Shenmue the Animation (2022) s01e06 Episode Script


1 Hong Kong So, this is Hong Kong.
Unfortunately, I am not keen to his present whereabouts.
But what I can do is introduce you to someone trustworthy that may be of help.
Move, move, move! Learn to look sharp, buddy! What's your problem?! Wait, you're a foreigner? That's right.
I came here from Japan.
Oh? Seems you know some Cantonese.
Well, here’s a tip.
In Hong Kong, you keep your ass moving or you get run down.
Oh, and watch out for pickpockets.
Wan Chai South Carmain Quarter the Yan Tin Apartments That's where Master Lishao Tao lives.
Help me, mister! They're gonna kill me! Hand over the kid nice and easy, or else you go home with broken bones! New town in a new country, but the same old pieces of trash.
I'm guessing from that accent you're Japanese, huh? Sam! Larry! Cool Z! Cut and run! Nice! What? S-stop! So, this is Hong Kong I'm not sure what to tell you Pickpockets and theft are common fare for folks in Hong Kong.
How much money did you lose? Oh uh My cash and valuables are in my pocket.
Well, that's great news.
Seems you know enough Cantonese to get around.
We'll get in touch if we have any luck finding your stuff.
Where are you staying? Um I haven't decided yet.
Come back once you've figured it out.
Huh? I'm afraid we are fully booked.
Nothing's open.
Try elsewhere.
No luck here, either Not the most easygoing place.
I guess I should consider myself lucky they didn't get the phoenix mirror.
Still, this is going to be a challenge.
Is that Tai Chi? Pardon me, young man.
Are you talking to me? I see that you're a foreigner.
Can you speak Cantonese? Yes.
A little.
You're experienced in martial arts, yes? I can tell from your poise hawk style.
Wait, crane style perhaps? No, I'm just here to look for someone.
Sometimes the best method to find someone is to simply stop looking.
Come! Let us spar.
Spar? But I thought Tai Chi wasn't for fighting Enough talk.
Take your best shot! Oh, sharp moves.
Not bad, eh? You've bested me.
Hm? What's this? Must be yours.
Thank you.
Oh, right.
What is it? Um Do you know where the Yan Tin Apartments in the South Carmain Quarter are? That's easy, just head out to that street and follow it down a ways.
I appreciate it.
Hey, wait! What's the big hurry? I didn't have a chance to ask what style he uses This is the place.
Not you again! You rotten landsharks! How do you plan to harass me this time? Try all you want, but I'll never leave my home! What? No, I'm just You're a tourist, eh? Well, there's no sightseeing around here.
Actually, I'm not.
I'm here to meet with Lishao Tao.
Lishao Tao? Lishao Tao is not someone that a tourist like you can meet.
You know him?! Doesn't live here anymore.
Where can I find him? Go to Man Mo Temple.
Man Mo Temple? MAN MO TEMPLE E-excuse me.
Um I'm looking for someone named Lishao Tao.
Do you know him? I am only here to pray.
Very sorry You wish to meet with Master Tao? Do you know Master Lishao Tao? Here.
This is my letter of introduction.
From Yaowen Chen but this alone is not enough to get you a meeting with Master Tao.
Then, what should I do? You must not rush.
When the time is right, what will be, will be Hello again.
Still here? Did you find the person who you were looking for? No What brought you to the Man Mo Temple? There is a wish I would like granted.
I have long come here to pray for it.
You also seem to have a wish.
How did you know? You have been consumed by your desire, becoming blind to what stands before you.
That is what your eyes tell me.
Perhaps the more you continue to search, the more you lose sight of what really matters.
I never imagined you would be looking for Master Lishao Tao.
Are you in some sort of trouble? Very well.
I shall offer you a hint.
Watch closely.
That was the Iron Palm.
Unleash your full strength in a single strike by channeling it through your arms and legs.
Practice that technique by striking this flame tree.
When you have become good enough to cover the ground in leaves, then I shall tell you the hint I just mentioned.
I'll give it a try! I have to cover the whole ground? Wong! What're you up to? Don't come crying to me if the cops bust you while you're loafing around like this.
Oh just shove off! What's got you so pissy? We pulled off a smooth swipe on a mark, but all of his stuff was worthless junk! It was total waste of time and energy! Oh? I didn't realize there were still suckers left in Aberdeen stupid enough to fall for your tricks.
He was a Japanese tourist.
Japanese? Not so easy, hm? Is there just some trick to it that I'm not getting? Listen well.
The key is to practice kung-fu on top of even more kung-fu.
There is no need to rush.
You will master it in due course.
But I don't have that kind of time Oh? You thought it would be easier? Like fixing a cup of instant noodles? No, it's just there is a reason that I must meet with Master Tao as soon as possible.
I can't waste precious time.
Then, perhaps it would be better if you relied on someone else for help.
Just remember this.
In Hong Kong, you will find no martial arts that are equivalent to instant noodles.
Other techniques may have come to you quickly in the past, but you will not be so fortunate here.
I need to find a place to stay for tonight.
Hey, kid.
Never seen you around before.
I'm from Japan.
A tourist, huh? You're in luck, we can tell you everything there is to know about this place.
Just ask.
I'm looking for a cheap place to stay.
Know of one? Hell if I know.
Stop right there.
You think you can just ask a question and then be done with it? When someone does you a favor, you show some appreciation.
Cash'll do.
I refuse.
Fine, then have it your way! What the-?! You sunuva! Give it a rest.
Joy?! We'll let you off the hook for today.
Damn! Having fun goofing around? I'm not goofing around.
Hey, what happened to your bag? Got stolen.
No surprise there.
What kind of badass pinched it off you? There were four of them.
One was a kid.
Sounds like you met Wong.
Where is he? Dunno.
And even if I did know, I wouldn't say.
You're going to cover for a thief? That's not it.
Watching you fight with the Poison Brothers just now made it clear to me.
You're a real tough guy, right? Wong's just a kid, I'm not selling him out to the likes of you.
And on top of that Wong's an orphan who never met his own parents.
He's only doing what he needs to survive.
You've seen what the city is like.
Pickpockets, thugs, anything goes.
The U.
's handover of Hong Kong is right around the corner.
Nobody knows what the future's gonna be like.
Kids like Wong aren't the only ones.
Everybody is doing what they can just to scrape by.
No one looks out for others around here.
So we all have to look out for ourselves.
Even when you catch a bad break.
If you get screwed on a raw deal, you've just gotta accept it.
That's the law of the land.
Well, I bet it doesn't make much sense to a tourist like you.
But that's the kind of town you've ended up in.
Okay then.
But let's be clear, I'm not a tourist.
So, you even got a place to stay? I'll sleep outside if I have to.
Guess I'll do you a favor.
Just tell 'em that Joy sent you and you'll get a discount.
Joy? That's my name.
Thank you.
Get yourself inside.
Hi, I'd like a room No vacancies.
Joy sent me.
Seriously? Aw, jeez.
Joy? Ryo Hazuki.
That's my name.
It's already budding.
Meanwhile And here I thought you'd quit.
Good morning.
Well now! You're getting the hang of it.
What do you call this particular form of martial arts? Chen-style Tai Chi.
I had been wondering.
Since I didn't think Tai Chi could be used to attack.
Most styles start with force and progress into gentleness.
But Tai Chi starts out gentle and develops into force.
People think that Tai Chi lacks force because it is gentle.
But in fact, it is a union of both gentleness and force.
So in other words, it can't be a true martial art without some kind of attack? No, not at all.
The true purpose of martial arts has nothing to do with blindly inflicting harm upon others.
Martial arts aren't for inflicting harm upon others I get it.
Tell you where Wong is? Yes.
I want to get my bag back.
I told you, I'm not helping with that.
There's nothing in my bag that's worth any money.
I give you my word.
I will not harm them.
Check it out, Dad! Look, over there! Wong! Oh crap, not good! Wait! Give me back my bag! Oops, sorry! Careful there.
Sorry! Take this! Guys! We've got trouble! It's that Japanese guy! Are you shittin' me?! What?! Are you shittin' me?! You punk! Damn pest.
Get him, boys! Where is my bag? There wasn't anything that looked like it could be hocked for cash.
I've hardly touched it.
So, like, don't tell the cops All I wanted was to get my bag back.
Be careful who you steal from next time.
Amazing! I was right about you.
Your diligence in life has given you mastery of a Wude.
"Wude"? Train yourself each and every day without neglect.
That is one of the Wude known as "Gon".
GON Master Lishao Tao has no qualm meeting those who understand the virtue of martial arts.
You will surely be granted an audience.
I never answered your question from before.
I practice jujutsu, Hazuki style.
What is that? My father's style.
He spent countless days of hard training to create this style himself.
Then he passed it down to me.
That is a precious gift.
I heard about what happened.
You really didn't lay a single finger on them.
You have my thanks for that.
It's nothing that deserves thanks.
So, you said before that you weren't a tourist.
What did you come to Hong Kong for then? To learn the truth.
"The truth"? If the law of the land here is to just accept whenever you're given a raw deal Then I can't abide by that until I've accomplished my goal.
I came to Hong Kong to make that happen.
MAN MO TEMPLE Train yourself each and every day without neglect.
That's one of the Wude known as "Gon".
So, you have learned of the Wude.
I will visit this temple every day, until Master Lishao Tao will agree to meet with me.
And if that happens? Yuanda Zhu.
What? I am searching for someone named Yuanda Zhu and Lishao Tao is the only person who can help me.
Why seek Yuanda Zhu? My father was killed.
Yuanda Zhu may know the truth behind his murder.
Is this truly what your father would have wished for you? You will one day be led astray if you continue down this path as you are now.
I wasn't talking to you.
This monk and I were Stop.
Do not be so rude! Master Xiuying Huh? I am who you seek.
I am Lishao Tao.
You are?! Oh yeah? Sounds like he's no ordinary tourist.
Things are about to get interesting Future Next time: "Future.
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