She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (2018) s02e01 Episode Script

The Frozen Forest

1 Hey, robot face, watch where you step.
[grunting] Incoming.
[shouts] [grunts, then gasps] Got it.
[grunts] [grunts] Sorry, Frosta.
- Wow, flower princesses can't aim.
- I'm working on it.
- Look out! - Got it.
Thanks for dropping in.
[laughing] Dropping in, because you dropped him from the sky.
Good one.
We're on the edge of greatness Turning darkness to light We're right beside you Ready to fight We're gonna win in the end We must be strong And we must be brave We must be brave We gotta find every bit Of strength that we have And never let it go We must be strong [She-Ra grunting and shouting] [She-Ra] Woo-hoo! Huh? [grunts] [Catra] Oh, cute.
You can turn your sword into stuff.
[Catra laughing] [gasps] [shouting and grunting] Hey, Adora.
Did you mean to do that? - If you did, it's a terrible weapon.
- Is not.
- How'd you do that? - [shouts] Can you teleport anything you want? Like a cannon? I can make ice cannonballs.
What? No.
Just the staff.
It was my dad's Ugh.
Actually, I was sort of in the middle of something here.
Do you mind? [shouts] It's more effective if you hit their core processing unit.
I know.
I was about to - Hey.
There's another one.
Let's get it.
- [groans] What are you waiting for? You gonna play me a song on that thing? [shouting] I knew you couldn't do it.
Did you have to make her so mean? The simulation is designed for total accuracy.
Is the one you call Catra not mean? No.
She is.
[Perfuma] The poor woods.
They'll never be able to regrow if the bots keep attacking.
Hey! - I was looking at that.
- You're welcome.
I've been training for a month - and I haven't gotten any better.
- This performance was, in fact, worse.
Please disregard.
My human inspiration protocol is still in the beta stage.
Should I smile more? No, no.
It's not you.
I wanna be the best She-Ra, I wanna protect the planet.
But Catra, she's just in my head.
- She has access to your mainframe? - She isn't actually in my head.
When you grow up with someone, they know how to push your buttons.
I can relate.
I also have buttons.
You have come a long way, but there is still much to do.
You must learn to master your emotions, or you are destined to repeat the mistakes of the last She-Ra.
- No pressure, huh? - There is quite a bit of pressure.
- Was that not clear? - Yeah, no, I got it.
So much pressure.
Very well.
You must learn by doing.
[gasping] [roaring] [groaning] [shouting and grunting] [Kyle] No.
Oh, no.
[robot powering down] - Who can tell me what Kyle did wrong? - Where do you start? She-Ra is too strong to defeat with force alone.
But she's slow and easily manipulated.
Not again.
[gasps] [grunting] Fix this.
Then go again.
Huh? - What is all this junk? - Isn't it wonderful? The stuff from my castle arrived.
- [screams] - [barking] Yeah.
What's the report from the woods? Oh! I just received a transmission from one of my bots.
[Scorpia] Oh, boy.
- Ouch.
- Wow, it fell apart with one hit there.
I could definitely make some improvements.
Oh, yeah.
Game over.
It doesn't matter.
We'll just send more bots, and more after that.
They'll be so busy defending their precious trees, we'll conquer the planet - before they know what's happened.
- I have an even better idea.
[groans] - [neighing] - [laughing] You should've seen it.
With the Moonstone super-charged, I've been so much more powerful.
I took out, like, at least five bots.
Just like the day before, and the day before that.
So? What are we supposed to do? Not fight? We have to protect the woods.
The Horde is going to keep taking ground until it regrows.
I know, but how long can we keep this up? Did you learn anything from Light Hope? Uh Getting way better at transforming my sword.
A pitcher.
[chuckles] That's so useful.
- We can picnic once the woods regrow.
- We should turn it into a dagger.
- See me take out that bot with daggers? - Where did you come from? - I've been here the whole time.
- [groans] Well, we have to go.
We have an important meeting.
The war council? I'm heading there, too.
Better hurry, you're gonna be late.
Do we have a new addition to the Best Friends Squad? Shut up.
Sorry, heh, I think that's my chair.
Yeah, don't you find it helpful to shift perspectives sometimes? [humming] Aunt Casta! You made it.
I wouldn't miss it, dearest.
The first war room of the new alliance.
How exciting.
Shame you couldn't be there where the alliance was formed.
- I knew you'd bring that up - We have a great deal to discuss.
Please take your seats.
[grunts] Swift Wind, what news do you bring from the west? The Horde has gained more territory in the west.
But with the help of Netossa and Spinnerella, our forces have managed to re-capture Thaymor.
Also, why don't I get a chair? Everyone else has a chair, I want a chair.
A chair.
Of course.
I will see to it.
Glimmer, how goes the situation in the Whispering Woods? I'm happy to report we are handling bots, and protecting the woods while it regrows, which it is doing very slowly.
Maybe it's time we stop fighting and start healing.
My powers aren't strong enough to regrow the woods.
But when we princesses worked together during the battle of Bright Moon, our powers grew.
We should try to recapture that energy.
Maybe we should hold hands and think healing thoughts.
- [humming] - Uh If I may, Your Majesty.
We can't go on like this.
We're defeating the bots, but more keep coming.
While we're using our resources to hold our borders, the Horde hasn't had to deploy a single soldier.
- Typical Catra.
- I've only been able to recover pieces, seeing as we have never not completely demolished one of these things.
But if we capture a whole bot, I might be able to program a kill switch.
We could wipe them all out without draining our forces.
An excellent idea, Bow.
This could turn the tide for us.
Glimmer, take your patrol out, and capture a bot for Bow to study and carry out his plan.
Commander, I have ideas to improve.
First, we should all have code names.
I'd like to be Frostbite.
And you can be Sparklebomb.
Second Oh, uh, Frosta.
I need you to stay back and help Spinnerella and Netossa guard the castle.
Great, thanks.
[Catra] With the woods frozen, princesses distracted by bots, we've been able to gain significant ground.
[Hordak] You have not disappointed me, Force Captain.
Clearly, I was wise to promote you.
[Entrapta] I'm just gonna borrow this.
Oh, what is that? Uh, yes.
We've kept the princesses distracted, but we could be doing more.
We should be working to take them out, once and for all.
Isn't that right, Entrapta? Entrapta! Oh, right.
May I introduce Emily's Kid Sister.
EKS for short.
With First Ones tech at its core, this little beauty has enough power to rival a princess.
Impressive indeed.
And you can make more of these? Yes! I mean, no.
I mean, I could.
But I only had enough First Ones tech to make four.
But I know where we can get more.
We'll split up to cover the most ground.
Adora, Bow and I will go east.
Mermista and Perfuma, you go west.
Swift Wind, cover the sky and tell us when there's a bot nearby.
And, remember, we want an intact bot.
What if it's just, like, a little waterlogged? And also covered in ferns that secrete corrosive poison? Or what if it's totally smashed by my ice hammer? Frosta! [sighs] You're supposed to be defending the castle with Netossa and Spinnerella.
I know I ignored orders, but, no offense, those orders were wrong.
- You need me here.
- You can't just run off whenever.
But I did.
And I'm here now.
And I'm not going back.
You can be in Mermista and Perfuma's patrol.
- I'm going with you.
- Don't push your luck.
Uh, guys? That thing is way more advanced than usual.
Where is it going? Why isn't it attacking the woods? [grunting and shouting] - [bot powering down] - [groans] It's still just a Horde bot.
We know how to handle [shouting] [both gasping] Okay.
[coughs] That's new.
Ha! [grunting and shouting] It's learning.
Yeah, well, I'm about to teach it something.
For the honor of Grayskull! [shouts] [grunting and shouting] [alarm blaring] [grunts, then chuckles] [shouts] What? [groaning] We'll capture another bot.
That one had it coming.
- Yeesh.
I'm sorry I destroyed it.
- [yelps] Ooh, that's unnatural.
Even for a robot.
[alarm blaring] [groans] [grunting] Frosta! Do you even listen when people tell you things? - What? - Get away from that bot! It's the bot you should be worried about! [Frosta shouting] Frosta! [alarm blaring] [both shouting] There you are.
We've been looking everywhere for you.
That was incredibly stupid! You could've gotten hurt, or gotten one of us hurt! I was just trying to help.
This is serious, not a game.
You need to stop getting in our way.
[sobs] Frosta, wait.
The Horde's new bots are too fast and too smart.
We'll never be able to catch one.
I thought I could help, and be the Rebellion's tech master.
But that was obviously a dumb idea.
It wasn't.
You're the only one who came up with a real plan.
Without it, we'd still just be reacting to the bots.
We need to stop letting the Horde manipulate us.
So let's put our heads together and think.
Those bots weren't interested in the woods.
- They defended themselves to get away.
- Well, attacking us wasn't their mission.
- They ran off in the same direction.
- So whatever they're after is that way.
The only thing that's in that direction is the Beacon.
I know where the bots are going.
I got an idea how to stop them.
Frosta, do you think you can? Where's Frosta? I'll go find her.
Come to yell at me more? I just wanted to be your friend.
By ignoring us and throwing yourself into danger? Sorry I don't know how to act.
I've never had any friends before.
I was 8 when I took over the throne.
Kind of hard to make friends when everyone is your sworn subject.
I know how you feel.
I didn't have any friends before Bow and Adora.
You? Figured everyone would wanna be your friend.
Yeah, definitely not everyone.
And I'm still learning how to be a good friend, too.
I'm sorry I yelled.
It's just I guess you remind me of me.
And I can do some really dangerous stuff sometimes.
I remind you of you? Ugh.
And I even sounded like my mom when I yelled at you.
- Please don't make me do that again.
- Deal.
- Does that mean we're friends? - Yes.
And we I could really use your help.
You want me to come back? I knew we'd make a great team.
So, should I do ice hammers or daggers? You're right, one of each.
[groans] That place has enough First Ones tech inside to power a whole armada of robots forever.
Ah, I want that.
[gasps] Ice of you to drop in.
[both shouting] [She-Ra grunts] Switch things up.
Keep them guessing.
[groans] We just need to capture one.
Take the others out.
[grunts] [both shouting] - One bot down, but three to go! - Fight, EKS's! Showed you, bot-face.
Ooh, he is not recovering from that.
I can't look.
Tell me what's happening.
No, don't.
[grunts] [groans] Why can't you be what I want you to be? [grunting] Hmm.
Hey, Catra.
It's okay.
We have two left.
Do you have to? Whatever.
We'll find more tech.
Bow, look! I got one.
Adora! Get away from it! [She-Ra shouting] - What just happened? - It looks like the bots can self-destruct.
[groans] Catra.
- We can't let that one self-destruct.
- Everyone together.
[shouting and grunting] [groaning] Whoopsies.
- You ready, Ice Princess? - Yeah.
Yes! [grunting] Ha, ha! - Yeah! - Yeah.
Huh? [gasps] Look.
Did we do that? We did, all of us working together.
[chuckles] [Mermista] Personal space.
[door alarm buzzing] [Catra] You look terrible.
[Shadow Weaver] Catra.
It's been so long.
I assumed Hordak finally realized what a lazy, worthless creature you are and banished you.
Just the opposite.
Hordak values me.
I've been busy helping the Horde get closer than ever to defeating the Rebellion.
His words.
[Shadow Weaver] If you're doing so well, why are you here? It's Adora, isn't it? [laughing] [groans] So? I let her win one.
We're gaining ground and our armies are growing.
When they're ready to roll out, I will be at the head.
And you'll be here rotting.
[sighs] Thanks.
I needed this.
So, we're okay now the woods are growing back, right? Light Hope says there's still a lot to fix, but at least it won't be as easy for the Horde to attack us.
Thanks again for saving me, you know, after that bot threw me off the cliff.
Friends stick together.
No princess left behind.
[laughs] Uh, okay.
I'm talking into this recorder because that's what the best scientist I ever knew did.
I'm not really sure who I'm talking to.
Me, I guess.
So, hi, Future Bow.
We're about to open this thing.
First Ones tech? But the only one who knew how to use that was Hold onto your hat, Future Bow.
Entrapta's alive.
And we left her behind.
[closing theme playing]