Shenmue the Animation (2022) s01e10 Episode Script


Good morning, Father.
You're up quite early today.
Off to the stone quarry? Yeah.
I'll make breakfast right away.
No, that's okay.
Huh? Listen closely.
This next job is a very important one I must see through.
I won't be returning for some time.
I'll bring you your food when it's ready, then.
Man Mo Temple Wong.
Ren's waiting for you.
Come with me.
About time.
You can go.
Later Ryo, I'll be around if you need me.
All right.
Let's say you actually find Yuanda Zhu.
You think that he's got time for a chump like you? The guy's practically a legend in the underworld.
Not a problem.
I have a letter.
This your old man? You said you were looking for his killer.
So if I hook you up with Yuanda Zhu, what's next? That's none of your business.
Not so fast.
I haven't forgotten about that weird mirror.
You've got "big score" written all over you.
Follow me.
There's this guy I know of, Yang, who worked for Yuanda.
Let's try him.
Kowloon I hope you hoodlums aren't here looking for trouble.
Because that's the last thing I need.
I would like to meet with Yuanda Zhu.
And why should I trust you? To Iwao Hazuki-sensei I will arrange a meeting for you.
Find the man in black at the location I give you.
Then tell him this password.
What do you want? "Dragons don't sleep.
" Keep walking to the door with the dragon.
Enter there.
What's wrong? That guy in black just now Looked to me like he signaled another guy.
Got a bad feeling about this.
All we can do is press on.
I'll stay and keep watch here.
Hello, are you Yuanda Zhu? Yuanda Zhu ain't as handsome as me.
We meet again.
It's you what's this all about?! You're not the only one looking for Yuanda Zhu, see.
Boss, this is the guy.
The one who gave us trouble in the Golden Quarter.
Oh yeah? I'm gonna make you regret sticking your nose into the Yellow Heads' business! What the?! You're the one who needs to mind his own business, Dou Niu! Ren I never thought that you'd be a part of all this.
Right back at you! Guess I'll just give you both a beatdown! What was that? Did a mosquito prick me? That sucked Hey! Get up! This kid knows something, yeah? Then lock 'em up! Yessir.
Have a nice nap? Where are we? Beats me.
The lair of the Yellow Heads or somethin'.
The Yellow Heads? It's a sprawling criminal organization led by that monster, Dou Niu.
Back in the day, there was a huge group called the White Thai that controlled all of the casinos in Hong Kong.
The Yellow Heads were just a pack of bodyguards who served 'em.
But 10 years ago, they arranged it so the head family lost power and then rose to the top of the food chain in Hong Kong.
Ever since then, they call the shots for the whole town.
Why the hell didn't you tell me they were involved! Seriously? I never asked for your help in the first place.
Stop complaining and think of a way out of here.
You must be tripping if you think you can order me around! Fine then.
I guess we'll just be stuck like this.
Hey! C'mon! What's the problem? The kid's about to kick the bucket.
For real? I ain't kidding.
Oh shit! Damn it! No keys for the cuffs! What's that noise? Something happen? The jig is up, let's jet! This way! Quit telling me what to do! This way! Okay.
We'll lay low here for a bit.
Sounds good.
We should rest up.
I said, don't tell me what to do! Crap.
How'd I get into this mess? You're the one who wanted to come.
Yeah, 'cept I didn't know the Yellow Heads were involved.
Do you have any idea how tough it is to be on their bad side? Not really.
God, you're such an amateur Are you telling me there's no safer way to reach the guy who killed your old man? Enlighten me.
Who in the hell is it that you're after? His name is Lan Di.
Lan Di Of the Chi You Men?! You know him? The Chi You Men are a totally different league of terrifying from the Yellow Heads.
Lan Di is one of their big shots.
And so, what of Yuanda Zhu? Nothing yet, sir B-but we did wrangle up some guys who are looking for him.
It's a safe bet they might know a thing or two about Yuanda.
Nobody cares about Ren or that Japanese kid! My apologies.
Japanese kid? We'll definitely find Yuanda Zhu and get him to you.
S-so, moving forward if we prove our worth and the Chi You Men see fit to bring the Yellow Heads into their affiliation, then the mighty Dou Niu can rule over Hong Kong! I'll allow it.
Forgive the interruption.
A member of the Yellow Heads has an urgent message.
Boss! That bastard Ren escaped.
Well, look who's here.
I'll slice you both to ribbons! Oh no Dou Dou Niu! How dare you hurt my cute little Yuan! I'm gonna tear you limb from limb! We're not doing this now! Emergency stairs! We're in luck! Oh, you've gotta be kidding me! You're dead meat! We have to jump to the next building! You're dead meat! We have to jump to the next building! Have you lost your damn mind?! Get a running start! You really are out of your mind! Go, now! Can't catch me that easily, you big meathead! You'll never get away! You're good to go.
Nobody picks a lock better than Wong here.
Color me surprised, you two are getting on like brothers.
Brothers? Yeah right, he roped me into a real mess.
This nutjob is serious about taking on the Yellow Heads.
The Yellow Heads?! What's wrong? Nothing.
Just astounded by the level of stupidity.
Anyways We can talk this over later.
Yang, you asshole, you set us up! D-Dou Niu forced me into it, he has me by the balls! That doesn't mean you're getting off the hook! Hey, hold up.
Huh? Tell us the truth this time.
Where is Yuanda Zhu? I I don't know! I swear! T-try Huang's place, you might be able to find a lead there.
Huang? You mean Huang the wiretapper? Yes Someone you know? More or less.
Then please tell me.
Where can I find him? Here we go again.
Come on.
Seems that Huang ain't in right now.
Should be tapes somewhere.
I'm afraid to ask what your plan is.
There has to be a clue in here somewhere.
You're gonna go through all of them? Yep.
You do you.
But I'm about at my limit.
Ren Don't get any funny ideas.
Like I said before, I'm getting a "big score" feeling off you.
I won't give up, Xiuying.
I swear I'm going to track down whoever killed mom and dad! Track them down? But how?! The Chi You Men will know.
I will get revenge, even if I have to sell my soul! They will pay dearly! Still nothing, after going through so many? You're seriously barking up the wrong tree, buddy.
I just found a new toy.
Snagged me one of Yuanda Zhu's flunkeys.
A man by the name of Shuqin Zhang.
Snagged! Snagged! Great, so where is Yuanda Zhu? I'll make him cough it up.
That's Yuan and Dou Niu.
Cough it up! Cough it up! Cough it up! Cough it up! Cough it up! Cough it up! They got Shuqin I guess he couldn't get away after they found him the first time.
You can handle it, but make it quick.
You can handle it, but make it quick.
The Chi You Men don't like to be kept waiting.
Hold on.
Did you even hear what they just said? If you keep looking for Yuanda Zhu, you'll be going against both the Yellow Heads and a giant Chinese cartel! So what? The only thing that I'm out to do is uncover the truth behind my father's murder.
It doesn't matter who or what gets in my way.
Whether back in Japan or here in Hong Kong.
I'll go to the ends of the Earth if I have to.
I told you to hold on.
Do you even know where to look for the Yellow Heads? No.
Learn to use your head, man.
Did you hear that bird squawking in the recording? That's your clue.
He's a customer here.
Dresses in flashy clothes, and wears earrings.
That's Yuan! No doubt! Does he come by often? Yes.
Everyday for bird feed.
And it's the finest stuff we have available.
Ren Why are you helping me so much? Good question.
To cut a deal, I guess.
I'm positive that when you dig up that truth you're after, some serious treasure is gonna come along with it.
How do you figure? First the Yellow Heads, and now the Chi You Men.
These guys don't bring out their big guns just for nothing.
There's gotta be some real money on the line.
That doesn't matter to me.
And that's why I wanna cut a deal.
I'll help you however I can.
But when we eventually hit the jackpot, I keep my fair share.
Sound good? I can't give any guarantees.
Look! There he is.
We need to stay out of sight until we figure out where he's holding Yuanda Zhu's guy.
Let's stalk him.
Yuck! Some people! He's a straight up neat freak I'm back, sweetie! I'm back! I'm back! Who could it be? I was just about to have some fun Wow! That was solid.
Stop thief! Stop thief! Put a lid on it! You wanna be fried chicken? Fried chicken! Fried chicken! I'll stand guard.
You find the guy.
Shuqin! Hey! Hang in there! It's you Big trouble! Dou Niu is here! We'll come back for him later! Act like you're out cold.
Hide in the closet! What the hell happened here?! Hide in the closet! Hide in the closet! Hide in the closet! Hide in the closet! Hide in the closet! Dipshits.
Got you now! Hurry! Come with us! How do you like us now, stupid Dou Niu! Let me out! Let me out! Let me out! Let me out! Stupid Dou Niu! Stupid Dou Niu! Are you okay? Yes.
I was able to make contact.
Zhu is currently in the Ghost Hall Building.
Then we've got no time to lose.
I'll have Sam and the gang shelter this guy in our hideout.
Take these.
Please keep Zhu safe.
You must be Yuanda Zhu.
And you are? I am Most excellent.
Thanks for doing all the hard work of finding Yuanda Zhu for us, boys! We've finally found you, old codger! Not good! Time to scram! Damn rats You're not going anywhere! Little shit.
You've wasted enough of my time! Now you're gonna pay the price for it! Xiuying?! Huh? Who's this? Entangled Next time: "Entangled.
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