Sharp Objects (2018) s01e05 Episode Script


1 (EERIE TUNE PLAYS) AMMA CRELLIN: (SINGING) Camille and Dickey - sittin' in a tree.
- (GIRLS LAUGHS) JACKIE O'NEELE: We're dying to know.
Who do you think did it? We want the inside scoop.
Calhoun Day, it's not appropriate given the events.
(TUNE ESCALATES, STOPS) I haven't caught the killer.
[MAN SINGING ACAPELLA] [INDISTINCT VOICES] [CAR HORN HONKS] [GIRLS SHOUTING] [DISTANT CHATTER] [CHATTER CONTINUES] hurt me if you can, but my wounds will heal stronger than before, and my scars will armor me.
I will never give up my Hus-band! I will never betray my town! [ALL LAUGHING] [LAUGHTER, CHATTER] [SIGHS] ADORA: Alan? [DISTANT HAMMERING] ALAN: Look at you.
- Can you? - Yeah.
Today celebrates what is unmovable about this place.
About us.
I just want things to be nice.
And it will be.
It's gonna be the best Calhoun Day ever.
Now which jacket do you like? CURRY: People are talkin', Cubby.
This story is blowing up.
Do not say "blowing up.
" We are both too old for "blowing up.
" Well, it's got more hits than our site's ever got.
What do the kids call that? Look, we need to feed this thing.
Can you turn me around a new installment in 24 to 48? Um, 48, maybe.
We need more about those girls.
Who were their best friends? What's the pattern here? What the hell's wrong with this town? Well, that I cannot fit into 800 words.
Big picture.
Rotting America.
Fall of Rome stuff.
Yeah, it's more like the fall of the South.
My backyard's about to be littered with Confederate flags.
Now, that's good.
You gotta milk the shit out of that cow.
Yeah, I'm not sure those two metaphors go together.
You been drinkin'? [LAUGHS] Funny girl.
Hey, kid, I'm proud of you.
I'll get on it.
You're doin' [OBJECT CLATTERS] ADORA: If it's the floor your readers want, the light flatters it best from the doorway.
You a shutterbug, Mrs.
Crellin? ADORA: I just I know this floor, and this house has been a part of my family for ages.
There's soldiers' blood on the floor.
My mother was a Calhoun.
She married into the Preakers.
They had the money, the Calhouns had the house.
That's never gonna make it into the magazine.
Anyway [PHOTOGRAPHER LAUGHS] No, it's just I am just the photographer.
Good background.
Oh, this was added in the thirties.
And And do you see where the ivory ends here? Lean times for the For the Calhouns.
And of course, you can't get ivory anymore.
Camille! No, no, that's That's all right.
Your new shoes.
How many times [GASPS] Camille! PHOTOGRAPHER: It's fine, it's fine.
See? Thank you.
Uh, call me back when you have a minute.
I want to talk to you about this article I just read.
Right on Calhoun Day.
Well, it's tradition.
Wear it every year.
I gotta look my best.
Yeah, I still think your tradition's a bad idea.
Be right with you, Detective.
Take your time.
Can't call it off now.
Besides, - people need to blow off steam.
- That's what I'm afraid of.
Well, you should have thought of that before.
"Wind Gap victims knew killer.
Police scrutinize community.
Sources close to the investigation" - I like that word, "close.
" - I didn't tell her anything she hadn't figured out already.
And I got something out of it, too.
Ooh, I hope you did, son.
Now everybody's all het up, goin' on about Keene and Nash.
I never mentioned them.
She never mentioned them.
I don't know how many folks sent me this article in the space of two hours.
You still think it's a good idea to get these het-up people convened in one place? BARBER: You ask me, if you cancel you're askin' for trouble.
There's a lot of folks ready to drink, and no place to be? No, thank you.
There you go.
I doubled the detail.
I got good men and true comin' in from up county.
I'm not worried about Calhoun Day.
Thank you, Clyde.
A little worried about you, though, son.
Your Preaker girl? Good tree, bad apple.
There's things about her you don't know.
You watch yourself.
And Kansas City if you're comin', don't dress like a Union soldier.
- Thank you, Clyde! - CLYDE: Chief.
ADORA: Anything with fleurs-de-lis is gonna be dining room service.
Without is veranda.
AMMA: Mama, will you run lines with me? ADORA: In a minute, sweet.
And of course, anything past the tents is plastic ware.
It's a big job.
Thank you.
These look beautiful.
- CAMILLE: I'll do it.
- ADORA: It's OK.
- OK - I want Camille to do it.
Camille never liked our pageant history.
Did you? No, I just thought it was an odd thing to celebrate.
- But I don't mind.
- I'm Millie Calhoun.
You're the Yankee rapist.
All right.
"You're gonna tell us where he's hidin', girl, or else.
" I will never give up my husband.
I will never betray my town! You'll have to burn this tree down.
Wow, I forgot how creepy this play was.
Tried to change it, but Mr.
Lacey wouldn't go for it.
Just let it be.
It is what it is.
You said it's that way only because it's written by men.
You did, now? Wow.
So you're a feminist? That is not what you're wearing to the party, is it? It's a barbecue, and I'm wearin' jeans.
It's not a barbecue.
And you're in all black.
On Calhoun Day? Well, I'm not really a part of it.
Folks don't understand that, Camille.
You're under my roof.
Field trip to find you something appropriate.
ADORA: Let's go! Just girls.
Hear that, Alan? Yes, dear.
[PHONE BUZZING] She's so easy to rile.
My other phone.
Don't tell Mama.
You have Ann and Natalie in there? - [TEXTING] - You guys were friends, right? You used to hang out with them? Not that much.
I mean, like, a million years ago.
Seventh grade.
That was, like, a year ago.
Do you feel like you can talk to me about them? - On the record? - Come on.
I just I don't like to think about them.
It scares me.
I feel bad, because we weren't friends anymore when it happened.
They still wanted to, like, play in the woods, with forts and shit.
Kid stuff.
- [SIGHS] - [PHONE BUZZING] Did you guys used to hang out in that huntin' shed? Shit.
"'Wind Gap protects its own'' You hear that a lot in a small Missouri town.
But two grisly child murders have changed - the meaning of 'protect.
'" - Don't read that.
Don't read that.
Where did you get that? Kelsey.
Jodes shared it to her.
"Sources close to the investigation confirm that the local community" Ha! John, right? "is under scrutiny.
" - Can you keep it down, please? - [PHONE BUZZING] Holy shit.
Three more people just shared it to me.
Shared it with you.
And put it away.
- Jodes? - Put it away! Fucking Jodes saw this before I did? ADORA: Girls! Let's go.
AMMA: Bitch.
[MUSIC PLAYING ON CAR STEREO] It's impossible Tell the sun to leave the sky It's just impossible ADORA: Oh, she still has that ugly grate.
Such as shame people in town feel the need for that sort of thing.
SARABETH: Good morning! We have some great things set aside for you ladies today.
And who is this lovely creature? This is my eldest daughter.
- Camille.
It's a pleasure.
- Hello.
She takes after her father.
His coloring, his temperament.
How are your hands? I heard.
ADORA: Roses are so cruel to my soft skin.
- [STARTS CAR] - It's just impossible That's more than I ever heard you say about my father.
There's not much else to say.
AMMA: Mama, help me pick.
I've got this one or these.
Give me a minute, sweet.
I must concentrate on this five-alarm fire here.
- Come in the dressing room.
- Amma, give me a minute.
Camille wrote a new article.
- Everyone's talking about it.
- What's that? She said it's either John Keene or Bob Nash who killed those girls.
No, I just said that authorities think it might be a local.
" Mexicans or drifters or truckers.
" - Amma.
- Says it in the article plain as day.
- "Wind Gap kills its children.
" - ADORA: Stop! Right now! Ow.
Oh, you've made me bleed.
Both of you.
I'm not sure of your taste, Camille, but I think you'd look lovely in these.
ADORA: Sarabeth, you do have an eye.
Why don't you take Camille to the dressing room while I pick out something for Amma? Right this way, darling.
SARABETH: You let me know if I can get you anything else.
You know what? I think I would like to try this one.
- AMMA: Mama? This one? - SARABETH: There you go.
[CHATTER] [SIGHS] Can I please have the one that I picked out, please? Excuse me, Sarabeth? ADORA: You all right in there? Where are my clothes? Which one fits better? Well, none of these are gonna work.
- Just try one! - AMMA: What's wrong? Your sister's being stubborn.
Can you have her go wait in the car? - Why? - I have no idea why.
Amma? Just go wait in the car.
Can you have her go wait in the car? Amma, can you just wait in the car?! Camille, just let me see you.
I have got to get home, for heaven's sake! You happy? ADORA: Go wait in the car.
That's what you wanted, right? It's worse than I remember.
You weren't there at the end.
So it's over? Yes.
Hardly matters.
You're ruined.
All out of spite.
You want to know who your father was? That's who he was.
All spite.
I'm glad Amma saw.
I started it with the article.
I didn't I didn't think she'd I didn't know about your I'm sorry.
I was mad.
Did it hurt? 'Cause I know a girl like you.
Not like you, but She says it doesn't hurt because the cut's already there under the skin.
The knife just lets it out.
Your friend sounds like an after-school special.
- What's that? - [LAUGHS] - Do you have my name on there? - I don't do names.
- Not even boyfriends? - I don't do boyfriends.
[ZIPS BAG] Come on, I want to show you something.
DISPATCH: Chief, we've gotta respond to a 288.
- VICKERY: Copy that.
I'm here.
- JOCELYN: Be safe out there.
[FESTIVE CHATTER] MAN: Come on, you don't want to miss your turn.
GIRL: Wait for me! Please stay.
I don't know if I can.
If I can, you can.
[CHUCKLES] ANNIE B: Well, lookit here.
Veranda girls, 35 Calhoun Days running.
- Got to be a record.
- It's classic Adora.
[MOCKING] "On this special day, everyone is welcome in my home.
S: Don't come in my home.
" - [LAUGHING] - That's so true.
Hello, Avery! Oh, thank you for coming to my party.
I love you.
You OK? And there is our most beautiful hostess.
Ladies, enjoy.
- Girls.
- [CONVIVIAL LAUGHTER] It's good to see you.
Jackie, you findin' everything? - Hmm? - Everything found me.
Well, enjoy, and please save some liquor - for the rest of us.
- [STRAINED LAUGHTER] - I enjoyed Camille's article.
- Oh, I haven't read it.
You should really take a look at it.
You should.
It's honest, it's refreshing, - it's timely.
- As are you.
- [LAUGHTER] - Cheers, ladies.
Hello, boys.
I think I should probably just head home, OK? CURRY: What are you talking about? Just give it a few more days.
[CAMILLE SNIFFLES] - Cubby, you holdin' up? - Um well, I guess that's not for you to worry about, is it? Ohh.
Look, I thought that sending you home would help, but I forget sometimes how parents aren't always good for their kids.
[SIGHS] - Camille? - Yeah.
It's just that whenever I'm here, I just, um I just [VOICE BREAKING] I feel like a bad person.
Oh, Camille.
[CAMILLE CRYING] Camille, you are one of the most decent people I know, and there aren't that many decent people left in the world.
With my folks gone, it's pretty much down to you and Eileen.
- No, I'm not decent.
- Camille, you are.
Even to the most worthless pieces of shit.
[LAUGHING] Why do you think I keep you around? It's not because you're a great reporter.
[LAUGHING] Kiddo, was Was that funny? I I meant it to be funny.
You know I'm funnier when I drink.
I'm not allowed to drink.
So here's the deal: Go get a drink.
Make it a double.
[CAMILLE LAUGHS] [SNIFFLING] Camille you want to come home, kiddo? No.
I should see this through.
That's my Cubby.
You know we're here for you.
- We'll talk soon.
- OK.
- Bye.
- Bye.
[EXHALES] Fuck it.
Oh, fuck no.
- Kansas City.
- RICHARD: Chief.
I'd like you to meet my wife Jocelyn.
Pleasure to meet you.
Detective Willis.
I've heard so much about you.
Well, I hope I can change your opinion of me.
Charming, as advertised.
Don't flatter yourself, Betty Sue.
Come on, honey.
- Have a great day, Detective.
- Happy Calhoun Day.
- Hey.
- Yeah.
JACKIE: Camille Preaker! Why don't you come over here, hang out with us for a little bit? That does sound delightful, but I can't right now.
Maybe later.
My, my.
Those Crellin girls sure do like their boys with badges.
JACKIE: Mm-hm-hm.
[MUSIC, CHATTER] What's up, James? BOB NASH: Hey, Big City.
Hey, Bob.
What the hell you doin' here? It's Calhoun Day.
I'm just enjoying the festivities.
- Really? - Yeah.
You sure you're not followin' me? You're the one that came up to me.
- Hey.
- Do yourself a favor and don't touch me again.
You got it? Is this a joke to you? I lost a kid, remember? [CLEARS THROAT] It's no joke, Bob.
OK? Look, I'm tellin' ya, we're gonna get this guy.
There'll be justice.
What, are you gonna you gonna strangle him and rip out his teeth? That'd be justice, wouldn't it? All I'm asking you to do is lock him up.
Jesus, he's right over there.
You cut my stuff? All of it? I gave you good stuff.
I gave you John.
We had a deal.
- There was no deal, Ashley.
- I am John's only advocate - Let's just go.
- No.
We are not leaving.
You don't want to burn this bridge.
I know things, Camille.
ASHLEY: Come on.
- Let's keep it that way.
- Yep.
There she is.
- Hi, guys.
Read your article, Big City.
Where'd you learn to write like that? Couldn't have been here.
Where'd you learn to read like that? Couldn't have been here.
- [LAUGHS] Aww.
- Hey, we're startin' a pool.
Nash or Keene.
Who you got your money on, Preaker? - It was the brother, right? - I'm gonna get myself a beer.
- Aww, now, don't go.
- Say, uh, Camille.
Why don't we take a little tour around the grounds and get reacquainted? I bet your wife would just love that, huh? She won't mind.
One of us has gotta get some.
These gentlemen bothering you, Miss Preaker? - No.
- Excuse me? No, no.
Come on.
You ain't in Kansas anymore, Toto.
All right? CAMILLE: Let's just enjoy the festivities.
Son of a bitch.
Can't-get-laid motherfucker.
- Yeah.
- It ain't me.
No, no, no, it ain't me You feelin' all manly now? No, no, just a little frustrated, 'cause the girl I'm seeing won't call me back.
Oh, we're seeing each other? We are now.
Plus, you wrote this inconvenient article about my case.
Published it on the worst day possible.
Well, she has a talent for that.
WOMAN: Can I help you? CHRIS: Yeah, I'll take two beers and a glass of wine.
Here you go.
Can you carry all that? CHRIS: I got it.
Thank you for having us.
Oh, the town needed it, don't you think? Yes.
Um, how's the case coming, Chief? It appears my daughter has some notions.
Do you share them? Well, I'm afraid [CLEARS THROAT] I'm not at liberty to comment, Mrs.
Yes, well enjoy the barbecue.
Thank you.
You look beautiful, as always.
Thank you so much.
ADORA: Jodes.
Lovely, beautiful girl.
So, what is this thing, anyway? Calhoun Day.
So what, it's Confederate pride? Mmm.
We don't use the "C-word" here in Missouri.
Bite my tongue.
Silent racism is best.
So, Zeke Calhoun, our founding pedophile, he fought for the South, and his child-bride, Millie Calhoun She was my great-great- great-grand-victim or something She was from a Union family.
Hell of a pairing.
Yeah, well, one day, the Union soldiers come down here to collect hubby, dead or alive.
But brave Millie, who is with child, she refuses to give Zeke up she resists.
But it's how she resists that people in this town just love.
The Union soldiers, they tied her to a tree, did horrible things to her.
But Millie never said a word.
Lost the baby.
The end.
And this is a holiday? We don't have a lot of happy stories around here.
I got that on our first date.
That was a date? I don't know.
I'm just fishin' here.
[CHATTER, LAUGHTER] Don't beat anyone up.
KATIE: Camille! How are you, sweetie? I'm good, thank you.
I was just, uh, looking for Amma.
We need to calm her down.
She's a little nervous.
Stage fright.
There isn't enough beer at this party to calm her down.
I mean, you didn't hear this from me, - but she's a bit of a wild - Gretchen.
Whose lawn are you standing on, honey? Well, thank you for not telling me, Gretchen.
Look who's putting on airs now.
I hate her dress.
Kansas City, here I come.
No, no, no, it ain't me JOCELYN: Confederate and Union soldiers drinkin' together.
[LAUGHING] Detective.
- Mrs.
- It's so good of you to come.
Thank you for your hospitality.
This, uh - This place is amazing.
- Would you like a tour? I could have a plate sent up to the house if you like.
I don't want you to go to any trouble.
That's OK.
Well, it's no trouble at all.
My home is your home.
This is Nathan.
He just wanted to see the Dollhouse.
- Ma'am.
- Hello.
Your sister's waiting to rehearse with you backstage.
AMMA: She is? Yes.
You better get down there.
My My daughters might be a lot of things, but they really do care for one another.
Uh this wallpaper is hand-painted on silk from Paris.
DEEANNA: Inside invite.
That's a first.
JACKIE: Mm-hmm.
Have you seen Amma? I think she went back to the house.
KIRK: Camille.
I'm glad you're back.
That makes one of us.
[CHUCKLES] [SIGHS] I always knew you'd get out of here.
I've thought a lot about you.
JACKIE: Camille Preaker.
Good luck with the play.
Guess who's inside with your mama.
Mama said you wanted to rehearse with me.
I did.
I just got something that I need to do.
I'll run lines with you, sweetheart.
I'm fine, thanks.
This ivory floor all ivory, was a wedding present for my great-great-grandmother.
Before anybody knew what "endangered" was.
[CHUCKLES] It was supposed to last forever.
- And it has.
- Hmm.
Things fall apart awful quick.
Good things, good people Gone, just like that.
Richard, some people don't understand loss, because some people haven't lost.
But the people here And I know all this must seem strange to you, these country folk, our backward ways No, ma'am, I never said that.
I don't want to tell you your business.
It's your job to see the bad in us.
That's not my job, Mrs.
I just want to remind you: there's good here, too.
No matter what you might have heard.
Would you mind taking your shoes off, please? - Sure.
- Thank you.
You've spent time with my daughter lately.
We're both after the same thing.
And what might that be? ANNOUNCER: Ten minutes to showtime, everyone.
Ten minutes to showtime.
KATIE: Camille? Camille.
You know the detective, Willis, from Kansas City? - Yeah, I've talked to him.
- Which way is he leanin'? To the left, if you ask me.
LISA: Stop it! You know what I mean.
We think it's Nash.
They don't really tell me much.
Well, your piece said it was John or Bob Nash No, I didn't say that it was John or Bob Nash.
Someone should tell that to Bob.
GRETCHEN: Wouldn't it be nice if he did it? KATIE: You're such a class act, Gretchen.
Then it wouldn't have to be sweetie John.
LISA: Windfall for the inmates.
[LAUGHS] KATIE: You must think we're awful.
ADORA: She lost a sister, you know? I do.
I'm sorry.
Camille's strength went with her.
People avoid the topic but I can speak of it.
Camille can't.
Even now, she's recovering from a recent episode.
She's delicate a rare rose.
But not without thorns.
KATIE: You should come to our Pity Party tomorrow night.
It's a tradition, we sit around, we watch "Beaches," and we cry and we cry.
- It's fun.
- I don't think that I can.
You'll get a month's worth of articles in the first ten minutes.
Plus, it'll be a giggle.
It'll be like old times.
- Please, Camille? - OK, sure.
Why not? Right? Yay! Wear somethin' kicky.
- RICHARD: Quite a place.
- Yeah, it is.
I'm starting to get a picture of your upbringing.
What did she say? Did I do something wrong? Is your mother off-limits? Is that part of the tradition? No.
I'm sorry.
The only Calhoun Day tradition you really need to respect is drinking enough to get through Calhoun Day.
All right, boys and girls.
[DRUMMING CONTINUES] I just can't believe that she didn't use any of my stuff.
That bitch.
Evil is about to descend on Wind Gap.
What must we do, my brave husband? At the first sign of trouble, you must flee.
So what did she say, really? [PLAY CONTINUES] A lot.
I know a lot.
About that floor made of elephant tusks.
Kinda fucked-up standing on it for a guy that wanted to be an animal doctor.
That's all she talked about? Was there something else she should have said? [AUDIENCE APPLAUDING] That you could take advantage of me maybe, when I'm drunk? AMMA: Zeke, you cannot go and fight those Yankees.
Who will defend our children? The Yankees are coming! AMMA: I will distract them.
Once I do, you'll get help.
[AUDIENCE GASPS] BOY: You are a Union woman.
You've honored your bond.
You best tell us where he's hidin', girl - Lacey [WHISPERS]: Or else.
- Or else.
- [LAUGHTER] - Do with me what you will.
AMMA: Hurt me if you can, but my wounds will heal stronger than before! My scars will armor me.
I will never give up my husband! I will never betray my town! You'll have to burn this tree down! [AUDIENCE APPLAUDING] [DRUMMER PLAYING] [CRIES OUT, GROANS] [PIANO PLAYING "BATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC"] [AUDIENCE APPLAUDING] [ALL GIGGLING] [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] In the beauty of the lilies Christ was born across the sea With a glory in his bosom That transfigures you and me As he died to make men holy Let us die to make men free While God is marching on While God is marching on Glory, glory, hallelujah - BOB NASH: You son of a - [ASHLEY SCREAMS] ASHLEY [ECHOING]: Somebody get him off! [DISTANT SHOUTING] [MEN SHOUTING] - ADORA: Amma! - MAN: Get him off! ADORA: Amma! [SHOUTING CONTINUES] MAN: Look out! Look out! Get out of the way! - [SHOUTING] - CHRIS: Whoo! - VICKERY: All right! All right! - Fuckin' killed my daughter! - CHRIS: God damn! - MAN: Look out! Look out! - Fuckin' pervert! - Bob, shut the fuck up! VICKERY: Go on.
Go on.
CHRIS: They get you there, John? [KENDALL LAUGHING] CHRIS: Take that, you candy-ass.
Baby killer! LACEY: I think the situation has been resolved, so why don't we give another round of applause to our fine, young Wind Gap Players here? [CHEERS, APPLAUSE] And for Mr.
Kirk Lacey, who set all of this up! [APPLAUSE] - Come on, have some water.
- No.
- Please? - She left without her phone.
[CRYING] She never leaves without her phone.
Well, she might have her other one.
Right? What other one? Three hundred people and no one saw a thing.
Adora, it's gonna be OK.
We're gonna check the woods.
- We got some men together.
- [ADORA SOBBING] - I mean, my God! My God! - Sweetheart, please.
[WAILING] Amma! Amma! Come on, boys.
ADORA: Amma! Amma! - MAN: Amma? - Ohh! MAN [IN DISTANCE]: Amma! Amma! [PANTING] [BREATHING HEAVILY] Amma? Hey.
Amma, are you OK? - Amma, what the hell? - [AMMA CRYING] CAMILLE: I've got her! She's shaken up, scratched.
Poor thing.
So, what? She claims she ran way 'cause she was upset about the play? She's not really up to talking.
The important thing is, she's all right.
Would you have a drink with me on the veranda? Please? I wanted to apologize.
Oh, no, Mama Mama, you don't have to.
I just I wasn't thinkin', and I should have told my editor to wait on the article, so Mama, can I talk to you about Amma? She's scared of something.
I think that's the reason she's doin' what she's doin'.
What's she doin'? Her mood swings.
Her acting out.
That's just being a teenager.
Well, I'm sure you'll do what you think is best.
I try.
And I, um I appreciate you not telling that detective about, um about me.
But, darling, he'll find out, won't he? I mean, not to be blunt, but when you get close? I won't get close.
I don't I'll never get close.
But that's what I wanted to apologize for.
You can't get close.
That's your father.
And it's why I think I never loved him.
You were born to it that cold nature.
I hope that's some comfort to you.
[THUNDER RUMBLES] I just wanna fall in line Do my time and be something Well, I just wanna prove my worth On the planet Earth and be something [THUNDER CRASHING] [KNOCKING ON DOOR] CAMILLE: Let me see you.
It's OK.
Do you like that? [BOTH PANTING] No.
My way.
We do it my way.
My way.
[BOTH MOANING] Fall in love, not fuck it up And feel something [BOTH CRY OUT] Treated as a fool Not quite a woman or a man Well, I don't know I guess I don't understand the plan Colonized, and hypnotized Be something Sterilized, dehumanized Be something Well, take your pay and stay out the way Be something Ah, do your best, but fuck the rest Be something Well, lately It's been mighty hard to see Just searchin' for My lost humanity I look for you, my friend But do you look for me? [INSTRUMENTAL INTERLUDE] Lately, I'm not too afraid to die I wanna leave it all behind I think about it sometimes Lately all my time's been movin' slow I don't know where I'm gonna go Just give me time and I'll know Oh, any day now Oh, any day now I will come along Oh, any day now Oh, any day now I will come along I will come along [INSTRUMENTAL INTERLUDE] From el barrio to Arecibo Pa'lante! From Marble Hill to the ghost of Emmett Till Pa'lante! To Juan, Miguel Milagros, Manuel Pa'lante! To all who came before We say, Pa'lante! To my mother and my father I say, Pa'lante! To Julia and Sylvia Pa'lante! To all who had to hide I say, Pa'lante! To all who lost their pride I say, Pa'lante! To all who had to survive I say, Pa'lante! To my brothers and my sisters I say, Pa'lante! Pa'lante! Pa'lante! To all who came before We say, Pa'lante! (TENSE MUSIC PLAYS) Trying to get a handle on Camille.
CAMILLE PREAKER: It's safer to be feared than loved.
JOHN KEENE: My mama says you take your problems with you wherever you go.
RICHARD WILLIS: Guess what we found today, thanks to your mom? JACKIE O'NEELE: You're getting warmer, Detective.
AMMA CRELLIN: Do you ever feel like (WHISPERING) bad things are gonna happen to you? (MUSIC INTENSIFIES) - (TRAIN HORN BLARING) - (TIRES SCREECHING)