SHE Must Be Obeyed (2023) s01e05 Episode Script


- We are still on it.
- You're still on what, Collins?
How dare you?
How dare you tell me that?
Some blogs still have my
video collapsing on the stage.
But the deed has been done before
we could start any damage control.
Will you shut up?
Collins, will you shut up?
You are the worst PR company
I've ever seen in my life.
I think we all need to sit
down and come up with a plan.
You and who?
Sit with who?
You and those witches?
if you don't do something about my
video coming off all those blogs,
I promise you, you will regret it.
Collins, God will punish you.
Yes! You will be totally ruined.
Pedro. Good.
Hello, Pedro.
Boss lady, I'm sorry
about what happened.
It's okay.
Are you still in the hospital?
The news is everywhere
that you were hospitalized.
Oh, my days. These bloggers can lie!
Pedro, I was never hospitalized.
From the venue, I went
straight to my house.
Do you need massive protection?
I'm fine. I'm fine.
Do you want us to deal with
the organizers of this concert?
For this serious embarrassment?
No, don't worry. I've got it.
I'm suing the concert organizers,
I'm suing the venue,
everybody is going down.
I think somebody is after me.
I think something is going on.
Boss, we've been working
together for a long time now.
Is there anything that
you want me to know?
Don't ask me questions.
Pedro, I just want
you to be on the alert.
I don't mind anybody going down.
Whenever I call you, you move, okay?
Okay, boss lady.
Okay. Okay. Okay.
My sister is a criminal.
A big one, at that.
Siyanbola is a thief!
A very big one!
She faked her passing out on stage.
What did you expect?
You pulled the plug.
She doesn't want anyone
to know her secret,
so she did the needful. Faint!
Even in the hospital
She was holding on to her wig like this.
I was trying to explain to the doctor
to take the wig from
her so she can relax.
She held on to it like
her life depends on it.
Of course.
I swear, your sister
is such a wicked soul.
Twenty years.
How can you tie down that
poor girl for 20 years?
She must be exposed.
But we need facts.
You said this girl is not
willing to cooperate with you?
- Yeah, but
- So,
if she's not coming out,
will you be the one to come out and say
that She is not the real
voice singing all of her songs?
Just don't worry about that, okay?
Don't worry. I'm working on it.
I will get that girl.
you're with me on this, right?
Yeah, sorry, I forgot.
- You have to go back to your madam.
- No.
I'm not going back.
I took some days off already.
I told her my mom needs me
to do some things for her.
And I told my mom to cover
up for me if she calls.
I am angry.
For me to have pulled the plug,
that should tell you that I am ready
to do anything to bring her down.
She must be taught a lesson.
What a terrible attitude. That is
nothing but a terrible attitude.
How can Adaeze sign for 10 million naira
and spend the money alone
without the family knowing?
- Adaeze?
- Yes!
- Spent money?
- Ten million.
Ten million?
Didn't you hear what I said?
Or are you drunk already?
Damn you.
Are you insulting me?
You're the drunk one.
Okay, what did I say?
- Adaeze.
- Yes?
- Spent money.
- Yes?
- Ten million naira.
- Yes?
She did not give us any of it.
She spent it on her own. Right?
Exactly! For what reason?
- Bad.
- For what reason? It's bad.
- Very bad.
- It's bad!
It's bad! It's bad!
It's bad, it's bad.
I agree that it's bad. But
what did she use the money for?
That's the question
you should ask, Mama.
What did she use the money for?
What did Adaeze use the money for?
Maybe she placed a bet with it,
and she lost it.
She lost?
You see this betting?
- It's bad.
- Really?
It's bad.
you can win.
Plenty of times you lose.
Yes, the same way you bet away
your tailoring business money.
And the same way you bet and
drink away Chinedu's school fees.
Damn you.
Are you insulting me?
- Damn you.
- Are you really insulting me?
Hello, Mom.
- Come here.
- Livi!
What do you mean, "hello"?
- What is it, Livi?
- Where is the contract?
- Which contract?
- Where is that contract?
- Livi
- Look, I will slap you!
Mom, I will give this
girl a headbutt. I will
I will give this girl
- Don't try it.
- I will give you a headbutt.
Come here!
Don't try it. If you try it,
both of us will get you.
Let's see who wants to face me.
Adaeze, where's the
money from this contract?
Because I know that She signed you.
She signed you for 10 million naira
and you know where the money is.
Or hasn't she given you the
money? Let me go fight her.
Livi, don't even try that
because you're going to be
arrested and jailed forever.
- Come off it! Jail who?
- What?
Mom, nothing will happen.
Nothing will happen. Please.
My friend, where's the money?
Why aren't you like me?
Why don't you have a kind heart like me?
This girl is wicked.
At your age, you spent ten million
without your family knowing.
Right? Now, look at
your mother's condition.
Look at my condition.
I have to live here.
Look at Chinedu, he can't go to school.
And you spent ten million naira.
Why now? Or have you joined
bad people and are doing drugs?
Yes, Livi, I'm on drugs.
- Mom, did you hear?
- You're right.
The money was used for drugs.
The money I got for
selling my God-given talent
was used for Papa's health.
And the saddest part of it all is
that Papa died after all my effort.
And I am trapped in this contract!
Wonders shall never end.
Mama, but this girl said a good
Samaritan borrowed her the money?
Ten million.
Just like that.
Livi, take this.
Take it.
Hold it first.
How are you?
Why are you following me
everywhere? What are you doing here?
Adaeze, right?
What is it? Who gave you my address?
I'm so sorry to just barge
into your house like this.
But I had to collect your address
from the owner of the band
you performed with last night.
For what, exactly?
I have told you I'm not interested
in singing. Is it by force?
No, don't say that.
See, we understand you.
We know you are going through a lot.
See, Siyanbola, I mean,
She, She is my cousin.
I know she's not a good person,
- that's why you're scared of her.
- Scared of what?
I don't know what you're
talking about. Not interested.
- Please.
- I know you know what we're talking about.
The contract. I overheard
your confrontation
with your brother last night at the bar.
I know it's such a wicked contract.
Please, let us help you.
I know you signed that
contract out of desperation.
Let's give you your freedom.
Listen. I don't know what
contract you're talking about.
I do not have time for this.
I said I do not need your help!
I know you did it out of desperation.
- Let me help you get your
- Jesus!
- I caught you!
- Jesus.
- Have you seen it?
- I caught you!
So, you have the confidence?
No, you locked your room.
I blocked you, you escaped.
You're going to break my hand.
I will slap you.
Listen, if you don't
bring that contract now,
I swear to God, I will deal with you.
I will deal with you!
Where is the contra
Wait a minute.
- You're hurting me.
- Who are these people?
Hello, sir. Hello.
I have no time to shake
your hand. Who are you?
- My name is Victoria.
- And so?
- This is Bayo.
- And so?
We're here to help your sister.
For what reason?
We overheard your conversation with
her at the bar about the contract.
- About the contract?
- Yes.
- At the bar?
- Yes.
Okay, okay, okay.
So, you are She's representatives
helping her steal my sister's voice?
- No.
- She used it to become a superstar.
No, we're not.
- So?
- We're not.
We know she signed a bad contract.
The contract she signed
is not a good one.
- You know Adaeze signed a bad contract?
- Yes.
- The contract she signed is not good?
- Yes.
That's right!
I thank you my God and all
your assistants in heaven
that someone else has seen what I saw.
Signed a bad contract. Bad contract!
You're a fool.
Yes, my brother with kangaroo hairstyle.
- Yes, sir.
- Okay, let me introduce myself.
My name is Livinus Igwebuike.
AKA, CEO of Turkey Grills
Igwebuike and Sons Limited.
- You understand me?
- Go ahead.
Another thing I know is music.
Yes, I know music very well,
not as a singer, but as
an artist music manager,
because I was supposed to
manage this monkey here.
But this, my monkey of a sister
went to give out her talent,
talent given to her by God, to
another person by signing a contract
and the person told her she
can't perform or work anywhere,
she won't work anywhere, for what?
- Is that not a bad attitude?
- It is.
- I agree, sir, that's why we're here.
- Good.
We're here to help her get her freedom.
Give her her freedom as a
lawyer or as a journalist?
I worked for She and I know
the exact kind of person she is.
- You worked for She?
- Yes.
- And you know the kind of person she is?
- Yes.
Now it's time for you to
work for the Igwebuike family
because you'll know the
kind of people we are.
Help us tell She. In
fact, you must tell her
that this family deserves to
be compensated financially.
Yes, that is what the
Igwebuike family deserves.
She must compensate us financially.
- Do you understand?
- Sir
We'll get there,
but we just want to
do this the right way.
With lawyers?
Go to court?
For what? Forget about that.
I alone am the congregation.
I am the judge, jury, and
executioner on these streets.
- You understand?
- Livi, please.
Please, please!
I need to go do a cleaning
job. Please let me go.
All right, you can leave.
Go, idiot.
If you had given me that contract,
I'd have taken a picture
and sent it to She,
so she can be disgraced.
And then she'd send us
money as compensation,
and everyone in this
family would be okay.
That's not a bad idea.
That's a good idea.
It's a good idea. It's a
good idea, because it's bad.
I will disgrace She everywhere!
I heard She has restricted
her social media accounts
so no one can reach
her, but that's a lie!
I will report her everywhere.
You see, I will report her on Facebook,
Snapchat and Twitter. You understand me?
Hey, come back, Adaeze!
- Sorry!
- Adaeze!
- Sorry.
- Sorry, sir.
- Sorry.
- See what you've caused?
- No, see what you've caused?
- No.
- You see what
- Sorry, sir.
Find Adaeze now!
Please, sir.
I'm going to find Adaeze now!
My friend! Where is Adaeze? Who are you?
- Sir, please.
- My friend, who are you?
No way
How now?
How can these stupid
fans be praising Tito?
This girl's stupid song is
trending. How can this song be
Oh, my.
It's a sex tape, for crying out loud.
You should drag her like a generator!
They don't know what to
support, these stupid fans.
I thought this girl
would be crying by now.
I want her broken.
I want to trend.
Why are you bothered?
You're hitting the studio to do a song
that you're sending to Justin Bieber.
He will jump on it,
and then when it's out,
you will shine like
the star that you are.
I'll shine like a queen. Yes,
it's only me. I'm beautiful.
I'm the only one to be seen.
I will trend!
Justin Bieber No. She
featuring Justin Bieber.
Tito, sex tape, sex tape. Shame!
And that X-cite. Shapeless like amoeba.
They will cry!
Let me get started.
My makeup. My makeup. Makeup.
- Adaeze, welcome.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, darling.
- What's up?
I've finally sorted Chinedu out.
He's settling down in school.
Adaeze, indeed, you're a good sister.
Do I have any option?
And you, Chisom, thank you so
much for letting me stay here.
- It's nothing.
- You're such a good friend.
I wonder what I'd have done with my
brother Livi chasing me everywhere.
- It's nothing.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Thank you.
I want to apologize.
For what?
You two, again?
What are you doing here?
Adaeze, I'm sorry.
I just had to let them
come. I think they mean well.
How do you know they mean well?
Do you know the story?
Adaeze, please. Calm down, okay?
Don't be mad at her.
We had to go all out just to get to you.
How did you even find where I am?
It was through Mama Ifeanyi.
Hold on!
The one that sells
bread close to our house?
Dear God!
We told her we were looking for you
and we had something
important to tell you.
Mama Ifeanyi told them she saw
you with me the last time she came
to carry bread from Papa's bakery.
Then, she brought them to me.
After they explained everything to
me, I offered to help talk to you.
Chisom. Why?
Adaeze, don't be annoyed, please.
- But we need to face this problem.
- Which problem?
Is it your problem?
Even if you want to help me,
you need to seek my consent.
Adaeze, you need to calm down.
Trust me, we're trying to
help you out of this situation.
Really? What would
you rather have me do?
Go to the streets and fight, right?
No, give me gloves, let
me go beat someone up.
- Adaeze.
- What do you want me to do?
This is not a physical battle.
Bayo and I are here to
help you fight legally.
I'll say this again and again.
I am not interested.
I do not have any
business with any of you.
Stay away from me. Leave me alone!
Well, Adaeze, we have
something more for you.
We saw you with She.
I don't know what you're talking about.
The day we came to your house,
when you left hurriedly,
we trailed you.
I got you.
Take a step at a time, quickly.
My God.
I signed a non-disclosure agreement.
Non-disclosure what?
Come off it.
To me, that's a blatant extortion.
And you can question it in court.
See, let me tell you
something. I know She so well.
She's not a good person.
She is ready to do anything
to get anybody out of the way
to get what she wants.
She treats her staff badly and
then she's owing them salaries.
Is that so?
What kind of useless
celebrity is that one?
She can't sing,
she has secrets.
On top of that, she owes
salaries and treats people badly.
Is she not scared for her secrets?
She is a wicked person.
Please, let's let this slide.
I just want nature to
take its course, please.
Adaeze, what are you saying?
By the time that
happens, you will be old.
Let me tell you, if you don't
take the right action now,
this woman will kill you
because of this secret.
So, you have to do something.
I think we should go.
don't you deserve justice?
I do, but this girl
doesn't want to ball.
Well, let's hope that Chisom
can talk some sense into her.
I hope so.
Listen, once she agrees,
- we spring into action.
- Sure.
Maybe you can go to her office
and just get any evidence
that you can get to help us.
My sister doesn't keep
anything in her office.
I think the only place we can
find something is in her bedroom.
And she locks it.
And you will break in. Aren't you a man?
Why not? I can break in.
Then, Adaeze and I
will go to the studio.
Okay, so tomorrow?
- We'll go together.
- No.
Okay. That's if she agrees.
How far?
Adaeze, I'm so happy
you decided to do this.
Don't worry, you won't
regret it. I promise.
- I hope so.
- You will not. Don't worry.
Once we get there, we
get everything that we can
and we leave immediately.
I've also contacted a lawyer so
Excuse me. Excuse me.
- Hello, Adaeze.
- Hello, Livi.
Adaeze, where are you?
You don't want to do
something about that contract?
Okay, let me tell you,
I have sent a DM to everybody
I know that knows She,
including the ones that
took pictures of her.
I told them I have a big revelation
that will shock them all.
Livi, you shouldn't have done that.
Why not?
Since you don't want to bring
the contract to have it fixed.
I've done it already. We move.
We're trying to sort
that out, Victoria and I.
Who is Victoria?
The lady that came to
the house the other day.
That young lady with the lowcut
that came with that boy
with a kangaroo hairstyle?
The one speaking a lot of English?
Wait a minute! Adaeze.
It seems like you two
want to sideline me, right?
So she can become your
manager behind my back.
No! Adaeze, where are you?
Give me the address quickly, right now.
I'm not playing with you,
send me the address now.
- It's not
- It's not?
Livi, it's not like that, we just
want to get something from somewhere.
What did you say?
Go somewhere for what?
Look, Adaeze, anywhere you want to go,
all of us will go there
together as a family. Okay?
Give me the address now.
I'll slap you from here!
All right, all right.
I hope everything's okay.
My brother called to
make sure we're fine
and he's also asking for the address.
I can send it to him, right?
I mean, it's fine.
A con man cannot
outsmart another con man.
It's impossible.
Yes, what is it? Why
are you shouting my name?
Listen, please help me call Tony.
What did you say?
What did you say?
My friend!
May a thunder with no breaks
strike that mouth of yours.
Why are you insulting me now?
- What?
- I don't want to turn off this car.
If I turn it off, the battery will die.
If it goes off, you will give
it a push forward to start.
What is it?
Sending me on an errand?
Look at that beard and hair.
You look like an usher
at my village shrine.
Look at him.
This guy.
Stay on your lane.
You still owe me 2,500
for my grilled turkey.
Twenty-five hundred.
Dead animal, look at him!
For Collins to have delegated
his assignment to you,
I think I'll terminate
my contract with him.
I apologize, but an emergency came up,
and that's why he sent me here.
Sorry, Madam wannabe American accent.
I don't need you guys anymore.
I'm already in talks
with Justin Bieber's team.
And he's jumping on my
next single, so, shoo!
You're in talks with
Justin Bieber's team?
Guess you're deaf.
No, actually, but I
came here to let you know
that we're in talks with
Justin Bieber's team,
and we've sent in your portfolio
and they've told us
to give them some time
to review it and then
they'll get back to us.
Which Justin Bieber's team
have you been talking to?
You're talking rubbish.
I will show you the emails I've
been exchanging with his team.
So, you can tell that
to your stupid boss.
You guys failed, so don't cover up.
Here you go.
Don't touch my phone!
Strain your eyes.
Something looks wrong.
It looks like you've been scammed.
Are you mad?
Excuse you?
How dare you stand before me
and tell me I've been scammed?
Let me see the emails
you've been exchanging.
I actually do have email threads
from our company to
Justin Bieber's team.
Okay. There.
Double "b."
Double "e."
You know what? Get out.
- Excuse me?
- Leave.
- I'm only trying to help.
- Get out!
Oh, my God. A scammer has been scammed.
- Sorry.
- Excuse me.
A scammer has been scammed.
- Jeez.
- Ma'am?
- Ma'am?
- Sisqo, leave. I'm not in the mood.
Well, there's an emergency.
What emergency?
So, someone's been
sending me DMs about you.
DMs about me? What?
Well, here.
Read it out.
All right, if you insist.
"I know your secret.
You're not the person singing.
There is somebody singing for you."
All right. "I will release your secret
if you don't call me and give me money.
I am serious. OO."
You're so funny, can I see it?
Yes, of course.
Some crazy fans, I guess.
And this is bothering you?
No, of cour How can I believe it?
I was just bothered.
- You know, like, it's huge!
- Sisqo.
I am my voice.
Of course.
Can anybody be me?
- No, of course not.
- Just go.
I'm not in a good mood. Leave, please.
All right, She.
My lord, what can I do for you?
Leave now!
All right.
Who sent this DM?
My secrets.
I will pack everything I can sell,
since she doesn't want to pay me.
It's just full of papers.
She locked it.
She has no idea!
I'm ready for you.
I came prepared!
Listen, Adaeze!
Where are you?
You shouldn't try anything funny.
I will be there soon.
Yes, I will be there!
You shouldn't try
I said it!
What are you doing here?
Bayo, you should understand.
I'm tired.
- You're tired?
- Yes.
No wonder you locked the front door.
But you're so stupid you
forgot to lock the kitchen door.
- Really?
- Yes!
- I opened the kitchen door?
- No.
Well, I've taken what I want already.
I've packed what I want
to pack. I'm leaving.
- Ruka?
- Yes?
- Dollars?
- No.
Won't I need money to
feed my child at home?
Is what She did good?
- Really?
- Is it good?
What's wrong with you?
- What?
- Give it to me.
Give me.
Are you the owner of the instruments?
Are you the one who broke in?
- Give me a little.
- A little what?
Thank God, you even
helped me to break in.
I broke in.
Wait. Did you see any hard drives?
"Jajadi"? What is that?
I don't know what that is.
Who said that?
I said hard drive. For
storing information.
I don't know what that is.
What is it?
My God!
Troll Kingdom.
That's your business!
My God!
Let's take this guy to
the hospital, quickly!
No hospital.
- No hospital.
- Calm down.
- Blood!
- I said no hospital.
No hospital?
I said I'm fine. Address, Adaeze.
- Address?
- Yes.
Let them take you to the
hospital. You're bleeding.
See, I'm fine.
I said I'm fine!
Dude, you better not cross!
- I'm going to see Adaeze.
- You want to kill yourself?
You're refusing to let
them take you to a hospital?
No hospital.
I won't go
I go hospital.
Thank you.
Watch, careful.
Give me a minute, please.
- Hello? Bayo.
- Victoria, you won't believe it.
She is the handler of Troll Kingdom.
- What?
- Yes.
Where? Hold on. I don't
understand. What do you mean?
Right here, I can see a series of phones
where she uses different
accounts to troll people.
The one I have with me right now
has a Troll Kingdom account on it.
Oh, my gosh.
Wow It's just Wow.
I don't even know what to say.
Just hold onto that phone, okay?
That's enough evidence.
Hold onto it. Please.
Definitely. I'm sure you guys
will find a lot in the studio, too.
I'll talk to you later, okay?
Okay. Bye.
Any problem?
You will not believe
it. Let's go in, first.
Yeah. I'm dressed and ready.
Finished early from work today.
Yes. I'm already changed, hello?
Yeah, I'll see you soon.
All right, bye.
It's party time.
Why is this boy calling me?
- Hello?
- Hello?
Chibuike, what is it? I have no money.
You guys robbed me blind.
I have no money to give.
Brother, calm down, now.
I did not take your money.
And that's why I'm calling.
You know you promised me something
if I tell you about Nwa-achicha?
- Yes?
- Yes. I saw her.
She was with her friend,
her mom used to grind beans and pepper.
Madam Chidi's house, right?
You know what? I'll be there soon.
- Okay, come.
- Keep your eye on her, all right?
Okay. Yes.
I'm going to scratch that girl's face.
Deal with her!
Should I change?
No. I'll go this way.
Yes, I have a party right after.
Deal with that girl!
All right.
Deal with her.
It's okay.
Keep the change. It's fine.
Egungun where are you going
Where are you going
Where are you going
Ukpaka, how are you doing?
- Your dad.
- Huh?
It's your dad that's Ukpaka.
My name is Sisqo.
Excuse me.
What are you doing?
Where are you going?
Come in.
So, She has a studio like this here?
This is where we come to record
whenever she wants
to release a new song.
Do you have producers come here?
No third party. She does
all the recordings herself.
That She is definitely a criminal.
You know what?
Let's get to work. We don't have time.
Go around. Check for
anything you can find.
Any evidence. Quickly.
And bring it to me.
- Victoria.
- What?
I don't think you'll be able
to open that. It's passworded.
Don't worry about it. I'll try my best.
I know a few things about
computers. Go get the evidence.
- We don't have time.
- All right.
How do I turn this on?
You know what you're looking for.
Like Sarz on the beat!
Well, I'm leaving.
Gone to never come back.
Bayo! Bayo!
Hello, Pedro.
- Boss.
- How far?
Are you in my room now?
Just got the maid now.
I don't care.
Just secure my bedroom.
Nobody goes in there.
Okay, boss.
If anyone tries anything funny,
take the person out,
and cover your tracks.
All right. Later.
- Victoria!
- Yeah.
Victoria, I found some hard drives.
- Are there more?
- Yes.
- Okay, go get them, please.
- So what's up? Any luck with that?
To be honest, not really.
You know, I was thinking,
maybe I should just
take the whole computer.
I have this friend at Computer
Village. He can help me.
All right. Let me pack
all the hard drives.
What are you doing here?
Cat got your tongue?
So, you have the effrontery
to break into my studio?
And you want to cart away my property?
So, you sent the DM to Sisqo.
What DM?
I didn't send him any DM.
I don't know.
I can see you're up
to something, Victoria.
But you know what?
I'll allow you to walk out
of this place peacefully.
Okay? Leave here now.
In good health.
Else what?
Else what, She?
I'm here to fight for Adaeze.
And I'm not leaving this
studio unless she gets justice.
She, you are such a wicked woman.
I see you know about Adaeze.
So, you now have the
nerve to talk back at me?
The very dumb-dumb,
stupid, laid-back Victoria.
Okay, fine.
You want to fight her battle.
Didn't she tell you
she signed a contract?
- Wasn't she paid?
- What stupid contract, She?
What evil contract?
How can you make that
poor girl sign a contract
to sing for you for
20 years for peanuts?
My gosh!
She's the voice behind She but
you're the one with all the money
while she's languishing in poverty!
That is so inhumane!
Who cares?
She signed a bad contract
but she didn't sign under duress.
I didn't put a gun to her head!
Listen, she enjoyed the money.
Nobody cares about Adaeze.
I am the face. She might be
the voice, but nobody cares.
I care about Adaeze.
And I'll make sure that the
whole wide world cares about her.
- You slapped me.
- Yes.
Today I'll show you who I am.
Come on!
Who are you? What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
You think you can treat
everybody like trash?
Because of your low self-esteem!
Listen, we can get a
revocation contract.
You're going to sign and let Adaeze go.
If you refuse,
we've recorded this whole thing.
We will post it on the Internet.
And guess what?
That will be the end of She.
Over my dead body will I sign such!
It's okay.
You're an ingrate!
It's okay.
You still have mouth to talk!
Please don't kill her! Stop!
What happened?
Stop, stop!
Stop! Stop!
Stop this! Stop this!
- What are you doing?
- Stop this.
Listen, she's dangerous.
- We need to get her to sign the contract.
- We have to go.
- Relax! Just get it together.
- We have to go!
I know what I'm doing.
You crazy witch!
Please, stop!
Jesus! Stop!
Please, it's okay!
Please stop! No!
No! Stop, don't kill her!
My God!
- You!
- No!
Jesus! Please, it's okay.
Stop! Victoria, please!
Adaeze, record!
Record! Come on!
Come on!
You wanna treat people badly
but you don't want
them to see your secret.
Tit for tat, record!
Leave her, let's go.
Tit for tat, you crazy witch.
Tit for tat.
See you on social media.
I'll give you money.
Name your price.
God will punish you.
Miss Troll Kingdom.
Let's go.
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