She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (2018) s04e13 Episode Script

Destiny Part 2

1 Stay here, King Micah.
The Sorcerers Guild is on their way to help protect Bright Moon.
I promise, Your Majesty, we'll bring Glimmer home to you.
Swift Wind, take Bow and Entrapta to the Fright Zone.
Find Glimmer, we can still stop this.
- What are you going to do? - I'm going to the Crystal Castle.
I have to keep Light Hope from activating the Heart of Etheria.
For the honor of Grayskull.
We're on the edge of greatness Turning darkness to light We're right beside you, ready to fight We're gonna win in the end We must be strong And we must be brave We must be brave We gotta find every bit of strength That we have and never let it go We must be strong Don't worry.
I'm an expert on sneaking around this place.
I'll get us to the Black Garnet Chamber, super stealthy-like, and no one will be the What are you doing here? Oh, hey, guys, hey.
Have you met our newest recruit here? Glimmax.
Glimmax Pinkhairton.
Scorpia, we thought you got out.
If Catra sees you She can't.
I know how this looks, but I promise, I'm here to help.
We're done protecting Catra.
We're done with this whole place.
But you're one of us, Scorpia.
We won't stand in your way.
You guys, get in here.
I'd get out of here, if I were you.
That's the plan.
But hey, take care of her.
Should be easy from here.
Seems like a pretty slow day in the Fright Zone.
Hordak, whatever you're doing I know about Entrapta.
Entrapta was a traitor.
What else is there to know? I trusted you.
Your days were numbered the moment you crossed me.
And after I'm through, you can't even begin to imagine the punishments Horde Prime will inflict upon you.
Oh, because he's going to swoop down and fix everything for you at any moment, right? You're lying to yourself now.
Why would Horde Prime care about you? You're a defect, a mistake.
Haven't you noticed? I'm running things here.
Now we can finally end this.
I didn't need Entrapta.
I didn't need Adora, or Scorpia.
And I don't need you.
Huh? Huh.
I don't remember it looking like this.
But it has been a while.
Hey, there.
Princess Scorpia, we're supposed to, like, connect? I'm no princess.
Not really.
Hey, we're in this together.
You're one of us, and we believe in you.
- It's like - Connection.
Planet balanced.
Full functionality restored.
Oh, no.
Hey, Catra.
You can't do this.
You can't come in and take this from me now.
Whoa, I knew this would get a rise out of you, but, still, you really are obsessed, aren't you, kitten? You know, it took me a while, but I finally figured out your character.
You try so hard to play the big, bad villain, but your heart's never been in it, has it? What? What are you? Stop.
Stop it.
People have hurt you, haven't they? They didn't believe in you.
They didn't trust you.
Didn't need you.
Left you.
But did you ever stop to think maybe they're not the problem? It's you.
You drive them away, wildcat.
Why are you doing this? It's for your own good, darling.
We both know this was never what you really wanted.
But it was also a good distraction.
Your army was ambushed on their way to defenseless Bright Moon.
Your face right now is almost better than applause.
You betrayed me.
It's not personal, darling.
You knew how this worked.
The best way to survive is always choose the winning side.
The Rebels have some kind of ancient superweapon.
Any minute now, they're going to use it, and when they do everything you've worked for will be destroyed.
I'd really better be going before that happens.
And scene.
Oh, sorry.
Boy, that sure has a kick, doesn't it? You're amazing.
Thank you.
It's terrifying.
And fun? It's "terrifun-fying.
" Go help the other princesses finish the fight.
I'm going to find Hordak and Catra.
I know she's done a lot of bad things, but don't hurt her.
We're the good guys, remember? Light Hope, please, don't do this.
Good, you are here.
Now we can begin.
After a thousand years, my programming will be fulfilled.
The Heart of Etheria will be unleashed against the First Ones' enemies.
No, there are no First Ones anymore.
Whatever war they were fighting, it's long over.
The First Ones will rise again.
You are a descendant of their mighty empire.
That is why I used all my strength to reach across the entire universe to find you and bring you here.
You told me Hordak was the one who brought me through the portal.
You told me he stole me.
But it was you all along.
All of this is because of you.
This is your intended function.
You will bring the First Ones to glory.
- It is what you were born to do.
- No.
No, I won't.
The Heart of Etheria has been activated.
You will be the one to fire it.
There is no stopping it now.
Guess you wanted all my attention for yourself.
Your troops are gone.
You're all alone.
You've lost.
What are you waiting for? Do it.
Looks like we're both alone, Sparkles.
I'm coming, little buddy.
It won't work.
Mara hid us in Despondos so you couldn't hurt anyone else.
Mara Mara's interference caused a significant delay.
But no longer.
With the planet balanced, portal capability is restored.
Initiate planetary move, out of the Dimension of Despondos.
Swift Wind.
Are you okay? I don't know.
It's too much.
What the? Entrapta, what's happening? It's a portal.
A big portal.
With the planet balanced, the portal capabilities must be back online.
We're getting pulled through.
Through to where? - It's - Stars.
We're not in Despondos anymore.
We're in the wider universe.
I need to find Glimmer.
Adora was right.
Light Hope used me.
She activated the Heart.
So? I thought you wanted to win.
Use your weapon.
I can't.
It would destroy everything.
I have to try and stop it.
The Heart is primed and ready.
Commencing activation.
Look at all these stars, these worlds.
They will all be destroyed.
Mara sacrificed her life to stop this from happening.
Mara would not want me to Mara was a traitor.
She turned against her people.
Mara was your friend.
She knew you were more than just a program, and so do I.
You can stop this.
I am not as strong as Mara.
I cannot change my programming.
This is our destiny.
This is not my destiny.
You will comply.
No, no, no.
It is time.
I won't be controlled.
I am not a piece of their machine.
I am not a weapon.
And I'm going to end this now.
Do it.
Do it.
Do it.
Adora? Thank you.
- Bow.
- Stay there, I'm coming.
Horde Prime, he's here.
Is that you, little brother? I thought you had perished.
I was pulled into a shadow dimension.
All this time I have been trying to return to your side.
But it has not been in vain.
I have built an empire in your name.
I received your transmission, but I could not determine its source.
Until I detected an energy reading like nothing I have ever seen before.
And when I arrived, this curious planet had appeared.
I conquered this world for you.
To show you that I am worthy, so that I may retake my place by your side.
I have bent its people to my will.
To your will.
Why can I not see your thoughts? I see now.
You have given yourself a name.
You tried to create an empire of your own.
There was even a time you wished I would not come for you, is that so? No, brother.
I did it, all of it, for you.
You have forgotten who you are.
You truly think you are worthy to stand beside me, could be equal to me? I made you in my image, but you have become an abomination.
And so, you must be reborn.
Take him to be reconditioned.
But I have been rude.
We have a guest.
Royalty, unless I'm mistaken.
I apologize for my little brother.
His actions are an embarrassment.
I desire only peace and order.
Then you'll leave us alone? Oh, no, child.
I cannot let words spread of my brother's botched conquest.
For order to thrive, this whole mess must be wiped away.
Beginning with you.
I wouldn't do that if I were you.
You don't wanna destroy Etheria.
The whole planet is some kind of ancient superweapon.
A really, really big one.
Sparkles, here, is a part of it.
And if you wanna learn how to use it, you need me.
A weapon? That explains these readings.
They are stronger than anything I've seen.
Your Majesty, what an honor to host a guest of your stature.
Trust that your planet will become the jewel of my empire, and it will allow me to bring peace and order to the farthest reaches of the universe.
Thank you for your allegiance, child.
All creatures, no matter how small, have a place in service of Horde Prime.
They took her.
They took Glimmer.
She-Ra's gone.
The Sword is broken.
So what are we gonna do? We're going to get Glimmer back and we're going to save the universe.