She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (2018) s02e03 Episode Script


1 Finally.
We're on the edge of greatness Turning darkness to light We're right beside you Ready to fight We're gonna win in the end! We must be strong And we must be brave We must be brave We gotta find every bit of strength That we have and never let it go We must be strong I can't believe Entrapta's working for the Horde.
Shadow Weaver messed with her mind.
She must have.
Right? I don't know.
She seemed normal when we talked to her.
Entrapta-normal, but still, she wants to be with the Horde, they do have better tech than us.
- But we have magic on our side.
- Magic and tech aren't separate things.
Entrapta is one of the only people who really understands that.
She got closer to combining them than anyone else.
And now she's with the Horde.
Well, who needs Entrapta? You've got Bow, tech master and premier member of the Etherian Maker Community.
Yeah, uh, meant to do that.
Ha, ha.
Be there in a sec.
Comrades, I spotted buildings ahead.
The outpost is close.
Entrapta made her decision.
We can't change that.
But we can focus on our mission and help our people.
We lost all contact with the farming outpost of Alwyn a week ago.
The Horde hasn't been reported in the area, but we can't be too careful.
They're definitely involved.
They always are.
We can handle the Horde.
I don't care if they have Entrapta's inventions.
They're no match for us.
We'll handle this the way we always do.
- Brute strength? - Almost dying? No.
And no.
By sticking together and never giving up.
Yeah! Best Friend Quad to the rescue! Because there's four of us? Okay, taking that one off the list.
Emily, hand me a six-sided hex driver.
You're right, Emily, how can we possibly work like this? Uh, hello? Lord Hordak? State your purpose, Force Captain Catra.
Lord Hordak, I just thought we should, uh, touch base like you used to with Shadow Weaver.
- Figured we could establish a check-in - So, I'm to understand you've disturbed me for no reason.
Uh, not for no reason.
We need to plan our next move against the Rebellion.
- The Horde's in a better spot than ever - Was squandering our advantage while the Whispering Woods regrew part of your plan? Was letting yourself get captured? Etheria's atmosphere has proved to be a complicating variable in my experiments.
I I just removed that variable.
Tell me, Force Captain, how is your breathing? Pathetic.
Just like everything on this backwards planet.
Do you know what the definition of failure is, Force Captain? Failure is when something ceases to serve a purpose.
When that happens, it becomes worthless to me.
Thus far, your performance has been lacking.
I haven't failed yet.
No one knows how to take the princesses down better than me.
Trust me and let me do that.
You say you can defeat the Rebellion? Prove it.
You are dismissed.
Uh, hello? I thought you should know, I'm sensing something weird the closer we get to the outpost.
- Weird? Like what? - I can't describe it.
Just weird.
What is this place? Alwyn is the Rebellion's biggest supplier of Uh, well, supplies.
It's basically one big orchard.
One big, happy Incredibly creepy orchard.
What? Creepy apples taste just as good as normal apples.
The outpost must be up ahead.
I don't see any Horde soldiers.
I actually don't see anyone.
- Where are they? - Maybe they're all inside? Let me take a look.
I've upgraded my tracker pad to detect Horde signals.
If they're here, we'll find them with this.
Oh, man.
I must've broken something during the upgrade.
Not to worry.
I can fix this.
I don't know how to fix this.
It's okay.
Whatever's going on here, we'll solve it.
Nothing gets past us.
- Even stories about Alwyn being haunted.
- Haunted? Like with ghosts? It's just stories.
And even if it wasn't, we'd handle them.
No reason to be scared.
Well, Shadow Weaver used to tell me about ghosts when I was a kid in the Horde.
Like the story of the Weeping Princess.
A vengeful spirit who roams Etheria looking for victims.
You know she's coming for you by the sound of weeping right before she strikes.
- What was that? - What? I'm not sure, I heard someone.
A voice.
- The Weeping Princess? - No.
Someone's here, I'm sure of it.
We have to find them.
Third Battalion is closest.
If they move on Erelandia, the Rebellion will have to answer.
Yeah, small problem.
Um, the Third Battalion is refusing to fight.
Because they don't have armor.
They put in Where is it? Um, six requests for resupply.
Didn't you see these? I've been a little busy almost toppling Bright Moon and coming closer than anyone to conquering the planet.
- Not that anybody seems to care.
- I care.
- Fine.
Give them the armor.
- Ah.
Um Boy, I'd sure like to do that.
Uh, but the armory is out of armor.
- So, have them make more.
- Okay, just gotta find that file.
They're just, they're so slidey, and slippery.
How do I defeat the Rebellion when all I do is this stupid busy work? I bet Shadow Weaver didn't have to deal with this.
These are her files, so, she probably did? Just saying.
That's a guess on my part.
- Hi.
- You're not a prisoner anymore.
- You don't have to sneak around.
- The ducts are faster.
I don't have time to waste.
I need a six-sided hex driver right now.
I'm the one who doesn't have time to waste.
Aren't you some kind of genius? Make do with what you have.
Of course I could, but it's the principle.
Use the proper tool for the job.
If you can't help me, it's fine.
I saw one in Hordak's lab.
I know you're new to the Fright Zone and possibly to being around people in general, but Hordak isn't somebody to mess with.
Under no circumstances will you go anywhere near Hordak's sanctum.
He calls his lab a sanctum.
- Oh, that is so classy! - Focus! I need you to promise that you will stay away from Hordak.
- Promise! - Okay, okay! I promise.
Here it is.
Oh, okay, so the armory can't make more armor because they are out of irid Do-iridul-Ium? Irideli The point is, they're out of the stuff they need to make armor.
- So, where do we get more? - Oh, uh, I don't have a file for that.
I'll handle it myself.
But keep an eye on Entrapta, and make sure she doesn't go near Hordak.
Got it, boss.
I won't let her out of my sight.
Now, you didn't happen to see which way she went, did you? You know what? I'll figure it out.
I'll figure it out.
Hello? Uh, I mean, uh, who did that? Bow, man, you gotta pull yourself together.
I'll wait out here in case anyone tries to sneak up on you.
Also, this door is too small for horses, which is rude.
On three.
One, two, three! Huh? The food is cold.
Whoever lives here left in a hurry.
- A while ago.
- There's No sign of the Horde.
There's no sign of a struggle at all.
They just left.
This is just like the story of the Headless Princess.
She stalks the night, pulling people out of their beds.
Leaving nothing but bloody footprints.
What'd you find? Sorry, I don't like being out here by myself.
We should check out the other buildings.
- Hey, guys! - Sorry.
What did you say? - Does that look familiar to you? - I'm not sure.
Maybe Huh.
Uh, Glimmer? - I'm so sorry.
No idea why I did that.
- This place is weird.
Like the lair of the Undead Princess.
- Where she lures soldiers to their doom.
- Undead Princess? The Horde really had a theme, huh? Oh.
You're right.
I can't believe I'm just realizing this now.
Weird or not, we have a mission.
Something happened here that forced these people to flee their home.
We have to get to the bottom of this.
Ethical dilemma number, uh sixty-three.
I told Catra I wouldn't go into Hordak's lab.
But if she never finds out, does it count? I could just pop in, grab the tool and pop out.
No one would ever know.
But I would know.
I shouldn't do it.
Or should I? No, I shouldn't.
A six-sided hex driver.
This is amazing.
Well, there's no reason to get huffy because an experiment failed.
Failure is a vital part of all scientific endeavor.
What if I had given up on you after the first explosion? Or the 50th? I know.
I should leave, but I have to stay.
For science.
Huh? It's totally abandoned.
Do you guys hear that? Yes.
I told you.
It's a weird sound.
It's like something Someone is singing.
I don't hear anything.
It's probably just the wind.
I'm hearing something, too.
Someone's there.
For the Honor of Grayskull! - Adora! - Wait! Hello.
You're blocking my light.
If you could just step aside Get out! Well, just a sec.
I'm almost finished.
- All done.
Okay, bye.
- There will be dire consequences for this flagrant breach of conduct.
You were using uninsulated cables.
I, uh, replaced them for you.
Try it again.
It should hold the charge now.
Huh? - She was right.
- Of course I was right.
It's beautiful.
It's a power source, isn't it? What are you building that needs so much power? I recognize these formulas! You're experimenting with portals? But that's I mean, I'm familiar with the concept, but multi-dimensional gates are theoretical.
No one's come close to actually achieving one.
Right? Obviously someone from a backwater planet such as yours couldn't possibly comprehend it.
All right.
I'm the one who got your power source working, - so tell me everything.
- Portals aren't theoretical, they're real.
And I'm going to open one.
You are? Ah! Can I help you? Just think of the possibilities! You could transport troops, and weapons, whatever you need, from one side of the planet to the other! You think too small.
You can't begin to understand the potential a device of this nature will possess.
Wait! If Etheria is a backwater planet, does that mean that there are others? Of course there are.
There are countless galaxies filled with countless other worlds.
Etheria is the only planet I've ever encountered - that does not seem to understand that.
- Other planets? And you've been there? Ah I've contacted every mine under Horde control.
None have the material to make armor.
Without armor, I can't attack Erelandia.
You're trying to sabotage me! Where's the missing file? The material you seek comes from the foundry right here in the Fright Zone.
Being me isn't quite what you imagined, is it? I suppose you thought Hordak would let you run things now? He does.
I can do what I want.
But he'll never trust you with his real plans.
Don't take it personally, he never did with me either.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Maybe Hordak didn't trust you, but he trusts me plenty.
The light came from around here.
There! It's over - Where'd it go? Did I get it? - No.
Run! Ah, run the other way! - She-Ra, do something.
- Like what? Flail at them again? I can handle the Horde, I can't handle this! This is like Stop telling ghost stories! I've been terrified since we got here! Catra was right, I'm terrible at this! I can't replace Entrapta! I can't even make my tracker pad work! And I'm still hearing stuff coming from the big, stone pointy thing.
From the pointy Hold on.
What are you doing? Bow! Of course.
This place, it's a First Ones ruin.
These aren't ghosts, they're holograms.
I'm sure holograms can't walk around on their own.
Look at them.
Really look at them.
- No, thanks, I'm good! - They're running in some loop.
It's It's like a recording.
Aw, she's waving.
Actually, you know what, it's still creepy.
I think I know where they're coming from.
Come on.
Hey, Catra.
Oh, wow.
You are fast.
Anyway, I found the file.
And guess what? The material is produced here in the Fright Zone? Beautiful and brilliant.
Where's Entrapta? You're supposed to watch her! You know, she is She's I don't know where she is.
But I'm gonna fix that, because that's the kind of friend I am.
So, you're welcome.
This is probably the max with what you've got to work with here.
If we had some First Ones tech, we could generate even more voltage.
I'm sorry, Lord Hordak! Entrapta is new.
I promise she will never bother you again.
You are the one bothering me, Force Captain, with your unwelcome intrusion.
I am working.
With Entrapta's assistance.
Did you hear that, Emily? I've never had a lab partner before.
This is it.
The noise is coming from here.
It looks like Light Hope's Beacon.
It's an antenna.
I'm guessing this outpost is built on some kind of First Ones communication hub.
When the Black Garnet disrupted the planet, it must've caused the hub to power up, it's trying to send old stored messages.
With you translating, we should be able to turn it off.
So, these are First Ones? Yeah.
Why? It's just I've been thinking of them as these big, epic figures.
But they're regular people, sending messages to their loved ones.
Messages that were never received because of what Mara did to the planet.
Be at rest now.
The farmers must've fled from the ghosts when this thing turned itself on.
We should get them a message that it's safe to return.
Way to go.
The Rebellion is going to do just fine with you, Master Maker Bow.
Thanks, Glimmer.
Now that the antenna is powered down, everything should be back to normal.
It's that message again.
Looks like First Ones writing.
But we powered down the antenna.
If it is First Ones writing, I can't read it.
It's way too degraded.
You said it yourself, Bow, your pad must be broken.
Yeah, that must be it.