Shenmue the Animation (2022) s01e07 Episode Script


You are Master Lishao Tao?! Allow me to guess what you're thinking right now.
"Is this woman really Lishao Tao? Where is the proof?" And "I would never lose in a fight against her.
" Th-that's not true Besides, fighting women isn't something I do.
Is that so? Then what else would convince you? What can prove she is Master Lishao Tao? Do not hold back.
Spar with her.
Swallow Dive! This is a pressure point.
It can easily cripple any opponent.
If I wanted to kill you, you would already be dead.
Consider yourself fortunate.
W-well Go home.
Return to your country.
I cannot offer you any help.
Too bad.
Your skills just aren't up to the challenge.
Even the biggest and strongest fighters can't beat Master Xiuying! Fangmei! This is not your concern.
Go back to work.
Yesiree! See you around.
Sorry, I don't think I'll be back.
Sure you will.
No doubt! How was it? Sparring against Master Tao? I felt like a completely open book.
You judged Master Tao solely by her appearance.
You doubted her strength and wondered how a woman like her could be a master.
Am I wrong? You said you came to seek the Master's help in finding Yuanda Zhu, correct? Yes.
But I don't know what to do now Then go to the Guang Martial Arts School.
What for? There are four Wude that you must achieve.
Your first step should be learning what all of them are.
Four Wude? That's right.
Have you ever considered that the shortest route to your goal may not be a straight line? You have been consumed by your desire, becoming blind to what stands before you.
Perhaps the more you continue to search, the more you lose sight of what really matters.
With enough time, the Master may change her mind.
I understand.
I will try.
Um Why are you helping me? It is not for your sake.
Guang Martial Arts School this must be it.
What do you want? Look, I just He appears to be a guest.
He may pass.
Yessir! Welcome to you.
My name is Zhoushan Xuan.
I am master of the Guang Martial Arts School.
I am Ryo Hazuki.
I hail from Japan.
What business might a visitor from Japan have here? I would like to learn about the Wude.
The Wude? And why is that? To understand the teachings of Master Lishao Tao.
Master Lishao Tao, eh? I see.
However, I am not worthy to speak of the Wude.
Why not? Because I once ruined a man's life Aberdeen The Next Day All right.
So you don't know? Nope.
Your Cantonese is really improving.
Hello Joy.
Funny seeing you again.
Hong Kong's a small world.
Still on the hunt for something? I'm looking for a skilled martial artist.
Know any? Sorry, that's not my kinda thing.
Anyways, you wanna hang out for a bit? I can show you around the city.
I'll pass.
Actually, I've heard talk about a street performer at the Golden Shopping Mall.
He once took out a pack of thugs like they were yesterday's garbage.
A street performer, huh? Excuse me.
You with the Yellow Heads? "Yellow Heads"? Forget it.
You must be new around here.
Where're you from? Japan.
You've got guts.
Okay, I'll take a beer.
What? A beer, man! Go get me one.
Nothing like the first drink of the morning! Sure Okay! Time to get up and at 'em! For what, exactly? Come one, come all! Step right up! This man here is a bonafide karate expert straight from Japan! Marvel in surprise and delight as his human hands shatter this rock! If the rock cracks, and it will, then please, be most generous! Hold up Don't worry.
I've got you covered! Okay? Unbelievable! Why didn't you tell me you actually knew karate! I'm Zongquan.
How about it? We could make a killing, you and me.
I'm Ryo Hazuki.
But sorry, I didn't come here to perform.
No? Then what for? I need to find a martial artist who can teach me the Wude.
Here I thought you came from Japan to train as a street performer.
But, no, the kid wants Wude Do you know them? The Wude? Sorry, kid, but I ain't worthy enough to speak of the Wude.
Try somewhere else.
That's exactly what the master of the Guang School said You know the honorable master?! "Honorable"? Naw, it's nothing.
Here, this is your cut.
Take it.
See ya.
Not exactly the most friendly way to ask someone out on a date Ren.
You must be kidding, no guys in Aberdeen would ever think about hitting on you.
You can say that again.
Wong told me everything.
About how you're helping out some badass Japanese dude.
Yeah, and I'm free to do what I want.
What? Tell me about him.
I can't abide by that until I've accomplished my goal.
I came to Hong Kong to make that happen.
If you're so interested, then go meet him for yourself.
Where can I find him? He's looking for martial artists.
I told him he'd find a street performer who fits the bill at the Golden Shopping Mall.
The Golden Shopping Mall GUANG MARTIAL ARTS SCHOOL What? Zongquan said that? Yes.
He called you "honorable master".
Is Zongquan the man who you were referring to before? He is a former disciple who I banished.
So, it was him In his youth, Zongquan was a most promising martial artist.
Amongst my many disciples, his talent was one-in-a-thousand.
But then at some point, he overstepped his bounds.
He began to misuse martial arts to attract attention to himself Even now he makes a spectacle of his art, going about as a street performer.
Zongquan lost his way and it is entirely my fault.
After failing to properly guide even my own disciple, how can I speak of Wude? Huh? Zongquan? He's gone Hey, you! You friends with Zongquan? Who wants to know? Just answer the question, punk! Lay off.
I'm only here to look for Zongquan.
Not to waste time with you lowlifes.
Hard to believe there are still dumbasses left who oppose us Yellow Heads.
Yellow Heads? Let's make this twerp bleed.
Unless you wanna cough up Zongquan's protection fee.
Then we'll let you off easy.
I refuse.
Well, this oughta be fun.
Sunuva! Whew! Now, that's better.
Huh? What's going on? Did something happen? Some idiot went and pissed off the Yellow Heads.
Can't get any stupider than that.
Time to scram.
Zongquan?! It's Zongquan! Finally came outta hiding, huh! What gives? Who are these clowns? Just get going! Damn you! Shithead! Let's move! Turn this way! Uh, okay! Master Xiuying.
I've been looking for you.
Fangmei I've finished cleaning up the worship hall.
Thank you.
Let's have you do my room next.
Already taken care of.
I had a feeling it would need to be cleaned.
The guys were calling themselves Yellow Heads.
And the one fighting them looked to be a foreigner.
Did you see anything else? That's all I saw.
Man, that was a close call.
Who exactly were those creeps? They're called the Yellow Heads.
And they are? A gang that controls the underworld here in Hong Kong.
I've stuck it out without ever paying them any "protection" money.
So they like to come and harass me from time to time.
They didn't seem very tough.
Why'd we run? I don't like hassles.
So, what'd you come for this time? Master Zhoushan told me about your past.
That so? Guess he told you how much of a failure I was.
He seemed frustrated and blamed it all on his own shortcomings.
As if Righto.
Time to get to work.
Step aside, will ya? Work? Step right up, folks! Rare vintage books here, real collectibles! Don't be shy now! Take a good look! The key for room 203, please.
Jeez, how long are you planning to stay? I know you're Joy's friend and all, but that doesn't mean everything's free.
I'll need you to start paying come tomorrow.
Y-yes, sir.
Hey Joy.
Wanna grab a bite to eat? So, were you able to find that street performer? Yeah.
I meant to thank you.
Nah, don't mention it.
I'm curious.
Has anyone else come to see you recently? I had a run-in with some guys called the Yellow Heads.
The Yellow Heads?! What is it? Nothing.
Way to go and catch everyone's eye.
You must be really terrible at hiding the fact that you're extraordinary.
Is that a compliment, or an insult? A bit of both.
Guess there's something about you that the knuckleheads in Hong Kong just can't ignore.
But you know that a real tough cat doesn't show his claws out in the open, right? Tough cats don't show their claws huh.
He began to misuse martial arts to attract attention to himself I don't like hassles.
Even now he makes a spectacle of his art, going about as a street performer.
I get it! What's up? Sorry! I've got someplace to be! Hold on! Ryo! The guys in Hong Kong really don't ever think about hitting on me, huh? Hey Zongquan.
Heard you put on quite a show with our boys.
I'm here to collect their pay.
You get paid based on results in this biz.
And unfortunately they really bombed.
Is that all you got to say? 'Cuz the Yellow Heads can't just let things like this slide.
Get him.
Our turn! Stop! Zongquan! Don't fight back against them.
It's you It's that punk from earlier! What? Just listen to me.
You keep your true strength to yourself.
And you don't make a spectacle of martial arts.
That's because you still adhere to the teachings of Master Zhoushan, right? I want you to stay true to those virtues.
Enough bullshit! Just shut up! We're only horsing around.
I'm not putting on a show or doing martial arts.
This kid is a real barrel of laughs.
We're leaving! Y-yes, boss Ow I'm betting I'll see you again real soon.
How'd you figure it out? The real reason I refused to fight.
Tough cats don't show their claws out in the open.
I understand that now.
Interesting way to put it.
In that case Can you give this to Master Zhoushan for me? Master Zhoushan Don't go peeking now.
Guang Martial Arts School The Next Day Master Zhoushan What's this? It's a letter I'm delivering for Zongquan.
From Zongquan? Yes.
He had already quit street performing.
"My vow of Jie is broken, but like a tune that enchants the mouth, the martial arts yet enchant my hands.
" That Zongquan What does it mean? He speaks of the Wude.
Keep your heart free of conceit, never use force blindly or flaunt technique.
That is one of the Wude, "Jie".
JIE Another one of the Wude Jie.
Just as those who love music are constantly humming a tune, the minds of martial artists are always on their fists, never ceasing to train.
Golden Shopping Mall Although Zongquan has broken his vow of Jie and now lives a new life, he never put the path of martial arts behind him.
That is what he is telling me.
Zongquan, my pupil.
You will keep to the path of martial arts eh? Keep your heart free of conceit, never use force blindly or flaunt technique.
That is Jie.
Another one of the Wude.
You knew that I lacked understanding of Jie.
Is that why you said you were unwilling to help me? Indeed, you did not know the meaning of Jie.
However, that is not my only reason.
Then, why? It matters not.
I will not be changing my decision.
I feel the same.
Until you change your mind, I refuse to give up.
I won't give up, Xiuying.
Follow me.
Where are we? This is my room.
Starting today, you will stay here.
But I still have no intention of helping you.
But Master Chen sent you to me in good faith, and I cannot ignore that.
I appreciate it, Master Tao.
What? Xiuying Hong.
That is my real name.
Master Xiuying.
Thank you.
See? My intuition was spot on, I knew it was good idea to clean Master Xiuying's room! Don't get too excited.
Aspiration Next time: "Aspiration.
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