Shenmue the Animation (2022) s01e09 Episode Script


1 Yuanda Zhu! This is the book.
Sunming Zhao Do you remember Sunming Zhao? That is the name of the man you killed.
Lan Di mentioned him.
Yuanda Zhu the man who holds the key to my father's murder.
Ziming The Next Day Man Mo Temple All done! So Ryo, did you find the Wulinshu? Huh? Oh, yeah.
This paper was tucked inside of it.
Do you know what it means? No clue.
Some kind of code, I guess.
I need to find out.
I believe the owner of the Hong Kong Tea Shop in the Lucky Charm Quarter knows a lot about this sort of thing.
This looks like a Chawan Sign to me.
"Chawan Sign"? Guixiang would know more.
Down at the Yan Tin Apartments.
Guixiang What are you here for this time? These symbols.
Do you know what they are? Come inside.
This is a Chawan Sign.
And what exactly is that? A code created for private communication between masters of the same school of martial arts.
"Heaven" denotes time, and "Earth" indicates place.
HEAVEN DRAGON EARTH FRIEND What about "Friend" and "Dragon"? "Friend" refers to a person, and "Dragon" is an action.
Okay, but why line them up like this? Each word corresponds to how a teacup should be placed.
From the one on the far left Heaven, Dragon, Earth, Friend – like so.
And what about this? If I'm not mistaken, this is a sign that indicates you're an ally of Yuanda Zhu.
Commit this arrangement to memory.
Use it where people gather, like at a restaurant or bar.
If an associate of Yuanda Zhu sees it, they'll respond somehow.
Here goes nothing.
Let's see I think that's right.
Excuse me! The bill, please! The customer who was just here left this for you.
Man Mo Park at 9PM Man Mo Park This must be the place.
Ziming Hong Xiuying Hong Thank goodness.
I'm glad you didn't get hurt any worse.
Thanks for the help.
But how on Earth did I get all the way back here? You don't remember? No.
You seriously need to look out for yourself more.
Master Xiuying is concerned about you.
What's wrong? Who is Ziming? Someone you know? From a young age, Master Xiuying was raised in an orphanage.
Alongside her older brother.
But one day, without any warning, her brother up and left and never returned.
So then, Ziming is? Yes, he is Master Xiuying's older brother.
Oh, that's right.
I should change your bandages.
No, you don't have to worry about that.
I won't take no for an answer.
You need to get a full day of rest! Just let me handle airing out the books.
I appreciate it.
What is it? You must be a martial artist.
That Chawan Sign gave you away.
I actually saw one similar to yours at the Dou Jiang Diner.
But look closely.
You've made a small mistake.
Huh? Some Chawan Signs are dangerous.
Even one misplaced teacup could put your life at risk.
Are you a martial artist? A long time ago.
But I had to call it quits.
Tell me something There are four Wude that you must achieve.
Your first step should be learning what all of them are.
Do you know of the Wude? And if I did? I would ask you to teach me.
Follow me.
All right.
Let's give you a little test.
What the?! Excellent reflexes.
You're using that Chawan Sign to accomplish some kind of goal, I assume.
But unfortunately, I can't share my knowledge of the Wude with you.
Why not? Because you lack something very fundamental.
You're not fit to learn about the Wude.
Ryo it's still not enough.
You are lacking.
Keep that in mind.
You are lacking.
Because you lack something very fundamental.
Yet another tongue-lashing No use brooding over it.
I actually saw one similar to yours at the Dou Jiang Diner.
It's worth a shot.
But look closely.
You've made a small mistake.
I have to get it right this time Telephone call for you, sir.
Hello? Tonight at 8 meet here.
Looking for Ryo? He left early this morning to visit a tea shop.
His mind is far from where it needs to be.
Clear and serene as a mirror.
Huh? What do you mean? Oh, no.
It's nothing.
Dou Jiang Diner Thank you for your patience.
And you are? I am in the service of Yuanda Zhu.
Yuanda Zhu is who I've been searching for! How do you know of him? Actually There he is! Damn! Who are these guys? You need to get out of here, now! Get him! Lay off him! The hell? Stay outta this! H-holy shit Hurry.
Let's boogie.
Where are the others? What's going on? Who is that? Wait a sec It's that punk! Poor kid is too cocky to realize just who he's messing with.
Fine by me.
Step on up, let's dance.
Go on, boys.
Show him a good ti- You're gonna be real sorry later! What just happened? Are you okay? Who in the world are you? My name is Ryo Hazuki.
This is a letter from Yuanda! The addressee here, who is Iwao Hazuki? My father.
He was killed by a man known as Lan Di.
So the Chi You Men have extended their reach to Japan My name is Shuqin.
I am Yuanda Zhu's aide.
Where is he right now? I don't know.
He went into hiding after being targeted by the Chi You Men.
How will I find him now There is one way.
However, it is not for the faint of heart.
Please tell me! Seek out Ren of the Heavens gang.
Ren of the Heavens? His hideout is Whatchu want? I'm looking for Ren.
Who cares! Show me to Ren.
You smug punk! Who do you think you're talkin' to?! No one just walks up and asks for Ren.
Lemme teach you some damn manners! You little bastard! Ow ow ow ow! Please, lemme go! Take me to Ren.
F-fine! Over that way! This is where Ren is? Yup.
Not again dammit Ryo.
Hey, Ryo! Wake up! You all right? Wong? You're a major dumbass.
You were watching? Yeah, from a safe distance.
I'm searching for a man named Ren.
Do you know him? Sure I do.
But you'll have to get to him on your own.
I made a big scene earlier, so nobody's gonna believe a word I say.
I was going to go alone anyway.
Then take this with you.
Only Heavens members carry those lighters.
Flash it at the entrance and say this: "I came to pay Ren his cash.
" Cash? Ren is a sucker for anything that could lead to money.
Thank you.
Just remember one thing.
Ren won't take you seriously unless you've got nerves of steel.
So don't show him any weakness.
Got it.
Sunnuva you back for more? I came to pay Ren his cash.
Go on.
So, I hear you got cash for me? Then you must want something.
You looking to be friends? No, I'm not.
I want to know where I can find Yuanda Zhu.
Yuanda Zhu? Yeah, no sweat.
But first things first May the gods be with you.
Why didn't you move? Take a guess.
I'll bring you to Yuanda Zhu.
Follow me.
It's all there.
I've seen him before Hey Ren, who exactly is that guy? What the?! Hey! Hurry and turn the lights on! The money's all gone! That asshole! Now that's a face I remember.
Where's the moolah? I didn't take your money.
I only You can't wriggle your way out of this one.
Get him, boys! Curse you, Ren.
Man, talk about gullible.
Idiots always make the perfect scapegoats.
Ren! Oh shit! Pardon me! Damn! Just lay off already! No more games! Peace out! Wait! You still alive? Just barely.
Huh? What's that? Real talk.
What's got you so determined to see Yuanda Zhu? He's the only lead I have to finding the man who killed my father.
Kid out to avenge his daddy.
But I smell loads of cash behind all this.
I'll tell you where to find Yuanda Zhu.
And in return, you're gonna give me a piece of the action.
Suit yourself.
I'm nothing like you.
It's obvious that chip on your shoulder makes you gutsy.
But money is what matters to me.
And obviously, I only profit if I stay alive.
That's why I'm always on my guard to avoid legit threats.
Unlike you.
Of course Huh? The Next Day Zhangyu's Barber Shop Seems you figured out what you were lacking.
Your move with that razor may be sharp, but I judged there was no threat behind it.
"Never be shaken, remain calm and resolute to make the proper decision.
" That is the Wude known as Dan! DAN One of the Wude Dan.
Anyone can have courage.
But courage without any foresight that will land you in all sorts of trouble.
Like when you started carelessly using that Chawan Sign.
So that's what she meant.
I heard the story.
About you and your brother I don't know what reason your brother had for leaving.
But I take it you didn't think it was a proper one? Why do you ask? For the longest time, I couldn't figure out why you wouldn't help me.
But back when we first met You will one day be led astray if you continue down this path as you are now.
I started thinking you said that out of concern for me.
And I realized that someone in your life must have been led astray Can you tell me once again why it is you came here? To find out the truth about my father's murder.
And when you discover that truth? What then? What if you find out that he was killed by mistake? The seeds of revenge will surely sprout in your heart.
I don't have an answer to that.
I already know the answer.
We just can't get on the same page.
I'm sorry.
Even after learning the Wude, you still don't see it? Martial arts serve to preserve life, not destroy it.
Once you've allowed your emotions to control your fist, you've stepped down the wrong path.
I don't wish to burden you any further.
And so I'm leaving.
As you wish.
Comeback Next time: "Comeback.
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