She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (2018) s02e02 Episode Script

Ties That Bind

1 The city's forces have all fled.
Dryl is ours.
All right! I mean, I guess it kind of already was ours since their princess is on our side, but the banners really make it feel official.
- Where are you? - That is a great question and the answer is, I do not know.
Yeah, this place is some kind of maze.
That's me.
Follow it out when you're done.
And hurry up, we've got work to do.
We're on the edge of greatness Turning darkness to light We're right beside you Ready to fight We're gonna win in the end We must be strong And we must be brave We must be brave We gotta find every bit of strength That we have And never let it go We must be strong [She-Ra grunting and shouting.]
- Whoo! Getting pretty good, huh? - You have shown improvement.
But your attack would've been 57 percent more effective with support from your steed.
It is time to bring Swift Wind into your training.
Uh, shouldn't I work on mastering my own abilities first? As She-Ra, your sacred connection with your steed is as important as any of your physical abilities.
He is a part of you, your destinies are intertwined.
They sure are.
- Hi, Adora! I've been here a while, - [shouts.]
but there wasn't a good moment to make my grand entrance, until now.
I requested his presence.
The time has come for the two of you to forge your What do you mean? Entrapta's alive? I couldn't figure out how the Horde was making such big technological advances.
But it all makes sense now.
They must be holding Entrapta prisoner.
I found First Ones tech in this bot.
This is what Entrapta was experimenting with before she Before we left her in the Fright Zone.
- We didn't know.
- It doesn't matter.
We should've gone back for her.
We should've tried.
She got captured trying to save us.
Well, we're not leaving her there now.
We've got to rescue her.
How? We can't just walk into the Fright Zone.
That's how we got into this mess in the first place.
Maybe we don't have to.
- No.
The Horde took Dryl! - We just got word.
The Horde has Entrapta, and now they have Dryl.
- The timing can't be a coincidence.
- Of course.
They're making her use her own lab.
We're going to the Crypto Castle, we'll find Entrapta and bring her back.
- No princess left behind.
- Yes! Totally onboard.
Let's get Adora.
- Adora is out training with Light Hope.
- What about the other princesses? Entrapta got taken trying to save us, Bow.
I'm not going to be responsible for losing anyone else.
Uh Light Hope? Did I break her? Was it when I went through her head? [both shout.]
Time has come for the two of you to forge your sacred bond.
- I Is something wrong? - You kind of froze there for a second.
Are you okay? Forgive me.
My system is overloading.
I may have to delay today's training so that I can rest.
- Is there anything I can do to help? - Perhaps.
This is the Watchtower.
Once, it allowed me to access my planetary mainframe.
But it was destroyed by Mara when she lost control and attacked Etheria.
I have been functioning at only a fraction of my power ever since.
If you can repair the Watchtower, my capabilities will improve, and training can commence.
- Fix the Watchtower.
Got it.
- Only then Okay, so, we're just gonna We're just gonna go.
- Any sign of Entrapta in the castle? - Nothing.
And as usual, that place is impossible to navigate.
[tablet beeping.]
Hello? Tell me you're on your way back.
I need back-up! Entrapta's new invention has lost it! Bot 437 seems to be having some sort of existential crisis.
Down, boy, down! [Entrapta shouts.]
Pull it together.
You're fine.
Stop it! - Please! Why are you doing this to me? - [gasps.]
- Entrapta, she's really alive.
- And they're hurting her.
- Wait! - Where is she? [grunting and shouting.]
- Glimmer, we gotta get out of here now.
- Get them! [groaning.]
Wait, isn't this where we started? [groans.]
I hate this place! I see the Rebels sent their finest.
[grunting and shouting.]
Bow! Glimmer! Wake up! What did you just do to me? Get back! [groans.]
[Swift Wind humming.]
Adora and Swift Wind On an adventure Fixing a thing that Mara broke When she went nuts Swift Wind, could you not do that? Just keeping us entertained while we look for this Watchtower.
Any sign of it? There's nothing here but grass.
Maybe Light Hope got the location wrong.
I don't think she did.
I definitely sense something here, something ancient and magical.
- Where? - I'm not sure.
Perhaps if we combine our efforts, my intuitive powers might increase.
No, that's okay.
I just have to keep looking.
It's gotta be here somewhere.
I could be wrong, but I'm sensing something's bothering you.
I'm just focused on fixing Light Hope.
Like you should be.
No, you're troubled about something else.
As your magnificent steed, I am attuned to your emotions.
- Okay, can you stay out of my head? - I'm not in your head.
You're just bad at hiding your feelings.
Is it about me? - I'm fine.
And no, it's not about you.
- Is it Bow? Glimmer? Catra? The Horde? The weight of your responsibilities as the savior of Etheria? Stop.
I'm fine, I promise.
Just [grunts.]
let me think.
I'm gonna go do a few loop-de-loops.
Whoo! - Hey, Swift Wind.
- What's up? I think I found the Watchtower.
We took a hostage.
We're supposed to be the good guys.
- Maybe we should just let her go - Let her go? Did she let us go? No! She let the Horde torture us.
Uh, yeah, because she's a bad guy.
We didn't mean for this to happen, but it did, and now we should use it to our advantage.
We're taking you to Bright Moon.
Your people have to give us Entrapta.
Entrapta? Pfft.
Who's that? We know you have her! Where is she? What are you doing to her? Glimmer! Oh, Entrapta.
You mean the princess you left behind to die? Ha.
Don't worry.
We're taking good care of her.
On your feet, Horde scum.
I can't walk.
Unless you wanna untie me.
Nice try.
I'll just teleport us there.
Uh, Glimmer, can I talk to you real quick? Bright Moon is pretty far away.
Shouldn't you wait until we get closer to teleport us? You don't want to run out of power and get us stuck out here.
Especially with her.
[Glimmer grunts.]
[both gasping.]
- Wow.
Mara did a number on this place.
- Let's put it back together.
For the honor of Grayskull! [grunts.]
She-Ra and Swift Wind Forging a sacred bond Fixing a magic tower With a magical sword - Hey.
Are you okay? - Like you care.
We do, actually.
The Rebellion treats its prisoners with compassion.
You princess types always have to be the bleeding hearts.
Everything is about the power of friendship.
- How's that working out for you? - I bet even the Horde has friends.
- What about Adora? - Pfft.
You two grew up together.
What was she like as a kid? Glimmer and I have known each other forever.
She'd teleport to the roof to get my lost arrows when I was learning to shoot.
You must be really close.
- Glimmer would do anything for you, huh? - Absolutely.
- She's my best friend.
- Good to know.
- [gasps, then shouting.]
- Bow! - Oh, hey, princess.
- How are you such a nightmare? - Ah.
Years of practice.
- Can you please discuss this when we're not hurtling to our deaths? I'm ready to see if cats do land on their feet.
Please, don't do that! She is attached to me! - Glimmer! - [groans.]
- Not a fan of water, huh? - [coughing.]
- Get off of me! - Glimmer! Help! [groans.]
Okay, ready to be rescued from this whenever you are.
Just need a minute to rest.
Um, what could you do with ten seconds? Ha! Seriously, you guys are terrible at this.
At least we're in one piece.
Can't say the same for Entrapta.
[shouts, then grunts.]
Are you okay? Aw, what's wrong? Sleepy after all that magic? [both grunting.]
I'm fine.
You're not worth my time.
Come on, it's a long walk to Bright Moon.
- [shouts.]
- [laughing.]
Put more ropes on her! What do you mean there's no sign of her? Where could they have gone? Think, Scorpia.
Do we tell Hordak? Send out a search party? Put up posters? How are we gonna find Catra? If somebody has touched a hair on her head, I don't know Huh? [tablet beeping.]
Oh, she's signaling us! We can follow this right to her.
Catra, I'm coming! Try concentrating.
- Focus the She-Ra.
She-Ra - I can't concentrate when you're distracting me! This worked in Salineas.
You know what might help? Loop-de-loops.
With me.
Get on my back.
- You're not taking this seriously.
- Everything's better with loop-de-loops.
It's fine.
I got this.
Still got this.
I don't know about you guys, but I am beat.
Getting held hostage is so much work.
Almost as exhausting as torturing Entrapta every day.
Just ignore her.
You're looking pretty tired, too, princess.
- Running out of glitter? - Aah! Bow, can't you keep her mouth shut? - I tried, but she bites.
- Mm.
How did Adora take years of this? She didn't run away from the Horde, she ran away from you.
And where is she now, huh? Off being She-Ra? Get used to it.
You think she's not going to leave you behind, too, Sparkles? [Scorpia.]
Don't move! [She-Ra grunting.]
- How's that look? - You know what? I don't think that one goes there.
In fact, it might be upside down.
You should take it apart and start again.
You seem stressed.
Why don't we list all our favorite things? I'll go first.
Apples, hay, toppling unjust hierarchies, apples Wait, I said that already.
- What are you doing? - I'm helping! I'm She-Ra's steed and that's what I do! - This isn't helping! Can you just? - Adora! Catra, are you okay? Did they hurt you? I will crush them! She's fine! We want to make a trade.
We'll release Catra if you release Entrapta.
I have a better trade.
You release me right now or we finish Entrapta off once and for all.
- What? - She's bluffing.
Scorpia, get Kyle on the comm.
[Entrapta shouting.]
No, no, no! Wait! Wait! Oh, no! [Kyle.]
Force Captain, I knew you'd call me back! What do I do? If you don't hear from us in 30 seconds, take Entrapta out.
What? Just relax.
We're figuring this out.
Everything's okay.
- Two can play at that game.
- Catra! If you touch her again Easy there, big gal.
She's not gonna try anything.
They're noble Rebels after all.
They play by the rules.
Glimmer, stop! This isn't fair! After everything she's done? After what she did to us? We're supposed to just let her go? How do we know they'd really get rid of Entrapta, Bow? They need her.
We can't take that chance! We're not them.
Oh! Oh, come here! Come on! I'm just so glad this nightmare is over.
I didn't think you'd actually buy that.
We held up our end of the bargain.
Now, show us that Entrapta's alive.
You and Adora are perfect for each other, I'll give you that.
Earnest, naive, ridiculously easy to manipulate.
It's adorable.
And it's why you're never going to win.
Kyle, if you actually took me seriously just then, call it off.
Kyle isn't available at the moment.
[Kyle shouting.]
But I've got it under control.
Don't worry.
This was just the prototype.
The next model will be much, much bigger.
- Entrapta? What's going on? - Oh, hey.
You wanna talk to her? Hi, Bow, what are you doing there? Just hang on, Entrapta, we're going to rescue you.
Oh, good.
Rescue me from what? - From the Horde! - Oh.
Well, that's nice of you.
But all of my stuff is here now, so probably I'll just stay.
- Thanks anyway, though.
- Entrapta, are you on the Horde's side? I'm on the side of science.
But I am living at the Fright Zone now and the Horde is supplying me with tools and materials for my work.
- So, yes, I guess? - Did I forget to mention that? Ha.
But don't worry about me.
I love it here.
I've made unbelievable progress in my research.
And the Horde has been so supportive.
I'm getting closer every day to unraveling the mysteries of Etheria.
Hacking the Black Garnet was just the first step.
- That was you? - So much for the power of friendship.
Come on, Glimmer.
Let's go.
Glimmer? [grunts.]
- Adora! Adora! Are you okay? - I don't know what I'm doing.
I don't even know what this Watchtower is supposed to do or how it's supposed to help.
If that's the case, then why are you doing all of this? I need to be a better She-Ra than Mara.
I need to control my powers so I don't hurt people like she did.
Light Hope is the only one who can teach me, and she's broken.
You're really freaking out about this Mara thing.
How could I not? She ruined everything.
And I don't know how to fix it.
Sorry I didn't take this mission more seriously.
Truth is, I'm just so excited to be your steed.
I guess I just got carried away.
And I'm sorry I dragged you into this with me.
You were just a horse before I accidentally zapped you with my sword.
If it weren't for me, you would've been able to live out your days carefree in a nice pasture in Thaymor.
Adora, I wouldn't trade my voice and my wings for anything.
I've got the chance to change the world now.
To make it better than when I found it.
I can't imagine ever going back.
Can you? No, I don't think I can.
- [grunting and shouting.]
- [laughs.]
Glimmer! Forget the princess, she's got no power! Get him! I'm not as naive as you think.
Turns out I saved a little magic, just for you.
[blows raspberry.]
No! - Is this? - Our Sacred Bond? This is it.
This is what I've been sensing.
This is the epicenter.
She-Ra destroyed this place, now it's up to She-Ra to fix it.
For the Honor of Grayskull! [groans.]
Don't worry, I got this.
- Loop-de-loops.
- Woo-hoo! [chuckles.]
Not a bad team.
Looks like we're getting the hang of this.
Then I will be back to operation My sensors indicate they fixed it.
At least we know for sure that Entrapta's alive, and working for the Horde, making weapons to wipe us out.
- [door opens.]
- Guess what Swift Wind and I did today.
We restored a First Ones' Watchtower so Light Hope can balance the planet and we brought a field back to life and What happened to you? Oh, Adora, we've got a lot to catch you up on.
[closing theme playing.]