Shenmue the Animation (2022) s01e108 Episode Script


That dream again Pardon me! Good morning, Mr.
Ryo Hazuki! Uh, and you are? I'm Xiuying's assistant, my name is Fangmei Xun.
So, was I right or what? See you around.
Yeah, you were right.
I have a message from Xiuying.
You are to meet her in the library at the Man Mo Temple, straight away.
I'd like you to carry all these books outside and then air them out on the rack.
A simple task, no? Please get to it.
What is it? I want to meet with Yuanda Zhu.
I provided you a place to stay out of deference to Master Chen.
But I never promised anything more than that.
Consider this your way of paying rent.
You need to be more careful, Ryo! All of these books are very special! They mustn't be damaged! I'll take care of the higher shelves.
You just stick to where you can reach.
Sorry He left?! Yep, even paid his bill in full.
You better not have kicked him out.
I didn't.
He just ran out of money, I'd wager.
And that's that! We'll just leave them to air out like this while the weather is nice.
Then we'll return them to the library before it gets dark.
Then we'll be done, right? Yes! For the day, anyway.
For the day? We'll keep this up every day for about a week.
Seriously? Yep! What's her deal? I don't get it.
Ryo! Master Xiuying is a very gentle person! You mustn't doubt her! Uh, sure.
Keep in mind that she's given you a place to stay! This is a chance for you to return the favor! Okay, see you back here at 3 o'clock sharp! Returning the favor, huh? Am I correct in assuming that you've completed Master Tao's task? All she's got me doing is some chores.
Chores? You are mistaken.
Those books are all precious pieces of history collected since the founding of this temple.
New disciples aren't even allowed near them.
Fine then, but I can't afford to be wasting my time here.
Calm down and get your head on straight.
Did I not advise you to learn all of the Wude? Learning the Wude will lead to an understanding of Kung Fu.
Perhaps that is what Master Tao is helping you to achieve.
GON Train yourself each and every day without neglect.
That is "Gon".
JIE Keep your heart free of conceit, never use force blindly or flaunt technique.
That is "Jie".
Guess I'm gonna have to find more martial artists.
I need to be back by 3.
Watch where you're going, boy! It'll be coming out of your pocket if they broke! Wait.
I know you You're that tourist from the other day.
You're still here? I'm not a tourist.
I don't care what you are.
I'm not going to just let you walk away after nearly breaking my wares.
Oh, welcome in! Please make yourself at home.
I brought the wares you asked for.
Is that so? Set it down over there, boy.
Gently now.
Undo the wrapping.
Now open the lid.
What a beautiful tea set.
It's exactly what I was looking for.
These were just gathering dust at my place.
It would be better for you to put them to use here.
I will treat them with care.
Are they valuable? To most people, they aren't worth very much at all.
But they are certainly old.
Uh-huh In other words, their value lies in the eye of the beholder.
Not unlike this town itself.
Here, please enjoy.
A treat for you.
But, I You gave her a hand, right? You deserve a cup of tea.
Don't even bother, Wong.
You're still decades away from being able to snatch my purse.
I'm still working on my technique.
Oh yeah? What happened to your "Help me, mister!" routine? Not worth it.
It only worked on that one Japanese guy.
Speaking of, have you seen that guy around? He apparently checked out of his hotel.
Huh? I haven't seen him.
Why? No reason.
Just forget it.
Well, I can help you find him.
It'll be a total cinch with all of my street connections.
What's with the hand? For my trouble.
Oh, Master Xiuying! The books in the library have all been aired out.
Did you do it? I had to help.
That Ryo, he's just such a careless scatterbrain! Don't say that.
He needs your guidance.
Sure thing! I'll whip his butt into shape! I'm going out, accompany me.
Okay! That took up a lot of my time I need to figure out where martial artists are.
Help me, mister! That trick only works once, kid.
Hey mister, been awhile.
Well, well.
Looks like you've learned the ropes around here.
Hi Joy.
You get tired of staying at that hotel? No, not exactly.
Someone's letting me crash at their place now.
"Someone"? Anyways, Wong, you still trying to pull that scam? Nope.
Nobody falls for that one anymore.
So I'm working on some new material.
What have you been up to, Ryo? I'm looking for martial artists.
You sure are obsessed with those.
Any leads you can give him with those connections of yours, Wong? Martial artists, huh? Well, there is that one lady in Pigeon Park.
"Pigeon Park"? Are you also a practitioner of martial arts? Well, I'm actually Will you spar with me? Wow, the ladies really love this guy.
You cool with this? Cool with what? If you don't take him off the market, someone else will! What do you know about the market, you little twerp? Ow! Ow! What do you know about the market, you little twerp? Are you hesitant because I'm a woman? No, nothing like that.
But I must respectfully decline.
I knew you'd say that.
You're not bad.
I'm curious do you know about the Wude? The Wude? Afraid not.
Oh, but she might! I can learn about the Wude here? Let's ask one of the staff! Good idea.
Welcome! Excuse us! Oh my.
Would you happen to be Japanese? I am.
On vacation? Or studying abroad, like me? He's on a quest to find martial artists! Martial artists So wait, are you one? You're pretty good! Sorry to be so abrupt! Do you by chance know about the Wude? Wude? Get lost! Just go away, or things will get messy! Big talk.
You've got guts, little boy.
May lead to a promising future.
But you know, kid.
Picking fights with us is only gonna make your poor momma cry.
She's not gonna have to! Ouch! You stupid brat! Enough.
Huh?! Grown men should know better.
How dare you fight a child.
W-watch it, bitch.
Take them somewhere safe.
R-right away! Come with me.
So what? You think you can take us on, missy? Ow, shit! We don't give ladies any less of a beating, you know.
Screw this.
We're getting outta here! That lady is bad news! Thugs like them don't stand a chance against the illustrious Master Xiuying! Are you two all right? Yes, thank you! Dang it, I need to learn to be stronger.
Why is that? Because those guys will definitely come back.
And I have to make them pay.
For terrorizing my little sister! You must not.
Such thoughts will only lead you down the wrong path.
Huh? Fangmei, we must be going.
Yes, of course.
So, those two ladies earlier weren't enough or something? No.
I take it that means you're not looking for just any old martial artist.
Enough is enough! I'm not leaving, and that's final! Oh yeah? I'll make you regret those words.
Stop it! Don't bother.
Stuff like that happens all the time in Hong Kong.
Just take a look.
Nobody gives a crap.
That guy's a landshark.
Landshark? Yeah.
Lotta old buildings in Hong Kong, right? Well, they tear 'em down and build something new.
"Redevelopment", I think they call it.
It's going on everywhere now.
But before that happens, they gotta harass the old tenants into moving out first.
And their neighbors just let it happen? Decrepit buildings disappear and nice new ones replace them.
A lot of people like that.
That's the reality.
And all the elites get to pocket fat kickbacks, so you can bet they're behind it.
They just treat us like we're yesterday's garbage and there's nothing we can do about it.
Britain is scheduled to relinquish Hong Kong.
Life here is changing.
Whoa, it's already 4.
Time to go find me some sucker- Don't even think about it.
Aw 4 o'clock Ryo! I already put every last book back myself! I'm sorry.
What on Earth took you so long? I was out looking for a martial artist who could teach me about the Wude I can't believe you! That's no excuse! Don't you think about anyone other than yourself? Except I didn't come all the way here to be put to work.
Then tell me, why exactly did you come here? To find Yuanda Zhu.
Yuanda Zhu? Do you know him? Certainly not.
And even if I did, I wouldn't tell you! I've had it up to here already! What's wrong? Nothing at all.
Well, actually Fangmei told me a time to come organize the books, but I showed up late.
She is very much like you.
A straight arrow.
Please don't think badly of her.
Crap, I missed prime pickpocket time.
So what's the deal? Why're you following that Japanese guy around everywhere, Joy? I'm not following anyone around.
Then why're you doing him so many favors, huh? Setting him up with a room and stuff.
Beats me.
It just happens.
Seems like this area's started getting eviction notices left and right.
I heard even the South Carmain Quarter is having trouble.
Nah, they've got a martial arts master over there who's keeping things under control.
A martial arts master? Yeah.
Down at the Yan Tin Apartments, which is also under threat of eviction.
I'm still upset! How can he be such a fathead? Fangmei.
Yes? What happened earlier? I was totally wrong about Ryo! He's just a selfish jerk! I see.
But perhaps the problem is he's just too much of a straight-shooter.
Reminds me of a certain someone.
Really? After you finish that, could you go out and close the gate? Uh, sure.
Please and thank you.
Your study of the Wude doesn't seem to be progressing smoothly.
Even if I learned all the Wude, I'm not even sure that Xiuying would agree to help me.
As it stands, I'm still not any closer to finding Yuanda Zhu.
And that totally defeats the purpose of me coming to Hong Kong! Then let me ask you.
Why do you practice the martial arts? But what does that have to do with me coming to Hong Kong? You appear to see only the path that lies in front of you.
Huh? Pressing onward to view new sights is undoubtedly an important part of traveling.
But the amount of focus that you extend to the scenery around you is far from enough.
Far from enough? Yes.
You are lacking.
Ryo it's still not enough.
You are lacking.
Keep that in mind.
But not enough what? Perhaps Master Tao has known the answer to that all along.
Hey mister! Wong? Joy? The Yan Tin Apartments.
What about them? Go there! We heard a master martial artist named Guixiang lives there! Thank you! Yan Tin Apartments Jeez, get it through your thick skulls already.
For the last time, I'm staying put! Damn old hag! Then we'll just do this the hard way! Enough.
Who the hell are you? It's you This ain't your goddamn problem.
This lady doesn't want you bothering her.
Who cares! We got a business to run! Besides, we're in the right here.
We're making this town new again.
Don't make the same mistake I did.
The hell do you mean?! There's nothing wrong with new sights.
But I didn't focus enough on the scenery of the present that was all around me.
Just like you guys.
You're full of shit! Get 'em, boys! You punk! Well now.
What's this guy made of?! Is everyone in this neighborhood a kung fu master? We'll get you back for this! Dammit! So boy, what did you come here for? I know it wasn't to chase off some landsharks.
I came to learn about the Wude from a martial artist named Guixiang.
Oh? Then why did you help me? Why? Isn't that obvious? You actually said it yourself, ma'am.
In other words, their value lies in the eye of the beholder.
Not unlike this town itself.
To me, protecting the people here simply seemed like the right thing to do.
That is one of the Wude.
What? "To act without hesitation for what is right.
" It is the Wude known as Yi.
YI Seriously? And also I'm Guixiang.
It was you You need to stop judging people by their appearances so much.
So I've been told.
That figures.
Why do you practice the martial arts? I get it! MAN MO TEMPLE "To act without hesitation for what is right.
" One of the Wude, called Yi.
Is that what you thought I'm missing? This Wude known as Yi? What I saw inside of you was the fire of revenge.
Surely by now, you can sense it yourself.
Killing in the name of vengeance is murder just the same.
And that, I will have no hand in.
Ryo! Hey Fangmei.
I'm sorry about earlier.
It's okay.
I think I got the wrong idea about you.
I'm sorry, too.
Huh? Um, about the person you mentioned before.
If I remember right, there's a book called the Wulinshu in the library with the name "Zhu" on the cover.
Wulinshu Yuanda Zhu Yuanda Zhu! Distinct Next time: "Distinct.
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