SHE Must Be Obeyed (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Troll Kingdom

What was that rubbish you did?
Stop it.
- I said stop it.
- For what?
What nonsense is that? Eh?
- What is the meaning of that rubbish?
- Uh?
How could you play such a stupid prank?
Who told you it was a prank?
Anybody that troubles Etim's Israel,
the God of Etim will trouble you!
And then fight and destroy by fire.
Just shut up. Am I
the one troubling you?
Am I?
You're a wrong target.
But how could I have known, uh?
That you were
sleeping with Victoria? ♪
See, my brother, you're
a victim of circumstance.
That's unfortunate.
Etim, you're not all right.
I've warned you.
You were not the target, it was She.
It's our boss.
How can she owe salary for three months
and she has the guts, the mind
to sleep and wake up in peace?
Is that good?
Don't you know we've gotten
to the point where we'd all protest?
If you want to protest,
go to her yourself!
You too.
Is what your sister did good?
Is it good?
Look at me, I was on my own.
And then they said a
celebrity needs a cook.
And I offered myself up as a sacrifice.
What is the difference
between me and the person in Oshodi
and boarded a wrong bus?
What is the difference?
See me.
I blame myself.
I am a victim of my tongue.
I said it myself.
I said that I'll work for free.
I was looking, I was excited.
Oh, now, I am a victim.
A prisoner of my tongue.
Oh, my tongue.
Oh, Lord, deliver me from my tongue.
- Oh, Lord, forgive my
- Shut up!
Count me out of your drama.
Etim, if you ever try
this with me again,
if you ever try this with me again
Absolute nonsense.
What you did today, don't try it again.
If you want to do
anything, come and tell me.
- Have you heard?
- Who are you?
Will you hear me even if I tell you?
Will you hear me?
Stupid and foolish old man.
What's all this?
How did I get here?
Look at this one that
hasn't achieved anything.
Low budget Lil' Wayne.
Take a look!
What did you say?
Brother Livi, I'm not interested.
Adaeze, you're not interested?
Adaeze, you're not interested?
After I have convinced Bobo-show
to make you a backup singer in his band
you're telling me you can't do it?
Because I've told you severally
that I cannot sing for anybody.
I don't want to sing
for anyone, brother.
Okay, can you talk to
Bobo to give me some money?
I'll pay back in two months. I promise.
Come on, go away!
How will you pay back
what you borrowed? Eh?
Is it with the meagre jobs you do?
At least little drops of
water make a mighty ocean.
Go away, my friend.
Go and recite that
rhyme in primary schools.
Don't tell me nonsense.
I'm saying something serious,
you're talking off point.
Will you do it or not?
I'm sorry. I can't.
I can't do it, honestly.
Adaeze, will you do it or not?
Adaeze, will you do it or not?
- Brother, I'm sorry, I can't.
- Okay.
Look, if I get angry and leave,
don't go around and
start spreading rumors
that I don't want to help Chinedu.
Because if you try it,
God will send thunder
to strike you all for me.
Did you say ah-ah?
I just got you an offer
to be a backup singer
and you're telling me
nonsense, saying you can't.
If you don't take this
money and do the job
there will be no
school fees for Chinedu.
I'm going.
I'm going.
I go.
I'm in trouble.
- Adaeze.
- Oh, mama, please leave me alone.
I'm not in the right frame
of mind for this, please.
Please. I beg you.
Hmm. See.
My head is correct.
True to God who made me.
I brought Chinedu's school fees.
You did?
Mama, God bless you.
God bless you. Thank you.
Mama, 2,000 naira?
Yes now.
Two thousand naira, for what?
- For what, Mama?
- For school fees.
What have I done to deserve this?
I'm going to complete it.
If I bet big money
- God.
- I'll bring it.
- Who is there?
- It's me.
Mr. Iweka, is that you?
By the smell, you shall know.
Why did you enter?
Because I have to.
And when I finish, I
go throwey. Then baff.
Ugh. So disgusting.
Always disgusting.
Now I have to find another alternative.
I'd rather bathe in the market square.
Sapa jam you olopa ♪
No come drain my energy ♪
You see my vibe and you feeling it ♪
You know say I be your remedy ♪
Remedy, I be your remedy ♪
No come drain my energy ♪
You see my vibe and you feeling it ♪
You know say I be your remedy ♪
Remedy, I be your remedy ♪
Opor owo por ♪
K'ama nawo nawo la mo ♪
Opor alo por ♪
K'ama nawo nawo so mo ♪
Opor owo por ♪
K'ama nawo nawo la mo ♪
Opor alo por ♪
K'ama nawo nawo so mo ♪
I met Henry at a Chinese restaurant.
He was always checking up on me.
Buying me gifts.
And yes, I liked him.
I let my guard down.
I never should have
trusted him so easily.
And now my career is over.
No, no, no. Don't say that.
Listen, Tito.
Your career can never be over.
You need to calm down.
We all make mistakes.
the shame is too much.
My videos, my pictures are everywhere.
I just want to die.
I reject it, you will never die.
- Don't say that.
- Please.
This was all my fault.
I pushed her into
going out with this guy.
No. You didn't push me into anything.
I'm an adult. I made
this decision myself.
So we're trying to buy this blog
so they could take down
the pictures and videos
before they go viral.
Troll Kingdom?
Look, you're just wasting your time.
Whoever is behind that
blog is very, very bitter.
Look, Tito
There's no such thing as bad publicity.
All we need to do right now is face it.
You know, find a way to turn
this shame into your glory.
Tito, it's okay.
Um it's X-cite.
Um, do you-do you want to talk to her?
Hello, Tito.
Hello, X-cite.
Oh, just calm down and breathe, okay?
- Okay.
- Don't cry.
Listen, this is exactly what whoever
planned this wanted to happen.
But you won't give them that pleasure.
You understand. Let's turn
this around, let's shame them.
Is JJ there with you?
He's here.
She-she wants to ?
X-cite, I'm here.
JJ, listen.
You guys need to brace up.
Let's do a song. Let's get into
the studio and turn this around.
You mean, like, do a song
regarding this scandal?
This isn't a scandal.
This is an opportunity to
get you to the right spot.
I don't think I can
do any song right now.
We need to act fast.
You need to act fast.
I'll-I'll call you later.
Mm-hmm. That's the spirit.
If you say you're ready now, eh,
I'll be there in the twinkle of an eye.
I'm here for you.
Uh you know what X-cite,
I think I agree with you.
We should do a song.
Thank you. Ugh.
- Please.
- Tito.
All right, no problems.
Thanks so much, and please
take care of Tito for me.
Yes, I will.
Thank you. Bye.
I think we should do this.
What happened?
- My son.
- What happened?
- What happened?
- They stole all my money.
Ah-ah? Which money?
I thought you said
you didn't have money.
The money I've been saving
to get out of this shithole.
They've stolen it all!
But you said you're broke,
and things are tight.
Daddy, even when I asked him
for money for school sandals,
he told me he was broke-o.
But I was saving it, you
know, trying to make it enough.
so you've been lying to us since
because you don't want to
do anything for your family.
After everything I've done for you.
You're a bad person.
Hmm? Big disappointment.
You never asked me for money.
Who came in here?
It's it was
Speak up!
It's, um
Pick up, pick up, pick
up, you little rascal!
You stole my money!
I'm going to crush
her. I'll deal with her!
Scratch her face! I'll bite her.
It's not me that told you.
Get out of here.
This one is calling
me to return his money.
Money that I've finished spending.
Oh! She's not picking.
Oh! I'm finished.
Skin popping, skin
glowing, natural fairness.
Skin not glowing.
Skin not popping.
All filter.
- Vain girl.
- Well, I like my skin.
And what are you doing there?
Good morning, ma.
Good morning to the elegant She.
Good morning, Sisqo.
Please call Etim, Ruka and Bayo.
All right. Bayo stepped
out to get gas for the cars.
- But I'll call the others.
- Fine.
- Word.
- Ma, I brought your documents.
- Victoria.
- Ma?
How long have you been
working with She records?
- Uh, about two months now, ma.
- Greetings, ma.
Her excellency sir.
- Two months.
- Yes, ma.
Okay, you're fired.
- Eh?
- Ma?
Was I talking to you?
- Don't be annoyed, ma.
- Sorry, ma-sir.
You will leave immediately.
Ensure you drop all property
belonging to She records.
Ma I'm sorry, ma.
I'm really sorry, ma.
Leave now.
Well, ma, what about my salary?
Check your phone, salary sent.
Okay, then.
- Better days ahead of me
- No!
Worse days ahead for you.
Ratchet bitch.
So rude. Close the door behind you.
And for you, Etim.
Sir ma.
For raising a false alarm,
making me run downstairs
like a mad woman
God forbid!
You'll never, ever be mad, She.
for disturbing my happy hour,
you're fired.
Thank you very much. I was
waiting for this moment.
At least I'm not on trial any more.
Please, ma, my salary.
Your phone just beeped. Check.
Madam, every alert isn't credit alert.
My mom sends me a happy
"new month" message.
- Ma'am?
- Kick him out.
- Uh, Etim
- What?
It's time for you to leave, all right?
Shoo. All right, go.
Leave now.
- Leave here, my friend.
- Excuse me.
Are you crazy?
You're touching me? You
and your ridiculous outfit.
Madam, please, I want to talk.
I don't want to listen, get out!
- Your dollars
- Oh, Etim!
is missing in this house.
What are you saying?
Etim, leave! Go now!
Your foreign currency that you change.
- Dollars?
- Yes.
- It's missing.
- Ma'am, don't listen to him.
The thief is here.
This is the thief. I
will prove it to you.
- Oh.
- Sisqo?
He's lying. Etim
- What are you doing?
- Etim, leave. I'll call security.
Water. It doesn't have enemies.
It's used to make cassava
swallow. It's used to make tea.
Get out!
Well, madam, I want to
give my vote of thanks.
No, I don't want to listen. Out!
Madam, with all due respect,
I've received my salary.
And I will take this salary and
return home to celebrate big.
- Get out.
- You must be mad.
You must be mad.
For the next six months,
you will be working hard.
Hard I mean, with no pay.
And trust me, you can't resign.
If you try to resign,
I'll get you arrested,
persecuted and jailed for theft.
She, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do it.
I'll never let you down again.
Her excellency Madam She
See, ma.
You know I've been working
for you for a while now.
Ehen, so I'm thinking maybe
Oh, you want to resign?
Exactly, ma. I don't mind, ma.
Just give me what you
owe me so I can go.
Beautiful. You can.
But don't forget the
contract you signed.
That if you resign
without three months' prior
notice, you'll have to refund
three months' salary
back to the company.
Seems you don't understand,
so I'll speak in a
language you understand.
If you resign without
three months prior notice,
you'll refund three months
salary back to the company.
Ah-ah, her excellency Madam She,
you've been owing me
for four months now.
What's with the three months again?
- Ruka.
- Mm?
That's the contract you signed.
Ah! I signed a contract?
Were you sleeping when you signed?
Get out of there!
Remember the contract?
Go get my bag and you can
steal other dollars in there.
No, I'll never do it again, She.
I'll never let you down.
What is it?
Now in the same boat.
- Uh-huh?
- We're broke.
Look at him looking like a sacrifice.
Leave me alone, please.
- Ruka.
- Mm?
The clause is here.
Stating that you'll give three
months' notice before you resign.
And if you don't, you have
to pay three months' salary.
What if I run away?
Or what do I do?
There's another clause here
that also states that
if you don't comply,
- you'll be arrested.
- Ah!
Victoria, I signed that, too?
Yes now.
See your signature here.
- You signed here, too.
- Ah.
So I came here to be a slave?
Sorry. Don't cry.
It's okay.
Don't cry now. Mm?
But I have to go now.
I don't want She to come and
see me here, and embarrass me.
Victoria, don't go.
- I
- Don't go!
- I don't know what to do.
- What do I do? You signed it
Victoria, I'm so sorry.
This is all my fault.
It's okay.
All right? We're both adults.
I consented and
it was fun.
Eh, Bayo.
Bayo, please help me check it.
Maybe Victoria missed something.
See what they said I signed.
- I signed my life to a bad contract.
- I've sold my life.
Listen, guys,
I have a plan.
I think we should blackmail She.
- Blackmail She?
- Yes.
You both saw her when she came
downstairs drunk last night?
I saw.
Just like a grasscutter ate her hair.
Well, I think she has alopecia.
I've never seen her hair before.
I didn't even know she
had that kind of problem.
Well, people have it.
It's a disease.
So, what do you want to do about it?
I think we should do a
recording of her hair.
Yes. Demand money from her,
she gives us the money
and then we're fine.
Come on.
That's not right.
Alopecia is a disease.
People actually have it.
We cannot mock her for it.
But she is wicked.
She fired you,
and look at the kind of
contract she made her sign.
It's bad, too.
But how are we going to record her hair?
We all know that my
cousin loves to drink.
- Mm-hmm.
- We look for a way
to get her drunk,
do a recording of her hair
send it to her anonymously,
and get money off her. Simple.
How do you intend to
access her like that?
You know she only takes
off her wig in her room,
and her room is always locked.
- Mm-hmm.
- Ruka will do it.
- Eh? Ruka who?
- You.
Please leave me out of this. Ah-ah?
How would I do the recording?
You know when I go and give her
food or fold her clothes,
she's always there.
How can I no o!
I don't want any troubles.
Ruka. Ruka.
We can make as much as
ten million from this.
- Ten million?
- What are you doing Bayo?
- Ten million?
- Yes.
And we share it equally.
Wait a minute.
Equally? That means split three million
or 3.5?
Ah, I'm in. I'll do it.
Ah, do you know what
3.5 will do in my life?
Three million, do you know
how my life will change?
- Victoria, let's
- No.
- Ah.
- What are you guys talking about?
I can't.
When you come up with a better idea,
like calling her out on social media
for her wickedness and evil act,
then you can count me in.
Till then, leave me alone.
Leave me out of this.
Ah-ah. I wish you two the best of luck.
Victoria, we're talking
about 3.5 million.
- Let's do it.
- No.
Eh, Bayo,
how are we doing this?
Oh, my days!
- She, is every
- Everything is fine.
It's good news.
- Right.
- Oh, She!
I've always known I'll be great in life.
Share the news already!
Guys, guess what?
- What?
- Justin Bieber's management
just sent me an email.
Oh! What did it say?
They want a collaboration
with Justin Bieber.
Oh, my God!
That's good news!
- Yes!
- So excited!
Oh, you dream it, and it
comes to reality. Oh
Oh, I only wish you hadn't
released "Carry Go" yet.
I can only imagine Justin
Bieber's voice on
Carry go, hey ♪
Carry your ariwo ♪
Don't you worry, guys.
I, She, will get into the studio
- Right.
- Oh, yes.
- cook a new song
- Of course.
- send to Justin Bieber.
- Right.
- He jumps on it.
- Give them!
And then I will become
the talk of the world.
- Ha! Number one!
- Tell them!
This calls for celebration!
And for the very first time
Bayo, you're making sense.
You know what, guys?
Just dream it, and it
will come to reality.
They came looking for She!
For She.
To jump on a track with Justin Bieber!
You know,
it truly calls for celebration.
Champagne on me.
- Oh!
- Anything you wanna drink, order it.
- Extend the celebration to Ruka.
- Right.
- Bayo.
- Ma?
Get me my favorite red wine.
I need to drink!
At your service, She.
- She to the world.
- To the world.
- I will be the first female artiste from Nigeria
- Global.
to hit the international market.
- Go, She!
- Tell them!
You deserve it.
- She, baby.
- Go, She!
- Number one!
- She, baby!
- Go, She!
- She, baby!
Beauty of the ages! Her excellency!
Go get her her wine.
- What?
- Have you gone mad?
Go get her her wine.
- If I
You have nothing to do?
They don see wetin they wan see ♪
- Whoo!
- They can't get to me, I'm carefree ♪
- Good job!
- I know say you like my body ♪
- What?
- Fresh from head to toe ♪
Everybody know ♪
- All my life they want
to cause fight - Ah-ah!
- Producer, mehn, this is sick!
- Me no send them I'm shining bright ♪
- You did good!
- Steady blowing like dynamite ♪
- She murdered it!
- You're feeling it right?
Some people are angry and bitter ♪
I even like the dancehall feel, mehn.
Sick, mehn, sick.
But do you think this is a good idea?
What are you talking about?
We have a hit on our hands.
No, but You know now
- Tito!
- Wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait.
Just just just leave her, eh?
Me no send any baga ♪
Omo make them go ♪
I'll go and talk to her myself.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Don't worry, it's fine.
We no give them no warning ♪
Steady grind ♪
- There's no way we are turning back ♪
- Mehn!
Pump up the volume,
mehn. Let's dance! Ey!
- Some people try to expose my picture ♪
- The awards, mehn!
They wan try to
disgrace me for insta ♪
Them no fear God
- Ruka.
- Hmm?
There's nothing here now.
You didn't record anything.
I recorded, I even took nice angles.
What nice angles?
Is it not what I'm looking at?
There's nothing here now.
You-you said I should hold it like this.
- Yes.
- I held it.
I did what you asked me to do.
So where's the problem?
What's wrong with your brain?
How can you just hold phone like this
without pressing here? You have
to press here to record now.
I didn't know I had to
press the red button.
I didn't know.
- Ah.
- I should have used my phone.
Ruka, Ruka, why are you like this now?
- Come on.
- Don't be annoyed.
See, you know what you do now?
You will go back there
and quickly go and do the recording.
- Ah.
- Have you heard?
Ah. If madam
Are you all right? If madam do what?
- Ah.
- Are you okay?
Take, take, take, take, take. Go,
go, go, go and do the recording.
Go jor. Ah.
Madam might not
This girl is a fool.
What does Bayo mean?
After everything I've
done to make this work?
- Bayo, calm down.
- I can't.
I can't. Ah! Ruka is mad!
That girl is just a stupid village girl.
- Bayo, pour.
- Drink!
- Oh, Justin Bieber!
- Drink!
Drink to yeah!
Let's go, let's go. We are
drinking downstairs, too.
- Justin Bieber.
- Justin Bieber.
- It's not easy!
- Ah.
- Can't they hear it?
- It's plenty!
It's plenty!
Nice one! Drink it!
Let me nice one!
Nice one.
That's right.
Okay, sister, go again.
Go, go, go, go. Go, go, go, go.
Go, She. Go, She. Go, She. Go, She.
Oh! Yes!
- Oh, my God.
- No, now.
No, now. It's not funny now.
Please, it's funny to me jor. Eh?
How can you send Ruka
to go and record a video
and then she forgets to press record?
How? Is that even possible?
That girl just spoilt all my plans.
Well, I hate to tell you this,
but I told you not to do this.
But the video is the only way
I can get money out of
her and leave this country.
Well, I guess you have to
look for another means then.
I'm tired.
Trust me, the bad energy in that house
and the negativity is just too much.
My sister is a witch.
A very strong witch.
What does that mean?
It means my sister is a witch.
Of course.
Are you just realizing?
See, if there's any
word higher than a witch,
that's what your sister is.
Can't you see me?
I'm so happy that I left that job.
Ever since I left, I've been glowing.
Can you not see? I've changed.
I wish I could come with you now.
Come now.
Have you forgotten
today is the GGG concert?
GG what?
Oh yeah, that's true.
Well, I wish you the best of luck.
do you know you're the only one
that keeps me motivated in that house?
Since you left,
that house has been boring.
I like you.
- Gosh, no.
- I really do.
Whatever we had then was
just a spur of the moment.
Nothing more to it, okay?
Did I enjoy it? Yes, I did. Did you?
Maybe, but
that's all it was to it.
You were just a fling.
Stop talking like this.
Are you are you
saying I'm not your spec?
Let's just move on.
You see, it's not easy to just move on.
It's not easy to just
let go, just like that.
See, with the way I'm
looking at you right now,
I feel like I should just
- Bayo.
- Can we do it one more time?
Excuse you.
We're in my father's house.
You have your room.
- Yeah?
- Bayo.
How many times did I call you?
- Three times.
- Three times. Good.
Have you seen the movie Die Young?
Yes, I have.
- Good.
- Eventually, the guy didn't die young.
He escaped.
You will die young. Yes, you will o.
Yes, yes, yes. You will
not escape this one.
I'm just warning you ahead.
Leave me alone, stay there.
Bayo, don't let my dad come
and see you this close to me. Shift now.
Niyi, this is good news, I must say.
Thank you so much.
You know what? For this, I will give
a further discount.
Yes, we're family.
Thank you so much, Niyi.
All right, talk to you later.
So, should I just go
prepare the invoice now?
Yes, and we'll give him more discount
because I've been able to
get X-cite off the line-up.
She will no longer be
performing at the concert.
I, She, will be the
only female to perform.
Oh, She!
Your royal highness.
I love you! The number one!
Multi-talented, delectable.
So, run along,
go get the invoice.
Twenty percent discount, okay?
As you wish.
Y'all can't sit with me.
Never, ever.
There's no way we are turning back ♪
No way, no way ♪
Me no send anybody ♪
Trust any soul ♪
No way, no way ♪
Me no send any baga ♪
- This song
- Omo make them go ♪
Away, far away ♪
We no go stop, we go
keep the fire burning ♪
Enter the place, we
no give them no warning ♪
Steady grind, there's no
way we are turning back ♪
No way, no way ♪
Come on.
Ah, ah ♪
Ah, ah, ah ♪
- Ah, ah, ah ♪
- Okay, okay, okay.
Hi, guys.
Thank you, thank you for
joining me on my live today.
I really appreciate all the love,
the streams,
the downloads.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
So, I know a lot of
you have some questions,
but don't worry, we'll get there.
Um, I just wanted to start off this live
by saying I'm doing better.
I'm I'm hale and hearty,
so thank you.
You have comments, comments.
Okay, let's begin.
"God bless X-cite.
Women supporting women."
Ha! Yes o!
God bless X-cite.
She was actually the one
that brought on the idea
of the collaboration and
I didn't want to do it at first,
but she encouraged me,
she made me feel like yes, there is love
amongst the females
in the music industry.
I just want to say thank
you, thank you, X-cite,
for being in my corner.
"Why did you come up with 'No Way?'"
So "No Way," in a way,
was a way of getting back on my feet
and saying no to all the negativity.
I thank God for the motivation.
My family, my friends. Also, X-cite.
They-they had my back.
And my management, too.
And I'm really grateful
that I took the song on.
"Were you broken?"
Yes. I was broken.
I actually wanted to end it all.
But suicide is never, ever the solution.
It doesn't matter how
many times you fall,
what really matters is
that you will rise again.
Please remember that.
All right.
"Congratulations on
the number of streams
"'No Way' has gotten in just a week.
This is huge."
I didn't know it would go this far,
but right now, "No Way"
is topping all the charts
across all streaming platforms. Crazy.
Um, I just want to say a huge
shout-out to my management team,
my fans, my family.
Thank you so much for being there.
I'm so grateful.
So, guys, keep streaming,
keep staying positive.
I'm out, but I'll be back soon.
I love you. Love you.
Didn't I tell you
that bitch is capable of anything?
- Mehn, see what she's done.
- Look, X-cite,
I'll sort it out. I know someone there.
Listen, eh, you better,
'cause the next thing I'll do,
- you won't like it.
- I said I'll sort it out.
- Do nothing.
- Whatever.
Hello, Shaibu.
Hello, Ahmed.
Uh, what's going on? I thought, um,
X-cite was supposed to be on
the list for the GGG concert?
Sincerely, you're saying the truth.
But the performance list is-is
out and, um, she's not on it?
I'm sorry my friend, this is
the first time I'm hearing this.
Shaibu, you know we're friends,
please do something about it.
- You know you also need my help.
- My brother relax,
whether they like it or not,
X-cite will be on the show.
- Okay thank you.
- No problems, my friend.
Make some noise for X-cite!
Yeah, yeah ♪
X-cite up on the mic ♪
Oh ♪
Bad girl, please
don't kill bad vibes ♪
'Cause bad girl killing every show ♪
Say nobody fit to
stop my shine, yeah ♪
Bad girl make the heavy dough ♪
Bad girl, please
don't give bad vibes ♪
'Cause bad girl killing every show ♪
Say nobody fit to
stop my shine, yeah ♪
Bad girl make the heavy dough ♪
What them say, what them
say, tell me, what them say? ♪
Them'a chat negativity every day ♪
What them say, what them
say, tell me, what them say? ♪
When they see a bad girl
them have fi run away ♪
I'm the boss ♪
Not the type of girl
you want to cross ♪
Everywhere we dey we hold it down ♪
So tell the bad girls to come around ♪
Where we dey ♪
I'm the boss, not the type
of girl you want to cross ♪
Everywhere we dey, we hold it down ♪
So tell the bad girls to
come around where we dey ♪
Bad girl, please
don't kill bad vibes ♪
'Cause bad girl killing every show ♪
Say nobody fit to
stop my shine, yeah ♪
Bad girl make the heavy dough ♪
Bad girl, please
don't kill bad vibes ♪
'Cause bad girl killing every show ♪
Say nobody fit to
stop my shine, yeah ♪
Bad girl make the heavy dough ♪
I go talk am, I go
yan am from a mile away ♪
The things we do my
way or the highway ♪
All the way from Monday to Sunday ♪
To the top we no dey
do things the halfway ♪
I go talk am, I go
yan am from a mile away ♪
The things we do my
way or the highway ♪
All the way from Monday to Sunday ♪
To the top we no dey
do things the halfway ♪
Hello, Pedro. What's going on?
There's no drama going on
onstage. No pandemonium.
All I hear is people hailing
and-and praising X-cite.
Why? When are you taking action?
It didn't work out.
Didn't work out What do you mean?
My boy said he was
h-he tried to pull her down
from the stage, and before he knew it,
I think she kicked him.
and people rushed at him,
so he had to, he had
to run for his life.
Your boy?
Pedro, you were supposed
to do it yourself.
I know, boss.
It's just that I've been
handling a lot of things,
and I had to send my boy.
Why? Pedro, why?
When I contracted you for this
deal, the agreement was that
every action will be taken by you,
so no tracks will be left.
I'm sorry, boss.
- I'll make amends.
- Ah.
What stupid amends do you want to make?
Huh? I thought X-cite
would be down on stage now embarrassed
and people booing her.
And then I will shine.
- You messed up, Pedro.
- I'm sorry, boss.
Get off the phone.
Why? I thought I was going to shine.
Not X-cite, like
This my monkey of a sister
won't pick her calls.
Ehen, Adaeze.
Bogoshow says he hasn't
seen you. Where are you?
He says you're the only
one that can sing your part.
Don't disappoint them.
Ehen, try and be there soon, okay?
That's how it should be,
and who it should be. Okay?
You should clean up and
give yourself a makeover.
Avoid the family disgrace.
Have you heard?
I'll be there soon.
I'm just getting ready.
One time for my mind.
I have to make sure
that people know I'm wearing a perfume.
Rat again?
Ehn? Number nine of today?
You'll tell me who pays
the rent in this house.
Us or you? Uh-huh?
No. Adaeze.
This dirt is too much.
What kind of dirtiness is this?
Adaeze, no, you should
be a wife material.
No, why won't rats visit your room?
con tract."
We are Africans, we are Africans ♪
We are Africans, Africans, awooo ♪
We are Africans, we are Africans ♪
We are Africans ♪
Africans, awooo ♪
Where you go, I don't go ♪
What you do, I don't know ♪
But we trust in each other ♪
We trust in each other ♪
Where I go, you don't go ♪
What I do, you don't know ♪
But we trust in each other ♪
- We trust in each other ♪
- This girl sounds so much
like your former crazy boss.
- Huh?
- She sounds so much
like your former crazy boss.
- Like She?
- Yes.
Um, maybe.
I no send o ♪
Save the last dance for me ♪
All your kiss is for me,
all your love is for me ♪
Oh, my God.
Yes, I hear it.
- She's good.
- Ah,
- yes, she is.
- All your love is for me ♪
I'm here waiting ♪
Save the last dance for me ♪
There's no jealousy for my body ♪
'Cause nobody fit take
your love away from me ♪
I know ♪
Like you know ♪
This love we get is for eternity ♪
Hey. What's up?
- Did you see the video I sent you?
- I saw it.
She sounds so much like She.
Oh, my gosh.
I have to get this girl.
My dream is finally coming true.
- Seriously?
- I have some money saved up.
I could get her to the studio
and just start from there.
You know? And just do some PR
some-some marketing
you know, just some promotions for her.
Victoria, what's going on?
I know what I'm saying.
I just need to pay some bloggers
and do some sponsored posts for her.
And people can get to know her.
It's time to battle She.
- Battle She?
- Yes.
You must be kidding.
She is big.
This girl is new, she's a newbie.
And then, she-she doesn't
even have a demo yet.
She has a long way to go.
I know.
But you know what they say about
the journey of a thousand miles.
Yeah, it begins with a step.
Okay. All the best.
All the best. For me,
I need to run along.
She's about to perform, so
- All right.
- That's fine.
Speak later. All right.
Vicky, I think we should leave now.
No, not
Not yet, just give me a minute, okay?
- Where are you going?
- I'm coming, I'm coming
- Wai
- Hold I'm coming. Hello!
- Hello?
- Me?
- Yes, you, please.
- Good evening.
Good evening. C-Can I please
talk to you for a minute?
Any problem?
No at all. My name is Victoria Ehimen.
I'm an A&R, and I love your voice.
I think you sing really, really well.
Um, I'd love to work with
you. If you don't mind
here's my card.
No. Thank you.
Oh, no, please. You
s-should take this card.
I am not interested.
I-I understand that you're
not a professional singer,
but I could totally help
you start your career.
Thank you.
Forgive me, probably
too forward. I'll just
I've said this before,
but I-I'll say it again.
You do have a lovely voice.
You sing so well.
Please, let me be a part of your career.
Even if you don't
have a demo, it's fine.
I can help you out.
Get you into a studio, and record one.
Whatever you need, I'll help.
Or don't you want to be famous?
No. I don't sing.
Excuse me.
Ehen. Adaeze.
Adaeze. Adaeze, why?
Adaeze, why? Why?
- Why what?
- Adaeze,
other actors, musicians, superstars,
they use their God-given talent
to take their families out
of poverty, but you ehn
Brother Livi, I don't
understand what you're saying.
You don't understand? So, Adaeze,
you're the voice of She?
Adaeze, are you the voice of She?
I don't know what you're
talking about. I
You don't know what I'm talking about?
I have it.
No, wait!
Read it. My contract.
- what is this?
- Just
- What is this? So
- Please. Please
you signed a 20-year
contract for ten million?
You spent a whole ten
million by yourself?
And your family has been
suffering since, Adaeze! No, wait.
As you see me right now,
I don't even want to talk.
- Adaeze, quickly, right now
- Brother Livi
where's the ten million naira?
Ah B-Brother Livi
Adaeze, before I count to five,
where's the ten million naira?
Where's the ten million naira?
Adaeze! Adaeze!
I don't believe it.
I wish I had actually recorded it.
So you mean She is not
the voice behind her songs?
- What? Uh
- Bayo? Bayo!
Um, babe see, I-I need to go
now, I'll talk to you later.
Call me back, okay?
We need to plan something immediately.
O-Okay, okay, okay.
That woman is actually a shark.
A bloody loafer.
I used to think I be your only lover ♪
So I dey denge pose ♪
Then I found there's many others ♪
You dey use me catch cruise ♪
When I ask you come dey stutter ♪
Your lies don expose ♪
I realize you're just a user ♪
And you just dey deceive me ♪
My mumu don finish ♪
My eyes don open ♪
My mumu don finish ♪
This heart is frozen ♪
No try me, no call me ♪
If you see me, better no hi me ♪
No vex me, no text me ♪
If you see me, better walk pass me ♪
- Move ♪
- Carry go ♪
Carry your ariwo ♪
- Move ♪
- Carry go ♪
- Away ♪
- Move ♪
Carry go ♪
Carry your ariwo ♪
- Move ♪
- Carry go ♪
Away ♪
DJ, what's going on?
Guy, what-what's this about?
Where's Sisqo?
- Sing a capella!
- Sing a capella!
Sing a cappella! Sing a cappella!
Sing a cappella!
Sing a cappella! Sing a cappella!
Sing a cappella!
Sing a cappella! Sing a cappella!
Sing a cappella!
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