Shenmue the Animation (2022) s01e11 Episode Script


Xiuying? Who the hell are you? I don't give a damn if she's a woman! Get rid of anybody who stands in my way! Yes boss! God dammit! Master Dou Niu! Hurry and bring that old man with us! You heard him! Get moving! That's quite enough.
You bitch! Master Dou Niu! Everything's good on this end! Let's leave! Fine then! Time to get out of here! R-right Xiuying I've done what I can for your wounds.
But you'll still need to take it easy.
That explains it.
Xiuying has been saving me this whole time Sorry, but where are we? A convent inside of Kowloon Walled City.
This is where Ziming and Xiuying were raised.
Ziming My brother.
He grew up here, but decided to leave.
To seek revenge Revenge? Our parents were both murdered.
My brother left to find their killer, much like you, but it led him down the wrong path.
You must not make the same mistake.
I have to get going.
Fight with me.
What? If defeating me proves to be a challenge, then you have no chance of surviving.
Not against the likes of Lan Di.
I don't want to make your injuries any worse.
But obviously, if I were Lan Di, then you would be dead by now.
Wh-what move was that? The Counter Elbow Assault.
It is one of the Six Big Opening techniques of Bajiquan.
Learn it before you go.
Why teach me? Like the stillness of the surface of water, you must clear your mind.
Become free from distraction, and channel your focus entirely on your mind itself.
Only then will you have the serenity of a polished mirror.
Should you achieve that mental state, I have faith it will shield you from the wrong path.
Xiuying We've done it! Hong Kong is practically ours for the taking now! Not yet! S-sorry, boss.
That damn wench.
Who the hell was she?! Could she be Chun's daughter? N-never mind, that's just plain silly! A-anyways, as long as we keep Yuanda Zhu locked up, there's nothing to worry about! You think so? What if Ren and that Japanese kid come back before the handoff? We'll be in a real pickle if they sic that scary lady on us again.
Figure it out.
You know I hate having to use my head.
I'm all over it.
Ren's Hideout How awful so the Yellow Heads have Zhu now.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I'm thankful that at least the two of you made it back safely.
We figured out where they took Yuanda Zhu! The Yellow Head Building! Great, so basically The headquarters of the Yellow Heads.
Show me how to get there.
Not so fast.
I've gone above and beyond for you.
Now I want to know what's going on.
All right.
I'll give you the lowdown.
Let me get this straight, Ryo.
You're choosing to pick a fight with Hong Kong's biggest baddies? Yeah.
What's the deal, Joy? Whenever the Yellow Heads are mentioned, you suddenly start acting all weird.
Hey, everybody's got a few skeletons in their closet.
At any rate, the Yellow Head Building is in Dou Niu's home turf.
We can't just waltz right in.
Actually I know someone who lives near the Yellow Head Building.
Maybe he could help? Come on in.
It's pitch-black in here! If that is enough to scare you, then perhaps you should leave.
Hold up.
I would like to spar with you.
Way too dark for that! It is within the darkness that true skill is made most clear.
Here I come.
In the darkness, you must not rely on sight.
Sharpen your focus.
Or else your mind succumbs to panic and distraction.
Like the stillness of the surface of water, you must clear your mind.
Become free from distraction, and channel your focus entirely on your mind itself.
Open your mind's eye.
Please give me another chance.
Ryo it's still not enough.
Why do you practice the martial arts? Mm-hmm.
You are a natural.
Shuqin told me about you.
When I heard the name "Hazuki", I had a sneaking suspicion And sure enough, you are the son of Iwao.
You knew my father?! It was, perhaps, a decade ago when your father first showed up here.
He was fascinated by the Chinese martial arts.
We enjoyed each other's company, and traded our knowledge of various techniques.
My father he was here! Your dad was murdered though, right? What?! Iwao was killed?! Ryo here was trying to meet with Yuanda Zhu to get a lead on his dad's killer.
But then the Yellow Heads kidnapped Zhu before that.
So we're looking for a way into the Yellow Head Building.
Think you can help us, gramps? There is a way, however You will have to steel yourself for the consequences.
I already have.
Ren, you shouldn't come along any further.
Huh?! Why the hell not?! Because the Yellow Heads know who you are.
And they're not going to recognize you?! After all those run-ins with Dou Niu and Yuan? I can't stop until I reach my goal.
That cut.
Did Lan Di do that to you? You're not like me, you have to stay alive until you profit, right? Well, yeah I did say that, but You've done more for me than you ever had to.
I appreciate that.
Be sure to give my thanks to Joy and Wong, too.
Seriously? Gentlemen, this here is Enjiang Zhou, an unparalleled master of the acrobat style! All you gotta do is knock him out and you're the winner! One match for a bet of ten dollars! Anybody here with enough balls to take him on? I'll do it.
Great! Step on up, kid! The Yellow Heads run an underground street fighting competition and make significant sums of money off the betting scene.
Yeah, I've heard about that.
In order to keep it fresh, they're always on the lookout for talented martial artists who they can put in the ring.
Yuandao Huo is the man you need to impress.
And he's our ticket into the Yellow Head Building, yeah? Ready? Go! We have a winner! What happened to Ryo? Did he get inside the Yellow Head Building? Hell if I know.
You just ditched him and ran, huh? What?! I'd never do that! He made the decision for me! You've done more for me than you ever had to.
I appreciate that.
I gotta say, the Ren I know would never have stuck his neck out so far for someone.
Not with the Chi You Men involved.
What's the deal? When you watch Ryo, you feel like a smaller man for being unable to break the laws of the land.
It makes you wonder why you can't just be more like him.
Something like that, yeah? Well, that's life Okay then.
What's your plan? I'm going back.
To the familiar streets of Hong Kong.
If you wanna turn back too, then now's the time.
Ugh! Damn it all! We have a winner! Come to Dragon Street after dark.
Who are you? The name's Yuandao Huo.
So what happened to Ryo? Who knows.
Aren't you worried?! Of course I am.
Then let's go save him! When he needed a hotel and when he was looking for martial artists, you helped him out! We can help this time, too! Ryo has set himself up against the Yellow Heads and the Chi You Men.
People like you and me can't do anything against organizations like that.
We have to let this one go.
This sucks, you're just like every other adult! Convinced that nobody can make a difference! How can you live with yourself?! There's just nothing that I can do.
Get yourself home.
Here I am.
Too many eyes around.
This way.
Look here.
Go beat him.
He's down that way.
Then we can talk.
And next up, we have the illustrious Greg More! That's the guy.
Do we have any challengers? Right here.
Ready? Go! Tomorrow afternoon come to the place I've written here.
What for? You'll see.
This is bullshit! Ren?! Dammit! You have no idea how much you just cost me! But I won.
Yeah, and that's exactly why I lost! What? Don't tell me you Hell yes I did! Now shut your stupid face! You still haven't gotten the better of me just yet, dammit! Master Dou Niu.
I've made contact with Master Lan Di.
He'll be arriving tomorrow to take Yuanda Zhu.
Glad to hear it.
The time has finally come.
Once the Chi You Men have our backs, even those who hold a grudge for the power move that we pulled 10 years ago They'll have to fall in line! I can almost smell it.
A little longer and Hong Kong will be totally mine! Bailu Village, Guilin Father? Are you home? He's at the quarry again tonight Wait, isn't this? Mom Nothing's changed.
I guess I never really forgave my father or the syndicate.
Yo, Wong! Hey guys.
What's going on? Whaddya think? The same as usual.
We got a job for you! Go and do your thing.
Find a good mark for us! Actually, I uh Come on, now! Get moving! A Japanese guy? Yes, that's right.
He was also searching for Yuanda Zhu.
When it comes time for the handover, be extra careful that you're not followed.
He has a formidable martial artist for an ally that could pose a threat.
Make certain that Yuanda Zhu is kept secure.
Rest assured.
We're also taking every possible precaution.
Plus We've already got tabs on one of his buddies.
Ren of the Heavens.
Ren?! Uh oh! That brat! Did he just overhear everything?! Not good! Oh, there he is! Sweet! Where's our target? We got big trouble! Get back here, little turd! Quit running! You made it.
Follow me.
This leads to the Yellow Head Building.
Someone with use of your skills is Thanks for the help, pal.
We know you've got Yuanda Zhu locked up.
Where you keeping him? Th-they don't tell me You think I'm an idiot or something? I honestly don't know! Fine, then tell us which room they usually keep hostages in! Cough it up! O-on the 17th floor the small room in the back That's what I like to hear! That was reckless.
Oh, come on.
It went off without a hitch.
And just look at this! Hey! We've got an intruder! Heading for the 5th floor! Everybody get over there, ASAP! Roger that! A'ight, let's move.
Wong? Joy! Help me! Stop right there! Wh-who's the big guy? I'll explain later! Aw, hell.
Fine then! You won't get away! What the hell was that? He's a Yellow Head! Huh?! Why're they after you?! Cuz I overheard them talking! About what exactly? They've got Ryo and Ren under surveillance! The Yellow Heads know everything! Coast is clear.
Nobody's in here You sons of bitches.
Gotta admit, you're pretty damn good to get this far! Too bad I was one step ahead of you! It's time to celebrate our reunion.
With some head bashing! Guidepost Next time: "Guidepost.
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