SHE Must Be Obeyed (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

The Contract

Mehn Troll Kingdom
has dropped an update.
It's She versus X-cite.
I saw it. But X-Cite messed up big time.
Why would she fight?
Did you read the full gist?
She stepped on her not once but twice.
She had to give it
to her, gbas gbos now.
There are better ways of
handling such situations
rather than fighting, if you ask me.
Where are you from? Let me be.
Deal with her.
I love this particular
Oh, my God. Ah!
Oh, mehn, they dragging.
That was a job well done.
Gosh, I love all the
pictures, the videos.
Yes, I had people in the reception
as well as outside.
Uh, yes, you killed it.
And the crowd.
I loved them. So natural.
They're just there to make money.
- So, we are fine?
- Yes, they are.
So, expect the balance
from me tonight, okay?
Okay, boss lady.
Here, ma'am. Keys to the car.
To where?
The car. I thought you were going out.
I just told Bayo to get ready
in time so we could go out.
Did I tell you I was
going out with you or Bayo?
Well, no, I thought
Thought what?
I will tell you when I need you, okay?
Yes, um All right, ma'am.
- It's fine.
- Stop being forward.
- Sorry, ma'am.
- What nonsense.
- Just looking out for you.
- Just back off.
What Are you using this car?
I mean, you should use this instead.
If you're going to be driving alone,
you should at least be comfortable.
I think I need to clip your wings.
- No, ma'am.
- Oh.
- No, ma'am.
- Because you're my manager,
you think you can talk and front?
You're just a manager by mouth.
- You can stay in your place.
- There's no need for that, ma'am.
- Okay?
- I'm just trying to look out for you, ma'am.
No, look out for your dirty self.
She must be bipolar.
I want to ask,
why will you leave
money with your mother?
Leaving money with your mother
is just like leaving a goat with yam.
What will the goat do?
It will devour every single yam.
You know this.
Alcohol has always been
your mother's problem.
Your late father thought
he could change her,
- but he couldn't.
- Uncle, please.
I need money to pay
Chinedu's university fees.
You see, me, I never liked
this university thing. Eh?
Your father read and read and read.
And, uh, ended up,
uh, doing office work.
But look at me.
I did business, and today I am richer.
Uncle, that is in the past.
We are talking about Chinedu.
Chindeu's education is very
important. Uncle, please.
What, uh, does he want,
actually, to study?
- Law. Law, sir.
- Law?
Anyway, anyway. You.
What did you study?
Business administration, Uncle.
What business are you administrating?
I'm doing cleaning job.
The sheep without a guide is blind.
Eh? Cleaning job?
University girl.
Coming down from that high
place to do cleaning job?
You see, that's why I said
Chinedu should not go to school.
Oh, Uncle. Ah!
Yes, let him go and learn some trade.
Make money,
and come and take care of
all of you in the family.
Uncle, please
- Hey!
- Uncle, I beg you, please.
I beg you in the name of God, help us.
Eh? Help?
Help is another thing you
need to understand, eh?
It's like abandoning your own problem
to go and solve some
other person's problem.
Um, it's all right.
Just wait for me. I'll,
uh, show you something now.
Okay? Just wait.
I won't, I won't spend too much time.
Uncle? I'm leaving now.
Honey, I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry. Forgive me.
- Phone.
I'm-I'm sorry. Please.
Ma, I don't have anything on me.
There's nothing on me.
Ma, I-I have nothing on me.
Nothing I have nothing on me, ma.
There's nothing there.
I'm so sorry, ma. You know
I'm usually not like this.
I had a family emergency.
I'm sorry. Please.
Good night.
Come, just come in. Gently.
Just stay there. Stay there.
All right, so, let's get to work.
Love you ♪
Mm ♪
What are you doing?
Ma, I'm just vibing, ma.
You're just vibing?
Oh, you're trying to show off, huh?
I've always told you, I
don't like you to be forward.
You calm down and listen to the beat.
I will tell you what to sing.
All right, ma.
So today, I want a new single.
You know, a song that's
upbeat, different.
Something good.
A song the likes of Justin Bieber.
Chris Brown will listen, too.
And they will beg, crave
to jump on the remix.
That's what I want.
All right, ma, but I need
to write down the lyrics
so I can create the melody.
Get to work.
Down the lyrics, ASAP.
Adaeze, I want a love song.
You know, a song about love gone sour.
Like a gigolo taking my money
and, you know, me getting back at him.
My lover, my love, ooh ♪
I want the vibe you give to me.
You know, how you belt your heart away.
You know, something like
I love you ♪
L-Love ♪
Sorry, ma.
You know how you sing for me, like
Lover, I love you ♪
All right, ma.
Do you get me?
A new song the world will love.
You know?
A song from She.
I'm not hungry.
With everything that's
going on around me?
Come on, Victoria, you need to cheer up.
I know how you feel.
I can't.
I just can't.
I mean, look at me.
I look terrible.
However you think you
look, you're beautiful.
It's not about that.
It's just this whole
environment is just toxic.
Look at the whole drama
at the radio station now.
Forget about that.
Things like that happen once in a while.
So tell me,
are you having a second
thought about the job or what?
No, of course not.
You see,
I took this job because
I really want to learn
about the music industry.
Someday, I want to own
my own record label.
You see, you have a target.
So face it.
In my own situation,
when She offered me a job,
it was for the role of a P.A.
Then She made me her driver.
Your cousin made you her driver?
Yes, but with the promise to
sponsor my trip abroad, so
Cheer up, okay?
Despite the catarrh I have,
I can still smell bullshit.
Are these two love birds of what?
What is this now?
What kind of nonsense is this?
Hmm? What is this?
The food you're cooking is burning.
there's nothing wrong with
the food. It didn't burn.
I don't like what you did.
Playing pranks is a criminal offense.
Shut your dirty mouth.
Excuse me, what's wrong with you?
Why are you climbing
the table like a monkey?
If you fall
If you fall, your spinal cord is broken.
That's it for you.
End of discussion. The end for you.
It is your own spinal
cord that will break.
Yes. It is your spi
Back to sender. It is you
that will go to Igbobi.
Come, don't try that with me.
Don't make me switch up on you.
- What's your problem?
- Wait
Stop, let's not fight. Eh?
Wait, in fact come.
Come, come, come.
Come now.
Don't behave like this.
Look at this girl. See?
The clothes she wore in the morning
isn't what she's wearing now.
Hmm? That's why I'm
asking what happened.
What happened to the
clothes? Did it tear?
Excuse me, don't be annoyed
Did you come here to work or to gossip?
All of the above.
Get out of here, you're not okay.
We don't have anything to discuss.
Come first. Why are
you behaving this way?
So, I am not free to know?
I want to get information
about a-a working environment.
All right then if
you say you want to know,
I will tell you.
I want to know.
Good. Take a good look at me.
How do I look? Check me out.
You look like a flag.
You can see I'm wearing a uniform.
Yes, uniform flag.
Here in She's house,
madam doesn't like women dressing well.
- Wow.
- Yes.
If you were a woman who is her P.A.,
you'll only wear loose,
ill-fitted clothes.
- For real?
- Yeah.
If madam She
tells me to wear Ghana-must-go,
oh, yes, what's happened there?
I will wear Ghana-must-go.
Just look at the new
recruit that just joined us.
She was only asked to change her clothes
and wear something else.
She's squeezing her face
like a washed and unironed jeans.
For what now?
All because she's working for She?
She is a superstar. She's a legend.
A big name.
A name that can give her
a window of opportunity.
It will open doors, even gates,
of opportunities for her to drive past.
Yes, she can use the name
to open the Heaven's gate.
Go and use it to get a bank loan.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
You know you're my correspondent.
If I give you blows.
See, this is what I'm talking about.
This is the Adaeze, the
She voice that I know.
I'm glad you like it, ma.
I'm so excited about this song.
With this new one, by next year,
I'm winning the artiste of the year.
I pray so, ma.
It's okay. Let me get you
something for your lunch.
So, go get lunch for yourself.
- Hmm?
- Thank you, ma.
We'll leave in two minutes
or five minutes max.
Let me just tidy up the things.
Um, ma?
Please, there's something
I want to tell you.
I'm listening.
Ma, my younger brother just got
admission into the university,
so I need some money
to pay his tuition fee.
I-I promised my late father
on his sickbed that I'll make sure
And how is that my business?
Ma, I know it's not your business.
But please, ma,
I need more I don't
Have you forgotten the
contract you signed?
No, ma. I didn't forget, ma.
Sometimes I might go far away ♪
Close to my heart,
you will always stay ♪
So take care of yourself ♪
For me ♪
Don't forget your
breakfast, make sure you eat ♪
Look both ways before
you cross the street ♪
Don't follow anybody home ♪
They want to take you, go ♪
Tell 'em no, no, no ♪
To my heart, you're
the king on the throne ♪
Where you are, that's
where I call home ♪
So take care of yourself ♪
Somebody loves you, boy ♪
Somebody cares for you ♪
Somebody loves you, boy ♪
Always be there for you ♪
I want you to know that ♪
I loved you from ♪
Ma, 20 million naira
for 20 years? I'm ready.
Even if it's for 100 years,
ma, I'm ready to sign.
No, Adaeze, it's not up to 100 years.
Listen, if you want to take your time
to study this contract, you can.
You can actually take it home.
But just remember, you signed
a nondisclosure agreement,
so you have to be
careful with the contract.
Read it well, sign, then
I sign, and we're happy.
Ma, ma, no. I'm ready to sign it here.
I don't need to take it home, ma.
Ma, please, I desperately
need this money.
I need the sum of 10 million
naira to save my father's life.
Yes. We need to send him
to India for a surgery,
and if we don't fly him out in
the next two weeks, he will die.
- Please.
- It's-it's fine, I'll help.
I'll give you the money.
Ma, are you serious? God bless you, ma.
You're a lifesaver. God bless you, ma.
Thank you.
Okay, fine. Um, it's
a 20-years contract,
whereby you sing exclusively for me.
You, Adaeze, will be She's voice.
- All right?
- Okay, ma.
And, um, you get 20
million naira for that.
50% payment once you sign this contract.
And the remaining 50% will be
spread annually after 10 years.
No problem, ma. No problem,
ma. Thank you. It's okay, ma.
You're welcome.
Uh, don't forget the
clauses, uh, like here.
You're not supposed to sing
in church, in a bar, anywhere.
You have to keep your talent inside you.
Ma, you don't have to worry yourself.
For the church, I will not
even go near there at all.
For the bar, I will just
disappear. I will not sing anywhere.
All I need right now is
to save my father's life.
I promise you.
- I will not sing.
- No-no problem.
I'll give you the money once you sign.
Okay? And I'll also give you
a 100,000 naira gift to
get anything for yourself.
Ma, you are too nice.
Thank you so much. God bless you, ma.
I will sing my heart out for you.
Ma, you will blow.
By the time I'm done singing, ma,
you will be number one forever.
- Amen.
- Honestly.
- I can't wait. Here you go.
- Thank you, ma.
Adaeze, the contract
is just seven years old.
Hmm? My darling,
until after three years, you
can't get any more money from me.
Ma, please. Ma, please.
Please, ma. I beg you, ma.
I am the breadwinner of my family.
I'm also the breadwinner of my family.
Ma, I don't have any help.
I can't even get a
good job as a graduate.
The only people offering to help
are men who want to lay with me.
Then lay with them.
- Yes.
- Ma.
Get up.
Stand up and save the crocodile tears.
Listen, my darling.
Everything I am today,
I did by doing everything.
I mean the money, the
power, respect I have,
I got it by doing everything
clean or dirty.
I did it.
In life, to get to where you're going,
you have to sacrifice.
So, if the men want to lay with you,
my darling, lay with them.
- My Livi!
- My baby!
My baby, see
Ebi, my Snapchat baby.
- I love you. I love you so much.
- Really?
I'm telling you.
If I don't marry you, I'm dying.
Don't say that.
Nothing will happen to you.
You are my one time everything,
anything, something, forever can be.
- Are you sure?
- I'm sure.
Are you sure I'm your everything?
- Of course.
- If you say so.
- I said so.
- Good.
- Yes.
- Eh Livi.
- Yes, dear.
- Please pack the turkey for me.
I want to go home and cook spaghetti.
Ebi, my Snapchat baby
wants to eat spaghetti.
No problem, let me pack it up for you.
Of course.
- Put this one.
- This one?
Yes, that one.
No problem.
- But, Livi Livi
- Yes, dear.
- You know you'll put ten?
- Ten?
- Ten.
- Ten?
In the morning you said five,
which one is ten now?
Is it because of turkey you're
shouting at me in public?
Because I said you
should give me turkey?
Yes, my brother and
my sister are at home,
or don't you want your in-laws to eat?
Livi's in-laws must
eat my grilled turkey.
- Really?
- Yes, no problem. No problem.
- Ebi, Ebi!
- Pack this one.
Okay, all right.
Oh okay.
- I have to see your people.
- Because of turkey.
My dear, calm down. Cal
Wait a minute.
All my turkey gone too soon.
It's true.
Are you sure it won't
affect your business?
Should I give you the turkey
so your in-laws won't eat?
My dear, don't worry, okay?
And Livi's in-laws must eat.
In-laws must eat my grilled turkey.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Brother Livi!
My dear, blow me a kiss.
- Okay, Wi-Fi Bluetooth kiss.
- Brother Livi!
- Oh!
- My Livi!
- Brother Livi.
- Yes. What is it? What is it?
Why are you shouting my name like that?
Brother Livi, I've gone everywhere
and I couldn't get money.
Please, give me some money.
At least you've sold all the turkey
y-you grilled today. Please.
And so, what's your business
if I sell all my turkey?
Is it not the same money
I'll use to buy another turkey to grill?
We need to complete
Chinedu's school fees.
No money for family's charity right now.
Brother Livi.
How can you say you don't have money
when you gave your
turkey to Ebere for free?
Why would you say a thing like that?
What did you say?
You gave her turkey for free now.
Come here, you.
You will not tell me how to run my life,
how to run my business,
and how to run my race.
You heard?
Brother Livi, the most
important thing right now
is Chinedu's school fees.
The most important thing for
me right now is to get married.
See, at my age, I live in the
same house with you. Is that good?
Eh? That's bad.
My friend,
see, God gave you a happy engine.
Yes, you're the one with the switch.
Use it to make money like your mates.
Or is it a shrine?
Brother Livi
Don't disturb me.
Who's calling me with an unknown number?
Siyanbola, i-it's your mother.
Siyanbola, don't hang up.
Please have mercy on me.
I've been looking for you.
Siyanbola, this is not fair.
Have mercy on me.
I'm not feeling well.
I'm not well at all, Siyanbola.
Pity me, my child.
I need money.
I need money to pay for hospital.
Pity me.
What did you say?
She hung up.
Sorry, Mom, please don't cry.
Please don't cry.
You shouldn't have called her.
Eh? Can you see? Can you see?
Why won't we call her?
Do we have hope anywhere else?
Sorry, Mom.
Thank you.
What did I do?
What did I do to Siyanbola
for her to do this to me?
Mummy. Mummy, don't stress yourself.
I'll look around for money. We'll
take you to the best hospital.
Better don't promise what you can't do.
- What do you mean?
- Where is the money?
- What do you have?
- Shut your mouth.
I suffered on you children.
Look at the way we're living.
Eh, and Siyanbola has money.
She should pity me.
She should pity me.
Okay, stand up.
Wow, Siyanbola.
You're so fine.
Aunty, are you sure?
Uh-huh. Yes, now.
It's a lie, it's not fine.
Will you shut up?
Mummy Bayo, tell her the truth.
Will you shut up?
See her hair has fallen off?
Mine is long and fine.
How can you talk to
your sister like that?
Eh? Is she your mate?
What's the matter?
can you imagine, Adeola
mocking Siyanbola's hair.
Can't you see what she has on her head?
What's this? What's this
nonsense on her head?
I just packed it now.
You just packed it.
- Yes.
- This?
I'm trying to prepare
them for tomorrow's
inter-house sports, and you know
Siyanbola is joining the march past.
- March what?
- March past.
March past, my foot.
With this thing on her head?
Come, what is wrong with
the teachers nowadays?
Eh? How will they allow a girl
like this to be in the march past?
Mummy, I want to march.
You want to march. No.
You cannot march.
Can't you see what is on your head?
Is this what you are
going to march with?
I should get a barber to scrape
the rest of this hair off.
What is this rubbish?
Your hair is ugly, didn't I say it?
Hey, hey, hey.
Aunty, don't talk like this.
Don't talk like this.
Look, let me tell you, the simple thing
you can do for children
is to tell them the truth.
It's not more than that.
Tell them the truth while they're young.
This is not hair. Eh?
Look, come. Come and sit down here.
Help me make the balls
increase it so that it will be longer.
Eh? It'll be more colorful.
Be careful with my child.
Siyanbola, now go into the kitchen.
- Ah.
- Go and wash the dishes in there.
- Ah.
- Quickly!
- Aunty.
- Get up!
What am I increasing in this hair?
What is this?
Uncle, thank you so much.
God bless you.
I can't believe this.
You can't believe it
because you ran away before
I could show you this.
Uncle, I didn't know.
I-I-I was trying to see if
I can raise money elsewhere.
But believe me, I
appreciate this so much.
- Thank you.
- Yes, Uncle, thank you very, very much.
- See, this will go a very long way.
- Yes.
Welcome, brother.
Brother Livi, welcome.
My eyes have seen ancient and modern.
Hey, Uncle Mba in our house
after 3 years. How come?
Ehen, brother Livi, we have good news.
See, Uncle just gave me 100,000
naira for my school fees.
Which uncle?
This one, another one or photocopy?
You're going to eat shit right now.
- Brother Livi
- Right now!
Yes, he gave us money
for his school fees.
- Come off it!
- 100,000 naira.
- Free of charge.
- I don't agree.
It's a lie. Show me the money.
You're about to be shamed.
It's really true.
Um, Adaeze.
- Uncle.
- Uh
The clothes you're going to
wear at the marriage ceremony
of Chief Emenike's daughter.
I don't understand.
Even I don't understand.
The money I gave you,
look at 100,000 naira you're having.
I gave it to you because
of that singing assignment.
Out of 120,000 naira, I took away 20,
put inside my pocket
as your manager. So
keep that 100,000 naira.
I said it!
I said it that this our Uncle
the stingiest man ever,
can never give anybody
anything for free.
Nothing is free in Freetown.
You'll be crippled.
Don't say that to me. Why would you?
Uncle, Uncle, Uncle. Uncle,
please stop. Uncle, stop.
I can't sing at anybody's wedding.
I only asked for a loan,
so I can pay Chinedu's school fees,
not-not a singing contract, Uncle.
Okay. Let me have the money!
Ah, Uncle, no. Uncle, please.
She will sing. Sister,
tell him you will sing now.
No, I can't sing.
Oh, you can't sing?
Then give me the money!
Sister, please, it's just to sing now.
Don't let me miss this
opportunity of going to school.
Chinedu, I can't. You won't understand.
- Uncle, please.
- Even I don't understand
you people in this house.
- I never understood.
- Please give me my money!
- Very simple!
- Uncle please.
Yes, very simple!
Uncle, please.
I can't. I can't.
Cute for this.
Yes, this will rock.
X-cite got a Bentley?
Oh, my days.
Oh, I thought I would be
the first to get a Bentley.
Siyanbola, Siyanbola.
I always want to be the first.
What do I do?
It's even a brand-new one.
It's beautiful.
What do I do? What do I do?
Hey, guys!
I'm with my sister from another mother,
my girl X-cite just got a new ride.
I am so happy for you.
Aw, thank you, sis.
I just wanted to spoil myself a little.
A little?
- Uh-huh.
- Hold on, hold on, hold on.
- Yeah.
- This is big o.
This is a Bentley.
Tapping association, let's
tap into this anointing.
Oh, please, Tito.
You know what, guys? I'm
gonna get back to you.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- I'm so happy for you.
- Aw Thank you.
You see, this is the kind of things
that we should be
seeing online about you.
- Mm-hmm.
- Positive things.
Yeah, I know you're referring
to the news on the media
that I slapped She, right?
You shouldn't have.
You should have walked away.
She kept stepping on me
and didn't want to move.
You should have ignored.
Look at how she gained sympathy
on social media after the drama.
Hmm. Well
I know she's crazy, but
I'm crazier than her.
Forget all we're doing,
I don't give a damn.
Just let it go, okay?
Tito, your jollof rice
and champagne are ready.
Ah! Very good. I'm going
to eat and enjoy myself.
- X-cite.
- Yeah?
Hello, beautiful She army.
Please, cease fire.
X-cite and I are colleagues.
And we love each other,
we respect each other.
Kindly stop trolling her.
What happened was a mistake
and we've made up. Okay?
You see, she's speaking
on behalf of you.
It's all fake love.
Come on
you're the one that
slapped her in the public.
She came out apologizing
and making excuses for you.
Yet you're still adamant?
You guys actually believe this person?
Okay, let me ask you a question.
The last Koko big three
concert, she was the only female
- that performed, right?
- She was.
Do you know that you were called?
I was called.
Even Gracie was called.
But she insisted on being
the only female on the bill.
Ah-ah. Where did you get this?
It's all hearsay, and
the news wasn't confirmed.
Okay, I get it that you're
trying to be diplomatic.
But come on,
you guys will keep quiet
until she takes her fingers
and pokes it into your eye?
She's a bad person!
She does not support her colleagues,
she does not like to do
collaborations with anybody,
just spreading fake love up and down.
But this is all speculations now.
- Of course.
- You shouldn't be a party to it.
God has blessed you.
Your career is blooming.
Just leave this thing
and focus on your own.
Of course I'm focused,
I'm facing my front.
But if she tries it again, I
will beat her black and blue.
No, X-cite, you will do no such thing.
- It's okay.
- No!
It's okay, artiste and manager.
Ah! Put the weapons down.
We came here to have a good time.
Okay, girlfriend, yes,
we are the winning team.
Positive vibes only.
I'm here for the enjoyment.
They are jealous of me,
but I do not give a hoot.
I do not care. Let's go.
I am sick and tired of all this.
What sort of rubbish is this now, eh?
Me. I rented a car just to show off.
These people are crazy.
I'm so going to reply.
What nonsense is this? Ah-ah?
How can they compare She to me?
That low-budget Beyoncé!
Who's that?
It's Ahmed.
Come in, the door is open.
- X-cite.
- What's up?
Delete that comment.
What comment?
I just saw your comment
on Troll Kingdom blog.
No, Ahmed. I'm not going to delete it.
They need to know I'm not lily-livered.
Besides, it's time to put those
depressed trolls in their place.
And what value is that
going to add to your brand?
I just need to let off
steam. Call it that.
Look, X-cite.
You are more than that.
My people say that
silence is the best answer.
Silence is the best answer.
You want to battle faceless trolls?
How many times have you
seen people like Beyoncé
reply comments on social media?
Oh, please! That's Beyoncé.
You know I'm not normal.
Forget all the packaging.
How dare they compare She to me?
- Who is She?
- It's okay. It's okay.
I've always told you to let things go.
Your brand is too classy for this.
Yes, I'm classy, but sometimes
it's important to let
these people know that
I'm also crazy.
I think it is time for me
to get in touch with this
Troll Kingdom blogger that has
been peddling bad news about you.
Eh, what did you say?
Yes. There's nothing wrong
in making peace with them,
so they'll stop smearing your name in
Oh, please
What now?
I will never be a party to that.
You try to bring them to your
side, they start to blackmail you.
You need to be cautious.
Well, I'm just worried about
the way it's getting to you.
I'm fine. Trust me.
After all, if they were so bold,
they should have posted their address.
Let's see who is the classy one.
Okay, delete the comment.
- Delete it.
- Ahmed, now!
What are you doing?
You don't even have the
password to my phone.
X-cite, please delete this comment.
It's not good for us, delete it.
- Delete now.
- X-cite, X-cite
Why are you running?
What is it?
I want to talk to you
about my American visa.
Sister mi, I have just
six months left on it.
I have to leave.
You remember the plan?
- Yes, I remember.
- And my mom has been on my neck.
So what if she's on your neck?
Is it not money you'll spend there?
Yes, I know.
And that's why I'm trying to
remind you of your promise.
You said if I work with you
for a year and few months,
and I get my American visa, then
you'll give me money to leave.
Sister mi, it's been five
years, and I'm still here.
Don't you think it's time for me to
go? I don't want to lose this visa.
Why are you so insensitive?
Oh, with all I'm going
through financially?
I've not paid salaries
for the past two months.
You know this!
Listen, I'm not in a good mood.
Do not upset me further.
I'm sorry. I-I'm very sorry.
I didn't mean to upset you.
You had a gig a few days
ago. Like-like, two days ago.
So I thought you got some money.
Okay, as per you're
my accountant, right?
Sorry, calculator.
Bayo, you know you're insane.
You're crazy.
You are such an ingrate!
My She, is everything all right?
- No! Everything is not all right.
- How?
Bayo is stressing me!
Sister, please, sister, don't
scold me in his presence.
I will talk about you!
Bayo, I will tell everyone.
Can you imagine,
- with all we're going through financially
- Yes.
Bayo had the guts to request for
money to go on a trip to the U.S.!
What? A trip?
At this time?
Bayo, why?
She has respectfully told us,
there's no money in the company.
You should be understanding.
But here you are, always
behaving like you do.
Like a nitwit.
Tell him! Highly insensitive.
My She, please calm down, all right?
Maybe take some tea, calm your nerves.
All right? I'll take
your bag downstairs.
Please take the bag to the
car. Tell Ruka to get me tea.
Green tea, please.
Fire bond!
What nonsense.
What? Can you just imagine?
- Sister, please now
- Bayo! If you dare say a word again
what I'll do to you,
you'll regret it for
the rest of your life.
Get your stupid self out of here.
If I get chai.
Hello, Daddy.
Hello, sunshine.
Well, I just called to remind you
of your tithe in the church.
It is very important that you pay it.
And also to remind you of your savings.
they've not paid yet o.
This is the 15th day of the new month
and you've not been paid?
- Yes, Daddy.
- But why?
Is that how it works there?
Daddy, the workers here said
that it's usually not like this.
They don't know what's
delaying the payment this time.
Then why don't you ask?
Ask who?
Madam She?
No, madam He.
See Etim, maybe you should
go and ask her yourself.
You need the salary, right?
Hold on, don't you need salary?
No, tell me, don't you
have responsibilities?
Well, if you don't have
responsibilities, I do.
I have responsibilities,
my hands are full.
I have my mother, father,
sister, brother, children.
I have friends and supporters.
When I go home I get praises
that I work for a star.
"Etim, you work for She."
"Etim, you work for a superstar."
And when I'm walking, they sing for me.
Molegan molegan molegan ♪
I'm hot ♪
Molegan I'm hot ♪
I'm not hot anything!
- I'm cold!
- Ah-ah?
I'm like a deep freezer.
Am I responsible?
Are you not the one that
announced and told everybody?
Bird mouth.
How was I to know that you people
don't pay salaries in this company?
Etim, don't talk recklessly.
See, I've worked for Madam
for a very long time now.
When Madam says relax,
you do what? You relax.
You get?
When in Rome, you
behave like the Romans.
I am not in Rome, I am in the kitchen!
I'm in the kitchen!
I work here, give me my salary!
That's all I'm saying.
But hold on,
you're behaving like
we're not in this together.
We work in this same kitchen.
Why are you behaving like
someone with no conscience?
You're acting like
this doesn't bother you.
Do you have water
flowing through your veins?
- Blood doesn't flow through your veins.
- Exactly.
It's not blood.
And it's not water either.
Do you know what's in my vein?
- What?
- Hot vodka.
Hot one.
That's what's running through
me. That's why I'm always high.
You should drink fuel instead.
Oh, no, carry go ♪
Me I no want jigalo ♪
All your love na audio ♪
Away ♪
Carry go ♪
- Jigalo ♪
- Wow.
Wow, She, this is brilliant.
I know it is. I'm good at what I do.
No applause?
- Oh
- Sorry.
So, She
I was of the opinion that
What's that?
No, no, no, no, no. Let her talk.
Go ahead.
I'm sorry, did I break a protocol?
I'm sorry, did I break any protocol?
Who the hell are you?
Uh She, this is Daniella.
The new media development personnel.
And you didn't give her the rules?
I'm sorry.
No, you're not.
You actually want to flaunt your
wannabe American accent, huh?
I apologize.
So, moving on.
Yeah, uh so we need to
release this track next month.
I want to feature an international
artiste on this track.
Not a bad idea. Uh
but it will take some time.
Why? Why are you here?
That's your job.
In fact, I want, um,
Justin Bieber on this track.
So get in touch with
his management team.
And you, Delilah
No, it's Daniella.
No, you look more like a
Delilah and you act like one.
It's time to make good use of
your wannabe American accent.
Go into the U.S.A. and
bring me Justin Bieber.
Go flaunt your American accent there.
Sure, I'll just contact
my plug in California.
Good to hear that.
So, what do you have for me
for the rest of this month?
Uh, ma okay, according to our lineup,
we have your shoot and interview
with the international
Stardust magazine.
- We're also working
- Please keep quiet.
I'm not talking about interviews here.
I'm talking about my presence online.
For the past three months,
I've been the least searched
female celebrity in Nigeria.
Why? It must change this month.
Create something around me.
I want to trend.
Ma'am, you know that normally,
we plan your itinerary quarterly.
So? Collins.
I've been working with your P.R. company
for the past four years, right?
Be spontaneous for once.
Create something!
I don't like the fact that
Tito and that ratchet X-cite
are trending more than I am.
That must change this month.
I want to be the most trending
female celebrity in Nigeria.
Okay? Make it work.
Create a buzz. Make noise.
Celebrate me. Get to work.
Do something.
Excuse me.
Uh, excuse me?
We need to talk.
So, do you have any idea when
our salaries will be paid?
I don't.
Honestly, I'm getting frustrated.
She's refused to pay me my money.
The promise she made,
she is yet to fulfill it.
That's serious.
But why is she so sad, though?
Isn't she in a relationship?
No. That one?
She chases every man away
with her egocentric attitude.
Oh, wow. I can imagine.
But it's true, even I don't think
I can be with that kind of person.
I am tired.
I feel like running away.
I just want to leave this country.
It's okay.
It's okay, all right? Don't
be too hard on yourself.
Even if she's wicked,
it's all right, all right?
Everything will be okay.
Thank you.
Can-can you do that again?
Do what?
The way you were rubbing my shoulder.
To me
It's more like my dream
is about to come true.
What dream is that one?
I like you.
Please, Bayo, just stop it. Okay?
- See
- I have a boyfriend.
We can, we can just talk
Talk about what?
What's happening here?
Because I don't understand the
stupid question you're asking.
Idiot. A carnival is happening here.
Bayo, I wasn't talking to you.
You. Why are you sitting down here?
Is this why you were employed?
- I was waiting
- Shut up.
This is my problem with you.
You give too many excuses. Huh?
You're here frolicking with Bayo.
- No, I'm not frolicking
- Of all people.
I'm not frolicking, I was talking to
Don't worry. Just calm down.
Let me talk to him myself.
It's like you're mad.
- It's like you're mad.
- Hm.
You know I've warned you severally.
You think I'm joking with you?
Don't bring your madness
to me. Better have sense.
If you try rubbish with me,
I'll beat sense into you.
See smelling mouth.
Look at you.
Ratchet Yoruba boy.
Eh? Who are you talking to?
- Bayo.
- What are you going to do?
I dare you to repeat
- what you just said outside.
- No!
Bayo, do what you want to do inside,
since you're all that powerful.
- Wait, why are you running?
- Let me tell you something,
huh, you can do nothing.
I'll scratch your eye!
- Come close if you dare. Oh.
- Nonsense.
I'll pinch your buttocks.
Y-You're sitting down there!
Will you come out and move?
Come and work! I'll deal
with you in this office.
It's because of you
Bayo is insulting me!
Wait let me show you.
- Idiot.
- Nonsense.
All I need is one blow, you'll die.
On behalf of She Records,
I present to Grace Orphanage Home
a check of 10 million naira.
Thank you very much.
Children, say thank you!
Thank you.
Oh, God bless you all.
All right guys, picture time.
Say cheese everyone.
- Use you camera.
- Everyone, look at this camera.
- Say cheese
- Cheese.
And here it is.
For number five on our countdown
for top trending entertainers,
we have She at the Grace Orphanage Home.
The Internet is buzzing on
this great humanitarian act
by music artiste She,
who says she's simply showing love
and care to the future generation.
How beautiful.
And for number four, we
have the amazing Wendy,
giving away $2,000
Ah-ah, what nonsense
food are you eating?
You're eating my rice?
Mummy you know I'm hungry.
And it's been long I ate your food.
But this one is sweet.
It's very delicious.
Have you lost your mind?
Will you stop If
you take another spoon!
Ah-ah? Are you supposed to be here?
Eh, you that you're supposed
to be long gone in America!
You should have left since.
And you are here still eating my food.
Mom, calm down now. I know.
I've spoken to my sister,
she said I should relax,
- that she'll give me the money.
- Really?
- Yes.
- When?
Let me explain.
See, there's no money on ground.
Sister mi is doing a lot.
A lot of people are owing her.
But she has invested in a lot of songs.
You know, international
collaborations here and there.
All over the place.
She's doing a lot
If I slap you with my right hand,
I will return it with the left one.
Adebayo, what is wrong with you?
What is my business with
international dealings and rubbish?
What is my business?
Because all the money
that she's supposed to use
in paying your salary, she's
busy dashing it to charity.
Making noise all over
Facebook and Instagram.
see, that's what my sister lives for.
Sister me, she lives for
the Gram. That's her life.
She wants to be talked about
everywhere, she wants to be trending.
She wants to be talked about
everywhere, all the time.
It's easy for her.
It shall not be well with her.
Siyanbola is an evil child.
Mommy, stop all this you're doing.
Stop all this you're doing.
That's her life, leave her.
See, Mom, everybody
will be fine eventually.
Everybody will be fine.
What's all this? Everybody will be fine.
Are you giving me an attitude
- with your fake gold chain?
- Ah-ah.
Eh? Fake gold?
Mom, look at me, look at your son,
I don't wear fake.
Me? Happening boy. You've not heard?
This gold would take a
while before it fades.
So it's still gonna go off?
What kind of idiot is this?
Mummy, no cap, no cap.
You know what's going on.
You know what's going on.
Mummy, please let me eat. Please
Let me eat please.
Let me eat
If you, if you take one more spoon,
you'll see what I'll do to you.
Thief, idiot.
Go to Siyanbola's house and go and eat.
What's all this?
You're denying me food.
I don't understand.
I already explained it to you,
and you're taking food from me.
Finish quickly so we can leave here.
Ah, it's sunny.
Your friend is coming.
The one that walks, behaves,
and dresses like a woman.
God forbid.
Very shameless human being.
Madam, don't you dare.
What is it?
Can't you see that
it's Sisqo passing by?
What should happen if you're passing?
One of these days, the
masquerade will catch you.
And when it beats you, you'll calm down.
Madam Chigozie or
whatever you call yourself.
I need you to know that it is you
that a masquerade will beat up.
You're all beneath me.
This place is always smelling.
I can't wait to leave this place.
You're here.
Come this man.
Where are you running to, eh?
Where do you want to hide?
Come here.
Hello, Daddy.
So you now dare me.
You still have the guts
to come to my house.
Eh? Dressing like this?
After I've warned you severally?
- Papa
- No. Come Ukpaka.
See let me tell you,
if you know you still want to
be under the same roof with me,
you'll go inside right away and
remove this trash you're putting on.
Am I clear?
Dad, please take it easy.
I've told you this is
what I was asked to wear at work.
And I'm She's manager, so
It's fashion. It's called fashion.
May fashion strike you dead.
Eh, Ukpaka, I said may
fashion break your legs.
I've tried my best to send you
and your younger ones to school,
so you won't end up like
me that didn't go to school.
But you, no.
Effeminate man.
You're always acting like a woman.
Come, let me tell you.
I'm going out now.
If I come back,
and you haven't changed
this nonsense you're wearing,
I'm going to deal with you.
Look at him.
So foolish.
I don't know how many bad names
I'm going to be called,
all because of you.
Don't let me hit you with this!
Look at him.
Yeah ♪
X-cite pon the mic ♪
Bhad gyal, please
don't kill bad vibes ♪
Cos' bhad gyal killing every show ♪
Oh, my God, this is so good.
This is your second batch of chicken.
You're going to add weight.
Please, I'm not bothered.
X-cite, you are crazy.
Girl, leave that one.
So tell me, who are you dating now?
No one. I'm just chilling.
And nobody to the public because
you don't want them to know.
But somebody to me, so who?
Trust me
If I had somebody, I
would put it out there.
Uh-huh, now. You better put it out there
before somebody snatches your boo.
there is somebody that I've
been trying to get to know,
but I'm not really feeling him.
He's not my kind of guy.
Why? Is he broke?
No, he's actually loaded.
But, you should understand
what I'm trying to say.
He He's not that tall.
He calls too much.
He we just don't vibe well.
Oh, girl, you're gonna be
single for the rest of your life.
From Monday to Sunday ♪
To the top we no dey
do things the half way ♪
I go talk am I go yan
am from a mile away ♪
The things we do my
way or the highway ♪
All the way from Monday to Sunday ♪
To the top we no dey
do things the half way ♪
What them say, what them say ♪
Tell me what them say ♪
Them'a chat negativity everyday ♪
What them say, what them say ♪
Tell me what them say ♪
Welcome to Lush, sir, how
may I be of service to you?
Yeah, hi, can I get the menu please?
Right away, sir.
Nwachicha, what's wrong with you?
Why would you just barge
into my room like that?
Which room?
This She's manager you're
doing is really affecting you.
Because you have now forgotten that
we share this room with Chibuike.
Will you shut up?
So that's why you didn't
tell me Dad was around?
He told me he had gone out, I
didn't know when he came back inside.
Were you blind when
he came into the house?
Were you blind?
Don't be annoyed, brother Ukpaka.
Don't you dare call me that again.
Okay o, brother Sisqo.
So you know the right name?
You know the name to call me?
I'm here to tell you there's
no foodstuff in the house.
What's that got to do with me? Eh?
Don't you have a dad?
Isn't he always bragging
that he's the provider?
Yes, Dad provides everything in
the house, but you know him now.
If he goes broke, he
hardly asks us for money.
Me, I'm tired of eating garri
in this house all the time.
If I had money, I would
have bought foodstuff.
Everyone that promised me money,
they've all disappointed me.
"I'm tired of eating garri o."
"Everyone that promised me
money, has disappointed me."
That's all you have to
say, every single time.
That's why you're here.
Look at you.
Chicha, you're meant to be a fine girl.
You're meant to be
hot. Baby girl for life.
But look at you now, living life,
moving here like you have no future.
Think. Plan.
Come out in town to
Lagos to live your life.
Brother, I need your support.
I don't have any support to give you.
Look at me, don't I
look like I need support?
If I had support, I
will not be living here.
All the money that I'm making,
I would be living somewhere
in Lekki. But I'm always here.
I'm living here now, I don't
have money to give you o.
Me, I'm looking for
who will give me money.
Get married to a stinking rich man,
and get us out of this shithole!
Nwachicha, leave now,
okay? I want to change.
Do you want to see my nakedness?
Do you want to Okay, come
here now, come and stare.
Brother, please
Oh, my God.
Oh, please
You are actually crazy.
Whatever. What did you expect me to do?
- Oh, my goodness.
- Aha!
Here you are.
Sorry. Who are you?
So because you're a celebrity,
you think you have the power to do
whatever that pleases you, right?
Madam, calm down now. What's going on?
Please shift, I wasn't talking to you.
Mind your business.
And you, so you have the nerves
to be dating my boyfriend, right?
I beg your pardon?
My pardon refuse to be begged.
Wait, wait, wait, who is your boyfriend?
Victor! Victor is my boyfriend.
The apple of my eyes
and the sugar in my tea.
You're acting like you don't know.
- Huh?
- See, if I shout,
if I shout, people will gather here
Madam, stop this nonsense now, why
are you trying to embarrass her?
Nobody invited you
into this conversation.
Please. Stay away.
Uh, excuse me.
Sorry, y-you're not only shouting,
you're really embarrassing the ladies.
Excuse you.
This is an A and B conversation.
See yourself out of it.
Well, the thing is,
you will not speak to me in that manner
and you won't embarrass the ladies.
And who are you?
Superhero, what will you do?
Will you beat me?
Excuse me.
Please can you call the security,
there's a nuisance here.
Thank you.
Go. Go and call your security,
let them come and carry
me out of this place.
See, me I'm not leaving here
until I show this woman how not
to steal someone's boyfriend!
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