SHE Must Be Obeyed (2023) s01e03 Episode Script



- Delete it now.
- Ah-ah, what's your business?
It's my phone. I can record
whatever I want to record.
We know our rights.
What are you talking about? What rights?
Oh, you think because she's
a celebrity you can go about
recording her at your own will?
Or do you go around recording
every single thing you see?
Give me the phone now.
What is it? Do you want to beat us?
Well, that's an option.
Give me the phone.
Who the hell is Victor?
I don't know any Victor.
I don't even know what
that girl was saying.
[PIDGIN] That girl crazy.
If I get ahold of her!
Can you imagine the rubbish?
- Thank you.
- My dress is ruined.
I'm sorry, um, all the
pictures have been deleted.
[SIGHS] Thank you so much.

Hello, Tito.
[TITO] Hey, Henry.
I just wanted to say thank
you so much for today.
If it wasn't for you, the onlookers
would have just put up
embarrassing videos of me online.
It's nothing. I'm glad I was there.
Thank you for making
sure everything went fine.
You're welcome.
So, um, how you feeling?
Oh, I'm better.
Truthfully, I don't even know who
that lady was or what she came to
Uh, no, no, no. You don't
need to explain anything to me.
You know, there are a lot
of crazy people out there.
You just need to be careful.
Okay. I will.
So, uh
Do I get to see you again?
Sure, why not?
We should meet up sometime.
All right.
Bye for now.

Adaeze! Adaeze!
[IGBO] Where are you
going to? Come here!
- Adaeze! Adaeze!
[IGBO] Come here!
Uncle, what is it? What
is it again? What is it?
The ceremony has not ended.
W-Won't you sing again?
I have done that. You asked me
to come and perform for the bride.
She has found her husband.
[IGBO] What more do you want?
Uncle, please leave me.
- Adaeze. Come here!
- [IGBO] Uncle, leave me!
Right. Um
Your visit to the orphanage
didn't do quite well.
Well, on YouTube, we
only have 20,000 views,
and on Instagram 110,000 views.
[SCOFFS] I knew it.
It's a stupid idea
from a useless PR team.
Yeah, I thought so.
Ma'am, I'm thinking we
should change our PR team.
Yes. I'm working on that.
- Right.
- Come in.
Ah-ah, Ruka.
- Her excellency ma.
- I wasn't expecting you.
[PIDGIN] You told me to come
and see you here when I finish.
[PIDGIN] You know I
said I want to see you.
I'm listening.
- Her excellency ma.
- Hmm?
Um, I need a loan, ma.
Ruka, you're so funny.
[LAUGHS] I'm yet to pay salaries.
You're requesting for a loan?
Darling, you know that's impossible.
[YORUBA] Look, ma, I
know it's not possible.
[YORUBA] But you see,
[PIDGIN] it's about my child.
[PIDGIN] He's sick, and I need
money to take him to the hospital.
I'm so sorry.
My mom is also sick.
But there's no money, so
she has to stay at home.
Huh? [PIDGIN] Your own
mother that gave birth to you?
Yes, my biological mother.
She's sick.
But since there's no
salary, she has to wait.
So, it will be nice
you get it elsewhere,
or you have to wait
till I pay your salary.
[PIDGIN] Ma, we're
talking about my child.
Um, ma'am.
She. Let me just take your
bag downstairs, all right?
not fully dressed yet, so
Uh, you know what?
- You can take it down. That's fine.
- Oh, yes.
I'll dress up and catch up with you now.
- All right, ma'am.
- [YORUBA] Please, madam.
- [YORUBA] Come, Ruka.
- Ma?
- [YORUBA] Have you lost your marbles?
- Ma.
- Eh?
- [YORUBA] No, ma.
[YORUBA] It seems your brain is leaking.
Yes, your brain is leaking.
Get out of my closet! Come back here.
Come. [SNIFFS]
You stink.
[YORUBA] You stink.
Wow. [YORUBA] It's a lot.
[PIDGIN] I can't afford
to buy a perfume, ma.
And what is my business with that?
- [YORUBA] Get out of here!
- [YORUBA] Don't be annoyed, ma.
Am I your mother?
You can rot in poverty. I don't care.

[ETIM] Sisqo.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
I-I want to show you something.
What do you mean "what"?
[PIDGIN] I have something to
show you and you're saying what.
[SCOFFS] I don't have your time.
[PIDGIN] If you see what
I'm about to show you,
I swear you'll have the time by force.
Hmm. Okay. Whatever.
- Wait there.
- Would you get your dirty hands off me?
[WHIMPERS] Ah, such violence.
- Violence?
- Mm.
My skin.
- See violence.
- What? [GASPING]
What? Etim!
Come on. W-W-Wait here.
Apply philosophical calmness.
Hmm? [PIDGIN] So now my
hands are not dirty anymore?
Well, um [STAMMERS]
[PIDGIN] You can't talk anymore?
[GASPS] Etim?
You have to delete that video.
I will delete it.
You will? [CHUCKLES]
Good boy.
Wait, wait, wait, wait
there. But on one condition.
You must settle me.
Settle you?
- Yes.
- What do you mean? It was just
[PIDGIN] You're arguing. You're arguing.
[PIDGIN] You've been stealing.
[PIDGIN] I now have a
camera to take evidence.
I've been seeing you.
- Me?
- No.
Us. Compound people.
[PIDGIN] I caught you today.
And I have evidence in my phone.
[SIGHS] Okay, Etim,
it's all right.
I'll settle you, all right?
[PIDGIN] Hold on. Are
you really giving me $100?
Is that what you stole?
It's just a few hundred dollars, like,
300 or something, like, you know
See, see, see, let me tell you.
If you don't behave
yourself in this place,
I will release my hand and bring down
- these here trouser now.
- No!
You will not pull down my shorts.
[GASPS] Stay away!
You're wicked.
I swear, you're wicked. Yeah.
No wonder.
No wonder, eh.
[PIDGIN] When we ask for our salary,
we'll be hearing things like
She doesn't have money.
You all, you all have to manage.
[PIDGIN] Bro, are you
giving me the money or not?
Yes or no?
[PIDGIN] Yes or no?
Etim, you're going to
have to make do with this.
- Bayo! Ba
- Shh, shh, shh.
- It's all right. I'll settle you.
- Oh.
[PIDGIN] You're still delaying?
Aren't you scared of Bayo?
- Okay. [EXCLAIMS]
- E
Don't shout.
Here. Take it.
I don't know what you're gonna
do with this money anyway.
Are we good? Are you going
to delete the video now?
[PIDGIN] Steal more.
Oh, you're an imbecile.
imbecile with dollars.
Imbecile with dollars.
Come, come.
What is it?
I'm actually jealous of you right now.
Hello, She army.
Yes, can you spot the new car behind me?
It's a gift for my driver Bayo.
He's so hardworking, so dedicated.
This is a gift from me to him.
Now, note, celebrities out there,
it's time to start giving
back to your staff, okay?
It's not about you alone.
Okay, put smiles on the
faces of those that work hard.
Make them happy. Not about
you buying expensive cars,
and the rest, you know. Bayo,
here's a gift from me to you.
Thank you so much for working
so hard over the years.
I really appreciate you.
- Okay.
- Whoa.
I know you love trucks,
so this is your new toy.
I'm speechless. Thank you.
You're welcome.
Wow. Wow.
- Oh, I'm so emotional right now.
- Thank you. Thank you so much.
- Wow.
- Thank you so much, guys.
Please ensure you touch lives out there.
[PIDGIN] She hasn't paid
salary for three months
and she bought a car.
[PIDGIN] She bought it
for Bayo. Is that good?
[PIDGIN] Your eyes are clear now.
[CHUCKLES] Your tone has changed.
[PIDGIN] Can you see?
[PIDGIN] When I said we should both go
and ask her for our salaries
and protest, what did you say?
[PIDGIN] You said Madam She
said we should relax, we relaxed.
When you're in Rome, you
behave like the Romans.
Listen to me, let me tell you.
I, Etim,
son of Aniebetabasi
from Etebi Idung-Iwak,
I tell you, I give Madam She two weeks.
If, in two weeks, Madam She
doesn't give me back my money,
I I will assemble all these bloggers.
See all these bloggers.
And they they will curse her!
I will call her out on social media.
Yes, then I'll resign
and return to the village.
[YORUBA] You're silly.
You're very silly.
[PIDGIN] How many social
media accounts do you have?
[PIDGIN] I have so many accounts.
I'm on 2go, Facebook, Instagram.
[PIDGIN] Nobody speaks
badly of Madam anywhere.
[PIDGIN] Everyone praises her.
- Really? Social media?
- Yes.
[PIDGIN] I'm on YouTube, WhatsApp.
[YORUBA] You're just
disturbing yourself.
[PIDGIN] If you call her
out, you're wasting your time.
There's nothing you can do.
So you're trying to tell me
that Madam She is above the law?
[YORUBA] That's exactly what I'm
saying. You can't do anything.
[PIDGIN] So she can't be arrested?
[PIDGIN] What about Amotekun?
Mm-mm. [BABBLES]
[YORUBA] You're senseless.
Don't talk to me in that way.
Talk to me in a language
I will understand.
Come on.
Same to you.
[YORUBA] What's all this
nonsense you're doing?
Mummy, Mummy.
Mummy, take it easy now. Ah.
- See, I I've spoken to sister mi.
I-I made her realize that the traveling
- is more pressing.
- It's pressing, o.
She bought a car and
she's showing it off
on social media.
Bayo! Bayo!
[YORUBA] Bayo, how many
times did I call you?
[SPEAKS YORUBA] Three times, ma.
You have to travel
abroad, and that's final!
[YORUBA] That's my concern.
I know. I know.
O-Okay. I've heard.
- Everything will fall in place.
- No, no, no, no.
It has already fallen in place.
Siyanbola promised to
sponsor your traveling abroad.
[YORUBA] What happened?
A promise is a promise.
Mummy. Ah, Mummy!
Don't you "Mummy" me.
[YORUBA] You know
you're not far from me.
[YORUBA] What do you mean, "Mummy"?
Well, you know what? I am
going to call her myself.
- [YORUBA] I'll call her myself!
- Ah, no, no, no.
- Please. Uh, don't worry.
Don't worry. Don't call her.
I-I'll talk to her myself.
I'll sort things out.
[YORUBA] You better.
- [YORUBA] You better.
- [YORUBA] Okay. Goodbye.
Come see. [GASPS]
The video has 1.5 million views
on Instagram, in only three hours.
Come and see.
Can you see that? Can
you see the comments?
See how many? Wait,
let me check Twitter.
Twitt yes. Check Twitter,
[CHUCKLES] Let me check the trends.
Number one on Twitter.
#ShetheSpender. [BLOWS RASPBERRY]
- Please.
The car is cool.
I-I love it, but my
traveling is also important.
I-I don't even know what to do again.
- I'm confused.
- Me, too.
Me, too. I'm also confused.
Very confused.
I mean, didn't you tell
me that the only reason
why She hasn't paid her salaries
especially me, her new staff
is because she's experiencing
some financial bumps?
No? No?
- And now she's actually bought
- I know.
- What
- I know, I know.
- She bought me a car.
- Exactly.
Misplaced priorities.
My gosh.
I hope that with what she's done,
that she gets to pay us this week.
'Cause I need money.
[SIGHS] She will pay.
Can I advise you?
Your sister She is a user.
A clout chaser.
If you say this trip
is important to you,
I think you should
I think you should sell the car.

Use the money to buy a ticket.
Seen? Collins?
Seen all?
[LAUGHS] The views?
Hmm? You've seen the numbers?
Seen the hashtag?
#ShethePhilanthropist. Hmm?
Yes, I I saw it, She.
It's brilliant.
It's brilliant, huh?
Collins. Shame on you.
What you couldn't do in days,
weeks, I did it in just a few hours.
I've been trending
since the video has been
uploaded on YouTube, everywhere.
She, we're trying our best.
We? Oh, you and the two witches?
Where are they?
She, you know that this
buzz about you buying a car
for your brother will
be short-lived, right?
I beg your pardon?
I'm not saying it's not a good
idea, I-I mean, it's great.
But it's not organic.
It's-it's has nothing
to do with your career,
y-your brand or anything.
I don't care, Collins.
All I care about is the numbers.
I want to keep trending forever.
Yes, number one always.
How many times will I tell you that?
Just make sure this
video is on all blogs.
- Push it.
- That's being done.
It's only two blogs that
are yet to pick it up.
And what blogs?
There is Neecee Boss Lady,
who will get back to us,
and Troll Kingdom, who
never replies messages,
and doesn't accept advert placements.
Forget about Troll Kingdom.
So, moving on.
How far with Justin Bieber's team?
Any updates?
My contact in Atlanta is still
on it. We're yet to get a reply.
I knew it. Stories.
Collins, you want me to do this, too?
I will. I'll do it myself.
But trust me, if I get in
touch with Justin Bieber's team,
and I get a positive response,
before you give me a response,
I will terminate my contract with you.
[YORUBA] Idiot.
Oh, wow.
- 1.5 million.
- Mm-mm. [BLABBERS]
- No, no, no, 1.5 is too
- It's a used car.
- It doesn't matter.
Chill. Relax.
Sir? Please, now,
are you sure that you can't, you
know, add something to the price?
It's a good car. It's
really hot in the market.
[PIDGIN] Calm down, sir, it
hasn't gotten to us fighting.
I'll call you back.
How can you sell that car for 1.5?
- Is it not a used car?
- It doesn't matter.
Ah-ahm, you've forgotten
that it's a distress sale.
[STAMMERING] That's way out of it.
- [PIDGIN] Dude, don't you need money?
- [PIDGIN] I am,
but it doesn't mean I'll
sell it for that price.
[PIDGIN] Okay, calm down,
let's check somewhere else.
Who is there?
- [SHE] Bayo, open the door.
- Ah!
My sister. You're in my room.
Calm down, calm down.
Sister mi, the door is
open. It's not locked.
And what are you doing here?
Uh, me?
No, your shadow.
Uh, good evening, ma.
Sorry. Good afternoon, ma.
Ma, my phone died.
So I was trying to charge it.
And then I came to borrow
a charger from Bayo.
Uh, Bayo gave me the charger,
but the charger head was bad.
It's your head that is bad.
Not placed properly on your neck.
Get out.
- Yes.
- Oh, wait.
Get that nose ring out of your nose.
Get out.
- Bayo.
- Sister.
I can see you're not happy
with the car I got you.
No o. No, I am happy o.
I love the car. I appreciate it.
[STAMMERING] I love it, but
But I'm supposed to sponsor
your trip to the U.S.
Rather, I got you a car.
And your mom has always been on
your neck to get out of Nigeria.
Exactly, sister mi, but
but I'm not an ingrate.
I know you appreciate all I do for you.
Which is why I've come up with an idea.
[SIGHS] What's that?
Why don't we sell the car
and use the money for your travel plans?
Sell the car?
Oh, my ah. [LAUGHS]
[YORUBA] What a coincidence.
This was just what I
was discussing with
With who?
I mean
- what I am thinking.
- Oh, okay, fine.
So, tomorrow, Sisqo will return
the car back to the dealer,
get you the money, and straight
up, you're out of Nigeria.
Yeah! Excited!
- I can't wait to be out.
- Good.
- Thank you.
- So, get ready.
You're taking me to Ikoyi now.
- Ikoyi? It's fine.
- Okay.
[TITO] Okay. Thank you so much.
- You're such a darling.
- Yeah, so
I really like the flowers.
I'm glad you like them.
I-I should be around next
week. Maybe I will just stop by.
Okay. No problem.
- All right. Bye.
- [LAUGHS] Thank you so much.
All right, bye.
Hey. Tito.
And who are you talking to that
is making you smile like this?
Henry? Who's Henry?
He's a friend.
Never mind. Let's-let's go.
[NASAL] "He's a friend.
Never mind. Let's go."
[REGULAR VOICE] This friend that
is making you blush like this.
Tell me now, who is he?
Never mind. Let us go.
Last, last, he's still
going to come and prostrate.
Okay, let's go, eh?
You're blushing.
You're blushing, all right?
- Hold me, baby.
- Holding.
- Hold me, baby.
[SIGHS] My Black, shining She.
You're so sweet.
Oh, you are so, so sweet, too.
- My baby.
- Mm?
- My baby.
- Yes, baby?
We are going for another round.
[GRUNTS] Oh, no, Chief, I'm tired.
And I need to leave ASAP.
Ah, why now? W-Wait a bit, now.
No, I have something
pressing I need to attend to.
So, mi-mi-mi, I'm not pressing, eh?
No, now, Chief, you
know you are my baby.
Here. Come, come to me.
Come-come to me.
So, Chief, how far?
[PIDGIN] Ah, it's not far.
As long as you're with me here.
- That's not what I mean.
- Huh?
I'm talking about the 50 million
naira you promised to give me
to balance the payment
of my Rolls-Royce.
50 million?
- Yes, Chief.
- Eh?
50 mill-million? I did
not plan for that o.
Chief, you did.
You promised to give it to me.
Yes, true. True, true, that's true.
- Uh, you know what?
- Hmm?
I will, uh, give you
I will send 20 million to you.
Uh, then after that one,
you will allow me to breathe.
Uh, then, I will give you the
balance, uh, of 30 million.
- Okay?
- No, Chief.
It's 50 million naira I need.
I need to pick up my Rolls-Royce.
My baby, don't worry, eh?
The month will soon end, and
I will balance it up, okay?
- End of the month is too far.
You don't have to worry.
Before you know it
You know, what is today's date?
- You know?
- [SIGHS] Fine. If you insist.
Can you just do a transfer
of the 20 million naira now?
Uh, that's not a problem, hmm?
That's not a problem. [GRUNTS]
Sapa jam you olopa ♪
No come drain my energy ♪
You see my vibe and you feeling it ♪
You know say I be your remedy ♪
Remedy, I be your remedy ♪
No come drain my energy ♪
You see my vibe and you feeling it ♪
You know say I be your remedy ♪
Remedy, I be your remedy ♪
Opor owo por ♪
K'ama nawo nawo la mo ♪
Opor alo por ♪
K'ama nawo nawo so mo ♪
Opor owo por, k'ama ♪
Nawo nawo la mo ♪
- Opor alo por ♪
- [YORUBA] Come on.
I am so excited.
Yes, Tito. You did it.
In just 48 hours, your single
"Owo po" is topping all charts.
Eh? Streaming on all platforms.
Can you beat that?
- Eh?
- Mm.
Okay, tell me, now.
Mention one artist better than Tito.
[BOTH] Nobody!
You know what? They want to be like
my girlfriend, but [GRUNTING]
- Never.
- How now?
I'm just so happy, like
everything is moving so fast.
Yes, Tito.
You know what? You deserve
it, 'cause you work so hard.
Right. And so, guys, let's celebrate.
- [YORUBA] All right!
- Let's celebrate!
Opor, owo por, k'ama nawo nawo la mo ♪
Opor, alo por ♪
K'ama nawo nawo so mo ♪
K'ama nawo nawo so mo ♪
This crazy girl is trending.
Ugh, her song is topping the chart.
I'm sad.
Ru Ruka, are you deaf?!
- [MUTTERS] Ruka!
- [TITO: "OPOR"]
- Retire opor ♪
Owo por k'ama nawo nawo la mo ♪
Opor alo por ♪
[YORUBA] Tito can sing!
[YORUBA] Let's not lie!
K'ama nawo nawo la mo opor ♪
Alo por k'ama nawo nawo so mo ♪
- Give me this, give me ♪
How dare you?
You're listening to this
dirty song in my house?
I asked you to go pack
my food so I can leave
and here you are dancing.
[YORUBA] Dancing senselessly.
Dancing to this stupid song!
Her excellency ma.
[PIDGIN] I'm waiting
for Etim to call me.
So, waiting for Etim.
Fine. [LAUGHS]
For this nonsense
you get a fine of
20,000 naira this month.
Ah! I am finished!
[YORUBA] How much is my salary, Madam?
[PIDGIN] Don't be annoyed.
[YORUBA] How much is my salary?
[PIDGIN] From today, I'll
only listen to She's music.
I don't care!
It's too late.
- Ah!
- The fine stands.
[YORUBA] You've lost your senses.
I am finished! I am finished!
Ah! I am done!
Hi, Henry.
It's good to see you.
Yes, uh, Susan, right?
Sandra. Please come in.
Oh, Sandra. My bad.
So how have you been?
Well, I've been very busy with work.
Oh, I see. Please sit down.
Very nice place.
[SANDRA] Here she comes.
Hi, Tito.
Hi, Henry.
You seem surprised to see me.
Yeah, a bit.
Well, I thought I told you I
would be in the neighborhood.
And I would drop by?
Yes, you did, but I thought
- that you won't make it.
- And why won't I?
- Hmm.
- It's nice to see you again.
Same here.
You smell nice.
Oh, thank you.
Please take a seat.
- All right.
- Okay, um, excuse me.
Oh, yeah, uh, I got something for you.
This is so sweet of you, thank you.
And that's not all. I also
- got this.
- Hey!
Henry, thank you so
much. I really appreciate.
- You're welcome.
- Would you like something to drink?
Oh, yes, I would love
something to drink.
But I would prefer we go out for dinner.
Sandra, we're supposed to
Oh, no, no, that's cancelled.
Um, okay.
It's just that
Listen, Tito.
With your music getting massive airplay,
I would really like
to celebrate with you.
[INHALES DEEPLY] I know, Henry.
And with your recent success,
you should be driving
a bigger, better car
than the, the old cars outside.
Ah! My old Toyota?
- Yeah.
- Please leave that one.
See, don't listen to her,
she deserves a better car.
Like a Bentley.
[CHUCKLES] Bentley? Where will
I find the money for that one?
She's right.
I mean, no insult intended.
But you deserve to be
driving a better car
than any of your colleagues.
We can talk about this over dinner.
I got you.
[WHISPERS] Go out with him, say yes.
Photo shoot done.
Heading home now
in my new ride.
- [SISQO] Yes!
- Yes.
It's a Rolls, baby.
Trust me, this is a
reward of my hard work.
It's a toy for myself.
God's blessing in my life.
So feel free to tap into God's blessings
in She's life.
I work so hard,
so I deserve the best.
- I'm sorry, we have to do it again.
- Why?
Well, she's in it.
- She's in my shot?
- Yes.
- Victoria!
- Ma?
How dare you?!
Get thee behind me!
- Satan.
- Come back here!
You had better be careful with this car.
If anything goes wrong,
I'm sure your generation
can't pay for it.
Get lost. Ratchet.
Poor thing.
Yes, ma.
- Let's do pictures first.
- All right, all right.
- So I want the car key to be in the shot.
- Yes!
- I am She.
- Oh, my God!

Oh, yes, I'm just getting home.
Aw, thank you.
It's just a little gift from me to me.
Oh, don't say that, please.
Yes, I got a Rolls-Royce.
She got a Bentley.
It doesn't matter.
We all are the same, okay?
Let's keep spreading love, hmm?
[LAUGHS] Okay, then.
You, too.
Don't you ever compare.
I'm the boss. [LAUGHS]
We can never be the same.
- Sister.
I got your drink.
Put it down.
What is it?
Sister mi, it's about the car.
You have not given me any reply.
How do you mean?
Each time I ask about it,
you keep telling me later.
Later then.
[YORUBA] Ah, later?
Sister mi, but you know what
this money is meant for now.
Which is why I've sold the car.
And the money is with me.
- You've sold it?
- Yes.
[LAUGHS] Oh, God.
Thank you so much.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
- You got me scared for a minute.
- You're welcome.
So, um
I'll just wait for the transfer
so I can do what I need to do.
Transfer? No.
I'm trying to get you a cheaper ticket.
Yes. So you can have
enough funds to travel with.
And I think I should get a cheaper
ticket latest two to three months.
- Ah!
- Yeah.
Two to three months? Come on, Sister.
Two to three months?
That's, that's, because
- What I need to do is
- Bayo.
I'm just doing you a favor.
Two to three months.
So shall it be, okay?
Come back.
Drink out of it.
[CLUCKS TONGUE] No, ma, I'm okay.
I don't, I don't feel like drinking.
No, Bayo, you will drink.
You've been too desperate of late.
Ah-ah, you got this drink for me so
[SUCKS TEETH] Sister mi,
what, what's all this now?
What are you, what are you insinuating?
[YORUBA] You think I want to poison you?
[YORUBA] Who knows?
Where are you going? Come back.
- Huh?
- Swallow it.
- [YORUBA] What?
[YORUBA] You'll swallow it.
You swallow it.
And you'll wait for two to three minutes
before you leave.
[YORUBA] Swallow.
You know what?
Get me another straw.
What now, Tito? Calm down.
Why are you encouraging us going out?
Why won't I?
I mean, the guy is cool and handsome.
- Don't you like him?
I do.
I don't want it to look
like I'm being too forward.
Who says you're being too forward?
Girl, look, just go out and have fun.
Enjoy yourself.
But do I really want to have fun?
"Do I really want to have fun?"
Didn't you hear what he
said when we were talking
about She's Rolls-Royce?
This guy is willing to
spend good money on you.
And change your car.
[CHUCKLES] You're not serious.
[SIGHS] But I don't want to look
like I need favors from any man.
You don't want favors from any man?
No. I'm independent.
See, look, let me tell you something.
When you see opportunities
like this, you grab it.
Yes! Grab it!
And don't let it slip off
your hands, girl. Pick up.
Sandra. Sandra.
Stand there and be saying Sandra.
You better think about it.
[PIDGIN] See scam.
So that car has gone just like that?
See, I'm so frustrated.
I feel like punching her!
Yeah, maybe you should
have punched her now.
I should try that and go to jail?
It doesn't matter, that's even better.
She is such a liar!
"I don't have money.
I'm going through some financial
difficulties with my record deal."
Yet she bought a brand-new Rolls-Royce!
That woman is wicked!
I-I wish I didn't listen to her.
I wish I just ran away with the car.
Well, you didn't.
It's time for you to take a bolder step.
What step is that?
Call her out on social media.
Talk to blogs about her.
Tell them how inhumane she is.
Trust me, that is just
a total waste of time.
Wait, have you ever seen any blog
in this country write
anything negative about She?
Like she did something wrong
or she was caught doing this or that?
No. Rather they all praise her.
That's true o.
I've never seen anything
negative about her before.
Mm-hmm. That's because my sister's
PR team have everything under control.
Including her shit.
If it was me, I'll call her out.
- Mm-hmm.
- How many followers do you have?
Well, not much, but if
Don't even go there. Everyone
will think you're lying
because of the good image she has
created for herself on social media.
Her act of kindness and
generosity everywhere.
So it's gonna be of no use.
I had so much fun.

[GIGGLES] Stop it.


This is strange.
Oh, I'm sorry, I just
want to charge my phone.
No, no, it's okay.
I'm-I'm sorry.
Trust me, I'm sorry.
It's fine. I'll just leave.
You can stay.
I can help you plug it.
You like what you see?

See materials!
This is everything.
Tito, your end is here.
Oh, Pedro.
[PIDGIN] You're a man!
Hello, Pedro.
- Hello, boss.
- Pedro.
I love the materials.
The pictures, the videos, oh!
Pedro, you nailed it!
Yeah, thanks, boss.
I had to spike the drink a little bit,
you know, just to get her in the mood.
To get those pictures.
You know what, for
this beautiful material,
I will add $2,000
extra to your money.
Ah, boss.
Yeah, thanks o.
[PIDGIN] You're awesome, boss.
No, you are the real G.
With all these pictures, oh!
Bloggers are going to
feast on this material.
I can't wait to see
Tito cry and break down.
[LAUGHS] You know, do a video,
apologizing to her fans.
And then
the download on my songs will increase.
That means more money,
more fame for She!
Sure, boss.
X-cite is next.
Yes! That ugly amoeba.
We're gonna bring her down.
There's this concert coming up.
I'm billed to perform.
She'll also be there.
We need to come up with a plan.
You know, something to disgrace her.
Sure, boss.
Yeah, I'll think about it
and I'll get back to you.
[PIDGIN] No worries, boss.
We'll take care of it.
As for now,
let me savor the joy
of the fall of Tito.
Bye, boss.
Celebration time!

How? How?
How? Oh my
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
What? How?
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
I realize you're just a user ♪
And you just dey deceive me ♪
- My mumu don finish ♪
My eyes don open ♪
My mumu don finish ♪
This heart is frozen ♪
No try me, no call me ♪
If you see me, better no hi me ♪
No vex me, no text me ♪
If you see me, better walk past me ♪
Move! Carry go ♪
Carry your ariwo ♪
Move, carry go ♪
Away, move ♪
Carry go ♪
Oh, yes.
Move, carry go ♪
Away, oh, no ♪
Carry go, me I no want gigolo ♪
All your love na audio ♪
Away, oh, no ♪
Carry go, me I no want gigolo ♪
All your love na audio ♪
Away ♪
My friends tried to warn me,
my ears full with plenty stories ♪
I no listen 'cause
you say you love me ♪
And you don't cast,
you don't show me o ♪
See your face, what a waste ♪
Can't believe I be one marry you ♪
- Ode ♪
- All the lies wey you lie ♪
Tito, cry, cry!
[JJ] Tito, where are you?
My head.
Where are you?
I'm, I'm chilling.
Chilling? [CHUCKLES]
You've got to be kidding me.
Have you seen your
pictures on social media?
[STAMMERS] What are you talking about?
Check Troll Kingdom.
In fact, it's on all the blogs.
It's everywhere!
I'm dead!
- Who is Henry?
I'll call you back later,
I'll call you back later.
I'm dead! I'm dead. I'm dead.
I'm finished!
[YORUBA] I'm so tired.
[YORUBA] Ah-ahn. I'm so fine.
Even in the toilet.
Fine girl in the building.
Such a beaut. [CHUCKLES]
Fine girl in the toilet.
[YORUBA] Appreciate beauty.
Such a beautiful girl.
- Ah.
[PIDGIN] What is this boy cooking
that made the alarm go off?
This boy and this fire alarm.
What is he cooking for crying out loud?
- Fire!
- Ah-ah?
[YORUBA] What does he
mean by fire? My goodness!
[ETIM] Fire! Fire! Fire!
Fire! Where?
[GASPING] Fire! Where?
Fire! Fire!
[YORUBA] Fire! Fire, Etim!
- Fire!
- [PIDGIN] Etim, what happened?
Where's the fire now?
- Fire!
- Where's the fire? Where's the fire?
Ah-ah? What's happening here?
- Hmm?
- Ah-ah?
Bayo. Victoria.
[YORUBA] This is something.
Fire! Where's the fire? Where?
Where's the fire? Where?
[PIDGIN] Madam She, I was
frying chicken and turkey.
Hmm? Yes.
[PIDGIN] As I was frying
chicken and turkey,
smoke began to fill everywhere.
[PIDGIN] The smoke
triggered the fire alarm.
That was a false alarm.
You're a false alarmist.
[PIDGIN] I didn't raise a false
alarm, the alarm raised itself.
Oh, wow.
You both are naked.
I see.
I get the message.
And why are you all staring at me?
Like he is the alarmist. Don't stare.
Like, why are you staring?
- [ETIM] Madam.
- [SHE] What?
- With all due respect, um, um
- Get out.
Things fall apart on your head.
What nonsense things fall apart?
Oh! Shit!
[YORUBA] When it's
not a remnant of rats.
- [TITO: "OPOR"]
- Sapa jam you olopa ♪
No come drain my energy ♪
You see my vibe and you feeling it ♪
You know say I be your remedy ♪
Remedy, I be your remedy ♪
No come drain my energy ♪
You see my vibe and you feeling it ♪
You know say I be your remedy ♪
Remedy, I be your remedy ♪
Owo por ♪
K'ama nawo nawo la mo ♪
Opor alo por ♪
K'ama nawo nawo so mo ♪
Opor, owo por ♪
K'ama nawo nawo la mo ♪
Opor alo por ♪
K'ama nawo nawo so mo ♪

Sapa jam you olopa ♪
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