She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (2018) s04e12 Episode Script

Destiny Part 1

1 [Shadow Weaver.]
Please keep your bot out of my flower beds.
Oh! Oh, sorry about that.
- Emily! Emily, come here.
- [crashing.]
No, no, not in the skull plant things.
Oh [grunts.]
Um, uh So, uh, they just let you have your own garden here? Aren't you a prisoner? Am I a prisoner? Everyone's been so nice.
How come we're not, you know, in a prison? Is this garden a prison? It wasn't until today.
Right, right, sorry.
I I'm not even here.
Just garden away.
Emily! Emily, what did I just say? - I said stay out of the skull plants.
- [groaning.]
Bad bot! Bad.
Hey, drop it.
Scorpia! [Shadow Weaver.]
Your Majesty, you're back.
- Did you find what you were looking for? - Yes.
Light Hope told me everything I need to know, and I have a plan.
A plan? Excellent.
We should discuss Scorpia, I need your help.
- Me? - You're the only person who can save Etheria.
We need you to reconnect to the Black Garnet.
Huh? [Shadow Weaver.]
What? Your Majesty, I don't understand.
We should reconvene with the other princesses and The other princesses are gone.
- But it's fine.
- [Shadow Weaver.]
Gone? I said, it's fine.
I have a plan Gone where? Okay, would anyone else like to interrupt me? [clearing throat.]
I'm sorry, Your Majesty, but Double Trouble has escaped.
We're on the edge of greatness Turning darkness to light We're right beside you Ready to fight We're gonna win in the end We must be strong And we must be brave We must be brave We gotta find every bit of strength That we have and never let it go We must be strong Wow, I can't believe we're all here on Beast Island at the same time.
- What an incredible coincidence.
- Uh It's not a coincidence.
We came to find you.
Beast Island Log, tide cycle 37.
I have confirmed that the outside world still exists.
I found princesses.
Well, one princess, some sort of horse-bird hybrid, Bow, and I don't know you.
Yes, you do.
You stole my food.
Oh, yeah.
It was delicious.
Wasn't there another one of you? Yes.
You know her.
And she's not here.
Can we talk about how I am not a bird? Entrapta, we have been looking all over the this island for you.
- Are you okay? - Of course I'm okay.
Have you seen this place? An island full of technological monstrosities, each more deadly than the next? It's paradise.
Yeah, um, glad you're having fun, but we're kind of here to rescue you? Rescue me? Did I not just rescue you? Yeah, that didn't go as planned.
We came to bring you back.
We would've come sooner, but we had no idea you were here.
We thought you were still with Hordak.
Scorpia told us what happened.
She and the other princesses are waiting for you at Bright Moon.
[all shouting.]
Entrapta, please.
We need your help.
We discovered what the First Ones were doing to Etheria, a terrible secret that no one else knows.
You mean the Heart of Etheria? Why didn't you say so? Sorry.
We didn't know you were in here.
We'll just come back later.
What's the report from the field? We just got back from conquering another Rebel town.
The third one this week.
So, you're welcome.
Ah, you should've seen us.
I was all: [mimicking gunshots.]
And then Rogelio, he was like: [roaring.]
- Woo-hoo! - Watch it! Calm down, Catra.
It's not like Scorpia needs it anymore.
You don't get to talk to me like that.
I'm your commander.
Got it? What is wrong with you? We're winning.
Even you should be happy.
Happy? I'll be happy when the Rebellion and She-Ra are gone for good.
But that's never going to happen with the three of you goofing off all the time.
You are pathetic! Stay away from her! We used to be your friends.
Why are you treating us like this? Get out! [Double Trouble.]
It's worse than I thought.
You're a mess.
Double Trouble? You came back.
I mean, where were you? - I thought, um - You thought I left you? Apologies for the delay, kitten.
I got held up in Bright Moon.
But don't worry, I brought something that might cheer you up.
Better be something good after all that.
The time to strike the final blow to the Rebellion is upon us.
The princesses aren't getting along, and most deliciously, She-Ra is gone.
- So - Bright Moon is unprotected.
Told you it would cheer you up.
We must find Double Trouble at once.
They know too much.
We can't let them return to the Fright Zone.
Forget Double Trouble.
They don't matter anymore.
The only person we need is right here.
Scorpia is not a true princess.
She has never shown any connection to her Runestone.
But she will.
As soon as we get her to the Black Garnet.
Get her to the Black Garnet? Your Majesty, you're not thinking this through.
You cannot go to the Fright Zone now.
You are without allies, without your prisoner, and without a plan.
I have a plan.
My queen, listen to me.
Have I not only tried to help you? You are letting your emotions get the better of you.
This plan is too risky.
What would your mother say if she were here? You don't get to talk to me about my mother.
Besides, you were the one who told me to decide what kind of queen I am, and I've decided.
I'm the queen who's going to save Etheria.
My queen.
All right.
Move out.
You heard Catra.
Head for the woods.
- [woman.]
Let's go.
- [man.]
Go, go, go! Move, people! [Hordak.]
What is the meaning of this? Oh, sorry.
I thought you wanted to defeat the Rebellion.
Because this is what that looks like.
We are already spread thin from occupying so much territory.
We're occupying plenty.
But not Bright Moon.
Not yet.
Double Trouble reported in.
The princesses are in chaos, She-Ra is gone, and without their precious hero to protect the castle, well We can strike the final blow to the Rebellion.
When Bright Moon falls, we will control all of Etheria.
Big brother's gonna be so impressed.
This will show him what I am capable of.
What we are capable of.
Good work, Catra.
Victory is ours.
[Entrapta laughing.]
[signal droning.]
I don't like it here.
The signal, it's getting louder again.
I think we should go.
The talking horse is right.
We should stay away.
No one ever comes back from this part of the island.
Don't worry about the signal.
It's better inside.
- Inside where? Wha? - [shouts.]
Aha! Ta-da! Come on, you're gonna love it.
Wow, this place is terrible.
I hate it.
It's a First Ones Temple.
Isn't it amazing? The First Ones tried to hide their secrets by dumping them on Beast Island.
The answers I've been looking for, they're all here.
[machine powering up.]
My theories were correct.
I knew the First Ones had retrofitted the planet with tech, I just didn't know why.
But it all makes sense now.
They were mining the planet's magic, using it to power their weapon, the Heart of Etheria.
But of course you know all about the Heart of Etheria already, - seeing as you're a part of it.
- Wait, wait, hang on.
What? I'm a part of it? All the princesses are.
Hang on, I'll show you.
The Heart draws its power from the magic of the princesses.
It needs all their Runestones engaged for it to work.
And She-Ra is the most important piece, the key.
She channels the weapon's power and focuses it.
What? [Entrapta.]
She-Ra is the only being strong enough to withstand the destructive energy of the Heart.
So, the First Ones made the sword to control her, to use her.
When the Heart is deployed, She-Ra will raise the sword and fire it! [Entrapta laughing.]
She-Ra is the key.
That means I can stop it, right? If She-Ra fires the weapon, then I just won't do it.
Please, Entrapta, tell me I can stop it.
Once the planet is balanced, no one can stop it.
Not even the First Ones could control it.
That's why they left.
When the weapon is activated it will channel all its power into you.
You don't get to refuse.
But Etheria isn't balanced yet.
There's still one Runestone offline.
We might still have a chance.
The Black Garnet.
Scorpia's with the Rebellion.
You think Glimmer would? There's no way she could know that Scorpia's the final piece.
We have to get back to Bright Moon.
We need to go to the Black Garnet chamber now.
My plan is going to work.
What's wrong? I thought you would want to be a princess.
Okay, I have been considering, and I really appreciate the offer, but I only came here to help Entrapta.
I left the Horde, but I'm not gonna betray them.
- Or Catra.
- This will save them.
Horde Prime could be here at any moment.
If he shows up and we're not ready to defend ourselves, everyone loses.
Do you really think he'll need to keep Catra around? We both want to save the people we love.
But I can't do it without you.
It's hopeless.
What if the Black Garnet doesn't want me? I just I kind of get rejected a lot.
Tell me about it.
My best friends left me.
Even before this, I was the weak princess, the one who had to recharge.
Who didn't fit.
But that's changed now.
We've changed now.
We're stronger than anyone knows.
We can do this.
We can save everyone.
Everyone? You're not hopeless.
You were born for this.
And I'll help you.
We're in this together.
You're gonna make a great princess.
That was probably too much.
Oh, wow, still going.
[clearing throat.]
I'm in.
So, what now? Now, we go save the world.
- What's going on? Is Glimmer in danger? - She might be.
We have to get back as soon as we can.
We're going home now? That's great.
Should I bring something back for Glimmer? - What does she like? Does she like bugs? - Oh, Micah.
No one likes bugs.
Have a good trip.
Come again soon.
Entrapta, no.
You're coming with us.
This place, it's pure information.
Everything I've ever dreamed of knowing about the planet, it's all here.
So, I'm staying.
- We're not going to leave you.
- [signal droning.]
Oh, this is not good.
Everything back there with the princesses and then with Hordak was so confusing.
I just wasn't suited for friendship.
I belong here.
Entrapta, please! Fight it! [shouts.]
For the honor of Grayskull! Head for the ship! This way! [both gasping.]
Just leave me! [roaring.]
Hey! [roaring.]
[all shouting.]
Entrapta, no! The island is affecting you.
You can't give in.
You don't understand.
That's okay.
No one understands me.
I tried to be a good friend.
I didn't understand that either.
What? Did you think friendship was easy? It takes work to be there for other people.
It takes everything you've got.
Everyone leaves me behind.
Why should it be any different now? Because we're not ever going to leave you behind again! And we never gave up on you, even when you were with the Horde.
Because that's what friends do.
You haven't given up on me? We're out of time.
Entrapta, we flew here on an ancient First Ones ship.
Do you wanna see it or not? A ship? You have a First Ones spacecraft? A First Ones spacecraft that works? [shouts.]
I wanna see! Uh, hate to interrupt, but there's more monsters coming.
Like, a lot more! [monsters roaring.]
Did anything I said about friendship work for you or was it all the ship? Oh, definitely the ship.
But thank you.
I'm I'm glad we're friends.
Guys, we really gotta go.
To the ship! Get them, girl! I'll be back for you, I promise.
You got me.
I know, I know.
No one is welcome in Hordak's super-secret sanctum.
Not since you let that princess in.
What makes something a sanctum, anyway? No small talk? I thought I'd at least get a pat on the back for my daring escape.
It's too bad, though.
I was looking forward to meeting this Entrapta character before I left Bright Moon.
But of course, as you know, she wasn't there.
What did you say? Oh, you don't need to keep up the charade with me.
I figured out the truth.
You had Catra send Entrapta to Beast Island, so She-Ra would run off to rescue her.
A brilliant idea.
The perfect distraction.
I have to applaud your work, you really had me going.
So scorned by Entrapta's betrayal.
Even now you look like you had no idea.
I mean, I did consider the alternative, that Catra's been lying to you this whole time.
That she made you think she was your partner in crime, while really she is the one who betrayed you.
But between you and me, there's no way she's that good an actor.
Well, I'll leave you to it.
Congrats again.
Great work all around.
Hello! It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
How does it work? What does this button do? I'm gonna push it and find out! [shouts.]
Take us home to Bright Moon.
Huh? This is actually real? Yes.
Remember we did the pinching thing already? Well, still, I couldn't let myself believe It's all true? We're really going home? And this horse really talks? Too easy.
As usual.
Are you ready? Not really.
Bright Moon.
I'm really home.
Glimmer! Glimmer, where are you? [Shadow Weaver.]
She's gone.
Micah? Is it really you? - What is this traitor doing here? - Where's Glimmer? Hordak, you wanted to talk to me? Come on, I don't have time for this.
Our troops are moving out as we speak.
- If there's something you need, you can - [metal clangs.]
Hello, Force Captain.
[closing theme playing.]