SHE Must Be Obeyed (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

Artiste of The Year

[SHE] My name is Siyanbola.
I'm the queen.
A go-getter.
I set the pace.
I am the number one
female artiste in the music industry.
I'm here to rule forever.
And nothing can stop me.
Because I am She.

[EMCEE] Make some noise for She!
[SHE: "I'M HOT"]
[YORUBA] Madam has risen like a rainbow.
She's risen!
Pick them up! [SCREAMS]
Say obrigado ♪
Mo moriwole ♪
The game don change,
we no dey borrow ♪
A m'owo wole, everything arranged ♪
So no more ghetto ♪
And no more gobe, I flipped
the page, today, tomorrow ♪
I'm popping Rozay ♪
Everyday dollar exchange ♪
Oti set, oti far ♪
Nowadays girls we don vex ♪
Oti set, oti far ♪
We don't need the boy to go flex ♪
Oti set, oti far ♪
Nowadays girls we don vex ♪
Oti set, oti far ♪
[BAYO] Okay, chilling backstage tonight.
[YORUBA] Nice one!
Team She!
Trust me, we're picking
up all the awards tonight.
Artiste of the Year, no other.
That's my sister, She.
[YORUBA] Nice one!
- Hi.
- She's brother, right?
Yes, and her manager.
- [BOTH SCREAMING] Oh, my God!
I've always wanted to meet her.
For real? Why not? You
can, you can meet her.
Come, come, come, come,
let's take a picture.
[YORUBA] Nice one for the road.
- Bayo?
- [BAYO] Pow!
- Bayo!
[YORUBA] What is it?
What in heaven's name are you doing?
You're meant to be standing
here in the capacity of a P.A.,
not taking pictures!
[YORUBA] Have you lost your senses?
Sisqo, what is your problem now?
Here, hold this. I
need to go use the loo.
Molenu eh molegan ♪
Molegan, molegan ♪
I'm hot, molegan ♪
Molegan, molegan ♪
I'm hot, molegan, molegan ♪
Molegan, I'm hot ♪
Molegan, molegan, molegan ♪
Emi gangan lemi ♪
[YORUBA] Ah! Madam wants to kill them!
[YORUBA] Madam changed!
- Emi gangan lemi ♪
- I'm hot ♪
Molegan ♪
Molegan ♪
I hate her.
That is a strong word.
- You need to be careful.
- Careful of who?
This fake girl that keeps
spreading rumors and discord
- in the industry?
- These are all rumors.
- Mm.
- You need to calm down.
If someone hears you, they might think
- you're jealous of her.
- [SCOFFS] Me jealous?
Of who?
Oh, please, she doesn't even
have my streaming numbers.
Calm down, calm down.
[PIDGIN] Oh, please.
She can go on and take
backseat for all I care.
This is totally disgusting.
[PIDGIN] Please.
Save me.
Emi gangan lemi, emi gangan lemi ♪
Wonni f'omo elomi se mi ♪
Emi gangan lemi, I'm hot ♪
I don change my level ♪
God punish the devil ♪
Egungun be careful ♪
Don't look for my trouble ♪
Because I'm hot like kettle ♪
And I sharp like pencil ♪
I'm on a higher level ♪
Yes molenu, say obrigado ♪
Mo moriwole, the game don change ♪
We no dey borrow, a m'owo wole ♪
Everything arranged,
so no more ghetto ♪
And no more gobe I
flipped the page, today ♪
Tomorrow I'm popping Rozay ♪
Everyday dollar exchange ♪
Oti set, oti far ♪
Nowadays girls we don vex ♪
Oti set, oti far ♪
We don't need the boy to go flex ♪
Oti set, oti far ♪
Nowadays girls we don
vex, oti set, oti far ♪
I hope you get the concept ♪
[ANNOUNCER] Numa Awards supported by

Boss? Hey, boss?
[PIDGIN] Did Baba
Risi order two bottles?
- [PIDGIN] No, it was one bottle. I heard.
- [PIDGIN] Are you sure?
[PIDGIN] Can't you see?
[PIDGIN] Why did you hit me?
Wait, aunty.
[PIDGIN] Didn't you just push us now?
[PIDGIN] Who is your aunty?
I'm sorry, mama.
- Hey.
- Mama?
[IGBO] My friend.
- Get my usual.
- Wait.
[PIDGIN] This woman is drunk.
[PIDGIN] What is she doing at the bar?
[PIDGIN] Don't you know Mama Cruise?
[PIDGIN] Mama Cruise is
my number one customer.
- [PIDGIN] Dude, you're bad.
- [PIDGIN] What are you still doing there?
Go get my regular.
[PIDGIN] Dude, I'm coming.
Ha! It's still the Nigerian Ultra
Music Awards and we're
about to amp up the arena
[YORUBA] Call my favorite.
Brace yourselves for a show-stopping,
electrifying performance from
the one and only, ageless
[YORUBA] I know who
they're going to call.
dangerously, deliciously sexy,
the captivating, enchanting,
scintillating T-I-T-O.
- Tito!
- Tito!
[YORUBA] Don't turn your back.
Face me!
[YORUBA] I'm your fan.
I'm your fan, Tito!
[YORUBA] Come on, come on.
Ah-ah! Tito!
- Yeah ♪
I'm a boss hope you realize ♪
No look me less
less, no dey minimize ♪
Not the kinda girl you can colonize ♪
No, no, no, eyes on the
prize, no dey compromise ♪
Any opposition I go neutralize ♪
No time to waste
time, better recognize ♪
What I visualize I dey actualize ♪
Anything I want I get ♪
A life with no regret ♪
- That's how I like it ♪
- I like it ♪
Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo!
Ladies and gentlemen,
let me welcome this pretty lady tonight.
The queen of the night.
[PIDGIN] Ah! You're too much.
- Hi!
- How are you, Humble?
- You look good tonight.
- Wow!
[MAN] The one and only fabulous She.
- [SHE] Thank you!
She even has the audacity
to wear the same color as I.
Low-budget Beyoncé.
X-Cite, stop it.
Shining like diamonds and gold ♪
To be always in control ♪
- That's how I like it ♪
- I like it ♪
- I like it ♪
- I like it ♪
That's what I like ♪
Wow, I love Tito.
This is my best part of the song.
That's what I like ♪
Girl, I love you!
- Love you!
Fake girl. Oops.
I said that loud.
What's that for?
Did I call anybody's name?
Love you! [BLOWS KISS]
- And where is Sisqo?
- Hmm?
Still in the toilet.
Shine like a diamond ♪
Never second best to anyone ♪
Anything I do na vibe ♪
Everywhere I go I shine ♪
Anything I want I get ♪
A life with no regret ♪
- I like it ♪
- That's how I like it ♪
I like it ♪
- Ah!
- I love you so, so much!
I love you, too! I love you, too.
Tell them boy ♪
Bro, I'm having fun, trust me.
- Bro.
- Hey! Wow.
[PIDGIN] You're doing well.
No, I'm good, I'm good.
[PIDGIN] Aren't you going to eat?
- No. No.
- Are you on diet?
Actually I'm vegan.
[PIDGIN] Vege what?
Wow, that's why you look so good.
Thank you.
No fish, no chicken, no milk.
- Me, I must eat.
- Enjoy yourself, my brother.
- Enjoy.
And the moment we've
all been waiting for. Ha!
The most prestigious award of the night.
The Nigerian Ultra Music Award
for Artiste of the Year!
- And to present this prestigious
- Tito!
You don't look excited.
Stop now. Just package.
They will soon announce you as winner.
Which winner? You better stop dreaming.
The men will win this one as usual.
The one and only Dremo Dreezy!
He's not doing this alone.
Come on, stop being so negative.
I'm not being negative, I
Tito, can you please stop?
Be optimistic.
You just might break the jinx.
I've heard.
Give it up for Eniola Badmas!
- ♪

- Good evening, everyone.
This year's Artiste of the Year Award
Nobody can! Nobody can!
[YORUBA] Madam is number one.
For the first time,
three ladies are being
nominated in this category.
It's a big win for the women tonight.
And I must say, I am
very, very proud of them.
Yeah! Yeah!
All right then, the nominees are

Artiste of the Year.
The nominees are
Puffy Tee

[YORUBA] What?

- She! Madam She!
We're taking this home tonight!
Don't worry. Just watch, you'll see.
Anything I want I get ♪
I like you o, Tito.
[YORUBA] But it's She o.
Say people!
Sister me's about to win the
biggest award tonight. [SPUTTERS]
[PIDGIN] Go away!
We are here. Call in.
Excuse me, please! Give way, please!
- She's about to win the award!
- [PIDGIN] Dude, what's wrong?
- Yeah!
- And the winner is
Excuse me, please!
- Call it, She's here!
- She! She.
[YORUBA] Madam stood up.
She's ready to receive.
[BOTH] Tito!
- You wish!
- Stop it!
Look at you.
Oh, my God, thank you.
[YORUBA] What a loss for
Madam She and the communities.
I like the way you congratulated her.
[YORUBA] Ah, this is a big loss. Ah!
[TITO] I don't even
know what to say, I
I'm speechless. I cannot
believe this.
Firstly, I want to say
a huge, huge thank you
to all of my fans.
I love you guys
so, so much.
[YORUBA] Madam should have won!
[YORUBA] Madam should have won.
To everyone that has
shown me unwavering support
since I started, I
want to say thank you.
- To She!
- [YORUBA] Ah! She mentioned She!
You are such an inspiration to me.
And so this award
goes to the both of us.
Men have won this award
back to back for years and
we finally broke the jinx.
[YORUBA] She has acknowledged her boss.
She win it! Mm-mm!
This easily goes down as one
of the best nights of my life.
And it is all thanks
to all of you.
I love you so, so much!
Thank you and good night!
[PIDGIN] Dude, I told you.
[PIDGIN] If we had placed
a bet, I'd have won!
[PIDGIN] Go away,
betting is all you know.
[PIDGIN] Tito is good.
[PIDGIN] But She deserves that award.
[PIDGIN] Dude, shut up.
[PIDGIN] All the others
are trailing behind her.
[PIDGIN] Dude, that's enough.
[PIDGIN] Eh, Nnamdi,
please change this channel.
[PIDGIN] What's going on, aren't
we going to watch the match?
[PIDGIN] Okay, let me change it.
[PIDGIN] I don't want to watch it again.
[PIDGIN] Mehn Sky FC
will beat Onyon FC today.
[PIDGIN] They're so going
to beat them! I tell you!
[IGBO] Shut up!
[PIDGIN] Onyons will win
Sky football club tonight.
[PIDGIN] Mummy, real men
are discussing football here.
[PIDGIN] We didn't call for
Catholic women's meeting.
[PIDGIN] Don't talk
about what you don't know.
[PIDGIN] Shut your dirty mouth!
[PIDGIN] I've told you
that Onyons football club
will win Sky football club this night.
- [PIDGIN] We can bet if you want.
- Ah!
[PIDGIN] I don't want any problems. I
don't want problems. You're all here!
[PIDGIN] I've been watching you
since and I haven't gotten involved.
[PIDGIN] But when you're
talking about money and betting.
[PIDGIN] Let me advise
you, don't waste your money.
You see Mama Cruise here?
[PIDGIN] Mama Cruise
knows football a lot!
- [PIDGIN] If you make that bet,
[PIDGIN] you'll lose,
and nothing will happen.
[PIDGIN] Nnamdi shut up,
why are you talking too much?
Leave them now, eh?
[PIDGIN] Mama Cruise has
said Onyons football club
will win Sky football club this night.
- I disagree!
- [PIDGIN] That's not happening.
- Okay.
[PIDGIN] Sky FC will win this match.
[PIDGIN] Or it will be
a draw. Let's bet on it.
- Okay.
- [PIDGIN] Make the bet.
[PIDGIN] Okay, Nnamdi.
[PIDGIN] Mama Cruise,
how much are you betting?
[PIDGIN] See it?
[PIDGIN] That money is meant
for my son's school fees.
[PIDGIN] I've said that
this woman is something.
[PIDGIN] Someone's school fees.
[PIDGIN] Bring your own money.
[PIDGIN] Mama Cruise has dropped hers.
Hey, Nnamdi, Nnamdi, Nnamdi.
[PIDGIN] I don't want problems,
before they follow me home
[PIDGIN] and say I turned
someone's child to a tout.
[PIDGIN] Don't worry, put your money.
[PIDGIN] Dude, bring 20,000. I have 30.
[PIDGIN] Nnamdi, we'll make a
transfer. Let's make a transfer.
- [PIDGIN] You'll make a transfer?
- Yes.
[SISQO] She, you were really
great today on the stage.
And then this awards thing,
you really don't have
to take it to heart.
- You know?
- Are you mad?
Did I tell you I'm
taking anything to heart?
- Huh?
- I'm sorry, ma'am,
I just thought, I just needed
Get lost, you talk too much.
[RUKA] Ma!
Her excellency ma, dripping glory ma.
[YORUBA] Where's my amala?
[PIDGIN] It's ready ma,
let me quickly serve it.
Okay. I hope the new
chef is a good cook.
[YORUBA] Wow in fact!
- [YORUBA] He cooks bastardly.
- Huh?
[PIDGIN] He can cook, aunty.
- [CLICKS TONGUE] Serve my food.
- Yes, ma.
[YORUBA] Uh put cow leg.
[YORUBA] Hake fish, cow
skin. Is the cow skin soft?
- Ah, very soft.
- Um
put all other assorted meat, too.
Yes, ma.
[PIDGIN] How many
roundabout meat should I put?
[YORUBA] Put four.
Yes, ma.
[YORUBA] Well done, ma.
[YORUBA] Be quick, please, I'm hungry.
[ENIOLA] The winner is Tito!
[DREMO] Tito!
Why didn't I win?
[SIGHS] This stupid girl
is trending on Twitter.
Oh, my gosh.
I should be the one trending.
Who is this idiot tweeting at me?
"You are too old for this, She.
Drop the mic.
Leave singing for the
younger generation."
[YORUBA] It's your mother
that will drop the mic.
I am She!
I will sing forever!
I will reign forever!
I will.
[YORUBA] Sky Fc on point!
[PIDGIN] Some people will cry today.
- Before!
[PIDGIN] That's right, they're talking.
[PIDGIN] Those that will console
them are sitting beside them.
[PIDGIN] I've said
the scores will be 2-1.
[PIDGIN] That's how it will be.
No more, no less.
- Nothing!
- [PIDGIN] Mama Cruise has spoken.
[PIDGIN] This woman is really
something, She's really engaging them.
Mama Cruise!
Queen of Cruisetopia!
[IGBO] When you spend money?
[IGBO] Money comes in!
- [IGBO] When you spend money?
- [IGBO] Money comes in!
[PIDGIN] See your life, Nnamdi, shame!
[PIDGIN] Someone's mother,
that should be taking
[PIDGIN] care of her dozen
children at home is displaying here,
[PIDGIN] and you're encouraging her.
[PIDGIN] Displaying what?
[IGBO] Madness, right?
- Yes.
- No problem!
[PIDGIN] Whatever Mama Cruise displays,
[PIDGIN] that's what your
mother is doing at home.
- [PIDGIN] Hey! Whose mother?
- [PIDGIN] I said it.
[PIDGIN] What nonsense is that?!
I'll break bottles right here!
- [PIDGIN] Hey! Don't break that bottle!
- [PIDGIN] What the hell is that?
- [PIDGIN] You'll pay me!
- [PIDGIN] Whose mother?
Calm down.
Hello, Pedro. What happened?
I thought I was gonna win the
Artiste of the Year at the NUMAs.
I tried, but the jury took
the decision. The NUMA Awards.
They-they-they couldn't be bribed.
- Who can't be bribed?
- We'll come up with other plans.
What plans?
Listen, I want to be the only
winning female artiste in Nigeria.
I want to reign forever.
So get to work!
I thought I was gonna win. [GROANS]

Who is that?
It's Ruka, ma.
[PIDGIN] Food is ready.
Just wait there, okay?
Okay, come in!
[PIDGIN] Where are you, Her Excellency?
Put the food on the bed and leave.
Are you out?
- [PIDGIN] We've won money today.
- Yes, o! [LAUGHS]
- [PIDGIN] We've cleaned out.
- No time.
One minute to the end of the game
[PIDGIN] and we've won the bet.
- [PIDGIN] We've won the bet!
[PIDGIN] Mama Cruise, I'm sorry.
[PIDGIN] I thought you'd
win like you always do.
But now I believe the saying
[PIDGIN] "Every day is not Christmas."
[IGBO] Okay then.
[PIDGIN] Just go and
give me one more bottle.
[PIDGIN] But you'll pay more money.
[PIDGIN] Go and get the bottle.
It's a goal!
[IGBO] It has started!
Mama Cruise!
- Queen of Cruisetopia!
- [IGBO] Will you shut up?
[IGBO] Shut your dirty mouth up.
[PIDGIN] You turned
into doubting Thomas.
[PIDGIN] Ah-ah, Mama
Cruise, it's not like that.
[YORUBA] Okay, boys!
[PIDGIN] Bring it.
[PIDGIN] Pay up.
[PIDGIN] I have the money.
- [PIDGIN] You have it?
- Yeah.
- [PIDGIN] Put it here.
- [PIDGIN] Let me get it.
[PIDGIN] Give everybody
two bottles each.

I've made it. I'm telling you.
- [PIDGIN] Please, sir, go and sleep.
- Sleep?
[PIDGIN] Who wants to
sleep? I'm not sleeping.
- [PIDGIN] So what are you doing?
I have to wait and
collect my report card.
[PIDGIN] I've sent food for her to eat.
They have to bring report card for me.
[PIDGIN] Is it easy to cook for a star?
[PIDGIN] Is it easy to
cook for a superstar?
- [PIDGIN] You're not serious.
[PIDGIN] See, let me tell you,
[PIDGIN] the way I feel right now, mm,
[PIDGIN] I'm very ready
to sign my destiny.
- Ah-ahn.
- To work for her for free.
- [PIDGIN] You love money too much.
In as much as [GRUNTING]
Hold on. Hold on.
Yeah, I'll call you
back. I'll call you back.
[PIDGIN] No problem.
[PIDGIN] How did it go, eh?
[PIDGIN] Does she need another one?
You know, I came to this job
with my A game. [CHUCKLES]
[PIDGIN] Who ate this food?
[PIDGIN] Why are you asking
me a nonsense question?
What nonsense question?
[PIDGIN] I'm sorry. I
shouldn't fight with you.
You know I just resumed.
[PIDGIN] I noticed Madam
She has eaten the food.
What happened to the bone?
- [PIDGIN] Did she give it to a dog?
- Ah-ahn.
[PIDGIN] What are you saying?
[PIDGIN] What do you mean? Hmm?
- [PIDGIN] Who eats like this?
Ehn? Even a native dog from a poor house
[PIDGIN] can't chew bones like this.
Without mercy.
[PIDGIN] Is she a hyena?
[YORUBA] So you're calling Madam a dog?
[YORUBA] Right?
No problem.
[PIDGIN] Please, I didn't say that.
Don't talk like this.
Ah! Ruka.
[PIDGIN] Check it.
[PIDGIN] So a superstar
can chew bones like this?
[PIDGIN] That's how Madam eats her food.
- Wow.
- [YORUBA] Have you heard?
[YORUBA] Do you know that today
[PIDGIN] is your first day at work?
- Yeah.
- [YORUBA] You better be careful.
[YORUBA] Face your work.
[YORUBA] So you won't get into trouble.
You got it?

Hi, Daddy.
Victoria, you still have
not picked what to wear.
No, Dad.
I'm just so confused. I
don't know what to pick.
Should I wear this one with that skirt?
Or if I should wear
this top and that pant.
Or if I should wear that
jacket and that pant.
Anything you pick is fine.
It's okay.
I'm about to become
the personal assistant
to one of the biggest
female stars in this country.
- Daddy, can you believe that?
- Mm.
- Did you watch the videos I sent you?
- Mm-hmm.
Did you see how she
was talking to people?
She was so kind to them,
- and she's just so cool and so pretty.
I love her so much. I
can't wait. I'm so excited!
See, honey, I'm so glad you got the job.
- But, you see
- Thanks, Daddy.
just be yourself.
And everything will fall in place.
- I will, Daddy. I will.
- Mm.
[SIGHS] Finally,
my dream to be my own record
label boss is about to come true.
- I'm so happy!
I'm so happy, Daddy.
I'm-I'm very convinced
that what I learn from her
will teach me more about the industry.
And how to just navigate my way through.
I know you have big dreams.
By the grace of God, with hard work,
you'll get there.
- Amen. Amen.
- Mm-hmm.

Want to party, love to party ♪
Want to party, love to party ♪
Oh ♪
Want to party, love to party ♪
Want to party, love to party ♪
Oh ♪
What's that? What's that? ♪
What's that? ♪
What's that ♪
- Congratulations, darling!
- [SQUEALS] Thank you!
Congratulations, Tito!
You truly deserve it!
Thank you so much, Ahmed!
Oh, my goodness!
I'm so happy that witch in
your category didn't win!
Ah! X-Cite!
Ignore her! She's only joking!
- I'm serious, o!
JJ, can you get us some
more drinks, please?
Okay, I'll go get it now.
No, that's on me! To celebrate you!
- Oh! Thank you!
You're welcome! More wins to all of us!
Love to party ♪
Oh ♪
What's that? What's that? ♪
What's that? What's that? ♪
What's that? What's that? ♪
Action time.
What's wrong with this stupid blog?
Always seeing good things in Tito.
[PIDGIN] You'll soon cry.
Oh! Yes.
Let me start with some mad comments.
Drop it like it's hot. [CACKLES]
That is it.
Troll Kingdom.
Let me troll their lives.
Let the trolling
Ah. Mmm.
[LAUGHS] #RunsGirl.
"Yeyebrity." Yeyebrity. [CACKLES]
Tito's gonna cry.
Mmm. She's gonna break down.
I love this, I love it.
She deserves the award.
She deserves
but she can't no. [GRUNTS]
Happy indeed.
I love this.
There will be confusion
in the camp of my enemies.
What are you say What are you saying?
What are you saying?
Which stupid girl power?
You will cry.
I'm so happy.
You'll break down.
Who's this idiot talking to?
Don't worry.
You want receipt?
Let her cry over this first.
Receipt coming.
Oh. Did you see that?
Yes, I saw it.

- Tito.
- Hmm?
Jay Jay, this is crazy.
How can they say I slept with
someone to get this award?
Where? Let me see.
These mad blogs. Ignore.
Exactly. There must always be haters.
Uh, you know what, guys?
I think we need to leave now.
All eyes are on us.
No. Tonight is my night.
And I'm here to party hard.
Excuse me.
Wait, wait. Tito.
Tito, where are you going?
DJ, give me the microphone.
DJ, cut the music.
Hi, everyone.
So, all of you came out tonight
- to celebrate with me.
And I'm sure you've seen
the gist on Troll Kingdom.
Trust me, I don't care.
- Do you care?
- [CROWD] No!
So can we party?
- Yes!
- DJ, play my song.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
I'm a boss, hope you realize ♪
No look me less,
less, no dey minimize ♪
Not the kind of
girl you can colonize ♪
No, no, no ♪
[PIDGIN] Mehn, this girl has no shame.
- Not one bit.
- Can you imagine? Ha!
Ah, ah, ah.
Is this girl mad?
She's even dancing.
Hasn't she seen the post?
She should be crying by now.
These stupid blogs, they
keep promoting this girl.
Spread the rumors.
Go to Troll Kingdom,
pick the story and spread it.
I want this girl to
break down and to cry.
- I want her to cry.
Tito, mourn, mourn.
You're dancing, right?
You'll soon cry.
I'll troll you to death.
Mourn, mourn, mourn, mourn.
Yeah. Yeah.
Break, Tito, break.
I hate this girl. I hate Tito.

Ah, ah, ah.
Ah, it's morning.
It's morning. Oh
Oh. Oh.
I'm going to be late for my interview.
[YORUBA] Sisqo must be very unfortunate.
Young lady, you will do
well to be here on time.
All right?
- Sisqo.
- Yes?
When are we starting She's makeup?
What? You're busy?
[SCOFFS] You know what?
You need to count yourself lucky
to be chosen to do She's makeup.
Hmm? It's a privilege.
And guess what?
She will be ready when she's ready.
I know, it's just that I have
Oh, shush, shush, shush.
But you have no choice.
And who are you in the
grand scheme of things?
Ah. She's calling.
Hello, Sisqo.
Hello to the wonderful,
amazing, beautiful, number one She.
Didn't I tell you I wanted to
wake up by 6:30 a.m. this morning?
Yes, ma'am. Uh, you did, ma'am. Yes.
So why didn't you send somebody
to knock on my door to wake me up?
Well, um it
It was
Yes, well, Bayo,
um, said that you-you
didn't want to be disturbed.
I'm so sorry about the way Bayo
and I have handled the situation.
No, Sisqo, you're not sorry.
You are M-A-D mad.
[YORUBA] Unfortunate soul.
Why did you mention my name?
Did you tell me anything? Ehn?
Stop barking. All right?
I just needed an accomplice.
Sisqo, the next time
you try this rubbish
[PIDGIN] Call me a bastard if I
don't remove your teeth with blows.
What? Do it.
Try it. You'll lose your job.
[YORUBA] Are you all right?
[PIDGIN] My goodness.
Glam squad, I'll be back.
Pass now.
- Excuse me.
- Pass.
Pass now. Idiot.

you all have tried.
Papa, don't say anything.
I hope you know that I'm
not going to be here forever.
Nothing will happen to
you. You will be fine.
We are doing everything possible
to get you the best medical care, Papa.
I appreciate.
I have one piece of advice for you.
All right.
Make sure you take care of Chinedu,
and you'll give him the best education.
You will be alive to see us succeed.
I know.
All right, Papa.
Get well soon.
[IGBO] My Ada.
- Yes?
- Sister, are you okay?
Yes, I'm-I'm very well.
No, you're not.
You are crying.
No, I think something entered my eyes.
- I don't know.
- Ah, sister.
You know, today is Papa's
seventh year remembrance.
Chinedu, it's so painful.
After all we went through
so Papa can be alive,
we still lost him.
- See, sister, it's okay.
- Oh, God.
See, I'm assuring you, Papa
is in a better place now.
Free from all the pains.
We'll be fine.
[SIGHS] Yes, we will be fine.
Uh, I have to go now.
I need to get some more
money for your school fees.
H-How sister, what do you want to do?
I'll talk to one or two people.
Or probably get more cleaning jobs.
Okay, let me help with
the cleaning, then.
No, Chinedu, stay back.
[EXHALES] But sister, it's my
school fees. I want to support.
I know.
I promised Papa I'll take care of you.
And that, I will definitely do.
- Okay?
Who is that?
[SISQO] It's Sisqo, ma'am.
Come in.
What is it?
Hello, ma'am.
So, I've got a surprise for you.
[LAUGHS] So, I have an entire
glam squad downstairs waiting.
With the boxes and everything.
What glam squad?
I just wanted to take
the stress away from you
from always having to
do your makeup yourself.
You know? After the amazing
performance at the NUMAs,
and your radio interview happening
today, I just thought you know what?
She should look like number one.
Extra glam.
Not that you weren't
doing a good job before.
- Yes, ma'am?
- Are you in your right senses?
No. Your cranial nerves are blocked.
[WHIMPERS] But Ma'am, did
I just say anything wrong?
Keep quiet.
Have you ever seen me use
any dirty, tattered glam squad before?
No, I just wanted to do
something different, you know?
Get out of my closet.
Yes, ma'am. You're right.
- Sorry.
- Wait, come back here.
And where is the new P.A.?
She should be here any minute from now.
- [CLICKS TONGUE] Get lost.
- Yes, ma'am.
Look at him.
Wriggling like a tapeworm.
Nonsense. [SUCKS TEETH]
Ah. Oh, no, not again.
- Mummy.
- Mama?
- Mama.
[IGBO] Blood of Jesus.
Mama, why are you doing this to us, why?
I'm even outside.
- Wh How did I get here?
- Mama.
Mama, where is Chinedu's school
fees that was given to you?
- Ehn?
- Where is Chinedu's school fees
that was given to you, Mama?
- Chinedu's school fees?
- Yes.
Uh, yes, it's here. It's
Hmm. It was here o.
[IGBO] My goodness.
God, why?
- Chai.
- Why, God?
What is all this?
What is all this?
- Hello?
- Hi. Come in.
- Thank you.
- Come in.
Thank you.
Sorry, my CV.
- Oh, good. I'm Sisqo.
- Oh, hi.
Manager to the wonderful,
amazing, beautiful, almighty She.
- Ah.
- Welcome to our queendom.
Thank you so much. It's such
a pleasure to finally meet you.
You know, it was such
a journey getting here,
but I don't mind, I'm just
excited about this new job.
Oh, my gosh, this place is so nice.
Here, we don't talk too much.
And you only talk when you're spoken to.
All right? And you do as you're told.
Now, go sit down.
Thank you.
Hello, beautiful lady.
[SISQO] Oh, yeah.
This is Bayo, he is the
Uh, thank you. I can introduce myself.
My name is Bayo. I'm She's cousin.
- And driver.
Family first in everything.
And you know celebrities,
they like to keep their privacy.
I'm Victoria. She's new P.A.
Ah. Nice to meet you.
- Oh, same here.
- Good.
Right. Victoria.
I see here that you
stated you're 26 years old.
Yes, I am.
So, why do you look 35?
- I
- Uh?
[SISQO] Are you hurt?
Did I hurt your feelings? Oh, I'm sorry.
[SCOFFS] Well, you know what?
I'm ten years old. And my grandma's 25.
- Sisqo.
Get back to work.
Ignore him. He is sick upstairs.
Just make yourself comfortable.
Uh, yeah.
[PIDGIN] What kind of devil is this?
[PIDGIN] I'm sure I
put the money in here,
[SNIFFS] and I tied it
and put it in my cloth.
[PIDGIN] I just don't know how this
money grew legs and walked away.
[PIDGIN] What kind of devil is this?
- Mama, why?
[PIDGIN] I swear to God,
I didn't spend that money.
I didn't touch it.
What happened to it?
Ehn? Did I throw this
money away or what?
- [IGBO] Please
- Please what?
Mama, you're frustrating me.
Chinedu just got admission
into the university.
We need to pay the sum of
200,000 naira for his school fees.
I managed to save 80,000 naira.
Mama, it's just me.
No one is supporting
me. I do not have a job.
- I
- I have to go to people's houses to clean
so I can be able to cater for him.
And what do you do to
encourage or support me?
Nothing. You are frustrating me.
But see, God, God know my heart.
[PIDGIN] You know my heart is
willing, but my flesh is weak.
Mama, just-just hear yourself.
Hear yourself, somebody gave
you 50,000 naira to give to me.
What did you do? You spent
it at the beer parlor.
What? No o.
I did not spend it o.
[PIDGIN] I swear to God,
I didn't spend the money.
[SOBBING] I don't know how I lost it.
[SIGHS] God.
[PIDGIN] I can't spend your money.
[CRYING] God, why?
Why is our life miserable?
- God
- Sister, sister, please don't cry.
Don't cry. Stop crying.
See, I will support
in raising this money.
Even if I have to
become a bus conductor.
- Ehn?
- [ADAEZE] God forbid.
[IGBO] God forbid. Don't say such.
You will not.
[CRYING] I graduated
from the university.
Chinedu, I promised Papa
that-that I'll make sure
you go to the university.
And that I must do.
I must.
This is so beautiful.
It's so lovely.
Oh, my G [GASPS]
Oh, She is so beautiful.
I love you, She.
So many awards.
Such a pacesetter.
Oh, ma.
Oh, it-it's so lovely
to meet you, ma'am.
It's so lovely to meet
you, I [SQUEALS]
I am go gassed right now.
Excuse me?
Oh, I mean, I'm really excited,
I'm-I'm so happy.
Will you comport yourself?
And hope you didn't touch anything.
N-No. I'm sorry.
[SIGHS] So, what's your name?
My name is Victoria Ehimen, ma.
So, tell me about yourself.
I'm an only child.
My mom passed a few years back.
- I'm from Edo State.
- Oh?
Esan, to be precise.
I was about to ask where you're from.
So you're Nigerian?
Yes, ma'am. Full-blooded.
Did you study abroad?
Oh, no. [CHUCKLES]
I studied right here in Lagos.
- Oh really?
- Yes.
So you're well-travelled?
Not really, ma. Actually, no.
I've only been to Abuja with my dad.
- It was a road trip.
- Oh.
So, you've not been to the U.K.,
Canada, U.S.A.?
So why are you speaking
through your nose?

- Ma?
- Mm-hmm.
Where is the accent from?
- Sisqo.
- [SISQO] Hmm?
I don't understand her accent.
Yeah, like she's sprinkling
some Igbo in there.
Like Amerigbo. Amerisan or something.
Listen Victoria, right?
If you want to work here,
you talk like a Nigerian
that you are. Okay?
Besides, you're not properly dressed.
Turn around. Turn around.
- Sisqo?
- Mm?
Take her to where she
can get a proper outfit.
Of course.
You can't go out with
me looking like this.
And take out the piercings.
- Follow me.
- I'll wait here.
[ADAEZE] Listen, listen now.
- Let me tell you what I'll do.
Let me tell you what I'll do.
[PIDGIN] I'm going to place bets.
Just give me six months.
I'll go make that money, keep it on
- this table for you.
- Mama, six months,
then he would have lost his admission.
[PIDGIN] Can you lose it?
You don't even know the implication
of what you've done, Mama.
What happened? Ehn?
[PIDGIN] Can't somebody
sleep in this house?
[IGBO] Will you go and sit?
[LIVINUS IN IGBO] Come, my friend.
[PIDGIN] What's wrong with her?
Why is she crying?
Is it not Mama?
Yes. She went gone
and used m-my school fees
to go and drink at-at the drink
and forget your sorrow bar.
- Hey! Hey, hey.
- She went and forgot my money.
- I did not drink, Chinedu.
- No appeal, no judgment.
- Mama, see
- No tomorrow for today.
- Mama, just see.
- [PIDGIN] Mama, you never fail
to impress all the time.
It's you as always.
Hey! Mama but why?
[PIDGIN] Why did you
spend his fees on drinks?
[IGBO] Is it good?
- Is it good? Ehn?
- God.
- Is it good? Is it good?
- What about you?
[PIDGIN] What did I do?
- [PIDGIN] Don't mind him.
- [IGBO] What is she saying?
Mama, don't touch me.
- [IGBO] Please forgive me.
- Don't touch me.
[CRYING] Mama, don't touch me.
[CRYING] Please please
my daughter, please.
But why? But why? Ehn?
- Ehn? But why?
- [IGBO] What do you mean, why?
Shut up your mouth.
[PIDGIN] You're the first son.
What have you done?
Ehn? What are you doing
to help this family?
Just see your sister. A
woman, for that matter.
[PIDGIN] She's the only one
solving problems in this family.
- [PIDGIN] I have a business.
- Which business?
- I grill turkey, of course. I grill turkey.
- [PIDGIN] And you people eat my turkey in this house.
- What turkey?
My dear, have you ever eaten turkey?
- [PIDGIN] What did you say?
- You? Grill turkey?
- [PIDGIN] You didn't eat my turkey?
- [PIDGIN] I didn't.
[PIDGIN] You what business
are you doing, Mother?
Which business? Look
at it. See, see, see.
- [PIDGIN] Have you eaten turkey?
- [PIDGIN] See what you abandoned.
Your own business. See
your sewing machine.
- Shut up your mouth.
- [PIDGIN] Why don't you go
and bury it at the backyard,
so we can have more space here, please.
You say you grill turkey.
- And so?
- [PIDGIN] What do you do with your money?
Don't you spend it on women? Ehn?
All you know is to chase
and sleep with women.
Useless man.
- Idiot.
[PIDGIN] You can't even get married.
You only know how to sleep with women.
Don't worry. [CHUCKLES]
[PIDGIN] I don't like where
you're taking this conversation.
I know you want to attack
my babies, but no problem.
I score you 2-0 okay? You
scored 2-0 win. Aggregate.
- [PIDGIN] Why won't I score you? Idiot.
- No problem.
[PIDGIN] You think I
don't know the truth.
[PIDGIN] Right now, because the Bible
says honor your father and mother
so your days will be long
in God's palace in heaven.
So says the King James
version of my Bible.
No problem.
But if not, Mama, it'll be bad.
[PIDGIN] It'll be bad? It
can't be bad. It'll be bad.
- It can't be worse than it is.
- Mama, it'll be bad.
- It can't be bad. You're bad!
- Mama, enough.
- Mama, stop!
Mama, stop.
Brother, stop, please.
I beg you two, in the name
of God, just stop this.
Is this not a shame?
Is this what you two
are supposed to be doing?
Papa took care of us and
made all of us happy before
he fell sick and died.
And all you could do is to,
is to dishonor his legacy.
- Is that all you could do to honor him?
- Correction of point, ehn.
[PIDGIN] Father took care of you
all and left a legacy for you.
It's you all. He left me in the village.
I came to Lagos on the 11th hour.
You heard me? Don't tell me anything.
[PIDGIN] Anyway, sorry, Dad.
Sorry, sir.
[PIDGIN] When people
were getting married,
it got to your turn and
you married a drunkard.
Ehn? Because Mama is a drunkard ♪
Iya, iya o ♪
- Look at him, fool.
- Mama is a drunkard ♪
- Iya, iya o ♪
- Thief! Shut up!

Hello, Daddy.
Hello, my sunshine,
how are you settling in?
[SCOFFS] I'm fine, Daddy.
[STUTTERING] I'm settling in very well.
Is everything okay?
Of course, Daddy, yes.
Everything is fine. And, uh
I'm having fun at work.
My day one is going great.
Ah, okay. All right.
Well, I just called to check up on you.
I'm fine.
All right. You have a lovely day then.
You, too, Daddy.
Love you.
No way.
Please don't tell me
these are the shoes.
[SCOFFS] Is this woman
Is she kidding me?

Listen Tatia,
a win for one is a win for all.
In the history of
Nigerian music industry,
this is the first time a lady is
winning the Artiste of the Year.
- Right.
- So I'm very happy with that.
Right. Surely, surely.
It is a great achievement.
And congratulations to
you, Tito, once again.
Yes, Tito, if you are listening,
congratulations, darling.
I'm so proud of you.
Yes, we are proud of you.
But still, She.
A lot of your fans
out there are not happy
with the fact that you
did not win the award.
And there's been a lot of
protests on social media.
In fact, there's a trending
hashtag on twitter right now,
Oh, there's a tweet
from one of your fans,
It says, "She has made bigger hits.
Her last single beat Tito's hands down.
There's something shady about the jury.
I see cheating here.
No, no, no, no there's
no cheating anywhere.
See, I want to use this
opportunity to talk to my fans.
Thank you so much, guys, for the love,
for the support over the years.
Please, She Army, cease fire.
Word, word.
So, do you have any new single that
we should be expecting anytime soon?
Oh, yes, we're cooking something.
You will love it.
She lovers out there,
you will be gassed.
It's coming soon.
Wow. Wow She, She, She.
I'm sure you have so much on your table.
But you know what?
- We are proud of you.
- Thank you.
Guys, it's been an amazing time
with She in the studio
right here with Tatia.
You know what, we're going
to go on this break
Yo, yo. Waddup, my people, it's
your boy Troy in the building.
Yeah, it's your favorite.
Hi, beautiful girl,
- say hi to my fans.
- [TATIA] With her latest hit,
- "I'm Hot."
- [YORUBA] She doesn't know me.
Yeah I'm gonna be live on XQZ MOI.
Link up, link up, link
up. Don't touch that dial.
It's not me people will see
looking like a house girl.
She! She! She's our winner!
She! She! We love She!
She! She! We love She!
She! She! She's our winner!
- She! She! She's our winner!
- Wow.
She has a lot of fans.
- She! We love She!
- These ones?
These are jobless folks.
She! She! She's our winner!
She! She! We love She!
She! She! She's our winner!
- What is this?
- Aww
- She! She! She's our winner!
- Oh, my God.
She. You have such loyal fans.
- I know.
- Oh, you're amazing.
She's our winner!
- She! She! She's our winner!
- Move back.
- She! She! We love She!
- Move back now.
I'll get you all arrested. Move back.
No. No. No. Don't you touch them.
- Yes.
- Sisqo, I'm coming.
Of course.
- Wai
- Hi, She.
Please can I get a picture?
Sorry, darling, I need to
quickly talk to my fans, okay?
- Okay.
- Hello, guys.
Hello, everyone.
- She's our winner!
- Hello, She Army.
I love you all.
We love you, too.
Please, guys, I know
you love me so much.
But please, NUMAs have come and gone.
We need to respect the jury's decision
and stop the hateful comments online.
I beg you.
See, we need to respect this
establishment and leave, okay?
- She is our Artiste of the Year.
Aww, I feel so loved. I love you all.
We love you, too.
Thank you. Please go home, okay?
Thank you.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you very much for coming.
- It's nice meeting you.
- You, too, dear.
Uh, so we're going to meet Ahmed.
But you need to call my publicist.
Sorry, you wanted to take a picture?
- Yes, I do.
- Okay, please come.
- Okay.
- Let's stay under the light.
- Okay.
- Anyway, as I was saying
Okay, let's take the picture.
You stepped on me!
And let's take a picture.
- You stepped on
- They slapped She!
- Who slapped She?
- You slapped me?
When I told you, you stepped on
me the first time, were you deaf?
I didn't see you.
- How dare you touch her!
Don't do that.
Sisqo, stop it. Stop it.
- Don't you dare!
- No. We're colleagues.
We're celebrities, we
shouldn't be doing this.
Are you crazy?
[PIDGIN] That's X-Cite!
X-Cite, you're a disgrace!
Sorry, I didn't step on you.
You're such a liar. You
stepped on me and you know it.
Even if she did, who are you
in the grand scheme of
things? How dare you!
Okay, come, let me give you another one.
- Come now.
- [SISQO] She, slap her back.
She, slap her back now.
- No!
- Slap her back!

I'm hot ♪
I'm hot ♪
Say obrigado, mo moriwole ♪
The game don change,
we no dey borrow ♪
A m'owo wole ♪
Everything arranged,
so no more ghetto ♪
And no more gobe ♪
I flipped the page today ♪
Tomorrow I'm popping Rozay ♪
Everyday dollar exchange ♪
Oti set, oti far ♪
Nowadays, girls, we don vex ♪
Oti set, oti far ♪
We don't need the boys to go flex ♪
Oti set, oti far ♪
Nowadays, girls, we don vex ♪
Oti set, oti far ♪
I hope you get the concept ♪
I don change my level ♪
God punish the devil ♪
Egungun be careful ♪
Don't look for my trouble ♪
'Cause I'm hot like kettle ♪
And I sharp like pencil ♪
I'm on a higher level ♪
Yes, molenu, eh ♪
Molegan, molegan, molegan ♪
I'm hot ♪
Molegan, molegan, molegan ♪
I'm hot ♪
Molegan, molegan, molegan ♪
I'm hot ♪
Molegan, molegan, molegan ♪
Emi gangan lemi, emi gangan lemi ♪
Wonni f'omo elomi se mi ♪
Emi gangan lemi ♪
I'm hot ♪
Molegan ♪
Molegan ♪
Molegan ♪
Emi gangan lemi, emi gangan lemi ♪
Wonni f'omo elomi se mi ♪
Emi gangan lemi ♪
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