her.
I think they were two peas in a pod, those two Those two weirdos.
Nothing wrong with that.
I'm a weirdo.
[CHUCKLES] Yeah, me, too, I guess.
I always thought those girls were gonna end up killing each other.
They were always going at it.
Amma was the only thing that stood between them some days.
Amma? Yeah.
Yeah, she was always keeping 'em off each other.
I knew that Adora tutored the girls, but I didn't know that Amma was close with them.
Oh, yeah.
I guess the three would all go play in that creepy hunting shed.
[SONG CONCLUDES] [SONG STARTS] It was back in Little Bend that I saw you Light was changing on the water Where birds above had flown There was pain in your eyes So you vanished in the night Missouri River in the distance So I lied upon the lawn I remember walking Against the darkness of the beach Love is like a ghost In the distance, ever reached Travel through the night 'Cause there is no fear Alone but right behind Until I watched you disappear I'm moving through the dark Of a long black night Just moving with the moon And the light it shines And I'm thinking of a place And it feels so very real Just moving through the dark [SONG CONCLUDES]